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The Dawn of a New Era

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“My Lord, whatever shall we do with her?”

The god smiles, gently stroking the surface of the Kryptonian pod. “We shall raise her, and she shall be my champion, my crowning jewel, and my daughter.”

It’s been 5 years.

Lena sits back, pouring whiskey in her glass and taking it down in one swig. Her hands shake, her head pounds but she still drags herself to work. Her office once so pristine and fixed had papers scattered all over her table and a fully stocked liquor cabinet. She pours another and presses her fingertips to her temple, but 5 years taught her that the guilt won’t ever be assuaged.

Nor will the regret drown.

Every night she tries and drowns her demons—but they’ve learned how to swim. But she still drinks in hopes that maybe tonight will be the night they drown. Yet she knows they never do—they just give her the worst migraines in existence but she deserves it. She deserves it—all the pain and all the suffering and if she feels especially angry and spiteful towards herself—she replays the time everything went downhill.

If only she could have forgiven her.

The thought always torments her at night—if she had listened, if she had trusted and learned that Kara didn’t mean her harm—that Kara didn’t want to hurt her at all and that she also had to work through her own issues—then Kara would definitely still be here. Alive, breathing, happy, maybe even finding a special someone right about now.

But she’s gone.

In all honesty, when Lena reflects she knows she should be in jail or dead. Seeing the murderous look in Alex’s eyes made her stop dead cold in her feet as the truth sinks in all the more deeper. All her friends—or ex-friends now—had stared on in horror and she can see how they viewed her.


Luthors' were monsters—and she’s a Luthor, so she’s a monster. But Kara didn’t see it that way, Kara thought she was an amazing, kind individual who didn’t stop to try and convince Lena herself that she wasn’t one. “I’ll die trying,” Kara had told her about it one time when they were having dinner in Kara’s apartment.

Not realizing she would do it.

Lena sighs, her eyes growing misty and a sob rips from her throat. L-Corp, her life, it all took a dark tumble with what happened to Kara. Anger burns in her and it isn’t aimed at the Girl of Steel—no it’s aimed at herself. L-Corp had lost its luster and it’s cutting edge competition—only getting by because of her name and sheer willpower and determination. Her life was in a much deeper hole than where it was before. She could practically hear Lex and Liliana laughing at her with how far she’s fallen.

All the attempts to prove them wrong just made her circle back to where she was, no better than them.

Her thoughts grow cloudy and Lena sluggishly pours another glassful and drinks it down when she notices her phone flashing—and she drunkenly reaches for it and her heart squeezes in her chest. Alex Danver’s name flashes on the screen and the words. Emergency. Go to the DEO NOW“

It had been 5 years since she had last talked to Alex Danvers—the Director having long cut ties with her.

Their last interaction wasn’t as pleasant either, as Lena was her target—the barrel of Alex’s handgun aimed straight at her chest, where Lena’s heart should be. She doesn’t blame her in the slightest, and Lena afterward always wished she had pulled the trigger. To end this pathetic existence and finally end her damnation here to be judged in the afterlife.

But there is no rest for the weary and Lena struggles to stand, a hand on her desk as she texts Alex to say she’s on her way before booking an Uber. She places the whiskey in her cabinet, pushing the papers in her drawers and leaving a note to her assistant to move her meetings on Thursday—which no doubt would earn her an earful but she needed to do it. Soon a grab picks her up and she puts her location near a Sushi shop open 24/7, a front the DEO has used as a way to boom tube people directly into the location ever since Supergirl had died.

Alex hadn’t replied but she doesn’t stress over it much. The alcohol dulling her senses and it takes a little longer before the agent stationed in the shop allows her to take the Tube in. But when she arrives everyone’s running around. Alarms are blaring and the panicked expressions on the agents' faces make her expression harden.

If Alex had texted this must have been very, very, dire.

She takes a deep breath, continuing through the maze-like hallways up until she emerges in the center room, where Alex had her back turned to her, barking out orders, words Lena can’t clearly make out and she doesn’t dare interrupt until Alex suddenly whirls to face her, words on her throat dying as soon as they make eye contact.

“Director Danvers—”

“Ms. Luthor,” Alex starts, her voice thick, and it’s so clear she’s panicking. Despite how many years, Alex can’t hide how she feels in front of Lena. “We need your help,”

“Whatever for, Director?” She asks and she hopes her voice isn’t as slurred as it sounds in her head. “What seems to be the matter?”

An agent had appeared from behind the CEO and immediately bounds up to Alex and whispers something in her ears and it makes her expression harden. “You’ve been drinking again, Ms. Luthor?”

They both had alcoholic tendencies—when this doesn’t go well and Kara had on more than one occasion poke fun at the fact and Alex seems to be sizing her up properly since her arrival because a sigh escapes her lips. “Alex I can—“

“Not when your drunk.” Alex interrupts immediately. “Agent Sanchez, take Ms. Luthor to the medical bay, get her rested and sober as soon as possible.” The agent snaps to attention and nods and turns to Lena who looks mildly annoyed. “Ms. Luthor I suggest you don’t start making a fuss,” Alex warns her voice cool and civil. “I don’t have the patience to deal with any antics you pull.”

Lena opens her mouth to disagree but she instead shuts up and nods. “Alright.” She says through grit teeth and looks at the agent, realizing they were the one from the sushi shop. “Go on, lead the way,”

“Of course. This way, Ms. Luthor.” The agent says and walks towards another hall and Lena follows, feeling most eyes on her as she does. At least, the agents were civil and polite, and she can hear Alex resume barking orders as she goes through the hallways.

There was something strangely sentimental about walking through the hallways once more not as a friend, but as a stranger once again. Yet her thoughts are quickly interrupted when the agent leads her to a new, cleaner, with a lot more equipment medical bay and leads her to lay down on one of the beds. A device beeps and immediately her vital signs show up on a screen and the agent—Sanchez she thinks—looks over it and pulls up a few tablets and a glass of water and hands it to Lena.

“Ms. Luthor if you take this, your migraine should disappear when you wake up,” they say and she takes it and drinks the water down. “We also have a sleeping pill if you have an issue falling asleep—“

“Give it here,” she says and the agent hands her a blue pill which she downs quickly with the rest of the water. The agent takes the glass and sets it down and she can feel it kick in a lot quicker. “Whatever is in here—it really packs a punch.”

“Director Danvers and Brainiac had worked on this together,” Sanchez replies and checks her vitals once more. “Comfortable Ms. Luthor?”

“Yes, thank you.” She yawns and settles on the soft bed. “This you know what it is?”

Sanchez looks at her and then back at the screen. “Ms. Luthor I think it’s best if Director Danvers is the one to fill you in...”


She rolls her eyes and closes them. “Alright, thank you then, Agent Sanchez.”

“No problem, Ms. Luthor. Sweet dreams, Ms. Luthor.”

Their voice fades away and her consciousness drifts she wonders if she’ll have nightmares again.

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A piercing cry echoes in the air and everyone watches as a blur from the atmosphere starts descending much too fast to be controlled. Lena can’t breathe, her eyes on the screen and her heart stops.

Everything seems to be falling apart and a chasm appears in front of her. She scrambles to the red and blue blur in the distance but she falls into the hole.

“Ms. Luthor?”

Lena blinks, trying to focus. Sanchez had woken her up from her sleep when she had started stirring too much. They had been concerned and gave her some water and some food—which Lena took gratefully. Like what they said, the medicine did make her hangover nonexistent and her sleep surprisingly restful.

In short, she feels well-rested and amazing.

Which is suspicious in itself. But she doesn’t look at a gift horse in the mouth and instead sits up and drinks some more water. “Sanchez, what time is it?”

“6:00 am.” They reply and check her vitals on the screen. “Director Danvers said to inform you that your meeting will happen an hour from now,” they look up at her and gives her a friendly smile. “I hope your rest was well, Ms. Luthor?”

“Oddly very relaxing.” She replies and picks at the fruits on her plate. “This is a hell of medicine, is there any way you could prescribe me some?” She jokes.

“Maybe, all agents are given a bottle, I could probably swipe you some.” They say conspiratorially and winks. “Of course, off the record,”

She manages a laugh, something not too forced in these long years. “Yes, of course,” she sighs and looks at the clock. “Are you sure you can’t tell me anything about this ‘secret important meeting ?” They shake their head and Lena sighs once again. “Alright, thank you then, Sanchez.”

“Of course, Ms. Luthor.” Sanchez replies and moves to a machine and fiddles with said device and Lena looks around the room and lays down once more. The terror of her dreams had faded away mostly, leaving her staring up at the sterile ceiling feeling nothing. Try as she might, she can’t stop herself from letting her mind wander towards Alex Danvers.

They have a very complicated relationship.

Alex was wary, suspicious of Lena, and above all didn’t trust her as fast as Kara did. She respected her of course, her brilliance, her passion, it was something she could easily admire about the woman. Lena was smart, brilliant, charismatic, and above all very steadfast.

But also a Luthor.

Granted Alex did judge her for being a Luthor initially. She had every reason to—she remembers how Kara would cry and stay up for days on end terrified Lex would come through their door and kill her too.

So when Lena started proving herself, she was wary, yes, but through all the times they’ve worked together, Kara’s insistence, she had started trusting and liking her, bit by bit, not that she’d admit it to Kara out loud. It came to the point where she’d look after Lena too—after all, she was becoming part of their Super squad.

But then she betrayed them.

Honestly, Alex could understand where she was coming from. The hurt, the lying, she could understand Lena and why she’d feel so angry and hurt. What she couldn’t understand and pardon was the fact that she took it so far—disabling the systems in the DEO—she was still willing to forgive her. Lena was family, Lena was part of everyone's lives.

Up until Kara died.

Then everything fell apart.

Lena knows she’s only alive because Alex honors Kara’s dying wish—keep Lena okay, make sure nothing bad happens to her. But that’s the extent of where it goes. The DEO Director had long made that clear and Lena knew she had crossed a bridge she could never recover.

Looking at it, Lena would have done the same if they’d had switched places.

Her chest aches, a squeezing that hurts and she knows it doesn’t stop, it never stops. Tears suddenly well up in her eyes and she realized that there’s no alcohol here. She won’t be able to drink, she won’t be able to get a shot—just one shot could help.

“Ms. Luthor?”

Sanchez's’ quiet voice interrupts her and she looks at them. “What is it?” Her voice sounds harsh, ragged and she winces. “I’m sorry, yes?”

“Are you alright?”

The question is met with her barking out a sure “No!” and somehow it makes the tears she’d try to hide well up and she struggles to breathe. She was falling apart, breaking, bit by bit and all these years it feels like she’s glass, ready to be pushed over the edge and shatter at the smallest pressure.

She doesn’t know why she unloads everything to Agent Sanchez—maybe it was the fact she spoke to someone whose neutral on everything, or maybe it was the fact they just seemed so caring and reminded her vaguely of Kara. All she knows is when Sanchez receives the call to bring Lena up, she feels hollow and just slightly relieved.

“Ms. Luthor, I may not be able to make things better, but I will be here for you,” they say before helping her clean up and leading her up to the meeting room. “Good luck, Ms. Luthor,” they say with the hint of warmth before leaving and it assuages the bit of fear and dread before opening the door.

Cool air greets her and she takes in a deep breath.

Inside the room, is a floating cube-like object. No bigger than a small box, its edges golden, clear blue lines running through it and in the center, is a big red circle, pulsating like a heartbeat.

“Welcome, Lena Luthor,”

The voice is warm, loving as if the voice of a mother consoling a hurting child. But looking around there’s no one else in the room but the box and her.


“I know you are confused, but there is much to talk about, much to do, don’t worry. All is well.”


She opens her mouth and swallows. “Okay...” she says and takes a seat. “What do you mean what to do? What are you? Who are you?”


“I am a friend,” the voice replies comfortingly. “I am a good friend. But I need your help,”


“Help? Help from what?” Lena asks. “I don’t even know what you are.”

“To be kept from people who would use me for harm,”

“And who would use you for—“

“Lena, who are you talking to?”

Lena turns around and looks at Alex, her eyes betraying how tired she is. Her shoulders sag, her eyes hardened, and Lena can’t help but notice her uniform seems dirty and unkempt as if she had been working for days non-stop.

“Alex, what the hell is going on here? What is that—what is happening?” She asks and the Director sits on a nearby chair and slumps over it tiredly. "What heck is this thing?“

“There’s a lot that’s happening,” she replies and presses her fingertips to her forehead. “A lot...the DEO is spread thin, and there are so many things that need to be done.”

“So tell me how I can help,” Lena says and gestures to the box. “Tell me what I can do.”