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Wrath of the Ex.

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Reagan: Wendy!

(She looks at her and then looks off.)

Reagan: What's wrong?
Wendy: I uh i had a nightmare and i really didn't wanna bother Serenity with it.
Reagan: Okay come on.

(She moves out of her way and let's her into the apartment as she walks in she closes the door behind her.)

Reagan: What happened?
Wendy: Well after Serenity and Emily went to sleep i fell asleep on the couch and for like the first ten twenty minutes it was fine. Until the nightmare hit me.
Reagan: What happened in it?
Wendy: Cutter was still alive he beat on me he told me that if i didn't let him do what he wanted he was going to kill me and i was.
Reagan: So he raped you?
Wendy: Yeah.
Reagan: How many have you had since he died?
Wendy: That was the first since he died.

(Reagan nods her head at her.)

Reagan: Have you thought about talking to someone about this. Other then me.
Wendy: Uh yeah I've thought about it. But would be the point.
Reagan: It would help you sleep better.
Wendy: The only thing me talking to someone about would do is get Stella Kidd to continue her hatred of me all because i got close to her boyfriend.
Reagan: Okay i get the woman is a bitch. But Mark knows someone who could talk to you and not judge you for what happened.
Wendy: Didn't matter how many times i told her i wasn't even the least bit interested in Severide she wouldn't listen to me.
Reagan: So Mark's told us.
Wendy: And i'm changing the subject.
Reagan: Kind of.

(She walks over to the couch and sits down as Reagan follows her to the couch and sits down next to her.)

Wendy: I just i had to deal with it while we were still together and then i had to go through it all over again when the bastard kidnapped me.
Reagan: Yeah i know all to well what it's like to be raped it's not something i talk about. Hell i don't even really talk to Kate about it.
Wendy: Does she push you to?
Reagan: Of course not. She's not like most people she understands that there are just somethings i can't or won't talk about. She doesn't push the issue like some people do.
Wendy: Your ex.
Reagan: My ex didn't even believe me when i said the bastard had raped me. She called me a lair and then said i was only trying to bring attention to myself.
Wendy: Oh gees.
Reagan: Yeah. But luckily i had your sister and her bandmates on my side.
Wendy: Yeah Serenity's one hell of a person once you get to know her.
Reagan: She is. But then again you hear the stories the Bellas have told about them.
Wendy: Yeah their overly competitive i'll give them that.
Reagan: They are that. And hot.

(Wendy starts laughing then calms down.)

Wendy: Yeah i'll agree with you on Calamity Veracity and Charity. But i'll leave my sister to your dirty mind so.
Reagan: My fiancee isn't much better.
Wendy: But she's hot.
Reagan: Dude she's Calamity through and through only she doesn't have a sexy Australian accent.
Wendy: What is it with women and the accents.
Reagan: I think that is a whole other conversation.
Wendy: I know. I just i thought i was doing so damn well no nightmares. Me and my sister are getting closer i mean i love her wife she's funny as hell.

(Reagan laughs at her.)

Reagan: Yeah Emily she's one to get use to.
Wendy: Yeah i have never met anyone with more energy then her. Oh no wait i have.
Reagan: Oh yeah who?
Wendy: She's Supergirl.

(They start laughing then calm down.)

Reagan: Yeah Kara's a blast to be around. I just don't know how Alex did it.
Wendy: I don't either. Um i know we keep changing the subject it's just.
Reagan: What?
Wendy: I just keep thinking that if i talk about it it's going to make it worse.
Reagan: It could or it could make you feel better.
Wendy: Like i said i just i thought i was doing so damn well no nightmares. I found someone who really cares about and treat me like i'm some rape victim she actually gives a damn about my feelings and doesn't treat me like i'm weak.

(She stands up and walks over to the window looking out onto the city as Reagan gets up and follows her.)

Reagan: Wendy!

(She turns and looks at her.)

Reagan: Being raped isn't something anyone ever thinks will happen to them. I know i knew it. Hell i never even thought about it. Until i met Olivia started dating her and well not long after we started dating i met her friends.
Wendy: Okay.
Reagan: Shortly after i met them Austin did everything he could to try and get my attention and when i wouldn't he'd try a little harder.
Wendy: Wasn't he dating Veracity at the time?
Reagan: Yeah. And the fact that he would hit on me with her standing right next to him or even when she was in the same room really annoyed her to no end.
Wendy: Wow.
Reagan: Yeah one day Calamity had seen him hitting on me and went to say something but Veracity told her not to.
Wendy: Why?
Reagan: Neither one of them wanted to cause a scene and i don't blame them for that.
Wendy: Okay. When did he?
Reagan: Well not right away. It was maybe a month or two later after i had met him.
Wendy: And.
Reagan: Well i told her he was making me uncomfortable and she told me to stop being such a wuss. And then left to go talks to someone else.
Wendy: What a bitch.
Reagan: Yeah. So instead of asking him to stop she walked away from me and left me with him.
Wendy: Wow.
Reagan: So later on that night i went up to use the restroom and i didn't know this at the time but he had followed me i didn't see him walk up to me until he grabbed me and forced me into the bathroom and that's where he forced himself on me.

(Wendy looks at her and then looks off.)

Wendy: I'm standing here thinking about what a jackass my ex was. I mean if i didn't feel like giving him sex he forced himself on me until one day his ex walked in and hit him over the head and told me to grab my stuff and leave the house. So i did.
Reagan: Oh gees. Who was his ex?
Wendy: If i remember right her name was Kristine nice girl. I could never really see what she saw in him.

(Reagan looks at her and laughs.)

Wendy: Anyway after i left like i said i never walked back into his life i sent him a text saying things were done with us and i never spoke or saw him again.
Reagan: Wow.
Wendy: Reagan i never thought i'd ever have to go through that hell again.
Reagan: Did Olivia know he was doing that?
Wendy: No. And i have feeling if she knew she didn't care much like she didn't care that Austin kept hitting on you in front of his girlfriend.
Reagan: Yeah. And the fact that she let him get away with it. Made me so damn sick to my stomach.
Wendy: Yeah. Kristine was the same way when she saw him on top of me and forcing him to do something i didn't want to.
Reagan: I know. When did you decide to join the fire department?
Wendy: Shortly after i got to Chicago. I saw all of the firefighter and the paramedics and knew that's what i wanted to do the rest of my life.

(Reagan nods her head at her.)

Reagan: You know you're really young for being a Lieutenant.

(Wendy laughs at her.)

Wendy: Yeah that was the same reaction i got out of Severide when he met me.
Reagan: Really?
Wendy: Yeah. That real shocked look like wow. She's so young to be at the rank she is.
Reagan: At least he didn't say anything.
Wendy: No for that i'll be forever grateful to him for.
Reagan: Well it's nice to know he was nice to you.
Wendy: Yeah he was his girlfriend not so much.
Reagan: She was marking what was her's.
Wendy: Yeah i'm sure she was. But I wasn't in love with Severide.

(Reagan looks at her.)

Reagan: Who were you in love with?
Wendy: Veracity's husband.
Reagan: Oh.
Wendy: Yeah. I mean Mark was really nice to me and i thought he was really hot.
Reagan: Me too believe it or not.

(They start laughing.)

Reagan: I love Kate i swear i do.
Wendy: Well i'd hope so.
Reagan: Anyway.
Wendy: Yeah. When you did tell someone.
Reagan: What?
Wendy: Who did you tell?
Reagan: Veracity!

(Wendy looks at her and laughs off the shock.)

Wendy: Wow.
Reagan: Yeah. I always felt guilty whenever i looked her so one day when Olivia went to work i called her up and she came over to talk to me.
Wendy: She go with anyone?
Reagan: Yeah the band's lead singer.
Wendy: Wow.
Reagan: Yeah. She asked what i called her over for and i told her that one night at a party Austin forced me into into one of the bathroom's and then forced himself onto me.

(Wendy looks at her but doesn't say anything.)

Reagan: I told them from the start to when he forced himself on me.
Wendy: I can just imagine what Calamity was wanting to do?
Reagan: She threatend to cut off his nuts.
Wendy: Ouch.

(She laughs at her.)

Reagan: Yeah. when it came to friends Wendy. Your sister and her bandmates were better friends to me and then any of my other friends in fact Marley was just as pissed off at him when she found out.
Wendy: How'd she find out?
Reagan: I guess she had over heard Veracity and Calamity's conversation.
Wendy: And blew up at him.
Reagan: Yeah and then told him to leave her house. He tried to grab for Veracity but Calamity stood between them and Veracity said from behind her that her and Austin we're through and told him to stay out of her life.
Wendy: Wow.
Reagan: Yeah. And then shortly after breaking things off with him Marley ended up dead and Veracity met Mark.
Wendy: So she leaves the rapist and meets the former New kids member.
Reagan: Yeah.
Wendy: He's a much better match for her anyway.
Reagan: Yeah. But Austin didn't think so.
Wendy: I kind of figured.
Reagan: Look i know more anyone what being raped will do to you. In fact after the whole thing with Austin happened i some how managed to come what use to be Earth 1 and met the Queen family.
Wendy: I've always wondered about that.
Reagan: Oliver and Thea's mother saw me one day out on the streets and took me in shortly after she took me in Oliver showed back up alive he wasn't really himself which i get. He was kind of a jerk.

(Wendy laughs at her.)

Reagan: But i was close to Thea and slowly became close to Oliver and just before their mother died she adopted me into the family and I've been a Queen ever since.
Wendy: Do you regret leaving earth 38?

(Reagan looks at her and then looks back at the bedroom where Kate is sleeping.)

Reagan: No i don't. And i'll tell you why.
Wendy: Why?
Reagan: Because of Oliver and his family and his friends they took me in when they didn't have to. Laurel was actually the first one to find out that Oliver's family had taken me in and was so support of.
Wendy: Did you ever tell her?

(Reagan puts her head down and then looks back at her.)

Reagan: I did. And she told me that it didn't matter where i came from she said i was always welcomed in Starling City.
Wendy: Wow.
Reagan: Yeah. And then her sister came back she found out and did everything she could to protect me from people who could one day make one of their victims again.
Wendy: Did you ever see Austin again?
Reagan: Not until both earth's merged and i was back with Kate.
Wendy: Did you ever date after you got here?
Reagan: Dated yes. I never really let the dates go past what they were.
Wendy: So you never slept with any of your dates.
Reagan: Kate was the first one i had slept with.
Wendy: Wow.
Reagan: Yeah. I mean when we first met i thought she was drop dead gorgeous she made me laugh.
Wendy: I'm sure.

(She looks at her and laughs.)

Reagan: I mean i look at her and i know she's what was Earth 38's version of Calamity. But when i look at her i don't see Calamity.
Wendy: You see Kate.
Reagan: Yeah.
Wendy: Okay.
Reagan: I see the woman i fell in love with. I don't see another woman's wife. Although the wife has good taste in the woman she chose to be with.
Wendy: I think Beca feels the same way.
Reagan: Anyway. Um i gotta get to bed i'm sure Kate's wondering what is taking me so long.
Wendy: If she isn't are ready asleep.
Reagan: Yeah really. You can stay here the rest of the night if you want.
Wendy: Yeah okay thanks.
Reagan: You bet. And remember.
Wendy: What?
Reagan: If you ever need someone to talk to about what happened to you.
Wendy: I know and thank you.
Reagan: You're welcome. Let me get you a blanket.
Wendy: Okay.

(Reagan walks off towards their hall closet and grabs a blanket out for Wendy once she has one she closes the door then walks back over to her and hands her the blanket.)

Reagan: Try and get some sleep okay.
Wendy: Okay.
Reagan: Night.
Wendy: Night.

(Then she walks off as Wendy turns around and looks at her.)

Wendy: Hey Reagan.

(She turns and looks at her.)

Reagan: Yeah.
Wendy: Thank you.
Reagan: For what?
Wendy: Listening to me. When it's wow three in the morning.
Reagan: Yeah and you're welcome. Kate had just gone to bed when you showed up.
Wendy: Oh. I didn't know that.
Reagan: It's okay. Kate's very understanding.
Wendy: Okay well night.
Reagan: Night.

(Then she walks over to the door and locks it up and sets the alarm on the apartment before she goes and joins Kate in bed. As Reagan walks off Wendy sets the couch up for her

to sleep on once it's ready she gets under the blanket and lies down she's getting ready to go sleep when her phone goes off she grabs it up to see who it's from and smiles at the

name and opens the text and smiles at it. Then she sends one back to her and then puts the phone down and goes to sleep for the rest of the night. Over in Kate and Reagan's

room Kate's asleep on the bed as Reagan walks over to their bathroom. Later once she's down getting ready for bed once she's close to the bed she grabs the blanket and gets

onto it with her once she's under the blanket she kisses the back of her fiancee's head then pulls away from it.)

Reagan: I love you Kate.

(Then she lies back and covers herself once she's covered she turns over and looks at the wall as Kate turns over and wraps her arm around her waste getting her to smile at her.)

Kate: You okay?
Reagan: Yeah. Just so you know.

(She turns over and looks at her.)

Kate: What?
Reagan: Wendy came over just after you came in here.

(Kate looks up at her.)

Kate: She are right?
Reagan: She had a nightmare.
Kate: Oh.
Reagan: She's okay now. I sat out there and talked to her for a little while.
Kate: Okay.
Reagan: I love you. You know that?
Kate: I do. And i love you too.

(She kisses her then she pulls away from her.)

Kate: While i'm awake there was something i wanted to run by you.
Reagan: What's that?
Kate: The band.
Reagan: To play at the reception?
Kate: Yeah.
Reagan: Who were you thinking?
Kate: Evermoist!

(Reagan looks at her and smiles.)

Reagan: Evermoist?
Kate: Yeah i mean. Their good. I mean we both know that everyone loves them and their music.
Reagan: I'm not saying it's not a bad idea. In fact i love the idea.
Kate: Really?
Reagan: Really.
Kate: I'll call and talk to Calamity when we get up.
Reagan: Okay. But i have a feeling we'll be getting up late.
Kate: Oh yeah.
Reagan: Yeah.

(She kisses her again getting her to smile as their kissing she deepens it sending them into a love making session. The following day Kate's up and walking around the apartment

as Wendy sleeps on their couch as she's getting things ready for her breakfast someone knocks on the door getting Kate to walk over to the alarm and disarming it once it's

disarmed she unlocks the door once it's unlocked she opens it to find Serenity there.)

Kate: Hey.
Serenity: Hey.
Kate: If you're looking for your sister she's on the couch.

(She moves out of her way and let's her into the apartment once she's in she walks over to the couch and puts her hand onto her sister's shoulder. Which then gets her to wake up and turn over to see her.)

Wendy: Hey.
Serenity: Hey me and Emily woke up this morning and noticed you were gone.
Wendy: Yeah sorry. I had a nightmare last night and i didn't want to bother you or Emily so i came here and to talk to Reagan.
Serenity: Okay.
Wendy: What time is it?
Serenity: Nine thirty.

(Wendy looks at her watch and then puts her head back.)

Wendy: I'm late for work. God my boss is going to have my ass.
Serenity: I'm sure he'll understand.
Wendy: I know he will. Anyway. You bring me a change of cloths?

(Serenity hands her the bag and she laughs at her.)

Wendy: Thanks.
Serenity: You bet.

(She stands up and walks over to Kate.)

Kate: Bathroom's second door on the right.
Wendy: Thanks Kate.

(She smiles at her as she walks off down the hallway to go shower and get ready for work.)

Kate: You are right?
Serenity: Yeah. It's just when me and Emily woke up this morning and she wasn't there i panicked a little bit.
Kate: I can't really blame you for that. Anyway. I'd hate to cut this conversation short but i gotta get to work.
Serenity: Late too work Kate.
Kate: I know. The boss is a real bitch.

(She starts laughing as Kate walks out of the apartment.)

Serenity: That's no way to talk about Batwoman.
Kate: Oh shut up.

(She starts laughing at her again then calms down. Later over at Wayne Tower Kate's at her desk as someone walks in.)

Calamity: Hey.
Kate: Hey.
Calamity: You rang.
Kate: Yeah.

(She stands up and stands in front of her desk.)

Calamity: What's up?
Kate: Me and Reagan were talking last night.
Calamity: About the reception?
Kate: Yeah. And we would love it if guys would play at the reception?

(Calamity looks at her and in shock.