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Kiss Me Thru the Phone

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It was a beautiful sunny summer day in Portland as Emily Sonnett strolled down the street, on the way to her favorite coffee place.  She was in the middle of daydreaming about their avocado toast when a little flash of light from the sidewalk caught her eye. When she stopped to look, she realized that it was a phone on the ground, similar to her own, that had reflected the sunlight straight into her face.  She glances around, trying to see if it looked like someone had dropped a phone, but the only people nearby were already holding phones. Crouching down, she picks up the phone and looks at it for clues as to who the owner may be.  

The case appears to be one of those customizable ones, with a photo of a brown and white english bulldog and “Wilma Jean Wrinkles” written in pink script.  She snorts at the image and turns the phone around to look at the lock screen. The photo features a fair-skinned brunette girl with her arm thrown around the shoulder of a tall, beautiful blonde.  The brunette is looking smugly at the camera while the blonde appears to be in mid laugh, looking away. Her big smile as she’s in mid-laugh is mesmerizing and her blue eyes are sparkling with a hint of mischief.  She swipes to unlock the phone, thinking maybe she can call one of the contacts in the phone to find the owner, but unfortunately, it appears to be password protected.

Not wanting to leave the phone laying in the street to get stepped on, she reasons, she slips it in her pocket, figuring she could go to the police station to turn it in after she got her coffee.




After paying for her coffee, Sonnett goes to her favorite corner of the coffee shop where it’s quiet and great for people watching.  Settling into a comfy armchair, she carefully brings the paper coffee cup to her lips, testing the temperature. Deeming it cool enough, she takes a hearty swig, immediately regretting it when the scalding coffee burns her tongue.  She’s fanning her mouth with her hand when she hears a phone chime go off. She pulls out her phone where there are no notifications and realizes that it must be the phone that she found. She ignores it, not wanting to poke her nose in anyone’s business.  That is, until the phone continues chiming at least four more times in quick succession. She pulls the mystery phone out, seeing five notifications from a “Lindsey (the Gr8) Horan.” Sonnett looks at the phone, unsure what to do when suddenly the phone lights up with an incoming call from who is presumably, Lindsey.  The owner of the phone had clearly assigned a photo to the contact, because gracing the screen was a different picture of the same blonde from the lock screen photo.  

Sonnett stares at the screen in panic.  As the phone continues ringing, she realizes this is her chance to potentially find the owner of the phone without the ordeal of going to the police station.  Before she has a chance to have second thoughts, she resolutely swipes across the screen to pick up the call.

“Rose!” She hears in a deeper voice than she would’ve expected from the picture. “ Do you know where those pants are that make my butt look really good? I can’t find them and I need them right now. ”  

Without thinking, Sonnett replies.

“I don’t know if they’re the ones you’re talking about, but the pants in your contact photo sure make your butt look good.”

She’s met with silence from the other girl.

As Sonnett is beating herself up for most likely creeping the girl out, she speaks again.

Uhhh ...You are not Rose. Who are you? And are you answering Rose’s phone? ”  

Sonnett clears her throat nervously.  “I uh... I found this phone on the street just a little while ago and I took it because I didn’t want some random person taking it and using it for evil and I’m realizing now that it sounds really bad because I basically took it?  And then you called and I picked up because I thought maybe you could contact the person who the phone belongs to and I could give it back to them.” There’s an awkward beat of silence before Sonnett continues. “Anyways, I’ve made this super weird, but I’ve already made it this far so…” She trails off, a hopeful lilt in her voice.

Sonnett holds her breath, waiting for her to reply. 

Yeah it’s super weird… ” Sonnett exhales, about to apologize when the other girl continues. “ But sure, why not.

Sonnett feels strangely relieved at the other girl’s acceptance.

I’ll talk to her when she gets home tonight and tell her what happened. ”  

“Oh okay cool...So uh...Rose. Is she your...girlfriend?”

The other girl scoffs.

God no.  She’s my roommate. She wishes she could land someone as cool as me.”

Sonnett laughs, charmed by the girl’s confidence.  Half of her wants to ask if she’s single and ready to mingle, but that’s probably pushing it too far.

“Oh my name’s Lindsey by the way.

“Uh cool.” Sonnett says awkwardly.

“... Cool?

“Very cool.”

Lindsey snorts. “ What’s your name?

“Oh! Right. Sorry. I’m Emily Sonnett but everyone just calls me Sonnett.”

Alright then Sonnett. I’ll let you know when I talk to her.

“Pleasure doing business with you.”

Also...since I won’t be able to get a hold of you actually think the pants I’m wearing in that photo make my butt look good?

“Like an absolute snack,” Emily answers honestly.

The line is silent again as Lindsey ponders her answer.

Hm. Okay. Thank you. ” She says, sounding smug.

The call ends, leaving Sonnett staring at the lock screen once again.   She gazes at the snapshot of the blonde- Lindsey , she corrects herself, as she replays that throaty voice saying her name. Alright then, Sonnett. Alright then, Sonnett .  She feels warm thinking about it.  Now she definitely wants to know if the girl is single.  The screen times out and goes black, snapping her out of her daydream.  She stares at herself in the reflection of the phone.

“Well that’s an interesting development.” 

Shaking her head, she takes a sip from her coffee, immediately spitting it out all over herself.

“Shit! Still hot.”