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A Bunch Of Gay One Shots Cause Writing Real Stories Can Be Tiring

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Hello there! Welcome.

Okay. So here's how this book will work. I will write one shots about just about any male character who exists, but please understand I will need time to write these things. Now for any fandom, please give me the characters full name and of course, what they are from. If you want me to write an OC or something, obviously I would need more details then just a normal character. I will write some of my own stuff for fun and I will put the characters and what they are from in the title. I am willing to write in a female character with a couple guys, but as of this moment, I can not write anything more then just pure romance with a woman. It's possible I could do simple stuff I guess, but it would be the very basics.

Please put your requests here UNLESS it has to do with a pairing in a chapter, then that would also be fine. :D

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Kevin woke up and groaned in annoyance. He could tell immediately that it was far too early.. After all, his Beyonce alarm hadn’t gone off yet. He checked the time and saw it was only twelve at night. Why the hell was he awake? He ran a hand through his hair and stood slowly. He walked to his balcony. He needed some air to clear his head. He knew he wouldn’t be able to sleep again otherwise.

He leaned over the edge and let out a sigh. Ever since Moose had left, he felt empty. Sure, there had been Fangs, but that was fake. Built on a web of lies built by the farm, meant to push them both deeper into their grip. Kevin was glad that it was finally over, but once again, he was alone. He sat on the edge of the balcony now and stared up at the stars.

“But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks,” Kevin falls back out of fear at the sudden sound of someone else talking. He slowly peared over the edge and saw Archie there, on his knee with a rose.

“What the hell,” Kevin whispers to himself, but meets Archie’s gaze.

“It is the east, and Kevin is the sun. Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon, who is already sick and pale with grief, that thou her maid art far more fair than she,” Archie’s words make Kevin flush. What the hell was going on? Why is Archie quoting Romeo and Juliet in the middle of the night and why is he practically yelling every word. Kevin had wanted Archie for years, its true, but he wasn’t sure what to do here.

Archie seemed to be waiting for something. Some sign that Kevin wasn't freaked the fuck out and hated him. After a few moments, his head dropped and he began to stand. Kevin sighed, but ended up chuckling softly.

"Archibald, oh Archibald. Where art thou Archibald," Kevin said and made sure to be stupidly over dramatic about it.

Archie's head shot up and he wore a huge grin. It was cute. Kevin was surprised Archie knew any Shakespeare. He thought Archie had fallen asleep when they read it.

There was a sweet moment of silence, where they both just smiled at each other. “So you going to come up here or not Romeo,” Kevin said, resting his head on his hand and smiled sweetly at the redhead.

“Is your dad awake,” Archie asks and Kevin shrugs.

“I mean you were screaming the words so possibly,” Kevin says and Archie laughs. Archie looks around and spots a ladder and quickly leans it against Kevin’s balcony and climbs up. “You know if anybody saw you doing this, they’d probably think you were trying to rob me or something,” Kevin said and Archie chuckled.

“You can’t tell me I’m the only guy who’s snuck in your window,” Archie says and he has a point. Kevin can barely count how many times Joaquin had snuck in his window.

Archie jumped over the side of Kevin’s balcony and leaned back against it and smiled at Kevin. “So Romeo, did you remember all of that from class,” Kevin said and then turned completely towards Archie. “Or did you learn all of that for me.”

Archie blushed and wore a smaller smile then before. “I knew you like Romeo and Juliet so I had Betty help me learn a little,” he explained and Kevin blushed a little too.

“Well I think you did a good job. Other then yelling it so that the entire town heard,” Kevin said and they both laughed. Kevin looked away and bit his lip. “So did you do this to ask me out or do you just want a quick fuck,” Kevin asked and honestly he was betting on the worst. He would probably do it too. I mean come on. He’d wanted Archie for how long now, but he knew when he woke up the next day, he’d hurt again.

Archie used a single finger to turn Kevin’s face back to him. “Do you really think I would have spent an entire week memorising Romeo and Juliet just to ask you if you wanted to fuck,” Archie questioned and Kevin shrugged.

“Probably not, but it would make sense. I mean it’s my luck,” Kevin laughs. It’s a laugh of pain and sorrow. Archie gently pulls Kevin towards him and presses his lips softly against Kevin’s. Kevin grabs the front of Archie’s shirt and pulls him closer to him. Archie’s hands slowly slide down Kevin’s body until they rest on the other boys hips. The kiss isn't like one of the ones Kevin had had in a long time. It wasn’t one driven from lust, but one that was loving and made Kevin feel like somebody actually wanted him. He hadn’t felt that since Moose left. For Archie, this kiss was something entirely new. He’d never kissed a guy. Okay. Technically him and Joaquin had kissed that one time, but that was only so Joaquin could stab him so it doesn’t count. Kevin’s lips weren’t as soft as Veronica’s or… well there was a long list of girls Archie had kissed. Anyways, Kevin’s lips were rougher, but seemed to fit Archie’s perfectly. Much better then Veronica's had.

They parted for air and Archie rubbed the back of his neck. “So does this mean you’l be my boyfriend,” Archie asked and Kevin laughs and then kisses Archie nce more lightly.

“Of course I’ll be your boyfriend. Romeo.”

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When the Fantasy Festival came around for yet another year, Marco wasn’t excited. The previous two years had been phenomenal while he was with Jackie, but she had left for a few months and she broke up with him when she left because they both knew that it wouldn’t work out and when she came back, she had a girlfriend who came with her and it had destroyed Marco, but he’d dealt with it. He had too. He didn’t want to mope around anymore in his life.

Marco had spent most of the festival with Kelly, but she didn’t want to go to the ball. After her and Tad had broken up, she quit going to any dances. She preferred going home and working out and practicing sword fighting. He had tried to get out of going, but his parents made him. His mom told him to at least go for an hour and try to enjoy himself. He promised he’d do that for her, but he made it clear unless something phenomenal happened, he would be home right after the hour mark.

Marco looked at himself in the mirror. He wore a black button up with a white vest, black dress pants, white gloves and a white mask that covered half of his face.His hair was neatly combed and he sighed into the mirror. He hated that he had to go alone. Most people would have dates and it hurt him that he wouldn’t. He began the walk down the road. It was a short walk, only three blocks. Marco could hear the music from a block away. He couldn’t help, but hum along with it. It was familiar although he wasn’t sure where he’d heard it.

When he walked in, he tried to walk around the massive groups that always formed. There were the jocks and their cheerleader girlfriends and boyfriends. There were the Ponyhead’s (which Marco despised with a passion by the way), the fairies and the demons. Those were just the ones he could identify from his spot in the entrance. Of course there were the princesses on the opposite side of the room. They were the most sought after group because well, they’re princesses. Gorgeous, rich and occasionally tolerable. He’d never dated one of course. No princess would want him.

The song ended and then a slow song began playing and Marco sighed in annoyance. Why couldn’t Kelly have come? Sure they weren’t together, but at least he wouldn’t be the guy standing awkwardly against the wall. They had tried dating once. It hadn’t ended well. For a solid month they couldn’t face each other. It had definitely sucked. His only friend had been Janna, but she was always busy doing whatever Janna did when he wasn’t around. He never asked. He was scared of the answer honestly.

He watched as the dance floor filled with various couples. He suddenly felt the presence of someone else next to him. His body tensed and he shifted his gaze slightly to see who it was. He could tell it was a demon immediately. I mean he had horns and three eyes, but he still looked humanish. A half demon perhaps? He hadn’t ever met one, but he knew they existed.

“So you’re here solo too,” the boy asked and Marco didn’t reply for a moment and could tell that things were getting awkward.

“Uhm y-yeah,” he replied. Smooth Diaz.

The boy chuckled and Marco sighed. Great. Another person laughing at him. Got enough of that at school most days. “Oh I wasn’t laughing at you,” the demon said quickly. “Sorry. It was just kinda cute how you stuttered is all,” the demon put a hand on his shoulder and Marco nodded.

He took a better look at the demon now. His hair was red, like his entire suit. He’d slicked back his hair and seemed to be wearing makeup. Marco had decided not to wear makeup today since half of his face would be covered anyways and he didn’t plan on staying. The mask was black and covered around only two of the boys eyes, the third being exposed completely.

“So I know we don’t know each other, which is obviously the point of this whole thing, but any chance you wanna dance,” the demon asked and Marco bit his lip. A part of him wanted to say no. I mean he didn’t know this guy. What if he was some creep or something? But there was also a part of him that was intriguing.

“Sure,” Marco said and the demon reached out his hand and Marco took it, letting the other lead him to the dance floor.

Star was bored. She really didn’t like dances. The last dance she’d gone too was the Silver Bell ball and the entire night had been dancing with cocky princes and rude princesses. Being a princess of Mewni kinda sucked. When she’d cleaved the worlds together (Which was a complete accident okay. Not her fault that the book of spells didn’t elaborate what the spell was for. She was curious so she performed it and it was definitely hard to explain to her mother and grandmother) Of course nobody, but the three magical Butterfly’s realized what happened. Apparently the spell made everyone else think that it had always been that way.

Anyway Star had been single for her entire life. She was too busy practicing magic for boys anyways. Also other dimension boys were weird. She would date a girl, but princesses were a lot of work. She could barely take care of herself some days.

She wore a pink dress that went down to her knees and white boots that met where the dress stopped. She had her hair in a bun and had spent hours covering up her heart cheek marks with makeup. Magic is really hard to cover up sometimes. If she was going to go to this damn thing, she did not want to get recognized as Star Butterfly. Tonight she would just be a normal teenage girl. She kinda wished she’d brought her wand. Maybe make a magic boyfriend or something just for the night so she wouldn’t be alone.

She took a sip of punch and looked through the mass of bodies dancing, seeing if she could find anyone she knew. Then she saw him. She didn’t recognize him, but he was adorable. She wished she could see all of his face, but the mask he wore covered half of it. Then she saw the boy he was dancing with. She felt like she knew him and while she had never liked most of the guys she had met, he was different, or at least she saw him different right now. She wished the fact that he was a demon would help, but she knew plenty of demons. Globgor had so many demon friends over sometimes that she had to know at least fifty demons her age. If only they weren’t so rude sometimes. Emphasis on sometimes. Some of them helped her burn down some assholes' carriage. He’d been trying to hook up with her, but had just got angry with her when she said no. So she got her revenge. Nobody fucks with Star Butterfly and gets away with it. It was also the one time her mother was totally okay with her using magic for vengeance.

She wanted to cut in with them, but knew that would be rude. I mean they could be boyfriends or something. She wouldn’t go that low to get what she wanted. Today.

The song ended and the two boys smiled at each other before parting ways. So not boyfriends. So that meant they were both probably free. She approached the demon slowly. “Hello,” she says and he jumps. Maybe she shouldn’t have approached from behind.

“Oh hey,” he says and smiles softly. His eyes scan her for a moment. “Have we met before,” he asks and she shrugs.

“I don’t know. Wanna dance,” she says and he cocks his head to the side, confused.

“I guess,” the red haired demon replies and she drags him onto the dance floor. He laughs softly. It’s not a slow dance and Star admits, she doesn’t know how to dance that well other then slow dances so she just kinda does whatever she wants and she can feel his eyes on her. He takes her hand and spins her quickly into his arms and then picks her up and spins. She blushes deeply. Okay. He knew what he was doing clearly.

He sets her down and they both smile. They dance for awhile longer and after a short amount of time, they just stare for a moment. “Wanna get some punch and talk,” the boy asks and Star nods softly and they carefully walk through the crowd, fingers laced together so as not to lose each other. That’s totally why Star did that. She didn’t just wanna hold his hand or anything.

They both get a glass of punch and sit at a table. The conversation starts with them just talking about the night so far. Star notices the boy that had been dancing with the demon earlier. “Hey. You should come sit with us,” she yells to him and for a second he looks around and then points at himself and she nods. He walks over nervously and takes a seat between them.

“So, how are you,” he asks and Star smiles at him. He’s adorable and Star can tell she’s not the only one who notices this.

Tom didn’t know what to do at the moment. He was at a table with a gorgeous girl and an amazing guy. Him and the boy hadn’t gotten to talk too much, but everything that he’d been told made his heart flutter. He didn’t fall for people easily. He didn’t know why, but he just didn’t tend to like people. Then of course there was the girl. She was funny and extra and when she danced, she clearly didn’t care if people stared. She was amazing.

She and the other boy were talking and Tom just stared at both of them. When they laughed, he swore he’d never heard anything more perfect. He could see the girls hand slide over and take the boys hand. He stared and then she looked at Tom. “Should we go to a private room,” she asked and Tom could feel himself blush hard and the other boy was too. “I mean to talk,” she said quickly. “It’s just really loud.”

Both boys nodded and the girl seemed excited and took both of their hands, lacing fingers. Her hands were really soft. She led them through the crowd into a small room. For a moment they all stood there awkwardly. I mean even if she actually hadn’t planned on doing anything with them, they all felt like you know what was about to happen even if none of them planned on doing it.

Then the blond girl took the initiative and pulled the other girl close to her. Their lips met and Tom just stared awkwardly. The girl pulled away and then pressed her lips to Tom’s. He wasn’t sure what was happening. Usually when he kissed a girl (which he had obviously done even if he didn’t really like them all that much. Did that make him a bad person?) he didn’t feel much, but this was something else. This was much better. Her lips were soft and her tongue explored his mouth. He didn’t bother fighting her for dominance or even attempting to show and level of control. He just melted into her. She pulled away and he knew what to do next.

His hand lightly cupped the other boys cheek and their lips met. His experience kissing guys was much less compared to the number of girls, but this was definitely the best kiss with a guy. He might even say it was his best kiss, tied with the previous one of course. The boy's lips were somehow softer than the girls and he loved it. His tongue slipped into the boys mouth and he felt the boy grab his waist and press their bodies together. “Should we take these off,” Tom asked when they parted for air, pointing to his mask.

“Probably,” the girl says and takes hers off.

“Princess Star,” the boy says and she looks away. Tom’s mouth falls open. How hadn’t he realized it sooner? He pulled his off and Star stared.

“Prince Lucitor,” she says with a smile. “Sure has been awhile since we burned that carriage,” she says and they both laugh. Finally the other boy takes his off.

“Marco Diaz. We go to school together. You’re the sweet guy who helps me when I have no clue what I’m doing,” Star says and Marco laughs softly.

“Now that we’ve been properly introduced and had plenty of time to catch feelings that will certainly make all of our lives stupidly complicated later,” Tom lightly pushes them both onto the bed. “I think we should get to know each other better,” he says and rests his head on his hands as he lays across from them.

Star laughs and nods. “I like that idea. Besides, what else would we do? Fuck like normal teenagers. No offense, but that sounds boring,” she says. “At least not until I fall further in love with both of you.”