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Breaking Beacon

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The arrival of fresh students was always a noteworthy affair at Beacon Academy, but even more so when those new arrivals were transfers from another nation – in this case Vacuo’s very own Shade Academy. Of particular note were a pair of brothers who stood out among the student body not only due to their darker complexion but also their raw talent as huntsmen-in-training. Gossip followed the two wherever they went, and it wasn’t long before the girls of Beacon were also talking amongst themselves about the brothers’ other “exceptional gifts.” For the young and naïve Ruby Rose, who assumed these talents to be their unique combat skills, such rumors only made her all the more determined to meet them.

Unfortunately, their schedule never seemed to match up with team RWBY’s, and thus all of Ruby’s efforts to introduce herself were unsuccessful. It wasn’t until several weeks after the brothers had first arrived at Beacon – by which time Ruby had all but give up any hope of ever learning what they might have to teach her – that she finally ran into them when she least expected. After a long day of classroom studies, the young girl desperately needed a hot shower to wash away her stress. And so, wearing little more than a t-shirt and panties, Ruby entered the dormitory’s co-ed locker room and promptly ran into the two siblings standing fully in the nude, their reputed gifts hanging low between their legs on full display.

Ruby couldn’t tear her eyes away from their dangling black members. Even in their soft state they were already long enough to nearly reach their knees, and at the widest point both dicks were thick as her wrist. The huntress-in-training had never seen a real cock in the flesh, let alone two at once, but just from everything she had heard in passing from her sister, Ruby could tell that these were most definitely not typical examples of their sex. It wasn’t until many long seconds of awkward silence that Ruby suddenly realized her mouth was hanging open, salivating even, as she stared unabashedly at their groins. Her curiosity certainly did not go unnoticed.

Rather than take offense at the sudden intrusion, the two brothers instead looked at each other, their dark-toned bodies still wet from their recent showers, and shared a grin. “Like what you see?” asked one of them with a chuckle. 

“Umm… I, err… S-sorry!” A blush spread across Ruby’s cheeks as she averted her gaze from their nakedness. “I’ve just never seen… You know…”

“That’s alright. You’re just curious, aren’t you?” The second brother took the initiative and approached Ruby, his massive dong swinging like a pendulum with every step. Ruby was transfixed by the sight, and thus her attention entirely was on his cock as he spoke to her. “Nothing wrong with that. I’m Devin by the way. Just so you know what to scream out later tonight.”

“I-I’m Ruby,” she said, her cheeks blushing even hotter from his implication.

“And I’m Peyton,” said the sibling, stepping up to Ruby’s other side and essentially trapping the young girl between them. Ruby was already noticeably shorter than the other students in her class, but their towering heights made the size difference even more noticeable. Their close proximity gave the raven-haired girl nervous butterflies in her stomach, and the occasional tap of their swinging dicks against her thighs wasn’t helping in the slightest. “Now that’s out of the way, we can introduce you to what you really came here for.”

“I-introduce?” stammered Ruby. “You mean… To your…?”

He put a hand on Ruby’s shoulder and gave an encouraging push. “Yeah, that’s right. Why don’t you get down there and say hello to those black cocks you want to badly?”

Ruby obediently sat down on the bench and found herself face-to-face with two rising dicks. Everything was happening faster than she could process, and she was having trouble keeping her sanity. It was tough not to get swept up in the confusing downward spiral that was only spurned on by her own innate curiosity and this strange tingling itch she could feel blossoming within her womanhood. The sight of two semi-hard cocks certainly wasn’t clearing her head, and she stared with eyes wide open as they somehow managed to grow even larger with each passing second. “Wh-what am I supposed to do?”

“Just open your mouth, little girl.” No sooner had Ruby followed his instruction when she simultaneously felt one of the brothers grab a rough fistful of her short hair. She figured it must have been Devin because that very hand suddenly pulled her toward his cock. Ruby barely had a chance to get a glimpse of his fat cockhead before it slid between her parted lips and disappeared into the furthest depths of her mouth. As soon as it hit the back of her throat, the young student heaved and coughed up a glob of spit all over his shaft. Overcome with embarrassment, Ruby instinctively wrapped her lips around the girth and began to suck him clean with her mouth, swabbing his every curve and bumpy vein with her tongue. “Shit, she’s a natural.”

Ruby wasn’t given much time to slurp on Devin’s dick before her head was pulled away, turned, and promptly brought down onto Peyton’s cock. This time she was better prepared to control her gag reflex and took his length without issue. As she started to suckle the throbbing member, Ruby could feel him swelling against her tongue and growing thicker by the second. “He’s not even fully hard yet,” she realized with growing dread. Yet as intimidating as it was, the very idea that her own mouth was making this delicious black dick even bigger, and thus more enjoyable for herself, brought a swell of pride to her ego. Ruby doubled her efforts, bobbing her head without further encouragement and slobbering more than enough to get her lips nice and slick for their benefit.

Her attentiveness hadn’t gone unnoticed by the brothers, and the harsh grip in her head turned into gentle petting as they passed their new cocksucker back and forth. Ruby certainly didn’t mind, moaning softly as she swapped from one cock to another, never spending too long with one sibling. All she needed was enough time to sample their unique taste and lap up the tasty precum that had gathered on the tip in her absence before pulling off with a lurid slurp just to repeat the cycle on the other brother. While Ruby certainly lacked years of oral experience, she more than made up for it with enthusiasm. 

“That’s enough of that,” said Peyton, grabbing Ruby by the shoulder and helping her back onto her feet. “I think it’s time to introduce this black cock to some tight white girl pussy.”

“R-really?” asked Ruby. She had her doubts about the sheer possibility of making him fit, but her snatch was also a complete dripping wet mess so that at least gave her a glimmer of hope. However, the decision wasn’t entirely up to her, and Peyton made that very clear when he swiftly pulled Ruby’s t-shirt up over her head and revealed a pair of perky teen titties. They were small but no less appreciated if the smiles from the brothers was any indication, but Ruby still yelped and bashfully tried to cover herself with both arms. 

“No bra. Nice.” 

“I was planning to take a shower,” she whispered softly. 

“Oh you will. Trust us, you’re gonna need one after we’re done with you.“ The girl’s thin frame shivered from the sudden chill of nudity, and it certainly didn’t help when Peyton unwrapped the rest of his present by yanking Ruby’s pink panties down her legs. She yelped in surprise and covered her unshaven mound with her left hand while the right stayed over her breasts, but Peyton was quick to seize both arms and pushed them down at her sides, exposing her petite body in all its glory. “What a treat. Beacon sure has been good to us.”

Ruby bit her lip shyly when he pulled her up against his strong chest and ground his hips against hers teasingly. Now with his fully-erect cock, still glistening with her saliva, pressed up against her stomach and reaching past her belly button, she finally got hit with the stark reality of just how massive his dick was in comparison to her tiny body. “That’s not going to fit!” she blurted out even as a shameful amount of arousal cascaded down her inner thighs.

“It always does.” And with that said, Peyton was quick to push Ruby up against the tiled wall and lift her up in his muscular arms. Face-to-face with her black lover, Ruby yelped in surprised at the way his sheer strength carried her so effortlessly, yet all the same she hurriedly wrapped her arms around his shoulders and legs around his waist for a more secure hold. Such a position naturally grinded the full length of his shaft between her sodden folds where Ruby could feel the sheer heat of pure, raw cock radiating against her cunt. A significant amount of precum dripped from his bulbous crown and matted down her wild, untamed bush. 

There was only one last thing Ruby could say that might hold Peyton off from stuffing her full of hard black fuckmeat, yet she hesitated to speak. Truthfully, she wanted this just as badly as he did, though her stomach was still twisted up inside from sheer nerves. Ruby had always prided herself on being brave in the face of danger, whether it be staring down a deadly Grimm or the biggest – nay, the only – cock she had ever seen. But as that throbbing length of cock got closer and closer to her defenseless pussy, Ruby simply couldn’t hold herself together any longer. “W-wait! I’ve never… I’ve never done this before!”

“Damn, really?” asked Devin from the sideline where he was slowly jerking himself to the front-row seat of her deflowering. “A virgin. You lucky bastard.”

Peyton grinned at this sudden revelation, but still he did not hesitate. If anything, Ruby’s declaration only hastened their coupling, and he pushed with his hips until his wide cockhead spread her wet pussy folds. “Don’t worry, bro. You can have the next one. Plenty of sluts in this school looking to get themselves some black dick.”

“I’m not a slu—Ooohhh!” Ruby’s entire body instantly seized up as the first half of Peyton’s cock sank deep within her warm snatch. Her legs tightened around his waist, both ankles crossing and locking behind his back, and she released a long, keening moan toward the ceiling. Peyton pushed forward, sandwiching the wailing teen between the cold hard wall and his strapping torso, then thrust again with his hips until he broke through and shattered Ruby’s purity. But if the young girl lamented the loss of her virginity in any way she certainly didn’t show it from the way she frantically humped back against him. “Ughh! So… So full…”

Her black lover didn’t answer back save for the cocky grin on his face followed by another bitch-breaking thrust. Ruby’s snug pussy was proving resistant to his efforts to fully hilt himself within, but he still pumped her good and hard with more than enough inches to make her scream. It wasn’t long until Ruby was panting wildly from the surges of pleasure washing over her, back arching off the wall with mad lust dancing in her eyes. “Slow down, p-please!” pleaded Ruby despite the fact that her pussy was practically drooling all over his thrusting cock. “Not so fast!”

“Slow ain’t gonna loosen you up, girl.” Peyton’s fingers tightened on his grip around her thighs to better hold her squirming hips steady as he pounded into her. “Should have guessed you’d be this tight. You’re a tiny girl with a tiny pussy. Guess we’ll have to fix that.”

“Fix?” asked Ruby as she wiggled in his grasp. “What do you mean by – Eek!” The young huntress squealed when he bounced her on his dick, finally smashing his blunt cockhead once up against her poor cervix. It was only the first taste of such deep penetration. Again and again Peyton pounded into the poor cock-shocked student, her eyes rolling back higher and higher into her skull each time his balls smacked against her firm ass. “So hot!” Ruby cried out. “I’m guh-gonna melt!” Though her words may have sounded like she objected, the way her hips continued to push back against him revealed how Ruby really felt about getting dicked by such a well-hung stud.

Peyton groaned into Ruby’s ear as he slammed her over and over, her wet thighs slapping loudly into his crotch. “I knew you were a real dirty slut the second you walked in here. Is this what passes for a huntress in Beacon?” He didn’t get an answer as Ruby was too far gone, fucked into a total state of numbing bliss as she shivered against his dark-toned body. The dam finally broke when he smashed up against her womb one more time and set off a cascading reaction that made Ruby howl like a banshee. Her limbs locked around Peyton’s body and pulled him in tighter while her pussy did the same to his thrusting cock, smothering it with her clenching inner walls.

Despite the fact that he and his brother had been crushing a lot of pussy since arriving at the academy, the sensation of such an exceptionally fresh pussy spasming around his cock in a desperate bid to earn his seed was far too irresistible. With a harsh grunt, Peyton slammed home up her welcoming snatch and blew a sticky, hot load that instantly filled up the tiny girl’s depths and blew back to spill down her legs. Ruby certainly didn’t seem to mind as she went cross-eyed from the decadent rush of her first creampie amidst a mind-blowing climax, looking absolutely fucked-silly and broken down into a slobbering bitch.

But if she had a single thought left in her blank head that this might be the end of her raunchy tussle in the locker room, Ruby was sorely mistaken. No sooner had Peyton pulled his cock free from her sucking snatch – setting her down on the bench and flicking several loose droplets of cum across her face for good measure – than did Devin make his move to further defile the inexperienced former-virgin. He had no interest in allowing Ruby a single moment to recover. They didn’t want just another fling; the brothers wanted a mind-broken white girl so hooked on their black cocks that she’d do anything to get her fix for the rest of their stay. And he set about making that fantasy a reality by lifting up Ruby’s slender legs onto his shoulders, pushing them up high over her head, and slamming down into her sticky quim in a merciless mating press.

A high-pitch squeal, louder than any noise she had made thus far, echoed through the room. Ruby’s tongue instantly lolled out of her mouth as uncontrollable whimpers and fits of strangled moans flew from her lips. What little consciousness Ruby still possessed existed only to beg for more of his punishing cock. “Guhh! Huuahh! Muh-more!”

“Greedy little slut,” chided Devin as he pounded her quivering pussy with heavy downward strokes. “Only just had your first taste of black dick and already addicted. I just knew we’d get along great.” The wooden bench creaked beneath them under the weight of their furious coupling. Ruby’s feet bobbed high in the air from every brutal thrust, her toes clenching tightly whenever his tip scratched her cervix and set off a burst of stars across her vision. By now Ruby had lost all sense of herself, not to mention completely forgotten why she even walked into this room in the first place. The only thing that mattered to the innocent young huntress was cock, cum, and getting her fill of both. A demand that Devin was only too happy to fulfill.

Meanwhile, Peyton was already fully erect once again just from watching his brother enjoy the teen’s cunt as he had. As he idly stroked himself closer to another release, Devin’s harsh pounding had already force another mind-searing climax from his babbling cocksleeve. Though trapped in such an immobile position, Ruby still thrashed about as best she could through the throes of her second orgasm, causing her firm tits to jiggle about for Devin’s enjoyment. Such a glorious sight, not to mention her pleasure-stricken face and sex-mussed hair, hastened his own release. Yet as much as he wanted to grace Ruby’s deserving pussy with another creamy load, he had a primal desire to mark his new territory.

Slipping free and letting her legs drop to the floor, Devin moved further up Ruby’s body and let loose the first spurts of cum all over her bare chest. At the same time, Peyton stepped forward and finished the job he had started earlier by gracing the lucky girl with a sticky facial. Rope after rope of gooey semen rained down upon Ruby, landing on her stomach, nipples, neck, forehead, and even tangling within her messy raven-red hair. Not a single inch of the huntress’s upper body went unsoiled, and when that wasn’t enough Devin pointed his cock downward and dribbled the last few cummy droplets directly onto her gaping pussy. 

“Whew, now that was a damn fine lay,” said Peyton as he wiped the sweat from his forehead. “What did you say your name was?”

Ruby was far too insensate to answer, laying back in a pool of sweat and cum with her eyes rolled back to be nearly white and a big dumb grin on her face. It was unlikely that anything short of the end of the world would be able to rouse the blissed-out teen.

Luckily, Devin had a better memory than his brother. “Her name is Ruby, dude. Or was, if she’s got any brain cells left in her head.”

“Ruby? Hmm… Why does that sound familiar?” Peyton gazed down at the cum-drunk student deep in thought, and then finally it struck him. “That’s right! She’s part of that team RWBY I’ve heard about. You’ve seen them, right? Her teammates are three of the hottest bitches I’ve ever seen.”

“An all-girls team, eh?” A wicked grin quickly sprang onto Devin’s face, and he loomed over the comatose Ruby as a plan formed in his thoughts. “Sounds like our little cumdump here might just be the first notch on our bedpost.”

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“There you are! Don’t think I haven’t notice what you two have been doing to my sister!”


Peyton and Devin looked up to see the wonderfully busty Yang Xiao Long barge into the weight room and stomp toward them. It had been a long and arduous day for both brothers, filled with exams both in the classroom and on the field, and they had come to the gym to burn off some leftover stress. The last thing they expected was for one of Team RWBY’s beautiful members to interrupt their weightlifting, but it certainly presented a new opportunity for them to release their tension. And as the displeased blonde came ever closer, the brothers glanced at one another and knew they had the same idea in mind. “Something we can help you with?” asked Devin.


Yang stopped short in a wide stance, both hands on her hips. “Don’t play coy with me! You must think I’m really dense to believe I haven’t realized what’s been going on these last few days.”


The both of them shrugged innocently at the same time, as if it were a practiced gesture. “Gotta say, babe. Don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.”


“Oh so I have to spell it out? You’re the creeps who are fucking Ruby!” Yang blurted out.


“Ruby?” Devin shot his brother a devious smile. “Do you remember a Ruby, bro?”


“Hard to say,” he replied. “All these Beacon girls look alike from behind.”


Yang cracked her knuckles to grab their attention, though she already had it with such a tantalizing midriff and push-up cleavage on display. The huntress wore a form-fitting outfit for better ease of movement in battle, but it also had the great side effect of showing off her assets. “You better watch your mouths before I shut them for you.”


“Relax, blondie. We know who your sister is.” Peyton set down his pair of hand weights to stand up, and he could see the brief flicker of hesitation in Yang’s face from the extra foot of height he had over her. “Hard to forget such a nice piece of ass.”


An untamed fierceness roiled in Yang’s eyes at his crassness toward her sister. “Why you…”


Devin was quick to stand between them, both hands held up to further separate his brother from the overly protective sister. “What my bro means to say is… Yeah, we know Ruby. No point being slick about it, but I don’t see why it’s any of your business.”


“You don’t see why two lecherous creeps perving on my little sister would be my business?” Yang scoffed and flipped a lock of curly hair over her shoulder. “I know Ruby can take care of herself, but as long as she’s here at Beacon it’s my responsibility to look after her. And I can tell you one thing… This can’t keep going on. She skips breakfast, sleeps through half her classes, and then disappears all night only to walk back into our room with a limp!”


“Hell yeah she does,” chuckled Peyton, but he quickly straightened up when Devin elbowed him in the ribs. “Well I mean… Yeah, that’s our bad.”


Yang sighed. She already felt bad about butting into her sister’s personal life, but there was no other way about it. She had to peel these guys away from Ruby, one way or another. “Look, I’m not stupid. Normally I’d just knock your teeth out and be done with it, but I’d probably just get expelled and you’d still be free to harass Ruby.” Yang was only telling a half-truth. If she was being really honest with herself, picking a two-on-one fight with the brothers probably wouldn’t go in her favor, especially if the rumors about their skills as huntsmen were to be believed. “So I’ll make you a deal. If you promise to leave my sister and the rest of my team alone then…” She lowered her eyes to the ground and mumbled under her breath.


Peyton leaned in. “What was that, blondie? Didn’t quite hear you.”


Yang’s violet eyes shot back up to meet his. “I said you can fuck me! Alright?” She folded her arms stubbornly under her chest, unconsciously pushing up her mouth-watering cleavage even further. “I’ve seen the way you look at not just Ruby but the others as well. If it means you’ll stop perving on my teammates, I’ll let you get your rocks off with me instead.”


The brothers grinned at each other. “I think we can make a deal,” said Peyton. “But before we agree to anything, we’re gonna have to take a look at the goods. Strip.”


“Uh, excuse me?” Yang glared at him through narrowed eyelids.


“You heard the man. You just offered both of us the exclusive, unrestricted use of your body, and now suddenly you’re too shy to show it?” Devin leaned back against the wall and waited. “Clothes off or no deal.”


“Fine,” she growled through gritted teeth. And so, with eyes narrowed in seething anger, Yang grabbed the first article of clothing – her orange scarf – and threw it to the ground. If she had to do it, she preferred to get this over with quickly. Yang didn’t want to give them the satisfaction of a show and thus, rather than a careful striptease, the stubborn blonde removed her attire as coldly and mechanically as possible, like undressing a toy doll. Yet despite her efforts, the brothers enjoyed the display nonetheless, their hungry eyes roaming across each newly revealed patch of skin as Yang first removed her belted skirt, then her top, and then finally those tantalizingly tight black shorts. Even then, standing before them in nothing but her bra and panties, Yang didn’t hesitate in the slightest at promptly tugging those off as well. The last thing Yang wanted was for these perverts to think they had managed to intimidate her.


Unbeknownst to Yang, that was the last thing on their minds. Instead, Davin and Peyton were busy drinking in the sight of their fellow student’s glorious body. “Damn! You’re pretty stacked for a white girl.”


As much as she hated these creeps and their lecherous stares, Yang had to remind herself that this was her idea, and so she did nothing but turn her head to the side to avoid looking at them. “Ugh, do you have to be such a pig about this?”


They both ignored her, far too busy evaluating the gentle curves and plump assets of their newest Beacon prize. From the set of fat tits topped by swollen pink nipples down to the hairless mound between thick thighs, there wasn’t a single part of Yang that they found unappetizing, and the growing erections in their pants made that very clear. When Yang couldn’t help but notice the bulges forming at their crotches, the brothers chuckled simultaneously. “Well, you showed us yours. I guess it’s only fair we show you ours.”


Yang sneered at them both as they undressed, but she changed her tune as soon as their black cocks came out. “What the–! How are you both so…” The word stuck in her throat. As hesitant as she was to throw a compliment their way, Yang’s vocabulary as shrinking by the second as her brain struggled to process the girthy monsters hanging before her very eyes, and so she simply spoke the truth. “Big…”


“Now you know what your little sis has been getting this whole time.” Peyton looked over at his brother. “I’m about ready to accept this slut’s proposal. How about you?”


Devin nodded most enthusiastically. “Yeah sure. Whatever gets me inside that pussy right fucking now.”


“You’re so gross!” Yang shot him a nasty look. “Is it too much to ask for a little respect?”


“You’re one to talk,” he said with a grin. “If you want to trade your body like a nasty girl, then don’t be surprised when you’re treated like one. Now get down on the floor and let’s get started.”


As much as Yang wanted to chew him out, she knew he was right. This was the deal she made, and there was no point trying to act indignant about it now. “Just gotta remember, this is for Ruby,” Yang told herself as she got down onto her knees before promptly falling forward onto both hands. Now fully presented to Devin, Yang turned to look over her shoulder as he got into position behind her.


“Doggystyle, eh?” he said with a grin as he knelt down and rubbed his cockhead up against her already-moistening folds. “Must be a favorite of yours to go right to that.”


“Yeah? What’s so w-wrong with that?” Yang flinched at the sound of her own voice, cursing herself for letting these guys and their freakishly huge cocks get to her.


“Nothing,” replied Devin. “Just took you for more the cowgirl-type is all. Guess I was wrong, you’re more submissive than you let on.”


That made Yang huff and snarl at him. “Oh yeah?! Well then how about you get on the floor and I’ll show you just how dominant I can—Ahh!” Yang was cut off by the swiftness of his cock plunging into her pussy. He didn’t stop either, slamming straight through her tightness until his hips smacked up against her firm butt. Now fully impaled on his meaty monster, Yang wobbled slightly, her arms bending and nearly giving out under the pressure of his sheer size stretching her out.


“Oops, too late,” Devin said with a laugh.


The steady clapping of her ass against his stomach quickly filled the room. Devin had begun to fuck the stunned blonde in earnest, and it took Yang everything to hold herself together. “Holy shit, this guy is huge! It’s like I’m being fucked by a horse… This thing was inside Ruby…?” Yang simply couldn’t believe her little sister had managed to take such a massive cock while she herself was struggling with the challenge. Soft moans were already fluttering from Yang’s lips, and she could practically feel every hard thrust further opening up her pussy to take the shape of his cock.


“Come on, babe. Twerk that ass!” Devin delivered a firm, meaty smack across Yang’s buttcheeks, causing the pale flesh to jiggle and glow with a red handprint. “Show us you know how to work that dick.”


Yang grit her teeth and groaned. She did indeed know how to “work it” as he so crudely put it, but the truth was that every ounce of Yang’s concentration was instead focused on pushing down her rising orgasm. Her poor pussy was struggling to adjust to his massive girth, and every balls-deep thrust was only throwing her further off-kilter. “I’m not going to lose to these bastards,” vowed Yang silently. Yet her denial didn’t change the fact that her juicy snatch was practically gushing all over his shaft, so much so that her arousal was now streaming down her inner thighs. As her moans grew louder and hotter, Yang couldn’t believe how quickly she was unraveling. She had stormed into the room so confident that she could handle both men, and now she was down on all fours getting fucked like a bitch. Worse of all, it was the greatest sex of her life, and Yang finally admitted so by tossing her head back and screaming out her first climax.


“Check it out! She’s cumming all over my dick, bro!” said Devin smugly. He wasn’t lying when he said he thought Yang would be a tougher egg to crack, but now he was more than happy to be proven wrong. And the death grip that her sweltering cunt had on his cock was certainly the cherry on top. “Fuckin’ A, you’re tight! Thought all the rumors about you being the Beacon bicycle would make you a real sloppy fuck, but I gotta admit you’re still a great ride.”


The pleasure rolling through her body was so intense that Yang barely even registered his crass remarks. Instead, the panting blonde collapsed forward, her quaking arms finally giving out, and continued to moan out with her face pressed into the floor. She was almost thankful for Devin keeping her hips held up with his strong grip, though it was only so he could keep pounding her pussy throughout her mind-melting orgasm. It was finally the wet, filthy sensation of his hot load pouring into her womb that broke through the fog of lust in Yang’s head which made her snap back to reality. “Gyaah! I-inside?!”


“Damn right,” grunted Devin as he slammed himself to the hilt and pumped his blonde cumdump full of rich protein. “Better get used to it, you hot little slut. This is what it means to be our cocksleeve.”


Yang moaned, eyes rolled back and tongue hanging loose as she felt his warm seed rush to fill every deep crevice of her unprotected babymaker. She was simply too out of her mind to protest the sudden insemination. Maybe later when she had better presence of mind Yang might consider negotiating such reckless creampies, but right now she was lost in a second jaw-dropping climax. Yang had never been treated so roughly, like a literal piece of meat to be pumped and dumped, and it ignited a long-dormant part of her brain that reveled in such a display of dominance.


The brothers were quick to seize upon the opportunity to tame such a fiery wildflower, and as Devin pulled out of her sloppy snatch and stepped back, Peyton grabbed a handful of Yang’s golden locks and yanked her head up to eyelevel with his cock. “You’re not done yet, blondie.” He punctuated his intent by slapping the underside of his cock against her face and resting the full length so it sat between her eyes.


“Another?!” gasped Yang, looking positively fucked silly with her eyes crossed to gaze at his fat member and drool leaking from her gaping mouth. The usual defiance and stubbornness in her violet eyes had given away to awe and nervousness.


Peyton answered her with action by hauling Yang up onto her feet. There, he swiftly spun her around, his chest to her back, and pulled her in close. “You’re a tough girl, aren’t ya? We tried this on your sister, but she couldn’t take it. Let’s see if you do any better.”


Before she could ask any of the hundred questions flying through her head, Yang found herself lifted up in his strong arms. The blonde beauty yelped at his aggressive handling of her body, and she realized then that she truly wouldn’t have stood a chance in a straight-up fight from the way he carried her so effortlessly. Peyton hooked his arms under her knees and then interlaced his fingers behind her head, forcing Yang’s head at a downward angle to see his proud erection sticking up between her legs. “A full nelson?! No way!” It was a position Yang had only dreamed of, and something which all the Beacon boys had so far failed miserably at attempting.


But Peyton wasn’t anything like the limp-dicked students that typically shared Yang’s bed, and he made that clear by dropping her down and impaling the girl’s forbidden hole on nearly a foot of raw black dick. Yang squealed aloud, her legs locking straight up in the air and eyes rolling back in cock-shocked bliss. “F-fuuuck! Th-that’s my ass!” she cried aloud, brain too overloaded with pleasure to say anything but the obvious.


“What’s the matter? You never been fucked in the ass before?”


“Y-yeah, but not on the first date!”


“This isn’t a date,” he reminded her. “You’re our blonde fucktoy now, remember? And if we want a hole, it’s ours.” To make that fact clear, Peyton began to thrust upward into the quivering girl’s tightness at the same time he yanked her downward, doubling the force upon her wholly unprepared asshole. Trapped in a prison of her own making, Yang was helpless to do anything but scream out more filthy cries of pleasure. Sweat beaded and dripped down flawless skin, her toned abs convulsing from every thrust, as she was bounced on the black cock breaking her down into a babbling wreck. Anyone walking into the weight room at that very moment would no longer see the proud and confident Yang of Beacon but rather a slobbering cock-addicted bitch.


And as fate would have it, that’s exactly when Ruby Rose entered the room. But rather than act shocked at the sight of her lovers making a mess of her big sister, the petite young girl instead stomped furiously toward them in much the same way Yang had. “What’s going on here?” she asked with a gasp, though the answer was more than obvious. “I can’t believe you, Yang! These are my boyfriends… My…” Tears welled up in her silver eyes and, for the briefest of moments, Yang felt a pang of guilt through the overriding pleasure. “These are my cocks!”


Devin chuckled from the seat nearby where he had been watching his brother break in the ass of their newest toy. “Sorry babe, your sister made us an offer too good to refuse. But you know you’re still our number one slut.” He spread his legs wide and pointed down at his half-erect cock, still dripping wet with his own cum and Yang’s pussy juices. “Now come over here and show your sister what a good little girl you are.”


Ruby squealed happily at the sight of that black dick she loved so much, and in a flash she was down on her knees and licking all over his shaft. The taste of Yang didn’t deter her one bit in that mad desperation to hilt his cock down her throat, and Ruby’s loud and reckless slurping soon rivaled the wet squelching of her sister’s ass.


For Yang, it was a moment of truth. She had every intention of saving her poor sister from the lecherous grasp of these punks, but now she realized that Ruby never needed or wanted saving. “Oh dust, my sister is a total slut,” thought Yang as she watched Ruby slobber all over Devin’s shaft. “My sister… Sucking of that fat black cock.” The blonde’s mouth started to water from watching the obscene show, her tongue rolling out from between her lips and salivating down her chin. Despite the delicious pounding she was receiving from Peyton’s cock, she was still hungry for more. Yang longed to be in Ruby’s place, worshiping every inch that fat black monster with her tongue like it deserved.


They had awakened a hunger within Yang that she now knew would never be satisfied, and with a keening wail that announced her next mind-shattered climax, the blonde bombshell knew right then and there that she would forever be their cock-hungry blacked bitch.

Chapter Text

Whenever Weiss was on the warpath, everyone knew better than to get in her way, and this just so happened to be one of those days. It all began when she had to suffer public humiliation after getting a question wrong in class in front of all her peers, and then fate decided to spit on her even further by snagging her skirt on overgrown shrubbery. The delicate fabric ripped right down the middle, giving a jeering crowd full view of her lacy white panties. The shame was more than Weiss could bear, and she ran off as fast as her feet could take her back to the dormitories. And to top it all off, that inept twerp Jaune had the gall to hit on Weiss again after running into him in the hallway. Could you even imagine? Her, a Schnee, with a low-class commoner like him? The very thought of it made Weiss’s blood boil. 


When she reached the bedroom she shared with the rest of her teammates, Weiss practically kicked the door open and stormed inside. She was so furious with her ruined dress that the snowy-haired huntress tore the outfit from her body and threw it to the floor, stamping on it with her feet for good measure. Weiss stood there for several long seconds, simmering in anger with her hands balled into clenched fists while wearing nothing but her bra and panties, when suddenly she heard a snickering laugh from behind. “Looks like it’s easier to get the Schnee out of her clothes than everyone thought.”


Weiss spun around and gasped at the sight of two large black men standing in the corner, but her eyes immediately narrowed in disgust as soon as she recognized them. It was hard not to be familiar with the two louts that her teammates Ruby and Yang had been so blatantly cavorting with all hours of the day, and most of the night, this past week. “You two! How dare you enter my room without permission!”


Peyton shrugged. “It’s not just your room, princess, and we were given permission by your friends.”


At his side, Devin nodded in affirmation. “We’re supposed to meet up in about 30 minutes, but they said it was cool if we waited in your room until then.


The heiress sneered at him and knew he spoke the truth. Ruby and Yang were so infatuated with the brothers that they practically rolled for their every whim. The two black exchange students took whatever they wanted from the sisters whenever they wanted it, with absolutely no regard for public decency, which was made all the more clear by the near-constant limp that both girls constantly carried. Weiss wasn’t an idiot, she knew exactly what they were up to, even if they hadn’t yet been audacious enough to perform their filthy couplings inside the RWBY dorm room while Blake and herself tried to sleep. “Yes well… I won’t allow it! I want you out of here immediately.”


“That’s a shame,” said Peyton with a grin. “We were really enjoying the view.”


Weiss was suddenly reminded of her partial nakedness, and with a gasp she tried to cover herself up with a hand over her cleavage (small though it may be) and the front of her crotch. “You perverts! How dare you!”


“Hey now, don’t get mad at us. You’re the one that came in here and started undressing for us.”


“Only because I didn’t even know you were here!” Weiss scoffed at them both and turned her head away stubbornly, though she couldn’t help but catch a glimpse of the growing bulges in their pants out the corner of her eye. “You men are all alike! Thinking with only your… Your cocks!”


Devin and Peyton shared a laugh. “Whoa!” said the former, “I didn’t think such dirty language was becoming of a Schnee.”


She turned back to face them both. “Well that’s the only way to describe you perverts.” Her gaze was now fully drawn to their covered erections, and the prissy heiress suddenly found herself salivating. “I… I bet your dicks are bigger than the tiny brains rattling around in your skulls! That’s the only explanation for your prehistoric behavior!”


That was perhaps the wrong thing to say to the horny brothers who had already claimed two of her teammates, and they looked at each other with knowing smiles. “Well if you’re so curious, we’ll just have to show you.”


“I am not curious in the slightest you—!” Weiss cut herself off with a gasp as soon as both men dropped their trousers and revealed two of the biggest cocks she had ever seen, which considering how hard she tried to maintain her image wasn’t actually very many. They were hard, nearly as thick as her wrist, and most shockingly of all black as night. The idea of them pressing up against her own pristine, snowy white skin sent a shiver running up her spine. “How… How barbaric! J-just as I thought, you two are nothing but a pair of f-fat, enormous cocks!” Weiss shifted her hand down lower to hide the growing wet spot in her panties, but the way her pale thighs squeezed together was far more telling.


Peyton was the first to approach her, followed closely by his brother. “Yeah we are. And do you know what these big black dicks do to stuck-up rich white girls like you?”


Weiss gulped. “I-I can only imagine what nasty thoughts are floating inside that empty head of yours!” She looked down at the two mighty shafts that were now just inches away from her own body. “Disgusting! You’re nothing but animals, no better than those faunus! At least they have a purpose. You’re nothing but a couple of nasty… breeding bulls! No better than livestock!”


“If that’s true then why are you soaking wet?” asked Devin. “You can’t hide it; we can practically smell your slutty pussy just creaming itself to get ready for us.” He placed a head atop Weiss’s head and pushed her down to her knees. “Now get down there and worship these black dicks like we know you want to.”


“The hell I will!” shouted Weiss, but as soon as she was eye level with their throbbing members the idea suddenly seemed to have merit. “Just one little taste couldn’t hurt, right?” The haughty heiress was so hot and bothered, so utterly needy, that she was already crossing out hundred reasons why she shouldn’t start sucking on their cocks and sticking to the only reason that mattered: “Because I want to, and why shouldn’t I get what I want?”


Devin groaned as soon as the girl’s hot, wet mouth latched onto his cock. “Fuck! Slow down, slut.” The sight of her gobbling up his inches as fast as she could made him grin. “Damn, look at her go.”


Weiss clearly didn’t know the first thing about what to do with a cock in her mouth, but what she lacked in experience she made up for in enthusiasm. The sight of their massive members had ignited a curiosity within the girl that she expressed through fervent sucking. With both eyes crossed and focused on the remaining inches that simply would not fit inside her small mouth, Weiss bobbed her head along the length of Devin’s cock, her long white ponytail swaying gracefully behind her. It wasn’t long before his hand was upon her head, pushing and encouraging Weiss to take even more of him deeper. Though her eyes were wide with fright, Weiss wasn’t about to show weakness in front of these pigs, and so she took the first few inches down her throat.


“Yeah girl, take it real deep now.”


The pale huntress ignored him entirely and pulled off his cock with a wet pop, only to turn her head and dive onto Peyton’s waiting pole. She did the exact same to him, pushing herself as far as possible to take it deep. However he was simply too big, too thick for her untrained throat.


“I can’t believe you’re both so big,” said Weiss with a gasp when she pulled of his dick. “It’s like you were built for nothing but…” It was then she realized these cocks were made to break uptight bitches like herself into black-owned sluts. She bit her lip as the very thought of what these studs could do to her tiny pussy. They would absolutely ruin her, there was simple no other way to put it. But rather than dread it, Weiss found herself shivering in anticipation. “Hngh… It’s absolutely perverse!”


Devin grabbed the back of Weiss’s head and pulled her back over. When his fat dick smacked wetly against her face, smearing a long line of precum across her cheek and covering both her eyes, Weiss’s eyes crossed stupidly and her tongue automatically rolled out to taste him. “If you want us to fuck you, just say it. No shame in it, princess.”


“O-of course not!” Weiss glared up at him even as she slithered her tongue across his shaft. “To think that I would ever… Copulate with a man of your standing!”


“Copulate nothing.” Peyton harshly grabbed Weiss by the ponytail and yanked her mouth back onto his cock. This time she was ready for it, and she took nearly his entire length to the hilt with little to no effort. Weiss pursed her lips around Peyton’s girth and sucked hard as he talked down to her. “We’re going to fuck you rotten. By the end of the night, this entire dormitory is going to hear you screaming on these black cocks.”


Weiss shuddered and moaned around his cock. Down below, the huntress’s hips wiggled as her trickling arousal turned into an absolute waterfall, thoroughly drenching her already-sodden panties. She couldn’t believe these brutes were speaking so crassly toward her, but it was the hottest thing Weiss had ever heard. The only sensible thing to do was immediately pull her mouth of his dick and demand they both leave at once for daring to speak to her in such a manner, but instead the only thing Weiss seemed capable of doing was to suck more cock.


Both men were absolutely rock-hard at the sight of this beautiful snow angel slurping away like a ravenous semen-demon. By now Weiss was rapidly swapping back and forth between their cocks as if she couldn’t decide which one tasted better, and that was just fine with them. But as time wore on, their impatience finally reached its limit. “Alright, that’s enough,” said Peyton with a quick tug on Weiss’s ponytail to pull her mouth of his pole. “Get up on the bed. It’s time to fuck that rich-bitch pussy of yours.”


“Absurd!” huffed Weiss. “There’s absolutely no way this will even fit inside me!”


“Only one way to find out, princess.”


“Fine! I accept your challenge.” The speed at which Weiss jumped onto the bed, rolled over onto her back, and slipped the panties off her long, porcelain legs betrayed the contempt in her words. Any doubt that she was looking forward to this as much as them was now thoroughly dismissed. “Only so I can see you try and fail!”


The sight of Weiss’s soft, tight petals only made his cock even more erect, and the young girl gulped visibly when Peyton settled between her legs and laid the full length of him across her stomach. Not only did his ridiculous length reach all the way from her pussy up to her belly button, but the contrast of his dark chocolate skin against her milky complexation made her heart skip a beat. “This is going to happen. He’s actually going to put that behemoth inside me!”


But no logic or reason was going to stop Peyton, and Weiss certainly wasn’t going to try persuading him to reconsider. Her cunt was already so absolutely soaked that he was able to hilt himself within the naughty huntress in a single swift stroke. Yet no amount of arousal could prepare Weiss for the sheer amount of girth stretching out her prim pussy. “Ooooooh fuck! You’re actually doing it!” she shrieked, eyes wide and glued to the dark-skinned pillar buried between her legs. “Your nasty dick is inside my pussy!”


“Yeah and you love it, slut.”


“I do!” howled Weiss. “Only b-because you tricked me! Th-this shouldn’t feel so good but…” The Schnee heiress threw her head back against her mattress and squealed as he began to thrust. “Kyaah! I hate you! I hate you and this nasty – Ooahh! – disgusting – Haahh! – BLACK COCK!”


Peyton pounded her into the mattress, the wooden frame creaking loudly for all to hear. Weiss’s pale body was now a blushing shade of red from the relentless fury of him fucking her silly. Hot moans poured continuously from her parted lips, and she wasn’t at all shy about vocalizing her perverted thoughts. “Ahh! Ohh! You’re going to do it! You’re going to breed me with your c-caawwwk!” Weiss eyes rolled back as she came at the very thought of her black lover defiling her womb with cum. It was unheard of, a high-class girl like herself getting knocked up by such an unkempt foreigner. There was nothing at all proper about it, yet the very thought made Weiss cum that much harder on his dick.


“You like that don’t ya?” growled Peyton as he laid into her relentlessly. “That get you hot, bitch? The thought of going back home to your daddy so he can see his spoiled little girl with a nice round belly?”


Weiss was beside herself with pleasure, tongue hanging out and panting roughly between moans. “Yeesssss! He’ll disown me for sure! All because I let such a n-nasty black cock cum inside my pussy!” Her legs instantly locked around his waist to make sure such a filthy thought because reality. “You animal! You degenerate, fucking hung animal! Rape my womb with your foul seed!”


“You really are a nasty bitch,” snarled Peyton as he hammered into the girl. “You want it that bad? Fine, I’ll put a black bastard right inside that white rich-girl pussy. That way you’ll never forget what a cock-slut you are.”


“I won’t!” vowed Weiss, still in the throes of an endless loop of climaxes. “Just fuuuuuck meeee uuupp!!”


Unwilling to hold back any longer, Peyton shunted the full length of his prick up the heiress’s juicy snatch and unleashed his fat load. The raw sensation of her ripe breeding hole being pumped to the brim with so much thick, creamy spunk completely blanked out Weiss’s mind and reduced the huntress to nothing more than a yowling cumdump. Her legs clenched even tighter around Peyton, desperate to keep him from escaping, but luckily no such thought crossed his mind. The black stud continued to slam into his little cock-drunk fucktoy until the slightest bump had appeared on her flat tummy from the sheer amount of cum flooding her womb.


As soon as Peyton pulled out of her creamy snatch, Weiss was upon him in a flash. Though exhausted from her orgasms, she still found the strength to crawl forward and dip her head into his lap to slurp away at his cum-covered cock. She could even taste her own pussy upon his member, but that didn’t stop Weiss from taking it into her mouth just so she could gulp down the few remaining drops that were lazily dribbling from the tip. “Don’t you – slrrp! – fucking dare hold back on me! Every last – shlrrk! – drop belongs to me!” she proclaimed between slobbering on his cockhead and coming up for air. “What’s come over me?” wondered Weiss as she sucked and swallowed. “I… I can’t get enough!”


Devin wasn’t about to let Weiss forget about him, and he came up from behind. She was already in the perfect position on her hands and knees, head down between his brother’s legs, so all he had to do was slap his large dick against her thick bubble-butt to get the girl’s attention. “Let’s find out how much of a slut you really are.”  


“Desecrating my pussy isn’t enough for you pigs?” asked Weiss, taking her mouth of Peyton’s juicy dick just long enough to look back at his brother. She wiggled back against him, rubbing her tight asshole in a circle around his precum-coated tip. “You have to ruin my perfect ass too?”


“Duh,” replied Devin with a stinging slap across her alabaster cheeks, “What else is it for?” He carefully lined himself up with the heiress’s puckered hole like an archer lining up a shot, but then he plunged every fat inch of his black cock into her virgin anus without a single care. Weiss threw her head back and screamed her throat raw, and her wall-shaking vocalizations continued as Devin set in a merciless pace of reaming out the ice princess’s backdoor. For him, the chance to pound some high-class ass was irresistible. “Figures a haughty bitch like you would be such an anal slut,” taunted Devin as he grabbed two great handfuls of her wobbling asscheeks and spread them apart to look upon her overstretched ring glow red-hot from his thrusts.


Weiss was a slobbering mess from her first anal experience. Usually an aristocratic portrait of prestige, her face was now stained with watery tears of joy streaming down her high cheekbones,  and her tongue was fully hanging out like a dog. “Fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuuuuuck meee! Tear my asshole apart pleeeaaaaase!”


“Shut up and suck that dick,” growled Peyton while roughly grabbing Weiss by the ponytail. He practically slammed the girl’s head down onto his cum-stained tool, smashing her petite nose into a tangle of pubic hair and packing her throat full of cockmeat. And he didn’t stop there but rather continued to push and pull on Weiss’s ivory hair until he was skullfucking her as little more than his personal onahole.


Weiss had never been spitroasted before. It simply wasn’t a thing a girl of her standing indulged in, but quickly she discovered that if having one big black cock wasn’t already amazing enough then being stuffed with two at once was positively heavenly. In that moment Weiss didn’t care about her reputation or what her family and friends would think of her in such a situation; she just wanted these wild stallions to never stop fucking her raw. Weiss had falsely believed that becoming a huntress was the most noble of aspirations, but no instead there was no greater accomplishment than becoming a black-bred bitch. She understood that now, and Weiss made sure to cry out her muffled praise as both men pumped her full of their gooey cum at both ends.


Neither brother wanted to waste their whole load inside Weiss, so they both pulled out and covered her thin, waifish body with their hot seed. Devin gifted the cross-eyed student her first facial by splattering his creamy spunk all over her face until both eyes were glued shut, and Peyton took great joy in painting her shapely lower back and blushing asscheeks with crisscrossing lines of cum. Weiss took it all like a good girl, moaning appreciatively at the deliberate marking of their new property. Of course she preferred if they came inside, but if the siblings decided she should wear their seed instead then Weiss would happily obey.


As soon as she felt their domineering grip on her body relax, Weiss flopped over onto her back in total exhaustion. Her small chest rose and fell with heady, panting breaths as the young girl struggled to compose herself from such a frenzied affair. Yet even in such a state of disarray, there was still only one thing on her mind. “M-more?” asked Weiss meekly, struggling to lift her heavy, cum-stained eyelashes so she could look up at both her black studs with pleading eyes. She spread her legs wide to show off both her sloppy holes and even reached down to bawdily fondle her cum-stained folds. “Please… Fuck me more…”