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Wrath of the Ex.

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Mark: Eliza!

(She looks at him then walks over to him.)

Mark: Eliza!
Eliza: Mark their still trying to get the baby.
Mark: What?
Eliza: Veracity's heart stopping at the time it did might of caused some more risk to the baby then their are ready was.

(He looks at her and then looks at everyone else.)

Mark: Eliza what are the chances of both her and the baby coming out of this alive?
Eliza: Right now it doesn't look very good. I'm sorry Mark. If it comes down to it.
Mark: You telling me i'm going to have pick between my wife and my unborn child?
Eliza: Unfortunately yes i am.

(He looks at her and then looks off into the room where his wife is.)

Mark: Eliza if it comes down to it you save my wife. I mean this baby would of mean't a lot to us. But i can't lose them both.
Eliza: Okay.

(She turns and walks off to go tell the doctors what he told her. As she walks off Mark looks at Kate who puts her head down.)

Mark: I just. I can't lose her too. If the baby dies.
Kate: Hey. That was a hard choice i can honestly say i don't think even my dad would of been able to make that call if either me or Beth had the same problems that

she's having.
Mark: I know that. It's just i love her so damn much Kate. And when it comes down to it.
Kate: I know.

(She smiles at him but then they quickly turn around when they hear yelling coming from behind them.)

Kate: What now?

(They both rush over to them as their rushing over to them.)

Stella: What you just say?
Reagan: I told you two to leave.
Stella: We're not going anywhere.
Reagan: Either you leave or i'm calling the cops to have you both forcefully removed from this building or better yet i'll have Sophie here put both of you into a

holding cell.

Stella: You can't do that?
Reagan: I can if all you're doing is causing trouble all Wendy was doing was talking to him.
Stella: She's trying to steal him from me.
Reagan: How many times does everyone have tell you that's she with someone else. The only thing she wants from Severide is a friendship. But you won't let them be

friends because you're a jealous selfish bitch.

(Stella and Severide look at her in shock.)

Stella: Excuse me?
Reagan: I called you a jealous selfish bitch.
Stella: Apologize right now for what you just said.
Reagan: Noway in hell. You ruined mine and Kate's Bachlorette party with you causing trouble with Seager. Your boyfriend here can't really blame me for what i said.

That woman in that room down the hall means the fucken world to Mark and thanks to you and the stress you caused to her body while you were fighting with Serenity's


Stella: I told you i didn't know she was there.
Reagan: Right so. You just openingly throw your arms out at anybody whose walking up to you to try and stop the fighting.
Stella: I'm sorry okay. I didn't see her coming.
Reagan: You punched her in the fucken stomach Stella. She wasn't due for at least another two weeks and thanks to you Mark could lose both the love of his life and his

unborn child. Because you can't stand that Wendy wants to be friends Severide. You're just like your friend.

(She looks at her and then does something that pisses both Oliver and Kate off to no end and punches Reagan in the spot where she was stabbed.)

Kate: Reagan!
Reagan: You bitch.

(She punches her and Stella goes down she looks up at her and Severide goes to grab for Reagan only to have Oliver grab him and throw him against the wall and keeps

him there.)

Oliver: You move one inch and i'll be the one doing the punching.

(Severide looks at him in shock at his out burst as Reagan falls into Calamity who catches her and picks her up once she has her Mary shows her to a room as they walk

into a room Calamity sits her down onto it and helps her sit back.)

Mary: Okay Reagan can you pull your shirt up so i can see if the bitch caused any brousing to your stab wound.
Reagan: I can't Calamity can you?
Calamity: Sure.

(Calamity pulls the shirt up and they see where the wound is as their looking Kate rushes into the room and over to her fiancee. As she gets to her Calamity moves out

of her way and let's Kate near her.)

Kate: How is it?
Mary: Well she didn't open it with that punch. But it looks like there might a little bit of brousing.
Kate: That bad?
Mary: It can be. But to be honest Kate.
Kate: You don't think she could be bleeding inside do you?
Mary: Kara!

(She walks into the room and over to them.)

Kara: Hey.
Mary: Can you x ray this area here and see if she's bleeding inside from where Stella punched her.
Kara: Yeah.

(Kara takes her glasses off and x ray's Reagan's stomach where the stab wound was as she's looking she doesn't see any major bleeding once she's finished she looks at


Kara: She needs to go into surgery.
Mary: Bleeding?
Kara: It's not bad but it could get a lot worse.
Mary: Okay. Reagan!
Reagan: Yeah.
Mary: You stay with us are right.
Reagan: I Will.
Mary: Mom i need a doctor up in one of the rooms.
Catherine: What's wrong?
Mary: Stella Kidd just punched Reagan in the spot where she was stabbed and she's got some minor bleeding.
Catherine: Mary all of the doctor's are in with Veracity.
Mary: Kara where's your sister?
Kara: She's with Maggie.
Mary: She ever done surgery?
Kara: Once or twice.
Mary: I need her help.
Kara: Okay.
Mary: Mom!
Catherine: You got this Mary just stay calm okay.
Mary: Okay.

(Then she hangs up with her.)

Mary: I gotta go scrub up. Have your sister meet me in the operating room when she gets here.
Kara: Okay.

(She rushes off to go and find Alex. As Kate remains with Reagan.)

Kate: You stay with me.
Reagan: I plan on it.

(Kate kisses her then pulls away from her.)

Kate: I love you.
Reagan: I love you too.

(She kisses her again then pulls away from her as she passes out.)

Kate: Reagan! Reagan! Mary!

(Just then Alex rushes into the room and over to them.)

Alex: What happened?
Kate: She was awake a minute ago then she passed out.

(Alex pulls her stethoscope out and listens to her heart beat and can hear the bleeding inside.)

Alex: She's bleeding more then Kara thought.
Kate: What?
Alex: We need to get into surgery right now. Nurse.

(One of the nurses rushes into the room and they quickly get Reagan ready for surgery as they rush her out of the room as they rush her out Mark walks into the room

and heads over to Kate seeing him she walks over to him and he quickly pulls her into a hug her.)

Kate: I can't lose her.
Mark: And you're not okay. She's going to pull through this. And so will Veracity.

(Kate smiles at him as she pulls away from him.)

Kate: I love her so damn much.
Mark: I know that.
Kate: Mark if she dies. I'm going to kill me a firefighter i don't care if she is Severide's girlfriend.
Mark: If she dies do you really think you're going to be the only one who wants her dead?
Kate: Of course not. So any news on Veracity?
Mark: Not yet.
Kate: I'm sorry Mark.
Mark: Hey you and Reagan have been there for me. Since the medics brought Veracity in.
Kate: I know. But you should be focusing on your wife and unborn child.
Mark: Your right i should be. But Veracity would understand. Kate as much as i love her and that is a lot and knowing both her and my baby are still in there hurts

like hell. But you are one of my best friends and seeing you go through hell right now because Reagan is having to go back into surgery thanks to Stella. I couldn't

think of anything better other to keep my focus on you.

(She looks at him and smiles.)

Kate: You're one hell of a friend Mark.
Mark: So are you?

(He hugs her again getting her to smile at him. As he's hugging her Calamity walks into the room and sees them that way.)

Calamity: Mark!

(He turns and looks at her.)

Mark: Yeah.
Calamity: They just talked to Eliza again.

(He walks away from Kate and over to Calamity.)

Mark: And?
Calamity: Veracity made it through surgery.

(He looks at her and gives off a sign of relief.)

Mark: The baby?
Calamity: Congrats daddy. You two have a healthy baby boy.

(He looks at her and smiles.)

Mark: I have a son?
Calamity: Yeah.

(He hugs her again getting her to laugh at him and making Kate smile at him. Then he pulls away from her.)

Mark: Oh my god. I have a son. Where is she?
Calamity: Their getting her set up into a room and when she's all set up and ready for Visitor's they'll come out and get you.
Mark: Okay.

(Then he turns and looks at Kate who smiles at him.)

Calamity: Where's Reagan?
Mark: They had rush her into surgery.
Calamity: She was bleeding?
Mark: Yeah.
Calamity: Shit.
Kate: Those two better pray my fiancee lives or i'm going to be making their lives a living hell. In fact.
Mark: What?
Kate: I'm inviting both of them to the wedding.

(She walks out of the room and over to Severide as she gets to him she tells Oliver what happened to Reagan and he looks at her in shock.)

Oliver: She okay?
Kate: For her sake she better be.

(Stella looks at her then looks off. And she say's something that gets them all to look at her.)

Kate: Excuse me?
Stella: Your bitch of a fiancee wanted him all to herself.
Kate: You.

(She goes to attack her only to have Mia stop her and push her back.)

Mia: She's not worth it.
Kate: I know that. But you.
Severide: What?
Kate: Don't even bother coming to the wedding consider yourself uninvited you show up to the wedding i'm having you arrested i don't care if you two are firefighters.

(Then she walks over to Sophie and Tyler then tells to remove them from the building.)

Sophie: Okay.

(They walk over to them as they get to them they look at them.)

Tyler: We need you two to follow us.
Stella: Why?
Sophie: The latest victims fiancee has asked us to remove you two from the building and if you two don't come with us willing will forcefully remove you.
Stella: How's that?
Sophie: Let's just say it involves handcuff's and i have a feeling you two don't want an arrest on your records.

(They both look at her then turn and leave with Sophie and Tyler right behind them. Later over in Veracity's room Mark's sitting next to his wife's bed as the nurse

brings the baby into the room and walks over to Mark with him as she gets to him she puts him in his arms.)

Nurse: He's all your's daddy.
Mark: Thank you.
Nurse: You're welcome.

(Then she turns and walks off as she walks off Mark looks down at his son and smiles at him.)

Mark: Hey little man. I hope you know you and your mother gave me one hell of a scare. Don't ever do it again you hear me.

(He makes a nose in his sleep that makes Mark laugh at him then he looks over at Veracity and smiles at her.)

Mark: We gotta name you buddy. What should we call you?
Veracity: Brian!

(He looks over at her again.)

Mark: What?

(Veracity opens her eyes and looks at him.)

Veracity: We should name him after Otis.

(He looks at her and tries to keep the emotion off of it as he looks down at him.)

Mark: Brian Oliver Buchanan.

(Veracity smiles at him.)

Veracity: Brian Oliver Buchanan i like it.
Mark: Yeah.
Veracity: Yeah.

(He looks at his son trying to keep from losing it in front of his wife and new born son.)

Mark: So do i.

(He looks up at her and smiles at her. A couple of hours later after hearing about Reagan Veracity feels bad for Kate but can't help but feel happy about their new

born son and Calamity and Beca's little girl who they named after Reagan and Mia that's their way of saying thanks for protecting Beca when both Dodgson and Lex came

after them. Later over in Veracity's room Veracity's holding the baby as her bandmates walk in to meet the new born in her's and Mark's life.)

Serenity: Wow. He's so cute.
Veracity: Yeah.
Serenity: Yeah. We sure he's Mark's.

(Veracity looks at her and laughs.)

Veracity: Very sure.
Calamity: Okay. What you name him?
Veracity: Babe.

(He looks over at her.)

Mark: Yeah.
Veracity: You wanna tell my smart ass bandmates what our son's name is?
Mark: Yeah.
Charity: What is it?
Mark: Ladies meet Brian Oliver Buchanan.

(They all look at him and smile.)

Serenity: You named him after Otis and Oliver?
Mark: Yeah. Otis is a big part of the reason why i stayed so clam when the raiser came down onto my leg.
Charity: You realize you're gonna have everyone over at 51 in tears when they find out what you gave him the first name of Brian.
Mark: Yeah i know. Mainly Cruz.
Serenity: Best friends.
Mark: Yeah.
Serenity: You are right?
Mark: Yeah it's just. This is what I've been wanting for so long and when i almost lost them both i wasn't sure what i was going to do.

(He kisses his wife's head getting her to smile at him.)

Serenity: Well if this was a surprise you two will love what Cal and Beca named their little girl.
Veracity: What's that?
Calamity: We named her Reagan Mia Mitchell.

(Mark looks at her and laughs as he walks over to her and hugs her getting her to smile at him. Then he pulls away from her.)

Mark: That's awesome. I can't wait to meet her.
Calamity: She's going to be here for a while so maybe when you're ready.
Mark: Okay.

(He kisses his friends head then pulls away from it as he sits down next to Veracity again and kisses her getting her to smile in it then he pulls away from her as he

looks at his son sleeping.)

Mark: He's so cute when he sleeps. Like his mother.

(The other three members start laughing then he kisses his son's head as he sees Kate walk into the room he stands up and walks over to her.)

Mark: Hey.
Kate: Hey.
Mark: Any news on Reagan?

(She looks at him and then looks off.)

Mark: Hey.
Kate: I just talked to Alex.
Mark: Okay.
Kate: It's not good.
Mark: Kate!
Kate: She made it through the surgery.

(He looks at her and smiles at her but then sees the look on her face.)

Mark: Hey hey.
Kate: Because of where Dodgson had stabbed her and due to that bitch punching her.
Mark: Hey.
Kate: She can't have kids.

(He looks at her and then pulls her into a hug getting her to cry on his shoulder as the other's look at her and feel bad for her Calamity looks down at Veracity.)

Veracity: Oh my god.
Serenity: Yeah.