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Believe me now?

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"Just relax!"


"I changed my mind. This is a horrible idea."


"It's a great idea! Trust me!"


"This is never going to work Kara."


"Just sit there and look pretty, but also get all squirmy like you usually do when we...ya know…"


"I do not get squirmy. Luthor's don't squirm." Lena huffed, crossing her arms over her chest as she rolled a few inches away from the blonde currently seated under her desk at L-Corp.


"Kay, so like first thing," Kara chuckled reaching her arm out to grab the brunette by the leg and pull her closer. "Not only do you get squirmy for me, but you also get all cute and out of breath and whiny." Kara continued, scratching her nails up Lena's bare leg. "And before you say you don't do that, I'd like to remind you of the other day…"


Lena blushed, attempting to twist her chair to the side, away from Kara's touch. "I have no idea what you're talking about," Lena grumbled.


Kara grinned wickedly, using both of her hands to pull the brunette right back to her original spot. "I can refresh your memory…" trailing her fingertips up Lena's thigh, Kara looked up at the brunette from under the desk "I promise you'll recall everything this time…"


Lena felt herself flush. Her mouth suddenly dry, "H-how about later when we aren't in the middle of this ridiculous plan." She stammered.


Kara palmed Lena's thigh, looking up at the brunette playfully, "It's not a ridiculous plan! It's gonna work, I'm telling you!"


Lena sighed, "Run it by me again then, master plan maker."


"Okay so James has his appointment with you in about 20 minutes," Kara started, playing with the hem of Lena’s skirt. "When he gets here don't get up to greet him, just sit there and be all squirmy."


"I don't get squirmy!" Lena argued poking Kara in the ribs with the tip of her Loubittons. 


Kara laughed, skimming the tips of her fingers past the hem of Lena's skirt, "And when James eventually comments on how ...restless you are being, I pop out from under the desk, pretend to clean my face implying I was down there doing something...unsavory, and then show him the door."


"Yes darling, but you have neglected the small issue of James not commenting on my ...restlessness." Lena hummed.


"Oh, he'll comment." Kara grinned, "I'll make sure of it."


"Oh? And how do you plan on-oh my god Kara what are you doing?!" Lena hissed as the blonde's hands started pushing her skirt up her legs. 


Kara didn't answer, instead, she started repositioning herself on her knees to get better access to the brunette, licking her lips as more and more pale skin is exposed. Kara glanced up into green eyes, maintaining eye contact as she ran her hands up Lena's thighs, fingertips curling as they grasped onto the barely-there straps of Lena's lace thong. She tugged on them playfully, a mischievous glint in her eye. 


Lena swallowed thickly, nodding her head slowly. Kara dragged the damp fabric down Lena's pale legs, pocketing the sorry excuse of underwear. Lena shivered, clenching her thighs together as she looked down at the blonde. Kara kissed Lena's bare knee, "Spread your legs for me, baby,” Kara whispered.


Lena let out a soft whine, biting her lip before she spoke, “Kara…I-Should we really be doing this?”


Kara instantly met anxious green eyes, “Hey, we don’t have to, I was just - If you don’t want to-”


“-I’m just...nervous.” Lena interrupted. “I’m...not the quietest person, and everyone outside…” she blushed, nervously fidgeting with her fingertips.


The blonde smiled softly, kissing Lena’s knees again, “It was just an idea, Lena, we don’t have to. But if we do, I’ll go slow.”


“I want to…” Lena bit her bottom lip again, “Just office sex, no matter how appealing it is, still makes me nervous. Especially since we are actively planning on getting caught.” 


Kara rested her head on Lena’s knees, lightly trailing the pads of her fingers up and down her calves. “Nervous but willing?” she inquired lightly.


“Nervous but willing.” Lena smiled, exhaling shakily.


“Okay,” Kara said tenderly. “I’ll go slow, scoot to the edge of the chair?”


Wetness flooded Lena’s center as she scooted forward to the edge of her chair, legs shaking slightly.


“Good girl.” Kara smiled, chuckling softly when she heard the brunette’s small whimper in reply to her comment. “Spread your legs and lean back for me?”


Lena nodded vigorously, her eyes wide as she took in the sight of Kara on her knees gently prying her legs apart. She ever so slowly leaned back into her chair, watching with rapt attention as Kara eyed her legs like a hawk. Shivers ran down Lena’s spine at the sound of Kara’s hum of approval.


“Thank you, baby,” Kara rasped, “You look so good right now, all on display for me...”


“Kara…” Lena whined, “ Don’t tease.”


Kara ignored the woman currently squirming in her seat, eyes trained on Lena’s wet center that was just a few inches from her face. “Can I have a taste, baby?’


Lena threw her hands up to her face, desperately trying to cover the furious blush on her cheeks. 


Holy fuck, I can’t believe we are doing this. Holy fuck, this is the hottest thing I’ve ever witnessed. Holy fuck, I’m so close already and she hasn’t even touched me. Holy fuccckkkk.’


“Kara you saying these things…” Lena managed to squeak out. “It’s driving me crazy.”


“Do you want me to stop?” Kara asked softly, kissing up the inside of Lena’s shaking thighs. 


Lena shook her head, “Please don’t stop...” she whispered.


Kara grinned into the soft flesh of Lena’s thigh, gently nipping at the skin as she slowly traveled closer. “Be a good girl, and let me have a taste? Just a small one…” Kara trailed off innocently, the tips of her fingers dancing across the sides of Lena’s calves.


Lena made a sound that was more whine than moan, while her hips twitched up toward Kara’s waiting mouth, “I’ll be good,” She gasped. “I’ll be good for you.”


Kara’s kisses kept getting closer and closer, “Do you like it when I call you that? My ‘good girl’?”.


Lena dragged her hands through her own hair trying to calm the raging storm of horniness currently rolling through her body, “Kara...Don’t tease!”


Kara grinned, two inches away from burying her face in the brunette’s wet center that was currently spread out in front of her. “Lena,” Kara started, running one hand up Lena’s left leg, cupping the back of her knee gently. “Do you want to be good for me?”


Lena nodded again gasping out a ragged “Yes,” rucking her skirt up higher than necessary.


Kara swung Lena’s leg over her shoulder, eyeing the brunette with dark eyes. “Do you want me to have a taste?” she asked innocently, her free hand trailing up to Lena’s right knee.


Lena groaned, “Yes, yes. For the love of God, yes!”


Kara placed Lena’s other leg over her shoulder, her mouth just barely hovering over hot wet flesh. “Good girl” she quickly murmured, pressing a ghost of a kiss over Lena’s straining clit. True to her word, Kara went slowly, gently exploring Lena’s wet folds. Her tongue running up and down her slit, flicking the underside of Lena’s clit. Lena’s hands flew to Kara’s hair running them through blonde locks as Kara slowly worked up the already keyed up Luthor. Kara started to hum, diving in deeper, causing the grip on her hair to tighten. 


Lena let out a series of small moans and gasps, trying not to buck her hips up into the blonde’s hot mouth. “S-so good…” she groaned letting her head fall back to rest against the back of the chair.


Kara nipped harshly at the inside of Lena’s thigh, smirking at the loud yelp the brunette responded with. “Remember to be quiet, don’t you want to be good for me?”


Lena whined softly, biting her lip and nodding quickly, “I’ll be good, I promise.”


Kara grinned and drove back in like a woman starved, her tongue delivering unapologetic lashes across Lena’s clit, her hands gripping the brunette’s thighs harshly, keeping Lena in place. One of Lena’s hands detangled itself from the super’s hair to slap itself over her already open mouth, muffling an embarrassingly loud moan. Kara tapped on the brunette’s hips with her fingertips, successfully gaining her attention. Lena groaned at the sight in front of her.


Kara’s face was fully pressed against her center, no doubt her mouth and chin were just covered in wetness. Tan arms were secured around her legs, blue eyes staring up at her, filled with desire. Lena groaned again, the sight too much for her, and flopped her head back down on the chair closing her eyes quickly.


Kara growled, sucking Lena’s clit brutally into her mouth causing the brunette to arch her back, another loud moan muffled by Lena’s firmly pressed hand. Kara tapped her fingers again, trying to get Lena’s attention. When the brunette didn’t move, Kara pulled her head away, leaving a trail of thin sticky strands of Lena’s slick from Lena’s soaked folds to Kara’s covered chin.

Lena shot her head up, looking down at the blonde with a desperate look in her eyes, removing her hand she spoke quickly, “Kara-no don’t-why’d you stop? Please don’t stop. I’m so close already.”


Kara smiled coyly, “I want you to watch,” She said softly. “Watch me as I eat you out…” 


Lena sighed loudly, “Icanticanticant! This is so fucking hot Kara, I swear to God if I look at you for more than five seconds I’m going to come all over your face.” Lena admitted quickly, blushing as she spoke.


It was Kara’s turn to groan. Nuzzling the smooth skin of Lena’s inner thigh, she replied lowly, “Then come. I know you can go a few rounds, sweetheart.”Without another word, Kara settled back down between the brunette’s legs, her blue eyes delivering a smoldering stare up into Lena’s half-lidded eyes. 


Lena replaced her hand over her mouth, keening loudly as she felt Kara’s tongue flick across her hardened bundle of nerves. Lena felt a tightening sensation begin low in her stomach, tingling vibrations quickly washing over her body. Lena let her hand fall from her mouth, “Fuck Kara, I’m going to come,” she hissed eyes glued to the blonde between her legs.


Kara paused slightly, tilting her head to the side, slowing her pace down from fast unyielding flicks to soft and slow little kitten licks  Lena squirmed, whining loudly “Nnono-no. Kara, I’m- I’m right there, please don-”


“-Miss Luthor, Mr. Olsen is currently exiting the hallway elevator.” Hope sounded from the overhead speakers. “Would you like me to unlock the doors, and allow him entry to your office?”


Lena gasped, sitting up quickly, her eyes bouncing between the blonde still at work under the desk and her office door. “Kara he’s here-oh my-do that again…


“Answer your robot assistant” Kara mumbled quickly.


Lena inhaled deeply, trying to ignore the pleasurable sensations the blonde was causing. “You may allow Mr. Olsen entry, Hope. Remember to record this audio session, please. Once he leaves, upload the file to my phone and delete the original off all my private L-Corp servers.”


“Yes, Miss Luthor” Hope replied. The soft click of her office door unlocking sent a rush of blood to Lena’s cheeks, thanking God and every other known and unknown deity that she replaced her see-through glass desk for a very opaque solid white glass and nth metal desk. Had she not, this ‘pretend I’m going down on you to make James flip out’ plan would have gone up in smoke the second he stepped in the office. Lena stifled a scoff, ‘pretend to go down on me, God I should have seen this one coming’.


The doors opened to reveal a sharply dressed James Olsen, his dark grey button-down and black slacks were neatly pressed with crisply folded lines running down the sides of the fabric. James tugged on his messenger bag that was slung across his chest, meeting the Luthor’s hardened stare with one filled with ill intent. 


“Good morning Lena,” James said coolly.


“What do you want?” Lena replied quickly, biting her lip as she felt Kara’s hands grip her hips harder.


“As I said a few days ago, I know what you did, and I want to have a chat,” James said nonchalantly, shrugging his shoulders as he fully entered the room, sitting in the chair in front of Lena’s desk.


“By all means,” Lena replied coldly, leaning back against her chair, “Tell me whatever it is that I have done.”


“You slept with Alex.” James sneered, “You slept with Alex while she was dating my sister, and then ‘apparently’...” James said sarcastically “you started to date Kara right after. Thus proving my point, you lied to me. You and Kara aren’t dating, you just said that to get me to lose interest in you, so I would stop trying with you.”


Lena twitched, biting back a moan as Kara sucked lightly on her clit, “That’s all you have?” Lena replied, hoping she didn’t sound too breathy.


“That’s all I need, Lena.” James sneered. “I already told Kelly this morning. So congratulations on ruining another relationship.”


Lena felt Kara momentarily stop sucking and took the opportunity to launch her full-scale verbal attack. “You are the biggest imbecile I’ve ever had the displeasure of knowing.” Lena chuckled. “Not only are you wrong about Alex, but you’re wrong about Kara too, again. Alex stayed the night, yes, but she slept on my couch. Kara and I are 100% dating, and I said what I did to get you the fuck away from me, that is correct. But regardless, I would never entertain the idea of getting back together with you. I’d rather let Morgan Edge have a turn with me before willingly submitting myself to the torture that is dating you.” Lena finished her miniature speech with a smirk but ended up stifling a gasp, as Kara sped up her tempo.


“I was there Lena!” James hissed, his voice increasing in volume. “I saw you in your robe, I saw Alex with half her clothes on. I saw both your guy’s fucked up hair, I heard Alex talk about not knowing where her shirt was. It doesn’t take much to put two and two together. You both slept together!” 


Lena bucked her hips up slightly, a blush slowly coloring her cheeks as she once again felt the familiar feeling of her orgasm building low in her belly. “Well,” Lena replied, wincing at how light her voice sounded. “When one goes to bed intoxicated, one tends to wake up with ‘fucked up hair’, and doesn’t remember where they left their clothes. But once again, we didn’t sleep together. So I suggest you call your sister back and tell her you made a mistake.”


James eyed the brunette curiously before responding, “You can’t lie your way out of this one, Lena. I know what I saw, and once I tell Kara, you won’t have anyone left in your corner and you’ll come crawling back to the only good thing that ever happened in your life.” James snarked back.


Lena rolled her eyes, but not out of frustration. Kara had begun to roughly suck on her clit, the tip of her tongue flicking across the hardened bud, causing Lena to not only ignore the man in front of her but also seemingly forget he was even there.


James stared at the brunette on the other side of the desk, her eyes fluttering, redness dusting across her cheeks. After a long pause, he finally spoke. “Lena…” He said slowly. “Are you alright?” 


Lena snapped her eyes open, blushing furiously. “Not lying, Mr. Olsen.” She replied quickly, ignoring his question as her hands gripped the edge of her desk so hard her knuckles began to turn white. “K-Kara knows, she flew by that night. S-She can confirm, nothing happened that night with Alex and I.”


James’ eyes narrowed, “You’re lying, again. What is going on with you?”


Lena twitched again, feeling her toes begin to curl.


Jesus fuck. Motherfucking shit balls. Don’t you dare come in front of him, he doesn’t deserve to know what you look like when- oh my god it’s gonna happen.’


“N-not lying.” Lena hissed, fighting to keep her eyes open. “Everything is f-FINE!” Lena jerked violently, feeling Kara’s teeth scrape over her clit.




“Lena what the actual fuck is-” James started to speak but stopped suddenly as he watched Lena’s chair roll away from the table. A mop of wavy blonde hair slowly emerged out from under the CEO’s desk. Kara turned slowly, winking at the bushing brunette who was tugging down her skirt and stood to face James from behind the desk. Kara grinned at the man’s shocked expression, almost laughing as his eyes zeroed in on her slick covered chin. The blonde quickly snatched a tissue from the tabletop, “You know, James” Kara began, bringing up the tissue to clean her face. “I’ve just about had it with you today” Kara growled, tossing the used tissue in the small trashcan next to her foot. 


“I believe I told you to stay away from Lena the last time we had our little chat” Kara said in a low voice, trailing around the desk slowly as if she was a lioness stalking her prey. “And as you can see,” Kara nodded over to the smirking but blushing brunette. “She’s a little busy right now, so I’m going to need you to leave.” Kara stepped in front of the stunned photographer. “Now.”


Kara hauled the man up by his messenger bag, roughly guiding him to the door. “Also, not only are we very much so dating,” Kara trailed off, glancing at Lena as she pushed James towards the door, “But Lena did not sleep with my sister, nor did she ruin another relationship. That was all you, buddy!”


James stumbled towards the door with Kara’s help, “Kara, wait” He pleaded.


“I don’t think I want to hear you speak anymore, Jimmy!” Kara interrupted the man, happily smiling sweetly. “Especially after the way you spoke to my girlfriend! So do me a favor...” Kara opened the office door quickly, halfway throwing the photographer out of the room with a flick of her wrist. The man tripped over his own feet, stumbling into the hall, looking back at the blonde with wide eyes.


 “Never speak to me or my girlfriend, ever again,” Kara said harshly her voice filled anger, eyes flickering back and forth from their normal blue to bright red. Kara watched as James’ throat bobbed as he hastily regained his posture and began to run towards the elevator.


As his traitorous form retreated down the hallway, Kara smirked, taking a calming breath. She turned around, closing the doors behind her as she searched for the brunette’s gaze. Smiling longingly at her girlfriend, Kara spoke once more, “Now...where were we?”



A year and a half had passed since the incident in Lena’s office. Kelly and James no longer speak to each other since Lena sent the audio file to both Kelly and Alex, removing any doubt in Kelly’s mind. This also meant Alex and Lena’s friendship grew tenfold in a matter of seconds. The four of them now had ‘girlfriend swap nights’ Kara and Kelly would spend almost every Tuesday night binge-watching ‘Rupauls Drag Race’ at Alex’s apartment, while Alex would join Lena to drink expensive scotch and drunkenly watch C rated ‘horror’ movies. Or as Alex says, “Horr-ible movies! Lena, come on, that was a good one! You cannot tell me that a Shark tornado is a good movie!’’ 


James left town shortly after fleeing Lena’s office, running back to Metropolis, and had to explain to this ‘best friend’ why he was no longer on speaking terms with National City's beloved Supergirl. That phone call from a bewildered Kal-El was the highlight of Kara’s week, honestly. 


Kara moved into the penthouse after their fake one-year anniversary/ real six-month anniversary. Both Kara and Lena did not feel the need to correct the statement, because, for all intents and purposes, they had basically been dating ever since they became friends. I mean honestly, who has cuddle sleep-overs with their best friend after 3 months of knowing them? Who has five-minute hugs with the same ‘best friend’  before and after each hangout session? 


Lena’s penthouse went from all whites and light grays, to bright multicolored quilts halfway folded on the couch, a fridge fully stocked with both healthy and ridiculously unhealthy food, and pictures of both Lena and Kara in various trademarked couples poses scattered across the walls. Lena’s favorite picture of them was the 4x4 photo, printed on glass, hanging up on the wall at the mouth of the bedroom hallway. It was the picture Kara took on their ‘first/six-month date’ where Lena had her back to the blonde while staring out at the beach picnic the super had set up, Kara’s outstretched hand holding a single red carnation out at the bottom of the screen. Kara’s favorite photo, however, had yet to be taken. 



It was their official one-year anniversary, not the pretend relationship one, and the couple was finishing their dessert of sugar-dusted strawberries on a rose petal covered balcony. Kara longingly gazed at the woman of her dreams, watching sticky sweet juice spill over her lips as she bit into the last strawberry. 


“I can’t tell if you are staring at me or the strawberry.” Lena chuckled, winking at the flustered blonde.


“Both.” Kara replied quickly, “I’m staring at both.”


“And why is that darling?” Lena giggled, nibbling on the last of the berry.


“Staring at you because I love you, and you look so beautiful tonight, but I’m also staring at the strawberry because it gets to touch your lips right now and I don’t. I’m honestly really jealous of it.” She laughed, sending a wink of her own over to the brunette.


Lena blushed, setting down the stem of the berry. “Who says you can’t touch my lips right now?”


“Me.” Kara sighed wistfully. “I really wanna kiss you right now too.”


“Care to explain?” Lena asked with a deadly quirk of her eyebrow and a smile firmly settled on her lips.


“Well, if I kiss you, I’ll get carried away, and I won’t ask you my question,” Kara said calmly. “And I really want to ask you my question.”


Lena’s heart thudded painfully hard in her chest, cursing her internal organ for betraying her outwardly presented calm demeanor. “I don’t see why you can’t do both,” Lena said slowly, reaching over the table to play with the tips of Kara’s fingers. “Ask me your question and then kiss me afterward.”


Kara smiled, listening to the brunette’s increased heart rate, “I think that can be arranged…” She chuckled lightly, grabbing Lena’s hand and rising from the table pulling the brunette up with her.


Kara took a moment to stare at the younger woman, taking in every detail of this moment, memorizing it. Lena smelled like lavender and the wind carried the scent over to the blonde with its gentle breeze. The dark green dress she wore hugged the brunette’s curves like it was made for it, the thin material gliding down Lena’s body like silk. Her hair was down, it had gotten longer as the year progressed. Kara nearly swooned every time her girlfriend took her hair out of its signature bun or ponytail, watching the raven-colored locks flow freely down past her shoulders. Of course, Lena had noticed this reaction and delayed her usual haircut in favor of seeing the blonde nearly faceplant every time she shook out her hair.


It was almost a full three minutes before Lena spoke up, nervously laughing at the blonde in front of her. “Your staring, darling. Do I have something on my fa-”


“-You’re so beautiful.” Kara blurted.


Lena blushed, looking down and away from her lover’s blue eyes. “You haven’t looked in a mirror today have you?” she murmured. “You look breathtaking, as per usual.”


“No, not just your appearance,” Kara said softly, using her free hand to guide the brunette’s head back up to meet her gaze. “You are beautiful, inside and out. You amaze me.” Kara smiled, running her thumb across Lena’s bottom lip. “You help the world just as much as I do, you know that right?”


Lena scoffed playfully, “I doubt that dar-”


“-Don’t doubt it. “ Kara said quickly, effectively cutting the brunette off. “You help with your brains, I help with my brawn. We make a good team. A Super and a Luthor.” Kara smirked.


Lena laughed, squeezing Kara’s hand softly. “A Super and a Luthor.” She repeated softly.


“You amaze me, Lena, you really do. I can’t think of a time when I’m not in total awe of you. While I fly around punching things for a living, you create things. You help people. You save lives just like I do.”




“It’s true. You saved every alien in this city when you tricked your mom. You saved me so many times I lost count. You invented the app that records conversations once it detects voices going over a certain decimal level for victims of domestic abuse. Last year, the number of plastic waste in the ocean went down 10% because of your ‘Better Future’ program. You saved lives, Lena. You save them just as much as I do. I know you say I’m the hero but you forget you are one too.” Kara leaned forward pressing a soft kiss to the brunette’s lips. “You are my hero, Lena Luthor.” She whispered softly.


Lena swallowed thickly, chasing down the urge to cry, “Darling I-I don’t know what to say…”


“Say you love me.” Kara grinned, blue eyes shining in the faint moonlight. 


“I love you, Kara. With all my soul, I love you.” Lena breathed shakily, her voice suddenly sounding rough.


“And I love you. That’s how I know.” Kara whispered.


“How you know?” Lena asked softly. “What do you mean?”


“It’s how I know that I want to marry you,” Kara replied tenderly. “How I know I want to spend the rest of my life with you. How I know I want to see you walk down the aisle, in a big white dress, with flowers in your hair. How I know that you and I will be great together, no matter what.” Kara stepped back reaching into her back pocket as she slowly began to kneel down on one knee.

“Lena Kieran Luthor, you are the sun that gives me flight, the light of my life. You are my best friend and the woman of my dreams. You make me a better person both in and out of the cape. You are my hero. Will you do me the honor of marrying me?” 


Kara gazed into green eyes, holding out a wedding ring with a princess cut emerald stone in the middle. The ring was accompanied by a silver wedding bracelet styled after the wedding bands Kara had grown up with on Krypton. The bracelet had three stones embedded in the metal, a deep blue sapphire and a blood-red ruby on either side of a sparkling diamond.


Lena gasped, trembling fingers reaching out to lightly touch both the ring and bracelet. “Yes,” Lena whispered, voice heavy with emotion.


“Yes?” Kara echoed, a smile burning across her face.


Yes, Kara.” Lena gasped, tears streaming down her face. “Yesyesyesyes-”


Kara jumped up, sweeping up a giggling and crying brunette in her arms. “You said yes!” Kara cheered, laughing brightly as she twirled them both around in tight circles. Lena squealed with laughter, holding onto the blonde for dear life as she spun them around.


“You said yes…” Kara said as she gazed down at the woman in her arms when their happy giggles and cheers had eventually slowed down. “You’ll marry me.”


“Well, I can’t marry you without the proper gear, darling.” Lena sniffled, laughing as the blonde’s eyes grew comically wide, stepping away from their embrace to slide the bracelet and ring onto Lena’s wrist and ring finger.


“There, now it’s official.” Kara beamed. “You’re my fiancée.”


“Yes, I am.” Lena sighed happily, “And soon I’ll be your wife.”


“Rao,” Kara giggled, “My dream come true.”


“I love you.”


“I love you too.”



Kara’s favorite picture was taken that night. She printed out two copies on paper and one on the fancy glass that Lena loves so much. She placed the glass printed photo next to Lena’s favorite photo, and every night before bed she glances at it before she walks down the hallway, a surge of warmth blossoming out from her heart. It makes her smile the whole way to bed, happily snuggling into the love of her life’s neck, kissing her softly before the need for sleep catches up to her. The other two copies she printed out find themselves on their respective work desks. Lena staring lovingly at her copy whenever she has a free moment and Kara fawning over her copy every time she thinks of Lena, which is about every ten seconds.


The glow of the multiple candles in the room gave the photo a warm touch. Kara didn’t even use a filter, that’s how perfect the photo turned out to be. The photo is of them in bed together, bare shoulders on display and rucked up sheets covering them from the chest down. Kara’s hair is messy, the blonde tresses having been obviously manhandled. Lena’s long locks flow over Kara’s, her hair isn’t as hilariously chaotic but it still screams ‘sex hair’ in all the right places. Kara is smiling brightly into the camera, her eyes glittering in the light. Lena is right next to the blonde kissing her softly on the cheek, her left hand gently cupping the side of Kara’s smiling face with the ring on her finger twinkling, even in the low light. If you look at it hard enough, you can see the faint smile Lena is desperately trying to hide with the kiss she presses into Kara’s cheek. As well as the even fainter outline of slowly appearing hickey that was firmly planted on the side of her pale neck.


Kara promptly posted the picture to her Instagram account, typing out a quick caption before turning off her phone to continue the night’s sexy activities. Lena roars with laughter when she reads the caption the next day, knowing the reason Kara chose it the second she finished reading it. 


It’s an ode to their beginning.


A little inside joke between the two of them about how they started their relationship in the first place, trying to prove James wrong about Lena having someone to hold at night. About having someone for Lena to love and love her back.


Under the photo, written between two heart emojis, the caption reads:


“Believe me now?”