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Wrath of the Ex.

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(Back over at Kate's bar both Kate and Reagan are there talking about where to have their reception. After deciding on where to have the wedding they both left Mark

and Veracity at the penthouse to about their baby and where they were going to live once the baby was born. After leaving the Penthouse they both decided to head to

Kate's bar and talk about locations for their wedding reception. Over at the bar.)

Reagan: I know we took one step in finding the venue for the wedding. But what we need now is the place where we're gonna hold the reception.

(Kate puts her head down.)

Kate: I found the venue you find the reception venue.

(Reagan throws a piece of popcorn at her making her laugh.)

Reagan: Babe come on.
Kate: I know the wedding is in six months but it. I just don't know where we have it.
Reagan: Honestly Kate we could have it here and i wouldn't care as long as i get to call you my wife at the end of the day.

(Kate looks at her and laughs.)

Kate: Yeah i know that. It's just it's our wedding i really don't want to have our wedding reception in the bar. God knows what will happen if anyone should find out.

(Reagan starts laughing at her.)

Reagan: Kate!
Kate: Yeah are right.
Reagan: Okay look i know wedding planning is a pain in the ass. But we gotta do it.
Kate: I know that.
Reagan: Okay.

(As they continue to figure out where they want to have their wedding reception someone walks into the bar. Getting them to turn and look at her.)

Kate: Sorry i'm not open yet.
Woman: Oh sorry. It's just i came looking for someone.
Reagan: Who?
Woman: Kelly Severide.

(They look at each other realize who it is. As Reagan text's Mark and sends it once it's typed out. Over at the Penthouse Mark's showing the other's where the wedding

will be.)

Oliver: Dude this is awesome.
Mark: Yeah apparently someone gave Kate the idea to do the wedding in the place where they first met.
Thea: And they met here?
Mark: Yeah. Reagan was bartending here that night.
Thea: Wow. Let me guess she said she could read people.
Mark: She read you the minute you met Seager over there.

(Wendy looks over at him and laughs along with her sister.)

Thea: I change my mind.
Oliver: What?
Thea: I don't like him anymore.
Mark: What?
Thea: It's not my fault the Seager sister's are so hot.
Mark: Their twins.
Thea: Still.
Mark: Yeah are right. What you think Cal?
Calamity: It's nice. I honestly didn't think she'd take from my story or how me and Beca got married. But i'm really glad she did.
Mark: So is she.
Beca: Where are they going to be getting dressed?
Mark: There are some bedrooms upstairs so both Reagan and Kate can get dressed here or they can get dressed at home.
Beca: Sounds good.
Mark: I know. But to honest i'm kind of surprised she wanted to do it here.
Calamity: I'm not.
Mark: I'm really surprised you wanted to do your guy's wedding at the Hanger in Spain.
Calamity: I know.
Beca: I know seeing as to how they were complete bitches to us when we met them.

(The Evermoist members look off making the other's laugh as Mark's phone goes off he it to see who it is seeing the number he opens the text and gets annoyed.)

Calamity: What?
Mark: More trouble.
Calamity: What?
Mark: Apparently Stella Kidd did survive the Anti-matter wave hitting earth 38.
Calamity: Damn. Go.
Mark: Okay. Babe i'll be back.
Veracity: Okay. Don't do anything stupid.
Mark: I make no promises.
Veracity: Mark!
Mark: Yeah okay.

(He kisses her then pulls away from her as he turns and walks off. Later back over at the bar Mark walks inside followed by Severide as they walk in Kate points over

at the couches and they both walk over to her as they get there Mark sees her and gets annoyed and walks off as Severide walks over to her seeing him she stands and

hugs him getting him to laugh at her. Over by the counter Mark looks at Kate and Reagan.)

Kate: You are right?
Mark: Nope.
Kate: Want anything.
Mark: I might not like the bitch but i still don't to drink anything.
Kate: I can get you a lime and soda.
Mark: That works.

(She smiles at him as she walks off to go get his drink.)

Reagan: Mark!
Mark: It's taking everything in me not to go over there and punch her damn lights out.
Reagan: Yeah don't do that.
Mark: I mean i'm sure you and Kate wouldn't blame me if i did would you?
Reagan: Well no. I mean after what happened to Wendy i wouldn't blame you in the lest to hit her but i wouldn't.
Mark: Yeah. I know.
Kate: Here you go.
Mark: Thanks.

(He takes the drink from her. And then looks over at Severide and Stella again.)

Kate: Mark!
Mark: After what she pulled i can't even stand to be in the same room as her.
Kate: What you thinking?
Mark: Of all of the people that were killed when the Anti-Matter wave hit earth 38.
Kate: Okay.
Mark: Why the hell did one of the other firefighters that survived it come back have to be her.

(They both look at him and can he's very annoyed by the fact that Stella came back.)

Kate: The multiverse works in weird ways.
Mark: You mean besides your sister from another earth showing up in Gotham?

(Reagan's trying to keep from laughing.)

Kate: Shut up babe.
Reagan: Sorry. But that was funny.
Kate: It was not.
Mark: Party pooper.

(Kate sticks her tongue out at him.)

Mark: I'm sure Reagan wouldn't mind that tongue being on her.
Reagan: I can think of the place to.
Kate: Oh do tell.
Reagan: I'll tell you later love.
Kate: Okay.

(Mark starts laughing then calms down.)

Mark: Thank you.
Reagan: Anytime.
Mark: So aside from finding the venue? What else have you two decided on?
Kate: Nothing.
Mark: Really?
Kate: Yeah. Really we can't seem to figure out where to have the reception.
Mark: I couldn't tell aye. If you guys can't think of a place to reception why don't you just have it here.

(Kate looks at him and laughs.)

Mark: I mean i'm sure Mary could set this place up to look nice. And Kate you have a stage here so whoever you guys choice to play at the reception will have a stage

to play on.

(She looks at him and laughs off the shock.)

Reagan: You know it's amazing how him and Calamity come up with good idea's for our wedding.
Mark: It was an idea you guys don't have to do it. I just figured it be easier.
Kate: Actually no you're right it's just.
Mark: Hey don't worry about that jackass across the street. This is your's and Reagan's wedding that prick doesn't get a say.
Kate: Yeah that's true. But i was mainly talking about.
Mark: She don't get a say either.

(Kate looks at him and laughs as she realizes he knew who she was talking about.)

Kate: Okay you're right.
Mark: Thank you.

(She laughs at him as they go back to talking and joking around. Over the next couple of hours Mark helps Kate and Reagan plan the rest of their wedding. As they

continue to plan some of the other's walk into the bar hearing the door open Mark turns and looks at them.)

Mark: Hey beautiful.
Veracity: Hi.

(He walks over to her and kisses her then pulls away from her.)

Mark: How did the other's like the Penthouse?
Veracity: Oh they loved it. Mary has so many ideas on how to set it up.
Mark: Told aye.
Kate: What the hell did i just get myself into?
Reagan: I don't know.
Mark: Anyway.
Calamity: Mia had to get her to calm down.
Mark: Sounds about right.
Calamity: Yeah. Anyway. What's going on?
Mark: Kate and Reagan decided on a place for their reception.
Serenity: Really?
Kate: Yeah Mark said to have it here but.
Oliver: What?
Kate: I still don't know.
Mark: So much for you guys deciding.
Reagan: Yeah. Hell we haven't even decided on a honeymoon yet.
Mark: Wow.
Kate: It's a lot of stuff to handle in six months.
Mark: Okay how about this where is the one place either one of you have been wanting to go?
Kate: Me. I've always wanted to go Italy.
Mark: Okay. Reagan!
Reagan: Anywhere in Europe honestly.
Mark: Okay. You really are no help.

(Reagan starts laughing.)

Reagan: I'm sorry.
Wendy: How long did you two want the honeymoon to last.
Mark: Hineymoon.
Wendy: Why thank you i know i do.

(They start laughing then calm down.)

Kate: We were thinking maybe about three weeks.
Mark: Okay. How about this.

(He walks off towards Kate's office and grabs a piece of paper and pen once he has it he walks back over to them.)

Mia: What?
Mark: Write down the cities you two wanna really seriously wanna go to and i'll look into flights for them.

(They both look at him.)

Kate: Seriously?
Mark: Yeah. That'll be my wedding gift to you two.
Kate: Wow.
Veracity: Or they could just borrow your family jet.

(Mark looks at her and laughs.)

Mark: Spoil my fun why don't you?


(They start laughing then calm down. Over next few hours they all continue to talk and joke around as they continue to help Kate and Reagan with their wedding planning

as their talking Mary walks into the bar.)

Mary: Hey Kate.
Kate: Yeah.
Mary: These just came in for you and Reagan.

(She hands her the package once she has it Mark hands her his knife and she opens the box once it's opened she hands it back to him.)

Mark: Oh these are pretty.
Kate: Yeah they are. But we didn't buy these.
Mark: You didn't.
Kate: No.
Reagan: These even have the venue on them and we just decided on the venue.
Kate: But.
Mark: Oh yeah. That was me.

(They both look at him and laugh.)

Reagan: Why?
Mark: I figured Veracity would ruin my fun with the whole planning your honeymoon. Or as Wendy said their hineymoon.

(Serenity's behind her trying to keep from laughing.)

Wendy: Shut up Serenity.
Serenity: I didn't say anything.
Wendy: You're laughing.
Serenity: I am not.
Mark: Anyway. I thought and i had a feeling you'd go with the Penthouse.
Kate: And what if we hadn't.
Mark: Well then i'd be in a lot of trouble. But no i had a feeling the Penthouse would be the place for your guys wedding so i went ahead and ordered the invites for

the wedding.

(Kate looks at him and laughs.)

Kate: Thank you.
Mark: Anytime.

(She hugs him then pulls away from him.)

Reagan: Anymore surprises?
Mark: Nope.
Reagan: Okay. We'll fill these out tomorrow.
Mark: No rush. Actually yeah you should.

(Kate smacks him and hands him his invite.)

Mark: You are ready know whose my plus for the wedding.
Kate: Oh true. But still.
Mark: Okay. I'll fill it out at home.
Kate: Okay. And thank you again Mark.
Mark: You're welcome. Hey Mary.
Mary: Yeah.
Mark: What you think of this place for their wedding reception.

(She looks around the bar and sees the stage.)

Mary: I think it be a great place for the reception. But it's up to them.
Reagan: We'll even talk that over at home.
Mark: Are right.

(Later that night over at Kate and Reagan's place their both sitting there talking and joking around about the wedding.)

Reagan: But in all seriousness Kate.
Kate: What?
Reagan: Do you want to do the reception at the bar?
Kate: Honestly?
Reagan: Usually helps honey.

(She looks at her and laughs.)

Kate: It would save us money and well i know the owner so i don't think she'll have to much trouble with us using it.
Reagan: Really?
Kate: Really. She's a bitch at times but she's cool any other time.
Reagan: Oh so your saying Batwoman own's the bar?
Kate: Hey.
Reagan: Hey you're the one who said the boss is a bitch.
Kate: I know but still ouch. You've hurt my feelings.
Reagan: Oh no. Let me make it better.

(She kisses her getting her to smile in it then she pulls away from her.)

Kate: Now i think Batwoman will feel used.
Reagan: Well then i guess i'm glad i'm marrying you and not Batwoman.
Kate: Babe i am Batwoman.
Reagan: Oh i know. But i like you out of the suit.
Kate: See now i know she'd feel used.
Reagan: Oh my god you dork.

(Kate starts laughing then calms down as she kisses her again then pulls away from her.)

Kate: I know that.
Reagan: So the bar for the wedding reception.
Kate: Yeah. Why not.
Reagan: Okay. So did you wanna fill these out tonight or do them in the morning?

(Kate looks at the invites and grabs them.)

Kate: We don't have a whole lot of people to invite so. Let's do them tonight.
Reagan: Okay.

(They start filling out their wedding invitations. Over the next couple of hours Kate and Reagan continue to fill out the invitations once their finished Kate looks at

them all and laughs.)

Kate: That's a lot of people minus the one i gave Mark to fill out.
Reagan: Yeah. At least these are done. I'll take them into the post office before i go into work.
Kate: Okay. I gotta go get to bed. I need to be at the office in wow four hours.

(Reagan smiles at her.)

Reagan: These could of waited until morning you know.
Kate: I know.
Reagan: Why don't you go to bed honey.
Kate: Okay. Night.
Reagan: Night.

(She kisses her then pulls away from her. And walks off towards the bedroom to get some sleep as Kate walks off towards the bedroom and walks into it as she walks in

she closes the door to go get changed into her sleep wear to go sleep. As she closes the door someone knocks on the door Reagan gets up and walks over to the door as

she gets there she opens it to find Wendy there.)

Reagan: Wendy!