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Omega of The Vongola House

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Chapter 4

“So you got The Hibari Alpha pair paying you a huge sum of money,” said the man with the face of Alaude, The Cloud Guardian. But he wasn’t the Cloud Guardian; no. He was someone much more sinister. Because Alaude was as intimidating, but he was far too stoic to made such a dismissive wave. This man in front of Enma was the master of disguise himself.

It was Reborn.

“Well, they like to have first-hand accounts on umm,” the red-haired detective wasn’t sure if mentioning the omega’s name in front of Reborn would be a good thing, “on the omega in The Vongola House”.

An elegant brow was raised. Clad in the perfect impersonation in the broad day light; right in the face of interested fellow attendants of this posh restaurant down town; Reborn mockingly took a drag from an e-cigar – a habit the Cloud Guardian was known for. He grimaced, but shrugged, “The Hibari Alpha pair is known for their nosiness. You’re lucky they’re willing to pay their share in the agreement. They’re cunning snakes,” Reborn added, “Couldn’t blame them being interested in the brat. The boy has always been able to turn heads, if only he was allowed out more often”.

Enma agreed in silence.

The young omega had been in the headlines ever since his existence was announced to the public. As of that moment, the whole Europe adopted him as their new Royal icon. They would pay him a high amount for an exclusive interview; something the Vongola House had yet to respond to. His first appearance in the now-6-month-old-and-running trial against Vendicare went viral on Youtube and was aired numerous times on television. The red sweater he wore in court rose to popularity in no time. You wouldn’t be able to go out without seeing any youth wearing red sweaters nowadays – even though its summer.

The Vongola was working hard to keep him away from the public eye. In fact, he was absent three months into the trial despite being its key witness. Enma heard from Reborn the boy was taken to a vacation by his brother in order to give him some space to heal from the trauma. Neo-Italy’s curiosity failed to diminish after his absence though. Because, after his return, reporters shadowed his every move. Pictures of him alongside his brother walking whatever street in Italy could be found easily.

Kusakabe had finalized their contract as soon as Sawada was found. Thus, Enma had long left the palazzo with hefty rewards both from The Hibari heir and The Hibari Pair. At first, he thought he wasn’t going to be involved further into the case – he was, after all, nothing but a miniscule part of the whole picture. However, Vongola decided to put him in a team comprised of a number of people who would present their accounts regarding Sawada’s hard drive -which had become an important piece of evidence.

Both the Storm Guardian and the Lightning Guardian were in the team too; though they work mostly in communicating with the attorneys and all the legal works. Enma and Reborn were put together to study and present the drive’s content.

To this day, Enma was still in a state of disbelief on how he could work alongside an Arcobaleno. After that day in The Primo’s Office; he thought he wouldn’t be able to see eye-to-eye with the hitman anymore. On the contrary, Reborn proved to be a great guy to work with once you got to know him. He liked to push the buttons of The Guardians; that’s true; but he was straightforward and open with Enma – a feat Enma wouldn’t understand until today.

He was also very covert. The day they were supposed to present in court; the man showed up as a professor named Reboyama; claiming to be an expert in the field of digital data. Enma found out that the man almost always presented himself using different aliases and identities outside of The Palazzo. It was normal for him; despite it being a closed court day.

Vongola pushed for the court to keep their omega’s privacy as much as possible; hence sometimes the court was asked to close their doors to journalists alike. Professor “Reboyama’s” words were mostly the ones Vongola decided could be put in public about the drive’s content – all was carefully put to not put too much information about the boy’s life. In fact, they were briefed repeatedly what information could not be let out to the public; such as Sawada’s orphanage life, the initial relationship with his brother, the fact he was supposed to stay a secret in The Palazzo, and the fact that the videos were all put in the drive for his mentor to see.

Heck, the public didn’t even know he had a mentor.

His ancestry had also been forged. The omega was presented to the media as a son of the previous Primo with a second wife whom he married in secret.

Still, the court needed to know that information. At that point, they knew almost everything there was to know about the Omega. G told them the court was filled with the people Vongola trusted .As long as it was closed court day, they could go full force.

On another hand, Vongola’s attempt to protect their omega didn’t seem to silence the public’s curiosity. Conspiracy theorists alike started to show up online and making their own take on the situation. These theories were popular among the public as there were not much else being put out about the Omega. Their intent was innocent; but it was tiring to hear their baseless babbles.

One of these conspiracy theory enthusiasts are The Hibari Alpha pair.

Enma remembered how the Hibari Alpha Pair entertained one after another insane theory when they invited Enma for dinner (and gossip). There were also talks about world politics that was too much to be mentioned over dinner. Enma was not made for the affair between the powerful.

Having that in mind, Enma exhaled like the thought alone was enough to exhaust him. “I suppose I don’t mind as long as they keep their end of the bargain. I didn’t expect such a pair have a son as strait-laced as Hibari,” Enma stated.

Reborn grunted from behind his glass of Tom Collins. “Strait-laced,” the hitman repeated; tone bland, message clear. It was obvious the man had some issue with the young Alpha. Enma wasn’t sure what it was. Not that Enma had witnessed much of their interaction after that unfortunate day before Sawada was rescued – but every time Hibari’s name was mentioned, Reborn would give an eye roll or a snort. It’s not hatred; but somehow the hitman was especially critical when it comes to the Hibari heir.

“He does his part of the work. He isn’t bad, you know, for an alpha heir of his age,” Enma weakly defended his own opinion of the guy. Hibari might have his own immaturity; but he was only 17, almost 18. You couldn’t say most people his age achieved what he had achieved.

To this Reborn looked sideways and gave a short tilt of his glass as though saying, “To each their own”.

“B-but, its true! He proved himself in the court, I think. All his work to search, sort, and compile the papers from Vendicare is key to the trial,” Enma continued. Hibari might not show up in the proceedings much. He only showed the few times he was invited to take the stand. And once he did, his presentation on Vendicare’s experimentation reports were the highlight of the court; second only to Sawada’s and the other survivors’ accounts on the witness stand.

“Those horrendous findings, I still remember it. I still get some chills whenever I think about it,” Enma admitted. The experiments done in Vendicare’s basement was something out of a horror movie. Working for CEDEF, Enma knew there were a lot of other unethical practices out there, but he never got far enough in the organization to finally see himself what those practices were. The trial was his first to something of such nature; and it made him sick the moment Hibari described it in court.

However, some of the papers Hibari had compiled contained a lot of details that would be considered a silly plot of a story book if not for the fact that they’re pieces of evidence for a high profile case; and the one that made the least sense happened to be the one that contained Sawada’s name.

It was a report labeled as Six Paths of Reincarnation – as in the concept from Buddhism. They detailed how Vendicare planned to put a spirit who had gone through all six realms of reincarnation into a host. As Vendicare was built on the belief that omegas had stronger spiritual constitution; they would delegate an omega to be the host of this spirit – a spirit named Mukuro.

The experiment already found a host in the form of an omega girl named Nagi – and it broke Enma’s heart to know that she was the one Sawada met. Apparently, they thought they had succeeded because the host had made contact with the spirit. The report even went to claim that they have succeeded in getting the spirit and the host to share the same body. However, they later found the girl to be physically too weak that she could not perform well in their tests. How could she – when in the reports it said they planned to test her by taking her organs and see if she could survive with the help of the spirit. No human could survive that!

The next host candidate would be Sawada Tsunayoshi, whose ancestry was of a strong House of alphas. Unfortunately, they had also found out about his flame bearing abilities thanks to Sasagawa taking Sawada to the clinic after an injury from his flame practice. They had noted that Sawada Tsunayoshi was the perfect candidate as he was expected to be stronger than the previous host.

Another discovery that had been made from the documents were the fact that Vendicare hadn’t planned to kidnap Sawada that soon. On the last minute, they decided to fetch for him sooner for two reasons. First, Sawada was believed to have made contact with the spirit on his visit to the clinic. Second, there had been a conflict at Sawada’s home – making it the perfect scapegoat to kidnap the omega and point the finger at the said conflict.

They went as far as saying that they would kidnap the boy for a week before returning him to Vongola – therefore implanting the spirit inside the Vongola through Tsunayoshi so they could gain control of the Palazzo in the future.

Enma could still replay the collective gasps the court made once that particular detail was mentioned. Vendicare had done more than just experimenting on omegas – they were conspiring to commit treason.

At the end, Hibari closed his presentation by stating that the experiments were products to a group of madmen’s delusions – because spirits and reincarnation made no sense. This speech led the whole court to dismiss the main motives behind the kidnapping of Sawada Tsunayoshi. Most people then considered the Vendicare case to be scientists’ schizophrenic episode. “Those omegas were hurt for nothing!” They said – because no spirit would get inside the minds of these omegas, right?

Well, at first, Enma thought that way too, but there were too many details he couldn’t ignore.

For example, how come Sawada mentioned in the video he would be gone for only a week before he was even kidnapped? Of course, he was gone for more than a week, but the report stated that he was planned to be returned home in a week.

Enma went to Reborn to enquire about all of these. What he heard would forever disturb him.

He remembered he and Reborn were in the latter’s car on their way back from the court. Enma just asked the question on whether Reborn thought the experiment held some truth in them. Reborn kept his silence for a while before he said, “I was there when Tsunayoshi visited one of the survivors. She’s the girl he talked a lot in his videos – the one they called the first host. The funny thing was, they didn’t say a word, at all, but sometimes they chuckled together for no reason”.

“They were probably having conversations in Morse again,” Enma remembered saying. But Reborn responded with; “I would know if it was the case. Wasn’t I the one who taught Tsunayoshi Morse code through blinking?”

Enma was deep in thought for a moment before he asked, jokingly, “What? Are you saying they were speaking telepathically or something?” Enma even laughed; but Reborn didn’t.


It was then the man spilled information after information to Enma.

“The Hibari punk was told by Giotto not to say everything”.

“Vongola received reports from the hospital keeping the survivors that Nagi’s inner organs are mostly dysfunctional – they looked like it had been removed and reattached to her system inappropriately”.

“She shouldn’t have been alive at the moment – but you just seen her walking like a normal person in court, didn’t you?”

“Tsunayoshi’s accounts on what happened in the basement on his captivity all matched the accounts of the other survivors – even though he had never communicated with them and he was supposed to be heavily sedated the whole time he was there”.

“And you know how that first host suddenly wanted a new name and all, right? She is mentally disturbed and doesn’t understand herself much because of the trauma”.

“One time at dinner; Tsunayoshi just returned from his regular visit to the first host in the hospital. As he was telling everyone about his visit over dinner, he would sometimes mix up her new name, which is Chrome, with Mukuro”.

“Vongola thinks Tsunayoshi’s habit of mixing up her name is because of his dyslexia. Besides, the name Chrome, sounds like Kuromu, which could be jumbled into Mukuro; so maybe the dyslexia makes it difficult for Tsunayoshi to pronounce the name correctly”.

“But dyslexia don’t make you mispronounce names”.

Reborn told Enma many other things that could only make sense if the spirit named Mukuro truly existed. He was the one who told Sawada he was going to be taken for a week in what the Vendicare doctor told the boy was a delusion caused by his medicine. He was the one showing Sawada all of the awful abuse the facility had put on other omegas when he was sedated in the basement. He was the one keeping his first host alive and might as well sticking close to her for she was sometimes Chrome…., and sometimes Mukuro.

At this time, Reborn said Vongola had somewhat bought into the idea that their omega was contacted by this powerful spirit because the proves had been piling up on them. This was why Vongola asked the court not to ask questions regarding what Sawada remembered during his captivity; this was why Hibari blatantly told the court the report were a myriad of unreasonable rhetoric thus creating the narrative that Vendicare was a product of unstable scientists’ delusional stupor; this was why the first host, Nagi, or Chrome, was not put in the stand to tell her side of the story. Vongola wanted to keep the knowledge about the spirit to themselves for whatever reason.

Enma then asked what was the point of presenting the papers if at the end the most crucial information would be casted off as some fairytale. To that, Reborn replied, “it would add to the picture of this crazy and sadistic experimentation that resulted in nothing, which would put the perpetrators in an even poorer light”.

The other thing Hibari had explained was the reason behind the length of Sawada’s captivity which had exceeded the estimated time. After an interview with one of the perpetrators, Hibari discovered that the scientist found Sawada to be difficult to work with because the moment the boy was sedated, his flame was activated and he proved to be too dangerous to every scientist that tried to approach him. It was getting too much that they decided they should keep him sedated all the time to avoid the boy getting conscious and attack them all.

This piece of information was open to the public. Almost everyone in the rescue squad on the scene that day was informed that the sky flame was present; which was why they all waited to Primo to lead the rescue for he was the only other person with another Sky attribute on the vicinity therefore the only one capable to overpower another sky flame wielder. Only the Vongola bloodline with the Sky Flames were allowed to be in the Top Ten; and this caused everyone on the rescue squad that day addressing their main target Decimo or Tenth.

In fact, Reborn told Enma that the very day they all saved Sawada; the boy’s flame had turned to ice. He even managed to froze some important members of Vendicare and a huge part of the underground facility. The reason why there were so many people sent to the basement before the evacuation was underway was because how difficult it was to evacuate anyone with the ice. His flame was so difficult to subdue that the moment his big brother took him out in the heap of blankets; Sawada’s flame was still active and he was well on his way to a full-blown hypothermia.

Obviously, Vongola decided to keep that detail about the ice to themselves too.

Last but not least; Hibari’s research casted light on who was responsible behind the whole project. A number of important names came up – but the most prominent one had to be Estraneo. Reborn told Enma another trial was on the way – soon – against the Estraneo House. Primo, Reborn told him, wouldn’t let this go until the family goes down.

Not that Enma would be able to witness that last part. Whatever blessings he had earned to deserve this small role in this huge trial had been used – and today, he would move on to something else in life. CEDEF had contacted him and asked for his return. Not only that, he got a promotion from his prior position and the pests that murdered his friend had been dismissed from the organization. The Hibari alpha pair truly had kept their words.

Still, if there was something else Enma wanted from his part in all of this, it would be to see how he was doing – at least once more.

Enma cleared his throat and braced himself, “Anyway, how’s Sawada doing?”

Reborn sent Enma a seizing glance which made Enma wonder if his question was too transparent. Reborn was very protective of his youngest disciple after all.

“He’s fine,” Reborn uttered after only a bit of a pause.

Enma thought it was the only thing he could get from the hitman; until the man followed up with more. “He had nightmares, but he’s been getting more sleep since going to therapy. Visiting the rest of the survivors helped him heal. However, he’s a bit embarrassed by how many people are asking to do a study on his videos – they came from research institutions alike - and he asks me about these stuffs. And I said, eh, you can do whatever you like, isn’t this what you wanted?” Reborn copied himself with a lazy drawl, “Really make you question if the brat knew how much was exposed in the court when he consented for the videos to be presented. I don’t think he understands the full extent of the exposure; otherwise he would’ve killed me,” he smiled knowingly, “Figuratively”.

Enma mirrored the Arcobaleno’s smile. Reborn didn’t stop there, “But all that being said, he’s doing very well. He’s being invited to give talks in youth organizations; which he’s excited about. He’ll be doing his first speech next month, actually. As for the interviews from televisions, he isn’t really sure. Vongola wouldn’t leave him on his own on those matters. G and Knuckle are more than capable to guide him on what to say and not to say in front of the camera,” Reborn paused, “Whereas his own fame – I don’t think he understands how much his existence affects Europe politics right now. I suppose that’s better; one less problem for myself”.

“I see,” Enma sipped his glass of Old Fashioned. He heard the omega was not allowed much media consumption while the trial was still taking place. Hence, he must be clueless as to how many times his name came up in the news. “Are they going to officially make him The Tenth?” Enma did his best to voice his curiosity humbly. Reborn took his time before answering, “In 5 months; yes”.

The boy had done it. He would be the first omega to ever be promoted to the higher ranks in The Vongola House – the house that had banned hiring omegan staff in their palazzo.

Enma couldn’t explain the pride that swell in his heart for Sawada. He supposed, after all of those videos, he felt for the boy. Enma wanted him to reach his dreams; to be happy.

He supposed that was the end to what he shared with the omega of the Vongola House. The boy had been an enigma to him the very day Enma discovered he existed. Yet at the end, Enma held a significantly minor role than everyone else in this saga. And Sawada – well, Sawada had risen to a class of his own. Enma could at least say he knew the boy when the boy disappeared.

… and he still had that meeting with CEDEF representation in 2 hours.

Enma peeked at his watch and was making gestures to show he was about to leave. “Look at the time,” he signaled to Reborn. They both had arranged this lunch as a farewell before Enma leave for his new position in CEDEF today; hence it wasn’t meant to be long.

“Actually,” Reborn disrupted before Enma could even express his intent to leave, “I have someone I want you to meet”.

From the other end of the room, someone pranced their way alongside a waiter. His brown hair bobbed up and down in tune with his steps; round brown eyes roamed the whole room before it landed on them and a smile grew on his face. He increased the pace of his steps to reach them, leaving tens of people pointing and whispering to his back. And Enma – Enma couldn’t believe his eyes

“Hi!” Sawada greeted in his school-uniformed glory. He looked like how he usually was in his videos; and to see him in his classic getup this up close felt surreal. It didn’t take him a second thought to hug the man looking like the cloud guardian. Of course, he would notice his mentor in any disguise he could pull.

“Sorry I’m late!” He kissed Reborn’s left cheek, “I had to talk to the teachers before leaving the school”.

“What for?”

“They want to discuss the article – the one I told you about? They are going to put it on the school’s website!”

“I see”.

“yeah! And you know that cool kid who takes great pictures in school? He’s going to take pictures for that article – isn’t that great?”

“It is”.

“I’m so excited! I’m going to make some edits, I think. Maybe I can add more substance to my arguments –“

“Tsunayoshi,” Reborn effectively silenced the rambling boy, “There’s someone I’d like you to meet”.

The boy’s head slowly followed his mentor’s gaze.

His eyes met Enma’s.

Across the screen he was already attractive; but up close he was stunning. From the curl on his hair, to the rosy hue on his cheeks; he was perfect. He even smelled the way Enma imagined him to; powdery and warm. These were the effects of meeting Sawada that was never translated into his videos. It was hard to believe the same kid was geeky orphan just a couple of years ago. Puberty really did some wonders on omegas. 

Once his eyes found Enma, he quickly lowered his head. With that, came a voice much more timid and polite than the bubbly one he had before, “Hello”. He reached out a hand to shake Enma’s.

Enma felt his heart making a quick skip, but he didn’t forget to rise to his feet and held the boy’s hand in his.

It was soft.

“I’m Sawada Tsunayoshi. I’m Reborn’s disciple”.

I know, “Enma Cozart”.

The boy was shaking hands with Enma, but his body bent slightly forward like they would in Japan when introducing oneself.

“He’s been working with me on the case,” Reborn added.

“O-oh!” Sawada took his hand away and bowed even lower to Enma, “Thank you very much for your hard work!”

Enma couldn’t really handle people bowing to him. “No, no. It’s okay -!” He gestured to get the boy to stop bowing.

“You should take a seat,” Reborn stated to his pupil. Sawada looked around the table as if he was lost for a moment that he forgot he hadn’t sat. “Oh, yeah!” the boy muttered as he lowered himself on a seat. Even the way he speaks, however timid, had such liveliness to them. It was so endearing. Enma wondered how Vongola could ignore this boy's presence because right now Enma found it hard to do so.

As Enma too returned to his seat, Reborn addressed the young omega again, “So Mr. Cozart right here had been involved since before the rescue. He helped pinpoint the omegas location”.

The boy’s already so round eyes grew even rounder as he nodded up and down to Reborn’s every word. Enma swore that pair of brown eyes slowly went to him and through his soul; it caught Enma off guard. “I cannot thank you enough,” The boy softly muttered.

“I…,” Enma didn’t know why he was at a loss of words, “It was nothing, Sawada-san,” he wanted to test the boy’s name using Japan’s honorifics in his tongue. “In fact it might be stranger to you to wake up one day to this many saviors. It must be a hassle to thank them one by one. But then again, you technically saved yourself”.

There was a small smile at Enma’s joke, but the omega then hurriedly turns to his mentor as if he was embarrassed of his own reaction. “Um, yeah,” the boy responded. Enma noted, Sawada might have always been this shy in exchange to his talkative self beyond the screen. In front of his camera, in the safety of his own room, he thought he was speaking alone. He never expected he would have such a huge audience in time.

Unknown to himself, a smile grew on Enma’s face.

“I can see you’re faring well,” Enma uttered.

For a short second, Sawada looked surprised to be addressed again; but he nodded a couple of time right after. “Yes,” he answered.

“Therapy is going well?”

“Yes. My therapist is very understanding and patient. I feel better nowadays”.

“I’m glad to hear that,” Enma replied. “How’s your brother?”

“Oh, he… he’s occupied, as usual. I’m sure you have caught wind that he’s busier than ever since the trial. But we’ve had a vacation to Maldives – y’know, at the beginning of the proceeding – ummmm, so he’s not as stressed”.

“You get along?”

“Um, yes. Yes, we do”.

“Is everyone nice to you in the palazzo?”

“Y-yeah! Everyone’s nice”. The younger teen caught Enma’s smile and, unconsciously, he smiled back without looking away this time. “Thank you for saving me and everyone else,” the omega continued.

Enma’s heart jumped.

“Is it time?” Reborn pointed out suddenly. Enma turned to his figure next to Sawada’s. Despite sitting, his form towered over his disciple; from the way he slightly leaned over the boy to the way he shot his gaze at Enma. Oh. Oh.

He read through Enma perfectly.

“You’re right. I almost forgot. It’s time for me to take my leave,” Enma eyed Reborn carefully. The man’s lips quirked. It made Enma felt self-aware. The red-haired young man stood up and now offered a hand to Sawada, whose expression was full curiosity.

“Pleased to finally speak to you, Sawada-san”.

“O-oh, the pleasures all mine, Cozart-san,” Sawada shook Enma’s hand while bowing only so slightly like before. Enma gave the smaller hand a soft squeeze. At the end of the day, Enma concluded, he deserved nothing but a short meeting with one Sawada Tsunayoshi.

Enma then shook Reborn’s hand. “It’s pleasure to have the experience of working with you”. Reborn, as usual, didn’t make much of it. “I had fun,” the hitman said with a smile that strangely fit the Cloud Guardian.

The red headed detective gave Sawada one last nod before he left the restaurant. Reborn watched how his ward’s head turned to follow the detective. If he could say anything about it, the omega was in wonder. The hitman would give him some time to ask him anything; but when the boy turned to Reborn all he said was, “You’ve had lunch?” Plus a judgmental look towards the empty plates on their table.

Reborn shrugged and took another sip of his drink. He knew the boy was now pouting. “Then be my company while I eat. This places’ cakes are the best – their oriental cuisines are good too. I think I’ll order their wonton soup.  Call the waiter for me, Reborn”.

“Nope. You’re not eating”.

“What!” Tsunayoshi protested, “… are we going somewhere else? I’m hungry”.

“No, you’re staying,” Reborn stated coolly.

The boy whined, “That’s not fair!”

A waiter then arrived by their table to put a serving of a fusion dessert. “When did you order that?” Now Reborn was the one judging.

“By the front desk – oh this is good! You want a taste?”

“No,” Reborn half growled. Tsunayoshi shouldn’t be eating anything right now. He’s having a feast soon. In fact, they had to be waiting for him as of now.

“Really?” Tsunayoshi asked again. As if Reborn would want anything to do with a dish so colorful.

“No,” the older man grunted before he sighed in defeat, “Just finish your meal as fast as you can”.

“No problem. For real though, are we going somewhere?” Tsunayoshi spoke in between spoonfuls.

Reborn didn’t answer and just massaged the bridge of his nose. The boy ate in silent enthusiasm while his mentor observed him. It felt like it was just yesterday that Tsunayoshi faced him with trembling legs. Today, his existence was the catalyst for the push towards gender equality. Additionally, his videos challenge people's belief of what omegas can or cannot do. Just yesterday, Reborn and Giotto discussed the possibility of the videos being an important study material in fields related to gender study because it showcased an omega's development so well. Not only was he a walking example of an omega that challenges traditional roles, he also had the passion for the subject.  Vongola was working hard to protect the videos and control its distribution by making it one of the house's important document. Reborn agreed with this notion, but he still found it funny how some clips of Tsunayoshi reviewing a sandwich held a high value for family of Vongola's caliber.

Tsunayoshi was currently rambling about his discussion with a scholar from the omega empowerment movement when Reborn caught the sight of the time. “Do you know where your brother is?” He questioned abruptly.

“Um, work, maybe? Haven't seen him,".

“Can you attempt to make a guess?

“Ummmmmmmmm,” Tsunayoshi licked his spoon clean, “He’s in a meeting with a foreigner, maybe? Probably in a fancy restaurant somewhere, I don’t know”.

Reborn rolled his eyes at that. That casual statement contained so much truth that it was almost scary. Then again, Tsunayoshi's intuition worked best when it wasn’t trying to.

As Reborn thought this, he caught the sight of the Hibari heir walking down the stairs leading to the VIP room upstairs. He seemed to see them and Reborn witnessed how the young alpha completely turned rigid before he stopped in his stead. He’s waiting for Reborn’s cue.

I’m dealing with idiots, Reborn told himself silently. One of them, Reborn could forgive because he’s Reborn’s idiot – and he’s now eating a dessert he probably couldn’t name. The rest, well, they were upstairs.

“Is there something going on? Are you fighting again?” The boy put his spoon down this time, “What’s with the questions?”

Reborn rolled his eyes again, “I was just checking on the idiot. And to think the moron had been acting like a jerk before this”.

“Reborn, I told you, he has apologized. And we get along now. The trip to Maldives was great and we both had fun. We have all meals together now and umm… we also have dinner dates on the weekends”.

Reborn sneered, “And your ability to forgive surprises me as always”.

Betas may not fully get alpha-omega dynamics, Reborn supposed. However, he had known a lot of alphas and omegas in his life. Reborn would say he knew their dynamic well. He had, after all, rose two alphas and was currently raising an omega.

Alphas and Omegas are actually parts of a coin. One side is passive and submissive; the other is aggressive and controlling. However, they are the same in many ways; they’re both territorial, they’re both hormonal.

Omegas are soft in their approach. When they like a person – platonically or romantically; they would act very affectionate – they’d cook for them, they’d be especially attentive to their moods, they’d slip in gifts. These would be more obvious when they reach puberty and they would be upset if they couldn’t be in close proximity from their marked ones; they’d cry, they’d get sick. They like to touch and be touched; for them it was a sign of self validation.

Alphas, on the other hand, are much more annoying. They prefer to claim those who follow them. These followers are mostly someone who is more submissive – betas, or alphas who are assigned to them. They would want to know where they are at all times and try to arrange their lives – give orders, you could say. Alphas prefer words though; they like it when someone pledge their loyalty to them.  They scent mark too. Dino, Reborn’s disciple, would slap his sweaty shirt on his subordinate’s back; or he would sometimes just wipe his arms on their heads. On the extreme end, young alphas would sometime chase after those they see as a threat to their relationships.

To most, these are seen as something typical of an alpha that you wouldn’t label as a ‘territorial’ trait. These behaviors were much more tangible in younger alphas – alphas on their puberty although Alphas with secure relationships with their parents rarely show aggression to their loved ones.

Both alphas and omegas clicked easily because of how much they complete the other. Thus, appear the many omega and alpha couple tropes in the long line of literature history. They were the ideal fairy tale couple; the ultimate combination.

However, if there was a more important point Reborn needed to note after the facts above, then it was on the fact that Tsunayoshi was not a crybaby. He’s a lonely omega – and there’s a difference. Omega needs a lot of affection and touches. A young one, especially, needs a marked one nearby all the time. Otherwise, they could be easily distressed. What had happened with Tsunayoshi this whole time was not him being a needy child. He was an omega deprived of love and attention. His instinct told him to find a marked one as fast as he can, which made him seem like a desperate kid most of the time. His omega latched easily to Reborn, though; and that was when  Tsunayoshi started crying less and could function independently.

And Giotto, well, despite of being such an idiot, he was not an aggressive fool. He was confused and afraid – yet the alpha inside could not deny the prospect of having a bond with an omega.

In fact, the very day Reborn laid his eyes on Tsunayoshi, he knew Giotto would see the appeal of having an omega family member. Not then, obviously. Giotto had been far too traumatized by the betrayal Tsunayoshi’s mother had done to him. She was the first omega he had ever given his trust to; and she shattered it despite not having meant to do so. But if you knew Giotto well, you’d know. He didn’t hate his omegan brother; he was afraid of the possibility of liking him.

He wouldn’t last long – that, Reborn knew very well. Giotto never had the luxury of claiming a family member. His parents had had dysfunctional relationship and it affected their relationship to their son. Afterwards, Giotto seemed to sabotage his own relationships. He was insecure and destructive as a teen. He was ruthless.

A lot of people liked to blame Reborn for the abomination that was teenaged Giotto. Yet Reborn would beg to differ. He never led Giotto to such route. Giotto led himself there. All Reborn did was follow.

Heck if it was for Reborn, the guy wouldn’t even make it to his own parents’ burial. He wouldn’t even shed a tear.

But what Giotto lack in being a proper teen he made up in leadership. He’s a moron, but he’s a good leader. He throve once he was crowned Neo Italy’s next leader. Reborn made note that the young man sobered from whatever rebellious phase he had in the past. Finally, Neo Italy got the leader they deserved and The Vongola House could finally release their bated breath because their heir had finally acted human.

Reborn also admired how Giotto took care his first disciple. What he shared with the Hibari punk was something The Primo never had before; a healthy bond. Well, not that Reborn was missing anything in that department. Now, he too had a disciple he genuinely cared about.

The only thing that made Giotto crack was the sudden presence of a brother.

It wouldn’t be a problem if Giotto had accepted Tsunayoshi’s attempt to mark him previously. The problem was, Giotto’s alpha only recognized the omega in Tsunayoshi after Tsunayoshi had moved on to form a secure bond with Reborn instead. The first marked for an Omega was usually a deep parental bond. It was something irreplaceable to an omega and it would always hold a special place for them.

Giotto took Tsunayoshi’s first mark on Reborn as a challenge to his territory.

Reborn didn’t get it either at first. Mature alphas don’t usually throw fit like they would in their puberty. Then again, Giotto never experienced a phase where he claimed his family member. It seemed to catch up to him in full force now that his claim on Tsunayoshi was threatened and Reborn was thoroughly annoyed by it.

Whatever attitude Giotto had to push his brother away was now used to drag the omega closer. If he would scold Tsunayoshi for bothering him in the past, this time he would be furious at the young teen if he missed dinner with Giotto. This created even more confusion in Tsunayoshi. Giotto’s aggression was irrationally high once his alpha sensed the omega in Tsunayoshi; meanwhile Omegas would be more responsive to affection and soft touches.

To put it shortly, Giotto’s instinct told him to lash whenever he sensed Tsunayoshi was taken away from him. And the ones who became the target of this antics were Tsunayoshi himself and Reborn.

This was the main reason he wouldn’t think twice before swinging his fist on Reborn that unfortunate day in the library.

Which was a curious case, because Reborn didn’t think Tsunayoshi understands why his brother acted that way.

“Hey,” Reborn called. The kid only made an ‘Mmm?’ sound as he cleaned his coconut shaped cup from any last trace of dessert. “Do you know why we’re in the library that day?”

Tsunayoshi didn’t give an instant answer. He merely mumbled, “I was told Hibari-san summoned you and Giotto-san”.

He had that information correct then; but was it for the right reason?

Taking the cue from Reborn’s shrug, Tsunayoshi added, “Did he ask you to mentor him?”

To this Reborn frowned. He couldn’t understand why everyone still believed the punk wanted Reborn to mentor him. The Hibari heir had stopped mentioning that to Reborn two months into Reborn mentoring Tsunayoshi. Now, don’t be mistaken, the punk still went to Reborn even after the fact; but it wasn’t for the reason Tsunayoshi just mentioned.

“You think Giotto would punch me for that punk?”

Tsunayoshi pursed his lips in thought, “Maybe? Hibari-san is like his brother”.

He’d be stupider than I thought then, Reborn thought in regards to the Vongola head. Sometimes Tsunayoshi forgot that not all mentor shared such dedication to their protégé as Reborn would him. Heck, the hitman wouldn’t burden himself with saving Giotto’s nor Dino’s ass if they ever got kidnapped.

“Are you going to mentor him?” Tsunayoshi asked. He looked lonely somehow. Reborn exhaled in sheer disbelief.

“No,” the hitman didn’t feel like entertaining Tsunayoshi misconception on the issue. Hence, he gave a short answer. “I’ve had enough on my plate, so to speak. You see, Tsunayoshi, he didn’t call us on that eventful day for that purpose”.

He hadn’t managed to get Tsunayoshi’s full attention, it seemed. The boy was still busy playing with his spoon.

“What if I told you Hibari Kyoya was asking for your hand?”

Tsunayoshi froze. He stared at Reborn; unblinking; as he strengthened the grip, he has on the spoon he was playing with. “Huh?”

“He’s been very straightforward to me and your brother about his intent to marry you”.


Reborn had never seen the boy’s eyes grew so wide. His mouth was opened, if only just a tiny bit. Three seconds in and he put his spoon down. It had to be shocking for Tsunayoshi that the guy had been paying attention on him as well.

“What is this? If this is a joke, you should tell me right now, Reborn,” the brunet muttered. Reborn watched him shifting in his seat as though preparing for the news; but it never came. All the older did was held his gaze.

“No, it wasn’t,” the man said. Hibari Kyoya summoned them to the library to convince Giotto to allow him to court his younger brother. He took Reborn with him just to persuade him further because Reborn had informed the young Alpha that he would let Tsunayoshi to decide for himself. What the younger alpha didn’t foresee was for Giotto to take their presence to be a challenge on his claim on his younger brother.

Which was why he tried to punch Reborn in the first place.

Well, maybe Reborn did provoke him a little. It’s just that, the idiot was too full of himself to think he had the right to assume how Tsunayoshi would think. It was that; or maybe Giotto was very offended by the fact that the Hibari heir asked Reborn’s permission first to court Tsunayoshi before he asked Giotto. Then again, couldn’t he see? It was obvious to everyone but Giotto that Reborn was Tsunayoshi’s first marked. Of course, it only made sense for the Hibari heir to consult Reborn first.

“What? You’re nervous? No need to worry. Your brother and I have agreed that marriage plans are too early on this stage. What do you think about courting first, hmm?”

“C-c-courting???” Tsunayoshi choked on his own spit, “O-oh my God. Oh my God. B-but I’m not g-good with courting and stuff. I’ve never done it”.

Of course. That’s the point. The Hibari punk and his parents would not stay silent if Tsunayoshi ever had any experience with courting. The Hibari alpha pair hadn’t been silent of their son’s chance with Tsunayoshi now that more and more courting proposals to the omega were sent to Giotto’s office. They were insistent that their son should be given the chance with Tsunayoshi first because he had been asking for his hands before the omega’s existence had been exposed to the public.

“You can always say no,” Reborn rebutted. His ward tensed. “You cant, can you?” Reborn smirked. Reborn knew his disciple well. He had always known where Tsunayoshi’s heart was.

“They’re waiting for you upstairs right now,” Reborn stated, “He brings his parents”.

“P-parents?? B-but I –“

“Love,” Reborn mouthed the name he only used for Tsunayoshi in the privacy of their studies, “This meeting doesn’t have to be about courtship or marriage. They only want to get to know you; and you can get to know them in return”.

Tsunayoshi visibly looked tense. He must be feeling so confused. The omega didn’t realize, but far behind him, Hibari Kyoya was sending worried glances their way from his post by the stairs. The young alpha had been fixing his collar every once in a while. “Actually, he’s right there behind you. Waiting. You can either turn around and follow him upstairs; or you can leave this place with me,” Reborn mentioned.

“What should I do, Reborn? I don’t even know why he chose me as a potential p-partner,” Tsunayoshi half whispered, then added, “What should I say? What do you say?”.

Reborn believed there was no need for Tsunayoshi to be this nervous. If there was a reason to be so, then it should be on the young alpha doing the proposing. The hitman shrugged carelessly, “He’s not a bad guy. Pretty capable”. A talented punk, he was. But a loving and caring partner he had yet to prove. If the punk wanted Reborn to give him more props in front of Tsunayoshi, then he should have done more. His poor attempts to talk to Tsunayoshi at lunch by asking the younger boy to pass the salt was already so pitiful to Reborn’s eyes (Especially the way he stuttered whenever G reminded him the salt was right in front of him). Whoever ends with Tsunayoshi should be proud of the fact.

The omega whined at Reborn’s comment. Calling Hibari Kyoya not bad would be an absolute understatement for the teen. But truly, if Tsunayoshi thought he could do a better job describing the punk, he shouldn’t have asked. “I mean, what am I supposed to do?? Aren’t you supposed to guide me?” The omega asked again. Reborn was the one doing making a voice of complaint now.

“Seriously?” An eyeroll here by the man posing as The Cloud Guardian, “The answer is in your heart. Listen to it, and follow what it says”.

Reborn landed a comforting hand on his ward’s clenched fist. Omegas are very responsive to touches. Just like that, Tsunayoshi looked him in the eye. He’s listening.

“Tsunayoshi, no one on this Earth deserves to tell you who you should or should not be with,” Reborn started, “Always think for yourself. You decide and I will follow”.

He hesitated before saying, “Okay,” to Reborn.

They both stared at each other until Reborn discovered something. “You’ve made your decision”.

“Yes,” Tsunayoshi replied. “You said, he wasn’t bad, right?”

Reborn smiled knowingly. He had known Tsunayoshi’s answer even before having this conversation with him.

“You said – you said upstairs they just want us t-to get to know e-each other, right?

“He’s willing to wait for you until you’re ready. As for now, his parents merely want to get to know you. You can all just have a talk,” Reborn finally finished his drink. The Hibari heir was not dumb enough to think Reborn would allow him to get Tsunayoshi that easily. He was willing to delay his request to officially claim Tsunayoshi, but he made sure to make his moves known before Tsunayoshi’s first heat. Omegan males’ puberty arrive late, usually. He was targeting that first heat – before Giotto ever thought of pairing Tsunayoshi with someone else. Heck he once enquired Reborn if Reborn would partner up with Tsunayoshi for the latter’s heat. The thought itself disgusted Reborn. Tsunayoshi is pretty; but Reborn would never consider him a potential mate. The boy’s presence in Reborn’s life had, after all, transcend that.

“If you’re having second thoughts, we can both ditch them and go somewhere else,” Reborn offered when Tsunayoshi looked to be deep I thought. The omega shook his head. “Alright. When you’re ready, you can rise and go to your new guy. Turn around and don’t look back. He’s waiting”.

“You’re not coming?”

Reborn gave the other a secretive smirk, “To talk about you and that punk’s future children? No, thank you. Your brother and his right-hand man are already there, so you’re fine”. In fact, let this be his last lesson for Tsunayoshi’s idiot older brother.

A lesson to genuinely care for someone.

Tsunayoshi stood from his seat and gave Reborn one last look. “Are you sure its fine for me to go there? I don’t know whether I’ll make a fool of myself – I’m a bit weird like that and they’d probably think I’m stupid,” In the end, Tsunayoshi would always doubt himself. He wasn’t born famous or loved and he never paid close attention to the mirror to notice how attractive he was to the eye.

The fool is not you, Reborn felt like commenting while he directed his gaze to the young Hibari from the other end of the room. The teen had eyed their table from time to time. From the looks of it, his own nerves were escalating – probably from the thought that the omega might be saying no.

“I’ve told you; be proud, Tsunayoshi”.

Tsunayoshi looked like he was about to say something but swallowed his words. He gave Reborn a nod instead, before he turned around a went to Hibari’s way. The punk had the audacity to look surprised; Reborn swore the guy actually squared his shoulders before Tsunayoshi reached him. And Tsunayoshi, being the young impressionable child he was, might have been charmed by such a sad gesture.

They had a small exchange before they climbed the stairs. Hibari sent Reborn a questioning look when he heard Tsunayoshi spoke. He was probably confused why Reborn didn’t tag along. The alpha then made a hand movement like he was about to offer Tsunayoshi a hand so they could walk together; but Tsunayoshi, out of obliviousness, had walked ahead without noticing the gesture.

Reborn chuckled. Good. The Hibari heir better man up to prove himself.

Meanwhile, Reborn could move to another bar while people still believe he’s The Cloud Guardian. He waved a hand to a waiter and told them he’s the Hibari Alpha Pair’s guest. The restaurant was owned by The Hibari House, so everything should be on the house. However, Reborn had a change of mind. “I’m sorry, could you put everything under The Primo’s tab instead? Thank you”.

G kept his mouth shut when Tsunayoshi and Kyoya entered. The latter then hurriedly pulled the seat for Tsunayoshi; which the omega thanked him for; before taking the empty seat next to it. Giotto watched with a rather unreadable expression; but G couldn’t resist the temptation of rubbing his face as though doing so could reduce the tension he was feeling.

Their boy Kyoya was acting civil to someone. That was something.

On the other hand, today also showed Kyoya and Tsunayoshi sitting side for the first time in this round shaped table reserved for 7; and it didn’t sit well with G.

He was surprised when Giotto told him Kyoya proposed to claim Tsunayoshi as a mate. There was a luxurious courting gift offered too. What unsettled him was the fact that Kyoya rarely shown any interest on the omega.

Well, actually, G had caught him saying something rude about Tsunayoshi once. They were having a short meeting in one of the lounges in The palazzo when they saw Tsunayoshi in the courtyard. The young alpha actually said, “Wow,” when Tsunayoshi passed by. G was sure he was commenting at Tsunayoshi’s exposed legs (he wore very revealing shorts whenever he practiced volleyball).

G gave him a real mouthful afterwards for behaving in such fashion, yet he thought that would be the last time Hibari ever saw Tsunayoshi that way.

Apparently, he was wrong.

Not that he would be saying, ‘Wow’ anytime soon because right now Kyoya was far too busy being high strung whereas a huge-eyed Tsunayoshi was occupied with his parents’ questions. Giotto turned his head to G and whispered behind his gloved hand, “What the fuck, Reborn isn’t here”.

G believed they had a lot more to think about than Reborn’s absence.

“Maybe he’s busy”.

“With what!? He told me he was free for the day”.

G took a deep breath. There it was. Reborn was testing Giotto, that was for sure. “Tsu, where’s your mentor. I thought he was going to be here with us,” he voiced out and tilted his head to the empty seat between Giotto and the omega.

“Oh, he said he wanted to go somewhere else – a bar maybe”.

Yeah, he’s testing Giotto.

You could hear the Primo grumbling in the background about how irresponsible his previous mentor was for leaving his current disciple alone. However, the main show of the table was on the Hibari pair who were practically seizing up their omega. “My, my, my, this is the first time I’ve seen a male omega in a while. They really are small framed,” Hibari Hui Yin, the House matriarch, commented. She was almost leering at the omega.

“He’s exactly like the Primo, but smaller,” Hibari Isaku added to his wife’s words, “And better”.

Giotto was used with the Hibari pair’s antics, but Tsunayoshi was very new to it. The boy didn’t seem like he expected to be addressed the moment he entered the room. He was far too used to being ignored.

“Oh, he’s adorable. Kaa-san absolutely approves, Kyoya,” Hibari Hui Yin cooed; making Tsunayoshi to further bowing his head in embarrassment and Kyoya to frown.

“Kaa-san,” the only son of The Hibari House warned in Japanese. The woman giggled. The pitch of her voice was uncomfortably high that it felt like it was scratching the walls of G’s ears.

“You must be Tsunayoshi-kun. Kyoya has told us about you a lot though we’re surprised he only said anything a week ago,” The Head of The Hibari Household then gestured to himself, “I am Hibari Isaku. And this is my wife – and mother of Kyoya, Hui Yin”.

The pair made quite the picture as they smiled to Tsunayoshi’s way from the other end of the round table. Hibari Isaku had Japanese features and a slim frame – but don’t be fooled into thinking he’s weak, because he was a skilled swordsman. Hibari Hui Yin was a female version of Kyoya, though her expression was more animated than her son’s. Hibari isaku was wearing a silk blouse with swallow birds pattern and Hibari Hui Yin wore her signature red Chinese dress. They were both here to make an impression – this meeting was not casual as promised.

“I’ve heard about the two of you. You’re known as the Hibari House’ Alpha Pair,” Tsunayoshi mumbled; and as if he was having a second thought about not saying much else, he added, “I’m Sawada Tsunayoshi. I’ll be in your care”.

“We’ve heard about you too,” The Hibari patriarch said – smile mysterious. The man called a waiter then and ordered him to prepare refreshments. Not long after, two waiters entered their private room and put a delicate white bowl to each G, Giotto and Tsuna. One waiter then poured an almost clear pink liquid into each bowls. The bowl content wafted a warm and sweet smell with only a bit of a tang at the end. G then caught sight of something floating in his bowl.

“Are those flower petals?” G murmured.

“Yes. A very good eye, Mr. Guardian. That flower is native to my land in Japan. We have many names for it, kendifura – short for candy flower – or amaihana – sweet flower. The flower even looks like candy, hence the name. This drink was derived from its fermentation and – ah, I’m sure young Tsunayoshi-kun here would be interested to hear this,” Hibari Isaku addressed the teen for the numerous time that day. G knew it, this pair was trying to appeal to the omega. “If young Alphas are known to be served wine, this drink is a traditional drink we serve to omegan family members or guests. As you all know, Omegas are seen as a symbol to prosperity and fortune in Asia; and that is also true in my House. Growing up, I’ve seen my family serving this drink to the omegas that have set foot in our house; my late aunt being the last omega to ever drink it. We’re not as fortunate to have another omega after her. That is why, I, as the head of the family, is very proud to present this to a guest so important such as Tsunayoshi-kun”.

“I swear, if they ever brought up the topic of marriage to Tsuna, I will pull out my gun,” Giotto grunted lowly to G. G grimaced. They had promised this meeting would be casual because Tsunayoshi had yet to be informed of the full extent of Kyoya’s proposals. Therefore, it was a spoken agreement that no mentions of claiming, marriage, or even engagement should be made on this table. Giotto had allowed discussions on casual courting be made if deemed proper; but then again he would be watching the whole process like a hawk.

Meanwhile, Hibari Isaku was explaining the process of making the drink to Tsunayoshi, from cultivating the flower to storing it. The omega looked immersed; but the young Alpha beside him was far more immersed with the prior’s facial movements like they were a TV show. Kyoya had a fist under his cheek as he tilted his head slightly to watch Tsunayoshi.

“Ahem!” Giotto coughed deliberately to startle the Hibari heir. The latter sent Giotto a dirty look before he huffed and looked away.

“You should drink it while its warm,” the Hibari Alpha said. The three guests lifted their bowls at the same time, but two instantly landed back on the table.

“W-what -,” G’s mouth was wide open in disbelief, “That was awful”. The liquid had just touched the tip of G’s tongue and he could not bear it. It was extremely bitter.

“What was that,” Giotto grunted to the other Head Alpha. Hibari isaku and his wife were known to be a mischievous; but Giotto hadnt foreseen this one.

“I forgot to mention the drink is foul when consumed by Alphas and Betas,” the Head Alpha jolly explained, causing Giotto to protest. “Haha, calm down, Primo. I hate it as much as you do, but I still have to drink them every week for its health benefits. Besides, you can’t waste such an expensive drink,” the man defended without any trace of guilt, hence suggesting the Primo and his assistant to finish the drink despite its horrid taste.

Tsunayoshi, however, was still finishing his bowl. G was amazed how the boy could finish them in one go. When the boy put his bowl down, it was with a satisfying exhale. He licked his lips before smacking them a couple of times.

“That was very tasty,” Tsunayoshi mumbled shyly. He didn’t expect for it to taste that way. G and Giotto was thoroughly lost as to how such a revolting substance could taste anything but bad to anyone.

“Isnt it?” The Hibari Head’s smile grew wickedly as more waiters arrived to serve them small-sized appetizers in elegant arrangements. “Bringing it over here to Europe was quite a hassle. Not only are the people here not accustomed to preparing it, but the climate is also not ideal to prolong its lifespan. Afterall, once served, the flower has a very short shelf life. You are so very lucky to be able to have it outside of Japan, Tsunayoshi-kun”.

Tsunayoshi was still staring at his empty bowl like he was expecting for it to refill itself, “I see”.

“Of course, you can have them anytime you decide to visit The Hibari Household. As we have our own farm and brewery, we can always serve them for you. You can even consume the petals directly from the plant.  Which is a good point, I am curious, have you ever visited Japan, Tsunayoshi-kun?”

“U-um, no Sir. I haven’t”.

“Arent you Japanese? I heard you can speak Japanese fluently”.

“Yes, Sir”.

“That’s a pity, Tsunayoshi-kun. You are welcome to visit Japan anytime you like and visit us in case you need someone familiar to show you around. The Hibari House will be honored to serve you. I will personally take you myself to our farms and you can have all kinds of food made from the flower or eat the petals as is.”

“That sounds nice,” Tsunayoshi voice his soft response. Cue the victorious grin from the Hibari patriarch, and G could hear Giotto muttering, “For goodness sake,” under his breath. The man had a hand in his pockets and one leg over another as he exaggerated an eye roll at the exchanges in front of him.

“The Primo can take Tsuna to Japan anytime he wants it,” G defended while trying to sound as casual as he can. If they thought ensnaring Tsunayoshi into accepting their invitations would be that easy, they were wrong.

“He wouldn’t have the time”.

G glared at the source of said argument. It was that traitorous Kyoya! How dare he had an opinion in this conversation! This was not his war! “Who taught him to speak that way?” The Primo whispered to G accusingly. G turned his glare to the Neo Italian leader. “It’s you. That’s why I told you not to let Kyoya get his way all the time”.

The male Head Alpha of the Hibari House then offered Tsunayoshi another serving of the concoction, that Tsunayoshi refused at first, but with some encouragement from said Alpha (“Most omegas we served couldn’t resist only one bowl, hence we always prepare for as many as they like”) he finally conceded.

It was amazing to see him downing it the whole bowl again without hesitation that even Kyoya somehow gathered the bravery to comment, “I’ve never seen anyone finishing kendifura that fast before”.

Tsunayoshi only looked at the other teen and said a soft, “Oh,” before they both flushed and looked away.

G swore he heard Giotto snort for the hundredth time that day at the sight.

A couple of waiters arrived in their room carrying a trolley with a huge bowl. The bowl was then situated in the middle of their table.

“Ah, gentlemen, this is our infamous family recipe, The Royal Golden Soup. It has been handed down from generation to generation,” Hibari Hui Yin proudly introduced, not that G and The Primo were strangers to it, “Today we deem it fitting to have a kaiseki ryori to entertain our honorable guests. As some of you might have experienced, it is common to have individual portions served to you in kaiseki, but for this particular day I chose this dish for the hashi arai and I prefer it to be served in a peculiar manner. Its best to have this soup alone without any other meal and to share it with people; but later we will serve to you the rest of our main course in our traditional serving manner of kaiseki”.

G rubbed his palm in excitement. They had been served the same dish every time they visited Kyoya’s home in Japan and he would say the soup was exquisite. G personally always looked forward to have the soup whenever he came by The Hibari Household.

As dictated by decorum, for a shared meal serving like this, the alpha of the highest status should be served the meal first. Tsunayoshi took the cue to take the lid off of the bowl so he could serve it to The Primo, who happened to be of the higher status and was his alpha. He then proceeded to offer serving G a bowl too, which was probably because G was second closest to him in terms or relationship; otherwise he would have served Reborn.

Surprisingly, Tsunayoshi extended the offer to the Hibari pair. “Would you like a bowl, Alpha Hibari?” The boy questioned, which impressed both Hibari Alphas to no end. Hibari Hui Yin got hers too.

“My, my. What good manners,” she praised, which made Tsunayoshi slightly red in the face. The boy was about to get himself a bowl before he realized one last person in the table who hadn’t had his serving. Probably it was out of politeness, or maybe Tsunayoshi felt bad for not offering the last alpha a bowl when he had offered the rest; so the omega said, “Would you like a bowl, Hibari-san?”

Something completely unpredictable happened then. See, Kyoya was mostly calm and cool. But right then, he spun his head so fast toward Tsunayoshi and his cheeks developed a deep amber hue which reached his ears. He froze in what was a bewildered stare at Tsunayoshi for a full three seconds before he looked to his lap and choked a low, “yes… please”.

For the life of him, G had never seen Kyoya acted that way.

Then again, for someone who had been confident about the whole courting thing in front of Giotto just days ago, Kyoya sure was acting awkward today. His sitting posture was stiff, he barely said a word, and he had been fixing his attire all day long. If G was allowed to have a say in this case, he’d say the Hibari heir was shy – in front of Tsunayoshi.

Once Tsuna handed him the bowl, Hibari tersely said, “Thank you,” without looking at the omega. His face had returned to its default coolness.

“How do you like it?” Hibari Hui Yin inquired after Tsuna took a spoonful.

The boy nodded, “It’s good”.

“It’s my son’s favorite”.


For having his favorite food served in front of him, Kyoya strangely didn’t seem interested one bit in it. Instead, he was playing with it using his spoon while having his eyes roam around the table as he listened to the conversation attentively. Mostly it consisted of The Hibari’s sharing stories about their home in Japan. They, too, occasionally asked Tsunayoshi about his current activities with the obligatory compliment on the side (“Oh, how brilliant!”; “How inspiring, Tsunayoshi-kun, you’re one of the kind”; “You mean you did that? Wow, that’s amazing”) until they arrived at a point where the conversation went to a more serious note.

Around the time, the full main course had been served to them. Most of them were typical of a kaiseki; colorful and each menu was of a small-sized portion that was arranged beautifully. Everyone started eating once Giotto took his first bite of the yakimono. They didn’t see it when the Hibari matriarch asked, “So what do you think about my son, Tsunayoshi-kun?”

This was the question that would either make it or break it for what would be their relationship. Everyone feigned interest on their meal; but obviously paying more attention to what Tsunayoshi response would be. The brown-haired boy was thinking about his answers.

“Umm, he’s a very talented young man,” the boy’s voice grew smaller and smaller until it became somewhat of a squeak at the end of his sentence.

“He is, isn’t he?” The woman gestured for Tsunayoshi to continue. The omega looked like he was at a loss of words.

He jumped in enthusiasm not a second later though, “Oh! And he’s very good with the tonfa and martial arts. His fighting stance is amazing, I think”.

G frowned before popping a slice of grilled beef into his mouth. “You’ve seen him fight before?” Almost everyone here knew Kyoya’s abilities in martial arts; all of them had watched over his practice on it over the course of years. He was aggressive and relentless in his attacks. Even the guardians had difficulties in containing him on their spars sometimes. But Tsunayoshi shouldn’t have known this; its not like Hibari went everywhere to fight people below his caliber.

“Yeah, we sparred,” was what Tsunayoshi said next. This time, G had to put down his chopsticks. Giotto copied him and they both stared down the youngest Alpha. Kyoya had already paled. It seemed he noticed the errors in his action.

“You sparred,” Giotto repeated.

“Yes. He was good at what he did,” Tsunayoshi replied. He was eyeing everyone one by one as though recognizing how grim the atmosphere suddenly was. It was very like Tsunayoshi to try to salvage the situation, “and that throw of his is especially precise. I received it and I think everything went black for a couple of seconds. It hurt for like three days”.

Probably Tsunayoshi thought he needed to explain Kyoya’s strength. But they all knew that. It was the last detail Tsunayoshi had to spare them. Instead, it put the Alpha on a very poor light. Kyoya noticed this; for he went wide-eyed at Giotto as if trying to explain himself – because he knew, behind Giotto’s collected façade, he was furious. There was going to be a very long talk reserved for Kyoya after this. Giotto probably wouldn’t mind showing him his own throws.

“And – and, Reborn was impressed too, and, y’know, he’s hard to impress so that was pretty amazing,” Tsunayoshi added again. He still didn’t understand what was the focus of their concern.

“Were you okay?” G inquired. Anyone who had fought with Hibari Kyoya normally would have more than just a simple injury.

“I had some bruises for about a week or so. I was like totally defeated, absolutely,” Tsunayoshi was nodding enthusiastically in hope of getting the everyone less tense. He failed.

G had to say though, that description was light in comparison to everyone who had faced the Hibari heir in a fighting ring. He was, after all, ruthless. But still, to fight an omega when you’re an alpha was unforgivable to G’s eyes.

“An omega’s backbone is their weak point. Their structure is vulnerable compares to the other gender’s, especially on the back of the neck,” The Hibari Alpha was smiling but there was something in his calm posture that screamed judgement. In fact, he was leering at his son and Kyoya didn’t seem like he was brave enough to return his gaze. “To throw an omega to the floor, especially on their back, could lead to a life-threatening injury”.

Kyoya’s head was bowed, though G noted that he caught his horrified expression from the side. “For that very reason, I as his Alpha would like to apologize to Tsunayoshi-kun,” The Head alpha turned to the omega and whatever evil streak he had in him when he addressed his son diminished. He sounded softer when he spoke to the omega, “I genuinely hope you were okay after his misconduct”.

Tsunayoshi seemed to catch on then that this was about him. “Oh, o-of course! Like, it hurt but it was a fair fight. Reborn suggested it and I agreed to it. As I said, it was a spar and I understand that”.

“I wasn’t thinking clearly back then. It was stupid of me,” Kyoya blurted with an urgent tone. Then he turned his head to the side to see the omega, “Were you hurt anywhere?”

“Yeah, but it wasn’t – it wasn’t serious or anything. I was sore all over for days and there were bruises, but after a week I was mostly fine. Reborn made double check on my injuries every day. He said I was fine,” Tsunayoshi looked down to his lap. He looked embarrassed.

“Good. I… I apologize for… slamming you that way – It was, I was being stupid and… and selfish,” Kyoya was now looking down too.

Tsunayoshi mumbled, “It wasn’t that bad. It wasn’t like Giotto-san’s - umm,” the omega’s voice faltered then when his eyes met Giotto. Because this time, Giotto was the one growing pale in the face.

G knew what incident Tsunayoshi was trying to refer by mentioning his brother. He was probably the only person Giotto trusted with the full story of what went on behind the closed doors of the library that unfortunate day. The HIbari pair didn’t seem to know though; and it was better that it stayed that way.

“Oh Tsu,” Giotto started pitifully.

“It was not that bad was what I wanted to say. I was fine and all,” Tsunayoshi finished quickly like he was afraid it was going to make the situation worse. He sent a careful gaze at the Hibari Pair – whether it was to assure them there was nothing deeper to the conversation or to see if the Alpha Pair was curious, G didn’t know. What he did know, The Alpha Pair did share some whispers. They were intrigued, but they knew not to touch on the issue for now.

“Is there anything that you would consider problematic or unsavory on my son Tsunayoshi-kun?” this time it was the patriarch who asked. The man was leaning slightly forward with his hands joined in front of him on the table like it was business.

Tsunayoshi’s chopsticks were left idling midair as this question was voice. It stayed that way as he answered, “Of course not!”

“Then is there anything from him that you fancy?”

“U-umm,” the red hue on Tsunayoshi’s cheeks returned, “W-well, I think everyone in the country could say he’s intelligent. He, umm, he has the looks too”.

G hummed loudly. It was obvious that none of Tsunayoshi’s description of Kyoya spoke of familiarity. “Surely, Tsunayoshi-kun, you understand what our intentions are with you, correct? Your mentor must have explained it to you”,

Tsunayoshi looked a bit more nervous, “Umm, Reborn said you want me and your son to be in a, umm, courting relationship”.

The Hibari patriarch gave a wide grin, “I assure you that intention does not come from me, Tsunayoshi-kun. My son came up with it on his own. Do you understand why that is?”

Tsunayoshi was glancing at all of them one by one, only pausing slightly longer at his brother, who had stopped eating to listen to the omega. “I think it’s because… probably because I came from a good background. Umm, Vongola is powerful and of a very high status. I think he considers it suitable”.

The Alpha patriarch laughed this time. His wife followed. “That was hilarious! Oh, dear, not once that it downs on you that a lot of people would love to court you for your looks?” The Hibari Alpha said in the midst of his own laughter.

Tsunayoshi’s face went red again as he sputtered, “T-they say I look like Giotto-san,” His voice depleted in volume whereas the male head of the Hibari House exploded in another series of laughter. You could see Kyoya’s grunting in embarrassment of his father’s action next to Tsunayoshi and Hui Yin was definitely enjoying this.

“Like his brother!” Hibari Isaku hollered, “Dear, if I was 20 years younger, I wouldn’t go for your brother. I would, however, go for you”.

“Otou-san!” This time Kyoya’s tone was harsher, which sent his father to another giggling fit. Giotto too was sending glares.

“I would appreciate it if you don’t make any move towards Tsunayoshi,” Giotto warned.

Hui Yin, who had been chuckling herself, waved a hand at the Primo. “Come on, Primo! You need to tell us how you raised such a humble child. I mean, look like his brother, he said!” The woman giggled, “No one would dare ask for his hands if he looked or acted like The Primo, would it?”

Oh man, G watched their omega’s face, oh no.

“Right. Just a week ago all the alpha heads were talking about how unmoved you are by their requests to meet up with Tsunayoshi-kun. I heard some of them promised you a land for dear Tsunayoshi’s hand. Of course, I am forever grateful that my Kyoya had the chance to know Tsunayoshi-kun first hand, but the competition is tough,” The Hibari patriarch chimed in.

“Alpha Hibari,” G called to the man’s attention and shook his head to signal the man to stop.

“Whats wrong?” The Alpha asked.

“Our Tsu,” G shook his head again as discreet as he could. The Hibari house alpha’s brows skyrocketed.

“Oh! You mean he didn’t know about the proposals?”

G cringed inwardly. The man must have been doing this in purpose.

Giotto was smiling thinly while he rubbed the bridge of his nose. “We want to-,” he found the omega’s gaze on him, “Please understand, I deem it important for Tsuna to recover properly without having to be concerned about courting and marriage”.

“It’s fine, Tsu. You don’t need to think much about it,” G assured the boy, who had been watching the exchange with huge round eyes. The boy must be taken aback by this discovery. Omegas are often married off early. While Giotto had informed his guardians he didn’t want to enforce that on his brother; he did mention that people would still think otherwise. Which was why, the guardians are working hard to protect their omega from these persistent alphas. “We’ve got it under control,” G added.

“They do,” unprompted, Hibari Isaku agreed, “Which is good because that means my Kyoya should have more chance with dear Tsunayoshi-kun, correct?” The man was grinning, “You said so yourself, Tsunayoshi-kun, that my son is a fine young lad. Apparently, he considers you to be more than just a proper partner. He said you’re very dedicated to your passion, enthusiastic, kind, strong, and adorable too”.

Tsunayoshi looked like he had no idea how to respond but to play with his chopsticks. G was about to be on his rescue, but of course Hibari Isaku would not let this chance go to waste.

“I am sure Vongola has their own plans for you. By logic, you and my Kyoya would make the perfect couple. He’s an alpha of a prestigious house and he’s been acquainted with your brother. You are the most desired omega from the most respected house in Europe. However, all that wouldn’t matter if you don’t return my son’s feelings,” the man folded his hands on the table, yet his figure leaned forward, “We all can use politics to set this arrangement in stone. But I wouldn’t be so mean to someone as sweet as yourself. So, this is your chance, Tsunayoshi-kun; how do you feel about my son? If you don’t fancy him back, I would see to it myself that he would never bother you ever again. If you don’t tell me now, I will make sure that you and my son will be betrothed”.

“Excuse you!” G protested.

“As everyone knows my son is the best candidate there is,” Hibari Isaku continued like he was never interrupted, “So, tell me now. Do you like my Kyoya?”

That was cheating. Everyone in the room knew how Tsunayoshi felt about Kyoya. It was obvious if you’ve watched his videos.


Giotto stood up abruptly just then. “I need to speak with my brother,” He walked to said brother, “privately”.

He offered a hand to Tsunayoshi to help him get to his feet. The boy did so after he sent a questioning look to the Hibari Alpha pair. “Let’s go, G,” Giotto ordered before he left the room with Tsunayoshi in toe. G closely followed.

They arrived in another room in the VIP wing. Giotto had settled on a chair while Tsunayoshi stood facing him. G entered the room after checking the vicinity. He then closed the door. “They shouldn’t be able to hear us,” G announced.

“Fricking, Isaku! He’s always been good with words,” Giotto grumbled tiredly, “He’s playing us, I swear”.

“Do you think they’re planning this? Preparing that drink for Tsu, too,” G pointed out.

“I don’t know. Plan or no plan, that’s just how The Hibari’s are,” Giotto said.

Tsunayoshi was busy watching his own shoes. Giotto sighed and took the boy’s hands in his. “Look, Tsu. Before you answer them, just, let me tell you this,” Giotto tried his best to be on eye level with his younger brother, “Don’t be fooled by Kyoya! You might think he’s cool and all that - but he’s a creep! He once told his friends you’re his boyfriend”.

G groaned in embarrassment. It was true that Kyoya had made such a claim. It was from Daemon’s intel work that they found out Kyoya’s high school friends has caught the sight of Tsunayoshi and the Hibari heir claimed that it was his lover.

“He even took pictures of you! He still has them in his phone!” Giotto added with a sense of urgency, “See? He’s not that cool guy the media makes him out to be. To take your pictures without your consent is very disrespectful, don’t you agree? So don’t be fooled into courting him, Tsu, he’s a cre -”

“T-theres nothing wrong about taking pictures of the person you like!!” Tsunayoshi, surprisingly, fought back, “There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s only natural!!”

Giotto blinked a couple of times after his brother’s outburst; only sending a panicked look at G once as though asking, “What did I do wrong?”

“When you like someone, its fine to want a memento of them!” Tsunayoshi’s face turned red as he defended Kyoya’s actions. He even stomped his feet.

“I-I, of course! Of course, Tsu. Whatever you say, just calm down, please,” Giotto tried his best to calm the omega down. He forgot; Tsunayoshi also had a thing with keeping videos of people.

This plan seemed to backfire.

“There’s nothing wrong with it!!”

“Of course, Tsu. Of course”.

“It’s not like people would use it for something creepy!”

“T-thats debatable, but yes, I would agree with you in this case”.

They ended up returning to the previous room with Giotto looking like he didn’t want to be there and Tsunayoshi slightly upset. This could end badly for them. If Tsunayoshi was too emotional, he could be played by Hibari Isaku so easily.

Reborn had said to trust Tsunayoshi’s judgement more. This was why they allowed Tsunayoshi to answer for himself. Still, he’s a child who wasn’t trained in the art of negotiation and politics. Hibari Isaku, on the other hand, was a man notorious for his manipulative tactics.

“I’m blaming Reborn for all of this,” Giotto growled under his breath as they plopped down to their seat in the room with the Hibari’s. Hibari Isaku looked ready to grill their youngest until he agrees to date his son.

However, they forgot Tsunayoshi was mentored by the best of the best.

“I think your son is okay. I don’t mind going to lunch dates and stuff with him,” was Tsunayoshi calm answer.

Hibari Isaku visibly looked surprised by the younger’s collected attitude.

“As for courting, I’m still thinking about it. I mean,” he sent an accusing look at the younger Hibari next to him, “we’ve never really talked”.

G and Giotto exchanged looks.

Tsunayoshi didn’t need them to guide him after all.

The parking lot of the restaurant was full of men dressed in suit. G was among them, standing next to Giotto to discuss their next agenda of the day while three guards created a wall around them. He was showing The Primo an email when he saw the figure of Kyoya coming to their direction. The kid was slightly skipping their way. G didn’t have a good feeling about this. Hibari Kyoya never skips.

“Hey, can I take Tsuna home in my ride?” was Kyoya’s question to Giotto once he was facing the latter.

Giotto didn’t make an instant response. He only turned his head away from G’s pad and gave the Hibari heir a frown. “He’s Sawada-san to you,” Giotto stated.

Kyoya gave The Primo an eye roll, “Yeah, so can I give him a ride?” He didn’t seem to care what Giotto was going to say.

G was sure Giotto was planning to give Kyoya a mouthful, so G cut the man before he started. “Fine, you can take him”.

Giotto sent G a murderous glare. G’s lips formed a thin line as though saying, “I can handle this”. “As long as Tsuna agrees. Just remember to get him home directly, no detours or funny business,” G reminded.

Kyoya already had the key spun on one finger. “Cool,” the punk said cockily before leaving without any other word.

Giotto snorted as he snuck both hands in his trousers’ pocket and leaned to their black limousine alongside G. “I need a smoke,” Giotto mumbled. G readily give the man his. It was then that G’s mobile phone buzzed. It was Asari. G picked it up, “Yo”.

“How was it?” Asari spent no time asking the question. Behind his sunglasses, G eyes Kyoya approaching their youngest. The latter was speaking to The Hibari Alpha pair. From the way he was bowing to them, you’d knew the omega was showing his gratefulness to the two heads of The Hibari house.

“Kyoya’s talking to our boy,” G reported absently in the middle of his observation. He could see the punk taking the omega’s attention. From his form, to the way he twisted his keys around; you knew the punk was acting cool. And Tsunayoshi bought it. The kid was half gaping at Kyoya the whole time Kyoya talked to him.

“Finally manning up, huh?” Asari joked. The moment it was out that Kyoya was enamored with Tsunayoshi; the guardians made it their mission to jab at the Hibari heir. The guardians had been joking about Kyoya’s pursuit for Tsunayoshi’s attention and his failure to do so. The only out who had been out of the fun was Tsunayoshi – who was far too busy doing his own thing the whole time.

“Oh, Tsu’s coming to us,” G told Asari, while Giotto said, “Give him your best horror story about Kyoya, G”.

Because of that, G was already laughing the moment Tsunayoshi was with them. “So, Hibari-san offered to give me a ride,” the omega told them. Asari was still on the line so he should be able to hear that clearly.

“He planned that. He sent the car for a wash,” Asari informed. And if you knew Kyoya, you knew he didn’t offer free rides. The last time G asked for a lift, the kid kept on complaining how G’s shoes dirtied his car’s carpet.

“Kyoya’s a bad driver,” Giotto started badmouthing Kyoya first. The omega pouted at that.

G decided not to entertain Giotto’s pettiness, and instead asked Tsunayoshi, “Do you want to go with him?”

Tsunayoshi turned around to see the car. G had to give it to Kyoya for taking his most prized car to impress Tsunayoshi. It was a two seated custom-made Ferrari. “It looks cool but I’ve never been in that kind of car,” Tsunayoshi looked nervous. He shouldn’t be. He should know he could get any car he wanted.

Then again, Tsunayoshi had never seem to know how to act like a proud Vongolan. Whatever attire he wears or wherever he sits; the kid could never shed the humble skin of that humble orphan they had picked up a couple of years ago. Even when the attention was casted upon him, the kid would probably still think he was invisible to the crowd.

Which was probably why the omega was now checking at the bottom of his shoes. “My shoes are kind of dirty,” he frowned, “Hibari-san wouldn’t like me getting into his car”.

Tsunayoshi still had no idea said shoes was a present from said punk who was offering him the ride. However dirty Tsunayoshi got his car in that shoes, Kyoya would probably like it.

“Meh, its fine. Wreak havoc in his car for us. If he ends up hating you, you can always blame us,” G blurted. He then decided he needed to be more considerate of Tsunayoshi’s low self-esteem. “It’s fine. He wouldn’t mind you going. He invited you himself, right?”

“Right,” the bow shyly mumbled. It didn’t take long for Tsunayoshi to excuse himself and went to Kyoya.

“Wow, so this is it? Our boy is with Kyoya, now?” Asari questioned from the line.

“Only because we owe him for that Vendicare report,” Giotto grunted. It was right after Kyoya had proved himself useful to the investigation and took the responsibility to present that to the court was Giotto more lenient on the kid’s intent on his brother.

“Right,” G chuckled as he watched Kyoya showing Tsunayoshi how the car’s beetle wing doors work. G didn’t forget to signal with his two fingers that he’s watching them when Kyoya’s eyes caught him. “Right, its only because of the report”.

“Is the seatbelt fastened?”

“U-umm, yes?”

“Let me see”.

Really, Kyoya didn’t need to inconvenience himself by checking Tsuna’s seatbelt himself. He’s so close too; Tsuna could practically smell his cologne. He smelled so nice. Wait, what if Tsuna smelled bad?

“There,” Kyoya said and gave the seatbelt around Tsuna a nice pat. Even after he returned to his seat, Tsuna was still tense from the close proximity. Alone with Kyoya, Tsuna would most likely make a fool out of himself. Ugh, and he had to take his silly looking backpack too. If only he knew he was going to have lunch with Kyoya’s parents, he would probably use another backpack.

His phone buzzed. That had to be Reborn. Tsuna better respond now; but then Kyoya would have a glimpse of Tsuna’s ridiculous phone case too! Oh no! What to do!?

“Do you need to see that?” Kyoya asked from the driver’s seat.

“O-oh! I-it’s okay. It’s gotta be Reborn’s texts anyway,” Tsuna explained while hugging his backpack closer to himself to cover his embarrassment.

The phone buzzed again. This time, Kyoya sent Tsunayoshi’s backpack a look, “Don’t you need to respond to that? He would appreciate it if you respond now”.

“O-okay,” Tsuna answered in defeat. He opened his backpack and took the bright orange cased iPhone. The case had an elephant shaped head; complete with the trunk made out of rubber. He didn’t know why he chose that particular case this very day.

He tried to make sure he hid the phone in his backpack still as he typed in his reply for Reborn. Kyoya had started the engine of his car. The cars in front of them has started to leave the vicinity of the parking lot too.

“So what did he say?”

“Hmm?” Tsuna turned to Kyoya. Kyoya was looking at the road; but Tsuna was sure he was asking about Reborn. “Oh, he was asking about the lunch”.

Kyoya was silent as he turned the car to leave the parking lot. However, Tsuna felt like he was still listening to him. “And I told him it was nice,” Tsuna added.

Kyoya said nothing; but by the way his shoulders moved, Tsuna reckoned he was now less tense.

The car had made it to the road and it followed Giotto-san’s entourage. Kyoya’s parents must be in one of these limousines. Their car stopped in the middle of a short jam. It was then Kyoya turned his head to Tsuna and out of the blue said, “That’s cute”.

“What?” Tsuna realized he had somehow pulled out his phone from his bag. A deep flush spread on his cheeks. He wanted to explain himself, but Kyoya’s attention was back to the road. He was turning the wheel. “Hibari-san, we’re leaving the entourage”.

In fact, their car took a turn to a more deserted road next to the jam. Kyoya said nothing. That was, until the car announced an oncoming call through the speaker. “We see that. Where are you going?” G said on the loudspeaker without a single greeting.

“We’re just taking a detour”.

“Giotto said no funny business”.

“There’s not. I’m just taking him for a ride”.

“Right. We want Tsu back before dinner. No pitstops,” G warned. Tsuna heard Kyoya cursing under his breath. “Are you listening?” G pushed again.

“Yes. Fine. Whatever,” was Kyoya’s response as he kept his attention forward.

“Good. Tsu, you’re okay?”

Tsuna didn’t expect to be addressed in the conversation. “I’m good”.

“Cool. If you need anything, you can contact us, okay?”

Kyoya grunted, “He’s fine”.

“Okay then. I’m going to hang up. Remember we’re watching”.

The line went dead then. It left them in an awkward silence where Tsuna spent his time watching the side of Kyoya’s profile. He didn’t know what the other teen was planning; but he looked like he had a plan.

“They’re a bit lame, don’t you agree?” The dark haired teen said to Tsuna. Tsuna found it to be amazing that Kyoya could speak cheekily to the guardians without any consequences. Just then he was being slightly rude to G, but now he was speaking so nicely to Tsuna.

“Um, I suppose. I think they’re just worried,” Tsuna responded shyly. He wasn’t really used to speaking to this guy.

“There’s a breathtaking sight in this area. Would you like to see?” Kyoya asked instead.

Was it Tsuna, or did Kyoya seem much more relaxed and confident while he was on the steering wheel? “Sure,” Tsuna answered despite not knowing what’s coming.

Kyoya took him on a ride around a sleepy farm village. He was speeding all the way, which made Tsuna slightly tense. However, the smile on Kyoya’s face told Tsuna that he was having fun. And it was fun, kind of; the kind of fun Tsuna was not accustomed to. Such a car somehow felt stable despite the high velocity.

Tsuna still felt nervous though, because the way the buildings passed by was unusual. At one point the car actually took a very sharp turn and the whole car screeched. Tsuna squeaked so hard until the car made an abrupt stop. He realized then that Kyoya was laughing.

“Whats wrong? Were you surprised?” He asked Tsuna. Tsuna wished the ground could swallow him whole.

“T-that was… scary,” Tsuna admitted. This was so embarrassing. Kyoya chuckled again.

“It’s fine; that’s called drifting. I’m very good at it so you don’t need to worry,” he reached out to Tsuna’s right arm, that had been hugging his backpack in panic, and softly pulled it so it could rest on Tsuna’s side, “And the car can handle it. You can trust me, can’t you?”

Tsuna was holding his breath the whole time Kyoya’s fingers caressed the inside of his arm. The fingers reached the inside of Tsuna’s palm as they directed the hand to land on the seat right next to Tsuna’s leg. It stopped there; and gave a little tickle; before Kyoya’s hand left Tsuna’s for good.

Somehow, they were staring at each other. Tsuna knew he should pull his gaze away because at this point his blush was out there unarmored. Yet, he couldn’t. Something about Kyoya’s gaze was so magnetic. And Tsuna realized then; the teen was smirking at him before he started the car once again.

Maybe it was Kyoya’s thing to speed up and drift a lot. It was exciting; but also nerve wrecking. Tsuna swore Kyoya’s smile grew every time Tsuna squealed out of horror. He must have done that on purpose.

At first Tsuna thought Kyoya could be joking when he said he’s going to show Tsuna something nice. Maybe by that he meant the drifting. But then he surprised Tsuna by saying, “We’re almost there”.

Kyoya slowed down by a clearing with a huge field of flowers. The sky looked much vaster in this setting. Tsuna loved it.

“Here it is. Not many people know this place,” Kyoya introduced.


“You like it?”

“It’s pretty”.

“It is”.

When Tsuna turned to see Kyoya; Kyoya was already looking at him.

It was already dark when the car entered the palazzo’s gate. Kyoya parked it not far from the main building, in which a number of guards were standing. “I had fun,” Tsuna told Kyoya.

“I’m glad,” the darkhaired teen said. Tsuna remembered that the seat belt could unclasp itself; but somehow Kyoya unclasped his and then went to Tsuna’s. “Let me help you”.

Tsuna tensed once again. The other teen was so close; too close; and Tsuna was afraid every breath he takes could expose his secret crush to this teen. He was taking a while to unlock the seat belt too.

Tsuna tried his best to keep his eyes on Kyoya’s hands. They kept on poking Tsuna’s fingers. The idea of touching hands made Tsuna squirm, so he looked somewhere else. It was then he realized that their noses were only inches apart.

Their eyes met.

“I…,” Tsuna started. He didn’t know where he was going with this one. “I tought it would be hard; but being alone with you... turns out to be nice".

Kyoya wasn’t saying anything; which might be better because Tsuna wouldn’t be able to listen when he’s focusing so much on the other’s steely expression. Tsuna thought Kyoya did not feel the same, until he was leaning closer.

Then there was a knock on the roof of the car.

They both looked up.

Alaude was there. He wasn’t amused.

“Open the door,” The cloud guardian mouthed. Tsuna heard Kyoya cursing before he opened the door. Alaude's arm shot forward to grab onto Tsuna's upper arm. “You, out. Your brother’s waiting for you,” the man’s tone was sharp; so Tsuna hurriedly get to his feet and exited the car. G was waiting not far behind. He was sighing; heavily.

“Where have you been? I’ve been calling you and it wouldn't reach!” Tsuna could hear the upcoming scolding in G’s voice. Tsuna tried to explain that he turned off his reception because he didnt want Kyoya to catch the sight of his silly casing again, but G no longer seemed to care. He led Tsuna ahead, to the main entrance where a line of guards dispersed to give them a way. Tsuna decided he needed to at least thank Kyoya and said good night.

He turned his head around. From behind G’s back, he could see Kyoya being scolded by Alaude. “Goodnight!” Tsuna hoped Kyoya could hear that as G dragged him further and further away. The older teen looked far too busy arguing against Alaude, but when his eyes caught Tsuna’s; his face softened to a smile. The young Hibari wave, only to have his hand slapped by a very salty Cloud Guardian - which successfully wiped any trace of happiness from Kyoya's face.

"Awwe," Tsuna whined. G groaned, "Let's go Tsu".


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