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In Love & War

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A smile spread across Regina’s lips at the sight of a freshly made breakfast, just waiting to be devoured. The fresh scent of sunny side up eggs, with crisp bacon and toast. And a hot pot of coffee, placed on the lowest steam so it would remain hot for when she woke. Regina carefully poured the burning liquid into a mug, helping herself to a seat at the table as she began to enjoy her breakfast.

The clanking of her fork sounding against the plate, as her eyes fell upon a book that was placed on the clothed table for her. It was a hardcover copy of Emma’s book of poetry. Her hands flipped through the pages, while she noticed a sticky note peeking out from the top. A pearly white smile exposed on the brunette’s lips as she read Emma’s cursive writing.

Thought a little light reading might make your breakfast more pleasant. This one is my most favorite, because it so happens to be about my most favorite person in the world.

I’ll be the warrior to fight for our love;
We’ll fly together, fly higher than a dove.
I’ll be your wall and shield you from danger;
I’ll take all the pains, for to me they are no stranger.

You’ll be the queen in the kingdom of my heart;
And then, I’ll be the king, so we’ll never be apart.
You’ll be my majesty- I will serve you forever;
And for all of times, I will leave you never.

Her smile grew. So wide, it made her cheeks hurt. Once again, never imagining she would ever smile this much.

“Well, look who it is!” Ruby almost shouted, “It’s about time you guys finished having sex. I almost forgot what you looked like.”

Emma chuckled, sitting at the bar area of the diner. “Sorry, I know I’ve been a little busy.”

Ruby brushed her off, “Forget it. You deserve it, soldier.” The brunette paused, her eyes looking over at her best friend, “As long as she’s for real this time and won’t hurt you again.”

“Ruby.” Emma glared her way.

Ruby raised her hands in defense, “I know, I know. It wasn’t her fault. Just looking out for you, Em.”

“I appreciate that. I couldn’t ask for a better friend.” Emma smiled.

“Where does that leave me, Swan?” August smiled, walking his way inside the diner, “Hey, I was out there with you in that battlefield and saved your ass.”

Emma chuckled, “I saved yours too, Booth. Hey, you too are a great friend.”

“I better be.” August warned playfully, nudging the blonde’s shoulder, “Come on, let’s go. I wouldn’t want to keep you from saying your goodbye’s to Regina.”

“See ya, Rubes.” Emma waved at the younger brunette, making her way out of the diner with August, both mounting her yellow bug.

“There she is.” Robin hissed, opening the passenger side door to Carl’s car, grunting as he was pulled back by the man. “Let go of me!” He yanked his arm away from his grip.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Carl asked him, stretching before Robin as he closed the passenger side door.

“I’m doing what you couldn’t.”

“Yeah? And risk going to jail?” Carl continued, even as Robin looked towards Emma with so much hate in his eyes, “Look around you, this is a small town. You kill her now, and you may as well give yourself up. It’s broad daylight.”

“I don’t give a shit what time of the day it is. I want this done now.”

Carl pulled Robin back into the car, “If you want this done right, then we wait. You want to get even, then I will take you to where both her and Regina will surely be. But you have to wait.”

Robin turned to the sight of the blonde’s car driving off into the distance.

Regina dried her hands after washing the dishes she had used. Making her way into the bedroom, to finish packing her things. Her mind racing with endless questions as to how on earth she would face Robin after this.

Off in the distance, just outside the cabin, Robin was keeping a watchful eye.

“Alright, now we wait. Emma doesn’t seem to be here yet.” Carl whispered, hiding behind a distant tree.

“Even better. You wait here,” Said Robin, “I’m going to have a word with Regina.”

Carl pulled the man back against a tree, “Are you crazy? What are you going to do, kill her? Think this through-”

“I have thought it through!” Robin hissed, “And if she thinks, she can make a fool out of me- she’s dead wrong.”

Carl pulled him back again, regretting ever bringing him here. Not after he saw a murderous look in the man’s eyes, “You aren’t thinking straight, alright? Killing her, then Emma isn’t going to solve anything.”

Robin chuckled, “Says the man who beat her up as a kid and her mother.”

Carl’s jaw clenched, “I’ll admit I’m no saint, but I’m not a murderer. Emma’s paid what she owes.”

“Not to me.” Robin gripped the man by his shirt, “Now, you can either stay out of my way and let me handle this my way, or you can die along with them. It’s your choice. Either way, you’re in this.”

The coward of a man stepped back, watching as Robin made his way towards the cabin.

Robin’s boots thudded loudly against the wooden steps. His heart racing inside his chest, the vein on his neck exposing itself as his anger bubbled more and more deep within the pit of his stomach. His fist came up, knuckles white, pounding loudly on the door.

Placing the weapon behind his back, tucked into the waistline of his pants, he pounded again. Harder this time.

“Who’s-?” Regina’s eyes grew wide, her lips parting open in surprise at the sight of an angry Robin standing before her, “Robin?”

“Surprised to see me?” He asked, pushing the door open as it slammed hard against the wall, causing the brunette to take a much needed step backward, all while he helped himself inside the cabin. His eyes taking in every detail of the place. All while Regina remained silent. “So, this is your big doctor conference, huh? Is this why you left our son alone for a week,” His eyes finally met hers, “To fuck her brains out?”

“You’re getting angry at me for infidelity?” Regina chuckled, “When you’ve been sleeping around with your colleagues wife for God knows how long?”

Robin’s eyes grew wide with anger, “That’s different, Regina.”

“Oh, really?” Her brows raised, determined not to show him an ounce of fear, even though inside she was dying of fright of what he might do. “How so? Because you’re a man and I’m just a woman? Or is it because you simply never got over the fact that Emma is the one?”

“Don’t.” Robin held up a finger in warning, taking steps closer towards her.

“Because you’ve known that too. Emma has always been the one I love, it’ll always be her. That’s why I came back here, to make up for all the time- all the years that you caused us to lose. I was actually packing right now to fly back to New York and talk to you.” Regina paused, “I’m taking Henry and coming to live with Emma.”

Robin’s eyes grew dark, “Henry?” He shook his head, “No, my son is staying with me.”

“I’m his mother, he belongs with me!” She shouted. Her eyes grew wide as Robin suddenly moved towards her, his hands wrapped around her throat.

“No, you are not taking Henry away from me just so you can play house with him and your little soldier!” His hands squeezed at the brunette’s slender throat. Regina could see murder in them as his blue eyes locked into her own, “You are not taking Henry away from me, and you are not going to be with her.”

Regina struggled, her hands wrapping around his wrists, literally gasping for air. Her eyes locked into his. What surprised her more, wasn’t that Robin was trying to kill her in that moment, but that tears were making their way down his eyes as he watched her struggle for a breath of air.

“Robin…” She gasped, her hold tightening around his wrists, “Please.”

“I’d rather see you dead, than with her.” He replied, groaning in pain as the next thing he felt was the brunette knee him right in the groin.

Regina made a run for it, making her way into the bedroom, only to be pulled back by Robin’s strength and thrown onto the bed. Not even able to reach the window in time to try and escape. She could feel all his weight on her, overpowering her more by the minute. His hand running up dress in a roughly manner.

“Robin, please, don’t!” She pleaded, trying to fight back to the best of her abilities. She managed to pull one of her hands free from the man’s grasp, pulling on his hair, yanking his head back as much as possible.

Robin grunted, holding her arm back down hard against the bed, his free hand working to undo his belt. “Why not? We’re already here. Just picture that it’s her who’s fucking you. Like every time you were with me before.”

“Robin, stop it!” Regina shouted, struggling under him, using her legs now to try and get free of his grip. “Think about what you’re doing!”

Emma came in running, her hands gripping onto his shirt, pulling his body off of Regina with all her strength and anger that even Robin was taken by surprise. And what he saw coming next, was her first striking him right on the nose. His body slamming to the floor as he fell back, feeling as hot liquid began to drip out of it.

“Emma, don’t!” Regina shouted, her eyes growing wide as she saw the blonde pick Robin up off the floor only to punch him again and again, and again.

The soldier saw red, but so did Robin just at the sight of her coming to the brunette’s rescue. He remembered well that night in the brunette’s apartment who was also there with her and Kathryn back in Germany. It was Emma. Of course he knew that.

Robin threw in a punch of his own, not at all caring that he was fighting a woman. Because why should he care? He didn’t care enough to respect Regina, let alone would he care not to hurt Emma. He rolled his body on her, overpowering her for a moment, his hands wrapped around her throat as his eyes looked down at her in anger.

“You think you can protect her? You can’t. She belongs to me and only me.” He hissed, “This isn’t over until one of us is dead.” His head turned over his shoulder as he felt someone standing right behind him. With too little time to react as Regina hit him over the head with the lamp that was nearest to her.

“Emma?” She called out to the blonde, moving near her as Robin’s body landed on the floor. “Are you alright?”

Emma nodded, “I’m fine.” Her hand cupped the brunette’s cheek, “Are you?”

Regina nodded, staring at her with fear in her eyes. “We have to get out of here. Come on.” She helped the blonde up, Emma feeling her head throbbing from Robin’s strong punch.

“Regina,” Emma stopped their walking out of the bedroom, “You go.”

“What?” Regina’s brows furrowed. Her eyes looking down at the palm of her hand as Emma dropped her car keys within them.

“Go, drive into town-”


“Get help. Run.”

“No, I’m not leaving you-!”

“There’s no time to argue, just go-!”

Regina screamed as Robin suddenly charged at Emma, both falling to the ground in between the small hallway, while Regina came running out of the room, landing her body on the man’s back. Robin grunted in pain as he could feel the brunette’s nails digging into his face.

Emma grunted, feeling another hard fisted punch directly to her face, harder than the previous one.

“Get off!” Robin threw Regina back, her body slamming hard against the wall. His eyes moving beside him, where the weapon that was once strapped behind him rested on the floor. That had fallen due to the impact of the fight.

As he reached for the gun, Emma acted quicker, the click of her knife that she kept within her pocket was heard, followed by her hand that held onto Robin’s arm, a single shot firing out of the barrel as it was inches away from impacting the brunette, while her other hand which held the knife, came up, sticking the blade into the side of his stomach.

She could have killed him, easily, of course. But, as kind hearted as Emma was, she still took in consideration that the man was Henry’s father and she didn’t want to be held responsible for his death. She was done killing when she left the war. But, it didn’t mean she couldn’t beat him up more.

As she quickly stabbed him, she pushed him away using all the strength in her legs, straddling him, delivering one punch after another until she heard his nose break. Which left his head spinning and throbbing.

“Emma, move away, we got him!” Said Lily, coming into the cabin with her weapon drawn out.

“This is Detective West, I need an ambulance here now!” Zelena hung up her phone, weapon drawn out. Her eyes falling on Regina’s, locking in place.

“You?” Regina’s tone was full of surprise at the woman being a cop.

Emma moved over towards Regina, her arms wrapping around her protectively, “Are you alright?” She asked her.

Regina nodded, her eyes falling on Robin who was coming to, “I am now.”

Both women looked up as Robin groaned while Zelena pulled him up to his feet. Her handcuffs snapping around his wrists as she quickly urged him out of the door.

“Are you two alright?” Lily asked them as they stood to their feet.

Emma nodded, “How did you know to come here?”

Lily chuckled, “Does the name Carl ring a bell? I’ve been following him for quite some time, he used to be one of us until he became corrupted and started on the run. I knew he was tied to you and Ingrid the moment I met you. At the bar, not in Germany.” Lily’s eyes looked over at Regina, then back at Emma, “Anyway, he was the one who was keeping an eye on Regina and you, but it seems Robin got a little carried away that he gave himself up.” She motioned towards the door, “Let’s get you two checked out.”

Emma and Regina made their way out of the cabin, Lily following behind them.

Robin’s jaw clenched as he saw them, his hands suddenly grabbing a hold of Zelena’s weapon, while he pushed her away with his body. The weapon aiming right at Emma.

“Emma!” Regina quickly reacted, turning the blonde away while she used her own body to shield her from the bullet, which struck her in the back.

Two shots were heard coming from Lily’s weapon, firing two direct shots to the man’s chest. His body falling to the floor.

“Regina?!” Emma shouted, holding the brunette in her arms, kneeling down on the floor as she cradled her body, her hand cupping her face. “Regina, open your eyes, please, open your eyes!”

Regina’s eyes slowly opened, a weak smile on her lips, “Thought I’d save you for a change.” A weak chuckle escaped her, feeling as her life was leaving her body. Her hand came up weakly towards the blonde’s cheek, “I’m so sorry, Emma…”

Lily leaned down, moving the brunette’s sweater aside, looking for a clean exit, which there wasn’t any. “The bullet is still inside, we have to get her to a hospital. Just try not to talk, Regina.” She dialed on her phone again, shouting, “Where the fuck is that ambulance?! Someone has been shot!”

“Emma…” Regina whispered, her eyes determined to close.

“Don’t talk, okay? You’re going to be alright, the ambulance will be here soon.” Said Emma, tears making their way down to her cheeks.

“Emma… I lo- I love you.” She smiled weakly, “T-take care of Henry for me. Tell him that I love him.”

Emma sobbed silently, “I love you too, baby. You’re going to be alright. You’re going to tell him yourself, you’ll see him again.” Her eyes growing with worry as Regina’s eyes closed entirely, “Regina? Hey, Regina? Please… don’t leave me.” She held the brunette’s body close, hiding her face into the woman’s chest, not being able to hold back her crying this time.

A Year Later…

The clanking of a keyboard sounded in the office to Emma’s new home. Her green eyes focused on the words she was typing down.

“Emma!” Henry’s head peeked into the blonde’s office, immediately capturing her attention, “Are you done yet? We are going to be late for the park.”

The blonde smiled at him, not being able to help that every time he would look at him, she’d see Regina. “I’m done, sorry, kid.” She closed her laptop, walking up to the small boy, “You ready?”

“I’ve been ready!” Henry playfully rolled his eyes, which made Emma smile more.

She bent down to his level, “Alright then, hop on!” The soldier grunted as she stood once Henry jumped on her back, his tiny legs wrapping around her form like a monkey, “You’re getting heavy.” She walked on out of their home, locking the door in place, walking down the streets of Germany. A place she had dearly missed and remembered so well.

“Can we see aunt Kathryn and uncle August today?” Henry asked, his little arms tightening around the blonde’s neck.

“Maybe, remember we have to stop by Ingrid’s house later for dinner. She’s excited to see you.” Replied Emma.

“I like Ingrid.” Henry happily replied.

Emma smiled, walking along, “Me too, kid.” Her head turned towards the park as she made her way in, her mind draining in all of the memories of when her and Regina had their date here.

That all seemed so long ago now, and even as a year had now passed, her love for the brunette only seemed to grow. Her life was her family now, who they all agreed to move to Germany to be near her. Of course, she would still visit Storybrooke from time to time and spend some quiet times in her cabin, which was looked into by Marco from time to time. But, her heart was here. Her memories and love for Regina were here.

And, lucky for her, Henry didn’t mind moving with her. It surprised her as well how quickly the boy took to her and has grown to love her. Of course, he would miss his dad, and as any young boy, he would never clearly come to understand why he had to die. But, he was happy, and well taken care of by the blonde, August, Kathryn, Ingrid and…

“There she is! Mom!” Henry shouted, climbing down the blonde’s back as he rushed to a smiling Regina who sat underneath the same tree her and Emma had claimed as theirs.

Although they don’t legally claim it, it was their tree that would give both women a sense of happiness.

Emma smiled happily, watching as mother and son hugged, taking a seat on the ground for their small lunch picnic before Regina had to go back to work. She was thankful that even as the bullet remained inside of her when Robin had shot her that day, she was thankful that the bullet was only inches from her heart. By some form of miracle she was able to survive. She was grateful that she wasn’t raising Henry alone, and that he hadn’t had to stay without a mom.

After everything, their best decision was to move back to the one place where they were both the most happiest.

“Henry, honey, don’t eat so fast.” Regina told her son, smiling as he grinned happily at her with his own hamburger in his tiny hands. Her eyes looking at the soldier who soon sat beside her.

“A little light reading?” Emma nodded her head towards the book that was resting beside the brunette.

Regina reached for the new book that Emma had written. Cursive letters spelling out the title In Love & War. It took Emma a long time to finally decide and agree to write about her life’s tale, her experiences in war and with friends, and her finding love in the midst of it along with heartache. The hardest parts for her to write about were the ones where Robin came in, but in the long run she decided to change his name in her book, out of respect for Henry of course. It wasn’t a book neither woman would allow the boy to read, until he was older enough to decide for himself.

The brunette, of course, being her biggest fan, knew that biography even with her eyes closed. She never tired herself out reading it, as well as other of Emma’s books.

She smiled, picking up the book, holding it before the blonde. Green eyes falling on the cover that had Emma’s dog tags, as well as an American flag flapping in the wind, with the picture of them together, from the time Emma was in the hospital and they held that small gathering for every soldier stationed there, along with the nurses. It had become Emma’s favorite picture of her and Regina that had been taken that day, and one she didn’t mind sharing to be a part of the cover to her book.

“I thought I could get the author to sign it.” Regina smiled, which would make Emma smile every single time.

Emma took the book in her hands, her eyes focused on their picture that was part of the cover.

Henry exchanged looks between his mom and Emma while he sipped quietly at his juice.

The blonde smiled as her eyes heard the clicking of a pen that Regina had removed from her shirt’s pocket. As a doctor, she always had one carrying around, of course.

“Please? But, skip to the end.”

Emma accepted the pen from the brunette, smiling, flipping through the pages, until she stopped at the very end, that read the brunette’s favorite line.

In war, we found each other… In each other, we found love.

Only, the title wasn’t what made her stop in a surprised gaze. It was that at the bottom of the title, a ring had been tapped onto the page.

Green eyes looked back up at a smiling Regina.

“I remember you once telling me that you would someday ask me to marry you. But, this time… I wanted to be the one to surprise you with such question. All I need is your answer.”

Emma’s eyes looked over to a grinning Henry, “Did you know about this, kid?”

“Uh huh.” Henry nodded.

“What do you say, soldier?” Regina asked, followed by an excited Henry.

“Please, say yes, Emma!” He smiled, “Then, I’ll have two mom’s.”

Emma chuckled, smiling happily as she was taken completely by surprise. Her eyes tearing up as she looked down at the page, writing down a single word. She turned the book over for the brunette to see, the bottom of the page reading: Yes.

“Yay!” Henry shouted, happily standing to his two small feet, racing before Emma as he wrapped his arms around her in a tight hug. A hug that Emma quickly gave back. She loved Henry to death, and to marry Regina and finally start a family with her and Henry would be her biggest dream come true.

Regina chuckled happily, leaning in towards the blonde soldier, bringing her lips closer to hers as they connected in a quick but loving kiss. Which Emma leaned in for more soon after. Even after a year of that tragic event in the cabin, and six years apart from one another because of black mail and lies. And the endless wars they fought with one another and day to day lives. Both women were very much in love. Both knew it, ever since that first morning in the hospital in Germany.

Their love was one that would last even beyond death.