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call me friend ( but keep me closer )

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Distance, distance keeps you safe
And I don't wanna scare you away
You’re laughing 'cause it's funny how you're fooling everybody ( but me )


There are many times when Saguru has found his mind wandering when he was supposed to be paying attention to his studies. Contrary to popular belief, he was far from a star pupil when it came to his academic habits (even if he had the grades to back up that assumption). Academics never seemed to hold his attention so well as his work or his present fascination. Lately, fascination and work were overlapping far more than he'd ever anticipated, and all that held his focus personified itself as the boy sitting ahead and to the left of him: Kuroba Kaito, prankster and magician extraordinaire.

Or: his quarry, Kaitou KID.

Or: the boy he could never keep off his mind.

Or: the likely target of the shooting at last night's heist.

Nobody else had heard it - the task force was long gone chasing a decoy and Saguru's suspicion had kept him back. The fireworks going off had successfully masked the sound (very on brand for KID, but now he can't help but wonder--had he indeed set them off? Was it simply a distraction he'd set up and then someone else had taken advantage of, or had that distraction not been at all KID-induced?). The only proof it had happened was his own written report of it. 

And the trace amount of blood he'd found at the scene, but he had cleared that away himself and left any report of that finding out of his reports. The blood could have been used to eventually secure KID's identity, something that should be important to him, but it was hard to want to prove someone guilty when he was wondering whether they were really the truly guilty party at all.

Saguru had booked his way to Kuroba's home as soon as he'd been able to break off from the after-heist paperwork, counting himself lucky that his driver hadn't questioned him on it at all beyond what little elaboration he'd offered: "I just need to check on a friend."

He'd knocked on the door, and there had been silence for so long that Saguru found himself at a loss. What could he do from here? He could alert the authorities to a potential emergency, but that felt like something that could expose Kuroba to legal trouble at best and grave danger at worst. 

In any case, Saguru’s persistence must have won him acknowledgement. Kuroba was probably concerned about what he might do if he didn't answer the door.

When Kuroba had answered the door, his tone had been irritable, with a hardness underlying it. Where he was trying to seem annoyed, he looked worn and high-strung. Where he tried to seem nonchalant, he seemed frayed and jumpy. Saguru had pressed in every way he knew how short of saying, "I know you've been shot and I need to know that you aren't in the midst of a medical emergency." It took all Saguru had for him not to express his worry and share his suspicions on the spot.

In any case, at least it was clear Kuroba hadn't been bleeding out, but the other potential complications were terrifying. Saguru left empty-handed and with only the barest worry cleared away.

Now Kuroba was in class, cackling and causing the ruckus he normally would. But Saguru kept catching himself wondering:  didn't it seem like he was shifting his weight a little differently than he normally would? Didn't it seem like he might be favoring some wounded part of him? Didn't he seem just a little more withdrawn?

Nobody seemed to see the same tells that he was seeing, though. Kuroba was doing what he did best: misleading his audience and fooling them over something that they didn't even know enough to doubt. He had everyone fooled but Saguru.

Kuroba was in trouble, and Saguru cared to find out what it was.


I'm afraid that weight is gonna make you drown.
I'm looking out for you but I don't think you wanna be found ( out )