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I Don't Love You Like I Did Yesterday

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“Denki Kaminari, do you take TetsuTetsu TetsuTetsu to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

Why was Shinsō even here?

Oh right, because he was supposed to be happy for Kaminari. But was he? No. Jealousy bubbled inside of him, making him want to break down right then and there. But he couldn't. He had to be there for Kaminari. It's what a good friend would do.

*“I do.”*

Oh god, that smile. Kaminari's contagious smile that made everyone around feel happy. That's what made Shinsō so in love with the blonde.

Kaminari and Shinsō *were* a thing. Back in highschool they dated, up until he broke up with Shinsō. It made him so devistated. Kaminari moved onto dating Tetsutetsu, which wasn't really a surprise. He always had a thing for muscular guys who where taller than him.

“TetsuTetsu TetsuTetsu, do you take Denki Kaminari as your lawfully wedded husband?”

Kaminari had claimed he “didnt love him like he did yesterday.” which sounded like a total lie to Hitoshi. But however he felt, he'd respect it.

*“I do.”*

The silver haired male and the blondes lips clashed into eachother, the crowd cheering. Even his mother, who wasn't exactly the nicest.

“I'll be right back.” Hitoshi whispered to Mina, sitting right next to him.

That feeling.

That urge.

He felt as if he were going to puke.

Vines, tugging at his lungs.

He puked into the toilet underneath him, warm tears trickling down his cheeks.

Bright yellow flowers. Everywhere.


Tetsutetsu heard the crash and ran into the bathroom, only to see...
*Blood. Flowers...everywhere.*

It was his fault.

His damn fault.

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About 6 months after the death of Shinsō Hitoshi, a blonde boy cried beside his coffin. It was Kaminari. Kaminari's husband rubbed his back gently as he sobbed on his knees.

It was his fault.

Every month, Denki would grow flowers in his garden and make bouquets to decorate Shinsō's grave. Sometimes, Kaminari just felt so terrible he wouldn't even try to get up. He felt guilty.

It was his fault.

The words would repeat and repeat in his mind. Every time he'd visit his highschool sweetheart's grave, he'd always wear an outfit that Tetsutetsu wasn't necessarily fond of. He didn't care. He wanted to still pay his respects to Shinsō. Because after all...

It was his fault

One night, Kaminari and Tetsutetsu where cuddling under a blanket, watching the news. Suddenly, the TV blared in "BREAKING NEWS!". Kaminari swung his head to the side to read the TV.
“Local musician died at 26 named Hitoshi Shinsō's mystérieux death has been investigated by scientists. I'll turn this case over to you, Shizūka.”
The lady with long, brown locks that fell to her chest said, straight faced. “W-what?!” Kaminari gasped, turning his whole body to the TV.
“Thank you Toko. After scientists investigated the sight of the death, and the body, they have discovered a new disease. They call it Hanahaki disease, which is caught when you have a one sided love. Since this musical genius's death, only about 3 other cases have been reported throughout Japan. The flowers are supposed to resemble the person who didn't feel the same way you did.”

It wasn't his fault ...
It was lifes fault.
Because pain can be more than pain, and can end in death. Cold, painful death. Kaminari would never see the world the same again.