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Mask of a Puppet: The Untold Torture

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Bon-Bon. The name of his puppet. A pet name reserved for his best friend. A name that once brought joy to his circuits, a name that was able to sooth him at any occasion, a name that he loved to say. The name that tortured him daily, the name that tore through his servos, the name that drove him off the edge.

The animatronic it belonged to, Funtime Bonnie, was no more. He was reduced to nothing but an empty shell ten days ago. The emotionless technicians sat by and watched as Funtime Freddy’s best friend was ripped from his exo-skeleton and his memory card destroyed. They didn’t hear his screams, didn’t see as he locked eyes with Bonnie one last time before he was gone. They didn’t know he was more than just an animatronic. William was cruel.

Bonnie had done nothing to deserve this. The others had all been celebrating in the pizzeria with the children. Bonnie and Freddy had simply been singing and laughing together as always, playing with the children when he appeared. Eyes cold and merciless as the bitter winter. He’d fiercely ordered Bonnie to follow him.

Freddy had protested profusely, knowing what their horrible creator had done to others who went with him. Hell, he’d sold Funtime Chica away two weeks after purchasing her for no apparent reason at all. Who knew what he’d do to Bonnie.

William had glared at Freddy, whispering furiously, “I’ll deal with you later. Now, COME WITH ME BONNIE.” Said robot whimpered softly and glanced longingly at his best friend, wondering if he’d ever see him again. He’d locked Freddy in a tight, desperate embrace. Then, Bonnie was torn away for the first time, forced to follow the one who hurts them.

One of William’s goons, a man named Dave (as evident by his stupid name tag Freddy had spotted) grabbed onto his cold, metal arm and dragged him along. Freddy knew better than to disobey out of fear of being shocked. He compliantly followed and awaited the punishment he was sure to receive.

His endoskeleton shook with fear when he discovered their destination: The Scooping Room. When they reached the dreaded place, his “heart” dropped when he thought about Bonnie. They’d always been inseparable, and he couldn’t bear [A/N: no pun intended. Oops :p] the thought of him being in this fucking place.

When Freddy found himself on the outside of the glass, opposite to where he usually was in this wretched room, he was filled with relief for a brief moment. Then, he looked through the glass, and all of that faded.

Staring back at him through the clear sheet was the one he cared about most, his Bon-Bon. He was strapped to the conveyor belt and unable to escape. His eyes were pleading as William grinned sadistically, watching as sheer terror built in Freddy’s eyes. The sick bastard waited dramatically, slowly lowering his pointed finger towards the button activating the scooper.

The fear in Bonnie’s eyes softened as he accepted his fate. They became calm and he flipped his face plates [read: smiled. They can’t technically smile so I tried to write it semi-accurately] weakly at Freddy. Freddy locked his gaze on Bonnie, unable to turn away as the shrill alarm blared three times. Their eyes said the words that they couldn’t through the glass.

Ring! “I’ll miss you so much.”
Ring! “N-no! You c-can’t go!”
Ring! “Goodbye.”

Then, the sickening crunch of the metal machine against Bonnie’s endoskeleton rang throughout the room. Freddy could hear it through the thin glass, and he screamed. It was primal, automated, and human all at the same time. It would’ve unsettled even the most stone-hearted people, except for one.

William heard this, and his grin only widened. But because he was a cruel man, crueler than anyone could ever know, he did something else. Something rotten. Something truly wicked. Something only the most evil person with the blackest heart could do.

Freddy screamed again as William removed his hand. It normally wouldn’t hurt, as it could be standard maintenance, but it wasn't being removed in conventional way. This time, it was worse. The plastic-metal substance melted off of the wrist as the blow-torch did its job.

After it was clear (more or less) of the molten material, a puppet was produced from behind the horrid man’s back. He welded it onto Freddy’s wrist as he shut down for a bit, too overwhelmed by the events of the day. Only after Freddy powered back up did he discover the horrific details of the small puppet.

It was baby blue, with a red bow tie, black buttons across its abdomen, and bunny ears that stood right up on its head. These features, however, were not what drove Freddy off the edge.

Haunting purple eyes glowed as the wretched puppet grinned at him. The SAME purple eyes he knew so well. The ones he watched the light fade away from as Bonnie was horribly destroyed. It mocked him, giggling and using the voice of his best friend to torture him.

“Calm down and go back to sleep! No one is here!”
“You must be hearing things, silly! Ha ha!”
“Everything is okay. Let’s go back to sleep.”
“Shh, go back to your stage. Everything is okay.”
“Nope! No one is here!”
“Oh, calm down! I think it was just a mouse!”
“Shh! It’s bedtime. Let’s go back to our stage.”

This is what made him insane, this is what created the Freddy with the glitching voice, the high voice so eager that it couldn't possibly be sane anymore.

This is what was left of him, and even if he didn’t remember Funtime Bonnie, even if he truly believed Bon-Bon was his friend, even though he couldn’t remember anything about what happened before the Breaker Room, his mangled, warped mind remembered one thing: William Afton hurt him and his friends. He had to pay.

“Well, hello aga-a-ain! Ha ha ha! R-ready for ROUND TWO?”