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TaeTae's birthday (an amazing day)

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The boy had said so many things he liked and wanted during the last two months, that Namjoon and Seokjin got confused for a little while on what to give to their youngest son for his birthday. They had even compiled a list. Some ideas they passed on to their parents, others they kept to themselves so they could decide on one thing to give to Taehyung.

On the morning of december, 30th, Seokjin got out of the house before the kids woke up to get Taehyung’s gift. Namjoon stayed. Seokjin got back almost an hour later, but the boys were still sleeping, so he started making breakfast. Luckily, it was holiday season and he and Namjoon didn’t have to go to work on that monday.

He finished as Jimin walked out of his bedroom, rubbing his eyes, hair a mess. Seokjin walked to him and crouched to hug his boy.

“Good morning, daddy.”

“Good morning, Jiminie. Do you know what day is today?”

The little boy looked at him, lost, until something clicked on his mind.

“TaeTae’s birthday!”

“Yes! Why don’t you wake him?”

“I will!” Jimin turned to run back to his room, but stopped and looked back. “Where is dad?”

“Namjoon is hiding TaeTae’s gift. Wake him up so we can give it to him, okay?” Seokjin winked.

“Okay, daddy!”

Jimin ran back to his room and climbed the bunk bed to cuddle with Taehyung on the top bed.

“TaeTae, happy birthday! Wake up! Wake up!”

He tickled his brother until Taehyung started to squirm and opened his eyes. When Jimin noticed he was really awake, he hugged him again.

“Happy birthday, TaeTae!”

“Thank you, Jiminie.” Taehyung answered, hugging Jimin back.

After a few moments, Jimin climbed down and grabbed a wrapped package.

“Get down, TaeTae, dads are up already and we have gifts for you!”

Taehyung climbed down and was almost knocked with the package Jimin gave him, because it was big and Jimin had handed it to him with some force.

“This is from me.” Jimin remembered he was walking with Namjoon the other day when they saw a plushie that got his attention, Jimin then asked if he could give it to his brother, so Namjoon bought it.

Taehyung opened his present and it was a big purple heart. He was amazed by its size and color and hugged it.

“Thank you, Jiminie.” He hugged Jimin again.

“You’re welcome, TaeTae.”

They got out of the room hand in hand, Taehyung still hugging his plushie. He would sleep hugging it for years ahead.

The couple heard them coming and Seokjin spoke loudly.

“We’re on the living room.”

The boys went there and saw that Seokjin had arranged their breakfast on the center table. They also saw a big box with a ribbon over it by Namjoon’s feet. It was weird, but the box had holes in it. Namjoon got up and went to the boys.

“Good morning, Jimine.” He said while ruffling his hair.

“Good morning, dad.”

Namjoon, then, knelt to hug Taehyung.

“Happy birthday, TaeTae! I am the happiest man, because I am able to be your father. I love you, baby bear.” He whispered to him.

“I love you too, dad! Thank you.”

Seokjin was next, he also knelt to hug the boy.

“Happy birthday, baby boy! I thank the universe everyday, because it sent you to us. I love you, TaeTae!”

“Thank you, daddy! I love you too!”

“I see you liked Jiminie’s gift.” Namjoon said, giggling, referring to the plushie Taehyung was still holding.

“I loved it!” He answered, excited, hugging it again. Jimin couldn’t hold his big smile, that turned his eyes into crescents.

“Hmm… Let’s see if we can equal this, hum?” Seokjin said, smiling. “Your gift is inside that box, Taehyungie.” He pointed. “You should leave your plushie with one of us.”

Taehyung stopped on his way to the box to think who he should trust with his plushie, deciding to give it to Namjoon. Then he went to the box and opened it. His scream was really loud after seeing what was inside.


“Our?” Seokjin murmured and looked at Namjoon, that just shrugged. He also shrugged to himself after a few seconds, it really was something for all of them.

Jimin approached the box and Taehyung and screeched.

“Oh my God! It’s so fluffy!”

Taehyung tried to take it out of the box, but it was too agitated.

“Daddy, can you help me?”

“Sure, baby boy!”

Seokjin went close to them and took the dog out and proceeded to pet it, trying to calm it.

“Your screams probably scared it.” He said calmly. The boys covered their mouths. “It’s a baby, so you need to be careful, okay?” It needs time to get used to us.” The boys nodded in sync. “It’s a male pomeranian, it will get a bit bigger, but not much and you will have to give it a name and take care of it, okay TaeTae?”

“Yes, daddy.”

“We will help, of course, but you need to be responsible.”

“I’ll be, daddy!”

“I’ll help!”

Taehyung looked at Jimin and smiled, side hugging him.

“Yes! We will take good care of Yeontan!”

“Yeontan? That’s its name?”

“Yes!” Taehyung was smiling his boxy smile. “He is Kim Yeontan.”

The couple laughed hearing that.

“Okay. I’ll give him to you now. Sit.”

Taehyung sat on the floor, Jimin sitting next to him in sequence. Seokjin put the small fluff ball on Taehyung’s lap and saw the boy immediately start petting him like he had seen him doing. Jimin followed suit.

The boys spent the next 20 minutes playing with Yeontan, before Seokjin could convince them to let the dog explore its new house while they had breakfast. By that time, Namjoon had already left the plushie Taehyung was so fond of on the boys’ bedroom, but only after he allowed him to do that.

After, they spent the day getting close to the pet and both, the family and the dog, were already learning about setting boundaries.

Namjoon was the one that mostly supervised the boys and Yeontan, because Seokjin was busy preparing their special dinner. Their parents wouldn’t be able to come, but their friends Yoongi and Hoseok would come, bringing Jungkook.

At night, when their guests arrived, Jungkook quickly made friends with the little dog and the boys entertained themselves playing with it. Their evening was tranquil and peaceful, as much as it can be with three boys and a dog. After they said goodbye to their friends, Namjoon made the children shower before bed.

Seokjin tucked Jimin in and Namjoon did the same with Taehyung. Yeontan was laying on its own little bed on the corner of the room, exhausted.

“Tanie can’t really sleep with me?”

“No, TaeTae, it is very dangerous for him.”

“Okay… I have my pretty heart to hug anyway, so it’s okay!” The boy beamed. “I just don’t want that Yeontan feels alone.”

“He won’t, baby bear. Now close your eyes and go to sleep.”

“Good night, dad.”

“Good night, baby bear.” Namjoon kissed his forehead.

Seokjin got up, changing places with his husband.

“How was your day, TaeTae?”


“I’m glad to know. Good night, baby boy.”

“Good night, daddy.” Seokjin kissed his cheek.

The couple got out together, turning off the light on the boys’ bedroom and letting the door slightly ajar. They knew they would have to adapt to the dog, but their children were so happy that it would be worth the trouble.