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Believe me now?

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The one thing Lena Luthor didn’t do, was panic or ‘freak-out’, over the easy things. She was a Luthor. Luthor’s don’t panic. Luthor’s don’t blank on what to say. A Luthor’s mind is sharp and quick, comebacks at the ready at the tip of their tongues. While Lena was technically a half Luthor, that in no way stopped her from being the smartest in her family. Her own brother couldn’t even figure out his best friend was Superman until after a few years of knowing him, while Lena had figured out her best friend was Supergirl after one sentence, “I flew here…on a bus!” and after a brief life-saving encounter in a helicopter. Despite being a Luthor, despite being the smartest in the room, Lena found herself anxiously pacing the length of her office, her heels muffled taps the only sound in her office, besides her own slightly erratic breathing.


~10 minutes ago~


“Miss Luthor?” a slightly robotic voice called out.


Lena shifted her head up from her laptop, “Yes, Hope?”


“Sorry to interrupt your work flow Miss Luthor, but a James Olsen is here, and he wishes to speak with you.” The AI responded calmly.


Lena couldn’t help but grimace slightly into her empty office, she had half a mind to tell her AI- now newly turned robot assistant, to send her ex-boyfriend away. Still though she couldn’t help but wonder why he was even trying to speak with her, not that they weren’t amicable towards each other, because they were, but if they didn’t have to interact with each other they sure as hell didn’t.


“Should I turn Mr. Olsen away, Miss Luthor?” Hope questioned after her creators long pause.


Lena sighed heavily, schooling her irritated and slightly grossed expression to a more friendly and welcoming one.”No, send Mr. Olsen in, but if he’s in here for more then five minutes, tell me I have an upcoming meeting that can’t be pushed back.”


“Yes, of course Miss Luthor.”


Lena stood up from her desk and looked toward her office doors mentally preparing herself for an encounter she’d rather not have in the first place. Not a second later James walked through Lena’s office doors, his ‘charming’ smile settled on his face.


“So your new assistant is an Alexa?” James asked, chuckling lightly.


It took all of Lena’s self restraint to not roll her eyes and tell her ex to leave that very moment, but she pushed through.


“She’s an AI actually. Far superior to Alexa in every way shape and form.” Lena said in a faux calm voice.


“Human assistants don’t do the trick anymore, huh?” James tried to joke.


“They would, if they stopped trying to murder and or steal from me.” Lena chuckled darkly.


“Fair.” James nodded, walking further into Lena’s office.


“So how can I help you today, James?”


The man smiled sheepishly, ducking his head slightly and shoving his hands into the front pockets of his black slacks. “ Right,” James chuckled.”Straight to business, I’ll try not to take up much of your time. I know you are probably busy.” James straightened his posture, puffing out his chest, and lifting his head up high. “I want you back.”


Lena’s eyes widened, she held back what she would assume to be a disgusted scoff. “That’s uh, nice?”


“I want us to try again, Lena.” James said stepping forward so that only Lena’s desk was between them.”I thought we were pretty good together. Two smart individuals, both running massive companies, both head strong, both…” James paused looking at the CEO with some type of emotion Lena couldn’t place. “Both in love..?”


“I’m going to stop you right there Mr.Olsen.” Lena sighed pinching the bridge of her nose with her left hand. “We broke up” Lena sighed again, loudly, closing her eyes to prevent the from rolling. “a very long time ago.” Lena retrieved her hand back from her face and settled it on her hip. She opened her eyes and let her CEO ‘Miss Luthor’ persona come through. “The only relationship I’m interested in having with you, is the one we currently share, nothing more.”


James took a step back, his expressions contorting from one filled with hope to one buried in confusion and what looked to be anger. “We had a good thing going Lena, or at least I thought we did..? Why are you fighting this? Don’t pretend like you didn’t love me, we can still make this work!”


The CEO repressed a full body flinch, but continued on as if she wasn’t disgusted in her former boyfriends words.”Mr. Olsen…” Lena started.


“I’m willing to put the time in Lena. I’m willing to put my neck out there on the line for you. I don’t see anyone else doing that! You don’t have any better offers, so why not just try again with me? It’d be easy.” James interrupted.


‘Masculinity so frail…’ Lena thought while trying to not to give up being civil, and start verbally bashing the man-no, boy in front of her.


“Mr. Olsen,” Lena said firmly. “You would do well to remember that I do not like being cut off or interrupted while speaking. Surely our time together would have made that a rather obvious fact. Never the less, I repeat my earlier statement. I want. Nothing. More. Than. What. We. Have. Now.” Lena paused to look directly into Jame’s eyes. “And that’s final.” The CEO practically growled.


“Oh enough already, Lena!” James pressed, his voice raising slightly. “Most people wouldn’t touch you with a ten foot pole! You can learn to love me again, what other options do you even have as a Luthor?”


Oh, I’ll fuck you up.’


“That has got to be the ridiculously arrogant statement I’ve ever heard in my life!” Lena laughed, a smile breaking out on her face. “You are a fool if you think I’d ever get back together with you. You’d be a complete imbecile to think that after you leave this office I want anything to do with you! Now leave! Before I have security throw you out!”


Anger flashed in Jame’s eyes. “The only fool I see, is you Lena. No one else is coming up to the plate. No one else wants you. Just be with me, it’d be easier than being alone for the rest of your life. “ James sneered.


Before Lena could censor herself, before she could properly respond the most idiotic response she had ever heard in her life, Lena blurted out the only sentence that would dig her so far into her grave, that she would be able to see her fathers coffin from where she was standing.


“There is someone who wants me that isn’t you, you arrogant prick!” Lena quickly snapped.


“Right.” James scoffed. “Anyone that wants you is only with you for your money.”


Again her mouth and brain didn’t connect properly, and she spoke without actually thinking.


“She doesn’t want me for my money!” Lena said mockingly.


There was a pregnant pause that hung in the room. James stood there, in utter disbelief, jaw working up and down trying to form a sentence. Lena on the other hand was 100% panicking on the inside, her face remained hard and angry, while her brain was flipping its utter shit.


‘Oooh you made a mistake, you made a missttakkeee.’ Lena mentally sang to herself, trying to keep her facial expressions from betraying her state of mind. ‘You caught a case of dumb bitch disease, just riddled with lie-a-betes, you are. How the fuck is he going to believe you are seeing someone right now? Most importantly how, the fucking world is he going to believe you are seeing a woman that actually wants to be associated with the Luthor name? The reason you are currently single is because of that very reason for fucks-sake!’


You almost had me there, Lena.” James scoffed.


Lena mentally face-palmed. ‘All in bitch, lets fuck up everything at this point.’


“Not that it’s any of your mother fucking business, Mr. Olsen,” Lena hissed, “ Her and I have been dating for just over six months now, and we are very happy.”


“Oh yeah?” James laughed, anger lacing his words. “Who’s the unlucky gal?”


Fuck nuts. Who would date me? Who would date me, and not my money?’


“That is, and was never was your concern. Now, please leave my office.”


“Miss Luthor?” Hope sounded. “You are due for a meeting in exactly two minutes.”


Lena sighed, thanking every God in existence for her AI-assistant coming to dig her out of her own grave. “ As you can see I am a very busy woman, and I am needed somewhere that isn’t here. Goodbye James, next time I see you, will certainly be too soon.” The CEO began to walk to her office doors only to be stopped by a hard hand on her wrist.


“Unhand me or else, Mr. Olsen.” Lena said firmly.


“You don’t have to lie, Lena. I know there isn’t anyone else that would want you.” James said arrogantly.


Lena mentally waved the surface world goodbye before diving head first into her ever deepening grave.


“Kara wants me. And she shows me every night just how much, and yes she is far better than you ever were, Mr. One-Minute-Wonder.” Lena growls snatching her wrist back from her ex.


James proceeded to make a face of shame mixed with disbelief.”Kara? You’re dating Kara?”


“Yes, now if you’ll excuse me, I have a meeting.” Lena huffed, quickly walking to her office doors. The second her hand touched the handle she heard James call out for her. Lena rolled her eyes and looked back. “What the fuck do you want now?”


“I don’t believe you.” James said lowly.”Why haven’t the press caught word of your little relationship hmm?”


“Privacy is something we both want.” Lena sighed loudly.


“Whatever. Good luck with your ‘relationship’.” James said mockingly. “Sooner or later you’ll be begging to have this conversation with me again, and I don’t think I’ll want to have it, just for your information.” James huffed.


“Cool. Now if you would kindly, fuck off.” Lena smiled sweetly. “ Thanks!” The CEO quickly pushed open her door and stalked out of her office, quickly walking out of sight to the nearest corner so she could watch her ex leave her office.


Once the coast was clear, Lena quickly walked back into her empty office. She slowly made her way to her desk chair before flopping into it was a heavy sigh. Fingers instantly found their way to her temples, already sensing a headache forming.


“Welp. You fucked yourself Luthor.” Lena sighed into her her empty office, staring at the coffee mug on her desk. Lena groaned as a new train of thought flitted through her mind, sooner rather than later she would have to tell Kara. The CEO was mentally cursing herself for bringing her best friend/ long time-totally-inappropriate crush, into her own drama. Sweet and caring Kara deserved more than to be used as a cover story to get an ex off her back.


Lena suddenly shot up out of her chair. Kara and James were friends! Kara and James talked! Kara and James work together! They see each other! Often! Lena quickly began to pace the length of her office. How in the world was she going to explain this to Kara?!


‘Yes, Kara I told James you fuck me into a coma every night, also fake date me because I told him we are dating because he was being an ass and I couldn’t think of a better way to get him off my back.’ Lena mentally threw herself in front of bus at her choice of words. Even ‘Mental Lena’ couldn’t handle this situation. Lena continued to pace her office floor, rapidly going through scenarios trying to find the best one to tell her best friend/long time crush about her ridiculous predicament.


Lena stopped in her tracks suddenly. “Hope?” The CEO called out.


“Yes, Miss Luthor?” The AI responded calmly.


“Are you still recording all conversations I have in this office?” Lena asked quickly.


“Yes, Miss Luthor. With the exception of .conversations held by you and Miss Kara Danvers, all conversations in this office are recorded.” The AI answered swiftly.


“Please send Kara a message for me Hope.” Lena flipped her wrist over to check the time, with a half hour till lunch, now would be the perfect time.


“What would you like to say to Miss Kara Danvers?”


“Ask her if she would like to have lunch in my office today, my treat.” Lena placed her hand over her heart, trying to calm the rapid beating.


“Message sent. Shall I order the usual food order upon Miss Kara Danvers’s confirmation?” Hope asks.


“Yes and have the play back of my conversation with Mr. Olsen , from today, ready to go upon my request. That will be all.”


“Of course, Miss Luthor. Lunch will be here by 12:15.”


Lena smiled. Of course her sunshine-y blonde would have replied to her message immediately, prompting her AI to order lunch as she requested. Lena walked back over to her desk chair, and flopped back into the seat cushions. Now she just had to play the waiting game, and hopefully not fuck up her friendship with Kara too.





Lena was so focused on preparing her future conversation with her best friend, she didn’t hear or see the blonde walk in her office and make a bee line for the CEO’s office couch.


“Hey Lena!” Kara said excitedly. “I ran into the delivery guy on the way up here, think you can give me a hand setting up?” Kara gestured to the four giant take out bags currently hanging from her arms.


Lena’s head snapped up. “Heeey, Karraa…” The brunette smiled sheepishly as she slowly got up from her desk chair and slowly walked over to the blonde. Lena couldn’t help but take in her best friend. Tall, blonde, toned and smiling, Lena just wanted a picture of the blonde, that way she wouldn’t get caught staring at the walking Greek Goddess in front of her. How can someone that's wearing a plain button up, black slacks and boxy glasses look so mouth-wateringly good. When the brunette finally reached her best friend, taking bags of food of the blondes arms and setting them on the table she noticed Kara hadn’t said a word. Lena glanced up to find the blonde staring at her with narrowed eyes and small frown. Before the brunette could ask what was wrong the blonde spoke up.


“Lena,” Kara said slowly. “What did you do? The last time you spoke to me like that you canceled our Netflix night, and I had to wait a whole month before I was allowed to binge watch the second season of Mind Hunters with you.”


Lena let out a small chuckle, busying herself with the contents of take out bags. “I had to go to China Kara, you act as if I wanted to wait a month before I finally got to watch it.”


“You watched the first episode without me!” Kara whined.


“I watched the first five minutes without you on accident darling, Netflix has auto play and I wasn’t paying attention to the TV. Besides we watched it together a few months ago so, everything is fine.” Lena laughed, continuing to unpack multiple chinese take out containers.


“Lenaaaa.” Kara whined.


“Yes?” the brunette still didn’t look up from her task.


Lena felt a a pair of hands rest on her shoulders, jumping slightly at the unexpected, but not totally unwelcome touch, the brunette shifted her head up, finally catching Kara’s stare.


“What happened and why aren’t you telling me?” Kara said softly, bringing the CEO in for a hug.


Lena melted into the embrace. Kara’s hugs were always magical. The right amount of pressure, and warmth, Lena felt like she could stay in the blondes arms forever.


Lena pressed her head into the taller woman’s shoulder and hurriedly mumbled her response to Kara’s question. The brunette felt her best friend shake slightly, laughing at her friends sorry attempt to answer her.


“Okay I don’t speak mumble, so either say it normally or write it down.” Kara giggled.


Lena squeezed the blonde tighter before letting go and walking to her couch and dramatically sighing as she sat down “Okay so I used you as a scapegoat today and I feel horrible about it.”


The blonde’s eyebrows shot up, a small smirk settled across her face, “Ooooooh! What did you doooo….” Kara teased, as she walked over to the couch to sit next to her best friend.


“Karraaa!” Lena pouted. “It’s not funny! I feel horrible about dragging you into my mess, I should have just told James that I don’t need to be in a relationship to be happy, and maybe he would have left sooner.”


“Waitwaitwait… what…” Kara asked, confusion settling across her face.


Lena took a deep breath, steeling herself for future conflict, and just blurted out the events that happened a little less than an hour ago. “James came by and was talking about how we should get back together, and that it would be easy and we could just try again. That I could learn to love him again. But then he said that I should take him up on his offer because no one wants to be near me anyways, and he’s the best shot I have to not be alone anymore.”


“Oh wo-”


“And then he said that the only person that could ever possibly want to be with me, besides him, is someone who is only into me because of my money!” Lena half shouted covering her face with her hands.




“And he got me so mad that I just reacted and I didn’t think, and I didn’t even know where it came from but I told him that ‘She doesn’t want me for my money!’, and before I knew it he had me protecting the made up person I told him I was seeing.”




“Yeah, I think I said she just so I could piss him off a little bit, but it was the first thing out of my mouth and I couldn’t retract my statement cause he would know I was lying.” The brunette dropped her hands and sighed, leaning back into the couch so that she was staring at the ceiling. “ And I had to go and fuck it up some more by saying that I had been dating her six months, and he didn’t seem to believe me at all and it just pissed me off even more so I just went with it, and when he asked me who the ‘unlucky gal’ was-” Lena scoffed. “I just said the first female name of a person that is willing to be seen with me and….”




“I, uh..told him a name.” Lena muttered, squeezing her eyes shut.


“Y-you told him my-…my name didn’t you?” Kara breathed, sounding more in shocked than angry in Lena’s opinion.


Lena turned her head peaking open one eye before softly saying “I told him your name.”


Lena observed the blonde who was lightly blushing, starting at the containers of food on the table and nervously pulling at her fingers. The brunette sighed again, clearly her best friend wasn’t okay with being her scapegoat. Rolling her head back to its previous position and, slamming her eyes shut again, the brunette quickly spoke. “I’m sorry I dragged you into this, I’ll just clear things up with him the next time I see him, or I’ll call him and say that I lie-”




Lena snapped her head up, staring at the blonde. “Wha-”


“You, uh, you can use me.” Kara nearly choked on her own tongue when she realized what she said.”As a scapegoat! You can use me as your scapegoat! Or excuse or whatever. It’s fine.”


The pair openly stared at each other. Light blushes dusting the tops both of the women’s cheeks. Lena was the first to speak up after a long pause.


“Wait so you believe me? And you’ll let me use you as an excuse to keep James away from me?” The brunette asked shocked at her best friends reaction.


“Why wouldn’t I believe you? You are my best friend,-”


“Yeah but so is James, and you’ve known him for longer-”


“He is NOT my best friend, he isn’t even a friend anymore at this point.” Kara waved off the brunettes statement, shaking her head. “You are my best friend. I trust you. And I believe you.”


“You don’t want, proof?” Lena asked in a small voice.


“Proof?” Kara asked confused.


“I have almost all conversations held in this office recorded…”Lena admitted shyly, looking down to watch herself play with the hem of her blood red silk shirt. “Except ours, of course. I record everything else though…Security purposes and all that…”


“Lena,” Kara said softly, reaching over to hold the brunettes hands in her own. “If you want to have me listen to it, I will. But I already believe you, and I’ll help you in whatever way I can.”


“Uhmm..” Lena paused, staring down at their clasped hands. ‘Gay panic somewhere else!’


“I, uh, I think it would make me feel better,” Lena mumbled. “If you, um, heard the recording…”


“Okay.” Kara said with a soft smile. “If that’s what you want I’ll listen to it.”


Lena tore her gaze away from their hands and gave the blonde a shy look before taking a deep breath. “Hope, play the audio recording with Mr. Olsen from this morning please.”


“Of course Miss Luthor.” the AI answered quickly.


“Still the coolest thing you’ve invented so far Lena, I swear to Rao.” Kara giggled.




“Soooo…” Kara blushed, idly pushing her last potsticker around on her plate.


“Don’t say it…”Lena laughed, hiding her face in her hands.


“Okay so like, a few things..” the blonde started, ignoring her friend completely.


Lena sighed stabbing the potsticker on Kara’s plate with her fork, quickly shoving it in her own mouth before the blonde could do anything.”You ver sayin?” Lena spoke, mouth full of Kara’s last potsticker.


The blonde stared at her friend in shock mouth gaping and her eyes wide. “That. Was. The. Last. One! Lena!”


“You said I could have one!” Lena laughed still chewing the potsticker.


“Yeah but, Leenaa..” the blonde whined, “That was the LAST one!” Kara’s eyes suddenly narrowed, glaring at her best friend. “You did that so I wouldn’t ask my questions!” She accused.


“Noooo…” The brunette said not so innocently.


“My first question!” the reporter started, causing her friend to groan loudly. “How is the world did you date him for so long? From everything he said…He’s such a…” Kara paused, trying to find the right words.


“Such a dick?” Lena supplied.


“Yeah!” The blonde laughed. “How did you date him so long if he was such a rude person?”


“To put it simply,” Lena sighed, placing her plate on the coffee table in from of her. “He wasn’t a dick till the end of our relationship. My guess is he started to get insecure or something when I would rather spend my time with you, then him.” Lena shrugged, trying to seem nonchalant.


“Right.” Kara blushed. “Question number two!” the blonde said quickly.


“Ugh fine,” Lena waved, signaling her friend to continue. “I suppose you get to ask questions since I roped you into this.”


Kara grinned widely, “Was he really a ‘One-Minute-Wonder’?” Kara said in a hushed tone.


The brunette glanced over at her crush, a blush quickly spreading across her cheeks. “Yes, well…I can’t think of a time when he wasn’t ten or twenty pumps in and just-” Lena made a grimace, then made an exploding gesture with her hands.


Kara on the other hand was howling with laughter at her friends description. Despite the fierce redness that covered her cheeks, she was clutching her stomach and nearly keeling over the couch trying to keep herself together. The blonde tried to speak with her friend but every time she tried to formulate her words, another loud roar of laughter ripped through her body, sending her into another fit of of hysterical laughter.


“Kara…” Lena chuckled, rolling her eyes at the blonde. “Ask your next question before I order more potstickers and eat them all in front of you!”


Kara quickly settled down, wiping tears of laughter away from her eyes. “Okay,” Kara giggled. “Question number three, Do you actually date women? Or were you just trying to make James mad? Ya’ know, hit him in is fragile male ego?”


Lena blushed crimson. ‘Oh my god, you gay disaster! Stop blushing!’ “I actually prefer dating women…Jack and James were just me…confirming that fact.”


“New information, Miss Luthor.” Kara said in a teasing tone, waddling her eyebrows. “And here I thought we were supposed to be best friends!”


“The subject was never brought up!” Lena defended.


“It’s okay, Lena.” Kara laughed. “If it helps any, I’m so bisexual it hurts.”


Lena openly gaped at her crush. ‘SHE LIKES GIRLS TOO.’ 


“Next question!” The blonde quickly blurted. “So uh,I show you, uh ‘every night’ huh?” Kara smirked devilishly.


“OH would you look at that!” Lena practically shouted, jumping off the couch at the speed of light. “I have a meeting!” The brunette said quickly, scooping up the empty food containers and hurriedly shoving them in the trash.


Kara barked out a loud laugh before standing up to catch her friend, hugging her tightly.


“Sorry Lena,” Kara chuckled. “I just had to.”


“Rude.” Lena mumbled burrowing her head into her best friends shoulder, arms wrapping around the blondes torso.


The pair stood there hugging far to long to be considered a ‘friend’ hug. Kara finally pulled back from the hug, coaxing the brunette to meet her eyes. “Lena,” she said softly.


Lena’s heart started to thump widely in her chest. “Yes?”


“I’m sorry that James was being a butt earlier.” Kara’s face scrunched up in Lena’s favorite way. “ You don’t deserve to be treated like that.”


“It’s okay, I mean it’s not okay, at all. But you know, it’s okay.” Lena sighed, eyes falling downward, suddenly not feeling worthy to gaze upon her crushes face.


“Hey.” Kara nudged Lena’s chin up with her forefinger gently, causing the brunette’s eyes to flit back upwards to the blonde's light blue eyes.” I’ll help you okay? We’ll fake date and we can rub it in his face how happy you are without him, and when he stops being a butt, we can go back to normal. Sound good?” Kara said in a soft but hopeful voice.


“You don’t- I can’t let you- Kara you can’t just-we can’t just fake-”Lena sighed pressing her forehead to the blondes shoulder. “I already dragged you into my drama, you don’t need to do this for me…” Lena said in a small voice.


Kara wrapped her arms back around her friend, hugging her tightly. “I want to help you, Lena. Please? Let me help?” Kara said softly into the brunettes ear. “I promise that if I feel uncomfortable or if I don’t like whats happening, I’ll tell you immediately and we can talk it out. I just wanna help, Lena.”


Lena’s insides turned into mush. She can never deny the bubbly reporter anything, especially when shes being soft and adorable and hugging Lena in the perfect hug that would turn Batman from edgy goth TM to happiest man-bat alive.  


Lena picked her head up, chin pressing softly into the blondes collarbone, causing the blonde the shift her head so that she was looking down into Lena’s green eyes. “Promise?” Lena said in a small voice.


Kara gave the CEO a wide sunshine filled smile. “Promise!” the blonde said happily.


“Fine, we are fake dating. Good luck Miss Danvers.” Lena grumbled separating herself from the blonde’s embrace, and taking a step back away from her crush.


“Imma fake date you, so hard. “ Kara said lowly waddling her eyebrows yet again.


“I change my mind!” Lena groaned covering her blushing face with her hands.


“Too late!” Kara laughed. “Our,-- what was it? You said six months right? Our six month anniversary is officially TONIGHT! Get ready for me to woo the crap out of you!”


“Kara, fake dating doesn’t mean you have to woo me.” Lena chuckled, dropping her hands from her face to confront the blonde.


“Uhhh, yeah it does! No one knows we are fake dating, and if we want James to believe us then we need to make it look real! And everyone knows that I go ALL OUT when I date someone. So prepare,” Kara giggled pointing her finger at the CEO. “To be wooed!”


Lena smiled, laughing lightly. “Okay darling, I’ll prepared to be wooed.”


It was Kara’s turn to blush, redness tinging the tips of her ears pink.”And don’t worry, you’ll only fall in love with me after a week or so…”Kara said smoothly.


“Oh? Is that so?” Lena pretended to muse, furiously trying to school her expression into one of a more teasing nature, and not letting her gay panic bubble up to the surface. “Seems awful confidant of you, Miss Danvers.” Lena said flirtatiously.  


“You are correct, Miss Luthor-Danvers!” Kara sang, skipping over to her bag by the couch. “I’m going to finish my article, but await my text message in the next hour or so, it will give you the time and place for our six months-versary date.”


“We’re hyphenating?” Lena squeaked after the blonde, as she proceeded to walk towards the office doors.


“Let the wooing commence!” Kara said loudly, and she opened the CEO’s office doors. The blonde halfway turned to face the stunned brunette. “Remember it will be about a week or so! See you tonight sweetness! Love ya!” Kara winked, a stunningly bright smile on her face, as she exited the office completely.


Lena’s heart was hammering wildly inside her chest, a deep red blush firmly settled on on the tops of her cheeks.


“Fuck…” Lena whispered.