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This is the way she kissed the girl

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“Where next?” Serena asked as she pulled her hat firmly back on her head.

Berne studied the map of the house and grounds. “Stables and outbuildings? I think we’ll have seen everything after that.”

The stables were huge and spacious. Serena leant over the panels of a stall, inspecting the old tack that was laid out. “You know, I’ve always thought, in a different life, I might have been quite good at horse riding.”

“Did you ever try it?”

Once, when I was a kid, with a friend. My mother didn’t approve of the idea though, so I wasn’t allowed lessons.”

Bernie smiled slightly at the wistful tone in her voice. “It’s never too late to learn, you know?”

“Can you picture me sitting on a horse being lead around on a leading rein?”

Bernie thought of Serena in tight jodhpurs and a neat riding jacket. “Oh, I definitely can.”

Serena’s eyes narrowed, “Really?”

“Well, you in the outfit,” Bernie admitted with a smile, “You’d look good.”

“Hmm. Well, thank you for the vote of confidence. Falling off might ruin the look that you’ve got going there, though.”

“You’re definitely not falling off in my imagination,” Bernie said with a wink. The stables were empty and she pulled Serena round, pushed her back against the partition and dropped her hands to her waist, holding her firmly. “Doing a really good job, in fact.” She kissed Serena firmly, enjoying the lingering taste of the mulled cider on her lips, moved her attention slowly down her neck to the spot that she particularly enjoyed nibbling on. Serena groaned and Bernie slipped a thigh between hers.

“Oh god, Bernie,” Serena sighed as she tangled her fingers in Bernie’s hair, “Don’t start what you can’t finish.”

Bernie’s fingers worked their way through layers of clothes to stroke the soft skin over Serena’s hip. “You’re just too irresistible, you know?” Then there was a clatter and voices outside and Bernie drew away reluctantly, tugging Serena’s top down neatly. “I’ll finish later,” she said with a voice husky with promise.

“I’ll hold you to that.”

A s the voices neared, they headed further down the stables.

“You know, I think this place is bigger than my first flat,” Serena said as they neared the far end.

“It’s bigger than my current flat!” Bernie peaked into the last stall. “Oh, look at that!”

“Is that a sleigh? It’s enormous.”

Bernie looked cautiously down the stables. The other group was still at the far end. “I’m going up.”

“I’m not sure you’re supposed to,” Serena said as Bernie scrambled up.

If it was really bad, there’d be a sign. And there isn’t,” Bernie reasoned. She sat down on the seat at the back. “This must have been amazing. Imagine being drawn through snow-covered fields while you’re sitting here, all wrapped up. Bliss.” Bernie leant back against the firm wood and closed her eyes. There was a little fluffy of movement and a sigh and she reached out to find Serena’s hand. “Well done, Campbell. Now, close your eyes,” she lowered her voice, “We’re having a romantic drive through silent snowy fields, tucked up together. And when we get home, we’ll be heading straight upstairs to warm up in bed.”

Serena’s fingers stroked hers, “Sounds perfect. Shall we go home now?”

Bernie opened her eyes, eyed Serena’s flushed cheeks and laughed. “Why, something you want to do?”

Serena growled and pulled Bernie in for a swift kiss. “Some one , more like,” she whispered against Bernie’s lips.