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“Wanna go out for drinks after work, Homare?” Sagawa had said, voice calm but a delighted smirk on his face. He rested his feet up on the desk in the Grand’s office, watching Majima-chan glare at him from over at the door, the phone tucked against his ear and a glass of scotch in his hand.

And, being the horny, impulsive idiot he has always been, Nishitani laughed and said, “Sure thing, Tsu-chan! Where d’ya wanna meet?”

And that was that. Three hours have passed since their conversation, making it past eleven o’clock at night. The Grand is still open, an exhausted Majima-chan still on the job, and Sagawa pats him on the shoulder as he strolls past his manager, leaving the club. And now it is time to meet up with Nishitani for ‘drinks’.

Of course, he really does plan to drink, but Sagawa must admit to having an… ulterior motive for this outing. His guts still twist whenever he thinks of what Nishitani did to him last week, pinning him to the bed and massaging his bladder until he pissed himself, and he still wants to stab Nishitani for humiliating him like that. But rather than just beating on the bastard, he came up with an even better idea: why not do exactly the same thing to Nishitani? The pervert clearly liked seeing Sagawa so desperate, so why not give him a taste of it? But this time, Nishitani can taste his revenge by not only going through the same shit, but in public too. Sagawa grins, lighting up a cigarette. This is going to be fun.

He finds Nishitani stood out the front of his favourite shady bar, a well-hidden place on a backstreet that the average person would never dare wander down (and don’t get started on the illegal casino in the basement), and it is no great surprise to see Nishitani sporting bruised knuckles and cleaning blood from his knife with a tissue.

“Got into another fight, eh, Homare?” Sagawa says, sauntering over. “Pre-fuckin’-dictable.”

“Tsu-chan!” Nishitani’s face lights up when he spots him, and he hurtles over and pulls Sagawa into a hard, aggressive kiss. That’s another reason why Nishitani likes this bar so much; nobody ever walks down this backstreet, so nobody will see them kissing and Sagawa won’t shove him off, complaining about PDAs (he likes kissing Nishitani, but not when random civilians can see it). He lets Nishitani bite his bottom lip and moan against him for a few seconds, and then shoves him off.

“Aww, spoilsport,” Nishitani says, pouting.

“Fuckin’ idiot,” Sagawa says. “Let’s just get inside.”

“Oh, sure thing!” Nishitani grins, shoving his knife into his pocket. “Ya never wanna go out drinkin’, Tsu-chan. This’s gonna be awesome!”

And Nishitani strolls into the bar, humming a catchy pop song to himself, with Sagawa following close behind. And the idiot is right; this night is going to be awesome. But… not quite for the reason he thinks.


An hour passes in a haze of hard liquor and drunken attempts at darts, pool and karaoke. They can both hold their alcohol rather well, but even they notice the deterioration in their motor functions as they down more and more booze, slowly getting crappier scores in the games and slurring through the various songs.

Nishitani takes his booze worse than Sagawa, and at one point misses so badly at darts that one of them lodges into the wall beside the dartboard, causing Nishitani to have a hysterical laughing fit and for Sagawa to give the barkeep some cash so as not to kick them out. Whilst Nishitani is distracted laughing, Sagawa slips off to have a piss, returning before Nishitani even realises he was gone. The plan is still working perfectly.

When he realises Nishitani will probably keep laughing for a fucking long time, Sagawa goes over to the dartboard, grabs his idiot partner by the arm and drags him back to their seats at the back of the bar. Sagawa picked them a table with comfortable leather chairs, and literally drops Nishitani into his seat before sitting opposite him. Their new drinks have already arrived, and Nishitani doesn’t notice how Sagawa only takes a sip when he himself downs his and immediately signals the barkeep for a refill. Still going to plan.

Nishitani leans forwards, elbows on the table, and smirks at him. “Love goin’ out like this, Tsu-chan. Ya never normally make time for me…” he says, making his voice whine pathetically.

Sagawa rolls his eyes. “Yer such a fuckin’ brat sometimes, Homare.”

His refill arrives and Nishitani grins, gulping down half his drink before adding, “But ya looove me, dontcha?”

“Say that again and I’ll knock yer fuckin’ teeth out,” Sagawa hisses.

“Ooh, yes please!” Nishitani says, masochism shining in his eyes.

Sagawa sighs, sipping his drink again. What does he see in this idiot again, exactly?


Another hour passes by, their drunkenness painting both their faces a shocking red. Nishitani rests his chin on his hand, eyelids drooping, and Sagawa sips his water, having had to take something non-alcoholic to stop himself feeling like shit (Nishitani mocked him for it, but he doesn’t give a shit). Sagawa watches Nishitani raise his arms above his head and lean back to stretch—only to freeze in place, a grimace contorting his face.

“What?” Sagawa says.

Nishitani lets out a hiss through gritted teeth, slumping forwards again. “Nothin’.”

“Sure? Look like ya were in pain?”

“’m fine.”

Sagawa does his best to hide a smirk, certain he knows the score. He’s surprised it took this long, to be honest. “Really?”

“Yeah, shut up, Tsu-chan,” Nishitani says.

Without looking down, Sagawa slips his shoe off, and reaches out with his foot. When his toes bump into Nishitani’s knee, he lets out a gasp. Sagawa smirks, leaning forwards in his seat and trailing the toes up Nishitani’s thigh.

“Tsu…” Nishitani trials off, shuddering.

He knows Nishitani expects him to start rubbing his junk with his foot, but Sagawa isn’t in the mood for under the table foot jobs right now. So his foot glides right past Nishitani’s crotch, finding the buckle on his belt. He trails his toes just a little bit lower—and pushes down hard.

Nishitani yelps, attracting the attention of everyone in the room. He hunches forwards, resting his head in his hands, and glares at Sagawa.

“Tsu-chan, what the f-fuck?” he mutters, barely muffling another yelp when Sagawa prods his full bladder even harder.

“What’re ya talkin’ about, Homare?” Sagawa says, fixing him with an innocent smile. “Sure yer feelin’ okay?”

Sagawa locks eyes with him, silently waiting for permission to continue. And despite the pain and humiliation written all over his flushed, sweaty face, Nishitani doesn’t use the safe-word. So Sagawa carries on, poking his bladder again.

Nishitani jumps, biting his lip to muffle the pained groans, and panic flashes in his eyes for a split second. Did he just leak? Is he getting close to losing control already? Sagawa smirks, amused that everyone else seems oblivious to Sagawa’s role in this; they can’t see his foot, so as far as they know, a drunkard is just acting really weird in the corner of the room.

Knowing Nishitani, he’s probably getting off on this; being humiliated in public must be one of his many kinks. But Sagawa ignores his cock, simply massaging his bladder with his toes again and again. Nishitani gasps and hisses, clenching his muscles as his shoulders shake. Will he give in and stand up and go to the bathroom? Or will he stay put, and piss himself in a room full of people?

“Yer really not lookin’ too good, man,” Sagawa says, still pretending to be concerned. “Think ya drank too much?”

Nishitani lets a long hiss, and says, through gritted teeth, “Yer a bastard.”

“Thank you,” he says, grinning.

As he continues to torture Nishitani under the table, Sagawa idly sips his water, listening to his partner slowly get more and more desperate, trembling and hunching against the table, teeth gritted and eyes screwed up. Sagawa realises that doing this to Nishitani isn’t getting him off in the slightest, but it’s still very enjoyable; it may not be a kink of his, but revenge is fucking sweet.

Eventually, Nishitani loses it. As he hunches forwards, Nishitani suddenly tenses up. “Fu—” he starts to mutter, but cuts himself off with a strangled gasp, his head hanging forwards as…

Sagawa knows exactly what just happened, scooting backwards and putting his shoe back on to keep himself away from the mess on the other side of the table. His gasp draws attention, but Nishitani doesn’t notice people staring at him, too focused on gritting his teeth and tensing up in a futile attempt to stop it. Sagawa stands and walks around Nishitani’s side, staring down at the damp patch starting to spread across his crotch. Nishitani shudders, piss soaking through his pants, the dampness spreading across his thighs, and drops of urine begin to drip over the edges of the chair.

He places a hand on Nishitani’s back, rubbing in circles and still pretending to be deeply concerned for the ‘strange behaviour’ his partner exhibits. Sagawa glances over at the barkeep and, in a voice loud enough for everyone to hear, he says, “I’m really sorry, sir, but he’s had way too much to drink.”

“What do you mean?” the barkeep asks, everyone staring at them (beside him, Nishitani whimpers slightly, a truly amazing sound).

“Oh, he’s pissin’ himself,” Sagawa says, desperately trying to hide a smirk as everyone looks either disgusted or amused. Before the barkeep can get mad, he says, “Don’t worry, I can pay for the clean up,” and pulls a wad of bills out of his wallet to make the point.

Eventually, Nishitani stops pissing, and just sits there, trembling and soaked in his own urine. Sagawa pays for their drinks and passes the barkeep an extra few 10,000 yen bills as payment for Nishitani’s mess, and then approaches Nishitani. And, still playing the sympathetic partner, he says, “C’mon, let’s get ya home, ya poor thing.”

Nishitani looks up at him, able to see the satisfaction behind his faux-sympathy, and he mumbles, “Ya… really wanted revenge, huh?”

Sagawa smirks, grabbing Nishitani by the arm and hauling him to his feet. Instantly, the wet patch spreads down past his knees, piss dripping onto the floor as his soaked pants cling to his ass and legs. Nishitani keeps his head bowed as Sagawa leads him out of the bar, everyone staring at his mess of a partner.

Once they’re outside, Nishitani punches him, sending him staggering backwards. “Fuck ya, Tsu-chan!”

“Please, we both know ya coulda safe-worded whenever ya wanted,” Sagawa says, smirking cockily as he echoes something Nishitani told him last week.

Nishitani growls at him and moves to unfasten his belt, but Sagawa’s hands fly to his wrists, gripping them hard enough to make him wince.

“No changin’ or jerkin’ off ‘til we get home,” Sagawa hisses, amused when Nishitani relents. “Didn’t know ya could be so submissive, Homare.”

“Shut it,” Nishitani mutters.

But Sagawa just laughs and gives Nishitani’s sweaty forehead a kiss. “Yeah, revenge is sweet,” he whispers, before having to dodge another punch.