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Royals' Curse

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“Your Majesty!”

Dick reluctantly lifted his head with a small groan. He had been sitting very comfortably on his throne, his legs tossed over one arm rest and his neck cradled by the other. He had attendants fanning him on both sides and a particularly pretty one feeding him grapes whenever he opened his mouth.

“What is it?” Dick asked, licking away the sweet grape juice on the corner of his lips. “Oh, Tim. Hi. You needed something?”

Tim huffed when he saw the way Dick was sitting on his throne. He clutched the paper in his hands a bit tighter and stalked up to the throne. “This is your consort for next week,” he said, handing the rolled piece of paper to Dick. “Hope he’s to your liking.”

“Ooooh, who’d you pick for me this time, Timbo?” Dick asked with a smirk. He gracefully kicked his legs off of the arm rest and sat up, shaking the paper open, ripping the top of it a bit. “Oh, he’s handsome!” Dick said. “Where’d you find this one, hm?”

“Please act more like a proper royal, Your Majesty,” his head advisor and best friend said through gritted teeth. “And he’s one of the newly recruited guards.”

Dick scanned through the profile of the alpha that would be helping him through his heat next week. “A bit on the short side,” he murmured. “But he does have red hair, which I approve of. It’s not very long though, hmm.” After another second’s consideration, he smiled up at Tim. “Do I get to meet him before?”

Tim sighed. “You always ask this question. And the answer is always no.”

“Well, I approve of him,” Dick said with a shrug. He held the now slightly crumpled paper back to Tim. He gave Tim a thoughtful smile. “Maybe I’ll go see if I can see him when the guards have their sword fighting lessons later today.”

Tim’s lips pressed together tighter, knowing that Dick did not even read through the entire profile. But then again, he expected it of the omega king of the Azure Kingdom. He also knew that Dick may not be joking when he said he would search out his heat partner.

Dick was born into the pampered life, and as he grew older, people only spoiled him more. Omegas were extremely rare, only one in every hundred some people are omegas, and omega royals are even rarer. And not only is Dick an omega, but he is one of four omegas in the history of all kingdoms to be crowned the sole king or queen of their kingdom, as well as being the youngest to ever do so.

Dick Grayson grew up sheltered, in peacetime, and he was fiercely loved by all. He never experienced hardships more than a skinned knee or being kindly denied a fourth slice of pie for dessert. Dick did not end up spoiled, thankfully, and he was adored by his people.

“Very well,” Tim said. “I’ll make sure he knows to head to your room when your heat hits.” He adjusted his glasses. “Also, sentries along the eastern border saw some of Hood’s riders early this morning.”

Dick paused his chewing. His eyebrows rose minutely. “Really,” he said, resuming his chewing but slowly. “Any signs of suspicious activity?”

Tim shook his head. “No more than usual,” Tim sighed. “They claim that the soldiers seemed to be coming back from a battle of some sort. Their horses were covered in blood, and there was a severed head impaled on the flagpole following the riders.”

“Do you think they attacked the Amber Kingdom?” Dick asked, his voice slightly alarmed. “Hood has been after that mountain territory in their kingdom, hasn’t he?”

“Yes,” Tim said. “But we have reason to believe that the attack was actually on one of the villages in Hood’s own kingdom.”

Dick pressed his lips together. “Make sure the guards are aware of this and have them keep a close eye on our eastern border. If Hood invades us, I don’t want to be caught unawares.”

“We have no troubles holding up against Hood for a bit,” Tim said. “We rival them in both military, resources, and land mass. The only difference is that our king isn’t consumed by the Royal’s Curse.”

Dick gave him a humorless grin that quickly disappeared. He sighed and sat up straighter. “Keep me notified, Tim. It’s been a while since Hood has pulled anything against us anyway. I think we should expect something to be coming soon.”

Tim nodded gravely. “Leave it to me, Your Majesty. You can worry about it after you get through your heat.” Tim paused for a second. “Do you think you will consider going into hiding for your heat this time?”

Dick laughed loudly this time. “I’m no coward, Timbo,” he said. “Just because all the other omega royals of the land have all gone into hiding in fear of the Royal’s Curse that took over Hood doesn’t mean I’m going to leave my kingdom to fend for itself while I fret over my well-being. Besides, like you said, we can easily hold off Hood’s army for a while if they do decide to invade us.”

Tim pursed his lips again, but he nodded. “I’ll make note of that, Your Majesty.” He gave Dick a short bow, to which Dick quickly waved off seeing that Tim was his best friend, and Tim turned to go.

“Thanks, Tim!” Dick called, leaning back and opening his mouth for more grapes. “You’re the best!”

“Yeah, yeah,” Tim said with a fond smile. He adjusted his glasses again. “Don’t forget to come to dinner today, Your Majesty. The cook is worried you’re not eating enough.”

Dick grinned. “Tell Alfie he’s going to make me fat at this rate!”

Tim nodded, excusing himself out of the throne room.

Dick walked past the courtyard, slowing a bit when he watched the new guards march past to the commands of their lieutenant. Their shiny blue uniforms made them stand out in the afternoon sunlight. His eyes scanned the helmet-less heads of the guards. He noticed the vaguely familiar face he saw on paper a couple days ago – the redhead that was meant to be his consort to help him through his head.

Dick stopped walking, standing in the shadows while he watched the guards all line up with their backs ramrod straight.

He looked his to-be consort up and down. He was a couple inches shorter than the fellow guards on either side of him, but he seemed to have twice the determination to impress their lieutenant.

Just then, the guard’s eyes shifted and widened dramatically when he noticed Dick watching. His shoulders tensed, and he stood up impossibly straighter, his face flushing.

Dick laughed softly to himself, shaking his head. He wondered if he should go introduce himself. Tim would certainly disprove of it, but Dick never understood why getting to know his consorts was such a bad thing.

Making up his mind to have a bit of fun, Dick stepped forward into the sunlight.

The lieutenant spotted him quickly. “Your Majesty!” he said, his large mustache twitching as he bowed to Dick quickly. The guards all bent at the waist.

Dick waved his hand, excusing them all with a smile. “Sorry to interrupt your afternoon practice,” he said. “But I was wondering if I may borrow…” He gestured vaguely to the redhead guard, who blushed brighter.

“Addington!” the lieutenant snapped.

“Yes, sir!” the redhead guard, Addington, said.

“You’re relieved of practice this afternoon,” the lieutenant grunted. “You’ll be accompanying His Royal Majesty instead.” Then, the lieutenant paused, eyes narrowing. “Ah… may I ask what for, Your Majesty?”

Dick just smiled at him. “Oh, I’m just getting to know him!”

“But Your Majesty, isn’t that-”

Dick winked and put a finger to his lips. “You aren’t going to tell, are you, Lieutenant?”

The man blinked rapidly and cleared his throat. “Of course not, Your Majesty.” He turned back around to face the guards. “Well, Addington? Get going!”

Dick turned to walk away, the young redhead following behind him quickly.

“So, what’s your name?” Dick asked once they were out of earshot out of Addington’s curious peers.

“Uh- uh, Clarence, sir! I- I mean, Your Majesty!” the poor thing swallowed quickly. “My name is Clarence Addington, Your Majesty.”

Dick hummed, casting the alpha a glance. He was only a touch taller than Dick, and he had slight heels on his boots. Dick preferred his alphas nice and tall, but he supposed that it would not matter when they were lying down anyway.

“Well, Clarence,” Dick said. “Would you like to join me for tea? Alfred makes a very nice selection of sandwiches…”

“I’d- I’d love to, Your Majesty!” Clarence said quickly. He ran a hand through his hair nervously.

Dick led them to the rose gardens, sitting down in his seat and gesturing for another seat to be brought for his soon-to-be bed partner.

Clarence sat down and shoved his hands in his lap to keep from fidgeting. Dick almost wanted to comfort him, though he was not entirely sure what to say. Dick started to wonder why Clarence was chosen to be his alpha consort. He did not seem to be the textbook definition of an alpha in personality. Physique wise, he was more or less there.

Tea was a quiet affair with Clarence only nibbling on his sandwiches and taking small sips of his tea. Dick spent most of the time watching butterflies flit around the roses. He was now starting to understand why Tim did not want him meeting all his consorts.

Clarence was nice, but he was, in the nicest way possible, a bore. Thankfully there would be no talking required during his heat. Dick would probably be too out of it to properly hold a conversation anyway.

He glanced at Clarence again, and the alpha nearly choked on his sandwich. Dick gave him a sympathetic smile.

Dick was lying in his room, on the verge of tears. His heat was tearing him up on the inside, making him hot and uncomfortable, and everything felt wrong. He needed an alpha, and he needed one soon.

A needy growl left his throat. Dick turned over on the bed again, glaring at the little slit of light coming from under his door. He had sent his maids to fetch Clarence over half an hour ago, so why was it taking so long?!

His heat hit him by surprise a couple of hours earlier, causing Dick to stumble up to his room in the middle of dessert that night. His maids barely drew his curtains and pitched the room into darkness in preparation for his alpha consort’s arrival. There was a pitcher of ice cold water by the bed, and Dick already drank a couple of cups, but it did nothing to quell the heat raging inside of him.

Finally, there was a gentle knock on the door, and it cracked open.

Dick whined in his throat, turning his head to see the silhouette of the man who entered the room. Immediately, Dick’s heightened senses smelled alpha.

He rolled over onto his back and spread his legs. “Alpha,” he croaked. His consort did not make a move towards him, so louder, Dick said, “Clarence, please.”

Clarence glided towards the bed slowly, not in a hurry and not saying a single word, not even addressing Dick like he were supposed to address their king. However, Dick was too desperate to say anything. Clarence was probably just nervous anyway.

The edge of the bed dipped, and Dick could feel the heat of Clarence’s body hovering over his. He reached up, wanting to touch the alpha’s skin, but instead, his hands clenched into the thick, rich cloth of a cloak.

Dick growled, baring his teeth. “You’re- You’re not supposed to be- to be dressed,” he managed. “Get it off!”

Clarence chuckled rather darkly, in a voice that sounded much deeper than that of the jittery young man Dick talked to a few days ago.  But Clarence removed the cloak without a word. Dick reached back up and his hands touched bare skin, cool to the touch of his burning skin. Dick let out a sigh of relief, wanting to pull him down and feel more of him against Dick’s heated skin.

But Clarence resisted, staying where he was, on his hands and knees over Dick. Dick felt one of his hands touch his cheek, and Dick immediately leaned into the touch, nuzzling the gentle touch.

“Please,” Dick whispered. “I need- I need you, Clarence.”

Clarence did not respond. If Dick had not been so consumed by discomfort, he would have definitely been suspicious and a bit offended at the outright rudeness of the young man, who was supposed to be part of his royal guard.

The hand left Dick’s cheek, moving down his bare chest, brushing across Dick’s leaking cock, and touched the slick and dripping hole. Without warning, two thick fingers sank deep into Dick.

Dick moaned at the feeling of being filled, momentarily relieving the burn, but then, the need came back twice as strong because it was not an alpha knot.

“Fuck me,” he panted. “Just- Just fuck me.”

Clarence ignored him and continued pumping a couple of fingers in and out of Dick’s hole. Then, he slipped his fingers out, wiping the slick fingers on Dick’s stomach. Never had Dick been treated in such a degrading manner, especially not in bed. But for some reason, it made him shiver with lust.

He gasped when he felt the blunt head of a thick cock against his greedy hole. He wiggled his hips against it, sliding the head of Clarence’s cock against his hole. Hands gripped Dick’s hips, much harder than any of the alpha consorts Dick had ever slept with through his heat. And it may have been Dick’s imagination, but the hands felt rougher and larger than those that Clarence used to lift the tiny teacup and pick at the sandwiches. But Dick did not have time to think about it. Clarence pulled Dick down onto his cock like he was a doll for fucking, lifting his hips off the bed completely.

Dick cried out as he was roughly impaled onto the cock. Clarence gave no sign of caring for his well-being, which struck Dick as quite odd, almost alarming enough to shake him out of his lust-filled mindset.

And in retrospect, maybe things would have turned out the way they did if he had snapped out of it then. But he did not.

Clarence started pounding him at a bruising pace, his hips slamming into Dick’s, making him cry out with each thrust.

Despite the initial pain, the feeling of an alpha’s thick cock splitting him apart was so fulfilling that Dick just ended up moaning and pushing back without abandon. Clarence caught onto the change in Dick’s gasps and lifted Dick by his hips to thrust into him even deeper.

“Oh, fuck!” Dick screamed as Clarence’s cock touched places inside of him that has never been touched by fingers, cocks, or toys. “Yes, yes, yes!” Dick chanted.

The alpha grunted, unceremoniously pushing Dick’s legs up towards his shoulders, shocking Dick. No alpha in their right mind would dare treat Dick in such a manner. While the royalty half of him was horrified, every other part of Dick loved it.

He was starting to have a revised opinion of meek Clarence.

“Ahhh! Harder, please, harder,” Dick moaned helplessly, letting Clarence pound him into the bed like he was some cheap whore. He could feel Clarence’s knot starting to swell, and it only made Dick all the more eager. “Fucking breed me!” he screamed, clamping down on his cock.

Those must have been the magic words because Clarence’s grip tightened and his cock throbbed inside of Dick, but his rhythm never stuttered. Clarence fucked Dick even harder, somehow going even deeper inside of him.

Dick let out another ragged scream, loving every second of the animalistic breeding he was receiving. His tear-stained eyelids fluttered open, trying to grasp some semblance of Clarence’s outline hovering above him in bed.

He saw Clarence lean down towards him, his hair falling into Dick’s face. Teeth grazed Dick’s neck, and upon instinct, he tilted his head to allow Clarence access to his bare, unmarked neck. Dick was not worried since all his consorts were given some medication that temporarily took away their ability to create a mating mark. Still, in the heat of the moment, some of them did like pressing their teeth against Dick’s neck in some semblance of marking him.

And Dick honestly loved it. He wanted to be marked by an alpha, have someone claim him as his own. And Dick would not have minded too much if Clarence did mark him since he knew how to work Dick’s body so fucking well.

As Dick’s orgasm built and built and built, his nails dug into the alpha’s muscular back, and the teeth pressed in tighter.

Suddenly, the teeth pierced Dick’s neck, and immediately, Dick felt the mark take. He screamed at the top of his lungs as his suddenly amplified orgasm ripped through him. Never in Dick’s life had he had a more intense orgasm as pure, perfect pleasure coursed through him, overloading every other sense. For an entire minute afterwards, Dick trembled and shook with aftershocks before he came back to the present, more than aware of the light throbbing in his neck and the thick knot his hole was still clinging to.

Something was so very wrong, even though it felt so very right.

“No…” Dick whimpered weakly, his voice barely working. Yet, his heat-addled mind chanted yes, yes, yes! Dick tried pushing at the heavy shoulders of the alpha that had just marked him, tying them together for time’s being. Clarence’s shoulders were definitely not this broad. “H-How?” he managed to gasp out.

The impostor licked over the healed mark, his tongue sending sparks of pleasure through Dick as it ran over the new mark.

“Omega,” the alpha said, speaking for the first time since entering the room. “Mine.”

Dick shivered, almost starting to smile in hazy pleasure of the warm feelings that flooded through him at those words, but then his logical mind screamed at him to get a grip. “I- You can’t!” he said, panicking a little.

The alpha laughed, kissing Dick’s jaw. “I just did,” he growled. “Now sleep.”

Dick let out a small mew, relaxing under his alpha’s voice. His consciousness was starting to fade. The orgasm had taken a lot out of him, and his alpha’s stern command sounded very tempting as well. “Who… Who are you?” he managed to ask right before he passed out.

The alpha chuckled again, a bit louder this time. “Hm,” he said in cold amusement, even though the unconscious omega could not hear him. “You know me as the Red Hood.”