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Draco would never tell anyone how he got off of serving a sentence at Azkaban. Actually, he would have happily told people had the St. Potter not barged in at the last minute to offer character tribute.

Draco had huffed and ruffled his feathers. Really, Potter couldn’t have come before he’d let the magistrate put his cock inside him. But no, there was Potter, swearing in front of everyone that he was only able to defeat ‘Volde-baldy’ due to Draco tossing him his wand last minute.

Draco gritted his teeth as he felt the stupid grinning official’s cum slid down the back of his thighs. Now it wouldn’t at all look like Draco had bribed the man, but that Potter had convinced the man. And to make matters worse that horrid Profit reporter was scribbling away. No doubt that the article would make and his humiliation would go to print.

The sentence was passed, thirty days to clear the manor before the rest was seized and sold by the government to cover court costs, only the family-owned shops and businesses in Diagon Alley and France (outside of the Ministry’s jurisdiction) would be exempt. That was all well and good enough for Draco, he hadn’t been able to walk into the place since the end of the war too many bad memories.

His family only had two shops after the first war, the Malfoy Apothecary and the Rare Tome Emporium. Both of which had large apartments stretching over the upper floors; they would be more than enough for him and his mother.



Four Years Later


The week had been slow. Not a single customer had walked in since Monday. Normal Draco would enjoy these times, but over the course of a week, it had made life incredibly dull. Not to mention, he was swelling and completely exhausted.

Draco had been trying with every wizard that had a hint of power for the last two years for one of his eggs to be fertilized. But alas despite sleeping with countless men at the end of every cycle the elusive egg would dissolve away. A hatchling’s eggshells would fetch a fine amount of coin for him and his mother.

He wasn’t exactly doing bad for himself, not since he also started charging the men he slept with. But his mother had only ever successfully laid one egg, and he could see the stress it was causing her that he was undergoing the same predicament. He wanted an egg, he knew it might be impossible due to the potions he took to keep from forming one in the presence of the Dark Lord.

Draco sat reading the Profit. The Potter-Weasley wedding was all anyone was talking about, who had a ticket who didn’t, what the color scheme would be. Draco could care less all he wanted to know was the latest name of former death eaters that the groom to be had put away or killed on the third page.

Draco had actually become so bored by the end of the afternoon he started to read the stupid wedding article. Just as he got to the catering, the doorbells chimed. He threw the paper down in disgust lest someone saw what trash he was reading. Draco stood to help the customer only then did he notice the lime-green robes of an Auror.

It didn’t take him nearly as long to recognize the mop of dark curls. Draco stretched his wings careful not to knock over the stacks of books on his counter.

“If it isn’t the groom of the wedding of the century. To what do I owe the pleasure, I would ask if you’re interested in getting the Weaselette a special book for a present, but she doesn’t seem the type. Perhaps if you’d decided on Granger.”

Despite Potter not being Veela, the fact that Draco was ruffling his feathers was plain to see. “Stuff if Malfoy, I do have other business outside of my personal. I’m here about the Flint murder.”

“Oh, and what rare piece of information could you possibly be looking for?” Draco could feel the power radiating off of Potter. If anyone could get an egg fertilized it was him.

“I’m not looking for a book. I have Royer Rowe in custody for the murder, but he says he didn’t do it and that he was here for four hours that day. So I figure most people don’t spend that much time in your company and that you’d remember him being here.”

Ah yes, Draco remembered Rowe, “Rowe, was here about a week ago, it took him two hours milling about my shop to work up the courage to ask about what he really wanted to see.”

“Show me, what you showed him.” Potter narrowed his eyes.

Draco smirked. He took out his wand and waved it at the open sign a gust of wind spun the sign around three times before the word open was facing the two men. “Follow me.”

Potter followed him threw the stacks as Draco picked at the lacing of his robes. He wasn’t sure how to play this, Potter was immune to the Imperious curse, so Veela magic might be nothing for him to sense and throw off. The blond pulled a key from his robes and lead Potter upstairs to his nest. For all his Auror training, the man was still oblivious, and it took him a second to even realize he was in Draco’s nest. No, Potter got by with raw magical power- power that was making Draco practically salivate. 

 “You showed him your nest. Why?” He blinked.

Draco’s smirk grew into a grin and he finished undoing his robes and let them fall behind him. “It wasn’t exactly me nest he was interested in seeing.”

The Veela also stopped holding in his aura, he let it hit the Savior.

Draco could tell it did have some effect on him. He sat down on the bed and laid back spreading his legs wide enough to give the young Auror a grand view of his cloaca slit.

“Er… so you engaged er…in sexual intercourse with Mr. Rowes that day?”

Draco reached down and started stroking himself. Potter’s eyes didn’t leave his crotch. “I did. He came disappointingly quick.”

“Er… do you… have sex with a lot of men?”

Draco hit Potter with the full force of his aura. “It’s not illegal for Veela’s to engage in prostitution.”

Potter tugged on his hair and licked his lips. “How… how much did you charge him?”

“Fifty galleons.” Draco watched Potter unconsciously squeeze his coin purse. He laid back and arched his hips off the bed. “But I’d be willing to give the Savior of the Wizarding World a discount.”

Draco couldn’t see it but he could hear the removal of robes. “How much of a discount?”

Draco grinned and stretched out his wings. “Depends on if you make me cum first or not.”

Before Draco could say anything else Potter had grabbed his thighs and pressed his face into Draco’s slit. He kissed and licked as Draco’s cock started to elongate from the slit. Potter took the head into his mouth and began to suck him off before sliding his mouth down the shaft and kissing at Draco’s opening.

The Veela was surprised at the pleasure and his wings began to have small uncontrollable flutters. Draco buried his hands in those black curls and pulled probably harder than he should. Potter didn’t seem to mind, even when Draco forced his mouth back onto his cock. He swallowed it down enthusiastically taking Draco all the way to the root.

The blond knew his orgasm was close when Potter gagged on his cock hitting the back of his throat but continued to fuck Draco’s hole with his tongue on the underside of his cock.

“I’m gonna cum!” Draco yelped he held the other man in place by his hair. But Potter didn’t even try to move back instead he just swallowed down Draco’s seed.

Draco sighed in contentment as Potter continued to swallow around him. Veela seed was considered a powerful fertility drug. Perhaps, Potter could fertilize his egg.

Draco settled in as Potter rose from the floor and climbed between his legs. He moaned as the Auror entered him. Potter pulled off his glasses and put them on to the side of Draco’s messy nest. Draco could see his creature magic swirling in Potter’s eyes. Oh if Potter realized he’d used such magic on him Draco would be going to Azkaban for sure. But right now all Draco cared about was that he could feel Potter sliding into his oviduct. Potter lacked finesse, but as for everything he made up for it with raw power. Power that Draco was sure would leave him walking funny afterward.

Potter started kissing his neck and whispering his name. His first name. “Draco, Draco” Potter was practically chanting it into his ear. “My love.”

Now that surprised Draco enough that he opened his eyes. ‘Shit. Maybe he shouldn’t have used the aura. But if he stopped now would Potter finish before he regained his senses. He would stop it as soon as Potter spilled.’

Draco decided to help him along. He let his talons form and dig into Potter’s back. The toxin took an even more dramatic hold on Potter.

He didn’t think he could but Potter started thrusting even harder and pleading even more desperate things in his ear. “I love you. I’ll give you anything, Draco, my love, my life.”

It was supposed to release pleasure not make the attraction worse. Draco had heard all these things before from lesser men, but somehow coming from one of the most powerful wizards on the planet it was intoxicating.

“Please, Draco, I’ll leave her, I never wanted her, only you Draco, please. Please be mine.”

Something in Draco’s chest tightened. He wanted that, he wanted someone who could give him eggs and satisfy him. But he knew he couldn’t have the Savior, no be belonged to someone else. Draco needed him to finish before his magic really did mess with the savior's mind. He moved his hands from his back to Potter’s firm arse.

“Draco, please love. Say you’ll be mine. If it’s Rowe, I’ll kill him.”

‘Okay, that was it.’ Draco slid two fingers swiftly and probably painfully into Potter’s bum and quickly found his prostate.

“Cum for me, Harry.” Draco extended his talons into Potter’s prostrate.

The Auror screamed as he came. Every light bulb in the room shattered with the force of out-of-control magic. Potter’s brutal thrusts slowed.

‘Finally.’ Draco thought as he reined in his magic.

Potter pulled out. “Oh Merlin, Malfoy, what have I done?”

            Draco muttered a quick healing spell for the nicks he made to Potter’s bowls before withdrawing his fingers. “Not to worry you’re not the first engaged wizard I’ve had.”

            “You…you won’t tell anyone about this will you?”

            Draco could feel Potter’s sperm moving further inside him. “Of course, not think of it was a wedding present.”

            Potter pulled at his hair and bolted from his nest. Draco sat up and stretched his wings. Potter pulled his robes on in a hurry, such a hurry he forgot his underwear.

            Draco just smirked as he felt the faint pop of his body finally releasing an egg for fertilization “Potter.”

            Harry stopped at the door half-dressed face red. Draco sauntered from the nest over to him. “Next time, you pay full price.”

            Harry was distracted by his semen dripping from Malfoy onto the floor. “Er… There won’t be a next time. I’m getting married in a month.”

            Draco handed him his glasses. “I live off of married men telling me ‘there won’t be a next time’ every month.”

            Potter bolted from his presence then and passed Narcissa on the stairs.

            She nodded to him cordially before continuing up the stairs.

            She found her son lying nude in his nest. “I heard Potter scream. Are you alright?”

            Draco grinned and rubbed his abdomen. “Can you sense it, mother? Potter and his ridiculous magic levels are good for something.”

            Narcissa rushed to his side and placed a hand on his stomach. “An egg. You can feel it.”

            Draco grinned. The next two days would be filled with nothing by gorging on food and preparing his nest further.


            Draco was ravenous, he should have kept Potter under his spell just to have an extra set of hands for food.

            Narcissa was out at the shops gathering him more meet and nutrients. Which was good since Draco had already swallowed down every newt in the apothecary and was starting to eye the toads. Disgusting creatures, they were Draco desperately needed more protein and calcium. Every live creature in the back was panicking at his ravenous rampage.

            Draco grabbed one of the toads. It was too big to swallow whole so he bit into it. Completely disgusting but exactly what he needed. He had to feed his egg. He’d worked too hard to get it. Slept with too many washed-up Order of Merlin men for this one to dissolve away. Potter had been potent enough to give him an egg. Draco could stomach anything for two days while it formed.

            Narcissa returned as he finished off the toads and was eyeing the pixies trying to figure out how to kill them in mass offering easier eating. “Oh good, you’ve eaten your toads.”

            “They are disgusting. Did you bring more snails and ashwinder?”

            Narcissa motioned to the men levitating a barrel inside along with jars or frozen snakes and tanks of more newts. “Hopefully this will last you, or else I will have to go to Hogsmeade. You’ve cleaned out London.”

            Draco hummed and shoed the men away from the barrel. Before using his talons to spear the snails and slugs.

            Narcissa paid the men and stretched her own wings. She sighed as she watched her son crunch through a snail shell. “I’m glad you enjoy them so. I hated them. I think that’s why I only had one egg form.”

            “I want this one to hatch, but I hope Potter comes back. He’s the first one I’ve had an egg even develop much less incubate. With him, under my spell, I could have a whole clutch.”

            Narcissa’s head wiped around. “You aura’d him. Are you mad? You could go to Azkaban?”

            Draco slurped down another slug-like it was nothing more than a piece of ripe fruit. “Oh please, if he did anything, I’d just sleep with the judge again and get off of it.”

            His mother huffed at him. “You need to be careful, it’s not the men you seduce that’s the problem it’s their wives.”

            Draco scooped up more snails with his talons. “All the more reason, I don’t keep a list.”


            The next morning Draco’s stomach was very swollen. His egg was forming nicely There was a good chance it would be out by the end of the day. Draco’s repent consumption of small creatures continued. In addition, his lovely down feathers had started coming loose. Draco started pulling them out and patting them into his nest. It wasn’t twelve hours later, Narcissa summoned a healer from St. Mungo’s to help Draco deliver the egg after all his hips would be shattered as soon as he pushed it out.

            Draco felt his body begin pushing well before the Healer had arrived. He got into a squatting position and began to push. He noticed the pop of aspiration, not a minute later. “You’re supposed to let us know when you first start forming and egg.”

            Draco screeched. “First Egg. I’ve had form. Didn’t know if it would take!”

            The blond healer came over to kneel next to him. “You have some options, I can cut it out of you or you can lay it naturally.”

            “If you cut it will I have more eggs.”

            She shook her head “There is a chance you won’t.”

            Draco screamed again before gasping out. “Just heal my hips after its out.”

            The labor went on for hours until Draco heard his pelvis shatter and the egg slipped free and rolled onto the nest. Draco fell backward unable to hold up his own weight not caring that his wings were folded uncomfortably. The healer quickly started working the spells to mend his bones.

            “Is it fertilized?” he gasped out.

            “Let me heal you first.”

            “Will it incubate?” Draco yelled. The young woman stopped what she was doing and moved over and cast some magic on the egg.

            She nodded. “He’ll incubate just fine.”

            Draco sighed and closed his eyes. He whispered to his mother. “He’ll be back and when he is he’ll give me a whole clutch.”

            The healer scoffed. “Well, I don’t recommend you having more that one egg a month.”

            Draco felt sleep pulling him. ‘what if Potter became one of his monthlies, imagine how many eggs they would make.’



            Draco moved his egg to a new nest were he didn’t bring men for sex. His egg was to private for him. He stopped sleeping in the love nest as he started calling it and slept in his ‘chickery’ as his mother called it. She cooed over his egg and kept it warm while he worked, whether it be his books or his other work.

            Draco was excited to meet his hatchling, but he knew it would take nearly two years before it was born.

            A month after he laid his egg, the Profit morning headline was of the Potter-Weasley wedding. Draco snagged some poor unsuspecting man from the apothecary and dragged him upstairs to fuck away his jealousy.





            At a year and six months, the egg began to crack. Draco and Narcissa were ecstatic. They closed both shops and spent the day preparing for the little one. The spotted shell was cracked thoroughly as the baby began to breakthrough. Draco started to pull away the shell before, Narcissa smacked his hand away. “Don’t rush him.”

            Draco fluffed his wings. The crack grew bigger before finally, a hole big enough with a tiny hand poked through.

            Narcissa leaned into him. “Now you can help him.”

            Draco didn’t need to be told twice he quickly and carefully began pulling the shell away reveling the messy black hair and feathers underneath. Draco pulled the little tike from the broken shell. They would take him to St. Mungo’s for examination, but Draco knew his hatchling was perfect. He looked exactly like what he expected a half-Potter Veela to look like. Draco kissed his little talons and then his nose.


            Draco smirked the next day when the Profit published an article on the Potters visiting a fertility clinic.


            Draco didn’t see Potter until about a month after J had hatched. It wasn’t even due to Potter coming into one of the shops. J had a fever and Draco thought he was overreacting until his mother confirmed J had a fever. Draco immediately Floo’d his son to St. Mungos.

            Unfortunately, the whole Weasley was there for the birth of the newest addition to the clan. Draco spotted Potter, the Weaselett and Granger all talking in the waiting room. He quickly ignored them and headed to the check-in.

            “Excuse me, I need to see a Healer. My son has a fever.”

            The lady at the desk looked up. “Your name please.”

            “Draco Malfoy.”

            The lady stopped filling out the form. “Your son’s name?”

            Something in her tone irked Draco. “James Severus.”

            “Last name?”

            Draco felt his feathers stand slightly in irritation. “I would rather not say.”

            “I can’t admit a child without a full name.”

            “These are special circumstances since we’re Veela.”


            Draco huffed. “Meaning its special circumstances under SIV Law!”

            The witch pursed her lips. “Meaning you don’t know.”

            Draco hissed and unconsciously spread his wings threateningly. “I know damn well; I’m just not inclined or obligated to tell you! By law, I might add! Now can my son see the Healer or not.”

            “I have to have his last name to look up his medical history.” The lady was not amused.

            Draco felt his talons come out and his wings flared. “Just look it up! How male half-veela infants could you possibly have on file!”

            The lady’s reaction didn’t change.

            “Excuse me.” A familiar voice from behind Draco said. He turned to see Granger approaching with a badge out closely followed by her husband and Potter both still in Auror robes. “I’m Hermione Granger-Weasley with R.C.M.C, I believe Mr. Malfoy here is trying to get his son to a Healer.”

            “Yes and this woman is being difficult.” Draco huffed pulling his son closer to his chest as the baby started crying at the raised voices.

            Hermione smiled. “Madam, what seems to be the problem with letting him through?”

            “I need the last name of his son in order to look up the file.”

            “Are you aware that full Veela and half-veela are exempt from giving the family names if it could cause legal problems for them or endanger them or their young?”

            “Unfortunately we have no other way of looking up, children’s files. So I don’t care what other Death Eater fathered the child I just need to know his name.”

            “How Dare you!” Draco shoved his son into Harry’s arms on instinct. He spread his wings and his full talons came out.

            “My son was not fathered by a Death Eater!”

            “You’re claiming him as your son aren’t you.” The woman snapped.

            Hermione actually had to put herself between Draco and the counter to keep him from attacking the woman. “Ron, can you take Draco and his son somewhere he can calm down?”

            “Er…You want me to take them?”

            “Yes, that’s what I just…” Hermione turned around to see Harry holding the baby to his shoulder sound asleep. Draco was in shock.

            “I’ll take ‘em, to another waiting area.”

            Draco reached for his son. Over Harry’s shoulder, he could see Potter’s wife having a sour look on her face.

            “He’s fine, Malfoy.” Harry started down the hall.

            “He’s obviously not fine, Potter, or we wouldn’t be here.”

            Harry frowned. “You know what I meant. He’s a cute kid. I like his fuzzy little wings.”

            Of course, he’s cute. He looks just like you Draco wants to scream.

            “I’ve never seen a Veela with dark coloring.”

            Draco paled and reached to take the babe from Harry’s shoulder. “He gets that from his father, unfortunately.”

            Harry eased him back into Draco’s arms. “And the wings from you. So…um… do you know who his father is?”

            Draco shot the other man a dirty look. “Of course, I do. It’s just none of that damn woman’s business. She’d sell the name to the Profit and retire early.”

            “Oh. So er…”

            Draco rolled his eyes. “Yes, Potter, Jay’s father is rich and married. It’s quite common for Veela’s to have lovers who are married and with the money to pay for them you know.”

            He nodded. “Believe me Hermione really likes her job in the R.M.R.C, she tells me things all the time. All the injustices, you’ll be lucky if she doesn’t con you into being her poster boy for some new VIS regulations she’s thought up.”

            Draco smirked into their son’s hair. “You know all about being a poster boy eh Head Auror Potter?”

            He rubbed the back of his neck and blushed. “I uh… I suppose.”

            Draco stepped closer. “Though from what I’ve read lately the Head Auror isn’t all that much a poster boy in bed.”

            “You know damn well, I don’t-” Potter snapped.

            Draco smirked. Prove it, He wanted to say. “I was referring to you or your wife’s rumored infertility, but what are you so touchy about, Potter? Or is a lack of spawn the symptom but not the cause.”

            Hermione’s voice cut down the hall. “Alright, we’ve reached a compromise, for now. I will be filing for clearer legislation in these matters. That woman is-”

            She didn’t seem to notice the tension between Draco and Harry, or she was simply used to it after so many years. Harry took the opportunity to storm away. His anger and magic spilled out of him. Light bulbs exploded down the hall forming a trail of darkness after him.

            Draco shivered. “Merlin.”

Hermione came to a stop in front of him. “Whenever you’re done salivating over Harry’s power, I have to witness you filling out the form.”

That snapped Draco’s attention away. “What?”

Hermione crossed her arms. “That was the only way that horrible woman would let you get away with not telling her was if you pulled the file yourself and to make sure you only look at one file, I witnessed it. Then you can hand it directly to a Healer in the exam room.”

Draco gripped his son tighter. “No, definitely not you.”

“Why? Because I’m muggle-born.”

“No! I don’t want you to know!”

“Fine, I’ll calm Harry down and he can-“

“No! Fine, you can look but you have to swear not to tell anyone.”

“Of course-”

“No, I mean as in vow not to tell anyone.”

She paused. “You’re serious.”

Draco stepped closer and flared his wings. “Deadly.”

Hermione nodded. “I swear I won’t tell anyone unless the situation is life or death.”

Draco nodded. “Alright. Let’s get his records.”

Hermione motioned for Draco to follow her the records.

As they entered the file room she spoke again. “Draco, can I ask you something?”

            “You just did.”

            “Why didn’t you give your son your last name if you didn’t want anyone to know about his other father?”

            “For all the good the VIS laws due, they, unfortunately, do not give us the option to give our children our own last names.”

            “Oh.,” Hermione whispered. “Would you have made him a Malfoy if you could?”

            Draco’s swift stride faltered. “I don’t know. I didn’t have the option.”

            They reached the P’s and Draco turned down the aisle. He yanked open the drawer marked Po-Pr and handed his hatchling to Hermione. He muttered as she watched over his shoulder as he searched “this is a nightmare.”

            The thin J.S Potter file was right behind one labeled J.F Potter with a black line through it and the thick H.J Potter file in front of that. He pulled his son’s file, he heard Hermione gasp as she read his name. “Oh my God. He’s Harry’s.”

            “Obviously. I mean look at him. He’s a mini Potter with wings.” He motioned towards his son.

            Hermione cooed at the baby as she handed him back to Draco. “Does Harry know?”

            The blond shook his head. “No, Potter’s too obtuse for that.”

            Hermione paled. “When…when did this happen?”

            “A month before he and Weaselette got married. He came to interview me about a suspect's alibi. I wanted hatchling but after he hatched just wanted to keep him from the spotlight of being a Potter.”

            She placed a hand on his shoulder. “Let’s get him to a Healer.”



            A week later, the door chimed as Head Auror Potter walked into the Malfoy book shop. Just as before Draco was reading the Profit. “Mr. Potter, what can I help you with today? Here to ask again about who I’ve slept with?”

            “I…er…how… how’s your son?”

            Draco glared at him over the paper. Did Hermione tell him? He didn’t know. “He’s fine. The doctor gave him a potion and the fever was gone in an hour.”

            “I um… I can’t imagine what that’s like, being afraid for a child, much less a single parent.”

            Draco bristled. “Is there some reason you’re inquiring into my personal life, Potter?”

            “No… well…er… ‘mione told me that his father didn’t know about him and I was just thought that must be hard on you and your mother without the extra income.”

            Draco dropped the paper to the counter and stood. “So what Savior Potter, you are forced to pay for the lights you broke and thought while your coffers were open you’d take on a charity case.”

            Harry huffed. “That’s not what I meant! I meant you scratch my back, I scratch yours.”

            Draco smirked. “Like the scratches I left before your wedding.”

            Potter’s nostrils flared as Draco continued. “Tell me, how long did you have to hide them?”

            “I meant, you help me find a cure for my…sexual problems and keep it a secret and I’ll pay you well.”

            Draco leaned across the counter getting in Harry’s face. “Why me?”

            “You have access to plenty of research and potion ingredients, plus I already know you keep secrets well.”

            Draco hummed. “I would have thought you could go to a Healer for a simple infertility potion.”

            Harry glanced at the door. “That’s not really the problem, we’ve had tests run on both of us. Can… can we go somewhere more private?”

            Draco pulled out his wand and flipped the sign. “Do you remember the way?”

            Potter nodded and head upstairs. Draco followed close behind and closed the door behind them. “So what seems to be the problem?”

            Potter couldn’t even meet Draco’s eye. “I… um… Ginny and I have been trying to start a family for about six months and well, I don’t know if it’s the pressure from the new job or pressure from trying but…”

            Draco quirked an eyebrow. “But what?”

            “I- you know”

            Draco rolled his eyes. “No, I don’t that’s why I need you to tell me.”

            Harry pulled at his hair. “When Ginny and I… Merlin, kill me now… when we have sex I… have trouble finishing the job so to speak.”

            The Veela smirked. “Have you considered your wife is shite at sex?”

            Potter huffed at him. “Ginny is perfectly adequate at sex. That’s not the problem.”

            Draco laughed. “Adequate. Adequate. Merlin’s balls Potter, no one that enjoys sex describes their wife as adequate.”

            “Look it's not Ginny, okay. I just need something to help me… get there.”

            Draco leaned back against the door with his arms crossed. “Has she put her fingers in your ass?”

            Potter’s jaw dropped. “What! No… why would you ask that?”

            Draco shrugged. “You have no idea how many men that get off hard when you do that.”

            Harry blushed. “No… no, I can’t ask my wife to do… that.”

            “You seemed to like it when I did it.”

            He finally met Draco’s eyes and he was furious. “That never happened.”

            “Oh it did, and you liked it. You lost complete control of your magic, you do still owe me for those light bulbs by the way.”

            Potter boxed the taller man in. “That was a fluke and you know it! I was surprised that’s all.”

            Draco smirked and leaned in close enough his breath ghosted over Potter’s lips, “Prove it.”

            He didn’t even have to hit Potter with his aura before the other man was kissing him and undoing his robes. Draco started undoing his own robes as he sank to his knees in front of Potter. The Auror soon got with the program and started undoing Draco’s hair and carding his fingers through it.

            Draco started working Potter’s shaft with one hand tonguing under his foreskin. He placed a kiss to the head before holding out his free hand and whispering a spell, before enthusiastically returning to his cock. Breathing through his nose, Draco pushed Potter’s cock to the back of his throat so far back that Draco’s nose was buried in the black curls at the base of his member.

            Potter moaned and gripped Malfoy’s hair tighter, he didn’t even have time to think about what Malfoy was doing before he felt the fingers circling his hole. He started fucking the Veela’s face with no resistance. Malfoy purposefully gaggled, before he slid the first finger in. Harry moaned at the feeling and started thrusting faster. Then Malfoy added a second finger and curled into his prostate. Suddenly, Potter didn’t know whether to thrust forward or back. Finally, Draco knew Potter was getting close he stopped holding Draco’s hair and put two hands under Draco’s jaw and began to fuck his face in earnest.

            It was cheating of sorts, but Draco wanted it to be better than anything Weasley could give him. He pushed his toxic talons into his prostate. Potter came down his throat with a silent scream.

            Potter pulled out of Draco’s throat. Draco thought he looked marvelous with his Auror robes still on only his hard cock out dripping semen onto the floor of Draco’s flat.

The Veela’s voice was still raw. “How was that Potter?”



            Potter returned a week after that. This time when he arrived Draco was already upstairs with another man. Despite the closed sign he entered anyway. Harry was not expecting to see his boss, Head of Magical Law enforcement, Gawain Robards, coming down those stairs. Two months ago, their wives had been cooing over the man’s grandchildren together. Something clicked for Harry, Jay’s dark and Robards, used to be before it started graying, the secretive nature of their meetings. Jay was Robards's bastard.

            Robards stared at him like a deer in headlights, until Draco called out. “Mr. Potter, what a pleasure to see you again. You can head on upstairs if you don’t mind the mess.”

            Robards left a coin pouch on the counter and nodded to Harry silently as he passed. Harry couldn’t even look him in the eye as he passed him and made his way upstairs.

            Draco closed the door behind him before sauntering over to his nest. “Well did that solve your little problem, Potter?”

            He knotted his hands in his robes. “Er… yes and no. How long have you and Robards been-”

            “Gawain, and I have been shagging for a little over three years now. And you didn’t answer my question?”

            He pulled at his hair. “I… we tried what you said.”


            Potter sighed in defeat and sat down on the bed next to Draco. “And I…I realized its not me… its…”

            “You’re wife’s shit at sex.”

            He shook his head. “I… I went to a muggle prostitute some problem. I… realized the problem wasn’t me or Gin, it was you.”

            Draco blanched. “Me?”

            Potter nodded. “The… the time I had sex with you that… I that was the best shag I’ve ever had. You’ve ruined me for anyone else.”

            Draco stared at him and with a shaky breath asked. “What do you want me to do about it?”

            Potter was tugging at his hair again. “I… I wanted to know how much it would be to… to have you exclusively.”

            “You mean to keep me as a kept boy?”

            Potter hung his head in shame. “Essentially yes.”

            “Why do you want me exclusively?”

            He sighed. “It’s stupid, you’ll think I’m crazy.”

            “Too late, St. Potter, I’ve known that longer than anyone…you did try to kill me sixth year.”

            “You tried-“ Harry took a breath. “Er… Look I’m probably never going to have kids with Ginny, even trying currently we’re only doing so when it would be convenient to her quidditch career. “I want to be a father, you have a son who you can’t tell his father. I just thought… I don’t know its stupid. I don’t even care that Robards sired him, I like the wee tike and-”

            “Robards isn’t James’ father.”

            That shut him up. Draco pushed his hair behind his ears and pulled his robe tighter. “Only the most powerful wizards, either on purpose or losing control of their magic can cause a Veela to form an egg.”

            “You mean-”

            “I’ve only wizard shatter my lightbulbs when he came. Jay’s full name is James Severus Potter, I thought you’d want your first-born son to have your middle name.”

            Harry’s jaw went slack. Draco continued. “I won’t bar you from seeing him if that is what this is about.”

            “He’s … he’s mine.”

            Draco hissed. “You can ask Granger if you don’t believe me. But for Merlin’s sake, he looks just like you with tiny wings.”

            Potter reached over and cupped Draco’s jaw. “Draco,” Malfoy looked up he never called him by his first name outside of sex. “Please tell me, how much it would be to have you to myself.”

            Draco swallowed, Potter had no idea how many possible hatchlings this could cause. “You realize if we have sex all the time where you lose control I will continue to have eggs.”

            Harry leaned in-breath ghosting Draco’s lips. “I’ll give you as many as you want or as many as we can afford.”

            Draco swallowed. “1000 gallons a month possibly more depending on how often I lay.”

            Potter kissed the corner of his mouth. “And I expect you to be here once a week. I need sex.”

            Potter…Harry started tugging at the strings of Draco’s robes. He then started to kiss Draco’s jaw as he moved his hand down to begin fingering the Veela open. “I was obsessed with you, you know.”

            Draco gasped as he slid a finger in. “What?”

            “At Hogwarts, I was obsessed with you. I could always find you in any room it drove me nuts, I didn’t know why at the time. I didn’t understand, how you could be prettier than every girl. Until you got your wings.”

            Draco groaned. “You hated me. Do you know how infuriating it was as a Veela for me fourth year, the school filled to the brim with powerful wizards? I spent every moment between classes with you lining my underthings with clothe.”

            Harry growled and tugged at his trousers. “I buggered a muggle that looked like you, first time with anyone.”

            Draco tore at his shirt gasping against the column of his throat. “Do you know why my wings sprouted when they did?”

            Harry pushed into the Veela with a moan. Draco continued as he started to thrust. “You have any idea, how attractive power is to a Veela, much less to a fledgling,” Draco groaned with each thrust. “Harry Potter, Master of Death, defeating the Dark Lord, you weren’t just radiating power, it was like a typhoon I was downing in. I was ready to let you have me in those smoldering ruins in front of everyone.”

            Harry moaned and moved Draco’s hand to his arse and folded the taller man’s legs up around his waist. “You should have. Fuck, I’d have shagged you every fucking day in Slughorn’s had I known.”

            Draco grinned and kissed Potter’s lips as he worked his fingers into his bum. Potters' pace was unrelenting. He was glad he was his only client now, the bruising on his neck and thighs alone would be enough for someone to call the Aurors. Draco grinned at the thought of having to explain to Weasley, that his boss and brother-in-law was the one who had so sufficiently buggered him.

            Gasping out ‘Draco’ Potter came seconds later. The fireplace roared to life. He pulled out and fell back on into the nest. “Shite, that was good.”

            Draco smacked his thigh and nipped at his ear, “Spread ‘em, I didn’t come.”

            The shorter man complied. Draco whispered a quick lubrication spell before sliding his cock into the other man’s ass and thrusting into him just as roughly as he had done to Draco. It didn’t take too long before Draco was also coming. “Harry.” He gasped out.

            Draco collapsed onto Potter’s chest. He sighed.

They laid there for a while in silence before Draco spoke. “I don’t suppose I can have an advance for the month.”

            Harry continued stroking out his white locks. “Why?”

            Draco rolled his eyes. “Because you pillock, I have an egg forming in me… it takes a lot of food to form one.”

            He raised an eyebrow. “You… you can feel it already?”

            “Yes, of course, I can. I knew I had an egg in me before you ever finished putting your clothes back on last time.”

            Harry raised his head. “Its… It's that fast.”

            Draco hummed. “I’ll lay it in about 36 hours if you’d like to see it.”

            “I would, can I come before then.”

            Draco kissed Harry’s chest. “Only if you want to see me swallowing buckets Toads and Newts.”


            Draco scrunched his nose. “Depends on the size.”

            Harry laughed. “Explains why you’re so good at swallowing cock.”

            Draco reached down and started stroking Potter’s cock back to life, “Only for you.”

            Harry groaned as Draco straddled his hips and slid his cock back inside him.



            Turns out having marathon sex with the Master of Death, was a terrible idea for a Veela. Draco was miserable as it turned out Veela are capable of producing multiple eggs at a time. Ravenous didn’t even describe how Draco was feeling. Harry had sent Kreature to help fetch Draco more of whatever he requested. Kreature was more than happy to help serve the ‘true’ Black heir, at least until Draco bit him. After that Kreature kept his distance more.

            Healer Abbott was surprised to see Harry there for the laying, to say the least. But her furry over Draco having two eggs at once overshadowed her surprise. “You can use muggle condoms, Malfoy.”

            Two days later, Harry and Draco were putting the membranes to the test in their nest as Draco was now calling it. Harry was over almost every other day he never stayed the nights. But he often took his lunch breaks to Draco and Jamie for lunch. Harry didn’t even mind feeding Jamie, though he was adamant he didn’t what to know what was in the mush he was spooning into the child’s mouth.

            During Quidditch season, Harry would come over for dinner on the nights Ginny was on the road. On one of those particular evenings approximately six months after Draco had laid his second and third egg, Draco looked up at the chime of the bells to see Hermione with Harry.

            “Granger? What are you doing here?”

            “I invited her. Since she knows, I thought… well if it’s okay with you I wanted her to know Jamie.”

            Hermione smiled. “And I was wondering if I could get your opinion on some proposed modifications to the VIS laws.”

            Draco smirked. “Of course you do. Come in, I’ll inform Mother we have a guest for dinner.”


            Harry bounced Jamie in his lap as he fed him some of the mash, Narcissa had made him, while Draco and Hermione chatted as they peeled vegetables. “So I’ve proposed some new modifications dealing with Veela-Incubus and Succubus inheritance and marriage.”

 Draco continued to chop the mushrooms. “What will they do?”

“The most significant is allowing marriages between VIS and witches or wizards also allowing both parents to legally recognize the offspring for inheritance and custody purposes.”

Draco looked up at her. “What?”

“It would allow your mother to inherit the Black family money and recognize her parents' marriage therefore legally allowing her to inherit from her wizard father. I’ve been spending time with lots of VIS lately and it seems inheritance and life partnerships are common problems.”

Draco glanced at Harry. “How would these new laws affect other arrangements?”

Hermione smirked. “Too many other officials have similar arrangements, for me to try to interfere in that system.”

“And would you?” Draco said in a flat tone, trying to sound neutral on the subject.

“I would, so VIS don’t have family businesses to fall back on and can get trapped in arrangements with powerful people they, unfortunately, have to depend on.”

“I ‘suppose if done properly such laws could work. But if my Mother can inherit her father’s fortune, I don’t think I’ll have to worry about Jamie every having to be in a relationship he does not want.”

“I would hope not. Inheritance is my first priority. I only found out about this injustice because Harry couldn’t change his will to make Jamie his heir. There is no telling what other injustices to magical beings, I’ve made it my mission to…”

Draco stopped. He wasn’t hearing anything else Granger had said. “Potter, wants to make Jamie his heir?”

She paused mid-lecture. “Of course, he does. I thought he had told you.”

“Oi! Potter, you thick git, why didn’t you tell me you wanted our son as your heir?” Draco yelled into the dining room brandishing a knife. Granger looked appalled.

However, she quickly evolved into being simply confused when Harry didn’t even look upset. “Of course, I do he’s my son.”