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Wrath of the Ex.

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Veracity: Oh my god.
Serenity: Yeah.

(Calamity looks at her bandmates and feels bad for Reagan.)

Calamity: Yeah i know how that feels.

(They all look at her and smile at her. Then she walks over to Kate who pulls away from Mark.)

Kate: Hey.
Calamity: Hey. I just want you to know that if she ever wants to talk let her know i'll be here for her. I know what she's going through Kate. If i hadn't of been for

Beca getting pregnant when she did i don't know i would ever wanted kids.

(Kate nods her head at her.)

Kate: I'm gonna go be with Reagan.
Mark: Okay.

(She turns and walks out of the room as she walks out Mark grabs Calamity into a hug getting her to smile at him. Then he pulls away from her as Beca gets wheeled into

the room.)

Beca: Hey.

(They turn and look at her.)

Calamity: Hey babe.
Beca: Hi.

(She leans in and kisses her then pulls away from her as Mark kneels down in front of her.)

Mark: So this is Reagan Mia?
Beca: Yeah. Calamity tell you?
Mark: She did. I'm so happy for you guys Bec's.
Beca: Thank you. Hey Vera.
Veracity: Hey.
Mark: Do you mind Cal?
Calamity: Of course not.

(Beca hands the baby over to him and he holds her as he's looking her he smiles at her.)

Mark: Cal she looks so much like you.
Beca: Thank you. I told her the samething and she didn't believe me.

(Mark looks at her and laughs as he continues to hold her. Through the rest of the night Mark and everyone else remains in Veracity's room talking and joking around.

As they hear a crash in the other room and hear someone start crying.)

Calamity: I'll go.

(She gets up and walks off to go see if everything's okay. As she gets to the room she sees Reagan in Kate's arms as she sees this she feels bad for her. As she's

standing there Calamity feels someone walk up to her and she looks at him.)

Calamity: This isn't far Mark.
Mark: I know that.
Calamity: She shouldn't have to be going through this. No one should ever have to hear the news that you can't carry a child later on.
Mark: I know.
Calamity: I know i felt the same way she did when i heard.
Mark: But at least you can be there and talk to her let her know she's going to have one hell of a support system.
Calamity: You know it's taking every bit of me not to go down to their hotel and punch her damn lights out.
Mark: I know that. But punching unfortunately won't do anything. It won't help Reagan help give Kate kids her of her own.
Calamity: Yeah i know. But there is one thing we can do.
Mark: Which is.
Calamity: I wanna see if Felicity can't look into this bitch and see if she hasn't done this before.
Mark: Okay.

(She walks off back towards Veracity's room to go spend sometime with her friend and wife. Over the next couple of days both Beca recovers from giving birth to her's

and Calamity's first born child as Veracity recovers from her Emergency C section that nearly took her's and the babies lives as they've been recovering along with

Reagan after being punched in the same spot she was stabbed in just months earlier as she continues to recover she's still trying let herself come to terms that she's

never going to be to give her and Kate a child of their own one day in between the support of their friends and family Reagan's to come back from her depressing

thinking at least some what until one day when Calamity walked into her room to talk to her about what it was like for her when she found out she was never going to be

to give her own a child of her own. Over in Reagan's room her and Calamity are having the conversation as Kate walks up to the room and over hears it.)

Reagan: I just can't help but feel useless i really can't.
Calamity: I know. And having that feeling sucks. I was telling Mark a couple of days ago.
Reagan: What?
Calamity: Up until Beca found out she was pregnant i start doubting myself about wanting to be a parent.
Reagan: Really?
Calamity: Really i felt like i had let Beca down by not being to give her something she wanted i just. I don't know. Nothing being able to give the woman you love

something she's well not always wanted but.
Reagan: I know. While you were with Marley while she was still alive.
Calamity: What?
Reagan: Did you want kids?

(Calamity looks at her and laughs.)

Calamity: While i was with Marley i was still in my twenty's and never thought about wanting them. I mean i loved Marley i did. But we never really talked about it.

That and me and the girls had just gotten together so kids wasn't really on any of our radar's or falling in love with three members of the rival group so there's


(Reagan looks at her and laughs.)

Calamity: But no while i was with Marley i never thought about kids. Kids was further from my mind.
Reagan: Until?
Calamity: Until i met Beca.

(Reagan smiles at her as they continue to talk and Kate listens in on it then smiles at herself then turns and walks off. Over in Command Central Mark's sitting at the

table looking at some things that are still left to do for Kate and Reagan's resheduled wedding as he's looking over the last minute details someone walks up to him.)

Alex: Hey.
Mark: Hey.
Alex: What you doing?
Mark: Kate wanted me to check up on the last minute details of the wedding.
Alex: Oh okay.
Mark: What?
Alex: Mark are you feeling guilty over something?
Mark: No. Why?
Alex: Just wondering you haven't really said much of anything to Adam since he walked in.

(He turns and looks at him.)

Mark: Yeah well to be fair i didn't even see him come in.

(She looks at him and laughs.)

Mark: Yeah sorry it's just with everything going on with Reagan and Veracity i haven't really thought much about anything else other than my son so.

(Alex smiles at him.)

Alex: Nothing like it when your son takes up most of your time and engery.
Mark: Yeah.
Alex: How is Veracity doing?
Mark: She's good. They wanna keep another day or two just be on the safe side make sure she doesn't get an infection.
Alex: Always good to hear.
Mark: How's Reagan?
Alex: Well Kate said she shut herself down when she told her the news. But ever since Calamity's been going in there to talk to her about how she feels about not being

able to give Beca a child of her own it's just.

Mark: Yeah i can't really say i know what she's going through. But than again i can't really say i know what she's going through.
Alex: I know that.
Mark: Anyway.

(Alex starts laughing at him as he lightly pushes her as Adam walks up to them.)

Adam: Hey.
Mark: Hey man.
Adam: Hey. Mark do you have a minute?
Mark: Yeah.

(He puts the computer down and they walk out of the room they walk into another room and Mark closes thd door behind them.)

Mark: What's up?
Adam: I did something really stupid last night in fact we both did.
Mark: Wait you both.
Adam: Me and Tyler were both over at my place talking and joking around.
Mark: Okay.
Adam: Mark i kissed him.

(Mark looks at him and then laughs off the shock.)

Mark: What the hell Adam?
Adam: I know i know it was bad. I mean we both pulled away right away but.
Mark: What?
Adam: Mark i fucked up.
Mark: What you do?
Adam: It's nothing bad.
Mark: Adam!
Adam: We slept together.

(Mark puts his head down and laughs off the shock.)

Mark: Oh boy.
Adam: And we've both been trying to keep act so damn weird around each other mainly given how he's still married to Sophie.
Mark: And you're hoping she never finds out.
Adam: Pretty much.
Mark: You realize you two start acting weird around each other all it's gonna do is cause her to start questioning why you two are acting the way you are.
Adam: I know that.
Mark: Shit Adam what the hell?
Adam: I like him.

(Mark looks at him and then looks off.)

Mark: I'm sure you do but. Sleeping with him?
Adam: Not one of my brightest moments believe me.
Mark: Oh boy. I don't know what to tell you. You fucked up dude.
Adam: I'm aware of that.
Mark: Okay look were you both drunk?
Adam: No in fact we were both sober.
Mark: Oh well then you really are screwed if Sophie finds out.
Sophie: If i find out what?
Mark: Adam stripped teased for your husband.

(Sophie looks at him as Adam looks at him and laughs.)

Sophie: Did you now?
Adam: It was a bet. Made by him.
Mark: That's true.
Sophie: Wow.
Mark: I bet him that he couldn't get Tyler to blush.
Adam: And i said that i could.
Sophie: And?
Adam: It was very easy to do. So Buchanan fifty bucks.

(Mark hands him a fifty as Sophie walks out laughing at them.)

Adam: I strip teased Tyler.
Mark: I had to think fast.
Adam: So that came out.
Mark: Kind of.

(He looks at him and laughs. As they continue to talk Mia rushes into the room.)

Mia: Mark!
Mark: Yeah.
Mia: You better come here.
Mark: Why?
Mia: Severide's bitch is back and she's trying to cause trouble.

(They both rush from the room and head down the hallway. As they get there they see who she's talking and rush over to her.)

Mark: Wendy!

(She turns and looks at him.)

Mark: You are right?
Wendy: I was until she showed up again.
Mark: You really are looking for a day in jail cell aren't you?
Stella: I was just saying.
Thea: She was trying to tell her to stay clear of Severide again.
Mark: Have you been near Severide?
Wendy: After he turned me away and then watched as she punched Kate's fiancee in the abodman right where she was stabbed no i haven't been anywhere near him.
Mark: Okay good.
Stella: I just want her to.

(Mark puts his hand up shutting her up.)

Mark: Enough. What the hell is it with you?
Stella: What?
Mark: You're becoming this obsessed crazed woman who if she doesn't get what she wants she tires to cause trouble for someone else.
Stella: She's trying to steal my boyfriend.
Mark: See the woman next to her?
Stella: Yeah.
Mark: That's her girlfriend. Not to mention Oliver and Reagan Queen's sister.

(Stella looks at him and quickly backs up as she backs into Alex who looks at her.)

Alex: You again seriously.
Mark: She came to cause more trouble for Seager.
Serenity: For once in your damn life leave my sister the hell alone.
Stella: Well then tell her to stay away from my boyfriend.
Mark: You realize this boarding on harassment right?

(She looks at him and shuts up.)

Mark: In fact turn around.
Stella: What?
Mark: I said turn around.

(She does as she's told.)

Mark: Hands behind your back.

(she turns and looks at him as Mark grabs her and puts her against the walk and grabs her arms and puts the handcuff's on her.)

Mark: Stella Kidd you are under arrest for the assault of Reagan Queen and harassment of Wendy Seager you have the right to remain silent anything you say can and will

be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to have an attorney present during questioning if you can't afford an attorney one will be provided to you by

the justice department do you understand these rights that have just been given to you?

Stella: Yeah.
Mark: Okay good. Let's go.

(They walk off towards the holding cells as he walks off with her Wendy laughs off the shock.)

Wendy: Can he do that?
Alex: Yeah he can.
Wendy: Wow. You realize.
Alex: She wants to continue to harass you she's going to be arrested weather he likes it or not.

(Down in the holding area Mark and Tyler walk her towards a holding cell as they get there they open up a cell and Mark takes the cuff's off of her once their off he

pushes her into it and then shuts the door behind her.)

Mark: Get nice and comfy you won't be leaving this cell for a while.
Stella: You can't keep me in here.
Mark: Oh i'm pretty sure we can.
Stella: Why's that?
Mark: You came here and started trouble even though you've been told to stay away from this building and to stay away from Wendy Seager.

(She looks at them and laughs off the annoyance.)

Stella: I wonder what your wife would do if she ever found out you slept with another agent.
Tyler: What she talking about?
Mark: I have no idea. Come on their gonna need us back upstairs.

(He nods his head at him they both turn and walk off as they walk out of the holding area Mark closes the door and grabs him and they walk out towards the garage as

they get there the door closes behind them.)

Tyler: What?
Mark: You slept with Adam?

(He looks at him and then puts his head down.)

Tyler: Yes i did.
Mark: Why?
Tyler: I honestly don't know. We were talking and joking around then he kissed me.
Mark: Seriously.
Tyler: We pulled away from each other just as fast as it happened.
Mark: Tyler!
Tyler: I know i screwed up. Okay I never mean't for it to go as far as it did. But after what's been going on and knowing somethings weren't working out with me and


Mark: You and Sophie?
Tyler: I love her i do. But.
Mark: What?
Tyler: While Lex was holding us along with Seager Reagan and Mary we started talking and we got close and we've been growing closer but.
Mark: But what?
Tyler: Mark i love my wife so damn much.
Mark: But you're falling in love with Adam?
Tyler: Yes. And i really don't know how to tell Sophie.
Mark: She was understanding when she found out about us.
Tyler: That was different. We were both single at the time. I hadn't even met Sophie yet. And i sure as hell wasn't married to her.
Mark: Tyler: If Stella tells her before you do?
Tyler: I know she's going to.
Mark: Okay.
Tyler: You're i should really talk to Sophie.
Mark: Yes you should.

(He laughs at him.)

Mark: So how was he?

(Tyler looks at him and laughs.)

Tyler: He was amazing man. It was wow. And he's got the body to match.
Mark: I'm sure.
Felicity: Mark!

(They turn and look at her.)

Mark: Yeah.
Felicity: There's something i need you to see.

(He walks over to her and she hands him what she found.)

Mark: What is it?
Felicity: Apparently Wendy Seager isn't the only woman Stella Kidd has stalked in order to get to Kelly Severide.
Mark: Who else has she stalked?

(She turns the tablet around to show him who Stella Stalked in order to get to Severide. Mark seeing who it is gets annoyed.)

Mark: That's Eric Whaley's sister Renee.
Felicity: Yeah and according to this report her brother was called on a number of times because she felt like she was being followed by someone.
Tyler: And no one believed her.
Felicity: No.

(Mark looks at Tyler who looks off annoyed.)

Felicity: What you want me to do?
Mark: I don't know. She could easily say she was checking up on her for her brother's sake.
Felicity: Yeah that would work if it hadn't of been her brother who filed the restraining order against her.

(She shows him what else she found.)

Mark: Stella Kidd accused of stalking and harassing the sister of CFD firefighter Eric Whaley's sister Renee Whaley.
Tyler: It say anything else?
Mark: Just that she wasn't to go within a hundred feet of the Whaley family. But apparently she didn't because once CFD firefighter Squid Lieutenant Kelly Severide

ended the engagement Ms. Kidd started up to the harassment again and then once again the family filed for another order of protection from her.

Tyler: Apparently she wanted him.
Mark: Yeah. You know i never thought she would go this far.
Felicity: Well she did and Mark that's not it.

(Mark looks at her.)

Mark: What else did she do?
Felicity: She had herself moved over to firehouse 51.
Mark: Why?
Felicity: She wanted to make sure no other woman was around Kelly.
Mark: Man no wonder her ex husband went nuts.

(Tyler looks at him and laughs. Just then Beca rushes out of the building.)

Mark: Beca!
Beca: Mark you and Tyler better come in here.
Mark: Why?
Beca: Because GCPD is here and their arresting Seager.

(Mark hands the tablet back over to Felicity and rushes back into the building quickly followed by Tyler as they get to where they are.)

Mark: Maggie!
Maggie: Hey.
Mark: What the hell is going on here?
Maggie: We just got a call from someone saying that Wendy here assaulted Stella Kidd.
Mark: Who?
Maggie: I don't know. They didn't say. Why?
Mark: Because Stella Kidd is in our holding cells.

(He walks off her off towards the holding area and sees the door open and then rushes off towards the cell. As he gets there he runs into the cell and looks around


Mark: Oh you've got to be kidding me.
Tyler: What?
Mark: She got out.
Tyler: How? We saw them lock it up.

(Mark looks around and sees where the table is and then looks up at the vent.)

Mark: Seriously.

(They look up and see it open.)

Tyler: Set off the alarm we've got an escape.
Agent: Yes sir.

(He rushes out of the holding area and goes to push for the alarm only to have someone grab him and punch only to have both Mark and Tyler rush out and see whoses

there seeing him he hits him on the back and then pushes for the alarm as he sets it off he grabs out his cuff's and puts them on him once their on Mark gets him up

and throws him at a couple of agents who came down after the alarm was set.)

Tyler: He helped her escape.
Mark: Yup.

(Then they hear a scream coming from outside of the building and they both run for the backdoor as they get there they run out and quickly pull their weapons and start

firing at the van as it pulls away as it pulls away Kate uses her garbling hook and fires at it and stops the van in it's tracks once it's stopped the driver gets out

to run only to have someone throw the door into their face knocking them to the ground as they land on it she looks up at her and then puts her head down as Tyler

rushes over to her and turns her over once she's turned over he cuff's her again and gets her up once she's up they walk off back towards the building. Back over by

the van Mark opens the back and rushes in as he sees Seager then and rushes over to her as he gets to her he feels for a pulse.)

Kate: Mark!

(He turns and looks at her.