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Wrath of the Ex.

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Kate: Mark!

(He turns and looks at her.)

Mark: She's breathing.
Kate: Thank god.

(She rushes into the back of the van and helps Mark turn her over seeing who it is Mark gets annoyed.)

Mark: Seriously.
Kate: Seager!

(She starts coming to and looks around at them.)

Wendy: Hey.
Mark: Hey. You okay?
Wendy: Yeah yeah i'm fine. What happened?
Mark: You were being kidnapped again.
Wendy: Oh god.
Kate: Did you happen to see who grabbed you?
Wendy: No. I was grabbed from behind.
Mark: Okay come on.

(They help her out of the van as a group of Crow agents rush out of the building followed by Sophie and Jacob.)

Sophie: What happened?
Mark: Kidd tried to kidnap Seager.
Sophie: You okay?
Wendy: Yeah i'm fine. Thanks to them.

(Mark smiles at her as Serenity runs up to and Wendy rushes over to her as they get to each other Wendy hugs her getting her to smile at her then she pulls away from

her and they walk off back inside as Mark and Tyler stay behind to help the other agents out with investigation on the van and why Stella tried to kidnap Seager. Later

back over in Center Command Mark's looking through pictures and pictures of the van as one of his friends from 51 shows up in the room.)

Foster: Hey Mark.

(He turns and looks at her.)

Mark: Emily Foster.

(He walks over to her and hugs her then pulls away from her.)

Foster: So i hear someone is a daddy.
Mark: I am actually.
Foster: I'm so happy for you.
Mark: Thank you.
Foster: You're welcome. So what's his name?

(Mark looks at her and smiles while trying to hide the emotions on his face.)

Mark: Uh we named him Brian.

(She looks at him and smiles a little at him.)

Foster: You named him after Otis?
Mark: Yeah we did. And we gave him the middle name of Oliver.
Foster: Wow.
Mark: Yeah. His full name is Brian Oliver Buchanan.
Foster: That's awesome.
Mark: It is.

(He looks down again trying to keep from losing it.)

Foster: Hey.

(He looks up at her.)

Mark: I miss him is all. And having Veracity say we should name him after Otis still kind of.
Foster: But at least you two are helping everyone.
Mark: Yeah i know. It's just.
Foster: What?
Mark: It still hurts.

(She grabs him into a hug getting him to smile at her then she pulls away from him.)

Foster: Otis would be proud that you named your son after him.
Mark: Yeah i know he would be.

(She laughs at him as Veracity walks in with him. Mark seeing them smiles and walks over to them.)

Mark: Hey you.
Veracity: Hey.

(He kisses her then pulls away from her.)

Mark: Love you.
Veracity: Love you too.

(He smiles at her as he sees the baby in her arms.)

Mark: Hey here's my little man.

(He takes him from her and holds him as he's holding him Foster looks over at him and smiles at him and sees how his emotions go from upset to happy in a matter of a

few seconds just by holding his son. Then he looks over at her and smiles.)

Mark: Babe this is Emily Foster.

(She walks over to her and shakes her hand.)

Veracity: Hi.
Foster: Hi.
Mark: And this is Otis name sake this is Brian.

(She looks down at him and smiles.)

Foster: Wow.
Mark: Yeah.
Foster: He's a cutie.
Mark: Thank you.
Foster: You're welcome. We sure he's his.

(Veracity looks at her and laughs as he looks her and laughs.)

Mark: So mean.
Foster: Couldn't help it.
Mark: Can you ever?
Foster: Of course not.
Veracity: Anyway. How come I've heard your name before?
Foster: I was Brett's paramedic partner on Ambo 61 on the old Earth 38.
Veracity: Oh yeah.
Foster: And her girlfriend.
Veracity: Wow.
Mark: Yeah Brett's very luck to have smartie pants as her girlfriend.

(The baby smiles at him getting him to laugh.)

Foster: He's so good with him.
Veracity: Yeah. He might of had a rough start coming into this world but Mark's a great father so far so.
Foster: Always good to know.
Veracity: Yeah.

(Over by Mark he's sitting down and looking down at his son as someone else walks up to him and kneels down next to him.)

Mark: Hey.
Calamity: Hey. You are right?
Mark: Yeah. I'm just spending some time with my little man here. Why you ask?
Calamity: You fell silent when she came in and told her his name.
Mark: Cal Otis was one of the reason's why i stayed so calm when they were trying to get the raiser off of my leg.
Calamity: I know that.
Mark: He was one of my bestfriends and losing him the way we all did. Hurt.

(She smiles at him.)

Mark: But then again having that threat of you almost having to be deported back to Australia wasn't much fun either.
Calamity: I know it wasn't. I didn't really wanna go back that way. I mean i go and see my mum every year for the holiday's. And this year it's going to be even more


Mark: Yeah it will be.
Calamity: In fact after Kate and Reagan's wedding in a couple of months we're gonna fly out to see her and introduce her to her grand daughter.
Mark: You guys told her?
Calamity: Yeah. And then i had to tell her that the one that was pregnant was Beca not me.
Mark: Hey.
Calamity: I know. It just sucks is all.
Mark: I know. Say when does Reagan get to meet her name sake.
Calamity: Beca took her up to her room to meet her.
Mark: Okay.
Calamity: Mark!

(He looks at her.)

Mark: Yeah.
Calamity: You sure you're are right?
Mark: Yeah i'm fine.
Calamity: Okay.

(He continues to spend time with his son as she gets up and walks off.)

Mark: Calamity!

(She turns and looks at her.)

Calamity: Yeah.
Mark: Thanks for asking.

(She smiles at him.)

Calamity: Anytime.

(Then she walks off. Over by Reagan's room Beca walks up to the door and knocks on it.)

Reagan: Yeah.

(Beca walks in and sees her sitting up on the bed and watching television.)

Beca: Hi.

(She looks over at her and smiles.)

Reagan: Hey. What do i owe this visit?

(Beca walks in more and shows Reagan the baby and she smiles at her.)

Reagan: Oh my god.

(Beca walks over to a chair and puts her down once she's down onto the chair once she takes the belt off of her and pulls her out of the car seat and walks over to

Reagan with her.)

Reagan: She's so adorable.
Beca: Yeah.
Reagan: We sure she's Calamity's?

(Beca starts laughing.)

Beca: Hey my wife can be adorable at times you meanie.

(Reagan starts laughing at her.)

Beca: Wanna hold her?
Reagan: Yeah.

(She puts her arms up as Beca puts her into Reagan's arms once she has her she looks down at her.)

Reagan: What's her name?

(Beca looks at her and smiles as she happily tells her.)

Beca: Reagan Mia Mitchell.

(Reagan looks up at her and smiles at her as she's trying to keep from crying.)

Reagan: Uh wow. Why?
Beca: Thanks to you when it came to Dodgson he didn't hurt me or Veracity.
Reagan: I know that. But then again so did your wife.
Beca: She did. And i'm going to be forever grateful to her for that.
Reagan: So why the middle of Mia?
Beca: Mia kept Lex's men from coming after me and well she protected Veracity away from the knife that was headed her way.

(Reagan looks at her and nods her head as she looks down at her name sake.)

Reagan: Does Kate know about the names?
Beca: Yeah. She does and she was just as surprised when i told her the babies name.
Reagan: Thank you Beca.
Beca: Anytime.
Reagan: Was the name choice Calamity's idea?
Beca: We talked about names while i was pregnant and we couldn't agree on either one of them. Until that night out at Mary's clinic and then that day out in the woods.
Reagan: This little girl is lucky.
Beca: Yeah she is.
Reagan: And i don't mean just because of the names.
Beca: Okay.
Reagan: I mean she's lucky because she's got such great mommies.

(Beca looks at her and smiles as Calamity walks into the room followed by Kate.)

Kate: Hey.

(Reagan looks up at her and smiles.)

Reagan: Hey honey.
Kate: Hey.

(She walks over to her and looks down at her niece as Beca walks over to her wife and kisses her getting her to smile in it then she pulls away from her.)

Beca: I love you.
Calamity: I love you too.

(She kisses her again then pulls away from her.)

Beca: Hey.

(Calamity looks at her.)

Beca: I know she didn't come from you.
Calamity: I'm are right Bec's i'm just glad she's here and healthy. As long as she's healthy i really don't care whose belly she came out of. I'm just so happy that i

got the chance to be come a mother at all.

Beca: You're a great mother baby.
Calamity: Thank you love.
Beca: You're welcome.

(She kisses her again then pulls away from her.)

Calamity: I love you so much.
Beca: I know. You show me all the time.

(Kate's behind them trying to keep from laughing as Calamity's trying to keep from blushing.)

Beca: You're so cute when you blush.
Calamity: I'm not blushing i don't know what your talking about.
Beca: Babe your cheeks are the same color as Supergirl's cape.
Calamity: They are not.
Beca: Yes they are.

(She kisses her again getting her to smile at her.)

Kate: Their so cute.

(Reagan looks at her fiancee and laughs.)

Reagan: You're so messed up babe.
Kate: I know.

(She kisses her then pulls away from her.)

Kate: I love you.
Reagan: I love you too.

(Then the baby makes a noise getting her to look down at her.)

Reagan: Oh i love you too. But she's my fiancee i have to love her.

(Kate looks off as Calamity and Beca are trying to keep from laughing.)

Kate: Well then.
Reagan: Oh honey you know i love you.
Kate: I know.

(She kisses her head then pulls away from it as they continue to talk and joke around as Kate and Reagan play with the baby. Back up in command central Tyler walks up

to his wife.)

Tyler: Hey.

(She turns and looks at him.)

Sophie: Hey.
Tyler: You got a minute?
Sophie: Yeah. Come on.


(They walk off to go talk once their out of ear shot they walk over to a bench and sit down once their seated Tyler looks off nervous.)

Sophie: You okay?
Tyler: Actually i'm not.
Sophie: What's wrong?
Tyler: I did something really stupid last night and.
Sophie: Okay. What you do?
Tyler: I slept with Adam.

(Sophie looks at him and laughs off the shock as she stands up.)

Sophie: So you slept with Serenity's ex boyfriend?
Adam: I did.
Sophie: Tyler!
Tyler: I'm sorry okay. It's just for the past couple of months we've gotten closer he's a great guy.
Sophie: So that's what you're basing the fact that you cheated on me for. He's a great guy.
Tyler: Yes i am.
Sophie: Tyler! I thought we were doing better now that I've gotten over the whole Kate and Reagan thing.
Tyler: We have. But when Lex had us we did a lot of talking he did a lot of things i wish a lot of times you would do.
Sophie: What's that?
Tyler: Listen to me.
Sophie: I do listen to you.
Tyler: When was the last conversation that we've had where you've listened to what I've said?
Sophie: We have so many of them Tyler. I'm not like a lot of these guys or these women who say they love you and then turn around do something else that makes the

person their with think differently.

(He looks at her and knows she's mad at him.)

Sophie: Did last night mean anything to you? Because if it didn't then we can still make this work.

(He looks at her and then looks off.)

Sophie: Understood. Have a nice life Tyler. I'll put a call into my lawyer and get the papers going.

(Then she turns and walks off as he sits there annoyed with himself. As he's sitting there someone walks up to him.)

Adam: Hey.

(He turns and looks at him.)

Tyler: Hey.
Adam: You okay?
Tyler: No.

(He sits down next to him.)

Adam: What's wrong?

(Tyler looks at him.)

Tyler: I told Sophie what happened last night as i thought she was upset by it.
Adam: Okay.
Tyler: She asked if last night mean't anything to me.

(Adam looks at him not sure of what to say to him.)

Adam: Did it?

(He looks at him and laughs.)

Tyler: I so badly wanna say that it didn't.
Adam: But.
Tyler: It did. And she left me.

(He looks at him and feels bad for him.)

Adam: I'm sorry man.
Tyler: I know that.
Adam: To be honest as much fun as last night was.
Tyler: What?
Adam: Aside from your soon to be ex wife.

(He looks at him and then realizes who else he has to talk to.)

Tyler: She's going to hate me.
Adam: I'm sure she will. But.
Tyler: What?
Adam: She loves her wife way to much to let what happened between us last night come between a friendship.
Tyler: I know that.
Adam: Talk to her and then come find me okay.

(He nods his head at him as he stands up and walks off. Unknown to them Serenity had over heard the conversation then turns and walks off annoyed with him.)


With Tyler having told Sophie about him sleeping with Adam and Serenity having over heard the conversation how much more drama can come from this. We'll just have to

wait and see.