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Elizabeth had just recently found out about a coffee shop near where she lived.


Her friends had made fun of her new discovery, as she’s been living in the same place for nearly 5 years. They told her that the shop has the best of her usual favorite flavors when it came to coffee related drinks, so she decided that she’s going to try it out today. It’s not like she was too busy, and she craved for some mocha drinks anyway.


Making sure she packed all of her things, she walks out of her home and puts on her favorite playlist, walking to the bus stop humming a little to herself. She liked having time to herself like this, the weather was just right for her to have her favorite hoodie on without it being too hot.


Eventually the bus arrives and sets off as she finds a seat. Watching everything zoom past, she wonders if she should go to this cafe with her friends sometime. 


She needed to study for upcoming exams anyway, she has to make her last year in college count. Time passed quickly and she was already nearing her stop.


 Adjusting the straps of her backpack nervously, she hopes that the place isn’t crowded and loud and steps off the bus. She mindlessly walks until she finds a building with the name her friends told her - “See You Latte”.


Elizabeth snorts. They weren’t kidding, it had the lamest name. She pushes the doors open and was immediately overwhelmed by the fragrance of coffee in the air. There weren’t many people but the place wasn’t completely deserted, either. It didn’t have a very long line, so she only had to wait a minute for her turn.


Distracted by the menu, she hadn’t realized it was already her turn and the barista greeting her. Something in the menu above caught her eye - The Campfire Mocha. It had both regular and white chocolate with toasted marshmallows. She loves s'mores, and decides to give that one a try. Elizabeth blinks, snapping out of her trance and sees the barista giving her an amused look. She immediately feels her cheeks heat up. How long has she been zoning out? Luckily no one was waiting behind her and she starts stuttering out her order.


“T-the Campfire Mocha please? M-medium?” She mentally slaps herself at her foolishness, but the barista just gave her a patient smile. He nods and grabs a cup. She takes note of his bright emerald eyes and unruly blonde locks. He wore a hat with his name tag. It read “Meliodas”. The barista was about 4 inches shorter than her, and she notices a red tattoo poking out from his shirt sleeve. He pauses and gives her a pointed look. She stares back at him, confused.


Meliodas chuckles. “Name?” She turns into a deeper shade of red at his question, and mumbles out ‘Elizabeth’. He must’ve heard her despite this as he started scribbling something onto the cup, grabbing the exact amount of payment needed. Moving the the counter where the drink is given, Elizabeth fidgets with her earring, a gift given to her when she was younger from her sister. She watches as he prepares the drink quickly and effortlessly, and suddenly it’s in front of her. Blinking, she watches as he pulls out a straw from a little cup containing them and places it near her cup. 


He gives her a warm smile in acknowledgement as she thanks him. Picking a long tall table with an equally tall chair, she sets her cup down to pull out her notes and supplies. As she sits down and opens her laptop, she notices the barista that had made her drink talking with a tall man with pale blue hair. She couldn’t help but notice his slight blush. He almost immediately catches her stare and grins. Jumping a little in surprise, she turns away in embarrassment. 


Lots of time passed without her drink being touched. Too focused on her notes, she fails to see the condensation of the cold drink dripping down. 


More time passes. She hadn’t planned on spending the entire day in the cafe. Right after noticing that she left her drink untouched for so long, she downed her drink in less than 20 minutes. They were right, it was good. Making a mental note to make herself to eat something when she got home to avoid any stomach problems, she zones out, picking at the cup. She then notices writing other than her name on the cup.


“Date sometime?” It read, with a number and initials written on the bottom. Elizabeth became a blushing mess almost completely. Suddenly there was a snort. Turning towards the source, she sees the same barista - Meliodas, giggling. 


“When the whipped cream melted into the drink I thought that drink was going to forever remained untouched.” He teases, and Elizabeth suddenly takes note of the empty cafe. He laughs harder when she tries to stutter out apologies and questions.


Once his laughter died down, Elizabeth gathered the courage to speak up.


“I… I’d like to accept your offer for the da- er - I know a bakery nearby..!” She’s never been this flustered around someone and wishes the floor would just swallow her up. Wasn’t that a little too forward? What if this is just a prank? Why’d she say bakery? She doesn’t know any bakeries nearby! Oh god she’s reading too many cliche romantic stories! What if-


“Didn’t actually think you’d say yes. When are you free?” She looks up to see him with a genuinely happy expression on his face. She felt like fainting.



Elizabeth adds his number and changes the contact name.


Elizabeth: Hey - I checked and yes I’m free on Sunday! This is Elizabeth btw.


She sounded a lot calmer than she actually was, she realises.

Not even two minutes later, he responds.


Thecutebaristaguy: sounds great :)


5 minutes pass as Elizabeth thinks of something to say.


Elizabeth: Who came up with the cafe's name? 


Thecutebaristaguy: me, actually. i couldn't think of any good names so i went with a silly one.


Elizabeth: Oh... did everyone else working with you actually approve of it?


Thecutebaristaguy: nope.


Thecutebaristaguy: made no room for arguements tho >:)


Elizabeth giggles and wonders if the pale blue haired man he was talking to earlier was one of the workers.

She then remembers of what she had said earlier and shakily types a response.


Elizabeth: Haha i would like to know their perspectives on the name! Also, I actually don’t know any bakeries… i just said that on impulse?? Is that okay?


Thecutebaristaguy: haha ofc its okay :D ice skating date? a rink nearby had just opened


Elizabeth: I’d like that. c:

Typing out the smiley face made her feel a bit silly - she usually never uses text faces but she couldn’t help it. She fell asleep with her phone on her chest, smiling softly.