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To Love and Be Loved

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Daenerys' eyes shifted to Jorah and her brow furrowed.

Her knight did not look well. Although he was dressed in full armor and stood tall, he wavered like a blade of grass in the wind. His blue eyes were hazy with exhaustion and a rosy tinge clung to his nose and cheeks.

Daenerys moved towards Jorah, her hand reaching out to tap his arm. His head lifted in response to the gentle touch, but his movements were uncharacteristically sluggish. His eyes tried to brighten as they found hers.

"Good Morning, Khaleesi," Jorah's voice was hoarse. She knew his tone well enough to notice the unfamiliar and muted edge.

"Are you feeling alright, Jorah?" she asked.

The Queen studied her knight closely while she waited for a response. She wouldn't allow him to mollify her concern.

Of course, Your Grace," he replied almost immediately.

Daenerys lowered and narrowed her eyes. His response was far too prompt for her liking.

Jorah seemed to realize his mistake and ducked her determined gaze.

"You wouldn't lie to your Queen, would you, Jorah?" Daenerys hummed her disapproval. She knew exactly how to elicit the truth from him.

Jorah's shoulders dropped in defeat. It seemed to take a great amount of strength for him to even attempt to deceive her.

"It is nothing more than a minor head cold. I will be back to normal before tomorrow."

"With rest," she added for him.

"Your Grace-?" Jorah's head tilted with confusion.

"With rest, you will be back to normal before tomorrow."

"Khaleesi-," Jorah tried again, but she stopped him with an unyielding look.

"It was not a request."

Her knight pressed his lips together to prevent himself from offering a rebuttal.

"Missandei will walk with you," Daenerys insisted and waved her handmaiden over with a smile. Jorah sputtered beside her.

"I-I don't need assistance. I'm not a child."

Daenerys resisted the urge to cross her arms, but allowed her eyebrows to shoot skyward.

"Perhaps I'm sending Missandei to ensure you obey my orders," she reasoned.

Jorah opened his mouth, but remained silent once Missandei approached. Daenerys smiled warmly and turned to her handmaiden.

"Missandei, Ser Jorah is unwell. Could you make certain he finds his chambers?" Daenerys stated before turning her gaze back to the man in question. "He is going to rest and remain there until he has recovered."

The order behind her words was clear.

"Of course, Your Grace," Missandei agreed. There was a hint of amusement in her dark eyes as they flickered to the scowling knight beside her.

The Queen dismissed them both and watched her two closest friends exit the Throne Room together. She would check on Jorah as soon as she finished her meeting with the small council.



Missandei studied Ser Jorah for a moment as they stood in his chambers. He did look quite ill...she could hear it in his voice and see it in the ghost-like pallor of his face. His posture was faltering as well. She wasn't sure how long he would remain upright in his armor.

"I am grateful for your company, Missandei, but I can manage from here," Ser Jorah stated politely. Missandei smiled at the gentle dismissal, but didn't move.

"Ser Jorah, I would like to make you a drink," she offered. The knight's expression shifted to confusion. "It's a recipe from my homeland. It will help you find rest."

Ser Jorah looked ready to refuse, but seemed to remember his manners and instead, nodded in acquiescence. His mouth dipped into a sheepish smile that was difficult not to return.

A few moments later, Missandei returned with a steaming cup. She bit back a grin as she watched Ser Jorah hesitantly accept the drink. When he glanced down into the cup, he failed to hide his wariness.

"I did not poison it," Missandei teased lightly.

Ser Jorah chuckled and looked momentarily embarrassed.

"Thank-you," his gratitude was as genuine as the kindness reflected in his eyes. He took a sip of the warm beverage and almost immediately choked back a cough. "It's quite...strong," he murmured through watering eyes.

"It's medicinal and will help you sleep," she giggled.

Missandei observed her friend fondly. She knew it was difficult for him to accept help. He asked for little and so often served as the protector of their makeshift family. He deserved to be taken care of in return.

"Ser Jorah, I have a small suggestion. There is another common remedy for illness in Naath."



The moment Daenerys neared Jorah's chambers, she heard his strained voice.

"I was at peace before you entered the room."

"I'm here to look after my dear friend. I make quite the handsome and attentive handmaiden," Tyrion responded, a smile evident in his voice.

Daenerys rolled her eyes. Of course Tyrion was already badgering Jorah.

She entered the room through the open doorway and was surprised to find Jorah laying in the large bath in the corner of the room. His eyes were closed while his head rested against the stone rim of the tub and his arms extended along its edges.

The room smelled pleasantly of lavender and roses. The scent was familiar and Daenerys immediately knew Missandei had drawn the bath.

Tyrion sat slouched in a chair a few feet from Jorah. He beamed at her once she moved into view.

"Your Grace, after you informed me of Mormont's ill state, I had to come see for myself that he was alright," he explained. The mischief in her Hand's eyes was far too familiar and no longer surprised her.

"Have you appeased your concerns?" Daenerys countered. Her eyes darted to Jorah, who had opened one eye at her entrance.

"Someone has to ensure Mormont doesn't drown."

"I would rather drown than listen to your incessant gabbing," Jorah grumbled.

Tyrion chuckled and stood up slowly.

"It seems my company is no longer desired. I will leave our knight in your capable hands, Your Grace."

There was a not so subtle smirk etched upon Tyrion's face, but mercifully, he departed the room without another word.

Daenerys returned her attention to the man in front of her, who appeared to be falling asleep. She smiled and sat on the bench beside the bath.

"You seem quite relaxed, Jorah," she observed, her tone soft with affection.

Her knight opened his eyes again and his mouth slipped into a lazy grin. Her heart responded with a feverish flutter. Jorah rarely smiled and the unguarded nature of his demeanor, brought upon by illness and exhaustion, was endearing.

"I suddenly understand your fondness for scalding water, Khaleesi," Jorah murmured…