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the nature of it all

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Soft music played low on his earphones, god, he was tired. Peter was lying down on his bed while going over what had happened  that day. He couldn't say it had been chaotic, since, of course, there had been worse days, but it was a bit close. He didn't even know the names of those horrible creatures, but he had spent the afternoon and a chunk of his night fighting, alongside Tony and The Avengers those weird looking aliens. He managed to only get a scratch near his cheekbone and a blow on his ribs, which were probably bruised by now, but nothing more. His body wasn't hurt but it was throughly exhausted with the strain of having to fight for so long. He was probably gonna heal in at least a few hours, so not a problem at all.

However, he felt restless. It was already midnight and he'd already gotten a delicious warm bath, taking away all the dirt and sweat that the fight had given him. But there was something out of place... Something was going to happen, he just didn't knew what or why or when. It was frustrating. Peter was tired, but his brain was going through every single possiblity of why he may be feeling like that, would there be another attack? Are the rest of the Avengers okay? What if something had happened to Tony before he got to the Tower?! No, Tony was probably fine, he was sure... Maybe something bad was happening on the city? Peter scoffed, there's always bad things happening in the city, you dumbass.

He jerked quickly from his bed. Someone was watching him. That's what had him feeling so restless. Yes, of that he was sure. Someone is watching. But ugh, he was really tired and if he had to fight with however this person was, it was gonna be a pain in the ass. No offense to the person, of course.

He sat there for a few minutes, but he couldn't see anyone and the feeling had slowly faded away. Maybe it was, after all, all in his imagination. His window was open, yeah, it probably was just him being paranoid after the events of the day. Groaning he stood up on shaky legs to close it. He closed it softly and turned around back to his bed.

His bed.

Which was currently being used as a seat for the God of Mischief. 

Wait what-?

"W-Wh..." The words seemed to get stuck somewhere in his throat.

"Hello, Peter Benjamin" said the smooth and low voice. 


"Would you rather I call you Peter?" He said after a minute of just silence. "Mayhaps, Benjamin?" Peter seemed to snapped out of it then. He took a deep breath before answering.

"Ok, ok... first of all, don't- don't call me Benjamin, please" he sighed "and second, wha- what exactly are you doing here?!"

"I need your help" was the easy reply.

Peter let out a nervous laugh, why the hell would the God of Mischief want his help? Oh no, should he call Tony? He probably should call Tony. Oh, no, no, no, what if they thought he helped him escape Space prison or something?!  Would they kick him out of the Avengers? Wha-

"Peter" the English accent cut through his ever agitating thoughts. "I need your help only. Not that of the man of iron or your group of heros, just so you know" he crossed his legs in the most graceful way Peter had ever seen anyone cross their legs. Royalty, Peter guessed.

"Wh- okay, okay, but why do you need MY help? WAIT- did you just read my mind?! Can you- Can you do that for real?" He took some steps back, this was getting creepy and scary real fast, but also a bit interesting. Could the god really read minds? That was so terrifying but at same time useful- The God just let out an amused laugh.

"Whatever makes you think that, spiderchild?" A small smile lingered over his thin lips.

"Well- you just said what I was thinking!! I mean, it would be so cool if you did, well no, considering you're probably a psychopath, which by the way, are you planning on murdering me?" The gods eyes darken for a second. "Th- That wasn't a challenge, please don't kill me" he reached to the window he had just closed, while running nervously his hands through his already messy hair. Why must this things happen to him always?

"I just told you, I need your help, not your dead body" he appeared thoughtful for a second. "Although, you could die if you do decide to help me in this quest, but rest assured, it wouldn't be by my hand" suddenly he had a far away look in his eyes.

"Die? Wait, quest? What quest? I've never been on one" then internally cursed. "Wait. Why are you free? Did you escape your prison in Asgard? Do they left you free?  How did you got here?" He was a bit disappointed he almost let the god sidetrack the conversation, but really, Loki didn't appear to be on the run or anything, he was just... there.

"I escaped, of course" By the nonchalant posture he had, it didn't seem he was going to elaborate on that.

"But- I mean, how? Weren't you supposed to be on Asgard with Thor? You did really bad things-" the god interrupted swiftly, there was a hint of anger and frustration there somewhere that made Peter want to stop talking all together.

"I'm going to explain something to you, but it must stay solely between us, and you may accept the quest if you wish to know the answer to any of those questions" Peter didn't know if he preferred the god to act like he didn't care about anythinf or as serious as he was now. On a second thought, he should preffer to not deal with the god at all. He thought for a second on what was happening right this moment, what would Tony do? Well, Tony might be a bit biased, since after the New York attack all he talked about was the little asshole throwing him out his window and his newly redesign floor been destroyed by the gothic viking princess throwing a tantrum, those been Tony's words, not Peter's! But what if the god had a story of his own? He was still a human- well, maybe no, but he was... something, and he needed help. Isn't that what Peter is supposed to do, help those who need it? So, no, no Tony now, only Peter. Closing his eyes for a minute he made his mind up, hoping not to regret this later, as he did most of the times.

"Okay, okay" 

"... You accept the quest, then?" The unbelivable tone and expression made Peter want to rethink his decision. 

"Y-Yes, I, I do" he let out softly, knowing Tony was going to be very disappointed in him for this, but what was he supposed to do?! He could say the god had been threatening him or something. But that wouldn't really be fair, would it? But in his defense-

"I..." The gods eyes seem to soften, something Peter definitely hadn't been expecting. "I didn't expect you to accept this quickly, but it matters not. As I was saying, what I will tell must not leave this room. It may stay between us only, not known to even your shield brothers" His eyes closed a bit together. "If I discover it has been known by others..." He let the thought finish it self as a knife materialized out of nowhere in his pale hand.

"I- I understand, I won't tell anyone, I swear. Pinky promise" extending his pinky he thought twice and quickly retrieved his hand, feeling blood rush to his face. Why was he this way? HE WAS TALKING WITH THE GOD OF MISCHIEF, FOR GOD'S SAKE- "Forget that, no pinky promise, you probably don't even know what that is and I shouldn't be doing that, anyway. I- I won't tell anyone, I promise" he zipped his lips with his hand, Loki only let out an amused sigh.

"I do know what it is, Peter" he extend his little finger, which had a perfectly painted black nail. Peter thought he might as well be going crazy. Was the god serious? Peter looked at him and yes, his definetely serious about this- however, as he extend his as well, he hesitated. Was this some kind of trick? Was Loki going to turn him into a frog if he touched him? Maybe he did want to murder Peter, after all? But the look of the gods face wasn't one of malice, if anything, his eyes had this little spark of interest that made Peter forget for a second that that was the God of Lies right there, sitting in his bed as graceful as one can be. Without another thought he joined their fingers. 

"Good" Loki smirked, then motioned for Peter to get closer, using his magic to call upon a little chair. It certainly didn't look from earth, but it was a chair, Peter supposed. "Come closer, I don't need to tell all the realms about this" Peter didn't need another suggestion and quickly sat on the weird looking chair, finding it more comfortable than it looked by far.

"I believe you have some misconceptions as to why I attacked your planet" he sighed "But let's start at the beginning, shall we?"