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Where I Was Always Meant To Be

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Chapter 27
A Little More Time With You

Bea was standing inside the walk-in wardrobe of her bedroom suite, looking at the limited items of clothing that she brought from LA. 

A little over twenty minutes ago, while Allie was freshening up in her ensuite bathroom, Bea quickly jumped in the showers of the other room - Debbie’s room and changed into something more comfortable to sleep in, her grey French terry knit joggers and a black racer back tank top. 

Once done, she immediately headed back to her room to find something for Allie to wear. Judging by the look of confusion and worry on her face as she meticulously scans the drawers, she hasn't been able to find the perfect one. 

She was holding a few choice of cozy sleepwear, undecided and a little bit unsure on what Allie would like to wear to sleep. She wanted her to feel comfortable and was over thinking it, again.

How about this white cotton nightgown with cluny lace trim? She thinks, holding the nightie closer to her eyes.

Light, soft and sexy. Sexy? Wait. She stopped mid-thought and let’s out a nervous sigh. 

Or this? Clutching a grey cotton sweatshirt with matching joggers. She might get too hot. Well she is hot. 

"Okay stop! This is getting out of hand." She was talking to herself and policing her own thought process. 

She took another sweep at the drawer on right, “I think this is the one.” Bea pulled out a dark blue cotton tank top that pairs perfectly with the grey drawstring sleep shorts under it. 

She held the clothes up near her eyes to get a better look and her mind immediately flashed her visions of Allie wearing this particular piece. 

Allie seemed relaxed in her vision, posing adorably in this tank top-shorts combo. The dark color providing a beautiful contrast with her smooth milky neck. The low scoop neckline exposing her protruding collar bone. Just the thought alone is sending warmth all over Bea’s body.  

Stop being a perv! She mentally kicked herself. Realizing that her mind went straight for the gutter this time. 

“Knock knock” Allie’s sweet voice came from the entrance of the walk-in wardrobe behind her, startling Bea in the process, effectively bursting her daydreaming bubble.

“Fancy digs, Bea. Almost got tempted to jump in that massive hot tub of yours by the window simply for the view alone.” Allie went on as she sashayed giddily, heading straight for the redhead, whose back was still turned.

Hearing Allie’s voice, Bea quickly spun around, eager to present to her blonde guest the choice of sleepwear she manage to put together but she didn't expect to see how hot Allie looked all wrapped up in her bathrobe. 

The freshly showered blonde's face was rosy pink and there’s a nice blush forming around the exposed part of her neck. 

When Bea's eyes darted down she noticed that Allie’s bathrobe was a little askew, granting her a peek at the inside swell of her breast, making the redhead internally panic, causing her to hung her head lower.
But even though she averted her eyes from Allie’s chest, the bathrobe hitched up, exposing Allie’s long bare legs, much to the embarrassment of the shy redhead.

The warmth she was feeling merely seconds ago is now a full on fever. She could feel how scarlet her face has become and was silently thanking that the wardrobe had a soft yellow light, masking her true blush.   

Her eyes wasn’t as quick as she thought they were because when she finally looked up, Allie was already smirking, flashing her a knowing look. Busted. Again.  

“P-perks of not having a vacation for years, I guess.” She stuttered unable to look Allie in the eyes. 

“I-I could set you up. It’ll be quick. It has these.. uhm air-jets...” she deflected, dying to quickly change the topic.

“Maybe next time Bea, I’m a little smashed.” She rolled her shoulder in the gesture of stretching as a small yawn escaped her mouth.

Bea noticed how tired Allie’s eyes were and instead of replying with words, she gave her a small nod.   

“Here, I didn’t know what you usually wear to sleep.” she offered the items of clothing in her hands.

“So you got me everything?” Allie sniggered, a little amused and more touched because Bea was fussing over her. She couldn’t be more grateful for Bea’s affection. 

“Y-yeah. Something like that.” She held her arms out sheepishly, waiting for Allie to take her pick.

And Allie whose new life mission is to tease the adorable redhead whenever and wherever she can, blurted out an unfiltered and maybe a little too honest thought in her mind.

“I usually sleep butt-naked, babe. Sooo, let’s go?” she teased, sending a seductive wink at the now blushing Bea.

“Wh-what?” she croaked out nervously, her throat suddenly dry, making her voice raspier than normal.

“Sike! This will do, thank you.” Allie yanked the dark blue tank and shorts, kissed Bea on the cheek and bolted back to the bathroom in lightning speed, her faint laugh still ringing on Bea’s ears, who was left a tad bit rattled. 

Shaking her head in amusement, she slowly returned the other discarded sleepwear back in the drawers. 

“Butt-naked. Pfft.” She scoffed all the while sporting the fifty shades of red all over her face. 


After a while, Bea and Allie were lying flat on their backs on their respective side of the bed, with a small distance between their bodies. The room was pitch black and it was quiet. A little too quiet.

“Bea?” Allie whispered in the dark, breaking the silence.

“Mhm?” Bea's raspy voice echoing in the room.
“I thought you’re halfway to dreamland by now?” Allie asked, her voice sounded sleepy but was somehow still wide awake.

“Nah. Can’t sleep.” She admitted, even though she’s been in bed for some time now, her mind's still working tirelessly, keeping her up. 

“Is there something wrong?” Allie was starting to worry. Maybe I've overstepped somewhere. This is, after all, Bea's safe space. She silently mused. 

“Just uhm nervous.” Bea whispered, attempting to assure the blonde beside her.

Allie sat up. She reached for the switch and flipped on the lamp on her side of the bed.

She turned and moved a little closer at the puzzled redhead. 

“You’re safe with me, Bea. You know that, right?" She reached for Bea's hand to give it a gentle squeeze. 

Bea moved closer too. They were facing each other now with their heads at the same level yet there was still that tiny distance between them. 

“I know I am. It’s just that.. uhm.. I haven’t shared a bed with anyone except.. with… uhm..” She didn't have the heart to finish because this is not the time to be thinking about him, but somehow, in her messed up mind, she's associating this moment to a distant memory that she'd rather forget. 

But Allie read everything between the line, from the shaky drop in her voice to the first sign of haziness in Bea's eyes. And before Bea’s mind completely spirals into the deep where she might not be able to reach her, Allie gently cupped Bea's cheek, stroking affectionately and waiting for Bea's eyes to focus on her and her alone. 

“How about” she whispered slowly, punctuating every syllable, vying for Bea's attention back to her. 

And like a small electric shock to her system, Allie's touch and her sweet voice, yanked her back right before she unwillingly takes a hard nosedive into the abyss. 

She visibly shook her head and when she opened her eyes again, it was Allie's glistening blue orbs that grounded her. 

When Allie saw those deep set eyes eventually focusing back on her, she continued. “Okay, hear me out.”

"Okay." Bea spoke, finally, beaming at the beautiful blonde. 

“A good ol' fashioned goodnight kiss?” dropping the pun effortlessly, pairing it with a comical puckering of her lips making the redhead erupt with laughter. 

They both started laughing and just let it rip. At some point they even forgot why they were laughing to begin with, but it felt so good to just laugh and let it out. The nerves and bad memories quickly faded replaced by the thundering cackle of their giddy hearts. 

How Allie always seemed to know how to comfort her without needing to explain herself still baffles her but as she stares at those magnetic ocean blue eyes, welcoming her intense gaze, all Bea could think of is that one line that never in a million years, she'd ever write in a script up until recently... what's it like to belong with you.

After the laughing fit calmed down, it was Bea who spoke first.

“So old fashioned?” Bea poked at the sniggering blonde in front of her. She looked at Allie with narrowed eyes, feigning suspicion. 

“I don’t suppose you mean like an enthusiastic handshake. Hmm?” she scratched her chin exaggeratedly and then settled her head deeper on the pillow, getting comfortable, all the while still facing each other. 

“Not THAT dated." she scowled at the comfortable looking redhead, and then she continued. 

"More in the likes of a soft peck in the lips. No hands. No tongue. That kind of thing.” Allie explained, her mouth curving into a mischievous smile, while her eyes went from Bea's brown orbs down to those luscious lips. 

“No tongue?” Bea cackled, amused at the rules that Allie laid out. 

“Okay, I take it back. A little tongue. I’ve overestimated my self control. Oh, and one hand too. If you’re feeling up to it?” She moved closer, deliberately softening her tone, subtly hinting how serious she wants this. 

“Will you just come here?” Bea asked all the while pulling Allie by the waist with little to no resistance at all. 

Allie's soft giggles were the only sound reverberating within the four corners of the room, as Bea gently pulled her closer, wrapping her arms around her slim waist for a warm embrace. 

And Allie held her tighter. Dropping her head slowly as she nuzzled into the crook of Bea's neck, inhaling deeply causing the redhead to shudder. 

When they finally pulled apart, Allie's hand reached up to brush a strand of red curls away from Bea's face.

She lingered a little, waiting for any sign of resistance and after seeing none, she eagerly lowered her lips to Bea’s waiting mouth.

The kiss was soft and slow. Their lips delicately tracing the contours of each others mouth, slowly exploring with their tongue as they breathe life into each other. Allie cupped Bea’s jaw for better control as Bea surrendered entirely to the kiss.

When their lips parted, they were both grinning and beaming lovingly at each other.  

Maybe it's the way the soft light from the lamp hits Allie’s open face perfectly, or how her infectious smile reaches her hypnotizing ocean orbs, maybe it’s the nice swell on her lips after they’ve kissed but everything about Allie draws Bea in and she can’t help but blurt out the only thought consuming her mind.   

“You’re so beautiful, Allie.” She admitted, looking at Allie with pure awe and admiration.

And there’s something about Bea’s candid declaration and genuine innocence that made Allie feel so appreciated and seen that right then and there, she wished that Bea would always look at her this way. 

“You’re gonna make me blush, babe.” Barely managing to whisper. The butterflies fluttering wildly in the pit of her stomach and her knees are getting weak by the second.

Bea reached for Allie’s beautiful face. She began lightly tracing the profile of her face with her hand. Moving carefully, feeling the small crease in her forehead when Allie gave her a playful grimace.

Her index  and middle finger  gently brushing her eyebrow and tracing the curve of her eye as they continued to travel down the bridge of her nose. Her thumb feeling the softness of her cheek and delicately grazing the corners of her mouth, momentarily stopping at that sexy beauty mark above her lips.

“I wish my hands still knew how to draw. I’ve never wanted to draw anyone as much as I want to now.” Bea confessed in a shaky breath, staring dreamily at Allie.

And Allie had nothing. No witty comment nor a snarky remark. Not a single comeback laced with double entendre or even a half-meant innuendo. She simply melted with Bea’s words.

Within seconds, Allie’s lips latched on to Bea’s mouth, kissing her hungrily, deeply, silently wishing that every tender kiss could miraculously heal the hurt inside her, praying to the universe that she gets to be the one to take it all away.

Allie slowly pulled away only to lay her head into Bea’s chest, feeling the loud thundering of Bea’s heart. Elated knowing that she’s not the only one affected by this. 

Feeling Allie snuggling tighter, she held her closer. Her hand caressing Allie’s back, while her other hand gently massaging the base of her neck, remembering how this simply gesture relaxes Allie instantly.   

As Allie’s body slowly sink into her warm embrace, she whispered softly to her ear. “Goodnight beautiful girl.”

Allie mumbling a sleepy “night Bea” and finally she fell asleep in her arms.


Barely ten minutes after falling asleep, a faint buzzing sound startled Bea. Thinking nothing of it, she dismissed it a little too quickly and went back to sleep.

After a short while, the buzzing started again and this time, Bea reluctantly opened her eyes, careful not to wake the sleeping blonde in her arms. Her eyes scanning the room to find where that god awful buzz was coming from. 

From the corner of her eye, she sees Allie’s phone vibrating wildly on top of her bedside table and at the same time she registered that it was indeed the phone that woke her up, Allie started to stir in her sleep, her face clearly annoyed at something that interrupted her peaceful slumber.

Realizing that it was her phone,  within a few seconds, she bolted out of the bed and grab the annoying bugger.  

She walked towards the window on the other side of the room to answer the call in hopes that it didn’t wake the redhead.

“You have got to be kidding me? This late? Come on!” she groaned, clearly annoyed at the late night caller. 

"Fine. Just send through a call sheet. Got it." she huffed, almost defeated. A tantrum would have felt good but she was a professional after all. 

After awhile, she headed back, still a little confused on what to do first. It was Bea's husky voice that snapped her back to focus. 

"Everything good, Al?" Bea was wide awake now, sitting up against the headboard. 

"Bea! Sorry, didn't mean to wake you." she apologised, as she continued to move closer. 

When she reached the bed, she sat on the edge and explained to the curious redhead. "That was our AD. Our writer who was supposed to supervise a location shoot later backed out at the last minute. They've asked me to step in."

"Timing's a bitch, yeah?" Bea symphatized, trying to lighten the moment. She understands more than anyone how production could be so demanding and in some cases, like this one, could interrupt even your dedicated rest time. 

"Amen to that." she chuckled, appreciating how Bea was helping bring down her annoyance meter by her not so subtle cursing. 

"And as the head writer and story editor, no one knows the script better than anyone in that writers room, correct?" She pondered. 

As a showrunner, Allie would be her first choice too as she is in the best position to supervise the flow of the script but personally, she'd preferred for Allie to have had an uninterrupted sleep, preferably in her arms, but that's just her. 

"It's a blessing and a curse." she teased, rolling her eyes feigning annoyance, making both of them chuckle now. 

Her phone started ringing again interrupting their little laugh off. She looked up at Bea. "I should.."

"Go ahead." Bea held her hand up, gesturing to answer the phone. 

Allie mouthed a sorry and took the call. "Vera! Yeah, Stella called. Heard about Dor. Uhuh. She sent me one. It's fine. Okay. Got it. Okay bye!"  

After hanging up, she walked back to Bea and started gathering her stuff. "Our Co-EP, just checking in."

"Vera is one of the good ones to work with. Wait.. are you leaving now?" she asked, her voice sounded worried. 

"I really don't want to but call time's in four hours. Two thirty in the morning. I can't make you lose anymore sleep because of me, Bea." she pouted, clearly still bummed about leaving when she could have been spending the entire night snuggling her favorite human. 

"Hmm." Bea murmured, a sudden thought came to her. 

"How about, we sleep for three more hours. Then I'd drive you to your flat so you could change and get your stuff and after that, I'd take you to your location shoot." she proposed hoping that Allie would agree. 

"I can't ask you to do that Bea." she shook her head, about to disagree. 

"You're not asking, I'm offering. Besides I'd be less worried if I know you got there safe." Bea tried again. 

"Bea." Allie sighed, on the verge of giving in. 

"Allie." Bea mirroring Allie's tone, holding Allie's stare with her pleading eyes. 

They were staring at each other, seemed to be in an impasse. 

"Let me spend a little more time with you." Bea asked sheepishly, her hands fiddling with the edge of the doona. 

Bea's words echoed in Allie's head. Her heart skipping a beat or two because she wanted to be with her, even if they will just be sleeping, even without the expectation of deeper intimacy, and eventhough this will cost her a night's peaceful rest, she still wanted her. Just her. 

Allie dropped everything and quickly made her way back to bed.  Bea lifted the doona, allowing Allie to slide back to her rightful place beside her. Her smile was so beautiful to see. 

"I'm glad you stayed." Bea whispered as reached for her phone on the bedside table and to set the alarm. 

“There’s nowhere I’d rather be, than right here with you, Bea” she bit her bottom lip, the sudden confession made her blush. 

“Uh.. nice rhyme game you got going.” she teased the blushing blonde beside her.  

“DJ Alliecat in da house yo! Wicky wicky!” bobbing her head a little with that baby scratch hand movements followed quickly by a big yawn. 

“More like DJ Sleepyhead.” Bea chuckled earning a small poke to her side care of the sleepy baby beside her. 

Allie waited for Bea to settle back to bed and upon seeing that Bea's finally comfortable, she moved closer and planted a soft kiss on Bea’s lips.

“Thank you” she whispered softly and laid her head on Bea’s chest, snuggling closer to her neck, inhaling deeply Bea’s wonderful scent as they both quickly fell into a deep slumber.