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The sound of bored k-pop idols echoed through the practice room, their insignificant activities making their day go quicker. They were being childish in their endeavours and it was those small moments that they felt a little normal again. 


Jimin smiled from his position on the floor, back pressed against the cold glass of the mirror, soothing his exhausted body after a day’s dance practise. His sweat from practice had now left him cold, which had forced the man to put on a tatty but comfortable jumper he had used since debut. He was too tired right now to join the rest of the member's antics, watching them instead. 


The constant comfort of his boyfriend’s warmth remained to his left, his steady breathing an outcome from the concentration of his phone. Jimin and Yoongi were never too touchy with each other in public, nor overly affectionate, as if not to stir the dynamic of the group. But they were a couple and that meant that some things were always going to be different. For instance, Yoongi and Jimin sitting next to each other was normal, other members wouldn’t hesitate or think, it was a platonic action. But the arm draped lightly around Jimin’s waist was a much more romantic gesture. Or it was for Jimin. Yoongi was so used to being cold and blunt to the outside world that things like that were foreign to him. But he loved Jimin. So he wanted to care for Jimin in any way he could. 


“Who do you think would win out of the two smallest?” Jimin heard Taehyung speak, making him drift back into the room and pay attention to his bandmates. Yoongi still hadn’t looked up from his phone, arm still around Jimin like an instinct. Jimin then noticed that all eyes were on them, looking expectantly. Jimin could feel the red blooming on his cheeks. 


“What?” Was his eloquent response.


Jeongguk rolled down his sleeves after winning almost every arm wrestle and looked at the couple with a pointed look. 


“You and Yoongi Hyung are both tiny, we’re wondering if either of you would win in an arm wrestle,” Jeongguk told them. Yoongi was looking up now, an unimpressed look on his face. 


“Jimin wouldn’t win.”

“He could, but not against you Gukkie, no one can beat you.”

“I’m not tiny, I’m taller than Yoongi,” Jimin boasted proudly, earning a small nudge in the side from his boyfriend but the arm remaining there all the same. He knew that the comment didn’t bother his boyfriend anyway, he was much less concerned about height these days. 


“No, you’re not. You wear high soles Jiminie, very high,” Seokjin sat crossed-legged on the floor, looking at the shoes Jimin was wearing which the smaller refused to acknowledge he had on. Jimin pouted, an action he did when there was no way out of a conversation or task. Seokjin cooed at him patronisingly, and he felt a little offended. Not properly, for he knew that if he told his members that he felt insecure about his height and how he would be perceived by others they would all support him and love him. But there was more to him than his height. Besides, he wasn’t that short. It was inconvenient all of his bandmates were tall. He knew he shouldn’t care. Because what did height symbolise? Nothing. He couldn’t change his height. Yet it was still stuck in a society and ideals men should be tall and broad. His members mentioned it because the comments meant nothing to them, they didn’t seem him as less of a man. So how come he still felt weak? He didn’t want to admit that his height or anything ‘unmanly’ about him made him feel less of a man. 


“Yoongi, tell them to stop,” He resorted to his last source of comfort, leaning into Yoongi and feeling the embrace his boyfriend let him have today in front of their friends. 


“Stop teasing him,” Yoongi was half-hearted when he told them, but brought Jimin a little closer to him, resting his large hand on his hip in a gesture that was intimate in their sense. Jimin could feel the gazes of their other bandmates, who rarely got to see the couple in their band share any moments of PDA. Jimin liked how unbothered Yoongi was being in that moment, how he found that the way he and Jimin cared for each other wasn’t something that was a big deal or massive. They loved each other and that was that. 


“That’s not fair you can’t get your boyfriend to fight your battles Jiminie. Just one arm wrestle ,” Taehyung started to whine, draping himself on Namjoon and giving Yoongi and Jimin his biggest puppy eyes. Jimin felt his throat beginning to dry up and his hands shake just a little because he just wasn’t up to facing the insecurities about meagre things like his height and masculinity. 


“I think Yoongi Hyung is too scared to hurt his Jiminie,” Hoseok mocked, using the term Yoongi had used once in front of the bandmates and got endless teasing for. Yoongi rolled his eyes and scoffed, putting down his phone. He had a dangerous gleam in his eyes, looking at all of his bandmates. 


“Maybe,” He said before turning his head in the direction of his boyfriend, and moving his soft peach-tinted lips to Jimin’s cheeks, pecking the smooth skin affectionately. Jimin blushed a little and adjusted his attention to his boyfriend who was now peering down at him and giving him a bright smile. Jimin had the urge to nuzzle into his side, let Yoongi pepper him in kisses as he clung to his love, but showing that level of dependence on someone else in front of his bandmates might make them think he was less manly-


“That was disgusting . Never do that again Hyung,” Jeongguk faked vomited as he looked at the couple, making Yoongi roll his eyes. 


“You’re lucky you don’t share a room,” Yoongi sassed, the hidden implication making Jimin groan. He hit his boyfriend’s arm, letting it rest there. 


“No, but we share a wall,” Seokjin muttered, before getting up and dusting himself off. Jimin was about the same colour as a fire engine, and he groaned loudly before standing up himself, moving away from Yoongi’s embrace. 


“I’m leaving,” He said, giving Taehyung a pointed stare as he went over to collect his small bag. He heard the others sigh behind him and the small rustling of the members starting to get up and leave themselves. The day was over, no more arm wrestles or pointless debates, they would have to work all over again the next day.


“Jiminie, you’re no fun today. All I wanted to do was see you get beat by Jeongguk and Yoongi,” Taehyung’s provoking made Jimin’s blood boil and his eyes sting, and he let out a few coughs before turning to Taehyung with a weak smile. 


“Very funny” His sarcasm was probably unconvincing as a whole but no one seemed to pick up on it, leaving him to pick up his bag and turn to Yoongi who was getting his things. 


“You coming home with me Hyung?” Jimin asked, watching as the black-haired male merely nod giving his fellow members a curt wave before joining Jimin, their hands coming down to intertwine by their sides so naturally now, that it was second nature to the both of them. 


“Disgusting,” Jimin hears Jeongguk say once more before him and Yoongi were out the door. 




“Jiminie, are you ready for bed?” Yoongi asked from the bathroom attached to their room, his voice slightly muffled by the door. Jimin was laying on their bed, phone in his hand and aimlessly swiping through twitter. He was now bare-faced and his body was covered in Yoongi’s black jumper, and he felt comfortable. But his eyes kept drifting to his small hands that weren’t ‘manly’ and his chubby cheeks that reflected in the phone that didn’t scream ‘ rugged’. Realising he needed to reply to his boyfriend, Jimin hummed. He guessed it was one of those days where everything seemed wrong and nothing was good enough. He hated those days.


Jimin heard the padding of Yoongi’s footsteps as he exited the bathroom. The only source of light was from their bedside lamp, the ugly yellow glow representing Jimin’s mood as a whole. The bed dipped with his boyfriend’s weight, the warmth of his side making him feel a little more at home, a little happier. The younger decided to put down his phone and turned, leaning against Yoongi. 


The elder smelt fresh like he always was and he seemed tired as he got under the duvet and covered Jimin as he did so. There was silence as Yoongi turned to face Jimin, his lips curving into a small smile as he merely looked upon his boyfriend in the confinements of their room. This moment was theirs. 


Yoongi raised his pale hand to Jimin’s neck, rubbing the smooth skin there as he brought Jimin a little closer, slow and steady as if he was precious porcelain. Then Yoongi gave him a small kiss on the head, and then on his cheek and then on his nose. Yoongi hovered by his lips for a while because the elder liked to take his time, to stare at him and to treasure him. Yoongi loved him and he loved Yoongi and sometimes it was too much. Suddenly Jimin felt tears. He felt his throat closing up and his heart pounding, his head was aching and he just felt sad. Sometimes he got like that, where the realisation of Yoongi’s love for him was so much, and he hadn’t a clue where he deserved it from. On the days where he would just plead his stupid brain to stop assessing everything, to stop making him doubt himself in small ways.


“Jimin-ah, what- I’m sorry-what did I do- I-,” Yoongi was immediately there, his arms wrapping around the younger man, pulling the body into him as a sign of support and comfort. Jimin sobbed into his chest, the salty tears soaking the grey material. 


“It’s not you Hyung,” He managed to get out, moving away a little to look up at his love, eyes puffy and red and probably horrible looking. Why was he even crying, it meant he was weak-


“Jiminie, my Jiminie, don’t cry. Tell me what’s wrong,” Yoongi whispered into the space between them, hand coming up to gently wipe off the tears that rolled down his face, making him whimper a little more. 


“I just love you so much hyung. Sometimes, I wonder if I could be better for you-,”

“Jimin, stop right there. I love you just how you are, you are the best for me, the best of me, never forget that okay?” Yoongi was almost stern in his reaction, taking Jimin’s face in his and pecking his cheeks, his nose, his forehead until Jimin was smiling just a little. 


“But, don’t you want me to be... manlier, enough to beat people in arm wrestles and to not wear shoes that make me taller, and to be considered-,”


“I would love you if you were lanky like Namjoon-,” Jimin giggled at this. “-or muscly like Jeongguk. I would love you if you were tiny if you were big. I love you because you’re Park Jimin. I don’t care about masculinity Jiminie, I care about you,” Yoongi finished with a soft and beautiful kiss on the lips making him shake with the amount of affection he received. 


Jimin slowly brought his arm’s to wrap around Yoongi’s neck, intertwining his hands around the base. Yoongi watched him with a glint in his eyes and a smile on his face, letting the younger make his way up to him. 


“If Jeongguk could see us now, he would be sick,” Jimin let our a watery giggle, which made Yoongi lean in to kiss it away, his lips gliding over Jimin’s with a sense of pure love. Jimin smiled into it. Moving closer to Yoongi to try and let the man feel his love. 


They kissed for a little longer, just embracing each other lovingly. 


“Yoongi,” Jimin whispered. 




“Thank you.”


“Anything for you my love.”




( The next morning at breakfast, Jimin sat at the table with messy bed hair and a jumper falling off his shoulder. Yoongi was nowhere to be seen, hadn’t emerged despite Seokjin’s loud laugh and Taehyung’s shouting. 


But as Jimin stood up to put his apple juice away, a tumble of footsteps could be heard making their way down the hall. It was so quick Jimin barely had time to react, he merely blinked and started as Yoongi marched his way over to him, a determined look in his eye. The rest of the room suddenly evaporated, especially when Yoongi took hold of him, grabbing his waist and leaning in close to him. Jimin tilted his head to the side in confusion but it didn’t matter. 


Yoongi was kissing him, in front of everyone, 


Turns out Jeongguk had been teasing him over text all night over his affection for Jimin, so the elder decided to get him back. But Jimin didn’t care, he kissed back, hands in hair, for as long as he could. )