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Rare Encounter

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It was dark and freezing outside as people made their way home from work, many of them clutching at warm takeout purchased from some hip new spot at the center of town.


Sugimoto got off the dingy, unreliable elevator that he was destined to get stuck in someday and entered his apartment. He stood there for a moment, spacing out.


When the moment passed, he threw his backpack at the wall. His job was boring him to death, and it bled into every aspect of his life, making everything feel bleak. The same cycle of eat, gym, work, sleep - repeat.  


He unfastened his tie, and instead of heating up his food or doing virtually anything else, he sat at his desk with his head in his hands, having a mild existential crisis that lasted approximately ten seconds.


Before he could relax, he decided he needed a good jerk-off session. Who needed “spending quality time with friends,” “interesting hobbies,” or “self-care” when he could jack off alone in his empty room to cheer up?


Sugimoto took out his phone, eying the grindr app pensively. He wasn’t in the mood to fuck a stranger; not after the last time when his hookup had tried to stab him in his own apartment. 


The audacity.


He hadn’t taken like ten years of judo in his teenage years for nothing.


Maybe today he would get on with the chores and cleaning, instead. He was getting really close to doing something productive when he saw a notification pop up on his laptop.


“Yamaneko is live!”


Sugimoto immediately abandoned all his half-assed plans and opened the first bookmark in his browser.


While the stream was loading, he dashed to grab his half-empty giant bottle of hand lotion and a box of napkins from the nightstand.


“-Thank you again, russianprince . Top donations this week.” Came a deep voice from the man on the screen. Sugimoto ran back to his chair nearly knocking over his very unhealthy-looking snake plant. 


Yamaneko was a camboy. well, more like a grown ass man who Sugimoto had spent probably a year and a half jerking off to, buying every video he posted, the private snapchat access, merch, whatever. Really, a sizable chunk of his paycheck was spent on this guy.


The stream had just begun and the chat was already filling up with people. Sugimoto began recognizing the nicknames. The russianprince for example did a lot of really beautiful horny art Yamaneko used to spice up his twitter and other social media. The guy was apparently a  professional concept artist. He learned that after angrily stalking his social media in a jealous fit.


Yamaneko was a fit, bulky guy. He looked slightly older than Sugimoto, judging by his constantly tired face and weird beard. Yamaneko also had one of those fashionable undercuts with his hair slicked back. His hair always looked perfect, except for the rare moments when loose strands would just stick out on their own. Sugimoto found it attractive.


If Sugimoto was honest, which he rarely was, he’d run into Yamaneko’s profile completely by accident and gotten hooked. Obsessed, maybe even developed a small crush. Maybe it was just an exaggeration. An attraction that just firmly cemented itself in his brain after consistently blowing his load to the same guy so often, probably.


The part that stood out the most about Yamaneko was a set of odd seam-like scars on his jaw. He never talked about their origin, but apparently they made it hard for him to properly fit bigger dicks in his mouth. Of course, Sugimoto made the mistake of commenting in the chat how Yamaneko would then find his dick perfect, which caused everyone else in the chat to dunk on him because of his size.


“Any requests today?” The man on the screen asked from his bed as he began taking his t-shirt off. Loose strands of hair fell over his face and were immediately tucked back in their place. 


Sugimoto inhaled sharply and began typing as fast as humanly possible.


persimmon31: MOUTH.


A smile tugged at the corners of the man’s lips, “What about my mouth, persimmon ?”


Sugimoto felt adrenaline rush through his body. Despite a mass of requests flooding the chat, Yamaneko had picked his first! 


His requests always felt vanilla to him. When it came to requesting things from Yamaneko, he wanted to see something intimate. While the rest of the chat would request shit like “Pour milk down your asshole” or “Choke yourself while jerking off,” Sugimoto asked to see him act somewhat domestic.


It was weird. He definitely didn’t have a crush on some random cammer online. Most definitely not.


He paused before typing his response. 


persimmon31: lips…


Yamaneko smiled wide, baring his teeth. He grabbed the camera and placed it on the bed close to himself before picking up one of his larger dildos. He laid on his stomach and began kissing up the length, his eyes narrowed mischievously. His tongue traced from the base up, making the surface nice and shiny, his lips brushing sensually over it. 


Sugimoto sent a few tokens and unzipped his pants to caress himself through his underwear.


The man on the screen licked his lips slowly and opened his mouth to take the dildo in, before he paused and made a “Tch.” sound. 


“I’m sorry persimmon , I completely forgot.”


Yamaneko grabbed the dildo and threw it somewhere off screen before replacing it with probably the smallest, tiniest one he owned. Smirking, he licked it slowly before kissing the tip playfully. 


Sugimoto sighed in frustration, but his dick twitched like some fucking traitor who found it arousing being taunted like that.


The chat went wild as Yamaneko laughed quietly in that infuriating manner of his.


Sugimoto gripped the laptop mouse angrily. 


That fucking bastard.


persimmon31: fucker!!


Yamaneko was grinning. For a guy who seemed to be more of a masochist than a sadist, he sure loved to be rude to his viewers. 


Something about punishment for, uh, evil deeds, Sugimoto speculated baselessly.


That was a part of why Yamaneko was popular. His thing was him acting all high and mighty, and by the end of the stream he was usually a fucking mess, covered in lube and fake-cum.


There was something about that.


Sugimoto was still speculating on the nature of good and evil in society before his attention was brought back to the screen again.


“Cat ears and tail? Yeah, I still have them. Let me just-“


Ah, the cat stuff. He turned around real quick to make sure Shiraishi didn’t mysteriously sneak into his apartment to steal his frozen pizza like he often did. 


“No, I am not a fucking furry.” Yamaneko huffed and placed the ears carefully on his head. He locked a black collar with a little bell on it around his pale throat. He showed off a bit, hands cupping his pecs, basking in attention and tokens from viewers.


The people in the chat began spamming variations of “Show hole,” Sugimoto included.


“Alright, alright.” The man grinned and brought out a fluffy tail with an attached shiny gold buttplug and a bottle of lube. 


Smiling, Yamaneko positioned the camera above the bed. The bell on his collar made a jingling sound with each movement. He took off his underwear and laid down, twisting himself to reach his ass and spreading his cheeks to show his hole.


After sending more tokens, Sugimoto freed his quickly hardening dick from his underwear and pumped some lotion into his hand.


Yamaneko poured some of the lube over his hole, letting the viewers see some of it slip inside him. He stood on his hands and knees and checked his laptop to see if the image was clear enough.


The man on the screen twisted his hand around and slipped a single digit inside himself, quickly adding a second finger and spreading his hole for the camera before sliding his fingers back inside repeatedly. He’d clearly prepared himself beforehand with how easy he opened up. 


As he began quickening his pace, Sugimoto tried to match his movements.


Yamaneko sighed, his expression soft as he relaxed more and began fucking himself on his fingers in earnest, breathing quietly.


He slowed and carefully slipped his fingers out. He turned onto his side, face flushed, reaching for the plug and lifting his leg up to get better access. He teased his rim with the shorter end of it, the metallic object cold. With enough friction, the hole relaxed again. He began slowly pushing it in and out. Sugimoto held his breath as he watched the ring of muscle stretch around the plug, accepting it hungrily before pushing it out. 


He jerked himself off slower now, waiting for more. 


Yamaneko pushed the plug in all the way, his rim tightening around the base of the toy. The man got up on all fours again and stretched his back in a cat-pose. A few strands of hair came undone and fell over his face. 


The man sat on his knees, ass to the camera, showcasing his “tail.” 


The chat spammed cat emojis.


He then turned around to face the camera, the bell on his collar jingling again as his dick stood up to attention, bouncing at the movement, precome sliding down.


“This thing is heavy,” Yamaneko sighed. He looked over the chat, clearly spotting something funny as he smiled. He took his “tail” in one hand, twirling it a little, tugging on it.


“Meow.” He said in his usual deep monotone. He then proceeded to lift his hand and make a cat-like motion.


Sugimoto came hard into his palm at the exact moment his eyes glued onto Yamaneko’s smug grin.


As soon as he finished, he closed the tab immediately. Porn tended to lose its appeal the second you cum, especially when you nut to a grown-ass man meowing.


He caught his breath before wiping his hand, and double checked one more time to make sure there were no witnesses to his embarrassment.




He was back at the office the next day, unfortunately.


He was taking a leak when Shiraishi walked in, and of course out of every possible stall chose a stall right next to him.


“Hey, Sugimoto!” Shiraishi heartily slapped him on the back. Sugimoto winced. He needed to concentrate, for fucks sake.


“We’re getting a new project supervisor today! He’s a transfer.”


“Eh, really?” Sugimoto somehow managed to finish, and was tucking himself back in. “You want to prank him?”


Shiraishi gave him finger guns. “You betcha,” he said, the motion so casual he completely forgot about his dick, dropped it, and peed on the floor. “Shit!”


Sugimoto stared at him with a mix of disgust and pity as he stepped out past the sinks. “Anyway...Let me know later.”


“Hey, are you not even gonna wash your hands, man!?”


“My dick is clean, dude!” Sugimoto yelled from the corridor just as a group of new interns were walking by. They walked a little faster away from him.


Sugimoto got in the elevator, buried his face in his hands, and quietly screamed.




After his lunch was done, Sugimoto made his way to the meeting room where the higher ups would introduce the new project supervisor. He sat in his chair and immediately sent one of the “The meeting that could have been an email” memes to Shiraishi.


“Now I would like to introduce you to Ogata Hyakunosuke. He is a transfer from the seventh branch.”


Ah, the seventh, the highest performing branch of the company. Or the Shithead Branch , as Sugimoto liked to call them. He didn’t even bother looking at who the guy was. Probably another chip tooth, ugly ass fuckface mcgee-looking motherfucker.


“I’m excited to work with you on this project. Let’s all do our best,” came a deep, mellow, eerily familiar voice.


Sugimoto felt his heart fall right out of his ass. He lurched a bit in his seat and nearly fell out of his chair. 


Great, now everyone was looking at him. 


He raised his head slowly to see who the guy actually was, praying to all possible deities that it wasn’t him.


When he looked up, the same man he’s been jerking off to was now looking at him. 


Fuck .


Yamaneko, or well, Ogata, seemed shorter in real life, but his skin was just as smooth and pale as on the video, his hair styled more neatly for his day job. But there was no mistake; it was him.






“You have at least ten mistakes in this report. Are you sure you’re a full time employee and not an intern?” Ogata approached him with an air of superiority. It had been a month since the man had joined their team, and Sugimoto was getting tired.


He glowered at the screen. Turns out that in real life, Yamaneko wasn’t that sultry, sexy guy he played on camera. He was a fucking pain in the ass, constantly nagging him and pointing out his every mistake.


“Fix it by four. And email me the document once you’re done.”


“Yeah, yeah.” He grumbled back, and began working on adjusting the spreadsheets.


He tried his best not to show that he knew about Ogata’s “freelance gig.” Maybe if Ogata knew that, he would treat Sugimoto better.


Or would that be a dick move? Sugimoto was a nice guy, wasn’t he? Right?


His hands hovered over the keyboard. 


No, he should tell him. 


And so he chased after Ogata, who was probably on his way to grab his lunch. He had one foot in the breakroom when Sugimoto grabbed him by the shoulder.


“You know… I uh, really like persimmons.”


“What the fuck are you talking about?” Ogata snapped, clearly annoyed.


Sugimoto stared at him. He just realized that maybe he shouldn’t have said that. It was too late, however, because at that moment something behind Ogata’s eyes clicked.


He grabbed Sugimoto by the collar of his shirt and dragged him into the breakroom, locking the door behind them.


“What do you want?” He hissed.


“Uhhh…” Good question. What did he want? Did Ogata think he was trying to blackmail him? That's not what he wanted! Or was it? He hadn’t thought that far ahead.


He waved his hands defensively. “No, no, no! This is a misunderstanding.” But before he could finish coming up with an actual reason, Ogata interrupted him. 


“How about a deal?” The man was watching him with an intense gaze as he gave Sugimoto’s body a once over. “I will let you fuck me on video.”


Sugimoto gulped audibly.  


Ogata moved closer to him, hands moving from the man’s collar to his tie, yanking it down and bringing them to the same eye level. The motion made Sugimoto choke.


“This way, I know you won’t tell anyone, and you get to have your fun. Do we have a deal?” Ogata tilted his head and smiled at him, as if he wasn’t actively choking the man with his own tie.


Sugimoto had no way of knowing, but Ogata knew exactly how many screenshots persimmon31 had taken from his private snap. 


There was a brief moment of silence between them. 


“You want me to what?”


Ogata pulled away from him and smiled. “I want you to fuck me on camera. Something like that would get me more views, and you wouldn’t be able blabber about my second job to anyone. If I go down, you go down too.”


Sugimoto blushed.


“I guess I have no choice?” He finally responded, laughing awkwardly as if he weren’t about to jizz his pants from excitement.


Ogata lowered his voice an octave. “I’ll text you my address and time, okay Sugimoto?” 


“Sure,” he responded in the smallest voice he could muster.




A few days had passed since that truly strange encounter, and Sugimoto couldn’t stop checking his phone. Even Shiraishi noticed.


“Dude, did Ogata get on your nerves so much you put in your two weeks?” He asked, his mouth stuffed full of fried rice. They always went out for food after gym on Saturdays. 


“Wait, Ogata?” Sugimoto wasn’t listening and thought for a moment that Ogata had shown up. “Uh, what were you talking about?”


Shiraishi pointed his chopsticks at him. “I can’t believe you’re finally quitting, Sugimoto. Didn’t you promise Asirpa that you’d stay for at least a year? We haven’t even pranked Ogata yet. You can’t leave.”


“Shut up! I am not quitting.” He didn’t want to reveal the true reason behind his distractedness.


“No, you shut up, Saichi. If you quit, they’re gonna immediately fire me.”


“It’s always about money with you.” Sugimoto was getting frustrated.


“Isn’t it also about the money with you too? Huh?” Shiraishi was getting too loud, and he wasn’t even drunk.


Sugimoto sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose. This was going nowhere. He was about to get up and leave, Shiraishi still babbling about something, when his phone vibrated. He saw a text notification from an unknown number, but he knew who it was immediately.


How about today at seven?


Ok. Sugimoto replied, trying to sound chill.


Great. My apartment is at 10 York, unit 1800. Bring a sports jersey.


A sports jersey? Huh?


His thumbs hovered over the keyboard of his phone. He was really gonna do it, wasn’t he?


He texted Ogata a thumbs up emoji and shoved his phone back into his pocket.


“Hey, Earth to Sugimoto, are you listening to me?” Shiraishi was waving a hand in front of his face. “What are you smiling about?”


He didn’t even notice that he was smiling.


“It’s nothing.” 




Around six, the sun had already set, but the city lights were bright and rare groups of people were headed to their Saturday bar crawl. Sugimoto stopped at his favorite pizza place. He knew it wasn’t a date. Wasn’t even a hookup, but he felt awkward coming empty handed.

He managed to find the building and correct entrance into the most confusing condominium complex he’d ever been to.


One nervous elevator ride later, he was knocking at Ogata’s apartment door.


When Ogata emerged, he stood in a pair of cozy grey sweats, his hair damp and tousled messily in all directions. He also had a pair of thin-rimmed, stylish glasses that Sugimoto had never seen before. 


“Hey,” Ogata beckoned him inside. “What’s this?” He said, gesturing at the box.


“I brought us pizza.” Sugimoto replied as he opened the lid.


Ogata stared at him. “Why?”


“Why what?”


“Why did you bring pizza?” The man asked him with somewhat of a scowl.


“Well… to get in the mood and stuff. Always nice to eat something.”


Ogata stared at him before apparently deciding to just let it slide. Maybe even someone as jaded as him wasn’t immune to free pizza. 


“Whatever, just put it on the counter and go take a shower.”


“A shower?” Sugimoto asked.




“But I just took one after hitting the gym.”


“I am not fucking you unless you shower.“


“Fine,” Sugimoto pouted. “Which door is it?”




Sugimoto had never showered so quickly. 


He stepped out of the bathroom to see Ogata lounging on one of the couches, looking over something on his iPad.


“I didn’t know you wore glasses.” Sugimoto asked as he sat next to him.


Ogata looked at him, startled. “Ah, that.” He ran a hand through his hair. “My right eye hasn’t been too good lately.”


He didn’t elaborate and changed the topic. “So for the title, I was thinking,” He read the note from his iPad in his usual monotonous tone, like he was skimming through Sugimoto’s spreadsheet mistakes. “Jock who used to bully me in high school is actually gay af and he came back to fill my mouth with his hot cum.”


“Uhhh. That’s messed up…” Sugimoto commented weakly.


“Most porn plots are fucking stupid, but people always wanna blow their load to something messed up. Wouldn’t you watch something with a title like this?” Ogata asked him, with a smirk.


He one-hundred percent would. “...Maybe.”


Ogata smiled wider at that.


“Wait, wait. Do I have to like...act? Because if so, I’m not too good at it.” Sugimoto confessed. It was true. He was twice kicked out of the drama club. He did not like to talk about that.


“No. But I can give you erection pills.”


“Oh, I think I’m good.”


Ogata laughed. “Oh?”


At that, the man leaned closer to him, his hand brushing up his hip where the towel was slowly tenting up and towards his bare chest. His deep, dark eyes focused on him, sizing him up. “Should we move this into my bedroom?”


Sugimoto nodded quickly.




After watching so many of Yamaneko’s streams, Sugimoto felt like he knew what Ogata’s bedroom would look like as soon as he walked inside. The bed sheets were a bit different though. Ogata’s curtains were also drawn open, and from his giant window you could see the highway below and the whole city on the palm of your hand. It was pretty cool. Sugimoto’s own apartment scenic view was mostly of a garbage bin where bands of raccoons fought each other over the territory.


“Did you bring the jersey?” Ogata’s words brought him back from recalling every epic fight he had witnessed there.


“Yeah, it should be in my bag. I’ll go grab it.”




He returned wearing his favorite Maple Leafs jersey. 


“Leafs? Seriously?” Ogata looked up at him from where he was sitting on the bed with his laptop. He was still wearing his glasses, but had exchanged his sweats for a white button up.


“They did well this season!” Sugimoto said defensively. His eyes trailed up Ogata’s legs, the button down not quite long enough to cover everything. Sugimoto couldn’t help but stare. The man looked so much hotter in real life. Fuck, he was so lucky.


“Are you done staring?” Sugimoto hadn’t realized Ogata was watching him.


The entire situation felt silly, and Sugimoto felt his face quickly grow warm. He was standing there, ass bare in an apartment that belonged to his work supervisor slash guy online he beat off to for God knows how long, and this wasn’t even a date. What was he doing?


Ogata fixed his hair to conceal his amusement. “How about some ground rules? Since this is your first time, this will be taped and not streamed. I’ll tell you what I want you to do. First, don’t use my real name.”


That made sense.


“Second, you will absolutely mess up, but I’ll edit this later, so don’t stress.”


Sugimoto rolled his eyes at that. “It’s just sex. How can anyone mess up?”


“Sugimoto,” Ogata’s quickly-becoming-annoying smirk widened. “You made like twenty mistakes in an easy spreadsheet. I’m sure you will find a way,” he said, almost purring.


“You are such an asshole, you know that?” Sugimoto gritted angrily through his teeth. The shit he was putting up with to get laid. Fuck.


“People like that about me,” Ogata pointed out, like he really didn’t care. “This brings me to the last two rules. Make sure you focus on me. People like to see me.”


Sugimoto rolled his eyes.


“Finally, rough is good. But if you get out of line, I will kill you.”


Promising to kill someone if they do something you didn’t like? Begrudgingly, Sugimoto admired him.




Sugimoto had one. “Can we kiss when we do it?”


It took a moment for Ogata to reply. “Sure.” 


“Okay, then I think I’m ready.” 


“Good, I’m gonna start taping then.”




Once Ogata pressed a button on his laptop, the two of them sat on the bed across from each other, kind of just... staring.


“So uh, it’s recording now?” Sugimoto glanced at the camera. He didn’t want to show it, but it made him nervous. Really nervous. He didn’t realize how much extra pressure there was when he knew his every move would be caught on tape. He turned to Ogata for advice. “What do you want me to do?” 


For someone who did a lot of solo streams, Ogata looked tense. Sugimoto probably imagined it, though. There was no way someone who did so much freaky shit on camera would be nervous around him.


Ogata ran a hand through his hair slowly, his dark eyes looking anywhere but him. “I was thinking, if we’re going with this theme of jock-bully, could we can play fight as foreplay?”


“Okay.” Sugimoto inhaled. If he had to act, he could give it a try. 


Unprompted, Sugimoto reached for Ogata, grabbing him by the hips. He stood, hoisting him up and balking at the man’s surprising weight. The glasses Ogata wore for the scene bounced lightly across the bridge of his nose as he grasped Sugimoto’s shoulders tightly and stared down at him. Sugimoto noticed how warm the man was against him, never expecting that he’d be able to hold him so close. Okay, he needed to focus.


“Shit, do I throw you now like in wrestling?” Sugimoto asked quietly.


Ogata looked down nervously. “Please, don't throw me.”


Sugimoto put him down, feeling defeated.


“Can I just kiss you instead?”


“Sure.” The man replied pensively.


So Sugimoto turned to the camera and announced his intentions like he was in the fucking drama club all over again. “I AM GOING TO FUCK! THIS GUY-”


Ogata immediately put a hand over his mouth. “Why are you yelling ?”


“I’m acting !” He stammered for an excuse.


Ogata’s shoulders shook as he laughed quietly. “If you do this again I am kicking you out of my apartment. Let’s start over. None of this acting bullshit.”




So they had to start over. 


This time Ogata took the lead. “How about you sit on the bed and I’ll just sit in your lap?” 


“Sure, whatever works.” Sugimoto didn’t want to waste his second chance.


Ogata climbed onto his lap. He slid his hands over his shoulders, massaging Sugimoto’s back slowly. Sugimoto shifted awkwardly and brought his hands around Ogata’s bulky torso. This close, Sugimoto could smell the soft scent of Ogata’s body wash. Crisp and clean - something arctic.


Ogata let his hands slide up into Sugimoto’s soft curls. He rubbed the back of his head gently as he leaned in, closing the distance between them and pressing a kiss to Sugimoto’s lips.


Ogata’s lips moved carefully over his, slow and inquisitive. Sugimoto brought the man’s body closer, kissing him back more with more confidence.


Sugimoto had only seen moments like this in his corny, wet dreams where Yamaneko was somehow his loving boyfriend. Ogata broke away abruptly, giving him a peck on the cheek before leaning away to check something on his laptop.


“I need to get a different angle.”


Sugimoto gave a disgruntled nod, holding onto him tight and watching the man’s face as he adjusted the camera.


Finally satisfied with the image, Ogata straddled Sugimoto’s hips, his half-hard dick brushing against Sugimoto’s through the fabric. “Try again.” He murmured, pressing their chests together.


Eagerly, Sugimoto did what he was told. He captured Ogata’s mouth in an open wet kiss, bringing his hand up to brush his fingers over Ogata’s jaw scars out of curiosity. He expected Ogata to flinch, but the man just hummed into his mouth, grinding his dick over Sugimoto’s hips with more purpose.


Giving a few more soft pecks to Ogata’s lips, Sugimoto kissed a line across his cheek, exploring whether or not Ogata would react any differently if he lavished one across his scars. He pressed a few kisses there, causing Ogata’s breath to quicken its pace as he arched his back further, allowing Sugimoto access to his pale neck and chest.


In turn, Sugimoto slowly ran his palms up and down the curve of Ogata’s back. Stroking tenderly, petting it with more certainty now. His mouth moved slowly down his jaw, leaving wet kisses, teeth grazing the man’s skin only slightly. He looked up at Ogata, hoping that the man would take a hint.


“Bites are okay,” Ogata murmured a permission in-between his quiet sighs. He was watching Sugimoto from underneath half-lidded eyes.


It felt so natural that Sugimoto forgot about the camera for a moment.


Smiling, Sugimoto lapped his tongue at Ogata’s neck before sinking his teeth into it slowly, playfully, watching the way Ogata’s eyes hovered over him. 


“I like your scar,” Ogata said suddenly. Sugimoto flushed. His scar, just like Ogata’s, was unusual and covered nearly half of his face. He wasn’t a fan, but having someone so hot say he liked it went straight to his ego.


“Thanks,” Sugimoto replied shyly. He pressed a long, appreciative kiss against the pulse of Ogata's neck. 


Ogata shuddered and looked at his laptop again.


“Ah, this is too much foreplay. Let’s switch it up.”


Sugimoto wanted to whine. Foreplay was his favorite part. 


He changed his mind when Ogata lifted up his jersey to look at his dick. 


“You’re not that small.”


Sugimoto’s entire body flushed red. “I never said I was small,” he panicked.


Ogata laughed and touched the sensitive head of his dick with his index finger firmly, causing Sugimoto to shudder from the rough treatment. “Dude, careful,” he hissed.


“It’s a good size,” Ogata commented absentmindedly, ignoring Sugimoto’s plea. 


He stood up, grabbed the camera and passed it to Sugimoto. “Hold the camera while I suck you off.”


“Wow, this thing is heavy.” Sugimoto nearly dropped it, fumbling with the angle a bit before pointing it down at the man sitting between his legs.


“You can't really shoot anything good without good equipment,” Ogata commented, voice amused. “Here, angle it down a bit more.”


“Like this?” Sugimoto was blushing at the absurdity of it all. He’d never even taken nudes, and now he was about to record his dick getting sucked.


“Yeah, and then press this button to start recording.” Ogata got up to check the image before sitting back on the floor between Sugimoto’s scarred legs. 


“Don’t moan, and don’t drop the camera on me. Also don’t cum. Save it for later.” 


Sugimoto chuckled. “Sure, superior officer Ogata, sir.” He smiled and did a very exaggerated army salute. 


Ogata glared up at him and bit him on the inner part of his hip. It wasn’t a bruising bite, but with how sensitive the area was it might as well have been.


“Ow, ow, ow, I’m sorry, sorry.”


“Don’t call me “sir.” We’re about the same age, Sugimoto,” Ogata commented, annoyed. He didn’t wait for Sugimoto to come up with another dumb joke and set to work on his dick.


Sugimoto was only half hard, especially after facing the wrath of Ogata’s bite. The man must have noticed Sugimoto’s discomfort because he pressed a gentle kiss to the tender skin. He moved up, leaving a trail of kisses over his length before sliding his tongue out and pressing a kiss to the tip, making the hardening dick wet and shiny with saliva.


It reminded Sugimoto of the stream where Yamaneko had been playing with that dildo. The memory made him shudder. 


His dark eyes were focused directly on the camera as Ogata took him fully into his mouth, and Sugimoto inhaled sharply. The wet warmth around his dick felt impossibly good. Ogata closed his eyes, humming as he slowly moved his head up and down, focusing on the tip and sticking out his tongue to rub it alluringly against the head. 


Sugimoto promised he wouldn’t cum, but it was getting harder to hold the camera steady. 


Ogata watched him with a small smile on his lips. He kissed the length again before sliding Sugimoto’s dick further down his throat, moaning around it, voice low as the camera continued recording. When his dick hit the back of his throat, Ogata swallowed around him. He made a choking noise, and Sugimoto nearly doubled over. The man below him saw it and grasped his thighs quickly. Ogata released him, lips puffy, a sticky web of saliva mixed with pre-cum running down his chin and his beard. The view itself made Sugimoto’s dick twitch again.


“Need a break?”


“Yeah, I think I might come like this.”


“Let me see the camera.” Ogata sat next to him, looking over the recorded footage. Sugimoto really wanted to kiss him, but they weren’t recording. Would it be weird if he kissed him just because?


“I think we got it. We can do the main scene now.” Ogata looked pleased.



After a lot more awkward fumbling, Ogata made Sugimoto take off that shitty team’s jersey and instructed him to lie down. Ogata adjusted a setting or two on the camera before handing it back to Sugimoto.


“Make sure you focus on both my face and my dick. If you’re about to come, let me know. I want you to come in my mouth and not inside the condom. Can you do that?”


Sugimoto nodded with a shudder. “Do you want me to prep you?”


“No, I did everything already. I just need to lube your dick and that's it.”




“Make sure the camera can see your dick sliding inside me.” Ogata instructed again with a smirk. He finally took off the button up, revealing his smooth, well-built chest. Sugimoto had to restrain himself from letting his hands grab a hold of the man’s pecs.


“Are you ready?” Ogata asked him, lube and condoms in his hand. 


“Yeah.” Sugimoto nodded and pressed play, giving Ogata a thumbs up. 


Ogata ran a hand through his hair and opened the condom, rolling it down onto Sugimoto’s dick with both hands in one smooth motion. Sugimoto winced a little when Ogata poured the cold lube over his length, so cool he felt it through the thin layer of latex. Ogata gave him a couple firm strokes, almost apologetically.


He watched Ogata prep him through the camera screen. He felt butterflies in his stomach, or so he thought. It might have been the feeling in his balls from nearly cumming. It was hard to tell.


While he was trying to figure it out, Ogata straddled his hips and positioned Sugimoto’s dick, rubbing the head over his hole. Lips parted ever so slightly, Ogata let his dick slide inside him as he lowered himself, moaning quietly. Sugimoto could feel Ogata’s weight, heavy on his hips. The man’s eyes narrowed in pleasure as he braced himself on Sugimoto's chest, stretching his back and raising his hips, slowly, so slowly, before going down again.


It wasn’t long before Ogata picked up the pace, moaning louder. Sugimoto watched his cock sliding in and out of him through the camera, Ogata’s own erection leaking against his stomach. He caught the man watching him, locking eyes with Sugimoto who tried to thrust up to meet Ogata’s movements. He didn't really know how much Ogata wanted him to participate, but the man moaned deliciously, tracing his hands up Sugimoto’s stomach and pawing at his scarred chest enthusiastically.


Sugimoto was trying really hard to be patient, despite his entire body screaming JUST DO HIM.


It was at that moment that Sugimoto was hit with a realization. This was probably his first and last chance to fuck Yamaneko, and he wanted to do more. Once he came, Ogata would show him the door and this would never happen between them again. Sugimoto would go back to masturbating alone in his shitty apartment.


He grabbed the camera and placed it on the nightstand, so that it was still facing them.


“What are you-” Ogata managed to say, eyes wide, before Sugimoto pulled him down and wrapped his hands around Ogata’s torso. He kissed Ogata and thrusted into him hard, once, twice, picking up a fast and unrelenting pace, the sound of skin slapping against skin, echoing almost as loud as the sound of Ogata’s moaning.


“You like that, huh?” Sugimoto pulled on his hair; not as hard as he could, but hard enough to make sure he felt it. Ogata had told him not to say anything, but he couldn’t help himself. He would just have to cut it out later.


Ogata moaned in response, voice unusually high and shaky. His head fell onto Sugimoto’s shoulder. “On my back,” he whispered so that the camera wouldn’t pick it up.


Happy to be given permission, he pulled out and let Ogata roll off and lie next to him. Sugimoto smiled as he rolled the condom back while Ogata held his legs apart for him. 


Sugimoto slid back in easily, Ogata’s body welcoming him, warm and willing.


He stayed still for a moment, catching his breath and watching the lewd expression on Ogata’s face. He was so hot like this, Sugimoto thought to himself. The little beads of sweat on his chest, the flush and the kiss marks that showed so easily on his pale skin. Sugimoto was happy to just stay like this, but Ogata was impatient. The man pushed his ass back on his dick, teasing him in a quiet demand for more.


“Move,” he mouthed.


Shit, he forgot they were recording this. He braced himself above Ogata and pulled out completely before pushing back inside, rolling his hips with each thrust as Ogata moaned in that breathy, quiet manner that drove Sugimoto mad. He wanted to get more out of him. Sugimoto brought his hand up to touch Ogata’s face, thumbing at the man’s lower lip as he picked up the speed of his thrusts.


Ogata shivered underneath him. He grabbed his hand and sucked on his finger before pulling it down to where his dick was forgotten. Sugimoto took the hint and moved to jerk him off as Ogata moaned low, arching out to let his hips meet Sugimoto’s hard thrusts. Suddenly, Sugimoto felt Ogata’s whole body tense around him, hole tightening around his dick as Ogata came onto their stomachs.


Sugimoto immediately pulled out, or he would have came inside him. He stroked Ogata’s chest, waiting for the man to come down. It was quite a thing to say, but his eyelashes looked so long. Sugimoto never noticed that. Ogata caught his hand in his own and looked at him with a lazy grin. 


“Cum in my mouth,” Ogata asked him, voice low. He rolled onto his stomach, shifting closer to where the camera was still recording, and directed Sugimoto to stand next to the bed.


Sugimoto promptly took the condom off, lining himself with Ogata’s open mouth to jerk himself off in quick, messy strokes. With Ogata’s lips parted, he could see the other side of his suture scars.


Ogata moaned low, helping Sugimoto by licking the head of his dick as the other man stroked himself. Sugimoto came fast, his cum landing on Ogata’s tongue, mouth and glasses, whose lenses fogged up from the heat. Ogata laughed quietly as he finished Sugimoto off by milking the last of it with his mouth, licking the skin clean.


Without asking, Sugimoto leaned down and took Ogata by the chin. He kissed him deep and long, ignoring the strange, startled noise Ogata made in response. He could taste himself on the man’s mouth. It was weird, but hot at the same time. He didn’t taste great, but he hoped Ogata wouldn’t mind.


They looked at each other with wild eyes before Ogata finally turned off the camera and broke the silence.


“Holy shit.”


Sugimoto sat next to where Ogata was positioned, still lying on his stomach as he wiped his chin clean with a blanket. “So, how about that pizza?” He asked awkwardly. He was sure both of them wouldn’t mind getting the taste of cum out of their mouths.


Ogata nodded slowly.




It took Ogata a couple days to edit the video. One day, Sugimoto simply got a notification that Yamaneko had posted a new video. He knew what it would be.


He looked at the number of views on their… well, sex tape . So many of the comments were about how hot he was.


“Great positions you two! Do more of these!”


“He is so nice ! A nice guy always tastes his own cum. Good job Yamaneko!” 


“Can you please do one with Yamaneko’s feet in focus, please.”


He felt kinda proud for the first two comments. The last one, not so much.


Sugimoto was still mindlessly browsing when his phone screen lit up with a message from Ogata.


You submitted the wrong documents yesterday. Fix it ASAP when you come in for work tomorrow.


He glared at the message in annoyance. Seriously, after all this?


Also, are you free on Friday? My apartment again?