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Rose Quartz and Serenity

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Jihoon could hear and feel that someone was trying to wake him up from his wonderful slumber, effectively making him a bit grumpy. It only worsened when he felt some type of liquid get dumped on the foot of his bed, making his mood sour greatly.

" You're gonna die." Jihoon grit out as he rose up from bed. Letting his eyes adjust he saw Mingyu staring at him, mouth slightly open and fear evident in his eyes as well as a plastic cup that was held awkwardly in his hand.

"I'm so sorry hyung, I didn't mean to drop water on you!" Mingyu apologized after a few seconds of silence.

Jihoon glared harshly at his roommate.

"Bumzu has been texting you." Seokmin abruptly said from Jihoon's side. "He needs you in the studio today."

"You were looking at my texts?" Jihoon asked, switching his glare to Seokmin. The vocalist held up his hands in defense at the accusation.

"He texted me once he didn't get a response from you. Told me to wake you up before he left the studio." Seokmin explained.

Jihoon huffed, rubbing his eyes before taking his blankets off of himself. 

"Text him and say I'll be there in twenty." Jihoon said. Seokmin nodded his head before doing as told.

"And you. " Jihoon growled, making Mingyu stop in his tracks. "Clean my blankets. I know for a fact that what you spilled on me wasn't water." 

Mingyu nodded his head, eyes not meeting his hyung's. It was one thing to deal with a grumpy Jihoon but a whole new ball park when you were the reason for it. It was best to tread lightly and just do as told before making things worse.

So he grabbed the blue blanket that was at the foot of the bed to go put it in the washer before the Orange juice he had spilled ruined it. Not noticing how Jihoon's eyes saddened at seeing his blanket get taken away.




"I'm gonna kill Mingyu." Jihoon announced once he entered the studio he and Bumzu worked in together. It was the same place they had biweekly "meetings" were where no one was allowed to enter under no circumstances .

"What'd he do this time?" Bumzu asked the younger, pulling out the chair next to him for Jihoon to sit in.

"He ruined my blanket." Jihoon mumbled, laying his head in his crossed arms across the desk.

"The one I gave you to use when your head started to feel fuzzy?" Bumzu asked, noticing that Jihoon was probably in a fragile state of mind. Having a whole years worth of experience in dealing with Little Jihoon he learned that sometimes he didn't like his headspace being mentioned point blank. Now seemed like one of those times.

"He ruined it." Jihoon said, his voice sounding watery. 

Bumzu nodded even though his friend couldn't see it, gently stroking his hair to give him some comfort. The affection made Jihoon turn himself around so he could bury himself in his fellow producer's chest, feeling himself sink into the fuzzy feeling in his head.

"He's a meanie." Jihoon mumbled into Bumzu's chest, hugging the man a bit tighter. 

"Your blankie means a lot to you, huh?" He asked, feeling Jihoon nod.

"You gave it." Jihoon responded, not making an effort to form a proper sentence.

"Do you like your blankie more than me?" Bumzu teased, lightly pinching one of Jihoon's cheeks. The younger squirmed a bit in response but said nothing at all. Bumzu then decided to lay his head on the youngers.

"You didn't answer me young man." He said, giving the younger two light thumps on his back.

Jihoon blew a raspberry as a response.

"Fine, I guess I won't give you your present." Bumzu said. Just as he expected Jihoon let him go, looking at him with a pout.

"Pwesent?" Little Jihoon asked, his eyes watery. He didn't know he was getting a present today, but now he wasn't getting it? That didn't sound fair to him.

"Hoonie, don't cry." Bumzu said, wiping away a stray tear. The simple action made the dam of unshed tears start up. 

But Bumzu didn't panic at this action. Instead he picked up Jihoon, the younger instantly clinging onto him like an octopus, as he went to go get the present. Picking up his bag which held the present he went over to the couch in the studio and putting it near his feet.

"Come on Hoonie, I know you want to see your present." Bumzu said, effectively getting the Little's attention as well as stopping his tears. Bumzu laughed a little, still finding it funny how the stoic producer could fake cry to get whatever he wanted.

Jihoon whined, shifting around before sitting on the couch instead of Bumzu's lap as he tried to make a grab for the olders bag.

"No no no, what do you say?" Bumzu asked, putting a hand to his chest to stop him. 

"Please!" Jihoon pleaded, making grabby hands at the bag.

"Ok, since you asked so nicely." Bumzu said, grabbing the bag with his free hand and putting it on his lap. Jihoon stopped making a grab for the bag as he watched his caregiver like a hawk as he unzipped the bag. Peering into the bag he saw something soft and pink, and he instantly wanted it in his hands.

"Mine?" Jihoon asked, watching as Bumzu took whatever it was out of his bag. The Little then gasped when it came into full view. 

It was a blanket!

"Of course it's yours Hoonie." Bumzu said, placing the blanket in Jihoon's hands. The younger instantly took the blanket into his hands, noticing that it was just as soft as his blue blanket back at the dorm.

"Do you know what color it is?" Bumzu asked, enjoying how the younger was reacting.

"It's pink." Jihoon said, rubbing his cheek with the blanket.

"You're right, but to be specific it's actually rose quartz." Bumzu said. Jihoon peered up from his blanket, one eyebrow raised as if asking why that was important. 

"And the blue blanket is actually serenity."

"Like us?" Jihoon asked, pointing at himself. Bumzu smiled.

"Yeah, just like Seventeen." Bumzu said. Jihoon smiled softly before covering his face with the blanket, wiggling a bit as an act of happiness.

It was cute to see. From being upset to happy, that's why Bumzu did this for Jihoon.

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Jihoon was cuddled up in his new favorite blanket, stretching his entire body as he woke up from his midday nap.

"You have a good nap?" Bumzu asked the younger. Jihoon blinked his eyes a couple of times before getting up from the couch to go sit next to Bumzu.

"It was good." Jihoon replied, no longer in his headspace.

"I think you should tell your members about this." Bumzu said after a few seconds of silence.

"This is the fifth time you've told me that this month." Jihoon groaned.

"Yeah, I know, but I really think they'd be a better fit for your Littlespace. They know you, they love you, they'd do anything for you, and that's just normal you. How do you think they'd treat Little you?" Bumzu reasoned. Jihoon raised his eyebrow at his hyung.

"I like the set-up we have now. I don't have to worry about you forcing me to play games I don't want to, you don't show me unnecessary affection, you aren't loud ," Jihoon stressed the last part. Both of them knew how the younger cherished his quiet time and having twelve guys, three of who that are just naturally loud, was something Little Jihoon despised .

"I know, but-"

"But nothing," Jihoon crossed his arms, "I'm not changing my mind."

After a minute of silence Jihoon uncrossed his arms before looking at Bumzu straight in the eyes before asking, "Why do you want to get rid of me?"

Bumzu felt his heart skip a beat, hating how hurt he sounded.

"You're gonna be gone for a long time with your group touring, I know I know, you're good at not dropping into your headspace suddenly," Bumzu said, cutting off Jihoon when he saw him get defensive. "But I really think it would do you some good to drop every now and then when your on tour." Bumzu explained.

"...who would be a good choice though? They're all so loud." Jihoon said, not making eye contact as he played with his blanket.

"Wonwoo." Bumzu immediately replied. "He's the quietest and most relaxed in the group. You're also close with Vernon, but I know you don't want your younger members to see you in your headspace. I'd recommend Mingyu too, since he's really domestic and would treat you like a proper caregiver should, but he's kind of clumsy and I'm scared that if he carried you he might drop you." 

"That's your ranking for who'd be the best caregiver for me?" Jihoon asked, smiling a bit at his current caregiver's choices. Bumzu nodded. 

"If you want, I can tell you how I think your other members would be as caregivers."

Jihoon shook his head. "No, it's okay. I've lived with them for more than five years now and I have a good idea how they might act."

Bumzu laughed at the response, shaking his head before ruffling Jihoon's hair. 

"You're lucky you're cute."




Jihoon entered the dorm, sighing as soon as he heard what sounded like Seokmin and Seungkwan having a singing battle while a few members laughed. He gripped his new blanket a little tighter as he took his shoes off, not bothering to place them in the correct spot since there was already a pile in a corner nearby.

"Oh, hyung, you're back." Jun said, walking over to the front door.

"Cute blanket, where did you get it?" Mingyu asked, popping up from seemingly nowhere. Jihoon jumped up in surprise while Jun did nothing.

"Mingyu, don't scare the baby!" Jun joked, smile gracing his face before going to pinch the shorter males cheek. Jihoon swatted the Chinese boy's fingers before moving past them and making his way to his room.

"Smooth." Mingyu said in a monotone voice. Jun shrugged his shoulders but it was obvious he regretted what he said after the response he got. 

Neither of them said anything as they made their way to Jihoon. Jun because he wanted to apologize and Mingyu because that was his room. But Jun got to the door first and didn't go in, just stayed at the entrance.

"Hyung, I need to go in." Mingyu said, patting Jun's back to get him out of his stupor.

"Oh, sorry Mingyu." Jun said, entering the room so Mingyu could enter as well. 

"You're so weird." Mingyu mumbled, stepping in before forgetting why it is he even entered. From the corner of his eye he saw Jun whispering something to Jihoon, rubbing his shoulder a bit before the shorter shrugged him off. It was when Jihoon unfolded his pink blanket to lay it on his bed that Mingyu remembered why he entered.

"Ah! I forgot to put your blanket back on the bed!" Mingyu panicked, running out of the room to go get it.

Jihoon watched as the tanned boy exited the room, flopping onto his bed to stare at the ceiling.

"You can go Jun, I'm fine." Jihoon said, knowing the older boy was still there. Jun didn't say anything before walking over to Jihoon's bed and flopping down as well, one of his arms placed on Jihoon's torso.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Jun asked. Jihoon huffed, turning his head to look at his friend.

"You're overreacting over nothing." Jihoon said, glaring at Jun so he knew not to push it. 

"Overreacting over what?" Mingyu asked as soon as he entered the room again, blue blanket in hand.

"If I told you Jihoon would kill me." Jun said instead, raising up from the bed before standing on his feet.

Mingyu raised an eyebrow up at the statement while Jihoon rubbed his face.

"Fine, if you want to know so badly I'll tell you. Just close the door." Jihoon said, sitting up to look at both of his members. 

Jun did as told, shutting the door before taking a spot on Jihoon's bed again. Mingyu was the only one who didn't know what to do.

"I'll just…" Mingyu said, pointing to the door before stepping back to leave. Instead he ended up hitting his ankle on the foot of Jihoon's bed.

"You can stay too." Jihoon said, watching as Mingyu rubbed at the spot he just hit. The taller just nodded before sitting on the ground.

Jihoon took a deep breath, his heart beating a mile a minute as he got ready to tell them something that hopefully didn't change the way they saw him.

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As Jihoon got ready to tell them his big secret he realized that he couldn't do it.

"It's okay, take your time." Jun said, rubbing the younger's back to help him calm down.

"It's uh, it's kind of weird though." Jihoon mumbled, looking down as he played with the edge of his pants.

"Hyung, whatever it is you're worrying about can't be that bad." Mingyu reasoned, scooting closer so he could put his hand on his hyungs knee.

Jihoon pressed his lips together, still not looking up as he thought more about what he was about to do. He also thought about how the two would react, but he wouldn't know until he told them. That was the problem though. How could he explain Littlespace to them? It took ages for him to accept what he did and an even longer time before he and Bumzu found out the name of it.

But just as he was about to say he couldn't explain one more time his stomach decided to growl. Both Jun and Mingyu laughed while Jihoon felt himself blush a bit.

"I'll go make some food, then you can tell us, okay?" Mingyu asked, standing up and making his way to the door. Jihoon just nodded, still not looking up.

"Be good." Jun said, patting Jihoon's back as he left. 

Jihoon rolled his eyes at the comment before falling onto his back again. It'd be a while before Mingyu was done cooking, so he took the time to think of what would be the best way of informing the two about his headspace.




Dinner came and went, with Jun, Jihoon, and Mingyu eating together in the dining room. Some members had also come by to make their own food, or to pick up whatever delivery food they ordered before making their way to wherever it was they wanted to sit down and eat. 

The only people who had sat down with the trio were Joshua and Vernon, who were eating a cheese pizza. They made light conversation with the three, but Mingyu and Vernon were the only ones who were talking the most.

Jihoon was the first to finish eating, quickly putting his dishes in the sink before going to get some pyjamas for the shower he wanted to take. He started up the shower but not before sending both Jun and Mingyu some links about littlespace before sending a 'this is what I wanted to tell you but couldn't'.

And as he debated on sending Wonwoo the same thing he decided to go against it once a notification popped up on the top of his screen stating that Jun had sent him a message. Dropping his phone on the counter he quickly took off his clothes before getting into the warm shower to, hopefully, wash some worries away.

It's okay, Jihoon thought to himself as he ran his fingers through his hair. They would never be disgusted by you.




Mingyu didn't know what to think about the links that Jihoon had sent him, but there was one word that kept popping up in his head.

Cute .

This entire thing was so cute!

In a split second Mingyu typed out a quick text to state his feelings to Jihoon about this 'Little space' thing, when the door to his room slammed open. In his shock Mingyu dropped his phone on his face just as Jun closed the door and made his way to the tanned boy's bed.

"Did Jihoon send you links about Little space too?" The Chinese boy asked, a big goofy smile on his face.

"Yeah, he did." Mingyu replied, rubbing the bridge of his nose.

"It's so cu-" Jun was about to say just as the door opened once again, Jihoon entering with a towel on his head as he did something on his phone.

And as Jihoon looked up he couldn't help but sigh once he made eye contact with both members.

He should have told Wonwoo first.

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Once he was out of his shower, Jihoon had decided that he did want to send Wonwoo the same things he had sent Mingyu and Jun. While the youngest 96 liner knew it would take some time before the older would look at them, but it felt like a weight was taken off his shoulders once he did send the messages.

Until he entered his bedroom.

No one said a thing for what felt like hours but was most likely just a minute in real time, and in that minute Jihoon wished the world would open up and eat him whole.

Until he heard someone knock on the door.

In the blink of an eye Jihoon was opening the door and pushing the person further away and into an empty bedroom, not bothering to see who it was, what they wanted, or where they were entering.

"Woah, Jihoon! Are you okay?" Wonwoo asked once Jihoon had shut the door he was shoved into. Jihoon kept himself in front of the door with his arms spread out, as if he didn't want anyone else to come into the room so barricaded himself in front of it.

"No, not really." Jihoon said, not wanting to beat around the bush. 

"Do you want to talk about it?" Wonwoo asked, sitting down on an unmade bed. Jihoon took a look around and realized that they must be in Seokmin's room from the looks of it. And also because Seokmin room was the closest to his.

"Is it about your text messages?" Wonwoo asked. Jihoon nodded his head.

Once again the room was silent, neither of them knowing what to say.

"You know you can always come to me if you want to talk about this." Wonwoo said. He rose up from the bed, walking over to Jihoon since he was in front of the door. "I have to go in a bit, Hoshi wanted someone to go workout with and I promised I'd go with him."

Jihoon nodded his head, stepping to the side so Wonwoo could leave the room first, following right behind. Jihoon stood in front of his bedroom for a split second, but when he heard Jun and Mingyu talking fervently he decided to instead go to the living room to have some time and space to himself.




Jihoon thankfully didn't get bothered by Jun or Mingyu while he was in the living room. It gave him time to just be in the moment, to not worry so much and think about the what-ifs. But as he went into the bathroom to get ready for bed his phone started to ring, Bumzu's name illuminating his screen.

"Hello?" Jihoon answered, unsure why the older would be calling him.

" Hey, Mingyu texted me earlier. " Bumzu started off. Jihoon let out a groan.

" It's not bad, he was just asking if I knew about your headspace."

"What did you tell him?" Jihoon asked, trying to find his face wash only to find that it was empty. Jihoon suppressed a sigh before deciding to forgo washing his face tonight.

" I told him that I've been the one you go to when you want to be taken care of. He sent me a frowny face once he read the message. "

"And you're telling me this because?" Jihoon asked, not wanting to hog the bathroom just for a phone call as he grabbed his toothbrush to clean his teeth.

"Because I was going to offer him the chance to take care of you."

Jihoon felt his breath catch in his throat, faintly hearing his toothbrush dropping into the sink. "YOU WHAT!"

" I was about to ," Bumzu said, trying to explain the current situation and not wanting Jihoon to start panicking. " Until I realized I should get your permission. But I know you'd most likely be opposed to that, so I was thinking of telling him everything I know instead." 

Jihoon started to rub one of his temples, debating if he should allow Bumzu to tell Mingyu everything he knows about Little Jihoon.

"Hyung!" Chan called from outside the bathroom. "If you're not going to be using the bathroom, can I use it instead?"

Jihoon crossed the bathroom so he would be further away from the door, not risking the chance of having Chan overhear his conversation. "Fine, but don't mention the grape juice incident."

" I totally forgot about that ." Bumzu chuckled. " How is it between you and Dongho? It's not awkward anymore, right? "

"No, it's fine. We can have conversations that last longer than ten seconds now." Jihoon admitted. Chan knocked on the door impatiently.

"Give me a minute!" Jihoon shouted. He could hear the maknae sigh before walking away from the door.

" That's good to hear. " Bumzu said. " Would it be okay if I told Mingyu that Dongho isn't the best person to be near you? "

Jihoon paused in thought before answering. "No, I don't think you should. He'll get curious and end up asking me. And then when I don't give him an answer he'll be okay for a while before going to ask Dongho hyung himself."

Bumzu hummed. " Yeah, you're right. I know he promised to not tell anybody about your headspace, but I don't think we should drag him into this if he doesn't want to be." Jihoon nodded his head in agreement even though Bumzu couldn't see the action.

" Anything else you don't want me to tell him? "

Jihoon thought for a moment, running his thumb on his bottom lip absentmindedly. "No, nothing comes to mind right now."

" Okay, but if Mingyu ask you about something you thought I wouldn't tell him, don't get mad at me. " Bumzu said giving the younger a fair warning in what may come from the caregiver telling one of his members everything he knew about Little Jihoon.

That reminded him...

"Oh, you should probably tell Jun and Wonwoo about...that stuff too." Jihoon said before they said their goodbyes.

" You told those two as well? " Bumzu asked. Jihoon hummed his answer. " Alright then, I'll text Mingyu to bring those two over with him tomorrow. I'll meet with them at the studio were we usually have our meetings. "

"Alright then, good night Hyung."

"Good night, don't let the bed bugs bite." Bumzu said in a teasing tone. Jihoon scoffed before hanging up.

One night without brushing my teeth won't kill me, Jihoon thought as he put his toothbrush back in its place, exiting the bathroom and going straight to his room.

Thankfully when he entered Mingyu wasn't there so all he had to do was get under his covers, but not before grabbing his pink blanket to hold in his sleep.

Chapter Text

Mingyu walked happily to the company building, Jun and Wonwoo walking beside him. Jun wasn't as happy as the resident giant, and Wonwoo was visibly displeased at having to wake up early.

"I don't get how you can be this happy, Mingyu." Wonwoo said, pushing up his glasses that were about to fall off his nose.

"I just really want to know how Jihoon is as a little." Mingyu explained.

"Same here," Jun said, "but you're literally radiating with joy right now."

Mingyu didn't say anything, he just kept walking until they finally got to the company and quietly made their way to the specified studio Bumzu told them to go to.

Opening the door all three boys saw Bumzu in front of the computer, seeming to be working on something before turning around to greet them.

"You guys are early." Bumzu commented.

Wonwoo side eyed Mingyu. "Early?"

"Yeah, I told Mingyu you guys could come around either eight am or three pm." Bumzu said. "I thought you guys would have come in the afternoon."

Mingyu quickly stepped away from Jun and Wonwoo, feeling the anger radiating off of Wonwoo.

"So, where do you want me to begin?"




Jihoon woke up with his head feeling very fuzzy. He didn't want to be awake right now, but the growling of his stomach made him realize why he couldn't be asleep anymore.

Jihoon slowly got off of his bed, sitting on the ground, pink blanket in his clutch as he just stared at the ground. He wasn't sure how long he was there until someone opened the bedroom door.

"Jihoonie?" Seungcheol asked.

"Hmm?" Jihoon looked up at his leader, feeling the fuzziness start to become more prominent.

"You're not getting sick, are you?" Seungcheol worriedly asked, walking over to feel Jihoon's temperature.

The simple action of placing his hand on Jihoon's forehead made the younger melt into the affection.

"Jihoon?" Seungcheol asked when his friend started to fall in his general direction. Silently panicking, Seungcheol grabbed Jihoon, who thankfully didn't put up a fight as he put him on his lap.

"'m hungry." Jihoon mumbled, putting his face in the crook of Seungcheol's neck.

"You're hungry?" Seungcheol asked, a bit shocked. Jihoon has never acted like this before just because he was hungry.

"Yeah." Jihoon mumbled again. He really wanted to sleep, but the slight pain in his stomach wasn't going to be letting him if he didn't eat soon.

"Okay, I can make yo-"

"Hyung! Tell Chan that he isn't allowed to go on my bed with his dirty body!" Seungkwan shouted from the living room.

Jihoon shot up from laying his head on Seungcheol, the loudness seeming to shove him out of the peaceful fuzziness he was in just a moment ago.

Seungcheol sighed, about to carry Jihoon with him to the living room without a second thought. Except Jihoon seemed to not want that as he twisted himself out of his grip and stood on his own two feet.

"Go." Jihoon said when Seungcheol just looked at him questioningly. "You should help the young ones before one of them ends up hurt or dead."

And with that Jihoon exited his room to go make himself some food.




"Mingyu, I swear if you don't shut up right now I'm going to make you." Wonwoo growled, stopping Mingyu from his continuous rant.

"But he's been doing this for a year now! How come we've never found out?" Mingyu once again asked. Wonwoo rolled his eyes while Jun rubbed his shoulder.

"You've been talking for the past five minutes about this, why don't you let Bumzu hyung answer your question?" Wonwoo said. Mingyu just pouted but said no more.

"He doesn't drop around you guys because he always has his guard up." Bumzu explained. "And also because Little Jihoon hates loud noises. It always seems to pull him out of his headspace."

"Do you think he would ever wake up Little? Now that some of us know?" Jun asked. Bumzu tapped his fingers on his knee as he thought about it.

"He's never stayed Little around me for long. He would take a nap at the tail end of our session and wake up as his normal self." Bumzu explained, all three boys nodded their heads at his explanation. 

"But you and Jihoon share a room, right?" Bumzu asked, pointing to Mingyu.

"Yeah, we do."

"It's possible that he could wake up Little, but I personally think it would be a small possibility." 

"What should I do if that does happen?" Mingyu asked sitting up straighter. 

"Let him come to you. Don't just shove yourself onto him and accept him to fully drop. Always be patient." Bumzu said. Mingyu nodded his head.

"How is he like when he's in his...headspace?" Jun asked, not sure if that was the correct word to use.

"He's independent for the most part, but he seeks out confirmation for certain things." 

"Like what?" Wonwoo asked.

"When he's drawing or coloring. Or if he's singing a song he'll keep flicking his eyes towards me until I join in." Bumzu explained.

"He always wants to watch Marvel movies, and one time I let him watch a bit of black panther, but as soon as guns started firing off he got scared. Thankfully he didn't slip out of Little space, but I decided that he shouldn't watch any marvel movies anymore. There was a lot of tears."

"Tears?" Jun asked, Bumzu chuckled.

"Yeah, Little Jihoon fake cries to get what he wants. He knows it doesn't work on me, but that doesn't mean he won't try."

"That'd most likely work on Mingyu." Wonwoo commented. Mingyu scoffed.

"No it won't. I'm not that mentally weak." 

Wonwoo rolled his eyes. "Sure…"

"If Jihoon ever told the rest of the group, for sure his fake crying would work on Seungcheol hyung." Jun said, smiling at the thought of their leader being wrapped around Jihoon's finger.

"Can we please listen to what else Bumzu hyung has to say? I didn't eat anything before coming here because someone wanted us to come here early." Wonwoo complained before the two went further.

"If you want something to eat I have some granola bars in my bag. Take as many as you want." Bumzu said, tossing the young rapper his bag.

"Speaking of food," Bumzu segwayed to a new topic. "Jihoon likes to eat with his hands and he really likes to eat rice. Make sure he uses a fork when he's eating, and don't let him eat more than a bowl and a half of rice. He'll also need someone to feed him his vegetables." 

"That sounds like him." Jun said, Mingyu and Wonwoo nodded their heads.

"He likes making messes, but hates being messy himself. He also doesn't like when I talk about his headspace when he's about to get in it. Jihoon told me it's because he doesn't want me to think of him as just his Little self, so if I think he's about to be Little then I ask him if his head feels fuzzy and that makes him answer honestly. And don't let him have too much screen time because he will find a way to watch things I've told him specifically not to watch." 

"What is he not allowed to watch?" Mingyu asked.

"I'll send you a list I made." Bumzu said, taking out his phone only to be shocked by the time. "You guys should get going though, I'm meeting with someone in half an hour. I'm also pretty sure some of you have schedules today?"

"Oh yeah, I have a schedule with Vernon and Myungho today." Mingyu said, going over to shake hands with Bumzu. 

"Thanks for everything hyung."

Chapter Text

Jihoon still couldn't believe it. After eating his ramen and thinking back to being in his bedroom with Seungcheol he realized that he had almost slipped into his headspace.

How could that be possible?

He had just dropped with Bumzu not too long ago, he should have been fine! But Seungcheol came in, sounding so worried and wanting to make sure he was okay felt good .

He wanted Seungcheol to be their for him, but he also didn't in fear of the rest of the members seeing him act so childish.

Why was it that telling three members his secret make his guard suddenly go down?

"I can hear you thinking from my room, hyung." Chan said, entering the living room and taking a spot next to Jihoon on the couch.

"What's on your mind?"

"Nothing, it's dumb." Jihoon said, handing the younger the remote to the tv.

"Is it about Seungcheol thinking you're sick?" Chan asked flipping between channels before staying on a k-drama.

"How would you know that?" Jihoon tried to not ask in a hostile tone, feeling his heart skip a beat.

"Overheard him talking to Joshua and Jeonghan about it. I heard Jeonghan coo, but I don't know why." Chan said, and as if on cue Jeonghan entered the room with Seungcheol and Joshua with him.

"Jihoonie," Jeonghan said as he went over to Jihoon, kneeling to be eye level with him. "If you're sick you should tell someone. And even if you're not, take it easy before we have to go on tour."

"Jeonghan's right," Joshua said. "It would be bad if you got sick all of a sudden."

"And about that. I don't think you should be going to the studio that much right now. You have songs ready for the next album already, as well as the lyrics. Just take a few days off from going their." Seungcheol said seriously. 

Jihoon looked shocked at the sudden revelation. "You can't do that! You're not the boss of me and what I do in my free time!"

"Technically I am the boss of you." Seungcheol said, standing firm in his new rule for the producer.

"No!" Jihoon said, standing up in anger. "I'm not gonna follow your dumb rule!" 

" Jihoon ." Jeonghan said, stopping Jihoon from walking over to Seungcheol by grabbing his wrist.

"Let.go." Jihoon said, trying to snatch his hand back. He couldn't believe how the older members were treating him right now!

"We're home!" Jun announced, successfully stopping a fight that was about to ensue between Jihoon and Seungcheol.

"Is everyone okay?" Jun asked, noticing how everyone in the living room looked really tense.

"We're fine." Jihoon said, still trying to tug his wrist away from Jeonghan.

"You don't look okay. Did something happen while we were away?" Wonwoo asked as he got closer to Jihoon.

Jihoon clenched his jaw as he felt the fuzziness in his head start to comeback. He really couldn't think of a reason as to why it was starting up again, because even with Bumzu he never felt the unnecessary need to drop when they were together.

He had a schedule for a reason, and without it Little space would get in the way of his daily life. 

So he thought of the pros and cons of telling the two that he had almost slipped into Little space this morning. And in front of Seungcheol.

But as he thought more about it, tuning out the conversation the members older than him (plus Chan) were having, it started to morph into the pros and cons of telling all the members about his little space and not keeping it to just three of them.

And the pros outweighed the cons.

"I have to tell you guys something." Jihoon interrupted them. "I already told Mingyu, Jun and Wonwoo, but all of you should know too."

"Is it something bad?" Chan asked. Jihoon gave him a skeptical look.

"What? No, it's not bad. Just something I've never told anyone in our group." Jihoon said. 

"Oh, it's just that you said it so seriously, I thought you were going to say you were going to die or something." Chan explained. 

Jihoon rolled his eyes before taking his phone out and opening the group chat. He sent the same links he had sent Jun, Mingyu and Wonwoo before turning off notifications, already knowing that the members would blow up his phone with questions.

"Oh my… that's adorable!" Jeonghan said, having opened and read a bit of one of the links already. Jihoon started to slowly walk away from the living room and towards his bedroom were, hopefully, he could hide away from most of the members.

But Jeonghan wouldn't let because he quickly responded by grabbing the youngers sweatshirt sleeve and stopping his movements.

"Jihoonie, why didn't you tell us this? You know we wouldn't judge." Jeonghan said, bringing Jihoon in for a hug. Jihoon didn't reciprocate the hug, but it didn't seem to bother the older at all.

"I'm gonna tell the group chat that we're going to have a meeting later tonight." Seungcheol said, already trying to do damage control as the group chat started to blow up.

"I should have sent those after locking myself in the bathroom." Jihoon sighed as Jeonghan led him to the couch, continuing to read the other links.

With every new thing he read about Little Space, Jeonghan would coo, pinch Jihoon's cheek, or just generally baby him, but it wasn't anything different that he would do to members who successfully did aegyo. Except Jihoon was just standing still and he was getting treated like that. 

It was going to be a long day.

Chapter Text

"Why are you still here?" Wonwoo asked. Jihoon gave the older a skeptical look as he continued to lay on the couch.

"I live here?" Jihoon answered.

"No, I mean why aren't you in your room? Jeonghan isn't here to make you stay anymore." Wonwoo explained. Jihoon shrugged his shoulders.

"Don't want to get up. Too much work." Jihoon said, sliding further down on the couch.

Wonwoo said nothing else. If Jihoon wanted to stay in the living room then he wouldn't bother him about it. 

"What's everyone saying? On the group chat." Jihoon asked. Wonwoo looked at the other, but Jihoon wouldn't look at him, instead he picked at his nails. Wonwoo didn't really care though.

"Vernon and Myungho sent the same meme at the same time. It has a lot of hearts surrounding a Kermit doll. I assume it's because they found what you sent cute." Wonwoo said, going onto the group chat to both tell Jihoon what was going on, and to see it himself.

"They're so weird." Jihoon said, but there was no malice in the words he said.

"They are." Wonwoo agreed with a smile. 

"All the members pretty much said it's cute. Seungkwan said 'Is that why you meet with Bumzu hyung every other week even when we have schedules?'. Mingyu replied and told him yes." Wonwoo said as he continued to scroll through the chat. "Chan, Soonyoung and Seokmin asked some questions too, all of which Mingyu answered before Seungcheol said that we're going to have a meeting tonight once everyone is back." 

Jihoon sighed once Wonwoo finished talking. He knew that it would come to them sitting together to talk about his headspace, but he really wished it wasn't so soon. It was always a mess when it came to having meetings in the dorm. The last time they had a meeting in the dorm  BooSeokSoon started debating (shouting) with each other, Seungcheol was stressing and trying to calm everyone down, Wonwoo had left within five minutes of it and somehow some of Minghao's blue paint ended up on the ceiling. 

It was a miracle that they were able to cover that up before Seungcheol or their managers found out about it.

So Jihoon could only assume that it would be ten times worse this time around.

"I'm gonna take a nap." Jihoon said to no one in particular, already feeling drained from the meeting that hasn't happened.




Mingyu arrived at the dorm with Vernon and Minghao a few steps behind him. Entering into the dorm he could hear a lot of talking, but no yelling, which was the biggest surprise.

And as he walked into the living room all eyes were on him.

"Hyung!" Seungkwan shouted, only to get shooshed by Wonwoo. "Hyung, can you explain all of this?" Seungkwan said more quietly.

Mingyu tilted his head. "Didn't you read the links Jihoon hyung sent? Those explained everything pretty well."

Seungkwan sighed while rolling his eyes. "I did, but I don't understand why he would send them."

"I already told you Seungkwan-ah, it's because Jihoon does that to de-stress." Wonwoo explained, crossing his arms over his chest.

"No you didn't." 

Wonwoo raised an eyebrow, opening his mouth to say something before Seokmin beat him to it.

"He did, he told all of us in the living room, but you weren't listening."

Seungkwan pouted before going back to sitting in the living room.

"Where is Jihoon hyung?" Vernon asked. Mingyu looked around the living, and sure enough everyone minus Jihoon, Seungcheol and Jeonghan were in the living room.

Wonwoo and Jun both pointed to Mingyu and Jihoon's room.

"Seungcheol and Jeonghan have been trying to get Jihoon out of the room for the last ten minutes, but they haven't been really successful." Joshua told them. 

Just as he finished talking a thud sounded in the bedroom along with someone faintly saying, "Please stop putting up a fight!"

Mingyu looked around the room, none of them seeming to care at what was happening in his room.

So deciding to take it into his own hands, and also because he didn't want any of his things to get torn apart, Mingyu was about to walk to his room to help Seungcheol and Jeonghan. Only that they walked out just as he was about to walk in.

And Jihoon was pissed.

"Move." Seungcheol said, struggling to keep Jihoon in his grip. 

Seungcheol was holding Jihoon chest-to-chest, one arm keeping his biceps to his side's and the other on one of his hips. Jihoon also had his legs wrapped in his blue blanket so he wouldn't kick anyone.

Mingyu stepped aside, allowing Seungcheol to walk to the couch were Jun and Seokmin immediately got up to give him room to sit. Once sat down he put Jihoon on his lap, but the younger immediately tried scoot away.

"Stop acting like a child Jihoon." Seungcheol snapped, making everyone in the room still. Jihoon looked at the older, eyes wide and mouth slightly open.

"'m sorry." Jihoon mumbled, tucking into himself. Seungcheol sighed, bringing the youngers head to his neck.

"Jihoonie, I know you don't want to talk about, and I get it, it must be really scary." Seungcheol started out. "But you have to. We all have questions about it, I'm sure, and you're our only way of understanding this on a deeper leave."

"Plus, we've been living together for years, we've seen the good and bad of everyone here."Jeonghan said, running his hands through Jihoon's hair.

"We're family, hyung and we'll be together through thick and thin." Mingyu said.

Jihoon snorted, looking up and meeting Mingyu's eyes. "That's so cheesy."

Mingyu chuckled and soon enough everyone was smiling.

Seungcheol then brought Jihoon in for another hug, this time the younger reciprocated a bit and hugged him back but not for too long.

"So, explain to us why you do what you do." Seungcheol started off.

"Can I get off your lap first?" Jihoon asked. Seungcheol shook his head with a pout, making members in the room snicker. Jihoon blushed, but didn't put up a fight.

"You guys know I don't like going out and how I'm either online, sleeping or just...being at home and doing nothing when we aren't working. I realized that some of the time I wasn't myself? It's hard to explain with you all being so quiet."

"If it'll make you comfortable I can sing some background music?" Seungkwan offered. Jihoon huffed out a laugh, but didn't say no, so Seungkwan proceeded to gently sing their song hug.

"Uh, yeah sometimes I would be Little without really knowing. Sometimes I would go into one of your guys room and take a stuffed animal just so I could have something to hug. And when I get out of that part of my mind I tend to feel more refreshed and a little lighter."

"How did Bumzu hyung find out before all of us?" Seungcheol asked.

Jihoon shrugged his shoulders, "It just happened randomly. We weren't even producing or working on anything when I just went in to hug him and I ended up knocking out."

"When did that happen?" Jeonghan asked.

"More than a year ago."

Suddenly it was like Hell broke loose as members started voicing their sadness or disappointment in not being trusted. Jihoon saw from the sideline that Jeoghan got up and left, his head probably hurting from the sudden noise.

"Guys, quiet!" Joshua shouted, stopping everyone who was shouting. 

"I didn't want to tell you guys because I don't want to get treated like a baby as if it's the new normal. I didn't mean to have Bumzu hyung find out, but after the little 'nap' incident Bumzu didn't care about how I had acted." Jihoon explained, feeling Seungcheol rubbing his stomach a little bit which, unsurprisingly, was making his head feel fuzzy.

"The only person who treats you like a baby is Jeonghan. But he does that to everyone younger than him." Joshua said, everyone in the room nodded their heads. Chan even sighed.

"Can we ever meet little you?" Soonyoung asked, eyes looking oh so hopeful for his response.

"One day you will, just not today." Jihoon said. Soonyoung nodded with a tiny pout, obviously wanting to meet Little Jihoon today.

"Are there actions or things that make you feel Little? Cause you said hugging Bumzu hyung made you go into Little space." Minghao asked.

"I guess hugging and cuddling, but only when I'm already about to go into Little space. My blankets help put me into my headspace too, and so does watching movies, like Into the Spiderverse."

"Is that one of your approved movies?" Mingyu asked absentmindedly. Suddenly all eyes were going back and forth between Mingyu and Jihoon.

Jihoon felt his face heat up and he was sure everyone could see him blushing. It was only a second later that it dawned on Mingyu that he had said that in front of everyone and started to blush as well.

Jihoon quickly undid the blanket around him before walking into his room, not caring that he hasn't had dinner yet. He could always eat dinner when everyone was out of the living room and wasn't watching him.

Chapter Text

Mingyu had apologized for outing one of Jihoon's rules that Bumzu had made for him that night. Seeing how remorseful the taller was he couldn't help but accept the apology. And also because he didn't want it to be awkward when they went to sleep later on.

Jihoon knew that they would find out about  Bumzu's rules, but he had been hoping it wouldn't be so soon. Now they knew he had Little space only movies and Seungcheol was for sure going to get that list from Bumzu.

Turns out it was pretty soon.




It's been a couple of days since Jihoon had told the group about his headspace and thankfully the members were still being themselves. No awkwardness, just loud, annoying and weird. 

It was comfortable.

Jihoon walked out of the shower, feeling sufficiently clean and relaxed after working such a long day. Not to mention feeling a bit little.

Going on reflex he opened his chat with Bumzu, texting him that he was feeling Little before sending it.

Zuzu Hyung

Thank you for telling me that, but you should also tell your members

Jihoon pouted at the message.


But they get loud 

Zuzu Hyung

Tell them to be a little quieter

If you can't do it I can always ask Cheol to tell them for you



Jihoon walked into his room, crawling into his bed and grabbing his pink blanket to cuddle it. He went on his Disney+ account before scrolling through all the choices and clicking on Black Panther. 

He was ten minutes into it before there was a soft knock on his door. Jihoon was too relaxed to say anything, plus if they really needed him they would just enter.

Sure enough Seungcheol entered the room with some fried chicken and a sippy cup of juice. Jihoon furrowed his eyebrows and wondered when the leader had bought such a thing, but shrugged it off.

"I brought you dinner Hoonie." Seungcheol said. 

"Thanks." Jihoon said, sitting upright to grab the food and drinks from him. In doing so it allowed Seungcheol to see what he was watching.

"I don't think you're allowed to watch that Hoonie." Seungcheol pointed out. Jihoon looked at him with a pout, effectively shooting his heart with an arrow.

"But I wanna watch it…" Jihoon said, starting to tear up. Panicking, Seungcheol sat down on the bed and brought him into a hug.

"I know you like the movie, but you have to watch something more appropriate." Seungcheol reasoned. Jihoon whined and kicked one of his feet.

"I wanna watch this!" Jihoon shouted. Seungcheol let go of the hug and put the younger at arms length to look him in the eyes.

"Bumzu hyung told me that it'll give you a nightmare when you go to sleep, so no Black Panther, understand?" Seungcheol softly said, hoping the younger would stop putting up a fight.

Instead, Jihoon got up and ran out of the room with his phone in his hands. Except he didn't make it out too far before pumping into someone.

"Hyung? Are you all right?" Seokmin asked. Jihoon looked at him with teary eyes, of course shocking his friend, before falling to the ground to softly cry. 

Seokmin of course panicked, picking up his hyung and carrying him while rubbing his back in circles to calm him down. Jihoon allowed him to do so as he wrapped his legs and arms around the taller.

"Give him here." Seungcheol asked once he walked out into the hallway and saw Seokmin cradling Jihoon. Instead of switching Jihoon over to Seungcheol, Seokmin gave his hyung a questioning look.

"He's in Little space right now."Seungcheol explained. "I already asked Bumzu hyung everything about handling him, so let me take over."

And as Seokmin walked over to Seungcheol, intent on letting their leader handle this, Jihoon turned his head around, no longer crying and blew a raspberry towards Seungcheol before clinging even more to Seokmin.

"Nuh-uh, you're coming with me young man and that's final." Seungcheol said, realizing that Jihoon was most likely fake crying to get them wrapped around his finger.

It almost worked on him, but now he worried for the other members.

"Stayin' here." Jihoon said, ducking his head into Seokmin's shoulder. The younger vocalist gave Seungcheol a helpless smile.

"I can take care of him, seeing as he doesn't want to let go of me." Seokmin said, but the look Seungcheol gave him after he said that meant this wasn't up for debate.

"Is everything okay?" Jeonghan asked. Everyone turned towards the second oldest with varying degrees of help in their eyes.

Seokmin because he didn't know what to do, Seungcheol because he needed someone on his side to back him up, and Jihoon because he didn't want to be part of this confrontation anymore.

"Jeonghan…"Seungcheol said in  exasperation, walking over to him and whispering something in his ear.

"You're being ridiculous, Cheol. Let him do what he wants to do." Jeonghan said.

"I'm not being ridiculous, I'm just trying to do what Bumzu hyung told me to do." Seungcheol explained. Jeonghan crossed his arms and looked at Jihoon, who seemed very happy that Jeonghan was on his side.

"I think we should learn about this with, what's it called? Oh, on-hands experience. That way we can have our own rules instead of relying on Bumzu." Jeonghan said. Seungcheol sighed before walking away. He knew that Jeonghan wouldn't break his stance.

"Hannie." Jihoon called out, making grabby hands towards Jeonghan. Both members of the vocal team chuckled at their leaders antics before they did a quick exchange. Jihoon gladly disentangled himself from Seokmin before clinging onto Jeonghan.

"I'll take him to my room." Jeonghan said out loud. Seokmin just nodded his head before going back to his room.

"Hungry Hannie."Jihoon mumbled, nuzzling into Jeonghan's neck.

"I'll get you food in a bit, I can't carry you and food at the same time." Jeonghan explained. 

Jihoon nodded his head, feeling pretty sleepy now too. He used a lot of energy to trick Seungcheol and Seokmin earlier and all he wanted was to eat and then go to sleep.

Dozing off a bit Jihoon didn't realize that they had made it into the room until he felt something wrap around him and get put into someone else's arms. 

"I'm gonna go get him some food." Jeonghan said.

"You don't have to, I brought his food from his room. Thankfully he didn't drop any of it when he ran out." Seungcheol said. The sound of his voice woke Jihoon up from his daze. He lifted his head up to glare angrily at his hyung, but the look must not have come off as angry because Seungcheol smiled and Jeonghan cooed.

"He looks like an angry kitten." Jeonghan gushed, but it only made Jihoon more upset.

They tricked him!

"Don't be upset Jihoonie, you can still watch a movie with us." Seungcheol said. Jihoon lit up a little bit.

"Panther?" He asked, but Seungcheol shook his head no.

"Don't start crying, I know you don't mean it." Seungcheol said, squishing Jihoon's cheeks. The younger turned his head away, crossing his arms with a huff.

"Meanie."Jihoon mumbled. 

"Excuse me? Do you want to repeat that?" Seungcheol asked. Jihoon felt his face heat up and he was sure if the light was on, they would see that he was as red as a tomato.

" Jihoon ." Seungcheol said. Jihoon uncrossed his arms before diving in to hug the older.

"Sorry." Jihoon apologized. Seungcheol accepted the hug and it let Jihoon know that he wasn't mad with him.

"Alright then, go ahead and eat and then we'll watch a movie, okay?" Seungcheol said. 

Jihoon nodded his head before being led to the floor, the older not wanting crumbs on his bedsheets. Jihoon quietly ate while Jeonghan and Seungcheol talked for a bit.

Once the younger was done eating, he turned around and lifted his arms up to be picked up.

"Lets clean you up before watching a movie and going to bed, okay?" Seungcheol said, picking up Jihoon and resting him on his hip. From the side he saw Jeonghan pick up the dirty dishes before leaving to put them in the sink, leaving the door slightly ajar.

Jihoon nodded, wrapping his legs around Seungcheol's waist and one arm around his shoulder.

Thankfully no members saw them, which made Jihoon very happy because he wasn't sure he could handle meeting anymore people while in Little space. They were done quickly before walking hand-in-hand back to the leaders room. 

"Go lay down with Hannie, I'm gonna put on a movie." Seungcheol said as he typed in his password on his computer.

"Panther?" Jihoon asked hopefully.

"No baby, we aren't watching Black Panther." Seungcheol said, not realizing what he called Jihoon.

"Not a baby." Jihoon said, stomping his foot on the ground. "Want Panther."

"Hoonie, come here." Jeonghan said, pulling the younger away from Seungcheol as to not let another argument happen.

Jihoon relented, going on the bed with Jeonghan and waited for Seungcheol to put on the movie and join them in laying down. 

Soon enough the beginning of a Studio Ghibli started playing before the first scene of Spirited Away appeared on screen. Seungcheol took his place next to Jihoon, effectively putting him in the middle.

It was a bit difficult to watch the movie, so as a result the younger put his head on Seungcheol's chest. It was comfortable, especially when he started drifting to sleep and could hear the older's heartbeat.

"He's so cute. It feels like my heart is going to burst." Seungcheol whispered to Jeonghan. The vocalist smiled before gently rubbing Jihoon's stomach. The action made the younger relax more, even going as far as to cuddle further into Seungcheol's chest.

"You happy he went into his headspace before we left?" Jeonghan asked. Seungcheol nodded his head, wrapping an arm loosely around Jihoon.

"It's gonna be weird without you guys around." Seungcheol said, fondly looking at Jihoons sleeping face. "But I can always call you guys whenever I'm missing you all."

"I'm not gonna answer your call." Jeonghan joked. Seungcheol went to slap the vocalist arm, but he dodged it with a smile.

"I'm kidding, I'll pick up your call."

"Thank you, I know that was hard for you to say." Seungcheol joked back. The other stuck out his tongue as a childish retaliation before going back to quietly watching the movie.

They were at the part were Chihiro and No Face were going to Zibaba's sisters house when Jeonghan talked again.

"Is there a name you want him to call you in Little space? Ya know, when he's more comfortable with us."

Seungcheol thought about is, rubbing Jihoon's back since the younger had turned in his sleep and was cuddling with him even more.

"What do you want him to call you?" Seungcheol asked instead.

"Appa, I don't want him to call me Eomma."

Seungcheol laughed. "Who should be Eomma then?"

"I don't know, Mingyu?" Jeonghan answered, making Seungcheol laugh again. Jihoon grumbled in his sleep, making both older men apologize for disturbing his sleep.

"You didn't answer my question." Jeonghan said once they knew Jihoon wouldn't wake up and be angry with them.

"...Daddy. I want him to call me Daddy." Seungcheol confessed. Jeonghan bit his knuckles as to not make any noise.

"I'm sure Jihoon will call you that. You two have always been really close." Jeonghan said. 

Seungcheol smiled, hugging Jihoon a bit tighter.

He was glad to have this interaction with Little Jihoon before they all went on their U.S tour. He wouldn't have any of the members around for quite a while, but he was planning on using that time to learn more things from Bumzu and getting things that Jihoon could use in Little space.

But right now all he wanted to do was cuddle with Jihoon.

Chapter Text

Jihoon flopped onto one of the beds in the hotel room. He was already tired once he came into the room after finishing tonight's concert, but once he got out of the shower it felt like the tiredness started to seep all the way down into his bones. 

Closing his eyes and starting to drift into dreamland he could feel the typical fuzziness starting to appear in his head after working a hard day. He was about to fall asleep, the only noise in the room coming from Vernon taking a shower, when his stomach growled loudly.

I just wanna sleep , Jihoon thought. He kept his eyes closed, hoping the growl was only a one off thing, but as he started to relax again his stomach growled so loudly he was sure Vernon could hear it.

So he sat up, squinting his eyes at the phone in the room. He could call room service right now, but he wasn't sure he would be able to form any type of sentence in English right now with how tired and Little he felt.

Thankfully Vernon exited the bathroom at the right moment. It took only one low growl from Jihoon's stomach for Vernon to take the initiative and call room service for them.

"What do you want to eat hyung?" Vernon asked. Jihoon tried not to let the formality visibly bother him, but it did thankfully take him a bit out of headspace. 

"A cheeseburger...and a slice of chocolate cake." Jihoon said. 

Vernon nodded his head before dialing room service and conversing in English. He was off the call pretty quick, crossing the room to grab the remote for the tv. Jihoon watched intently as the younger looked through movies before he landed on Into the Spiderverse and put it on.

"Oh, I should have asked you what you wanted to watch. Sorry." Vernon apologized. Jihoon shook his head.

"I like Spiderverse. The music is good." Jihoon said, keeping his sentences short and to the point. 

Vernon smiled at his hyung before going on his bed to watch Spiderverse.

Jihoon watched the movie as well, but he debated in telling Vernon that he was probably gonna go into Little space. On one hand he didn't want to tell the younger in fear of how he would be viewed, but on the other hand it would be helpful for him to know instead of seeing his hyung acting so differently.

Then there was the other side of going into Little space. Back in the dorm, after his first drop in front of Seungcheol, Jeonghan and Seokmin, he had promised the leader that he would text him when he was little. The only downside to that was that he would have to go room with Jeonghan, as he was the only member that had Jihoon's rules on his phone and had interacted with Little Jihoon.

And he really didn't want to do any of that.

"You okay, hyung?" Vernon asked when he hadn't heard anything coming from Jihoon's side.

"Um…" Jihoon stuttered, playing with his fingers and not looking at the younger. "I'm feeling Little."

There was a pause. Jihoon was preparing himself for the worst.

"Ok, do you need anything for it? Like, is there something in your suitcase that you want?" Vernon asked. The genuine care the younger was showing almost made Jihoon cry, but he held it in.

"My blankie, please." Jihoon asked. 

Vernon nodded his head before walking over to Jihoon's suitcase. Thankfully when he opened it the blanket was right on top of his clothes and he didn't have to go searching for it.

"Here you go." Vernon said, handing over the pink blanket. Jihoon took it with both hands before nuzzling it.

Just as Vernon was about to lay down again, someone knocked on the door. Forgetting that they had ordered room service Jihoon hid his blanket underneath the bed as Vernon went to go and see who it was.

But it was only their food and not Jeonghan magically knowing Jihoon had slipped into his headspace without telling him.

Letting out a sigh of relief, Jihoon dropped off of the bed to get on the ground and grab his blanket from underneath the bed. He stood up and went over to were Vernon had set up their food, smiling happily once he saw his food.

He sat down across the younger, pink blanket in his grasp, before he started to eat his cheeseburger. They ate in silence for the most part, with Into the Spiderverse being their only background noise.

Everything was going well until Jihoon started to eat his Chocolate cake. He had offered some to Vernon, but the younger shook his head no. Jihoon didn't persist and went in to eat his cake, except he did it without any utensils.

He had only went in for one bite, frosting and crumbs covering his right hand before he went in for the next. Except this time he got stopped.

"Use a fork, not your hands." Vernon said, wiping the chocolate frosting and crumbs off with a napkin. Jihoon pouted during the whole thing.

"Think you can do this by yourself?" Vernon asked, handing the vocalist a fork to eat his cake with.

 Of the few things he remembered from reading the Little space posts, some Littles, depending on their head space age, lost dexterity and needed help when eating. Sure, Jihoon had eaten the cheeseburger by himself, but that was with his hands. Eating cake with a fork was a whole different thing.

But Jihoon was stubborn and didn't want to seem like a baby, so he grabbed the fork and started to eat his cake with determination.

Vernon smiled as he watched his hyung eat the cake with the fervor of a child, but then again he kind of was one at the moment, huh?

"You're going to need to brush your teeth." He reminded the blond once the cake was all gone. Jihoon looked up with a pout, but went to go and do as he was told.

Taking his blanket with him he walked to his suitcase, grabbed his toothbrush and travel sized toothpaste before walking into the bathroom.

Doing the mundane routine allowed Jihoon to think about what was going on. It was nice and relaxing, especially when Vernon stepped into the role of caregiver.

But was Vernon a caregiver?

No, he was more like a babysitter. He wasn't making him follow dumb rules, and he didn't even get disappointed when he saw him eating the cake with his hand! All he did was clean up his hand and make him eat it with a fork. 

Plus he was sure if he asked they could watch Black Panther together.

So with a swish of mouthwash and a spit he walked out of the bathroom and got ready to ask Vernon to watch Black Panther. 

"Nonie?" Jihoon said, voice sounding quiet and unsure.

"Yeah?" Vernon asked, a little smile on his face once he heard the new nickname Little Jihoon gave him.

"Can we watch...Black Panther?" Jihoon asked. Vernon nodded his head and a sense of relief filled Jihoon's body.

"After this is finished, okay?" Vernon said. Jihoon nodded his head before grabbing his blanket and laying down. 

The movie was at the iconic part were Miles suites up and gets ready to go after the other Spider-Men. Both Vernon and Jihoon were humming along to the song that was playing, completely immersed.

Surprisingly there weren't anymore knocks on their door, but Jihoon was happy for the surprise.

As the movie went on Jihoon's eyes started to droop, his tired and sleepiness starting to catch up to him. But they were at the last scene were Peter and Miles are fighting King Pin, which meant he only had to stay awake for a little longer.


Need sugar... Jihoon thought. But then he remembered that he was with Vernon, not Bumzu or Seungcheol or Jeonghan who would say no if he asked for sweets to late at night.

"Nonie?" Vernon looked over, no sign of sleepiness visible on his face.

"Can I haves ice cream? Please?" Jihoon asked.

"Sure, what flavor do you want?" Vernon asked, going to pick up the phone. 

"'nilla!" Jihoon smiled and clapped his hands in joy as he heard Vernon put in the order. 

It wasn't long before the first movie was over and the next was put on. It also didn't take too long before Jihoon's ice cream arrived, which was very needed if he wanted to stay up and watch Black Panther.

The cold and sweet delicacy let Jihoon stay up for half the movie, which was more than he could have asked for, but then again he had been eating it slowly to keep his body and mind awake.

Once the sugar wore off Jihoon couldn't stay up any longer. So he went under the covers, cuddled his pink blanket and went off to sleepy town.

Chapter Text

Vernon woke up in the middle of the night, or what he assumed was the middle of the night, due to someone shuffling around the room.

He cracked open his eyes a little bit, trying to make out what was going on, but the only light coming in was from the moon.

"Jihoon?" Vernon said, wondering if it was the older moving about. Sure enough the shuffling stopped.

"Oh, sorry for waking you up Vernon. You can go back to sleep, I won't be taking too long to finish." Jihoon replied. The younger just nodded before putting his head back onto his pillows.

"What happened though?" Vernon asked, slowly blinking before opening his eyes. He tried to make out what his hyung was doing but with such little light in the room he couldn't see a thing.

"Nothing, just go to sleep." Jihoon said, putting the last new blanket onto his bed. Vernon said nothing, probably to go back to sleep, which was a very good thing.

Crawling back to bed, Jihoon held onto his pink blanket tightly. He couldn't believe what had happened. All he had done was watch one movie with prominent violence (i.e. stabbing, blood, someone close to death, etc) while in little space and he had ended up... wetting the bed .

Now he knew why Bumzu had made him a list of Little appropriate movies. At the time he thought he was being overprotective, but this just put the nail in the coffin.

So he went to bed once again, regretting ever even wanting to watch Black Panther while in his headspace.




Vernon noticed something was bothering Jihoon ever since the night he had woken to the sound of his hyung shuffling around the room. When he woke up the second time he noticed Jihoon's bed looked different. It looked like it had been remade.

Not to mention the fact that Jihoon had woken up with totally different clothes from the night before. Vernon had shot him a questioning look, but had gotten a glare in return.

He didn't ask anymore questions.

They hadn't even really talked about the night Jihoon went into Little space at all, which was a shame because he had wanted to know if he had done a good job.

It only got hostile when they were in their hotel room together and Vernon honestly hated it, but he decided to give Jihoon some space if he really needed it.




They were at their fourth concert, rehearsing at the stadium, doing sound check, everything they needed to do before hand to make sure the concert was good and Jihoon still seemed a bit hostile. 

Vernon had confronted Jihoon about what was going on and if he wanted to talk about it through text, but his message had only gotten read and no response was sent.

So he had to take this up with one of the older members.

He wasn't sure If he should go to Jeonghan or Joshua with this problem. Then again back when Jihoon told them his secret in the group chat Mingyu was the one to answer the members questions, so could he ask Mingyu too...

Thankfully he didn't have to question it any longer when Jeonghan approached him in the dressing room.

"You okay, Vernon?" Jeonghan asked. He had never really seen Vernon so deep in thought that he would furrow his eyebrows and glare at the ground.

"Jihoon hyung isn't talking to me." Vernon told him.

Jeonghan raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean? You guys were just talking about if Jun had switched our water bottles around when we weren't looking. Before that you were talking about the latest episode of My Hero Academia with Seokmin and Soonyoung."

"We only talk when people are around. He won't really talk to me if we're by ourselves, like, in our hotel room." Vernon explained. Jeonghan crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against the wall.

"When did this happen?" Jeonghan asked.

"Two concerts ago. One night he told me he was going to go into Little space and I told him that was okay and asked if he needed anything. After that we ate a late dinner and watched some movies before going to sleep. I'm pretty sure something happened in the night, but he won't tell me." Vernon explained. Jeonghan sighed before running his hands through his hair.

"...Okay then. I'll talk to him after the concert is done and we're back at the hotel." Jeonghan said. Vernon nodded his head before walking away.




Jihoon walked into his hotel room, kicking off his shoes before making his way to his bed like a zombie. All he wanted to do was take a quick nap before going to take a shower, but when his body came into contact with the bed it felt like he was on a cloud and it would have been so easy to just shut off his brain and sleep.

"Wow Jihoon, going to sleep without taking a shower? I would never expect that from you." Jeonghan called out. 

Jihoon shifted his body, facing the entryway to see Jeonghan and Vernon.

"What are you doing here?" Jihoon asked.

Jeonghan walked over to him, sitting down on the edge of the bed before crossing his legs and looking down at Jihoon.

"Vernon told me about how you slipped into your headspace." Jeonghan paused, allowing the statement to settle before continuing. "And that afterwards you wouldn't talk to him when you two were alone, but you would act like everything was normal whenever we were all together. While I'm glad you didn't let whatever was affecting you to show onstage during our concerts I don't think you should toy with Vernon like that."

Jihoon said nothing, he just slowly sat up, eyes flickering between Jeonghan and Vernon. Both of them didn't look too happy with him.

Taking a deep breathe, as if to prepare himself to say something, Jihoon leapt off his bed and made a run for the front door.

He successfully got out of the room, Jeonghan calling out to him, before he ran face first into someone.

"Seungcheol's leader sense is so creepy…" Joshua said, looking down at Jihoon who had fallen on the ground. Before the younger could make another run for it Joshua bent down to pick him up, bringing him straight to his hotel room before shutting and locking the door.

He walked to Jihoon's bed, sitting down on it with Jihoon still in his grasp.

" Jihoon ." Jeonghan sternly said, arms crossed over his chest.

"I don't want to talk about it! It's embarrassing." Jihoon said, wiggling viciously to get out of Joshua's arms.

"Vernon, can you go downstairs to the lobby? I ordered some things from Postmates and I don't want to keep the delivery person waiting." Joshua told Vernon, who just nodded and left the room.

"I.Want.Out." Jihoon said, continuing the wiggle in Joshua's hold.

"You can get out once you tell us what's wrong." Jeonghan said, scooting closer to both Joshua and Jihoon.

The younger scowled, his cheeks going red.

Jeonghan sighed before he whispered something into Joshua's ear. The younger 95 liner nodded his head before looking down at Jihoon.

"You can tell us anything and it won't affect how we see you. You know we love you." Joshua told Jihoon, keeping eye contact with the younger the entire time. Jihoon looked away with a huff, but then Jeonghan pinched his exposed cheek with a coo.

"You always try to act tough, but you're one of our cutest, sweetest and most hardworking members. We'll always love you." Jeonghan said.

Jihoon's face became red, not looking at either of his hyungs before trying to hide away from them by burying his face into Joshua's chest.

He heard both of them coo at his shyness, and he could feel his headspace wanting to peak it's head out. He did want to be Little, to be taken care of, but after what happened last time, he was afraid. 

Not to mention that he himself found it weird. He had always thought he was a bit on the higher end of Little space, most likely around five, and last time he checked five year olds didn't wet the bed.

"Jihoon, please tell us what's wrong." Joshua asked, voice soft and caring. He could see that Jihoon was arguing with himself by the way his face twisted in thought.

"Promise not to tell anyone?" Jihoon asked. Jeonghan and Joshua nodded their heads. 

"I wet the bed the last time I was in my headspace. I had a nightmare, I saw all of you dead or dying and...I freaked out, it felt so real and then I started crying and next thing I knew I woke up to this gross feeling around my crotch and...I realized I wet the bed, so I called the front desk and asked for new sheets and cleaned everything up as quietly as I could because I was afraid if Vernon woke up and saw his hyung like that he would get disgusted and never talk to me." Jihoon confessed, lip starting to get wobbly at the end of his rambling.

"One of the links you sent us said that Littles could lose control of basic skills, like tying shoes or realizing they have to go to the bathroom. And from the sounds of it I don't find it weird that that happened to you. You went to sleep Little, had a really bad dream while still in that headspace and your body's response was to let that happen." Joshua said, and Jihoon felt like he could cry at how understanding the older was.

"You should apologize to Vernon. You don't have to tell him why you started acting so distant to him right now if you don't want to, but make sure to tell him later on, okay?" Jeonghan told Jihoon. 

The younger nodded before finally getting out of Joshua's hold.

"I'm gonna go take a shower." Jihoon said, grabbing clothes from his suitcase. 

He heard both members get off of his bed and hopefully make their way out of his room. Except of course that wouldn't happen because Joshua picked him up again and brought him towards the bathroom were Jeonghan was looking through the assortment of mini sized toiletries.

"What do you think you're doing?" Jihoon asked, clutching his clean clothes like his life depended on it.

"Don't you want to go into your headspace?" Jeonghan asked. Jihoon felt himself blush and taking a quick look at the mirror showed that his cheeks were tomato red.

"Why would you think that?" Jihoon asked.

Both Jeonghan and Joshua had the audacity to shrug their shoulders in response. 

Jihoon let out an angry sigh, trying to think of a way out of this. He had a gut feeling that if both of them were to give him a bath, cooing and gushing about how sweet and cute he was, he might go deeper into headspace.

Something he has only ever done once before.

"Guys, please just let me shower. You can take care of me another time." Jihoon pleaded. 

Joshua and Jeonghan made eye contact with each other, coming to a silent agreement before he was let down and they left the bathroom. As soon as Jeonghan's foot was out the door Jihoon slammed and locked the door shut.

Taking one deep breath in and one deep breath out, Jihoon placed his clothes on the sink countertop before getting the shower ready.

He hoped Vernon wouldn't mind him hogging the bathroom, because he really needed this time to think of a way to apologize.

Chapter Text

Once Jihoon had gotten out of the shower he thought he had come up with a perfect plan to apologize to Vernon. All he had to do was tell him he had enjoyed the time they spent while he was in little space, explain that he later had a nightmare and that he didn't want to tell him about that because he didn't want to come off as a baby to his dongsaeng.

After that he would see if Vernon accepted the apology or not. But in all reality he couldn't see Vernon turning down his explanation or apology.

So keeping the towel on top of his hair he walked out of the bathroom, only to get scared when the front door opened at the same time.

"Ah! You scared me!" Jihoon yelped, clutching the towel on his head to hide his face. 

"Sorry hyung, I didn't mean to." Vernon said, halfway in the room. After a few seconds he walked all the way into the hotel room and shut the door.

"I'm sorry for ignoring you, and for being such a… dick the past few days." Jihoon said instead of going with his preplanned speech. "I didn't mean to act like that, it's just that something happened during the night and I didn't want to tell you about it. I hope you can forgive me."

Vernon said nothing, and the silence was driving Jihoon a bit crazy. 

What if he doesn't accept my apology? Jihoon thought, feeling his stomach twist uncomfortably and his eyes start to sting. He barely recognized the fuzzy feeling in his head, the remnants of his headspace truly wanting to pop out right at this very moment, but he couldn't. If Vernon didn't accept his apology then everything would be ruined.

But then he felt arms envelope his body, and before Jihoon knew it he was hugging back, one tiny tear falling from his eye.

"It's okay hyung, thanks for apologizing." Vernon said, rubbing the olders back comfortably. 

Jihoon nodded his head once, his right hand bunching up some of Vernon's shirt. 

At this moment he really didn't want to let go.




Wonwoo looked at the screen of his Nintendo Switch, debating if he should choose Grookey, Sobble, or Scorbunny as his partner. They were all very cute, but if he couldn't choose which starter he wanted in the beginning, then maybe he should look at the final evolutions.

So grabbing his phone from the nightstand he quickly looked up all the evolutions of he started Pokemon before deciding that Scorbunny would overall be his first pick.

"Finally started playing Pokemon?" Mingyu asked once he came back into the hotel room after eating out with some of the members.

Wonwoo hummed, not looking up because he was too busy battling his rival.

"Which one did you get again?" Mingyu asked as he flopped onto Wonwoo's bed.

"Shield. I liked the legendary on the box better than sword." Wonwoo explained, impatiently mashing the A button to get past all the talking.

There was a comfortable silence between the two. Mingyu watched Wonwoo play his game, putting his input every now and then about the Pokemon the older would encounter in the wild. It was mostly nicknames, but Wonwoo didn't seem to care, in fact he seemed pretty happy with the silly or cute nicknames the taller would spout out once he caught something.

After some time, Wonwoo would guess about thirty minutes? He decided to tell Mingyu what was on his mind. But when he opened his mouth to start talking, he realized that all the preparation he had done earlier when the younger was gone seemed to vanish from his head.

"Is something wrong hyung?" Mingyu asked once he noticed Wonwoo opening and closing his mouth for a few moments.

Wonwoo closed his eyes and took a deep breath before trying to start again.

"Would you think I was weird if I said I wanted to try to be a Little?" Wonwoo softly asked, avoiding eye contact as he felt heat start to spread through his cheeks.

"I don't know, would you think I was weird if I said the same thing?" Mingyu asked instead. 

Wonwoo had never looked at someone so quickly before, watching as Mingyu started to blush himself. They held eye contact for five seconds before they started laughing.

"I'd never… I would never think you were weird if you wanted to be a Little." Mingyu said after they calmed down.

Wonwoo wiped a stray tear from one of his eyes, a smile still on his face. "You do plenty of things that would be considered weird, but being a Little would definitely not make you weird. At least to me."

Mingyu hummed happily, shifting himself around to look up at the ceiling.

"Do you think we should tell someone?" Mingyu asked. 

Wonwoo stopped playing, trying to think back to the links Jihoon sent them. He remembered reading about the definition of Headspace and being a Little on social media accounts, why people went into Little space, the differences between Little space age ranges, basic rules for a Little (and a caregiver), being an independent Little, having a caregiver, etc. 

But he couldn't really remember anything about telling people you wanted to try being a Little.

"I think… we should, but I don't think we have to tell them right now." Wonwoo said after some time passed.

"We should tell at least one of them." Mingyu said, making Wonwoo roll his eyes.

"Who should we tell then?" Wonwoo asked instead of sassing him.

"...Seungcheol Hyung?"

Wonwoo nodded before saving his game and turning of the game system. He opened his texts messaging app before tapping on the leader's name and sending him a short ' Mingyu and I want to try being Littles ' and as an afterthought he sent him a quick ' Good night '.

"We should go to sleep, it's pretty late." Wonwoo said once he turned off his phone.

"What did hyung say?" Mingyu asked as he got up and made his way to the light switch.

Just as Wonwoo was about to tell him that they should worry about that tomorrow because they really needed to get some sleep, his phone started ringing. 

Both of them looked at the screen, noticing that Seungcheol was the one calling. After what felt like forever the ringing stopped.

But then Mingyu's phone started to ring in his pocket. He took it out of his pocket, his face losing a bit of color before he showed the screen to Wonwoo.

"Seungcheol hyung is calling, should I pick it up?" Mingyu asked, adding the first part once he realized Wonwoo wasn't wearing his glasses and couldn't see that far.

Wonwoo shook his head. "I forgot that it was still early back home."

Mingyu nodded, keeping his phone in his hand in fear that if he put it in his pocket he'd either accept the call or deny it. Thankfully it wasn't too long before the ringing from the incoming call stopped. 

Both boys let out a relieved sigh. Mingyu finally turned off the main lights in the hotel room, the last light source being the lamp between both of their beds. Wonwoo waited for the younger to get into bed before he turned it off, not wanting Mingyu to somehow trip on nothing like he had in the last hotel. Once he saw Mingyu pull back the covers and get in did he turn off the lamp.

Wonwoo pulled the blankets up to his chin, trying to take slow breaths to calm himself down. He was panicking a bit because of how quick Seungcheol had read his texts and instead of accepting the fact that it was late where they were the older obviously wanted to talk to them and didn't want to send a text back.

Wonwoo just reasoned that it was because Seungcheol must really want to be a caregiver and had yet to take care of Jihoon in Little space. 

Just as Wonwoo was about to finally go to sleep there was a knock at the door. He felt his breath catch in his throat and could hear Mingyu gasp, but neither of them made a move to get up and see who it was.

"Wonwoo? Mingyu?" Joshua's muffled voice said from behind the door.

Neither of them moved in fear of making too much noise and making the older assume that they were awake and purposely not going to open the door. If Joshua knew that they were awake then he would most likely get one of the managers to open the door so they could talk.

Thankfully that didn't happen as they heard Joshua sigh.

"They're asleep Cheol, I'll talk to them in the morning…" Joshua said, the last of the conversation being too faint to hear as the vocalist walked away.

"We should have talked to him, hyung." Mingyu whispered. 

Wonwoo sighed. "It's one a.m. Mingyu, we need to go to sleep."

Mingyu said nothing, the only sounds he made were shuffles from the bedsheets as he got comfortable.

"Either way, it's not like we would be in a headspace right now. We don't have anything that would make us slip or anything to do." Wonwoo further added. Mingyu hummed in acknowledgement.

Wonwoo tried not to think too much about it. It was something that they would worry about later once they got some sleep.

Chapter Text

"Jihoon, I have a question." Soonyoung suddenly asked.

Everyone stopped doing their stretches or vocal warm ups on stage to look at either Jihoon or Soonyoung. Today was their last day performing in the U.S, so they should be focusing on giving it their all for carats, but they couldn't help themselves to pay attention to what was about to go on

"What is it?" Jihoon asked, tapping his foot impatiently and hating that everyone was paying attention to their conversation. But then again Soonyoung hadn't asked him quietly, he just asked a question from multiple feet away, catching everyone's attention.

Soonyoung walked closer to his member so that they were face-to-face. "Why do you regress?"

Jihoon shrugged his shoulders, seeing members shuffling towards them so they could hear the reason too. "To de-stress."

"Why is it specifically regressing though? And if it were because you were stressed wouldn't you have slipped in front of us before?" Soonyoung asked. Everyone turned their attention to Jihoon to see what he had to say. 

The shorter scrunched up his face in annoyance. "I don't want to get into the details of it right now as to why I regress, let's talk about it when we go back to Korea." Jihoon said as he walked away from the dancer.

"Have you ever slipped when you were with us though?" Mingyu asked.

Jihoon sighed. "Yes, but you wouldn't have realized."

Once Jihoon had said that all the members started to ask when that had happened, but thankfully Jihoon was saved by one of their managers shouting that they were going to start sound checking the equipment.

Thank God , Jihoon thought as they all stood in line to check their mics.




"I don't want to talk about it Soonyoung." Jihoon said as his fellow 96 liner entered the elevator with him.

"No, it's not that. I wanted to ask how you're first time regressing was." Soonyoung asked.

The younger quirked an eyebrow up in question. "Why?"

"Because…" Soonyoung said, putting his hand on the back of his neck. "I think I want to try it? It seems like it could be fun. Especially on days when we don't have anything planned and I don't feel too comfortable going out and just want to stay home. Plus, I mean, it's always nice to get doted on by our members."

Jihoon looked at Soonyoung with a blank face. He noticed that his friend was starting to blush a soft pink that was soon starting to turn darker the longer he was kept quiet.

"It was nice. I liked it a lot because I didn't have to worry about upcoming tracks or our busy schedule. I just focused on myself, which I didn't do too much back then." Jihoon told Soonyoung.

"You should give it a try if you're thinking about it. I think it'll help you out because you always work hard for this group. Plus you're always trying out new dance routines even before I have our title track finished." Jihoon said, turning to the side so he wasn't looking at Soonyoung.

Just as the door was opening Soonyoung tackled Jihoon into a hug. 

" Let go. " Jihoon grit out, keeping his arm out to keep the elevator door from closing.

Soonyoung instead picked the shorter up and walked out of the elevator. It wasn't until they were down the hallway and in front of Jihoon's hotel room that he was let down.

"I'm going to bed." Jihoon mumbled as he took the key out of his pocket.

"No! Let's go out and buy some toys!" Soonyoung said, jumping up and down with puppy eyes.

Jihoon had a feeling that if Soonyoung knew a bit more about headspace, then he would know that he was in between 'Adult' him and 'Little' him right now.

But instead of telling him so, in fear of the slightly older going full Little on him, he just nodded his head in agreement.

Soonyoung squealed happily before grabbing Jihoon's hand and taking him towards the elevator.

"Wait, let's at least get some jackets, it's freezing outside!"




Jihoon huffed as he watched Soonyoung look at two coloring books, one that had Elmo and the other had zoo animals, before dropping them both in the basket they had gotten. The slightly older boy grabbed some crayons, markers and colored pencils and put those in the basket too.

Soonyoung then turned around to get out of the art section to look at the stuffed animals. Jihoon saw his eyes go wide before they turned into crescents, meaning that he was smiling behind his face mask.

"Tiger!" Jihoon happily said a little louder than his normal volume. Jihoon sighed, but he couldn't be mad, at least the older was trying to be quiet and not shout in the store.

"Can I get this tiger?" Soonyoung asked, picking up a stuffed tiger. Jihoon rolled his eyes.

"You're the one buying these things Soonyoung, you don't have to ask for my permission." Jihoon told his friend. 

"But, if I don't ask you, how do I know that I'm getting the right things?" Soonyoung asked, a slight whine in his voice.

"Considering we're in the little kid section, I don't think you'll get something that cant be used for Little space." Jihoon said. 

Soonyoung paused for a second before nodding his head, seeming to like the explanation.

So Soonyoung continued looking through the aisle, picking and choosing things that he really liked until the basket was almost full. It made Jihoon chuckle a bit, because of course Soonyoung would want to go all out.

Then it made him think a bit… 

Should he get more things for his little space? All he had was two blankets, a Pororo coloring book, some crayons to go with said book, and a sippy cup. He never had too much, in fear of his things getting found by the members, but now that they knew, would it benefit him in the long run to buy some things here in the States?

Mulling it over for a bit Jihoon shook his head to himself. If he did want more things he could always buy them online, plus none of the things here in this store caught his attention like it did with Soonyoung.

"Jihoonie, let's go now!" Soonyoung said, catching the younger's attention.

"'Kay, let's go." Jihoon said, grabbing the basket from the ground and walking to self check-out.

"Do you think I should ask Jeonghan hyung to take care of me tonight? I think I might be going into headspace." Soonyoung whispered into Jihoon's ear.

Jihoon shrugged his shoulders. "If you think you're in headspace, then why not? He took care of me a Little bit back at the dorm." 

"Really?" Soonyoung gasped.

Jihoon took the tiger Soonyoung was holding and scanned it before giving it back to him. 

"Yep. Seungcheol was the one that started to take care of me in the first place. Except I remember not really wanting to…" Jihoon said, thinking back to the first day he was little with some of his members. 

It was kind of hazy, but he does remember being upset that day over something, so he assumed it was because someone (Who he didn't know at all in headspace) had taken care of him. Waking up in the leaders bed, with said leader, plus Jeonghan, right next to him and little memories of the night made putting two and two together easy.

"You need to pay." Jihoon said once he rang up the last thing.

Soonyoung took out his wallet and played with his credit card. He grabbed two of the bags, while Jihoon grabbed one before they walked out and made their way back to the hotel.

Chapter Text

Soonyoung never went to Jeonghan after he and Jihoon had returned to the hotel. Both of them instead chose to go to sleep, but by the time they had woken up and went to the airport to catch their flight home Jeonghan was already dotting on the younger. 

Jeonghan had even convinced Chan to switch seats with him once they were on the plane so he could be there if the dancer wanted anything from him.

After a while though, Jihoon stopped paying attention to the two, trying to go to sleep in the uncomfortable enclosed space.




All the members trudged up to their dorm, splitting off into multiple groups because they also needed to take their luggage up with them.

Jihoon was in the first group, alongside Jeonghan and Joshua with their luggage.

"Have you been feeling little lately? Cause if you need to drop, tonight would be good." Jeonghan said as they got off the elevator and walked to their dorm.

"Not really." Jihoon said, the only thing on his mind was going to sleep. He was thankful that their managers had taken them out to eat before going back to the dorms. Jihoon wasn't too sure he would have been up for it if they had gone to the home first.

"You almost went into headspace when we talked to you back in the hotel. Maybe you should try for an hour and if you're not in headspace, we'll leave you alone." Joshua reasoned. Jihoon looked up at him with raised eyebrows.

"An hour? I'm not going to try for an hour." Jihoon said, starting to glare at the older.

"What are you talking about?" Seungcheol suddenly interrupted. Jihoon looked over to see that their leader was taking Jeonghan's luggage into the dorm himself and had heard the tail end of their conversation.

"I'm trying to convince Hoonie that he should try going into headspace tonight, but he's being stubborn." Joshua said, walking over to the leader and standing by his side.

"Why don't you try for a little bit? Just twenty minutes and if you aren't in headspace by then you can go to sleep." Seungcheol reasoned.

"Exactly, it's been some time since you've been little, and I'm sure the stress of this past week has been a lot. You must be feeling a tiny bit of fuzziness right now." Joshua said, earning him a pinch from Seungcheol.

Jihoon couldn't help the stomp he suddenly did, nor could he stop the pout and whine that came along with it.

"I want to sleep now. You two are being unreasonable." Jihoon complained. 

Seungcheol opened his mouth, a certain softness in his eyes, but Jihoon didn't want to hear it. He walked past the two, one luggage in his hand while the other was left in the hallway. He put the first bag in the hallway and brought the second one right next to it when he went back for it.

"Make sure to at least clean yourself up before going to bed." Seungcheol said.

Jihoon huffed, throwing his jacket onto the couch before walking into the bathroom to get himself ready to sleep.

He went to the bathroom, washed his hands, washed his face and brushed his teeth before walking out and going to his room.

"Listen you two I'm-" Jihoon heard Seungcheol say in the living room before he closed his door. 

Thankfully the leader wasn't talking too loudly, so when he got into bed he couldn't hear whatever was happening in the living room.

Just as he felt himself being lulled to sleep, on his side with his arms cuddling his blanket instead of being under it, there was a knock on the door before someone entered.

Assuming it was Mingyu he just kept his eyes closed. He still kept his eyes closed when said person sat on the foot of his bed, and they still stayed closed when he heard Joshua's voice call his name.

"I know you're still awake Hoonie." Joshua softly said, rubbing the youngers calf to try and get a reaction from him.

Jihoon grumbled.

"Do you want to hold one of your special blankets instead of that one?" Joshua asked, trying a different approach.

Jihoon opened one of his eyes and saw that the older member was holding both his pink and blue blanket. He could also make out some type of sippy cup on top of said blankets, but he was more focused on his blankets instead of the cup.

Jihoon held out one of his hands. "Please."

"Please what?" Joshua asked. Jihoon frowned, knowing the older was being difficult on purpose.

"Blanket please." Jihoon said, starting to glare.

"Pink or Blue?" Joshua asked, raising both in the air.

Jihoon huffed. "Pink."

"Okay," Joshua said as he got up and stood in front of the producer. "Lay on your back, I'll cover you up."

Jihoon grumbled, but did as he was told. He let Joshua cover him with the covers he had been cuddling and he even let him move his arms to be wrapped around his pink blanket.

Thinking that was all the older was going to do, Jihoon started to go to sleep once more.

But when Joshua started to gently stroke his face, he couldn't help but open his eyes to glare at him.

"What?" Jihoon asked.

"I know that your head must be feeling fuzzy right now, so can you please let me do two things?" Joshua asked.

"What?" Jihoon asked, one of his eyebrows raised in question. He didn't deny the accusation, but he was too tired to. And he didn't want Joshua's earlier point to be proven right.

"Give you a bottle and sing you to sleep?" Joshua asked.

"Okay…" Jihoon said, scooting to the side to let Joshua lay down with him.

"Are you sure?"


"Really, you're not saying yes to be nice?"

Jihoon huffed with a glare.

Finally understanding that Jihoon meant what he was saying, the older got into the bed with a sippy cup before he handed it to Jihoon. 

The younger started to drink from the cup, lazily holding it and eyes going droopy while Joshua started to softly sing 'Falling For You'. At some point Joshua had started to hold the sippy cup for Jihoon while still singing until he was sure the younger was asleep.

Taking the sippy cup out of Jihoon's mouth, Joshua went to leave the room. 

"Stay… please." Jihoon mumbled, clinging onto Joshua sleeve. 

Feeling his heart skip a beat, Joshua put the bottle on the ground and went back to lie down. 

"Of course." Joshua said, brushing away some of Jihoon's hair. "As long as you want me to."

Chapter Text

"Jihoon? Mingyu? It's time to wake up." Jeonghan called from behind the two youngers bedroom door. The second oldest member found it funny that he was the one waking both of them up, considering that he himself wasn't much of a morning person.

But when Soonyoung, who was in Little space, woke him up saying Seungcheol wanted Jihoon and Mingyu up he couldn't refuse the little who had bonded so quickly with him.

"Appa? Are they up yet?" Soonyoung asked impatiently, holding his tiger stuffed animal.

"I'm getting to that right now, little cub. You know Jihoon takes forever to wake up." Jeonghan told the Little with a smile. He absolutely loved that the younger was calling him Appa, and he couldn't wait for the next Littles to call him that.

"I'll wake him up!" Soonyoung declared, opening the door and walking straight to the producer's bed.

"Soonie, please don-" Jeonghan said, stopping in his tracks when he entered the room. From the right he noticed that Mingyu wasn't in his bed, so he must be somewhere else, but what really caught his eyes was right in front of him.

"Soonyoung, please get off of me." Joshua grunted as the younger laid on top of him to shake Jihoon awake.

"I can't. Jihoonie need to wake ups for Seungie." Soonyoung said seriously.

After a few more shakes Jihoon started to wake up, but instantly started to whine. Jeonghan saw a tear slide out of the corner of his eyes, which made him spring into action.

"Soonie, that's enough. I think Hoonie here is in Little space like you, but I don't think you want him to wake up grumpy, yeah?" Jeonghan said, grabbing Soonyoung by the waist and lifting him to stand upright.

The younger pouted. "I just wanted to help…"

"I know sweetie, and that's very kind of you, but can you go outside and to Seungcheol? I need to talk with Joshua." Jeonghan said. 

Soonyoung looked between his Appa and Joshua before nodding his head and leaving the room.

Jeonghan sat down on Mingyu's empty bed, crossing his arms over his chest and watching Joshua like a hawk as he sat up and maneuvered Jihoon onto his lap. The youngest of the 95 liners turned his body to be facing Jeonghan as he started to gently bounce his knee to wake up Jihoon.

"So, you took care of Jihoon last night?" Jeonghan asked, not bothering to hide his jealousy.

"I was going to get you last night, but when I went into your room I saw that you were already asleep and cuddling with Soonyoung." Joshua explained.

"You still could have at least told me what you were going to do." Jeonghan retorted.

"Don't go hogging all of the Littles, Jeonghan." Joshua replied with a roll of his eyes.

"Quiet…" Jihoon mumbled, rubbing his eyes to take the sleep away.

"Are you up now, baby?" Joshua asked. Jihoon nodded his head, but he didn't look too happy about it.

"Seungcheol wants to see you, but before that, is it okay if I carry you?" Joshua asked. After a few moments the Little nodded his head okay, which allowed Joshua to stand up and hoist the boy onto his hip.

"Mind opening the door for me?" Joshua asked Jeonghan, who had been intently watching the two's interaction. 

"I guess…" Jeonghan huffed out as he opened the door. Joshua chuckled, elbowing his friend in the side. Jeonghan kept his neutral face for a few more seconds before smiling himself. 

Together they walked out of Jihoon's room and into the living room to see what their leader wanted from Jihoon and Mingyu, who still seemed to be missing.

Chapter Text

When Jeonghan, Joshua and Jihoon entered the living room they were pretty surprised by what they saw.

"Wonu baby, please get up." Seungcheol pleaded as he knelt down beside the younger, who was face down and spread like starfish on the floor.

"No!" Wonwoo replied, making Seungcheol sigh.

"Is he Little?" Joshua asked, noticing that Jeonghan was looking back and forth through the living room.

"Yes," Seungcheol replied, "and Soonyoung went back to your room. I told him to go there once Wonwoo started to…" Seungcheol made a vague gesture towards the younger who had now curled in on himself.

"Melt down?" Joshua asked, feeling Jihoon nuzzle into him. Seungcheol nodded.

"How did that happen?" Jeonghan asked, seeming to care a bit more about how Wonwoo ended up like this.

"When I woke up this morning and saw that he was up too I told him that I was still waiting for an apology for ignoring me when I was just worried about him and Mingyu. Long story short, when I noticed he was in Little space, and a bit grumpy by how he was snapping at me, I told him he was going to get corner time to calm down and then he started to get upset. When Soonyoung came into the living room I asked if he could go wake you up and to get Jihoon and Mingyu because I don't know what to do. I texted Bumzu hyung about what I should do, but he hasn't answered back yet and I don't want to leave him on the ground all alone." Seungcheol explained his dilemma. Both of the caregivers nodded their heads.

"I mean you could always just wait for him to cool down and then give him his…" Jeonghan mouthed the word punishment at the end. 

"That's what I was planning, but every time I tell him to get up, he won't." Seungcheol said, looking back at Wonwoo.

"Let him be on the ground for a bit, just don't leave his side." Joshua said, bouncing Jihoon up higher on his hip.

Seungcheol thought for a minute and just when he was about to respond the front door opened and in came Seokmin and Mingyu.

"Oh, what's wrong?" Seokmin instantly started to worry when he saw all five people in the living room. He kicked off his shoes and put his jacket on the ground before rushing over to Wonwoo.

"Wonu okay?" Mingyu asked, something in the way he talked making all of the older members look his way. The tanned rapper shuffled away, looking down at the ground and fiddling with his fingers.

"Appa!" Soonyoung shouted, barreling into the living room and bumping into Jeonghan's back. The shocked looks he got from the members made it worth being woken up so early.

"Yeah baby?" Jeonghan asked, turning around and smiling at Soonyoung.

"I'm hungry, whats to eats?" Soonyoung asked.

"We could have pancakes?" Jeonghan said, knowing that his little cub would for sure say yes to the sweet breakfast choice.

"Yes p'ease!" Soonyoung shouted with joy. From the side he heard someone grumble.

"It's okay Hoonie, let's go to the kitchen and eat something. You must be hungry." Joshua said, walking straight to the kitchen.

Jeonghan looked back to see that Seungcheol and Dokyeom were in their own little world, but from the looks of it Wonwoo and Mingyu wanted out.

"Come on you two, I'll need some more helpers with cooking pancakes." Jeonghan offered. 

Mingyu walked over to him, looking back at Seokmin but the older 97 liner just waved his hand to tell him it was okay. Wonwoo was a bit slower, looking at Seungcheol and Seokmin who were in between him, before getting up, walking around them, and going to Jeonghan. The second oldest gave the rapper a few pats on his back and a smile before they walked to the kitchen.

"You can help too, with this many Littles we'll need all the help we can get." Jeonghan shouted back to them.




Jeonghan never knew that cooking could be such a hassle with three Littles all trying to help and show him how good they were doing. He hadn't even thought that there loudness could wake up some of the members, or that it would make Jihoon start fusing horribly in Joshua's lap. Thankfully the youngest 95 liner was able to take Jihoon away from the noise and soon Jun and Vernon were whisking away Soonyoung, Wonwoo, and Mingyu before serious damage could be done from them being in there. 

"I'll go take these out to the Littles." Jeonghan said as he grabbed two sectioned plates, one colored blue and the other green, full of chopped up pancakes, some bacon, and cut fruit.

"You guys having fun?" Jeonghan asked as he saw that Vernon and Wonwoo were playing with some legos, which Joshua had bought back in the states. He placed down one of the plates in front of Wonwoo before going over to Jun, Soonyoung and Mingyu.

"Appa, look! I drawed a tiger!" Soonyoung proudly stated as he held up his piece of art high in the air.

Jeonghan smiled and ruffled his hair. "That's so lovely! I'll put it somewhere special after we eat, okay?" 

Soonyoung nodded his head before picking up some pieces of fruit and stuffing them in his mouth.

"Appa, can we go outside and play? Mingyu and his Appa went outside and played." Soonyoung asked once he swallowed his fruit. 

"Where's mine?" Mingyu asked once he heard his name and saw Soonyoung's food. He was looking up at Jeonghan with such an innocent look that he could feel his heart clench at the sight. 

"I'll go get it real quick." Jeonghan said, putting Soonyoung's question off for later as he walked quickly to the kitchen and grabbing the last sectioned plate, as well as all the sippy cups.

He placed the last plate, colored purple, in front of Mingyu, before giving each of them an animal themed sippy cup. Mingyu got a puppy, Wonwoo got a cat, and Doonyoung got a hamster. Jeonghan stepped back, a sense of pride filling him as he watched all the littles starting to eat.

With their hands.

"Fuck, I forgot the forks…" Jeonghan mumbled before going back into the kitchen to retrieve them.




Joshua, having run into the closest room aka the bathroom, continued to shush Jihoon, feeling the younger's grip start to tighten on his shirt.

"It's okay Hoonie. I'm right here, you have nothing to worry about." Joshua mumbled, giving him a quick peck on his temple.

"Loud… too loud…" Jihoon mumbled, scrunching up his face. 

"Are we still too close to the noise?" Joshua asked. Jihoon nodded his head.

Joshua wiggled Jihoon around in his grip before walking over to the door. It was a bit difficult to open the door while holding someone, but he was able to do it. Except as soon as the door was open and they exited the bathroom there was a loud scream that greeted them. Joshua felt Jihoon flinch at the noise, so the older quickly walked into his bedroom where it was nice and quiet.

Depositing Jihoon on his bed the younger instantly laid down, but not before putting his thumb into his mouth.

Joshua just chuckled at the sight before going over to his luggage. Considering they only came home just yesterday he was happy that nothing was put away. It made finding what he needed a lot easier.

"Do you want this instead?" Joshua asked as he showed Jihoon a pacifier he had bought online and had delivered to one of their hotels they stayed at during the tour.

Jihoon looked at him with glassy eyes before reaching out and making grabby hands at it. Joshua chuckled before he got up and walked over to Jihoon, gently taking his thumb out of his mouth before putting the pacifier in its place. The sigh that the younger emitted sounded so happy and content that it made Joshua want to hear it a million times more.

"I'll be back with breakfast, don't cause too much trouble." Joshua whispered. Jihoon didn't say anything in response, but Joshua kind of expected that.

He made quick work of exiting his room and grabbing breakfast for the both of them. It made the vocalist happy to see plates covered in tinfoil and enough food to make both of their stomachs full.

"Joshua, you should bring Jihoon out here. He should spend time with the others." Jeonghan said, popping out of nowhere as Joshua poured a sippy cup of juice. He almost tipped over the cup, but he was quick enough to make sure nothing spilled.

"Can you please not sneak up on me?" Joshua asked. Jeonghan just smiled at him before slinging an arm over his shoulder.

"What? I'm just saying that you should just bring Jihoon out here. I really want to see the cutie." Jeonghan said with a mock pout.

"I don't think that's a good idea, he got really overwhelmed by the noise from earlier." Joshua explained, grabbing a few water bottles from the fridge.

"I wonder why that is."

"Probably because he got woken up suddenly and was made to listen to all of the shouting and screaming from the others." Joshua explained. "If Jihoon uses little space to de-stress we shouldn't cause him more stress while in it. If we do that then he'll never want to be around us while he's in headspace."

Jeonghan took his arm off of Joshua's shoulder, facing him with a slightly pouty face.

"Okay, that makes sense. I'll text the group chat that and make up an excuse to Soonyoung as to why he can't come and play." Jeonghan said before making his leave.

Joshua sighed with a smile before grabbing everything he needed and heading back to his room. He needed to place one of the plates down on the ground before opening the door.

"Hoonie, I brought us…"

Jihoon looked up from his spot in front of Joshua's dresser, a pair of socks in his hands before dropping them and smiling at the older.

Joshua shook his head, chuckling as he placed the plates down as well as the younger's sippy cup on his dresser. He took the socks from the ground and placed them back in the drawer they came from before picking up Jihoon and placing him back on his bed.

"Now let's eat." 

Chapter Text

"Okay, so we'll be gone for the next two hours. Make sure to behave yourselves and to not be too loud. Apparently Jihoon has problems with loud noises while in Little space and if any of you cause him to stop being Little with us I will make sure to make your life Hell." Jeonghan stated, for what seemed like the millionth time to those in the living room, as he zipped up Soonyoung's coat. The younger smiled brightly before flapping his arms up and down to show off his white puffy jacket. Jeonghan smiled and pinched his cheek.

"Don't worry hyung, we'll be quiet. Plus most of you guys are going to be out of the dorm." Seokmin answered as he stroked Mingyu's hair. The older of the two was trying to get the younger down for a nap, which would go smoother if someone wasn't threatening them, but it didn't seem to bother Mingyu too much as he nuzzled further into his lap.

Jeonghan stared at Seokmin for a few seconds before giving a nod and turning away, grabbing Soonyoung's hand and walking out the door.

Seungcheol chuckled at his actions before grabbing Wonwoo's hand and walking out the door too. He was still surprised that Soonyoung convinced Wonwoo to go outside with him, but he wasn't going to complain.

"If you need something, don't be afraid to call." Seungcheol told him before closing the door.




Jihoon nuzzled into Joshua's neck, contently sucking on the pacifier that was in his mouth as his eyes started to get droopy. The older chuckled before rubbing his back and giving him a kiss on the temple. He loved how clingy the younger was being, but he needed to do some things before letting Jihoon cuddle him to sleep.

"Baby, I need to go put our dishes away, can I leave you in here by yourself?" Joshua asked Jihoon. The younger just held onto him tighter.

Joshua smiled before wrapping his arms around Jihoon as he got off of his bed, feeling the younger wrap his arms around his neck and his legs around his waist. He walked over to his door to open it before grabbing both of the plates and walking out. It was a little difficult juggling the plates and Jihoon in his arms, but he was able to get to the kitchen to deposit the plates in the sink before they could break.

"Oh hey hyung, Seokmin was wondering if you wanted to be out here in the living room with us. We're gonna be watching Spirited Away because Mingyu is refusing to go down for his nap." Minghao said, popping into the kitchen once he heard the older leave his room.

"Sure." Joshua agreed. Minghao smiled at him before leaving the kitchen, Joshua following behind him with Jihoon in his arms.

Entering the living room he saw Mingyu jerking his eyes open every couple of seconds, obviously trying to stay awake. Seokmin, who was letting Mingyu use his lap as a pillow, was rubbing his back in circles to get him down. And right next to him was Chan, who was drinking from one of the sippy cups. The older sent him a questioning look.

"Mingyu didn't want to drink his juice, plus I didn't want it to go to waste, so I'm drinking it for him." Chan explained. Joshua just smiled at his answer before sitting on the opposite couch.

"Minnie, do you want to go to sleep on your bed? Is that why you don't want to nap?" Seokmin whispered. Mingyu shook his head, putting his thumb just below his bottom lip as he tried to keep his eyes open to watch the movie. Seokmin sighed, not sure what to do.

"Do you want a pacifier like Hoonie?" Joshua asked, trying not to pay attention to the surprised looks from Minghao and Seokmin.

"Paci?" Mingyu asked. Just as he said that Jihoon turned his face around a little bit, allowing the pacifier Joshua had given him to be shown. It was a simple blue with a teddy bear on the centerpiece. When Mingyu made eye contact with the object Joshua could see his eyes light up.

"I think that's a yes." Joshua said, feeling happy that he was able to figure out the problem. He went to place Jihoon on Minghao's lap, which thankfully went off without a hitch as he nuzzled into the dancers arms, before he walked back into his room and grabbed another pacifier at random.

"Here, give this a shot." Joshua said, giving the pacifier to Seokmin. The vocalist gave it a once over, noticing that it was red and had a cartoon puppy on it before showing it to Mingyu. The younger 97 liner whined when he saw it, wanting to have it at that very moment.

"Okay, okay, here you go." Seokmin chuckled before putting it in front of Mingyu's lips. Instantly opening his mouth and taking a few hesitant sucks on it, he instantly relaxed with a huff.

"You're good." Seokmin complemented Joshua, who just shrugged his shoulders as if it was nothing.

"You should probably lay him down on Wonwoo's bed, it is right here in the living room." Joshua said before walking back to the other couch. He took Jihoon, who was peacefully snoozing, from Minghao's arms before taking him over to Wonwoo's bed and laying him down.

Seokmin did the same with Mingyu, having a bit of a struggle in standing up but he was able to successfully put him down onto the bed and right next to Jihoon. It was such a precious sight to see, both Jihoon and Mingyu napping away peacefully with pacifiers in their mouths.




Chan fiddled with the straw of Mingyu's sippy cup as he watched Spirited Away with his hyungs. There was something bugging him, an uncomfortable feeling in his chest that just wouldn't go away. If he focused too much on it he could describe it as a hollow and tightening sensation, but he didn't get it. He wasn't sure why it was there and every time he looked over to Jihoon and Mingyu napping with pacifiers in their mouths the feeling just... grew .

He hated it and he wanted to find out the reason behind it.

"Channie, are you okay? You've been glaring at Jihoon and Mingyu for a while now." Minghao asked, snapping Chan out of his stupor. The comment made Joshua and Seokmin turn their attention towards the two.

Chan just put his head down and avoided eye contact with all of them.

"Chan… do you not like Little space?" Joshua asked, resting a hand on the younger's knee and trying to see his face. 

Chan rose up from the couch, letting the sippy cup from his hands fall down to the ground with a thud. He didn't know what to tell his members because even he didn't know the reason for it nor did he want to make up some lie about it.

So he left the living room instead, not bothering to say a word as he went into his room.

Joshua sighed, not liking the reaction he just got from the maknae.

"Do you think we should follow him? Get him to explain himself?" Seokmin asked. Joshua shook his head.

"I think if we try talking to him or try to get an answer out of him he'll just ignore us even more. Let's just wait for him to come to us."

"Should we tell the rest of the members this?" Minghao asked next.

"No, let's just deal with this ourselves. We don't know how everyone will react, plus I'm very certain if Jeonghan finds out he'll take it into his own hands." Joshua explained. Both Seokmin and Minghao nodded their heads in agreement.

"Don't worry guys, he'll come to us on his own terms sooner or later. Plus, we aren't even sure if he was glaring at the Littles because he doesn't like them, maybe he was just lost in thought and was shocked by what we thought." Joshua said, trying to put Seokmin and Minghao at ease.

They're a group that's been together officially for five years, but in reality they've known each other for much longer. This would just be one bump in the road and it's not like they haven't dealt with those before.

Chapter Text

Chan started avoiding Joshua, Seokmin and Minghao whenever he felt like they would bring up the incident of glaring at Jihoon and Mingyu. He couldn't explain himself and as days passed that fact started to get set in stone. Maybe he didn't like Little space, maybe that's why he felt the tightening hollow feeling in his chest.

Except one day, when Joshua wasn't in his room, he decided to go inside and grabbed one of the things he had bought for the Littles. It wasn't hard to find something, considering Soonyoung and Mingyu had been Little the night before, so a couple of toys and random objects were out in the open. He didn't know when someone could go into the younger 95 liners room, so he grabbed the smallest and closest object to him.

A pacifier.

He looked at it and realized, with a sigh of relief, that it wasn't one that belonged to anyone. It was yellow and had small stars on the center part, which was pretty cute if he had to admit. 

But he didn't know what it could do for him, so he just kept it in an empty shoe box filled with random papers he was too lazy to go through and throw out.

Plus, even if he did use it it would be difficult to do so, since he shared a room with Seungkwan and Jun.

So, for the foreseeable future, it would just stay in that box, under his bed and away from anyone else.




Seungkwan couldn't find his charger, for what felt like the hundredth time that week. No matter who he asked no one would tell the truth and it was getting on his nerves. 

"All you have to do is ask me and I'll give it to you." Seungkwan mumbled as he moved around the pillows from the beds in his room. Coming up with nothing he decided to just search underneath the beds.

First he checked his own, but it was of course not there. Next was Jun's, but it wasn't there either, not even inside the few boxes he had underneath there. 

Finally there was Chan's bed. He looked around the bottom of it before moving boxes out if the way. The maknae only had a few boxes under his bed, and when Seungkwan took the last one out he heard something move around in it. Believing it was his charger he checked that box first, except instead of seeing his charger he saw a yellow pacifier.

Which he wasn't expecting at all.

Hearing someone walking down the hall he quickly grabbed the pacifier before shoving the boxes back in their place and diving to his bed.

No one came into his room, but the scare was enough to make him stop looking for his charger and instead lay down for a bit.




"You found a pacifier underneath Chan's bed?" Vernon asked, spinning himself from side to side in his computer chair.

"Yeah, I don't know why he had it though." Seungkwan said, taking the pacifier out of his jacket pocket. He held out his palm towards the rapper to let him see it.

"Did you ever think of putting it back?" Vernon asked, grabbing the pacifier and looking at it. It didn't look like the one Mingyu has been using, and none of the others used one from what he's seen.

"I was going to the morning after, but that night Chan came to me and Jun hyung asking if we had gone through his things. I told him I hadn't because I knew what he was looking for and I didn't want him to get mad at me." Seungkwan explained himself, feeling worse as he thought back to how panicked Chan had been.

"Talk to him about it. Tell him you were looking for your charger and you found that instead." Vernon said before turning back to what he was doing on his laptop.

"Uh, can you be there with me...Please?" Seungkwan asked, whining a bit at the end.

"Fine, but if Chan asks this was all on you."




Chan wrung the bottom of his sweater between both of his hands before entering into a practice room. He had been on edge ever since the pacifier he had taken from Joshua's room went missing, and it wasn't like he could ask if any of the members had taken it. 

And now Seungkwan asked to see him, saying he needed to talk about something important.

It didn't bode well with him.

"Oh, you're here." Seungkwan said, walking across the room to stand in front of Chan. Grabbing the maknae's wrist he guided him over to the opposite side, where some chairs and another person was sitting. Once there he saw it was Vernon, but seeing one of his favorite hyungs didn't help calm his anxiety, in fact it almost felt like it was growing.

"Sit down, you don't look so good." Vernon said, pointing to the chair across from him. Chan did as told and watched as Seungkwan took a seat right beside Vernon.

None of them said a thing, they just stared at one another until Vernon elbowed Seungkwan. The oldest in the room elbowed Vernon back, seeming to have a conversation with their eyes. After what was probably a minute Seungkwan faced Chan before holding out a closed fist. When he opened it, it felt like the world stopped.

In his palm was the yellow pacifier.

The one he hid .

"Why?" Chan whispered. Vernon and Seungkwan leaned in, not sure what he had said.

"What did you say?" Vernon asked. Chan stood up, letting the chair he sat on fall back.

" Why?! Why do you have that?!" Chan screamed, feeling his anger switch places with his anxiety.

Vernon stood up, placing a hand on his shoulder to get him to calm down. Except it didn't work, Chan just jerked his shoulder back and kept yelling. He wasn't even sure what he was yelling, he was just saying whatever came to mind, feeling betrayed by what's happened.

"I can't believe yo-"

What? Looking down Chan saw the yellow pacifier was in his mouth now, Seungkwan looking shocked and Vernon looked speechless.

Falling to his knees and hiding his face from his hyungs he took one hesitant suck, and then another. And another. Until he felt his body relax.

This is what he was missing. This is what he had needed. He didn't know, or had refused to acknowledge it, but now he couldn't avoid it.

He was a Little.

"'m sowwy." Chan apologized, keeping his head down.

He saw someone squat down in front of him and felt a hand start to pet his head.

"No, I'm sorry Chan. It was rude of me to go through your things and to take something that wasn't mine. I hope you can forgive me." Seungkwan said, stroking Chan's hair.

The younger nodded his head, taking the olders hand off of his head and holding it in between both if his own. Seungkwan smiled at the cute act, wanting so badly to just pinch his cheeks. But he had just gotten Chan to calm down and didn't want to do something he might find unpleasant, so he just kept his hand right where it was with Chan.

"Home. I wanna go home." Chan whimpered, bringing Seungkwan's hand to his cheek and nuzzling it.

"Sure, let's go do that."

Chapter Text

Getting out of the company building was kind of a challenge not just because the building was full of workers, but also because their members were there. It took a lot of hiding and running, but they were successfully able to get out of there and start walking home.

"Shouldn't we tell Seungcheol hyung that we're leaving?" Seungkwan asked, holding Chan's hand as they sped walked.

"I texted him and said that Chan may have sprained his ankle and we're taking him home. He said it was okay because we finished our recordings for the day, but we'll need to catch up on dance practice by ourselves." Vernon said, grabbing Chan's free hand to slow the two down.

"Let's take our time Seungkwan, no one is going to question where we went if they ask Seungcheol hyung first." 

Seungkwan huffed, but stopped practically running. His friend was right, there wasn't anything to worry about. So he took Vernon's word and slowed down, keeping Chan's hand as they walked home.




"Mingyu likes to play with these puzzles, blocks, and this tea set. Wonwoo usually plays with legos or reads picture books. Soonyoung usually goes outside to play, and if he can't go outside he plays with Mingyu, Woonwoo or Jihoon. Oh, and Jihoon usually colors or plays with the others too… although, thinking about it coloring and playing with blocks is something they all do, either together or by themselves. They also watch movies together." Vernon told Chan, listing off the things he had seen the Littles do the few times they were in headspace this past month. He wasn't sure what Chan would like to do, considering this must be his first time in headspace, but he was sure he and Seungkwan could do this by themselves.

"Toys." Chan said, looking towards the area they kept boxes full of toys in the living room

"What toys?" Seungkwan asked. Chan just shrugged his shoulders. Vernon laughed, figuring that that would be the problem. So many choices, but not sure what to choose.

Getting up he walked over to the boxes and picked up the top one, which was the most used. Setting it down in front of Chan he watched as the maknae took the lid off with hesitation before lighting up with joy at all of the toys.

He seemed to gravitate towards the few toys they kept in there for Soonyoung, and if he remembered correctly the 95 liners said Soonyoung was in the middle when it came to headspace. Wonwoo was the oldest and Mingyu was the youngest, with Jihoon being in the middle too, he just leaned a bit more to Mingyu's age.

"Look! So pwetty!" Chan shouted as he showed off a purple and blue bear with a stethoscope around its neck.

"Oh, that's Doc. Soonie likes to play doctor with that bear. It's very pretty, huh?" Vernon commented. 

Chan nodded his head before looking back into the box. He picked up one of the foam blocks before placing it on the ground and grabbing the rest.

Both Seungkwan and Vernon watched as Chan went to town on building random things with the blocks. 

"Hey Seungkwan? There's something I need to talk to you about." Vernon said. He saw from the corner of his eye that Seungkwan jerked a bit at what he said.

"It's not bad or anything. It's just that I talked to Joshua a while ago, it was about the Littles, and it's been bothering me ever since."

"Oh? Want to tell me what he said?" Seungkwan asked, watching as the house Chan built with the foam blocks got destroyed by Doc.

"Apparently Jihoon holds back in headspace."

One of Seungkwan's eyebrows rose up. "What do you mean by that?"

"Hyung said that when it's just him and Jihoon he acts clingy and kind of like a baby. But when he's with the others he's in an older headspace, like he has his guard up." Vernon explained. 

Suddenly a block was tossed onto his lap, taking one look at it he tossed it back towards Chan, who giggled happily once he received it.

"That does sound a bit weird, but I guess he does that to protect himself. He had trouble telling us about Little space in the first place, so why wouldn't he act older in front of all of us but act how he wants to in front of someone he feels safe with?" Seungkwan reasoned. Vernon nodded his head because that made a lot of sense

Not having anything left to say they watched Chan continue to build little homes, breaking them down with Doc before building them all over again. He did that for some time before his movements got slower and slower.

"Are you getting sleepy Channie?" Seungkwan asked, going to Chan to rub his back. The younger shook his head and instead clutched his stomach with a sad look on his face.

"Oh, you must be hungry! I'll go make something to eat, so just stay here with Vernonie, okay?" Seungkwan said as he rushed towards the kitchen.

Chan looked up at Vernon with watery eyes. The older gave him a smile and went to pet his hair, but stopped when he saw his face crumple up and he actually started to cry.

"Tummy huwt…" Chan choked out, clutching his stomach harder. He hated this feeling and he wanted it to go away so he could keep playing. 

He didn't even notice when Vernon left his side until he came back with a tangerine and a sippy cup of juice. Vernon placed the sippy cup in front as he quickly peeled the tangerine.

Not wanting his tummy to keep hurting Chan took the sippy cup with both hands and leaned back to drink from it. The sweet taste of apple juice greeted his mouth and he could feel the pain from his stomach lessening. Leaning forward he took the sippy cup out of his mouth with a pop before a tangerine slice was in front of his mouth. He ate the slice before opening his mouth again for another until there was no more left.

"That should keep your tummy happy until Kwannie is done cooking. It really shouldn't take too long." Vernon told Chan as he wiped away his tears.

Not really understanding what Vernon said Chan went back to playing with the pretty bear and the blocks. He really enjoyed making houses and then destroying them, it was so much fun!

"Okay, food is all finished, just be careful it's still hot." Seungkwan said as he came back into the living room with a plate of kimchi fried rice. He placed it down in front of Chan as a reflex, but took it back when he remembered how all the Littles needed some type of help when eating.

"I'll feed him." Vernon offered, holding a hand out to take the plate from his friend.

"What if I want to do it?" Seungkwan asked.

"Then feed him, you were just taking so long to sit down in front of him that I thought you didn't want to." Vernon responded as he took his hand away.

Seungkwan nodded before sitting down next to Chan, picking up the chopsticks to get a portion of fried rice. Giving it a quick blow to cool it down he offered it to Chan, who instantly ate it up.

Seungkwan did that for some time until realizing how more efficiently he could feed Chan if he had a spoon or fork.

"Hey Vernon? Think you could get me a spoon please?" Seungkwan asked, giving his best friend puppy eyes. 

Vernon chuckled before getting up to do so. And when the rapper came back to the living room, handing off the spoon to Seungkwan, the front door opened.

And in came Jeonghan.

"Guys, if you're going to leave make sure to grab everyone's… things…"

No one said a thing as the olders eyes landed on Chan, who was happily making Doc bounce on its legs. The bag he was holding, which looked like one of Chan's, slowly fell to the ground.

Jeonghan pursed his lips before giving the best friend duo a fake smile. "Want to tell me what's going on?"

"Uhhhh… Chan went into Little space?" Seungkwan said, feeling unsure of himself as he got stared down by Jeonghan.

"Uh huh, and why didn't you tell anyone about this?" Jeonghan asked as he placed his hands on his hips.

"...Because we didn't think about it?"

Jeonghan's head fell down, one of his hands going to pinch the bridge of his nose as he sighed.

"Right…" Jeonghan walked over to Chan. He squatted down in front of him as he stroked the top of his head.

"Hey baby, are you having fun?" Jeonghan asked. 

Chan stopped bouncing Doc to look at Jeonghan. At first he didn't seem to know who he was, but that didn't seem to bother him because this person looked nice!

"Yeah! Doc fun!" Chan cheered, showing off Doc with a big and bright smile. Jeonghan cooed at how cute the maknae was as a Little.

"That's good, my little cub loves to play with Doc too. I'm sure you two will have lots of fun playing together in the future." Jeonghan said as he rose up from the floor.

The older walked back to the front door before looking back at Seungkwan and Vernon.

"Don't think you two got off easy. Once all of us come back from practice we'll need to talk about this."

Seungkwan and Vernon nodded their heads as they watched Jeonghan leave. They felt a bit uneasy, not sure what to really expect in a few hours, but when Chan tugged on Seungkwan's sleeve to gain his attention the unease slowly dissipated.

At least they had Chan to distract them.