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This is the way she kissed the girl

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Maybe we both won,” Bernie said as she trailed her fingers up Serena’s thigh.

“I’d say. That was excellent.” Serena leant back onto her pillow, slipped her fingers into Bernie’s hair and teased through the tangles.

“You know, I’ve never really done this before,” Bernie admitted, raising her eyes to meet Serena’s gaze.

“What, really?! You’re very good for a novice.”

“Oh! No, not – ah. I mean, being in bed in the middle of the afternoon. It feels ever so naughty.”

“Naughty?” Serena laughed. “Of all the things we’ve done over the last few days, it’s being in bed in the afternoon that’s naughty?”

You’re mocking me, Campbell.” Bernie ran her hand up Serena’s thigh and waist and pulled her closer.

Affectionately. Have you really never just jumped into bed in the middle of the afternoon before?”

“Marcus wasn’t one for spontaneity, and I was never really bothered. Can’t imagine why that was. Now, if I was coming home to you every day, then there’s every chance we would be in bed at every spare moment.”

“I did spend a lot of time in bed, at various points.”

You have a voracious appetite. Lucky me.” Bernie kissed Serena, lingeringly. “How are you feeling now?” She stroked her thumb over Serena’s nipple and smiled as Serena sighed.

Tired, but I could be persuaded to corrupt you further.” Serena pressed into her touch, slipped a firm thigh between Bernie’s. “While we’re on the subject, any other naughty things you’ve wanted to try but never had the chance?”

“Running through fields of wheat?” Bernie honked a laugh.

“Sex outside can be fun,” Serena mused, “What a pity it’s so cold at the moment.”

“Okay, here’s one,” Bernie said, as she found her favourite spot on Serena’s neck and nibbled, “I’ve always quite fancied having sex in the shower.”

Sounds like a plan for this evening.”

“Oh,” Bernie sighed.


Well, I’ve got a book that I’ve been wanting to read...” Bernie met Serena’s gaze, couldn’t contain her chuckle at the look of disappointment on her face. “I’m kidding,” she said, “I’d take a shower with you over almost anything.”

Almost anything?”

“Nothing that I can think of right now,” Bernie laughed and rolled over, pulling Serena underneath her. “God, you’re absolutely fantastic. Have I told you that recently?”

Serena’s eyes lit with amusement , “About half an hour ago, but feel free to say it again.”