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The Unintended

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Dick was hopeless at the art of seduction. That's why when he was tasked with missions such as these, he used his pretty face and apparel to his advantage. Dick looked at himself in the mirror once more, running his fingers through his fluffy hair, then straightened his clothes. He let his loose blouse hang off his shoulder a bit then unhooked a few buttons, showing off a bit of his chest. He didn't bother messing with his pants. They were already so tight on his ass he didn't need to worry about them.

Dick took a deep breath, promptly going over the mission in his head. 


Assassinate Bruce Wayne.


He took one last look in the mirror before heading out the bathroom toward the spellbinding music. 

Dick moved silently about the club, letting his presence seize the elegant atmosphere. He provided a lazy displacement with his posterior and swayed his hips confidently. The feeling was sensual as a few people regarded him; at once, he delivered a well-crafted sight, but he kept his pheromones in check. Dick could not risk letting the whole club know he was an unmated omega. 

The club was high class; anyone with enough money, respect, and status could get in. Still, an unmated omega walking through a club filled with mostly alpha’s was bound to draw unwanted attention. Dick didn’t desire any of it, though he appreciated the few gazes thrown his way, here and there.

Dick stopped at a bar stool that remained the furthest away from crowd huddling in the middle of the club. He caught the attention of the bartender and ordered a simple negroni before turning around to face the wide room. He saw people of all kinds; alphas, betas, and omegas alike. They conversed and danced together, sharing the intimacies that Dick never once experienced himself. Nor would he ever.

He was an assassin. A shadow. A killer of the night. And had been since he was a child. 

Dick knew of nothing else except for the missions assigned to him by the clan leader and the different ways of silently ending a person’s life. He knew nothing of contentment nor pleasure, for he was in a state of indifference and had never been intimate with anyone. He made a vow not to.

The bartender came back with his drink, and Dick left him a hefty tip before walking away. He took a sip, loving the warm smooth taste as it slid down his throat. Dick sidestepped about the edges of the room, trying his best to stay discrete. He continued taking sips of his drink while eyeing the people around him, hoping to spot his target soon. 

Bruce Wayne was his target. The prince of Gotham and owner of the biggest multinational company known as Wayne Enterprises. When Dick received his order to assassinate the following, he found himself visiting the Wayne Tower. It was hard to miss, as it stood well above every other building in the city. Dick had a sense of euphoria when he took the building tour; above all else, he somehow felt drawn to it. Like some sort of unseeable force was compelling him forward. He had no way to explain these feelings so he left the tour early and made his way back to his temporary apartment. 

When he arrived, he still couldn’t figure out why he felt that way. Did Bruce Wayne have some sort of narcotic gas running through the building’s pipelines? It was a far fetched idea but an idea none the less. Dick let go of the thought and focused back on the task at hand.

Just then, the club lights dimmed and the music slowed, changing the ambiance entirely. More people gathered on the dance floor and began moving in fluid motions to the deep base of the music. Dick drank the last of his booze, placing it on an empty table before suddenly feeling that familiar unseeable allure.  

“Care to dance?” A voice whispered in his ear. Dick stiffened but shivered despite his worry and reluctance to do so. Who was this man and how had he not noticed he was standing behind him before? Dick turned around and cursed inwardly, damning the lights for being so low that he couldn’t make out the person’s face.

“Well?” The man held out his hand and Dick stared at it. For some reason, he felt compelled to take it but in doing so, he would miss the opportunity to spot Bruce Wayne. Dick gulped as he felt his hand moving impulsively to grab a hold of the stranger’s hand. He knew he shouldn’t be doing this nor was there any reason as to why he felt this way; regardless, he let the man pull him forward.

Dick knew something felt right the moment he was in the stranger’s arms. He experienced a sort of ‘click’ -- as in everything suddenly felt perfect. For that reason, Dick let a sigh escape his lips and his body naturally flow along with the music. The man moved with expertise, using his arms to pivot Dick around so that his back was against his chest. Dick huffed as he suffered through the stunning contact. His body felt heavy, making it hard to sway against the man (the alpha in fact). Dick realized this when the man leaned down to scent his neck. The omega gasped right away but even that did nothing to cease their cavort. 

“Mm.” Dick hummed and leaned back further into the alpha’s chest. His head fell back against the alpha’s shoulder and that’s when he heard it, the most gorgeous chuckle ever. He unconsciously parted his lips and panted softly against the man’s chin. He was losing himself in the heat of the moment and swayed his hips with a cadence that was so sluggish yet reflexive. Unfortunately, Dick became less and less aware of his surroundings as he let these inconclusive feelings take over. Besides his mind becoming foggy, there was a peculiar smell that enclosed all of his senses. 

"Mm," Dick hummed again before turning around and draping himself on the person closest to him. He wanted to be near the origin of the aroma and quickly, for he was suddenly feeling extremely hot and… wet.

“I’ve got you,” The alpha whispered in his ear and Dick had but all forgotten about the mission. “I followed your scent and I knew I’d find you here... my mate .” He spoke again, this time a little more possessively. 

Dick hadn’t registered what the man said from being too roused by the scent that encased him. The alpha’s hands slid down his waist and rested on his hips, making Dick feel small and docile. 

No, Dick thought, what was he doing? He needed to control himself.

The alpha growled when Dick started to pull away and yanked him right back where he was. Dick sighed against the man’s chest yet again forgetting his reason for pulling away in the first place.

The alpha scented him again. “You smell so damn good.” 

Dick couldn't help notice an identical infatuation with the fact that he also thought the man smelled good. “Your scent is strong.” The alpha said as he lightly sniffed him. “You’re going into heat. People are starting to notice,” the man spoke softly.

Heat? Dick considered the prospect with a slight repudiation.

“I will take us somewhere more private,” The alpha spoke again.

Private? Dick thought as he felt his body being lifted from the ground then he was floating. How could he experience a sense of heaviness and lightheadedness at the same time? Dick didn’t know. Actually, he no longer cared. All he wanted was to palliate his mind and give in to the pleasure of his desires.


Dick felt weightless in the man’s arms. He felt as if he were drifting away from his sanity. He no longer understood his purpose for being wherever he once was, for wherever this man was taking him, he would go willingly.

The man spoke, this time to someone else; in which case, Dick slowly opened his eyes. Once again, he was faced with the man’s shoulder and sharp jawline. 

“If not a large suite, then a large bed will do.” He said to whoever he was talking to.

Dick frowned as he weakly grabbed the alpha’s collar, trying to force the man’s attention onto him. The man did just that by looking down at the omega with a soft smile. Dick blinked slowly, not being sure who he was looking at through his fuzzy sight but still he felt suspicion nudging at the back of his mind. Dick felt as if he’d seen this man before.

“Here’s your key card, sir.” A woman’s voice rang through Dick’s ears and that’s when he smelt another omega. As a result, he pulled himself flush against the alpha’s chest, then looked over at the other omega in the room. She was a tall blond woman and even though she and the alpha barely made any contact, Dick felt threatened.

Mine,” Dick uttered with a scowl, not questioning why he said it in the first place.

She simply smiled, bringing her hand up to give his alpha the key card. At that, Dick growled tenaciously, yanking his alpha’s arm away from her. She looked startled with her mouth agape.

“Shh, it’s alright.” His alpha said in his ear. “I’m just going to grab the key card.”

Dick, in spite of himself, made an effort to keep still as his alpha grabbed the card and apologized to the woman. Finally, they started to move and thankfully, it was away from her. Dick, momentarily, questioned his actions.

Why had he been so defensive and what possessed him to claim this alpha as his?  

He hadn’t even heard the man’s name yet. Even in this delirious state, he was sure he would remember the man’s name and at least get to say it, but Dick digressed. He simply focused on holding the man close with his arms around the alpha’s neck and his head laying on his chest. 

But no… this wasn’t- something was wrong . Why was he here in the first place? 

Dick groaned softly as the invisible pull between them drowned out his thoughts. He needn’t think about anything except for this alpha; his alpha. 

Dick felt himself being placed on something soft; a bed, he deducted when he hit the pillows behind his head. But something was missing. His alpha was no longer touching him. He quickly sat up and despite his dizziness, he tried to climb off the bed and toward that alluring smell. 

His alpha chuckled. “Wait one moment, I’m right here.” 

Dick whimpered after hearing his alpha’s voice so far away. “Mm… alpha…” He whined weakly, still determined to go to where he was. Before his feet could touch the floor though, he felt his body being engulfed by that previous warmth.

“I’m not going anywhere, Dick.”

Dick stiffened at the sound of his name. It sounded nothing like the people that knew his private name. It sounded foreign, wrong, and yet he found himself swooning at the ring of it. But still, even as he felt the man’s lips dip close to touch his own, the feelings of doubt didn’t go away. 

Where was he previously and how had he ended up here?

The kiss was chaste but enough to revive the rational part of Dick’s mind. He blinked sluggishly, finding that he was faced with the man’s lips. He pulled the alpha down by his shoulders, angling to the right so that their lips connected once more. They were soft and so very warm. They moved tenderly against his, dragging faint sighs from his own. 

“Alpha…” He said again. 

“Call me Bruce, my love.”

Dick sharply inhaled as he felt Bruce’s hand unbutton his shirt. “Bruce…?” The name escaped his lips then he pronounced it again, “Bruce…” and tried to determine why that name sounded so familiar.

“Dick, you’re going into heat. Let me take care of you.”

“Into… heat?” Dick questioned as he felt his pants being removed. Was that why he felt so heavy and delusional? He’d never been in heat before because he took suppressants. More like his clan leader forced him to take them; all of the assassins had to because we’re we bound by oath to remain celibate. But how had the suppressors stopped working? 

He felt his body being pushed down on the bed behind him. 

“Let me take care of you,” Bruce repeated. 

No… no… something about this is wrong. Dick forced himself to turn away from… Bruce. 


...Bruce Wayne.


All at once, everything came back to him. Dick widened his eyes and sat up quickly, ignoring the dizziness and went to grab the dagger from his right pants pocket. However, his pants weren’t there and he was, without a doubt, naked.

Dick gulped and slowly looked up, willing his eyes to focus on the man in front of him. How could he have missed this? The actual Bruce Wayne was sitting in front of him. He frowned at Dick’s sudden reaction, then looked down at where he was touching his upper thigh.

Dick moved quickly while Bruce was distracted, shifting his leg to kick the man off the bed. As soon as he swung his leg, Bruce caught it with less effort than Dick expected. Dick struggled against his hold, trying to yank his leg away, but the alpha was too strong.

“Let go!” Dick tried yanking again only to be pushed further back into the bed. Bruce had Dick’s leg pressed against his own chest while his other hand pinned Dick’s wrist above his head. 

“Calm down, Dick.” Dick felt overwhelmed and angry; angry at himself mostly. What the fuck had he been doing this whole time? Why was he feeling this way? Better yet, why didn’t he mind feeling this way? He knew he needed to complete the mission but he was being weighed down by his own desires. What had Bruce Wayne done to him!?

“Relax, Dick. I’m not going to hurt you.” Bruce leaned forward, pressing his mouth against Dick’s scent glands. Dick shivered, calming down instantly.

“There we go,” Bruce assured him.

“No… no.” Dick shook his head. 

“I know, Dick. It hurts doesn’t it?” Bruce whispered against his ear. “Let me take care of you.”

Dick whimpered, “No…don’t-- don’t touch me.”

“You’re in heat Dick.”

Dick shook his head in denial. “Don’t tou-- let go.” He had to kill him! He needed to complete his mission.

“I’m sorry, my love. It’s my fault you’re like this. Us coming in contact has triggered your heat.” Bruce began to kiss up and down Dick’s neck. “But I can’t let you go. Not when I’ve finally found you.”

Dick panted harshly as he attempted one more time at trying to push Bruce off of him. He used all the strength he had, lifting his bottom half off the bed to push upward only to find out he was leaking from below. Dick gasped upon feeling something slick leaking from his hole.

“Wha-” Was he truly in heat? How? “What… what did you do to me?” Dick questioned with a weak whimper.

Bruce pulled away from his neck to look down at the omega. “I found you, Dick. I searched for you for so many years and I’ve finally found you.” Bruce paused, releasing his hold on Dick’s leg to wipe the tears spilling from the omega’s eyes. “It’s alright, you’re safe now. I found you, my other half… my mate.”