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Somewhat Damaged

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Hiei dumps Kurama onto his bed unceremoniously, earning a mild glare. Shiori isn’t home, so the redhead can’t be upset about any noise they’ve just made getting to this point.

The glare must be because it hurt a little. The fox’s condition is poor thanks to his fights and insistence on looking after the stupid humans, enough that Hiei had to help shoulder Kurama's weight just now up the stairs. Hiei’s actually quite sure if they just left after Suzaku’s defeat things would have been fine; but no, Kurama insisted on hauling the humans to one of their houses, and then setting Kuwabara up with medicine for Yuusuke, and then walking home as if he was a human himself and not one of the Makai’s greatest legends simply melded with a beautiful human form.


That word isn’t unfamiliar. Hiei thinks of it again now as Kurama looks up at him, the glare in those green eyes softening as the fox reaches for him slowly. Hiei knows that particular reach -- that the fox means to scan him for injuries, to decide on a course of treatment -- having learned it well since they began this partnership.

The smaller demon smacks Kurama’s hands away with a clear frown.

“I’m the least injured.” Hiei points out snidely, proud of that fact. “Think about yourself, would you.”

Kurama smiles at him sheepishly. It’s the most the fox will give in agreeing that Hiei’s right, but he’ll take it.

“Will you help?” Kurama asks softly, hope in his voice.

“Why do you think I’m standing here?” Hiei shoots back. Since knowing each other, Kurama’s injuries have been minor. Their sparring sessions led to a few scrapes on the redhead, yes, but nothing more than that.

The wound from the Shadow Sword was the worst thing Hiei's ever inflicted, and the smaller demon kept clear of Kurama for a few weeks after that. They don't talk about it, so in his mind it doesn’t count. The fact Hiei can smell Kurama’s blood now -- it isn’t an unpleasant scent at all -- is quite alarming.

“The medical kit, then.” The fox sighs, giving in to the idea of actually tending to his own wounds. “And take three blooms off the bellflower.”

“Hn.” Hiei moves away, saying nothing else. The medical kit is down the hallway, in a cabinet by the bathroom. He retrieves that easily, then heads downstairs to find Kurama’s bellflower. The fox didn’t say anything about what kind of blooms to take, so Hiei just chooses the biggest ones and removes them quickly from the plant.

These tasks are nothing, and Hiei is going to say so the moment he walks into Kurama’s room. Those words soon die in his mouth.

Kurama is still sitting on his bed, but now his uniform jacket and the shirt beneath it are open. Hiei’s never seen so much of the fox’s bare skin before, and he has no idea why that suddenly matters, but it does. It must, because all Hiei can do is stare and feel… well.

He feels exceptionally warm -- which makes no sense, being a fire demon -- and utterly confused.


Kurama’s voice gets his attention. The smaller demon shakes his head slightly, shutting the door and then approaching the fox. Hiei hands over the flowers, watching Kurama survey the petals and choose the ones he finds the most appropriate. His gaze then drops to the wound on Kurama’s torso, a rough diagonal gash proving the power of Genbu’s attack.

The medical kit is placed on the bed promptly and opened. Hiei then moves to kneel and get a better look at the fox’s injury. It must be irritating his ribs, given how much he moves to maneuver the Rose Whip after that initial fight.

Hiei realizes how focused he is on the wound, and Kurama’s blood, and just... Kurama. That warm feeling hasn’t gone away, either. In fact, it’s worse now. The smaller demon fumbles with the medical kit and grabs at some gauze, cleaning the wound so he has something practical to do.

Kurama winces for a moment during this, but the fox keeps himself busy with the flower petals. They’re soon crushed until a thin sheen of oil coats his fingertips. When Hiei is done cleaning him up, Kurama rubs that oil into the edges of the wound. Hiei’s no stranger to this technique, and knows that it will prevent scarring and infection.

There’s really no need for him to still be here, kneeling on the floor, but he can’t bring himself to move elsewhere. Hiei doesn’t know why, but he likes the smell of that flowery oil. It’s even better with Kurama’s youki and blood mixed into it, and before he knows what he’s doing the smaller demon reaches to catch a bead of said mixture as it runs down Kurama’s stomach. It pools on his finger, which Hiei promptly brings to his mouth and licks clean. It’s sweet.

Kurama is staring at him. Hiei stares back.

It occurs to the smaller demon that maybe he’s supposed to be embarrassed about this, but he isn’t. Kurama is a Youko; that kind of demon is sensual about everything. As for Hiei, he’s never had any experience bordering on sensual until meeting this damned fox. He’s certainly never even dreamed of initiating.

Well. It seems he’s initiating now.

Kurama’s fingers are still slick with oil when they touch his face. They brush along his jawline, openly admiring. Hiei doesn’t know what to do with that touch aside from seeking more of it, pressing into Kurama’s hand. The fox lets out a soft sound, something that runs right down Hiei’s spine and makes him aware of his entire body in an instant.

Kurama’s fingers trace over his lips. Hiei parts them without thinking; no, he is thinking, he wants to taste the oil and Kurama’s skin. The digits slide over his tongue, giving him this taste, but it isn’t enough.

The warmth is now a growing heat, one that’s both pleasant and uncomfortable. The smaller demon pulls at the scarf around his neck as Kurama’s fingers slip free from his mouth. There’s a slightly glassy look in Kurama’s eyes that he finds hypnotizing; it makes him still.

“You like my taste.”

It’s an observation; mostly pleased, only a little smug. Hiei doesn’t take offense from it, since at least Kurama has some understanding of what’s going on and can hopefully guide things in the right direction. The redhead reaches for him, this time undoing the fastenings to his cloak. Hiei doesn’t have a shirt on beneath it still, and the fabric falls to the floor quietly.

“Kurama.” Hiei finally finds his voice. Words seem impossible aside from that name, that name that means legend and partner and friend. Rare things he still doesn't understand completely.

“You can have more.” The fox whispers, sounding like the infuriating mystery that he is. There has to be a catch to that offer, an exchange of some kind, but Kurama states no additional terms.

Since Hiei wants, he takes.

There’s one more rivulet of the mixture beading down Kurama’s skin. It’s nearly reached his navel, and Hiei leans forward to swipe the mess up hungrily. Kurama inhales sharply at this, and something about the sound is so intense that Hiei lets out a small groan of his own. Kurama’s muscles quiver beneath his mouth. He brings a hand up to rest against Kurama’s side, slowly tracing unnervingly soft skin. Hiei’s fingers wander until they find an abnormality in this softness; his eyes widen when he realizes there’s a wide scar left from the Shadow Sword.

Hiei traces the scar with his tongue now, curious. Kurama shudders, though looking up at the fox makes it clear the reaction is a positive one.

“Why?” Hiei breathes. Why is the scar even there? Why didn’t Kurama use the oil and his youki on the wound to make it disappear, to make it match the rest of this terribly beautiful form?

Kurama’s hands -- clutching the bedspread, as they’ve been for the past few minutes -- hold tighter. The fabric rustles as he does this, almost hiding the fox's answer.

“It was from you.”

Hiei doesn’t know what that means. It must mean something, because he’s on his feet in an instant and on top of Kurama right after that. It’s somewhat awkward and requires the fox’s guiding hands to set things right. Hiei is impatient about this, but soon they’re on the bed correctly with Kurama’s hair spread all over the pillow and those green eyes staring up at him and making him dizzy.

Kurama has sense left; he grabs at the medical kit before it falls off the bed. He also retrieves a bandage to cover the wound on his torso, smoothing it in place with shaky fingers. Hiei doesn’t help with this task. He’s too busy tasting Kurama’s skin, his mouth wandering over the fox’s form with a determination to find any other scars, anything else that apparently mattered.

This causes clashes more than once; Kurama keeps trying to tape the bandage down as Hiei licks along his collarbone. The smaller demon tastes sweat and hints of youki and something primal buried inside this soft body. It's all delicious.

“Hiei, wait.”

But how can he wait now? Hiei’s only just learning that this feels good, that heat can drown him, that rutting against the fox’s answering hardness is amazing. The smaller demon’s lips find Kurama’s finally, trying that gesture called a kiss. It’s so pleasurable that Hiei closes his eyes and wonders if he’s going to lose control of himself completely.

He hears Kurama somehow move the kit to the bedside table with little noise. The fox’s arms wrap around him, and the kiss deepens. Hiei is utterly swept up in this new taste, the hot recesses of Kurama’s mouth offering something now besides so many confusing words.

Hiei moans into these initial kisses, his hips grinding down against Kurama’s without thought. The redhead’s hands move over his body with such a knowing touch, one that makes him shiver no matter how desperately he tries to suppress it. Hiei’s never felt a touch like this before, like he matters and is wanted. Coupled with the fox’s mouth meeting his insistently over and over, and…

Everything that’s been building suddenly peaks, like he’s hit a limit previously unknown. Hiei comes with a sharp jerk of his hips, falling apart as he stares down at green eyes. Kurama smiles against his lips; is it possible that he’s that pleased from seeing Hiei’s own pleasure, from seeing him give in?

The smaller demon finally gets a handle on his senses after a few moments. His pants are uncomfortable now, and he strips them off. After only a moment’s pause, he pulls off Kurama’s as well. Hiei’s never seen the fox completely naked, and if he had, this might have happened sooner.

Some of the tension inside of him is eased, but not all of it. Hiei still wants more, especially when Kurama’s hard cock rubs against his softening one, sharing the sticky mess staining his skin. The redhead shrugs off the open jacket and shirt still clinging to him, then guides Hiei down into another series of hungry, heated kisses.

"What do you want?” Kurama eventually asks against his mouth. Hiei -- his hands wound into red hair, enjoying the continued permission to touch -- makes a frustrated noise in response.

“Hiei.” The fox whispers, a gentler kiss accompanying his name.


Kurama smiles, indulgent. “Then you need to be patient until I’m done.”

Hiei doesn’t like those words -- though how they’re said, breathless and heated, is arousing -- but Kurama looks serious. The smaller demon huffs and continues exploring Kurama’s body, a brief nod his only answer. He doesn’t know what Kurama is even referring to, just that the fox is digging around in the medical kit again.

Hiei’s mouth is pressed against Kurama’s hip, licking at some remnants of his own orgasm, when the fox shifts his legs apart obviously. Then Hiei understands; it’s made more clear as he watches Kurama’s fingers, slick with something besides oil, circle slowly and…

Hiei knows he’s staring. He can’t help it. His hands run up and down Kurama’s legs, still compulsively searching for scars, and then ease the slender limbs further apart for a better view. Kurama shifts against the bed with a soft groan. The action looks uncomfortable, and yet… the flush on the fox’s face is from pleasure.

The only thing more distracting is Kurama’s cock, hard and leaking. Hiei’s fingers move over it slowly, filling in his mental map of the fox’s body with extensive touch. His tongue swipes over the damp tip quickly, and the taste that spreads over his tongue makes him shudder.

“That’s not being patient…” Kurama warns him, though the words come out like a whimper. His voice is strained and decadent, a mixture Hiei quite likes.

“I’ve never done this before.” Hiei reasons. He doesn’t know how patience has a place in any of this, anyway. Kurama’s adding a third finger now, and the smaller demon lets his head rest against the firm softness of Kurama’s thigh to watch.

“I know.” Kurama answers, fingers moving slowly. “That’s alright. I’ll show you what to do.” It’s that breathless tone again, adding to the heat in Hiei’s body and making him press his reawakened arousal against the sheets. If Kurama keeps talking like that he’s going to come again without the fox even touching him.

Out of pure curiosity the smaller demon reaches and grips Kurama’s wrist, adding more force. The fox lets out a small cry, his body arching at the sudden motion. He probably has to do this care because his human form is so prone to damage -- the reason he asked for patience -- but Hiei is imagining his cock where Kurama’s fingers are and there really isn’t any patience left in him.

The smaller demon moves back up Kurama’s body, grabbing the redhead by the chin and kissing him firmly. It’s sloppy, somehow more than the first one he gave Kurama, but it’s returned and that’s all that matters. He feels Kurama moving beneath him, his hand moving away from that tempting spot between his thighs.

Hiei wants to say something -- what exactly, he doesn’t know -- but he can’t. Kurama’s fingers are stroking his cock now, slow and steady, guiding him closer as the redhead’s body strains to meet his own. The moment the tip of Hiei’s cock touches that warm ring of muscle he curses under his breath, making Kurama laugh huskily.

Hiei kisses Kurama hard so he’ll stop laughing, his teeth cutting into the fox’s bottom lip on purpose to taste more of his blood. Kurama groans and retaliates by gripping the base of the smaller demon’s length, the heat of his thighs pressing against Hiei’s sides like a vice. A few more slow, careful motions under the fox's direction and then... Hiei’s inside Kurama. The heat Hiei’s felt in his own body tonight is nothing compared to this. It feels like he’s melting.

Kurama’s arms go around him tightly, seemingly encouraging. The first few thrusts are rough and make the fox’s entire body shake. The friction is immediately addictive, something harsh and good wrapped up in the overwhelming sensation of being accepted.

Kurama’s fingers dig into his skin, nails blunt but cutting, and Hiei welcomes it. He devours Kurama’s mouth as they continue, the sounds of their joining filling the quiet of Kurama’s bedroom. The fox clenches tightly around him all of a sudden, wrenching a growl from deep in Hiei’s chest.

Green eyes stare up at him, dark with mischief. Their lips part, sharing ragged breath between them. Before Hiei can form a solid thought of what he wants to do next, Kurama’s hips rock up against his and things go blurry again.

All Hiei knows is that he wants more, wants everything, wants to know what Kurama’s come tastes like.

As things become more frantic, Hiei sinks into the feeling of it completely. He’s lost in the way Kurama holds him tightly and shows his pleasure, the look of abandon on the fox’s face when he admits that he’s close to completion. It sears into Hiei’s mind immediately like a rare thought stolen by the Jagan: Kurama craving him so badly that Hiei can feel it.

When Kurama comes, so does he. This orgasm is more intense than the earlier one, drawn out as they continue to strain against each other. Hiei’s eyes are shut tight as he lets the rolling waves of it course through him, his hips still grinding against the fox’s stubbornly as he empties himself with a sense of deep satisfaction.

Damp fingers brush against Hiei’s lips, startling him with a new taste. Kurama’s fingers push into his mouth insistently, and the smaller demon’s eyes snap open. Kurama grins up at him, beautifully flushed and wild-looking. They remain silent while the fox patiently repeats this gesture a few times, gathering the mess on his stomach and offering it to Hiei’s waiting mouth.

Something about this is utterly absurd -- that they’re locked together still, Kurama smiling up at him like that while feeding the smaller demon his come -- and yet, it also makes sense.

Perhaps that’s why Hiei doesn’t feel awkward when they eventually part. The smaller demon settles on the bed, stretching lazily. Kurama, on the other hand, sits up and pulls the medical kit close once more. The bandage on his stomach is stained red, ruined by their needful activities.

The fox peels the ruined bandage and tape away, discarding it all, and then begins the process of cleaning the injury again.

Hiei reaches to assist after a few moments, but Kurama pushes his hands away with a gentle squeeze.

“I appreciate the effort.” The fox assures, glancing over his shoulder to give the smaller demon a playful smile. “But this needs to heal, and as we just learned you prefer literally licking my wounds.”

Hiei lets Kurama deny his touch, which feels slightly odd after what just happened. He frowns and watches the redhead tend to wound before finally muttering a question.

“Are you complaining?”

“Not at all.” Kurama says, dotting more oil around the edges of the injury. A fresh bandage comes next, followed by tape to secure everything in place once more. It’s still tempting -- the smell of the oil, Kurama’s blood, the fox’s sweat -- and makes the smaller demon swallow hard as he adjusts the pillow beneath his head.

“We should wait until tomorrow before indulging again, Hiei.”

“Indulging?” Hiei asks, snorting. “Do you mean licking your wounds, or fucking you?”

Kurama leans over him instead of answering. It’s odd, especially after seeing the fox beneath him and up close during sex. Kurama brushes his fingers lightly over Hiei’s jaw, reminding the smaller demon of the touches that initiated everything. Hiei isn't sure what this means.

The fox kisses him so lightly that it makes Hiei mildly disoriented. “Find out in the morning.”

“Hn.” Hiei mutters, but he nods. “Rest, Kurama.”

Eventually Kurama settles next to him, switching off the light and pulling the blankets over their bodies. The fox is facing away from him, his red hair a mess on the pillow as usual; yet their bed-sharing isn’t nearly as awkward as the few times it happened before. Now Hiei better understands where the tension -- it’s always been there, in some form or another -- came from.

Hiei sets his hand on Kurama’s hip lightly when he believes Kurama's fallen asleep. When the fox doesn’t respond to the contact, he slowly moves his hand around the redhead’s body. The smaller demon finds the old scar on Kurama's stomach and covers it with a determined, thrilled touch.

For a few minutes Hiei remains still, feeling the rhythm of Kurama’s steady breath as he enjoys much-needed sleep. The smaller demon then presses closer, leaning his weight against Kurama’s as he closes his eyes. He inhales deeply, realizing that -- in this moment -- he's comfortable.

Since Kurama is asleep, it’s safe. Hiei lets himself smile against the fox’s shoulder as he strokes the somewhat damaged skin.