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When he first adopted Goro, the kid was an inquisitive little shit even at only eight years old. He bugged Sagawa constantly about his life and career when they met at the orphanage, and after the process finally went through, Goro asked even more questions in the car on the way home. He was just a scrawny little brat, skinny and lanky and sporting a jagged scar across his closed eyelid (he lost his eye in the accident that killed his parents three years earlier), but he grinned and rambled about anything and everything, leaving Sagawa rolling his eyes.

It has been two years since the adoption, and Goro is still an inquisitive little shit. He’s filled out a bit and now wears a sleek black eye patch (the very same one Sagawa bought him after they became family), but he’s the same little bastard who gets into fights and asks too many questions and drives Sagawa up the wall. But he doesn’t regret bring Goro into his life, despite the frustrations.


He and Nishitani have been together for a year, and Goro knows vaguely about him (“So you’ve got a boyfriend called Homare-san, huh?” Goro said one day, prompting a death glare and the kid to give him a cheeky grin in response), but they have never actually met before. And he had planned to introduce the idiot to his kid in a civilised manner, but he never gets the chance. Because Nishitani fucking Homare ruins it.

Late into the evening, when Goro should have gone to bed but is still up, Sagawa sits at the table with his son, trying to make sense of his homework.

“See, I wasn’t just bein’ lazy, Pops,” Goro says when Sagawa’s confusion etches across his face. “It’s really hard.”

Sagawa doesn’t want to admit it, but this kid can always see right through him. “Yeah, I gotta admit, tiger, it’s complicated stuff. Yer teacher’s mad cos a ten year old can’t do this much math? Bullshit.”

Goro laughs joyfully (he loves it when Sagawa swears), flopping backwards and sprawling out on the tatami. “So much for ya helpin’ me do it, Pops.”

“Oh shut up, Goro-chan,” he says, about to say they should give up for the night when the doorbell rings.

“Huh?” Sagawa mutters, confused.

“I’ll get it!” Goro yells, springing to his feet and hurtling out of the room.

Sagawa sighs, but gets to his feet and wanders after him. He hears Goro open the door, his son question the visitor in an ever-so-polite way (“Who the hell’re ya?”) and the visitor reply in a painfully familiar voice. He breaks into a run, skidding into the hallway to find Goro glaring up at their visitor and the visitor—fucking Nishitani Homare—slumped against the doorframe, flushed and sweaty and shirtless, covered in blood and clearly blind drunk.

“…Ya must be G-Goro,” Nishitani says, grinning with his teeth bared, hand pressed against his abdomen with blood seeping between his fingers. “Can I see… Tsu-chan?”

“I’m here, ya drunken fool,” Sagawa says, making them both jump. He sighs, shaking his head, and grabs Nishitani by the back of the neck. “What the fuck’d ya get into this time, Homare?”

Goro stops staring at Nishitani, turning to look up at Sagawa. “Pops, this’s Homare-san?”

Sagawa nods. “Yeah, unfortunately.”

“Aww, don’t be mean, Tsu-chan,” Nishitani whines, absolutely reeking of alcohol.

Still holding Nishitani’s neck, Sagawa quite literally drags the drunken mess inside, shutting the door behind them. Nishitani stumbles and slumps against Sagawa, smearing his shirt with blood and his hot face pressing against his neck.

“Is he drunk?” Goro asks.

As Nishitani giggles into his neck, Sagawa nods and says, “Yeah. Very, very drunk.”

Nishitani turns his head to stare at Goro, grinning at him. “H-Hey kid. Gorrrro-kun, right?” he mumbles, rolling the ‘R’s in Goro’s name.

“Uh, yeah…” Goro says, and even the chatty kid doesn’t know how to react to his father’s drunk, bloody boyfriend appearing like this. Goro rubs his hand against the very short hair at the back of his fucking disaster of a hairstyle (Sagawa still doesn’t know why the kid wanted his hair to look like this), an obvious sign of discomfort. “Hi. Pops, is he stayin’?”

Sagawa grunts, his back aching from taking so much of Nishitani’s weight. There is no way he can trust Nishitani to get home safely in this state, and he should probably find out why he is so beaten up (he might end up phoning Nishitani’s family office tomorrow, just to make sure they all know their stupid patriarch got into a fight and probably won’t turn up to work). “Yeah, he is. Go get the first aid kit, tiger. We’ve got a drunkard to clean up.”

As Goro scurries off, Sagawa drags the still giggling Nishitani into the kitchen and plonks him down on the floor. Nishitani lets out a hiss of pain, his hand slipping from his stomach and revealing a pretty big gash. He flops backwards against the fridge, leaving a bloody handprint on the stone floor.

“What the fuck d’ya do this time, Homare?” he says, voice low.

“The usual. Got wasted. Guy picked a fight. Beat the shit outta him. H-He brought his goons, so I beat them too. Think I killed one’a them. Guy’s knife grazed my stomach. Fuckin’ hurt. When it was over, I realised h-how close I was to yer place. So… came here.” Nishitani smirks. “Wanted t’ see my Tsu-chan.”

“Idiot,” Sagawa mutters. “And listen here, Homare: ya ruined my attempt to make ya and Goro meet in a normal way. Kid’s seen enough shit in his life. And ya turnin’ up all bloody and drunk ain’t the idea I was goin’ for.”

“Oh… sorry, Tsu-chan,” Nishitani says, and he leans closer and gives him a sloppy, uncoordinated kiss that feels more like Nishitani sucking his face than an actual kiss.

When he hears footsteps, he pushes Nishitani away just in time for Goro to appear, first aid kit in his hands. Goro wanders over, kneeling a few feet away and putting the first aid kit on the floor.

“Thanks, Goro-chan,” Sagawa says, offering a smile.

He cracks open the kit and finds the rubbing alcohol. Nishitani’s eyes widen he sees it, and Sagawa can’t tell if it’s fear or arousal that makes him gulp.

“He’s pretty beat up, huh?” Goro says, watching Sagawa take out a strip of gauze and soak it in the alcohol.

“He’s had worse,” Sagawa says, remembering hospital trips and stitches and scars. “Trust me, tiger.”

“Ya call him ‘tiger’, Tsu-chan?” Nishitani says, grinning. “That’s so cute— Aah!”

The wet gauze presses hard against the open cut with no warning, Nishitani’s words becoming a shriek. Sagawa can’t help but smirk as Nishitani trembles beneath him, and Goro just keeps staring with his inquisitive eye.

After a few seconds of just watching Nishitani shudder as the alcohol burns his wound, Goro’s eye travels up Nishitani’s bare abdomen. And then his eye goes wide, confusion crossing his face.

“Have ya got a tattoo!?” Goro cries, and Sagawa grimaces.

Oh yeah. This was another part of his and Nishitani’s relationship he wanted to keep hidden from Goro: the fact that his boyfriend is a fucking yakuza.

Sagawa follows Goro’s gaze, noticing how the edges of the irezumi on Nishitani’s back are visible from this angle. You can’t see anything but the outline and the odd flicker of colour (and Sagawa is grateful that Nishitani’s doesn’t wrap around his chest and shoulders like the older men in his clan), but in a country where tattoos are pretty stigmatised (again, thank the yakuza), it’s pretty rare to even see a tattoo, let alone an obviously intricate piece across a man’s back. Goro-chan might never have even seen a tattoo in real life before.

To be honest, when Nishitani first arrived, Sagawa forgot all about his plan to hide Nishitani’s career during all the chaos. But once he got Nishitani sat in the kitchen, he realised the tattoo was on display, and just hoped Goro wouldn’t notice. But he did.

Nishitani grins and opens his mouth to speak, but Sagawa smacks him in the side of the head.

And as Nishitani whines in pain (clearly exaggerating it for attention), Sagawa says, “Uh, that he does, Goro-chan.”

Goro tilts his head, crawling to get a look at Nishitani from the side; it really is obvious at this angle, and Goro’s mouth gapes open. And then his head snaps up. “Wait—Pops, is yer boyfriend a yakuza?”

Despite being threatened to shut up, Nishitani snorts.

Sagawa sighs, rolling his eyes. “Yeah, he is. Yer lookin’ at his irezumi.”

He pulls the bloody gauze away and presses a dressing over the wound, pushing down hard. Nishitani hisses.

“It’s cool, ain’t it, Goro-kun?” Nishitani says, only to get smacked again. “Ow!”

“Stop encouragin’ yer lifestyle, Homare!” he snaps, before turning to Goro. “Remember, Goro-chan, they’re criminals.”

“Pops, I ain’t stupid,” Goro says. “Ya don’t needta give me a PSA on the yakuza bein’ bad guys. We’re right near Sotenbori; they’re everywhere.”

To be fair, that is true. Goro may never have seen a yakuza with his tattoos out on display, but he has always caught sight of street fights and deals and the obviously shady shit that happens in the city his dad works in.

“Ain’t it a bit hy- hypo…?” Nishitani tries to say, but his drunken brain can’t process the long word.

Sagawa gives him a condescending glance. “Hypocritical?” he says.

“Yeah, that! Yer tellin’ Goro-kun ‘bout how yakuza‘re bad guys ‘n shit, but yer still fuckin’ one’a us, Tsu-chan.”

Sagawa didn’t know he had the ability to blush, but when all his blood rushes to his face, he realises he can. Goro splutters, turning his head to avoid looking at them, to avoid processing his father’s boyfriend talking about his dad’s sex life. And Nishitani looks between them, confused.

“What’d I say?”

“Fuckin’ hell,” Sagawa says, distracting himself by locating another dressing and the bandages in the first aid kit.

“Um… can we never, ever talk ‘bout that again?” Goro says, visibly cringing.

Sagawa nudges Nishitani. “Sit up. I need to do the bandage.”

With obvious difficulty, Nishitani sits upright, bracing his hands against the floor. Sagawa moves quickly, wrapping the bandages around Nishitani’s abdomen, whilst Goro moves to get a full look at the irezumi.

“Don’t worry, Pops, I don’t wanna join the yakuza or anythin’,” Goro says, reading his mind. “Just think this tattoo’s pretty cool.”

“Heh, you’ve got good taste, Gorrrro-kun,” Nishitani says, grinning.

“That’s good,” Sagawa says. He loves Nishitani, but he thinks being in the yakuza is fucking stupid, as well as dangerous. Nishitani can do whatever dangerous shit he likes, but he won’t let his son get led down that path. “Yer a good kid, champ.”

Goro pretends to puke, making Nishitani laugh again. Once the bandages are in place, Sagawa grabs a cloth and wipes the remaining blood from Nishitani’s skin.

“Yer stayin’ the night, I guess?” Sagawa says.

Nishitani gives him a sappy smile. “Love ya, Tsu-chan…” he drawls.

Sagawa rolls his eyes. “He always gets like this when he’s drunk, Goro-chan. C’mon, Homare, let’s get ya to bed. Oh, and get those off,” he adds, pointing to Nishitani’s bloodstained pants.

Both Nishitani and Goro stare at him, and Sagawa realises that came out wrong.

“Cos yer not gettin’ my bed all bloody,” Sagawa says to Nishitani, before adding to Goro, “And he’s way too drunk for anythin’… like that, Goro-chan, don’t worry.”

Goro nods, but goes even redder, and Sagawa clears his throat. Wow, this sort of conversation is awkward.

He wraps his arm around Nishitani and hauls him to his feet. Nishitani staggers, grimacing through pain and dizziness.

“Uh, need any help, Pops?”

“Can ya get my futon ready, tiger?” Sagawa says, and Goro nods and rushes off. “Thanks, Goro-chan!” he calls after Goro.

“You’ve got a good kid, Tsu-chan,” Nishitani mumbles, dragging his feet.

And he knows it’s coming from a blind drunk Nishitani, but Sagawa has to grin. “Thanks. Yer right.”

After a stop in the bathroom (he forces Nishitani to wash up, have a piss and take his bloody pants off), he leads Nishitani into the bedroom. Goro stands by the now made futon, sheets pulled back and two pillows at the head of the double futon. He drops his gaze at the sight of Nishitani, naked except for his boxer shorts, darting out of the way to let Sagawa thump him down onto the futon. Nishitani groans, rolling onto his side, and Sagawa rolls his eyes when he falls asleep in seconds.

“Even in so much pain?” Goro whispers, a bit impressed.

Sagawa covers Nishitani with the blankets, and then leads Goro out of the room. In the hallway, he places a hand on Goro’s shoulder.

“Sorry that went so badly, tiger,” he says.

“It’s okay,” Goro says. “He’s… weird, but he’s cool.”

Sagawa chuckles. “Glad ya think that, Goro-chan. Hopefully ya can actually have a real introduction in the mornin’. Now, should we carry on with that homework?”

“No offense, Pops, but I might try askin’ Homare-san tomorrow mornin’,” Goro says, giving him the cockiest fucking grin Sagawa has ever seen.

“Fine, be like that,” Sagawa says, pretending to be mad. But he chuckles again and ruffles Goro’s awful hair. “Nah, let’s just watch a movie instead.”

Goro beams. “Good idea, Pops.”