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Winds of Change

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Story Summary: After defeating the Telmarines over several years of war, thereby securing the throne for Prince Caspian X, the Pevensies consider Aslan’s offer to transport them back to England. After High King Peter announces their departure, in the heat of the moment Caspian propositions Peter and Edmund with an offer he hopes they won’t refuse.

*In this AU, the Pevensies left Narnia when they were in their fifties/sixties. Narnia was all about love and acceptance, including Peter and Edmund's romantic love for each other. As long as a love was borne out of purity and consent instead of fear and abuse, it followed Aslan's edicts. Peter and Edmund had married each other and they'd left children and grandchildren behind when they'd returned to England. When they returned to Narnia, let's imagine it took several years for Caspian and the Pevensies to win the war against Miraz; lots of little skirmishes and encounters here and there before the final battle - so Edmund is now physically eighteen.

Pairings: Caspian X/adult-Peter/adult-Edmund

Warnings: This story does not completely follow movie/book-canon or timeline and can be considered an AU/ending rewrite. It contains graphic depictions of established incestuous marriage, polyamory, homosexual erotic situations between consenting adults (masturbation, voyeurism, exhibitionism, first time sex, threesomes, rough sex, double penetration), an intersex character, magical MPREG, strong language, (mis)use of the Spanish language, violence, and maybe a little OOC-ness. All characters have been tweaked to be of legal adult age.

I do not personally condone incest in real life and this fictional work should be viewed for adult entertainment purposes only. If any of the above triggers you, if you’re not of legal age, or if you’re uncomfortable with the incestuous/homosexual themes, then you should not be reading this story. I will not be blamed for your ignorance or prejudice. Flamers will be throttled by Trumpkin.

This story is not beta-read; therefore any spelling or grammatical errors are solely my fault. But since I’m an English major, all the correct spelling and grammar is also, happily, my fault.

Author’s Note: This has been sitting on my computer since Prince Caspian came out in 2008. Good heavens, Ben Barnes is so hot and he's only gotten hotter over the years! The heated chemistry between him and William Moseley begged a story. But, if you've read my other stuff, then you know I don't write conventional pairings. This threesome needs more support!


Winds of Change

By Noelle Scribe

(AKA Scarlet Willows)



With King Edmund, friendship had come easily and swiftly. Caspian had settled into a compassionate fellowship with the raven-haired youth who was wise beyond his years.


But the violent tension, uneasy alliance, and power struggle had colored Peter and Caspian's first meeting well into their first year of acquaintanceship. Over several years, it had melded into a respectful regard...and, finally, a hesitant friendship. After much cajoling on Edmund's part.


In the quiet moments of peace between warring skirmishes, there was little for Peter and Caspian to do but interact. In the early days, the constant close proximity would drive them to fight, argue, even scream and draw swords. That is, until King Edmund would interfere and scold, "You must put on a united front!" On a few occasions - when Edmund was at his whit's end - he would lock the two headstrong leaders in a storage room in Aslan's How. "I don't care if you end up killing each other or kissing each other, but one way or another, I will have quiet!" he’d yell.


The first time this had happened, the two leaders had come to blows and sported bruises for a few days after. However, as they'd panted and nursed their pride in silence afterwards, it seemed they'd gotten the majority of their discord out of their systems. Edmund locked the two together to sort out their differences several more times. It was on these occasions, when the rage drained and calm reigned, that they began to talk...and - more importantly - listen. They shared stories and heartaches and learned of one another. An uneasy accord began to form, sowing the seeds of respect. They would talk into the wee hours of the morning, never realizing Edmund (with a knowing smile) had already given them their freedom.


When their friendship solidified (after saving each other's lives an untold number of times), they found common ground in sparring. Peter had regained more ease and agility in his form with each exercise, retraining his young muscles with motions that had once been second nature to him before he’d returned to England. Sometimes they would stargaze with Edmund while the brunette would speak of the myths behind the constellations. Sometimes the Pevensies would regale the prince with firsthand accounts of the old days; of dancing trees and wood nymphs and water sprites and magic.


Years of the tug-of-war of battle, sabotaging Miraz's troops, and roughing it amidst hasty makeshift camps had caused Caspian to see Peter in a new light. He saw Peter as the grown man that he was, stuck in an awkward youth's body, grieving the loss of authority, loved ones, and his previous life. Struggling to shoulder a heavy burden once more.


Caspian would never have predicted that he'd come to thank Edmund's desperate meddling...or that he'd come to regard the once-prickly High King as his closest friend. Warmth began to fill the Telmarine's chest whenever Peter was near. It quickly grew into a blazing passionate fire. It emerged in Edmund's presence as well, only softer, sweeter, simmering. The prince was reluctant to name these emotions.


Caspian had denied his blossoming tender feelings for years, suppressing them as best he could, attempting to redirect them onto Queen Susan for a time - to no avail. To be sure, Susan would have gladly accepted Caspian if he'd truly wanted her, but he could only be true to his heart. And he couldn't deceive Susan like that, not when he'd come to think of her as a sister.


Caspian's feelings were doomed from the start. Neither Peter nor Edmund would ever consider the Telmarine in the same rosy light.... It was a well known part of the histories that High King Peter had married his brother, King Edmund, and they'd had a family together long before they'd disappeared. That was during a Golden Age when Narnia was far more accepting and progressive. Though, the Narnians seemed to fall back on their old respect and hero-worship of the Kings of Old. No one dared a foul word against them. But the Old Kings were cautious in this new, darker Narnia and they were discreet in public even though all knew of their matrimony. However, they never made to hide their wedding bands in shame and instead wore them proudly.


While reserved, Caspian sometimes caught the way the brothers looked hungrily at each other. It awoke dark desire and despair in equal measures inside of the prince. At first, he thought it was envy...but then he came to realize how he longed to be with them, to be a part of that love, to share in their desire. Unfortunately, Caspian's feelings - and the angst over them - only seemed to grow stronger as the years passed.


He watched Peter shed the last vestiges of adolescence, his chiseled features sharpening; battle hardening his muscles, revealing the warrior he'd once been; the ancient ruler that had lurked beneath his deceptively boyish skin, a man worthy of authority. Peter's siblings quickly followed suit. Edmund in particular had only perfected upon his darkly elegant, pale beauty that was more akin to an elf than a Son of Adam; his frame filled out some - he was a warrior, too, after all - but not to the same degree as Peter's. It seemed Edmund would always be smaller, lithe, with an ethereal quality.


Caspian's hot gaze lingered upon the kings much too regularly now for his comfort, lest he give himself away. But sometimes, he couldn't help but admire them in the most primal way...and sometimes...he almost didn't care if they caught his hungry gaze.



It was one such occasion that Caspian found himself staring. They'd finally defeated his uncle Miraz's forces and reclaimed the castle, having won the ultimate victory. Caspian had had a grand coronation the day before, celebrated by both Telmarines and Narnians alike; a union the likes of which hadn't been seen in over a thousand years.


A huge crowd had gathered today in the courtyard, awaiting the new regime's commandments. Caspian had come to collect Peter and Aslan to make their announcements to the gathered subjects.


The newly crowned Telmarine king hastily trotted down the stone steps, then stopped in his tracks as his black eyes fell upon Susan and Peter, conversing quietly with the immortal lion. It struck him again how Peter had grown so handsome, so magnificent. So befitting of his title. The short flaxen hair caught in the sunlight; the golden tan of his skin peeked from underneath his indigo livery; his tongue swiped a line across pink bow lips; dark lashes framed downcast stormy blue eyes.


Time seemed to freeze. Caspian's breath caught in his chest. Caspian had known he'd been in love with Peter for quite some time now. He doubted there would ever come a day when Peter didn't have this effect on him. If Peter had been accompanied by Edmund in that moment, Caspian was sure his heart would have stopped at their combined magnetism. In that instant, he resolved to himself to act on his heart when things settled - when he could find some much needed alone time with the two kings.


Susan spotted Caspian, curious tears in her eyes, but it was Aslan who startled the new king from his reverie. “We are ready. Everyone has assembled,” announced Caspian, fighting the blush that always seemed poised to incriminate him whenever he looked upon Peter with masculine praise.



"...Any Telmarines who wish to stay and live in peace are welcome to," Caspian's voice carried regally over the crowd, dealing leniency and mercy. "But for any of you who wish, Aslan will return you to the home of our forefathers."


There was some commotion amongst the crowd while Aslan explained the Telmarine history, ending with: "It is a good place for any who wish to make a new start."


Caspian couldn't say he was surprised when his aunt, Lady Prunaprismia, and General Glozelle accepted the offer, and he nodded to the general, acknowledging the life debts paid between them. The feline deity blessed them with good fortune before opening a portal through a nearby tree. The last of Caspian's family disappeared through the magical tree arch into an unknown world. “How do we know he is not leading us to our death?” challenged an angry peasant.


“Sire, if my example can be of any service, I will take eleven mice through with no delay,” heroically volunteered Reepicheep. Aslan remained silent, but shared a meaningful look with Peter that spoke volumes.


“We’ll go,” said Peter, trying to keep the disappointment out of his voice. Caspian had known him long enough to know when the blond was putting on a brave face. The lion had once laid a heavy duty upon his young shoulders a millennia ago and now it was time to take off the proverbial crown.


“We will?” asked Edmund, a look of anxiety stealing over his pointed features, his hand creeping to his stomach as if ill.


“C’mon, time’s up,” Peter reasoned resignedly. “After all, we’re not really needed here anymore,” he uttered softly, gray-blue eyes pinning Caspian steadfastly. He walked over to the Telmarine king, encompassed by a bittersweet sadness, holding out his sword to the throne's rightful heir. Unspoken words turned the air heavy between them and Caspian had to swallow his unease.


"I will look after it until your return," offered Caspian, dark eyes locked with blue. He had fully intended to share his reign with the Kings and Queens of Old, but understood if they had other matters to settle first. Surely he would not be parted from his dearest companions forever. Surely he would again see the men he'd...fallen in love with. He had to be brave now. For his people. If a little time was all that would pass, he could wait. For, surely, all good things happened by Aslan's timing.


"That's just it," interrupted High Queen Susan, surrender filling her gentle voice. "We're not coming back." Caspian went cold and still. Perhaps Aslan had alluded to this in the earlier conversation that he'd interrupted. Maybe that was why Susan had been crying.


Horror dawned on Caspian's face while Lucy spoke his thoughts, "Why?"


Peter moved to comfort his little sister, "It's all right, Lou," his voice was silky soft with sorrow, chancing a lingering glance at Caspian. His next words seemed to shoot Caspian in the heart. "It's not how I thought it'd be...but, it's all right."


"It's not all right!" Caspian's voice, accent thick with emotion, was raised more than he'd intended - and it not only shocked himself, but all who were gathered. The crowd collectively gasped and murmured. All eyes fell on the Telmarine king, but he only cared for Peter's gaze. The High King's face was the epitome of anticipation, awaiting Caspian's next words with bated breath.


"I...I have been considering asking you a question for quite some time now, Peter, and...while I would have preferred to discuss it in private, you leave me no choice. If it means I'll never see you again, you force my hand. And...if you need more of a reason to stay...." Caspian trailed off, inhaling deeply, bolstering himself. He crossed the platform to Peter, taking both the blond's hands into his own larger ones. His voice was strong, his jaw firm, his eyes focused as they looked down into ocean blue. "High King Peter Pevensie, will you do me the honor of accepting my hand in marriage?"



I have the next couple chapters pre-written and I’ll try to update regularly, depending on how this is received. This fandom isn’t as popular anymore, but I love this pairing...and I hope I’m not the only one!

Update 5/6/2021 User name changed from Scarlet Willows to Noelle Scribe - but I am still the same author.