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Carte Blanche

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“Ratings are through the roof!” exclaimed Bert at breakfast the next morning. “The late-night viewers of Dentonvale loved the scandal of your… relationship.” Both McKinleys gave each other a smirk. “It’s been all the rage since the segment aired!”

“That was last night,” said Cosmo. 

“You’re an overnight hit!” said Bert, completely disregarding what Cosmo had said. “After the Faith Factory premiere, all eyes will be on you, so step it up!”

The plan was going well. Cosmo’s research was progressing rather swimmingly, and he and Nation had become the not-so-secretly incestuous sweethearts of Dentonvale. Their newly improved image in the public eye would assist them in their future takeover of the town of Denton. Farley Flavours, the new sponsor was another story. How were they supposed to achieve their agenda when he was always pushing his? That would have to be discussed some other time. Nation met eyes with her brother, who upon receiving her glance side eyed the door. Maybe ‘some other time’ would be sooner rather than later.

“I apologize Bert, but we have some important business to attend to,” said Nation, rising from her seat at the table. Cosmo quickly followed suit. Before they could hear Bert make an insinuating joke to the dining room camera, Nation grabbed her brother’s hand, and dragged him out of the dining room and down the hall. She stopped when she reached the door she was looking for.

“Nation, what are you-“ She shushed him then shoved him into the supply closet. The door didn’t have a lock, but Nation jammed it with a mop.

“Finally, I’ve got you alone,” Nation said, slipping into her natural accent. She narrowed her eyes, circling him and running a hand across his chest. She began to unbutton his uniform from behind. When she finished with the buttons, Nation trailed a finger down his exposed chest; down far enough to make his breathing ragged. “But first,” she said, turning his shoulders to make him face her, “We need to discuss the mission.”

He glowered at her for leaving him all hot and bothered. Nevertheless, it was very like her to keep him waiting; although his body would protest, he didn’t mind too much. “Wait, what if someone hears-“

“No need to worry,” she cooly assured him, “The room’s sound-proofed. I checked this morning.” 

He would’ve said something when she fell back into her Transylvanian accent, but her seduction had transfixed him. “Right then,” he nodded. “The mission.”

“The only major concern is, well, the Majors.”

“Farley is too interested in Janet,” Cosmo agreed, “She and Brad are the only ones who could blow our cover.”

“So, we get rid of them. There’s no trace of us left on Earth; no trace of the real us anyways.”

He quirked his lip as he reminisced, “Character actors. What an excellent cover.”

“Which I came up with,” Nation bragged. “Don’t ever think that you got all the brains.”

“Yes, yes, my dear, you are much more than just a pretty face.”

“How about those nosey conspirators?” Nation asked, referring to Betty Hapschatt and that awfully irritating Judge Wright.

“When they find the computer system files they’ll fall right into our trap.”

“They’ll help Brad and Janet ‘escape’,” she made air quotes with her hands, “and Flavours will be right where we need him; vulnerable enough to take down.”

There was a pause as they mentally registered that they plan was in order.

“Now that that’s all sorted out, where were we?” said Cosmo in a suave manner reserved for only his sister.

“I believe we were just…” she gave him a passionate kiss on the lips, then began to remove his shirt fully. She slipped it off of his shoulders. Tossing the garment aside, Nation took him by the shoulders and backed him into the door. Starting at his jaw, she traced a line with her tongue down to his navel and then back up.

“If only we had-“ he murmured. He stopped when she pulled something from an adjacent shelf. She waved the leather crop in front of his face teasingly.

His eyes widened as they followed the crop. Cosmo let out a noise somewhat resembling a growl. “Let me have my wicked way with you, my dearest darling.”

“Oh, but I was just getting started.” She tapped the crop on her other hand. “And you’re so much fun to tease.”

He lunged at her, but, having expected this, Nation hit him on the chest with the crop. Cosmo was taken aback by her use of his instrument; and taking advantage of his bewilderment, she pushed him back against the door, and kissed him roughly on the lips. Lips still locked, she ran her hand down his chest to stroke him through his pants. He let out a shaky breath. “Please, M-Magenta…” 

They sighed seemingly simultaneously. Her lashes fluttered prettily; she hadn’t heard her own name in, well, since the mission had started.

“Oh, Magenta… It feels like an eternity since your beautiful name has graced my lips.” His sister smirked. “Let me ravish you, my darling.”

He shoved her to the floor; being careful not to hurt her. She pulled the pins out of her bun, and shook her head to let her auburn tresses fall. He lowered himself over her, immediately beginning to kiss her collarbone. “Riff Raff…” Magenta tossed her head back and moaned as he fiddled with her uniform’s buttons; still sucking at her neck. She helped her brother pull the dress down to her waist, the skirt still around her hips. She was propped up on her elbows, the leather crop still in one hand. He unclipped her bra and tossed it aside, not wasting any time before busying himself with her breasts. 

Wanting to give him as much gratification as she was receiving, she reached down and groped him; tugging at his pants. Riff grinded against her, then pulled away from her chest. She almost asked him what was wrong, before he started kissing a line up her inner thigh. He grinned devilishly when he saw she wasn’t wearing any underwear. He licked his lips.

He tasted her, licking and sucking at her. Magenta bit her lip and spread her legs wider. She needed to touch him, so she awkwardly placed a hand on the back of his neck.

“I miss when you had hair,” she said suddenly. He laughed at her comment, and she felt the vibrations between her legs. “It gave me something to pull when-“ At that moment Riff Raff inserted two fingers into her. She inhaled sharply.

He moved to kiss her lips as he fingered her. She bit his lip sharply when he touched just the right spot. Magenta could taste herself on Riff’s lips, which made her even more aroused. He began to pulse his fingers in and out of her; first slowly, but then at a quickening pace. “Oh my-“ She swallowed hard, then moaned in ecstasy as she orgasmed.

She whined when he removed his fingers, watching his eyes glitter as he sat back on his feet. He sucked each of his fingers clean, grinning at her annoyed expression. An expression which quickly faded when he ordered her to undress. Magenta took pleasure in making a bit of a show of it, kicking off her shoes and seductively sliding her dress down her legs. She saw he could not wait to feel himself up when he had taken off the remainder of his clothing. 

She picked the leather crop up from the ground; she had dropped it sometime when he was pleasuring her. She sauntered over to him, handing him the instrument. He pointed to a spot on the floor with the crop, signalling her to drop to her hands and knees.

“Oh, my sweet sister…” Riff Raff purred, “What a delight it is to indulge in your sins of the flesh once more.” He set himself up behind her; she was already amply aroused from her previous orgasm.

“Have your way with me, Riff,” Magenta whispered.

She cried out as he abruptly pressed into her, adjusting his grip on the handle of the crop. He whipped her first across the lower back; she whimpered. Magenta began to moan as he thrust deeply inside of her, lashing her backside as he continued his rhythm.

If she had to admit it, the flogging itself didn’t turn her on. She only really let him to some how cure his masochism. She believed it was due to his inferiority complex, which Frank had aggravated to the nth degree. That was why it took him so long to finally stand up for himself. She hadn’t noticed anything unusual about their sex life until the first mission. He had asked her one night when they were indulging in each other to hit him, and she was immediately taken aback. Violent intercourse was not uncommon on Transexual, but Magenta had no idea her brother was into that kind of sex. They hadn’t really engaged in anything else then passionate lovemaking since they had begun their erotic relationship. She agreed; she had slapped his thigh or something or other. Although he was very visibly enjoying himself, she did not take pleasure in abusing her beloved brother. She thought that if she could put him in a dominant position, his inclination to be hurt would go away. He hadn’t asked her to hit him in some time, so she assumed that her method had worked. It wasn’t all that bad, especially since she had a thing for men in power, and his dominance over her drove her mad with pleasure.

Another lash and a particularly deep thrust brought her out of her thoughts. Her breathing became ragged, and she let out a gasp as he finished inside of her; this pushing her over the edge into her own climax. He pulled out of her, and she turned to face him.

“Kiss me, please,” said Riff, a little breathless from what had just ensued. Magenta immediately obliged; she wasn’t spent just yet. They knelt on the floor in front of each other, Magenta grabbing Riff’s face with both hands and pulling him forward into a kiss. They made out, caressing each other’s bodies gently; a contrast to the flogging that had been previous. Magenta climbed into her brother’s lap, breaking away from his kiss to lower herself on to his cock; he was already hard beneath her. She kissed him languidly, running her tongue across his teeth and biting his bottom lip as she grinded against him. It didn’t take her long to cause both of them to orgasm, stealing gasps between kisses. Magenta rolled off of Riff Raff, and moved to the pile of her clothes.

“I’ve enjoyed myself very much, but Janet will be up any minute,” she said as she started to redress.

“We should do this more often,” said Riff as he also collected his clothes.

“Don’t tempt me.”

Once they were both fully clothed as Cosmo and Nation Mckinley, Cosmo pulled his sister in for a lingering last kiss. “I love you, dear sister,” he told her when their lips parted, “don’t ever forget that.”

“And I, you, my beloved brother.”

Cosmo removed the mop, and held the door for her as she exited into the hall. As she left, he hit her behind teasingly with the leather crop, then tossed it back onto a shelf. Nation smacked him playfully on the chest.

“Go off to wardrobe, you have a show-stopping outfit to make.” Her voice was disguised again. She gave him a kiss on the cheek, then watched him walk away down the hall. Nation smiled, then continued down the hall in the opposite direction to check if Janet was awake.