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This is the way she kissed the girl

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“Did it live up to expectations?” Serena asked as she climbed out of the shower and retrieved a large fluffy towel, which she passed to Bernie.

Bernie took it and dried her face, then wrapped it neatly around herself. “Yes, although I think I could do with being more agile.”

“You seemed quite flexible enough to me,” Serena said with a wink.

“It’s a young person’s game isn’t it, really.” Bernie followed Serena out of the shower, caught her towel as she dried herself. “Here, let me do that for you.”

Serena’s skin was glowing from the warmth of the shower and Bernie dried her carefully, wondering that she got to enjoy such activities. She knelt on the floor to run the towel down Serena’s calves, an action that put her level with her thighs. “God, you’re gorgeous,” she murmured, and, forgetting her task, dropped the towel and pressed a kiss to one inviting thigh.

“Bernie!” Serena laughed, and Bernie hummed as fingers tightened in her hair. “You’re insatiable.”

You’re irresistible,” Bernie countered. She dug her fingernails in ever so slightly as she held her and Serena’s little gasp and the tug in her hair told her it wasn’t unwelcome. She found a particularly delicious place between two freckles and nipped and sucked until a red rose bloomed.

Serena move backwards until she was leaning against the door and Bernie followed her happily.

“Is this okay?” she asked as a second red bruise rose.

“More than,” Serena said tightly. “Bernie -”

“Just a little more decoration first,” Bernie said, adjusted her position so she was nosing Serena’s inner thigh. Her knees were beginning to hurt but she didn’t care, Serena and Serena’s body were all that she needed to think about.

When a line of roses had spread across Serena’s thigh, Bernie looked up. Serena’s head was tilted against the door, her eyes were closed and her chest was heaving. Bernie grinned. “It’s like you’re wearing a garter,” she said.

“Bernie, I swear...”

“Sorry darling.” Bernie stood up, biting back a murmur of pain as her knees creaked, and kissed Serena. She trailed her fingers across the top of Serena’s thighs and into coarse hair until she found silky wetness. Serena sighed and Bernie kissed her again. “Who’d have thought, at our age, we could have such stamina.”

Less conversation, more action,” Serena groaned. Bernie laughed, and obliged.