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He likes him

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He likes him. He likes this pop singer. His voice is good, he can't deny that but no one has to know. If Mikael found out, he would totally laugh about him. 


This Isak guy has a nice voice, he thinks as his sister's jumps up and down screaming his name. He's good looking too, the lights are doing miracles on his white skin. 


Does he has green eyes? He squints at the stage. Isak is singing while he plays his guitar. He's not that bad either. 


It's just that this is not his scene. He's a punk rock guy who sings in a punk band. He has violet hair and he dresses in black, boots and all that. 


He wasn't made for pop, he knew since he was little. But...this guy is pretty good. Maybe he's glad his sister brought him or…threatened him to come. His mom wouldn't like for her to be alone. 


Now he is here, watching the stage as this blonde guy moves around and the crowd goes crazy chanting his name and the lyrics of a song he has never heard before. 


The lyrics are not that bad either. Maybe he was missing this talent of a guy. Jesus, why is he thinking about this? He shouldn’t. He should hate this guy because his sister has been crazy for him for years and years. 


He should have known he would end up here listening to him sing about first love. 


It’s not bad, his mind says. He shakes his head and as he looks up, he finds this Isak staring at him even if he’s not that close to the stage. There’s like a hundred people here. Maybe he’s watching someone he knows and who’s behind him, he tells himself. 


Isak keeps staring and he smirks while staring at his eyes. Now he’s certain he’s looking at him. Fuck, what? He blushes because he doesn’t leave his gaze.


He’s...he’s handsome. 


No, stop. He tells himself. He averts his gaze and his sister looks up at him smiling. 


Shut up, he mouths at her. She laughs even if he can’t hear it. 

He’s tying his violet hair in a bun when someone approaches him. 


“Hey” Isak says with a smile to both of them with his perfect teeth and beautiful blonde hair. Wow, his eyes are so green. 


His sister grabs his arm and squeezes hard. He looks down at her. How can she fall for this dude? She doesn’t even know him. He rolls his eyes. 


“Hi!” his sister says and he says hello too but not too enthusiastically. 


Isak stares at him for a bit, his gaze never leaving his eyes and he sees him look at his lips. 


He gulps at the attention and he changes his stand. 


“Are you a fan too?” he asks Even with those big green eyes. 


He smiles. “No, I don’t like you but you’re quite good” he says sincerely. If Isak thinks he’s going to fawn over him, he’s wrong. 


“You’re young, you still have time to learn what’s good” he smirks back with a raise of his eyebrows. 


Who does this guy think he is? 


He laughs, “I think you’re too young to know” he replies with a mocking smile. 


Isak laughs. “Is this your way of flirting?"


What? He looks down at his sister but she's not next to him anymore.


"I wasn't...if I was flirting you'd know...but I don't want to flirt with you. Why would I?" He says quickly. 


Isak just laughs. "I like you hair" he says with a grin. "You seem cool" he whispers with flushed cheeks. 




"Uh...thanks. Your hair looks good too" he blurts out. Oh god he sucks at this. He's too pretty, how is he going to do this? Oh shit, where is his sister? 


"I should probably find my sister because my mom will kill me…" he smiles. 


He looks at Isak's face. His little nose is cute. He has baby face but it looks like he hasn't shaved in a few days. 


Oh oh oh. He is really pretty.


"Can I come with? My friends already left because I wanted to talk to you" he bites his lips. 


Wow, okay. He's very straight forward. He smiles. 


"Yeah yeah, we were going to eat, can come too" he mutters. 


Isak grins at him. His eyes shine under the lights. "Cool" he says. 


"Cool cool" he answers back. 


He starts walking with Isak by his side, he can feel how hot his body is next to him. 


When Isak's hand brush lightly against his, he almost chokes. 


He looks like a kid with a crush. Isak smiles at him the whole way as they make small talk. 


He likes him.