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Dual Dragons

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The Okinawan sun deepened Ryuji’s tan even more. After what happened in Kamurocho, he couldn’t get enough time in the sun. Kiryu often had to drag him back inside the small building near the orphanage that the two lived in. 

The old TV they’d bought was on silent, the light casting their golden skin to an oddly sick glow. Ryuji sighed against Kiryu’s lips as he ran his hand up Kiryu’s muscled back. He was so strong , it drove Ryuji crazy. 

Kiryu pulled closer, nearly sitting on Ryuji’s lap as he started nipping at Ryuji’s bottom lip. Ryuji grunted as Kiryu started rubbing his dick through his sweat pants. The touch was light, almost a caress. 

“Yer gettin’ soft, old man,” Ryuji chuckled as he spoke, his voice gravely. 

“Hm,” Kiryu said, peppering kisses across Ryuji’s neck. He didn’t argue but his touches grew in intensity. 

“Whaddya want, Kiryu?” Ryuji asked. He grinned at the look on Kiryu’s face. The guy could suck a dick for hours but got embarrassed at the notion of talking about it. It was so unbearably cute, especially for a strong guy like Kiryu. 

“My ass,” Kiryu started saying, a determined look on his face even as a blush colored his cheeks. “I need you inside me.”

“Oh?” Ryuji asked, pulling Kiryu fully into his laps. He spread Kiryu’s cheeks with his hands, making Kiryu let out a low moan. He massaged his ass as he pretended to weigh the idea.

“Mm. I dunno, Kiryu,” Ryuji said. “It’s been a while since I fucked ya, think you’ll be able to take it?” 

Kiryu nodded, letting out a soft sigh that told Ryuji he was more excited for this than he let on. 

They hurried into the bedroom, the light of the late afternoon sun bathing the room in warm colors. Kiryu’s skin looked more delicious than usual, but Ryuji knew better than to keep him waiting for too long.

Kiryu knelt on the bed, his ass high in the air. Ryuji placed a pillow under his chest so he could relax further. Kiryu murmured a thank you and relaxed even deeper, his thighs spreading obscenely wide as Ryuji poured lube onto his fingers.

Ryuji chuckled at the sight of Kiryu’s hole in front of him. “Looks like yer real eager for me, winkin’ at me to invite me in.”

Kiryu let out a low breath that could have been a chuckle, but Ryuji had his mind on other things. He pressed his finger against Kiryu’s winking hole, tracing it around the tense muscle. 

“Relax,” Ryuji said lowly. His own cock was leaking at the sight, but he knew this would take a while. 

Kiryu sighed, and his hole fluttered around Ryuji’s fingertip. Ryuji grunted in satisfaction and pressed his finger in gently.

“Ah, ah, ah,” Kiryu let out low groans as Ryuji’s finger worked inside him.

“Too much?”

“Ah… Even your finger is so thick, hah. It’s… it’s just a lot.” 

Ryuji grinned. “It’s been a while, huh. Missed this?”

“Hnn, yeah. Ah… A lot.” 

Ryuji’s finger was two knuckles deep when he started pulling out. Kiryu whined at the sensation, flexing around his finger. Ryuji stared, mesmerized, at the way Kiryu’s hole worked around him. He gently pulled his finger down, stretching the rim as he worked. Kiryu whined again, flexing frantically around his finger.

“There ya go,” Ryuji said. “It’s like yer built for this.”

“Ah… Ah… More, I want more.”

“Work that ass around me first,” Ryuji said. “Need to stretch yerself out more, first.”

Kiryu huffed, but obliged, working his hole around Ryuji’s thick finger, flexing himself to get used to the intrusion. 

“Can you… Can you at least go deeper?”

Ryuji chuckled. “Needy.” 

He pressed his finger all the way in, the soft walls of Kiryu’s inside sucking him in deeper. Kiryu let out a low groan that let Ryuji know his fingertip was pressed against his prostate. He gently stroked tantalizingly close to his prostate as Kiryu continued working his ass around him. Ryuji reached his prosthetic hand around and jerked Kiryu once, twice, reveling in the moans he let out.

“Yer such a slut for this,” Ryuji said thickly, his voice full of affection.

Kiryu scoffed, but his voice was full of arousal as he spoke. “It feels good. Ah, can I have more yet?” 

“Hmm.” Ryuji pulled his finger out to Kiryu’s dismay. He pressed his fingertip against Kiryu’s hole and grinned at the feeling. His hole was softer now, no longer tense like earlier.

He poured more lube on his fingers, rubbing them together as he warmed it. 

“Oh, oh, oh, oh my god,” Kiryu breathed out, clutching the pillow he was clinging to. His spine dipped further than before, his thighs spreading enticingly as Ryuji pressed two fingers inside him.

Ryuji didn’t stop, just slowly worked his fingers inside. Kiryu was struggling to keep relaxed, he could tell, so he rubbed his inner thigh reassuringly. 

“There ya go, babe,” Ryuji said. “Nice an’ relaxed for me, keep like that.”

Kiryu whined, letting out long puffs of air as he focused. Ryuji’s fingers were thick .

“God, you’re filling me up,” Kiryu gasped out. “I want more, I need more of you inside me.”

Ryuji chuckled, slowly twisting his fingers. “Work yer ass again, then.”

Kiryu shoved his face in the pillow as he obliged, working on opening himself up on Ryuji’s huge fingers. Ryuji jerked him off a few more times, making it hard to concentrate, but Kiryu kept at it. 

“Yer suckin’ me in so nicely,” Ryuji said, his voice thick with arousal. Kiryu’s hole was nice and pink around his fingers and stretched so nicely. He stroked his own neglected erection a few times, heavy globs of pre-cum weeping down the thick shaft. Kiryu needed another finger first. Instead of pulling his fingers out like last time, he instead poured lube down Kiryu’s crack, dribbling it onto his fingers and Kiryu’s pink hole. 

Kiryu gasped at the cold sensation, but the sound quickly turned into a moan as Ryuji pressed his ring finger insistently at his rim. 

“Relax,” Ryuji said. 

“Ah, I’m,” Kiryu paused and let out a long moan as Ryuji pressed his finger inside. 

“So hungry,” Ryuji said, jerking Kiryu off again. He was leaking precum onto the sheets below him, but neither of them cared. 

Ryuji slowly twisted his wrist, working his fingers in a slow circle as he watched Kiryu’s hole stretch. Kiryu moaned as he tried to keep himself relaxed, tried to stop himself from clenching around Ryuji’s fingers and milking them for all they were worth.

“I’m ready,” Kiryu said, his voice surprisingly demanding for how messy he was. 

“Are ya?” Ryuji asked, chuckling as Kiryu worked his hips backward, forcing Ryuji’s fingers deeper into his ass. “So impatient. Awright, awright.” 

Ryuji slowly pulled his fingers out and slicked his cock up. He stared at Kiryu’s hole. He couldn’t close all the way from the fingering, and that made Ryuji want to fuck him so hard he couldn’t walk for days.

Ryuji positioned himself behind Kiryu and poured lube directly into his winking hole.

“Ah… you asshole,” Kiryu said, gasping at the sensation. His hole fluttered at the cold liquid pouring inside it. 

“Ya love it,” Ryuji said, using his thumb to spread Kiryu’s hole and look at his handiwork before he wrecked him. “Ready?”

Kiryu huffed. “I’ve been ready for ages.” 


“Ugh,” Kiryu groaned. “Ryuji, please fill me with your cock, you’re so big and my ass always feels so lonely without you, and AH--”

Ryuji interrupted his half-hearted begging as he started spearing him with his cock. His cock caught on the rim at first, but he guided his cock in and slowly pressed inside.

“Oh my god,” Kiryu moaned breathlessly. “Oh my god, you’re huge .”

Ryuji grunted. “Forget how much it fills ya?”

“Fuck, oh my god,” Kiryu gasped again, the tendons in his shoulders standing out as he clenched his fist in the sheets.

“Shit… yer gonna have to relax,” Ryuji said, his brows drawn together as he slowed down his entrance.

Kiryu whined and his hole worked around him a few times. Finally, he relaxed, his body falling bonelessly to the bed as Ryuji kept pushing inside him.

Kiryu was babbling now. Ryuji couldn’t make out all the words, but he definitely heard “huge” “enormous” “ so long ” “filling me” and more if his mind hadn’t been more occupied with more pressing matters. 

Ryuji grunted when his hips met Kiryu’s ass. Kiryu was so tight around him, his walls pillowing his cock so perfectly it was like they were made for each other. 

“Ah, ah, I need,” Kiryu whined, his voice muffled against the pillow.

“Whaddya need?” Ryuji asked, his voice husky as he tried to stop himself from fucking Kiryu into next week.

Fuck me ,” Kiryu said, his voice coming out stronger than before.

Ryuji chuckled and slowly began pulling out, watching in awe as Kiryu’s hole gripped around him like his body didn’t want to let him go.

“Fuck, yer so good at this,” Ryuji said, squeezing Kiryu’s ass as he pulled nearly all the way out.

“Come on, come on,” Kiryu said, demanding now. 

“Ya take my cock so well,” Ryuji said, snapping his hips against Kiryu, thrusting in all the way with no warning. Kiryu keened, his head thrown back as Ryuji started fucking him in earnest. 

“Ah, ah, right there, right there!”

Ryuji began pounding against Kiryu’s prostate, drinking in the long moans Kiryu was letting out. He reached his hand around and clumsily jerked Kiryu off, his movements out of sync with his thrusts but he doubted Kiryu cared at the moment.

“So tight and warm for me,” Ryuji grunted. “Ah, I could fuck ya all day, Kiryu.”

“You’re so huge ,” Kiryu said, gasping as Ryuji’s thrusts turned more brutal than before. His ass would no doubt bruise the next day.

“Work that ass for me,” Ryuji demanded. 

Kiryu moaned as he started weakly clenching his hole around Ryuji, before relaxing it just as quickly. It was like he was trying to milk Ryuji dry. 

“I… I missed this so much,” Kiryu said, gasping between words. “My fingers couldn’t fill me up like you do.”

Ryuji laughed breathlessly, sweat trickling down his forehead as he snapped his hips harder. “Not big enough for ya?”

“No, I need… I need your cock, you’re so thick and long and, ah!”

Ryuji cut Kiryu off by jerking him off even faster, rubbing the leaking tip with his thumb as he battered his prostate. Kiryu came with a long moan, spilling into Ryuji’s fist as he worked him through his orgasm.

Ryuji let out a moan of his own as Kiryu’s hole clenched and unclenched around him. He pulled his hand away and gripped Kiryu’s hips as he started fucking even harder. Every thrust pushed more cum out of Kiryu, spilling even more onto the bed. Kiryu moaned loudly and whined when he felt Ryuji start to cum inside him. 

Ryuji grunted as he came, satisfaction burrowing deep in his belly as he pulled out and pressed his thumb against Kiryu’s hole, stretching it and watching him weakly try and close his ass, cum leaking from his used hole to his freshly-emptied balls.

“Ah… Thank you,” Kiryu said as Ryuji handed him a towel. He cleaned Kiryu up as Kiryu wiped the sweat from his forehead away.

“Shower?” Ryuji grunted, tossing the cum-stained towel into the dirty-clothes pile.

Kiryu nodded. “In a minute. Go start the water, I’ll be in soon.”