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Soft Boy

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Jongkook looks at himself in the full length mirror, mainly at his stomach. 


"Jongkook weighs the heaviest!"


Jae Suk's words ring loudly in his mind. Instantly frowning, he didn't think he weighed that much.


Jongkook steps away from the mirror and goes to his wash room, frantically looking for something. 


After several minutes of turning the small room upside down, he sighs in relief. From a dusty box, Jongkook pulls out an old looking scale. He wipes the scale clean and happily skips to the kitchen. 


Jongkook sets the scale down, sighing deeply. This could either build his crumbling confidence or break him entirely. His self-esteem being determined by weight.


He steps onto the scale with hesitant feet, was this something he really wanted to do. 


Jongkook shakes away the doubt and steps on 'confidently.' However, he closed his eyes; a small bit of fear still in him.


After a couple of seconds Jongkook looks down. His face immediately turns pale.


82 kg


That's what the scale read.


Jongkook steps down hastily, tears threatening to fall. How could he have gain so much weight.


The memories of the treatments and medication creep their way into his mind. Most importantly, the doctor's warning of symptoms that he didn't listen to.


Jongkook falls to the ground, crying silently. Of course he wanted children, that's exactly why he was getting the IVF process done.


His want and desire for a family was so strong that he couldn't think of anything else. 


For those few moments of daydreaming, Jongkook didn't care about the weight he would gain in pregnancy. He didn't care about his toned body being 'ruined.' All he wanted was to be happy.


But nowas Jongkook sat on the cold floor, tears staining his face he was beginning to have second thoughts.


Maybe I'll never be ready

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Janghoon fights the urge to groan, his boyfriend was being stubborn once again.


Jongkook was adamant on saying he wasn't tired, but that didn't mean Janghoon didn't see the dark bags underneath his lover's eyes. 


So the giant found himself having an argument with a very sleepy Jongkook. Janghoon was surprised he didn't fall asleep halfway through the ordeal.


"Janghoon-ah I'm not tired."


Jongkook says as he fights back a yawn. He wasn't fooling his boyfriend though.


Janghoon shakes his head and walks past his clearly sleepy lover. It looked like things would be taken the hard way. 


"Then...can you at least watch some television with me."


Jongkook stays where he stands, debating between yes and no. This could just be a trick.


He looks over and sees Janghoon staring at him. Jongkook's worries melt away and makes his way to the couch.


Janghoon gladly accepts Jongkook into his arms, wrapping himself and his lover in a blanket. 


The giant sets the channel to children shows, much to Jongkook's dismay.


"Janghoon-ah this is a kid's show?"


Jongkook whines, however his eyes still glued to the bright colors.


Janghoon smirks, he knew his boyfriend was hooked.


"You act as if you hate children shows."


Jongkook's face heats up instantly. It seemed his boyfriend knew about his secret. 


Before he can reply, Janghoon gets up from the couch. He makes longs strides towards the kitchen.




Jongkook whines from the sudden loss of warmth. He was very cuddly when he was sleepy.


Janghoon chuckles, he hated to admit it but he loved when Jongkook was clingy. It was cute, and the giant was a huge softie for cuteness.


"I'll be back my little koala. I'm just going to make us dinner. It won't take long."


From his position in the kitchen, Janghoon can hear Jongkook huff. He rolls his eyes, how he loved his clingy and dramatic boyfriend to pieces.


"Feel free to watch what you want."


Janghoon says as he chops vegetables. He can already sense the little smile lacing Jongkook's face.


Jongkook searches for the romote, frowning when finds it's not under the blanket. 


He looks over at the t.v and grimaces. As much as Jongkook wanted to sit down and watch the cartoon, he didn't want to prove his boyfriend right.


After several minutes of quietly looking Jongkook gives up. He flops back onto the couch and lets out a very loud sigh.


"Is everything okay?"


Janghoon asks, his voice laced with concern.




Satisfied with the answer, the giant goes back to cooking and Jongkook returns to sulking.


Janghoon smirks, patting his pocket which held the remote. Jongkook may be sharp witted, but the giant was wiser. 


Jongkook sits back, bundled in the large blanket. His eyes were glued to the television, deeply immersed in the children's show.


As Jongkook watches Pororo his eyes begin to droop, every noise becoming muffled. 


Soon enough Jongkook is asleep, his lips parted slightly. His body lost in the massive fabric that was Janghoon's blanket. 


As if on cue, Janghoon walks into the living area holding a tray of food. His focus dedicated to not dropping the soup.


Once he sets down the tray he looks over at his boyfriend, shocked to find him asleep.


Janghoon chuckles internally and takes the tray back to the kitchen. It seemed that his plan had worked.


After putting away the soup, Janghoon carries Jongkook to his room. He sets his sleeping beauty down gently on the bed and lays down next to his lover. 


Before Janghoon turns off the light, he looks at Jongkook one last time and gives his forehead a small kiss.


It was a trick afterall