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you feel your heart taking root in your body

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imagine you are at war. you are a commander, you have men who rely on you. they fear you, respect you, love you, and and and…

imagine a man saves your life, and all he asks in return is a smile. you want to repay him but he just says you have already repaid me. he looks sad before he says this.

imagine that he asks for your name, and as soon as you tell him he says you deserve something grander. so he gives you something grander. you tell him your life and he says wherever you go you will shine. you do not know this man but he sees so much in you.

imagine that one night he tells you that someday he will leave you. where? where could he possibly go? to where i belong. but where does he belong if not at your side? you don’t understand why he would leave you.

imagine he leaves you. he’s pulled away at the worst moment of your life. your brother tries to kill you. this man, this man who saw so much in you, is ripped away in front of your eyes. your brother is ripped away out of your hands.

imagine you sleep.

imagine you wake, ten thousand years later. the world is nothing like you knew it but it’s better. it’s what you were fighting for. it’s what he was fighting for.

imagine you see him again. he introduces himself with an unfamiliar name. he shakes your hand, and you hold on for too long.

now imagine this: he doesn’t know who you are.