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would it be a peter parker field trip if something didnt go wrong

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“Alright class settle down” Mr Harrington shouted as the science class yelled in excitement of the announcement that the class were to be going on a field trip in a week.

“You’ll all need to get a parent or guardian to sign a permission slip, you’ll also be made to sign a NDA”

“Sir, where exactly are we going?” Betty asked out loud, as the whole class was thinking it.

“Stark Industries”

Peter groaned because of course this was his luck, he could feel flash’s eyes on him, Peter knew Flash was smirking at him.

“Hey Peter, ready to finally be exposed as a liar”

Peter rolled his eyes as Ned gave him a reassuring smile, “at least you’ll get to prove him wrong and wipe the smug look off his face”, That was a bit of a bonus peter smiled to himself.

The rest of the day consisted of Flash looking at him smugly whenever he saw him, and ned and MJ both telling him to ignore it which he had been doing, for the past few years, Flash’s bullying was getting quite old now, pathetic even, but no matter what Peter wasn’t allowed to fight back for a multitude of reasons, He was a literal superhero with super strength that tested the likes of Natasha frickin Romanov, He would be suspended therefore making many people very angry, the list including avengers and making avengers mad wasn’t exactly on his bucket list, He also just thought himself more mature and fighting him back seemed childish when he knew very well he could take whatever flash threw at him.

Happy was waiting outside of the school to pick him up, a smile painting is face as soon as he saw him, they both hoped in the car and headed to the gigantic tower.

“Happy Hi, how are you doing” Peter asked genuinely curious at the answer,

“I’m doing good kid, what about you?”

“well Happy todays been a rollercoaster, first I got a 100 on my test which was pretty cool, Then I helped MJ prepare some decathlon questions for our practise tomorrow-“ Happy had grown to love the kid but sometimes he could ramble for hours “- announced a field trip to Stark Industries-“

“I’m sorry did you just say a field trip to Stark Industries?” Happy asked as though he didn’t hear it right

“yeah im not really that excited about it, especially since Tony nor Pepper told me anything about it, but what can you do?” Happy saw peter shrug in the mirror

“hm I didn’t know anything about this, I think we both need to have a chat with boss man.”

They arrived at SI 10 minutes later and peter said Goodbye to Happy as he had other things to do, waving a quick hello to the reception ladies he swiped his badge and went on up to the top floors, His room in the tower was quite big, far too big for someone his size, far too big for anyone for that matter but he was grateful.

Peters room was basically an apartment, it had a kitchen, two bathrooms ( why he would need two bathrooms nobody knew, he didn’t question Mr Stark) a lounge area and a big bedroom, there was also a spare bedroom if he had ever wanted a friend over, Ned had stayed in there a few times, but other than that it wasn’t actively used.

He put his stuff on his kitchen bench as his phone dinged signalling that he had gotten a text

Heard your class is coming on a field trip to here :)

How did you-
You fucking bitch!
It was you wasn’t it!

Absolutely not I would NEVER
Do that to my
Totally adorable boyfriend

I literally despise you

I have done nothing wrong like ever

Hearts won’t save you this time


Knew you would crack xoxo

The elevator dinged to his level and he knew it was Harley coming up as the only people who had access to his floor was the people with gold level badges, and very few people had them.

As per his thoughts it was Harley who strolled out of the doors with a smirk on his face and a box in his hands, Peter just glared at him.

“I wouldn’t glare at me like that I bought food, and only people that are not glaring at me get some”

Peter squinted his eyes at Harley.

“what kinda food”

“why only just the best pizza in New York”

Peters glare turned into a smile as Harley walked towards him with the pizza, he went to get plates and glasses as Harley put the pizza on the counter and hoped on a bar stool.

“you know this field trip could always turn out to be a good thing, maybe it’ll finally get flash off your back, he really is quite pathetic”

“I doubt anything good can come of a field trip to my own house- will you wait like two seconds for me to get the plates-“ Harley sheepishly smiled and put the pizza slice he was about to eat back down “anyway I’d rather flash pick on me than anyone else cause we both know it doesn’t bother me but it could bother someone else, besides I’m sure the embarrassment of being wrong about me will quieten him down”

Peter placed the plates down as Harley got straight into eating as peter got them both a glass of Coke.

“I cannot see wait to see the look on his face when he finally gets It that you do not only work here but live here too” Harley says through a smile, He knew that peter could handle himself but it still got him riled up whenever he heard about the shit flash does to him.

“oh, he doesn’t know I live here, I haven’t told anyone that, and since may died I don’t think anyone’s wanted to ask either, being too afraid to upset me”

May was still a sore subject for Peter and probably would be for the rest of his life, he missed her dearly but had some relief at the fact the she was once again with ben, besides he wouldn’t have been anywhere near as mentally stable as he was if it wasn’t for everyone in the tower, they all helped him and gave him a shoulder to cry on or the space he needed. He was so thankful to have a support system as gracious as his family.

They both finished their pizza and decided to go see what everyone was up to in the labs, Harley and he both had their own floor for their labs, which was basically a shared lab at this point though nobody minded,

“FRIDAY, is tony here?”

“tony is in his lab peter.” Friday was incredibly helpful in so many ways and he was so thankful she was around.

“thanks, fri”

They made their way down to Tony’s lab to find him sitting on the ground tinkering with something of sorts, he hadn’t noticed them come in so Harley and peter both smiled to each other and snuck up on him to scare him, but right as they were both going to…

“I know you’re both there, trouble couple”

“trouble couple? That’s new” Harley said as peter was laughing and as tony got up off the floor, “not new, just haven’t used it to your face” Harley glared at tony but tony just shrugged his shoulders “that’s showbiz kid” Tony said as he went to leave “you two come with me pepper wants to see us all, $10 says it’s you two that have done something and not me” betting with tony was one of Harleys favourite things, not because it was fun but because he always won. “$20 says it was you who messed up” “$30 on it being all of us” Peter had never been fond of the betting between the two, but he had a feeling this meeting was about the field trip and he was willing to bet $30 on it being a warning to them all.

They all arrived at Peppers office door and tony gestured the two boys to go in first, Pepper was typing away at her computer while simultaneously being on the phone with someone, She smiled at them and gestured to the phone so the two sat on the couch and tony just stood waiting, he knew well enough to not interrupt his wife’s phone calls by now, he had done it multiple times in the past and it had almost always ended up with her yelling at him to be more serious and pepper could be scary.

She hung up the phone and turned to the two boys on the couch, as Tony smirked at them thinking he had won the bet, she then turned to look at tony and the smirk was wiped off his face in seconds,

“Tony, I’ve arranged a tour here with Peters class on Harleys suggestion, and I need you to promise to me that you won’t go overboard on the embarrassment”

Tony swatted his chest in fake hurt, “embarrassing? me? Never, I’m not making any promises as you and I both know pepper that I don’t keep them that well” Tony put her arm around her and she cuddled into his side, “at least tone it down to like a 9 instead of 11 huh, that’s doable” pepper smiled at Peter as she said this, “that is more reasonable, 9 we can do”

“not that I don’t hate you all for arranging this field trip in the first place, but I’m glad it’ll be a 9 instead of 11, you can really be a lot sometimes, and not that I also can’t wait for a tour of my own house, but won’t it be a little suspicious that I have an all access pass to the tower when I’m only supposed to be an intern?” peter asked, worry showing on his face that his secret crime fighting ego could be exposed.

“just say you’re my personal intern, it’s not a complete lie and it explains the need for the all access, right?” tony suggested and pepper nodded at it, “that could work”.

“hey why don’t I be your tour guide, I know the facts and the layout well enough plus I can keep an eye on you and help you in your web-“ peter rolled his eyes at that -“of lies that we will be spinning for you” Harley was already going to ask to be the tour guide so he could keep an eye on flash, he knew how annoying he could be and if he could keep even a little bit of that to a minimum for peter, he was willing to spend his day showing people his age around his home.

“would you really do that?” Harley wrapped his arms around peter and snuggled him tightly “I would do anything for you” Peter smiled at the comment and snuggled into him.

Tony and pepper both smiled at the couple that was their doing, Tony had just taken in peter as his little protege of sorts and Harley was coming on a week-long trip to see the works of stark industries, his mother was flying him out then leaving him with pepper and tony for the week, which seemed like a weird thing to do but his mother trusted them, pepper more so than tony but she still trusted them with her son.


Harley raced to jump on the bed that was his for the weekend not noticing the person whom he passed on the way to the room, Peter poked his head inside the room “um may I ask who you are?” Harley turned his head towards the person speaking “I’m Harley, and I’m going to take a wild guess and say you’re peter?” peter looked at him with question “yes... how do you know me?” “tony talks about you a lot, also mentioned that I was going to be staying in your area? house? I’m still not sure what’s going on with this” peter looked as though the gears were finally turning in his head “OH right yeah Harley, tony told me about this, sorry I’m not more prepared i don’t stay here a lot” Harley smiled at him “it’s okay” “uh it was nice to meet you but i actually have a date with my decathlon team to get to” Peter smiled at Harley as he went to walk out the room “it was nice to meet you too, i hope we get to see each other more during the week” peter yelled a you too as he was walking out.

(flashback over)


it was finally the day of the field trip, and peter was excited that he could finally get it over with, he had been worrying all week about it and wouldn’t shut up to Harley about how he thought that the class was going to find out he was spider-man, Harley didn’t mind it though, he knew how much keeping his identity safe was important to peter and he tried his better to reassure him it would all be fine but at the end of the day it was up to peter to not worry himself.

the class was standing outside of a school bus when Mr Harrington finally emerged from the bus and told the, they could get on, flash glaring at peter while they were walking on, Peter sat next to Ned and began telling him about how Harley was going to be their tour guide as he had forgot to mention it before, Ned was the only one outside of the tower who knew that he was dating Harley, so naturally ned had already met Harley and was too excited that he would be doing the tour in place of someone he probably wouldn’t have known.

“yo peter still talking about your fake internship huh, can’t wait till no one knows you there” Flash shouted from the front of the bus, the teacher glared at flash but said nothing as peter just rolled his eyes. he was getting a little excited but only because flash would finally be put in his place and after all he’d done it was worth it.

they arrived at the tower 45 minutes later, and all headed into the entrance of the building, it was quite mesmerising, with the brilliant and large chandeliers, and the marble floor, you’d think you were walking into a fancy hotel and not somewhere that was fully of people building robotics and using test tubes.

he wondered if Harley would be waiting for them inside or if he was just yet to be here, and as if on cue Harley emerged from the security gates and grabbed a bunch of security passes on lanyards from the reception desk, ned and peter had brought their own as there were strictly no reprints.

“Hello to you all i am Harley keener, I’m going to be your tour guide today, but let’s all be mindful cause being a tour guide isn’t my day job” Harley spotted peter and smiled at him selectively as someone in the crowd raised their hands,

“you’re the one that tony helped in Tennessee right” Cindy asked, peter was sure the others were all thinking that too, Harley was regularly seen with tony at public events, so people were bound to know him.

“yes that’s me, although I’d say i helped tony more then he helped me” peter rolled his eyes at this, it was a constant tie up with tony and Harley, who helped who more, peter would say it was equal but neither of them would take that as an answer

“you’re like our age why are you doing the tour and not someone more experienced” flash called out, peter groaned, for once why couldn’t flash keep his damn mouth shut.

“i am indeed your age, and I’m certainly experienced enough to run this tour, thankyou”

“now you’re all going to be given security badges, these will allow you to get into places such as the elevator, cafeteria and a range of labs, do be aware that these will deactivate the second you leave this building so selling on eBay is a waste of time, do. however, feel free to keep them as souvenirs of such”

Harley began calling out the names for the badges passing them out as peter and ned got their own out of their bag, by the end when all the badges were gone from Harleys hands, flash had been taking notice of the names being called out, “how come parker and Leeds didn’t get one” he asked smugly thinking he had caught us in some kind of lie.

“peter and ned don’t need a badge as they already have one, and our head of security is very clear on no reprints”

flash put his head down with a horrid look on his face, as another student questioned the badges, “why do you have a different badge to us?”

“good question, we have a very simple badge system even though it’ll seem really confusing I promise its not, there are three colours and 10 levels, red is levels one to four which is for reception, janitors, press, tours, that kind of stuff, yellow is levels five to seven which is for workers so lower interns, lab workers, the highest interns, and black is levels eight to ten, eight is for friends of tony, pepper, avengers and some others, nine is for avengers that don’t live here and ten is for avengers that do live here, tony, pepper, any other people living here and a select few others, the level 10 is all access and only given out by tony or pepper”

The class seemed genuinely interested in the badge system, which peter was confused by I mean it wasn’t all that exciting they were badges with a colour and number not really the most exciting thing about the building, Peter saw flash look at his badge but he smartly decided not to say anything about it, Harley then explained that they were to go through the security gates putting their bags through the detectors as they did, Harley then walked on through the place to scan your badges and gestured for everyone to follow his lead.

“Harley Keener, resident, Level 10 all access, cleared” an AI announced as Harley walked through the gates scaring most of the class save for Ned, MJ and himself, MJ had never been to the building but nothing seemed to shake her.

“no need to freak that was the AI Friday, she manages the whole building basically” the class all seemed to have questions about that but saved them for later. Flash had pushed his way to the front of the line to get into the building swiping his card with a smug look then going back to glaring at peter when he had gone on through.

“Eugene Thompson, Midtown Tour, Level 4, Cleared”
“Betty Brant, Midtown Tour, Level 4, Cleared”

The rest of his class went through, ned and him were the last two to go on through.

“Ned Leeds, Regular Visitor, Level 8, Cleared” Flash shot him a look as if to say what the fuck but didn’t get a word in before the AI spoke again.

“Peter Parker, Resident, Classified, Level 10 All Access, Cleared” Peter hurriedly went through the gates as if that would stop the class from hearing the AI announce his clearance levels, it did not.

Multiple whispers could be heard questioning both peters and ned high clearance, “Why does peter have a level 10 card, surely you should be calling security for hacking?” Flash asked Harley and Harley god bless kept his face straight as he replied with “Peter has a level 10 card because this is his home as the AI stated when it said resident, and if you were listening before I mentioned that residents have level 10.” Flash let out a huff but kept quiet, still glaring at peter whenever he had the chance.

“right okay, first were going to head up to the R&D labs, and talk to some of the interns, then I’ll take you to my personal lab and show you some of the stuff were working on here, ill ya’ll will follow me to the elevator please” Harley smiled once again at peter and started to head to the elevators, it was times like this were peter was thankful that the elevators here were quite large, they had to be with all the tech being transferred in them.

Harley lead them down a hallway peter had been down too many times to count, to lab 7, where they were working on the new Stark Phone, Harley had told them all to wait outside as he talked to the interns to let them know they would be wandering, he came out and started listing all the rules, no touching stuff, no stealing stuff, no bothering the interns unless they say you can ask questions, and if they had questions for the interns that didn’t want questions to come to him. He opened the doors and everyone stumbled in as peter stayed back to talk to Harley

“I missed you” peter said as gave Harley a quick hug so he wouldn’t be seen cozying up to the tour guide.

“its been literally like 3 hours since you last saw me” Harley laughed at peters clinginess, but to be honest to himself he loved it, the feeling of feeling loved and knowing your loved is truly incredible.

“yeah but sitting on a contained bus with those people ages you, in peter time like 3 days went by in that bus” peter said while laughing at his own analogy

“you are so dramatic peter parker” Harley laughed with him before telling him to go help Ned help MJ work her way through the lab, So Peter went up to them and was telling them about everything before flash decided to join in, “yeah right peter like you know anything about this stuff” both Ned and MJ just looked at him like they were gonna kill him, “honestly Flash do you not get tired of being a dick” and once again flash glared at peter and left.

“Yo Peter didn’t know you were gonna be here today, do you think you could look over this programming, I cant help thinking somethings off about it but I can’t catch it” Peter looked at Harley who nodded at him before going to help the employee named Michael, flash who was watching the whole thing was starting to doubt that peter would go this far into telling a lie, he wouldn’t admit it but maybe Peter was actually telling the truth.

Harley then called everyone back to the door and informed them of where they were going next, “alright folks, time to go to my personal lab, it’s a little higher up, and tour aren’t usually permitted to this level but I got permission from boss to show you all” the whole class got excited about the thought of going somewhere that wasn’t permitted to tours normally, Peter went up to Harley in the elevator and whispered in his ear “please tell me this is the only place tony gave you permission to show” Harley just winked in response before moving to the front of the elevator to guide them off it.

“alright this is my personal lab, there’s another to the left but the person who owns that one usually we just share bth of the labs so its technically one big lab for two people, I ask that you be respectful of everything here, if you have any questions come to me and- “ Peter was shaking his head no, as Harley was about to say his name -uh don’t touch or steal please!”

“right now me and the other person are working on avengers tech, things like black widows widow bites, Spiderman’s web shooters, Hawkeyes arrows to name a few, a lot of it is classified but things that the public already know about is free reign to look at, this week we’ve been working on coming up with a list of different arrows for Hawkeye to use and then trying them out to see which would work best with him, its quite a fun process lots of explosions, that’s what that room over there is used for, test runs and such”

“so are you saying you and this other person get to use and test avengers tech?” a girl asked excitedly, Harley smiled at her and nodded yes. The rest of the class scattered, and peter heard whispers from multiple girls saying how cute they thought Harley was, he smiled at the thought that Harley was not only taken and gay, but his.

“hey how come this piece of paper says peter parker on it” Flash who had been looking at his desk that he was at only yesterday.

Harley looked at him desperate for some kind of lie to come to either him or peter, but Ned spoke up before either could address it “Peter works here? That means that obviously some papers are going to have his name on them” that was good they could work with that. “yes but why is up here where he works on avengers gear” he wasn’t going to shut up about it until he had an answer he liked and peter was fed up.

“this lab belongs to Harley and I.” Peter said bluntly showing no emotion about the fact he had to give up the fact that he worked on avengers tech, flash looked towards Harley as if asking him to confirm, “Peter is indeed the other person I mentioned earlier” everyone started directing questions at him some asking why they didn’t say it earlier “peter wanted to keep what he does here private” they started to back off after that, it was still too loud so Peter ran off to his own lab that was isolated at the very moment, Harley texted tony asking if he could send down another tour guide to take them to lunch, a girl named Danielle came up a minute or so later announcing that she would be taking them to the cafeteria. Harley then went to Peter in his lab

“Sorry I didn’t come sooner I didn’t trust them without lab” he laughed, “it’s okay I just needed some time, sensory overload ya know” Harley nodded because he did know, Peter had experienced this multiple times so it certainly wasn’t new, “flash really is a dick huh” Peter laughed at Harleys comment because yeah Flash really was a dick, “yeah, I’m good now so do you wanna go on down to the cafeteria” Harley sat up and extended his hand to peter for him to take it and he did and they walked hand in hand to the elevator and kept them connected until they reached the cafeteria. There was underestimated sense of comfort in hand holding that he wished more people knew about.

Everyone was sitting in the respective groups, Peter went to join Ned and Mj as Harley went and asked if dani could stay and do the tour with him in case he ever need to take peter away again, Danielle was a close friend of both Peter and Harley and she knew that Peter could have some anxiety so immediately agreed and Harley wandered over to the table Peter was at.

“Dani is gonna stay on the tour with us just in case we need to run off again” Peter was so grateful for Dani and that fact, “what else has tony allowed us to go to?” Harley thought for a moment before answering, “um the training room, the avengers conference room I think he might be planning a avenger meet and greet but I cant know for sure and his office that’s opposite Peppers that he never uses, no idea why he gave us permission to that room though, don’t think I’ve seen him in there for like 5 months at least right?” “hm no I think I saw him in there like 2 days ago I think, I was with Pepper and we heard the door open we were both confused but forgot about it” Harley laughed “you know he never uses it with Pepper is confused at why the office to her husband’s office door is opening” Peter laughed with him. Ned coughed as to say were here too guys, peter had a sheepish look on his face as he muttered an apology while MJ just stared at him “how long have you two been dating” Peter spluttered the Drink he had just taken a sip of “w-what I-I-I don’t know what you’re talking about” Harley raised his eyebrow at the obvious lie peter had told, “hey I’m not judging its kind of cute” Peter blushed at that comment while Harley answered the first “like Two and a half years right? We started dating in 2016 right? Omg I’m such a bad boyfriend” “no that’s right 2 and a half and 2016, wow look at you go”

An hour had passed and everyone had finished their lunch and started getting antsy to keep moving, Harley went over to Danielle to talk about the plans for the rest of the day, while peter stayed with Ned and MJ, a few minutes later Harley called them all over to the elevator, “okay as I said earlier the boss has given us permission to go to some places that tours don’t normally get to go to, so right now were gonna head up to the avengers training room, no doubt the boss has arranged a few avengers to be up there sparring because he’s extra” he ushered them into the elevator as one of the girls spoke up.

“you keep saying the boss, are you talking about tony stark?” Harley replied a quick yes and swiped his badge to go to floor 67, they arrived swiftly and all huddled off to a window where you could clearly see Black widow and Captain America sparring, Peter wished that it had been anyone but Nat and Steve, those two together were the most embarrassing bunch.

“Right everyone be respectful they are training, this is their job just like the interns” Harley announced before swiping his badge to open the door, as soon as the door opened Nat and Steve stopped fighting and put on their biggest smiles.

“Hi Midtown, im Nat and that’s Steve and were going to be teaching you a few self defence moves, be careful with the old man over there though” they had gone through some rules and told everyone to get in a line, Harley and Peter just avoided the line completely, Harley knew that Steve would make him and peter fight, and Nat would make him fight but she would drag peter up onto that mat as if his life depended on it, so he went into protective boyfriend mode and pulled Nat aside and told her that Peter had some bad anxiety at the moment and fighting really wasn’t something he could do right now, Nat understood and didn’t call on Peter to his relief.

He had known that Harley had something to do with it, and in that moment, he was so thankful for him, although Harley had got him out of the fighting he hadn’t gotten him out talking with them.

“Peter are you avoiding us?” Steve had said a little to loudly to peter who was still standing way In the corner.

“absolute not Steve, why ever would you think that” Nat laughed at the obvious sarcasm that was flowing from peters mouth, thankfully Steve didn’t really understand sarcasm all too much, “Nat why are you laughing at peter?” “I’m not old man, I’m laughing with peter” Peter laughed with her on that one.

When it was time to leave both Nat and Steve shouted that they’d see him soon, and he guessed they meant at the meet and greet, and was hoping with all his might that he was right, he didn’t really want. To run into any other avengers right now.

As the last person ha got into the elevator and they were moving a loud alarm was sounded and everyone in the elevator started to panic, Harley, Peter and Danielle all looked at each other, each as clueless as the next, peter decided to ask Friday for some information.

“Friday what’s going on? What’s the alarm for?” Peter said as Harley shushed the class so they could hear the answer.

“on floors 1-10 all power is off, suspected gun man in the building” Peter swore, they needed to get to a safe place.

“Harley, we have to go to the place” peter said desperately hoping he would pick up that he meant his apartment that had no doubt basically turned into Harleys as well. “Peter are you sure? Im sure we could find somewhere safe other than that?” , “doubtful, the only people that can access it are the people with gold badges, and there’s no way a gunman could acquire one since there’s only five” Harley didn’t like the plan but he had to admit that Peter was right so he nodded and said okay

“what’s the place” a boy asked, but Peter didn’t have time to answer,

“Friday take us to floor 94” Peter said as he swiped the gold side of his badge. The elevator dinged and the doors opened into what Peter called home, he wasn’t okay with sharing this part of him with others but really was else was there to do to keep the safe”

“whose apartment Is this” someone asked

“mine” Harley and peter both said at the same time to which Harley said “ours”

Flash scoffed “like you actually live here parker”. Peter had had enough, “flash just shut up, im literally letting you into my personal place to keep you safe, if you’d rather go back down to lobby you are free to go.” That Definitely shut flash up for the time being.

“listen up guys, this is our personal and private space, this our home, please be respectful, no touching shit unless I say its okay, no stealing anything, please don’t go into any of the bedrooms, there are two bathrooms at both ends of the hall, you may raid the cupboards and fridge for food but be respectful about it.” Harley said in his serious voice, his hands were clenched in a fist, he didn’t like people in his space, In their space but he too wanted everyone safe, he asked Danielle to watch everyone as he dragged Peter to their room.

“are you okay? Harley asked, he could tell Peter wanted to ask the same question to him, “not particularly, I don’t like people in our home, using our stuff its weird” Harley nodded in agreement, “I don’t think we had much of a choice” Peter sat on the bed as Harley took his hands, “on the plus side I finally get to do this” Peter brought Harley forward and kissed him for the second time that day, the first has been before he left to go to school, “I have been wanting to do that ever since you walked in” Harley said as he laughed, They both wrapped their arms around each other and flopped on the bed, they knew they had to leave the bedroom and go back to civility but for just a moment they needed this moment.

Peters phone started ringing so he detached himself from Harley as he saw the caller ID was tony, “hey kid you safe?” “yeah I’ve got Harley and the class with me in our apartment, we both agreed it would be the safest place despite not wanting a bunch of people in it” “okay good, im up in my office, im getting updates from happy every minute, he’s letting me know if its an iron man threat or not” it was Harley that spoke up this time “what it actually going on, Friday told us floors 1-10 had no power and there was a suspected shooter in the building?” “yeah that’s pretty much it, we don’t know how he got in though, thinking maybe it was an inside job” Peter sighed “for security reasons I hope that it both was and was not” “agreed alright kid I got to go happys calling, ill keep you updated stay safe” Peter didn’t have time to reply as tony had already hung up.

Peter flopped back onto the bed and let out a groan “whyyyy me, why does this shit always happen to me” Harley laughed and patted his stomach “no idea babe, no idea, but we better head back out there, chances are flash has already tried to steal our shampoo from the bathroom” peter frowned “oh I sure hope not, that’s some expensive good quality shampoo” Harley laughed as he grabbed peters hands to pull him up, Peter let out another groan before going for the door handle, only to be stopped by Harley as he connected their lips once more “for Goodluck, lord knows we need it” peter nodded.

As they stepped out they realised it was awfully quiet except for the few whispers and what he could only guess was the tv, they walked out the room watching titanic on the tv, Danielle walked over to them “sorry about not asking but they weren’t shutting up so I put on the longest movie” Harley and Peter chuckled “its okay at least they’re being quiet”

Danielle went back to joining the class on the couch while Peter and Harley went to sit at the bar stools at the kitchen counter, Peter was amazed at how many people seemed genuinely into titanic, he had tried to watch it with Harley but got so bored the movie was 3 hours for Pete sake, how anyone could sit through that and not want to take a nap he was amazed.

Mr Harrington who had been so quite they all kind of forget he was there finally came up to them, “can any of you tell me what’s going on, if there’s danger do you not think we should be leaving” Peter was surprised that he hadn’t yelled at them for being teenagers and taking over the tour, but guessed that he was just staying in his lane as a teacher and not someone who actually worked here.

“with all due respect sir, this is probably the safest place at the moment, the elevator will not take you to this floor unless you have the pass to do so, and the only people with those are Harley and I, Pepper, Tony and Happy, besides were on floor 94, the apparent shooter is apparently on levels 1-10, going to the lobby to leave puts you in a significant amount of danger, if anyone does happen to get through, we have defence solutions” Peter could tell that Mr Harrington didn’t like this idea but wasn’t going to argue. Peter understood why he was so worried, he had a whole science class under his supervision and if any of them got hurt that was on him, but with the extra security this floor had, plus the fact that he was Spider-man he wasn’t too worried himself.

A few hours passed, the movie finished and everyone was getting antsy again, Peter decided now would be a good time to call Pepper and ask for updates, so Harley and he found Danielle told her they were going to get updates and locked themselves in the bedroom once again.

“Pepper please tell me you have updates, I have the science class here and they are all way to hyperactive for my taste” Peter said desperately praying for something anything as long as it was good news,

“I’m sorry Peter no one’s giving me updates either which is a travesty since I’m one of half of the people that control this entire building, I’m up in my office and the elevators aren’t allowed to be used as of an hour ago, so were both stuck, as far as I know we could be stuck in here overnight” Peter could tell that Pepper was just as frustrated as he was, it was now 4pm and the tour was supposed to be going home in an hour.

“should we tell them to call their parents to let them know they might be stuck here overnight? I don’t know what to do in this situation, do we tell them it could be all night, do we tell them we haven’t got anything, Harley I don’t know what to do” Peter was starting to panic at this point, of course it was his luck that something bad happened, at this point he was beginning to suspect it wasn’t a shooter, a shooter could be out in a matter of hours depending on the situation, plus the amount of security peter doubted someone would have gotten very far. These thoughts made him panic even more, he knew he was starting to have a panic attack now, he didn’t know how to calm himself down, he had never been in a situation like this, he had been in situations similar as Spiderman, but as peter parker with his science class in his house because of an alarm he was helpless.

Harley sat beside peter because he knew that while Peter was having panic attacks he didn’t like to be touched, and as much as he wanted to just pull him into a hug and tell him it would be okay, he understood that it would hurt peter more then it would help him. One thing they had discovered that helped him was telling funny stories, they had tried many things, breathing tactics, grounding but nothing seemed to work as well as the time Harley didn’t know what to do so he told peter about how he had seen Clint fall out of the vents the day before, and it made peter laugh and calm down so Harley thought of a funny story “do you remember last week we were when siting in the loungeroom and I got up and I tripped on a fold in the rug and you fell over laughing, and you spilled chips all over the floor and that made you laugh even harder, and then Friday asked if we were okay because we were being so loud?” Peter smiled at the memory and Harley visibly saw him calm down and the fact that Peter was calming down calmed Harley down significantly, Harley was pretty calm to begin with, but peters presence just made him feel a lot calmer anyways.

“I love you so much” Harley held his hand out as Peter told him that, “I love you so much” Harley replied, they knew they had to come up with a plan, but neither wanted to leave this moment of calmness. “Harley what do we tell them”

“okay listen up guys, Peter just got off the phone with Pepper and she’s being left in the dark as well, we really don’t know how long were going to have to be here, Peter and I are going down a few floors to get food from our lab, to get blankets pillows etc, Danielle will be in charge if you need anything, MJ and Ned you have peters number if something goes bad” Harley shouted as everyone listened closely as Peter went over to Mr Harrington.

“Mr Harrington, Harley and I are going down to get supplies but I need you to try and keep them calm even if you’re not that calm yourself, they’re scared as well all but there teenagers, they get antsy and anxious easily, we’ll be back in 30 minutes max, if you need anything ask Danielle, thank you for letting us three stay in control, we apricate it a lot.” Mr Harrington gave a quick reply and Harley and peter went to the elevator

“we’re going to have to override happy security to do this I just hope the elevators are fine” “they’ll be okay”

“Friday override protocol SPDR code-12” “overriding security lockdown with SPDR protocol code-12”

“Friday take us to floor 90” “as you wish peter”

The elevator dinged , and they hoped off into their lab, Peter went to grab pillows and blankets and Harley went to grab food, Pillows and blankets were an odd thing to keep in a lab that worked on tech, but more times then not either Harley or Peter would fall asleep on the floor or at the desk and although peter had super strength and would have no trouble carrying Harley disturbing each other in sleep was a no go seen as they often got little and if they were getting sleep even if it was on the dirty floor of a lab it was better than none, so they went out and bought a bunch of blankets and pillows and so whenever they found one another they could put a pillow under their head and a blanket over them, therefore deeming a closet full of blankets and pillows necessary, the food was just obvious, they got hungry they wanted food so they bought a fridge a used a cupboard as a pantry.

Both succeeding in their jobs they both met back up in the elevator hands full with supplies and made their way back up to their home, everyone was still sitting on the couch on their phones, peter could only hope they weren’t letting people know about what was going on, they had signed NDAS and tony would be after them if they had gotten something to the public that wasn’t meant to be public.

“right guys, we don’t have enough pillows and blankets for everyone so you’ll have to make them scarce, there are board games in this cupboard and there are more movies in the tv cabinet, there’s paper and pens all around if you feel like drawing, chargers all against the wall, I must ask that you please not tweet or text anyone about this situation, you are allowed to call your parents, I’m sure Pepper would be happy to chat to them if some are angry or upset, please be kind to Danielle and Mr Harrington, we are all trying our best with the situation we are in”

“Peter can I talk with you please” Peter was surprised to hear that it was Flash saying this, Harley looked at Peter and Peter knew that Harley was absolutely coming with him, “sure Flash, come with me” Peter led Flash to the guest bedroom and Harley followed after, once the door was shut flash noticed Harley “ I meant privately” Harley just looked at him like he had said the stupidest thing in the world “right okay”

“Peter I want to apologise, ive been an absolute dick to you, and seeing how you’ve managed to keep a whole class of 17 year olds calm and collected has actually really surprised me? You clearly live here and work in here, truth is I was jealous, you have this perfect life you know-“ Peter interrupted him at that “Flash my life is far from perfect, my parents died, then my uncle died, then my aunt died, I had to fight hard to get a scholarship to this school and that’s not even the half of it, I really don’t understand what you could possibly be jealous of?” Harley knew though, “you had a friend who cared about you, you have a girlfriend who loves you-“ Harley wanted to laugh at that “- you had a loving family, I wanted that, and instead of trying to befriend you I bullied you to protect myself from rejection” “look Flash none of those things excuse you from being a dick but I apricate the apology and I think we could be friends in the future if you show that you really truly mean it” Flash nodded because although what peter had said seemed harsh it was the truth, as Flash went to leave “wait who’s the girlfriend that loves me” flash looked confused “uh MJ” Peter and Harley burst out into laughter at that, Peter and MJ that was funny, “MJ isn’t my girlfriend” flash looked even more confused then ever now “then who was the note that said I love you titled to my boyfriend on the kitchen counter from” that made both of them laugh even harder, flash finally looked as though he had connected all the dots “oh my god I’m so dumb it was from you, it was so obvious I’m so sorry oh my god” still laughing Harley nodded. Flash then left the room making the two boys burst into a fit of laughter, Peter straight?? Funniest joke of the year.

A few more hours passed and Peter got a phone call telling him that it was okay to leave and that they had gotten the situation all under control, the class cheered and folded up and packed up all the blankets and games they were using, which had surprised Peter but he guess not everyone was as messy as is boyfriend, They all headed down to the lobby where the bus driver was waiting to take them home,

“Im sorry you all didn’t see very much this tour, perhaps we can reschedule someday, so don’t lose your badges, strictly no reprints!” Harley said, Tony then walked out of the elevator and came running up to the class

“I’m so very sorry for this inconvenience Midtown, ill get talking to pepper about rescheduling, I hope being locked up in peters apartment wasn’t too scaring, Peter glared at him, but smiled,

“Mr Harrington I’ll be keeping Peter, no point in him returning on a bus to come straight back here right?”

Mr Harrington confused just nodded and led everyone out of the building

Harley wrapped his hand around peters waist as peter put his arm around his shoulders, “Jesus that was a mess, I swear not a single field trip you’ve been on has ended well” Peter giggled and it was Harley’s favourite sound in the world, “well there was this time in 5th grade when went to a park and that was fine” The two turned around to walk to the elevators to go back home “wait no I broke my wrist on the trip” Harley laughed as peter joined in with him

Peter thought that although many things went wrong, this field trip wasn’t a total disaster.