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They Died Today

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Tavros Nitram died today.
He wasn't the first of us to, but somehow it still hits just as hard. Even Vriska seems lost. It makes me think I should've talked to him more. He was always there, I guess I just never noticed him. None of us really knew him that well.
Except Gamzee, of course.
He took it hard. He locked himself in his room, and it took Karkat hours to get him to open up. Gamzee didn't bother putting on his clown makeup for days, because his tears kept ruining it. It seemed like every time he calmed down, he'd suddenly remember another thing Tavros had said or done and he would start sobbing again. I didn't even know Gamzee could cry. I wish I didn't know.


Karkat Vantas died today.
We hadn't seen him for awhile. It turned out he'd crawled into some dark corner to die alone. I guess he didn't want anyone to see him so weak. We didn't find his body for days.
Nepeta brought the news to Gamzee. She didn't even make any cat puns.
"Gamzee? Gamzee, we... we found Karkat. He's dead, Gamzee. Gamzee, can you come out? I can't remember the last time I saw you. Come on, we can sit on your pile of horns. I know I'm Equius's moirail, but... you're too alone. Please don't stay in there forever."
He didn't come out. Nepeta left, and then returned a day later. This time, she decided to break the door down.
The walls and floor and even some of the ceiling of Gamzee's room were covered in purple liquid.


Gamzee Makara died today.