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The Unintended

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Dick was hopeless at the art of seduction. That's why when he was tasked with missions such as these, he used his pretty face and apparel to his advantage. Dick looked at himself in the mirror once more, running his fingers through his fluffy hair, then straightened his clothes. He let his loose blouse hang off his shoulder a bit then unhooked a few buttons, showing off a bit of his chest. He didn't bother messing with his pants. They were already so tight on his ass he didn't need to worry about them.

Dick took a deep breath, promptly going over the mission in his head. 


Assassinate Bruce Wayne.


He took one last look in the mirror before heading out the bathroom toward the spellbinding music. 

Dick moved silently about the club, letting his presence seize the elegant atmosphere. He provided a lazy displacement with his posterior and swayed his hips confidently. The feeling was sensual as a few people regarded him; at once, he delivered a well-crafted sight, but he kept his pheromones in check. Dick could not risk letting the whole club know he was an unmated omega. 

The club was high class; anyone with enough money, respect, and status could get in. Still, an unmated omega walking through a club filled with mostly alpha’s was bound to draw unwanted attention. Dick didn’t desire any of it, though he appreciated the few gazes thrown his way, here and there.

Dick stopped at a bar stool that remained the furthest away from crowd huddling in the middle of the club. He caught the attention of the bartender and ordered a simple negroni before turning around to face the wide room. He saw people of all kinds; alphas, betas, and omegas alike. They conversed and danced together, sharing the intimacies that Dick never once experienced himself. Nor would he ever.

He was an assassin. A shadow. A killer of the night. And had been since he was a child. 

Dick knew of nothing else except for the missions assigned to him by the clan leader and the different ways of silently ending a person’s life. He knew nothing of contentment nor pleasure, for he was in a state of indifference and had never been intimate with anyone. He made a vow not to.

The bartender came back with his drink, and Dick left him a hefty tip before walking away. He took a sip, loving the warm smooth taste as it slid down his throat. Dick sidestepped about the edges of the room, trying his best to stay discrete. He continued taking sips of his drink while eyeing the people around him, hoping to spot his target soon. 

Bruce Wayne was his target. The prince of Gotham and owner of the biggest multinational company known as Wayne Enterprises. When Dick received his order to assassinate the following, he found himself visiting the Wayne Tower. It was hard to miss, as it stood well above every other building in the city. Dick had a sense of euphoria when he took the building tour; above all else, he somehow felt drawn to it. Like some sort of unseeable force was compelling him forward. He had no way to explain these feelings so he left the tour early and made his way back to his temporary apartment. 

When he arrived, he still couldn’t figure out why he felt that way. Did Bruce Wayne have some sort of narcotic gas running through the building’s pipelines? It was a far fetched idea but an idea none the less. Dick let go of the thought and focused back on the task at hand.

Just then, the club lights dimmed and the music slowed, changing the ambiance entirely. More people gathered on the dance floor and began moving in fluid motions to the deep base of the music. Dick drank the last of his booze, placing it on an empty table before suddenly feeling that familiar unseeable allure.  

“Care to dance?” A voice whispered in his ear. Dick stiffened but shivered despite his worry and reluctance to do so. Who was this man and how had he not noticed he was standing behind him before? Dick turned around and cursed inwardly, damning the lights for being so low that he couldn’t make out the person’s face.

“Well?” The man held out his hand and Dick stared at it. For some reason, he felt compelled to take it but in doing so, he would miss the opportunity to spot Bruce Wayne. Dick gulped as he felt his hand moving impulsively to grab a hold of the stranger’s hand. He knew he shouldn’t be doing this nor was there any reason as to why he felt this way; regardless, he let the man pull him forward.

Dick knew something felt right the moment he was in the stranger’s arms. He experienced a sort of ‘click’ -- as in everything suddenly felt perfect. For that reason, Dick let a sigh escape his lips and his body naturally flow along with the music. The man moved with expertise, using his arms to pivot Dick around so that his back was against his chest. Dick huffed as he suffered through the stunning contact. His body felt heavy, making it hard to sway against the man (the alpha in fact). Dick realized this when the man leaned down to scent his neck. The omega gasped right away but even that did nothing to cease their cavort. 

“Mm.” Dick hummed and leaned back further into the alpha’s chest. His head fell back against the alpha’s shoulder and that’s when he heard it, the most gorgeous chuckle ever. He unconsciously parted his lips and panted softly against the man’s chin. He was losing himself in the heat of the moment and swayed his hips with a cadence that was so sluggish yet reflexive. Unfortunately, Dick became less and less aware of his surroundings as he let these inconclusive feelings take over. Besides his mind becoming foggy, there was a peculiar smell that enclosed all of his senses. 

"Mm," Dick hummed again before turning around and draping himself on the person closest to him. He wanted to be near the origin of the aroma and quickly, for he was suddenly feeling extremely hot and… wet.

“I’ve got you,” The alpha whispered in his ear and Dick had but all forgotten about the mission. “I followed your scent and I knew I’d find you here... my mate .” He spoke again, this time a little more possessively. 

Dick hadn’t registered what the man said from being too roused by the scent that encased him. The alpha’s hands slid down his waist and rested on his hips, making Dick feel small and docile. 

No, Dick thought, what was he doing? He needed to control himself.

The alpha growled when Dick started to pull away and yanked him right back where he was. Dick sighed against the man’s chest yet again forgetting his reason for pulling away in the first place.

The alpha scented him again. “You smell so damn good.” 

Dick couldn't help notice an identical infatuation with the fact that he also thought the man smelled good. “Your scent is strong.” The alpha said as he lightly sniffed him. “You’re going into heat. People are starting to notice,” the man spoke softly.

Heat? Dick considered the prospect with a slight repudiation.

“I will take us somewhere more private,” The alpha spoke again.

Private? Dick thought as he felt his body being lifted from the ground then he was floating. How could he experience a sense of heaviness and lightheadedness at the same time? Dick didn’t know. Actually, he no longer cared. All he wanted was to palliate his mind and give in to the pleasure of his desires.


Dick felt weightless in the man’s arms. He felt as if he were drifting away from his sanity. He no longer understood his purpose for being wherever he once was, for wherever this man was taking him, he would go willingly.

The man spoke, this time to someone else; in which case, Dick slowly opened his eyes. Once again, he was faced with the man’s shoulder and sharp jawline. 

“If not a large suite, then a large bed will do.” He said to whoever he was talking to.

Dick frowned as he weakly grabbed the alpha’s collar, trying to force the man’s attention onto him. The man did just that by looking down at the omega with a soft smile. Dick blinked slowly, not being sure who he was looking at through his fuzzy sight but still he felt suspicion nudging at the back of his mind. Dick felt as if he’d seen this man before.

“Here’s your key card, sir.” A woman’s voice rang through Dick’s ears and that’s when he smelt another omega. As a result, he pulled himself flush against the alpha’s chest, then looked over at the other omega in the room. She was a tall blond woman and even though she and the alpha barely made any contact, Dick felt threatened.

Mine,” Dick uttered with a scowl, not questioning why he said it in the first place.

She simply smiled, bringing her hand up to give his alpha the key card. At that, Dick growled tenaciously, yanking his alpha’s arm away from her. She looked startled with her mouth agape.

“Shh, it’s alright.” His alpha said in his ear. “I’m just going to grab the key card.”

Dick, in spite of himself, made an effort to keep still as his alpha grabbed the card and apologized to the woman. Finally, they started to move and thankfully, it was away from her. Dick, momentarily, questioned his actions.

Why had he been so defensive and what possessed him to claim this alpha as his?  

He hadn’t even heard the man’s name yet. Even in this delirious state, he was sure he would remember the man’s name and at least get to say it, but Dick digressed. He simply focused on holding the man close with his arms around the alpha’s neck and his head laying on his chest. 

But no… this wasn’t- something was wrong . Why was he here in the first place? 

Dick groaned softly as the invisible pull between them drowned out his thoughts. He needn’t think about anything except for this alpha; his alpha. 

Dick felt himself being placed on something soft; a bed, he deducted when he hit the pillows behind his head. But something was missing. His alpha was no longer touching him. He quickly sat up and despite his dizziness, he tried to climb off the bed and toward that alluring smell. 

His alpha chuckled. “Wait one moment, I’m right here.” 

Dick whimpered after hearing his alpha’s voice so far away. “Mm… alpha…” He whined weakly, still determined to go to where he was. Before his feet could touch the floor though, he felt his body being engulfed by that previous warmth.

“I’m not going anywhere, Dick.”

Dick stiffened at the sound of his name. It sounded nothing like the people that knew his private name. It sounded foreign, wrong, and yet he found himself swooning at the ring of it. But still, even as he felt the man’s lips dip close to touch his own, the feelings of doubt didn’t go away. 

Where was he previously and how had he ended up here?

The kiss was chaste but enough to revive the rational part of Dick’s mind. He blinked sluggishly, finding that he was faced with the man’s lips. He pulled the alpha down by his shoulders, angling to the right so that their lips connected once more. They were soft and so very warm. They moved tenderly against his, dragging faint sighs from his own. 

“Alpha…” He said again. 

“Call me Bruce, my love.”

Dick sharply inhaled as he felt Bruce’s hand unbutton his shirt. “Bruce…?” The name escaped his lips then he pronounced it again, “Bruce…” and tried to determine why that name sounded so familiar.

“Dick, you’re going into heat. Let me take care of you.”

“Into… heat?” Dick questioned as he felt his pants being removed. Was that why he felt so heavy and delusional? He’d never been in heat before because he took suppressants. More like his clan leader forced him to take them; all of the assassins had to because we’re we bound by oath to remain celibate. But how had the suppressors stopped working? 

He felt his body being pushed down on the bed behind him. 

“Let me take care of you,” Bruce repeated. 

No… no… something about this is wrong. Dick forced himself to turn away from… Bruce. 


...Bruce Wayne.


All at once, everything came back to him. Dick widened his eyes and sat up quickly, ignoring the dizziness and went to grab the dagger from his right pants pocket. However, his pants weren’t there and he was, without a doubt, naked.

Dick gulped and slowly looked up, willing his eyes to focus on the man in front of him. How could he have missed this? The actual Bruce Wayne was sitting in front of him. He frowned at Dick’s sudden reaction, then looked down at where he was touching his upper thigh.

Dick moved quickly while Bruce was distracted, shifting his leg to kick the man off the bed. As soon as he swung his leg, Bruce caught it with less effort than Dick expected. Dick struggled against his hold, trying to yank his leg away, but the alpha was too strong.

“Let go!” Dick tried yanking again only to be pushed further back into the bed. Bruce had Dick’s leg pressed against his own chest while his other hand pinned Dick’s wrist above his head. 

“Calm down, Dick.” Dick felt overwhelmed and angry; angry at himself mostly. What the fuck had he been doing this whole time? Why was he feeling this way? Better yet, why didn’t he mind feeling this way? He knew he needed to complete the mission but he was being weighed down by his own desires. What had Bruce Wayne done to him!?

“Relax, Dick. I’m not going to hurt you.” Bruce leaned forward, pressing his mouth against Dick’s scent glands. Dick shivered, calming down instantly.

“There we go,” Bruce assured him.

“No… no.” Dick shook his head. 

“I know, Dick. It hurts doesn’t it?” Bruce whispered against his ear. “Let me take care of you.”

Dick whimpered, “No…don’t-- don’t touch me.”

“You’re in heat Dick.”

Dick shook his head in denial. “Don’t tou-- let go.” He had to kill him! He needed to complete his mission.

“I’m sorry, my love. It’s my fault you’re like this. Us coming in contact has triggered your heat.” Bruce began to kiss up and down Dick’s neck. “But I can’t let you go. Not when I’ve finally found you.”

Dick panted harshly as he attempted one more time at trying to push Bruce off of him. He used all the strength he had, lifting his bottom half off the bed to push upward only to find out he was leaking from below. Dick gasped upon feeling something slick leaking from his hole.

“Wha-” Was he truly in heat? How? “What… what did you do to me?” Dick questioned with a weak whimper.

Bruce pulled away from his neck to look down at the omega. “I found you, Dick. I searched for you for so many years and I’ve finally found you.” Bruce paused, releasing his hold on Dick’s leg to wipe the tears spilling from the omega’s eyes. “It’s alright, you’re safe now. I found you, my other half… my mate.”

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Dick’s mind screamed the words over and over again, for he couldn’t believe what he had just heard. Actually, he did; he believed it all. He’d never felt so jubilantly removed from his mind even as it threw him into the arms of Bruce Wayne, his mate . The man he was supposed to kill was his mate!

“Shit,” Dick replied in just, parallel to his conflicting thoughts. He knew he couldn’t kill him. He couldn’t even fathom the thought of killing him. 

Not like this… not now.

But he couldn’t stay here either. The clan would eventually come looking for him if he didn’t inform them of his success soon. He was always successful. Dick has never missed a target nor had he ever been caught. Except, for now, that is.

“Dick,” Bruce spoke against his lips, his face completely stolid. He hadn’t got a good look at his face before but he assumed Bruce was just as delirious as he was. “Let me relieve you.”

Dick shook his head. “No. Don’t-- Don’t touch me.” He said though his mind and body were screaming the exact opposite. He lingered close to Bruce’s lips, knowing that he should move away but he was paralyzed.

"I won't hurt you." Bruce pushed back his fluffy bangs and frowned at his mixed signals. "Trust me."

"No…” Dick shuddered as the alpha's breath floated across his lips. If he leaned any closer, they would kiss. No, he couldn’t. Dick pushed at the alpha’s chest and pulled back as much as his mind would let him. “Please. Don't touch me."

Bruce’s face remained impassive but Dick could have sworn he saw pain. Had he hurt him with his words? He didn’t want to. He didn’t mean to.

Just then, Bruce pulled back, giving the shuddering omega more space than he wanted. “Then at least let me provide you with a suppressant.” Bruce stood from the bed, tugging Dick’s hand off of his arm. 

“Alpha,” Dick whined at the loss of contact and wondered why his body was betraying him so. He watched with desperation as Bruce went to retrieve his jacket from the floor. He dug around in one of the pockets and pulled out a small black rectangular case. The alpha opened it and pulled out a tiny silver syringe. Dick had seen these types of suppressors before. They worked instantly but were extremely expensive even for an omega with health care. 

Dick was surprised that Bruce even brought one with him. Didn’t he plan on fucking him? Dick was having a hard time resisting so he knew the alpha was as well but he was still being considerate of Dick’s half-assed rejections.

Bruce walked over to the bed, bent down low and grabbed Dick’s right arm. “Hold still.”

Dick did as he was told, his body instantly listening to the alpha’s order before he pushed the sharp needle into his arm. Dick hissed from the burning pain that spread through his body. He shifted uncomfortably when the burning feeling grew. 

"It hurts." He whimpered just as Bruce leaned forward and placed a chaste kiss on his lips.

 "Shh, it will be over soon." Bruce's hand on his arm comforted him in the most mysterious ways.

The liquid from the needle burned Dick with some sort of numbing effect. It hurt, for a while longer until the burning pain dissipated completely. Dick felt his body relax against the soft bed, his breathing slow substantially along with that bothersome heavy feeling. Dick sighed with relief, becoming fully aware of his surroundings. 

He was wet. The sheets were soaking beneath him. Dick groaned at the prospect of Bruce having seen him in such a state but he also knew that it was completely natural. Though he’s never experienced such a strong heat himself, he’d been taught early on what happens to omegas in heat. 

Bruce rubbed Dick’s cheek with his thumb. “Do you feel better?”

Dick squinted, trying to focus his vision. He’d seen Bruce Wayne before in pictures and on television, but he’d never seen him up close. The alpha was indeed handsome, exceedingly so. His sharp features carved his face perfectly and Dick found that he couldn’t look away from him.

“Dick? Are you alright?”

Dick didn’t look away when he nodded. He was somehow mesmerized by the alpha.

“That’s good.” Bruce sighed. “I was hoping this version of the medicine would work.” Bruce stood and threw away the needle in the trash bin then went to retrieve his crumpled shirt from the floor.

Dick took this chance to sit up and look around the floor for his own clothing. He found them, namely his pants-- which held the dagger-- on the chair next to the bed. Dick leaned over and grabbed them, wincing at the cool air wafting past the wetness on the back of his thighs. He slowly stood up from the bed, feeling the familiar metal through the pocket, before pulling on his pants. He could care less about the dampness of his thighs at this point, the only thing he thought about was how to escape. It was the only thing he could do. Dick didn’t have it in him to kill the man. He couldn’t…


Dick was startled but looked up at Bruce. He gulped as the alpha made his way over to him. Bruce instinctively looked down at his torso and Dick didn’t have to question what he was looking at, for he already knew. The scars. They were everywhere on his body. From being stabbed to rigorous training, Dick was a well-rounded assassin.

“How did this happen? Did someone do this to you?” He brought his hand up and touched Dick's chest. The omega shivered at the feel of his warm hand and he almost leaned into it if Bruce hadn't pulled away.

Dick steadied himself and glanced away from Bruce, his eyes once again searching for his shirt. “No. Don’t ask any more questions... please.” 

“Why not?”

“Just... please.” Dick practically begged, thanking God that his shirt wasn’t that far away. He quickly grabbed it and slipped his arms through the sleeves, forfeiting the buttons. He felt his pockets again, making sure he had his cellphone. Thankfully he did. 


Dick sighed as Bruce spoke his name again. This was a difficult situation. As much as he wanted to leave, he couldn’t without giving the alpha some sort of excuse.

“Why are you rushing off?”

Dick quickly glanced up at the frowning man before looking elsewhere. He couldn’t stare at him any longer, otherwise, he’d start feeling that strange unseeable pull again.


His thoughts repeated once more. “Shut up.” He said more to himself than to Bruce, but Bruce wouldn’t know that. In the end, he seemed to take offense to it.

“I’m not letting you run off again. Not this time, Dick.” Bruce started toward him but Dick moved quickly. He instinctively pulled out the dagger from his pants pocket and held up it. 

“S-stay away,” Dick said while slowly backing away toward the door.

Bruce paused and looked down at the small weapon, seeming to take precautions. Dick thought Bruce was through at making attempts to catch him, but he was wrong. Bruce was quick, way faster than Dick could anticipate. The alpha dashed forward and smacked the knife out of his hand, and grabbed a hold of Dicks’s wrist.

Dick hissed at the strength of the alpha. He was strong, strong enough to hold Dick steady with just one hand. Bruce continued to move forward, trapping Dick against the wall. Dick tried to budge his arm, he even tried to kick the man, but nothing worked. That’s when Dick realized, even if he had tried to kill Bruce Wayne, there was no way Dick was strong enough to fight this man in hand to hand combat. Too bad Dick didn’t like to use guns.

“What’s the meaning of this, Dick? Why are you carrying a weapon?”

Dick didn’t answer. It was best to stay silent as to not be compromised. But it was already too late because the alpha, as it would seem, had a good eye. He lifted up Dick’s wrist, taking one look at the small tattooed letters there then looked back at omega. Dick held his breath, watching as Bruce’s eyes darkened with anger.

“DS,” Bruce muttered the name of his clan’s alias without a second thought. Shit, he’d been compromised!

Dick thought of headbutting him, hoping that would be enough to knock him out, but Bruce had already let go. The alpha backed away from Dick then let his alpha pheromones run rampant. Dick choked on the air and fell to the ground. He’d never been surrounded by an alpha’s pheromones so powerful and robust before. Bruce’s pheromones were commanding, authoritative, and Dick felt like he was drowning. Not even the clan leaders could compare to this.

Dick made attempts to keep his eyes open and watch Bruce, but he felt himself already starting to lose consciousness.

“No wonder you were acting strange.” He heard Bruce say as he tried to stay awake. “Now I understand.”

Alpha… mate, ” Dick huffed, begging the alpha to let up all while trying to process the word ‘mate’ again for the fourth time that night. Dick panted, feeling his side finally hit the floor. Then suddenly Bruce was close to him, whispering in his ear.

“I don’t want to do this, Dick. Not to you. But I have no other choice.” He felt Bruce gently rub a hand across his cheek. “Rest, for now, my love.”

Dick panted harshly, finally letting his eyes close completely. The last thing he heard was Bruce murmur a soft ‘forgive me’ before seeing complete darkness.


Bruce watched his mate go unconscious before culminating his pheromones. He didn’t want to use his pheromones to dominate the omega, especially his mate, but he had to assess the situation differently.

Bruce sighed and bent down to pick up the omega, bringing him over to the couch. Though it wasn’t the most viable place to put him, the bed was still soaking wet from earlier so this had to do. He made sure Dick was comfortable enough before going to grab his cellphone from the dresser. He watched the omega through the mirror after pressing the number 1 for speed dial.

The line rang twice before Alfred finally answered.

“Master Bruce? It is unusual for you to be calling this late.” Bruce looked at the clock, reading 12:40 am.

“Sorry for waking you, Alfred.”

“It’s fine. Did something happen, Master Bruce? You sound distraught.” Bruce thought it was so like Alfred to know how he was feeling even when he tried hiding it so well.

“I’m fine, Alfred.”

“Evidently not, sir.”

Bruce shook his head while going to sit down at the foot of the bed. “I need you to pick us up.”

He heard Alfred shuffle the confider around. “Us? Master Bruce?”

“Yes,” Was all Bruce responded. He would let Alfred know more about the situation in the car.

“Alright then, Master Bruce. I’ll be on my way. Please send the address.”

“Got it.” Bruce hit the ‘end call’ button and let out a breath. He took another look at Dick, wondering what the plan was.

It was clear what he had to do. This was not the first time DS had sent an assassin his way nor would it be the last. He clenched his jaw, patently thinking about his arsenal of weapons at home. He promised himself that he would never touch them again, but who was he kidding? Bruce had been itching to fight and apprehend the unknown leader of DS for years now. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have trained his two and only wards. 

Now that his mate was involved, it became all the more serious. 


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Dick shot up out of his sleep and panted harshly. 

He quickly looked at his surroundings, immediately knowing he wasn’t in his own bedroom. Where was he? Dick looked around the room a second time, this time taking into account the time of day. The sunlight coming from behind the curtains was bright, so it must have been either early or late afternoon.

On instinct, Dick yanked his arm forward but was astonished to see that he wasn’t restrained. He moved his legs and found that they weren’t either.

Why wasn’t he tied up? Dick moved with poise and pulled the blankets off his body, instantly looking down at his attire. He was dressed in soft cotton shorts and a long t-shirt. Who had dressed him? Dick ignored the thought then looked over the edge of the bed, further studying his surroundings. When he found nothing suspicious, Dick let his bare feet hit the floor. He shivered at the cool paneling and wanted to put on socks immediately but not right now. Not until he figured out what sort of situation he was in.

Quickly making his way over to the door, Dick expected it to be locked. He really did , considering the fact that he wasn’t restrained at all. Nevertheless, he wasn’t surprised to find out that it was unlocked.

Dick opened the door slowly and was happy it didn’t creak. He stared at the wall straight ahead before poking his head outside, quickly looking left and right finding nothing and no one in sight. Nothing except some ancient-looking decorations. Little by little, Dick wandered out the door, using small steps to scale the long hallway. He looked to the left, finding that the hallway led to a dead-end so he went the other way. 

The more he walked, the more he found himself lost. Every time he made it down a hallway, it split into two; he’d run into a dead-end then he’d have to turn around and go the opposite way. Gradually his feet started to warm up due to all the walking as he tirelessly made his way through this massive mansion. More like a maze, Dick mused. Thankfully, he came upon a set of stairs. They were grand and ran down to the next level with a half spiral.

Dick paused, trying to see where the steps led before he descended them. He didn’t see a front door in sight; instead, they seemed to branch off into some sort of massive foyer. Dick took his chances and thought that since he hadn’t run into anyone thus far, there shouldn’t be anyone from now on. The house was extra quiet so Dick let his guard down a little.

He casually walked down the stairs, staring straight ahead at the oncoming foyer. Once he made it down, he walked further into the room, looking around at the robust furniture. It was like a mix of modern and antique and Dick found it quite comfortable looking. He would enjoy it if he wasn’t trying to escape. He’d also enjoy being in Bruce’s arms if he could. Dick paused at the thought of his alpha, for he had just realized the scent that surrounded the whole room. Actually the whole house.

Just then, the sound of glass breaking from afar ceased his thoughts.

Shit, someone was here.

Dick quickly looked around for the front door, but it was nowhere in sight. Instead, he heard a peal of curses and another sound of glass breaking in the distance. Dick looked straight ahead at where the sound was coming from and started to back away slowly.

“!” The voice from afar said. Dick continued backing away, not noticing a massive object behind him, or the oncoming footsteps.

He yelped and fell backward against an empty suit of full knight body armor, making a loud echo throughout the house.

“Hey, Tim!” The voice grew closer until its owner came around the corner. The man was quick to stop and stare at Dick who was surrounded by the armor decoration and rubbing his aching arm. Even from this distance, Dick could scent that this man was an Alpha.

“What Jason!” Another voice responded, instead its owner came from the stairwell Dick had once ventured. This man looked younger than the alpha, he didn’t even notice Dick at first. “Hey, Jason, we have a problem. I think Bruce’s mate esca-”

The boy paused when the helmet of the armor decided now of all times to fall to the floor with a loud clang, swiveling until the noise stopped completely.

“Oh… there he is.” The boy named Tim smirked at Dick for some reason. Who were these people?

“Yup, it looks like the little birdie is out of his cage,” Jason said after folding his arms. “I thought he was gonna be out a little longer?”

“So did I.” Tim responded. “Guess this is better. Bruce is coming home soon anyway.”

Bruce? Dick frowned. Did they know Bruce? This was Bruce’s house?

That was all Dick needed to know before he bolted like a mad man. Forget his aching arm and bare feet, he was dead set on getting the hell out of this house. 

Dick dashed straight toward the man named Jason. To Dick’s surprise, Jason pulled a stance. He looked about ready to fight, but Dick was ready for it. Jason moved first by feigning to throw a punch but instead, aiming to kick Dick’s leg. Dick smoothly dodged his boot before swiftly grabbing the latter’s leg.

“Shit.” Jason spat as he yanked his leg back. The strength Jason used to pull his leg caused him to hit the wall behind him. The two paused to catch there breath, studying each other with intent. “I gotta give it to you omega, you’re hella fast, man.”

Before Dick could respond, a hand grabbed his arm from behind. Shit, the other kid could fight too!? Just who the hell were these guys? 

“Stand down,” Tim said just as Jason grabbed Dick’s other arm. “We’re not going to hurt you.”

“Hell, I was.” Jason mused.

“Shut up Jason. You know Bruce would kill you if--”

Dick dropped to the ground, hearing his knees pop in so many ways, but he used gravity to his advantage. The two winced as their arms were roughly tugged downward. Once Dick was close enough to the floor, he kicked Jason’s feet from under him then yanked his arm free from Tim. 

“What the fu-” Was all Jason could say before he face-planted into the ground. 

Dick didn’t look back as he sprinted down the hallway. He came across another area that looked like a living room, but he didn’t have enough time to look around at where to go because he heard footsteps running after him.

“Hey wait!” 

Dick recognized the voice; it was Tim. Dick quickly turned again, running to a closed-door. He pushed it and it swung open giving him access to the kitchen. He stepped forward then-- 

“Fuck!” Dick screeched, finally looking down at the floor to find broken glass everywhere. Usually, he would study his surroundings more thoroughly, but he’d been running in a blind panic. Dick took one more step and cried out before falling to the floor. His feet were bleeding and now his knees. 

He could no longer run.

“Hey! Are you okay?” Tim swung open the door and gasped at what he saw. “Oh no!”

“Where the fuck is that little shit?” Jason said as he pushed past Tim but stopped when he saw what had happened. “Ouch. That’s got to hurt”

Tim thankfully had shoes and easily walked on the glass toward Dick “Where did this glass come from!?” He yelled back at Jason. 

“It was an accident okay? I was trying to reach for a bowl on the top shelf, but I missed by a long shot.”

“You think! Bruce is going to kill us if he finds out what happened, you idiot!” 

Tim bent do to help, the omega up, but Dick slapped his hand away.

“Don’t. I need to leave!”

“Wha-? What’s your problem?” Tim said flabbergasted as he tried to help Dick again, but his hands were slapped away.

“You two are!” 

“Us? We’re just trying to help you,” Tim replied.

“I don’t need your help,” Dick said as he attempted to stand, only to scrape his hands against smaller glass pieces.

“Stop moving, you’re going to hurt yourself even more.”

“Just let him do whatever, Tim. He obviously doesn’t want our help.”

“Why are you trying to run away?” Tim indulged Dick again. “Remember Bruce? Your mate? He brought you here late last night.”

Dick frowned. He remembered Bruce, of course he did. How could he forget such a man? He found himself wanting to be in the man's arms again but that was a problem. If he stayed here with Bruce, he wouldn’t want to leave him. He simply couldn’t abandon his clan without facing the consequences. 

 Jason scoffed. “Remember what Bruce said? He’s apart of ‘that’ clan.”

Tim looked down at Dick and cringed at his bloody feet and knees. “Bruce said that they weren’t serious so I don’t care about all that.”

Why would Bruce tell these two about the clan, Dick thought. They were obviously younger than him, especially Tim so what was the purpose?

“Well, it seems like he,” Jason pointed to Dick, “cares a lot. Otherwise, he’d let us help him out.”

“What are you trying to get at, Jason?”

“Tch, Tim, he’s been hypnotized. Y’know, that Stockholm syndrome stuff.”

Tim looked back at Jason then back to Dick, contemplating the idea. “As stupid as you are, I think you’re on to something here.”

Dick almost laughed at ridiculous that sounded, then again...

“Oh my.” They all turned their heads to Alfred who had just entered the kitchen from the back door. He stared at the three with wide eyes, disregarding the bags of groceries that fell from his hand to the ground. “What in God’s name happened here!?” 

Both Jason and Tim winced at the anger in Alfred’s voice. It was rare that they ever got to hear him raise his voice, let alone get angry.

“Jason did it!” Tim pointed at the alpha.

“Hey! You some type of snitch now?”

Tim scoffed. “If you hadn’t been such an idiot, then none of this would have happened,” Tim said as he pushed some of the glass away from Dick’s body.

“What the hell? Am I the one who ran around the house and started attacking people for no random reason?” He gestured toward Dick.

“I’m talking about the glass, you idiot!”

“Like I said, it was an accident!”

“What was an accident?” 

Dick knew that voice. He knew that voice from anywhere. It was deep and calming enough to where Dick felt drawn to it. Dick whimpered on impulse. Having his alpha so close while he was hurting, helped ease his mind a bit. Dick knew that Bruce was going to stop the pain.

“What accident?” Dick couldn’t see Bruce, because he was still standing a little ways away from the door that Jason was holding open.

“Um… hey Bruce.” Jason tried to close the door but Tim got his attention.

“Dick is hurt, Bruce! In here!”

Dick wanted to run from this feeling, but now he couldn’t. If he saw Bruce again, he’d want to abandon everything; he’d develop feelings for him.

“Move Jason!” Bruce finally came into view and scowled. With a growl, he swiftly walked across the broken glass, lifting the omega up and into his arms.

Dick wept at the pain but relaxed in his mate’s arms. “Alpha.” 

“It’s alright Dick, I have you.”

Dick couldn’t control his thoughts or his voice once again. “It hurts.”

“I know,” Bruce responded. “Tim! Get the car, we’re going to the hospital.”

“On it!” Tim ran out of the room.

Jason stepped forward. “Hey Bruce, man, I’m really sor-”

“You had something to do with this, Jason?”

“Uhh… maybe?” He smiled sheepishly as Bruce’s powerful pheromones made Jason back down. “Sorry… Bruce.”

“You and I will talk about this later, Jason,” Bruce growled. “Alfred will handle you for now.” He yelled before walking out of the room.


Chapter Text

Dick flinched when the doctor first touched his foot with the surgical tweezers after finishing his knees. His breath shook, wanting something to relieve the pain but knew that nothing of the sort existed for this situation. He’s been hurt before, stabbed even, and he’d been by himself then. He treated those wounds himself without having the right supplies, hence the bad scarring everywhere. They hurt, just like the glass in his feet and knees but everything felt different somehow.  Being around his alpha fooled his mind into thinking that he needed to be comforted. It was a yearning that should have drove Dick insane, instead, he couldn’t get enough of it. Furthermore, he could sense Bruce’s feelings brushing at the edges of his mind. They were diminished enough to separate them from his own feelings, but they were still there. Could Bruce feel his emotions as well?

Dick looked over at Bruce watching Dr. Dundee remove the small shards of glass from his feet. He noticed his eyebrow twitch every time a piece was removed-- parallel to Dick’s flinching-- even though they weren’t touching. He would continue to look at Bruce if it weren’t for Tim gazing at him from the corner of the room. 

Unlike Bruce, he seemed to be studying Dick with an icy stare. Granted, Dick did try to fight them, ran away, and denied his help so it was understandable. Even now, Dick felt like running away. There was one thing though that Dick noticed about Tim other than his frigid stare-- the teenager didn’t have a scent. From their first meeting at the mansion to the car ride and finally, in this small room, he couldn’t smell anything. He looked old enough to have presented and yet, he remained odor-free but nonetheless inquisitive. Could he be one of the rare defects?

“If I may ask, Mr. Wayne. How did this happen?” Dr. Dundee inquired after moving to Dick’s right foot.

“I wasn’t there to witness.” Bruce motioned to Tim with a vacant expression showing off a tattoo on the back of his neck that Dick just now realized was there. Before he turned to have the collar of his shirt to cover it once, he noticed that it was shaped like a… bat. 

Tim sighed yet again drawing Dick’s attention to him before he looked at the doctor. “After I finished my homework and everything, I left my room to grab a snack from the kitchen. When I passed your room, I noticed that the door was open and your mate was missing so I went looking for him...” Dick continued the story, telling Bruce how Dick ran away and how Jason accidentally broke the glass in the kitchen. 

“Jason and I need to have a talk,” Bruce muttered. 

Tim chuckled, “I’m sure Alfred is giving him a really hard one right now. Not even Jason can go against Alfred.”

“You may be right,” Bruce admitted. Not even he could speak against Alfred on the rare occasion he wanted to. 

“You should have your ward apologize properly, Mr. Wayne.” Dr. Dundee straightened his glasses, removing a big piece of glass from Dick’s foot.

Dick made a strained noise and Bruce winced again, as the omega’s distress flared. He grabbed Dick’s hand and gently rubbed his palm, extending his soothing alpha pheromones across the room. 

“Don’t worry, I will have Jason apologize,” Bruce assured.

“You should spank him.” The alpha narrowed his eyes at Tim’s suggestion and almost dismissed the idea until he heard a small chuckle from beside him. They all looked toward Dick who covered his smile with the back of his hand.

“Aha! So you can laugh!” Tim exclaimed. “I thought you were a puppet.”

“Tim,” Bruce warned.

Tim shrugged, “What?”

“I wish that’s all I was…” Dick’s voice trembled as he spoke. He actually hadn’t meant to respond but the words just slipped out of him. He felt Bruce squeeze his hand but he didn’t want to retort so he pulled it away. “Are you done, doctor,” Dick asked just to change the subject.

“Not yet, sir. I’ve removed all the glass but you still need some stitching.”

“Stitching?” Dick sat up carefully. 

“When is the next time he’ll be able to walk?” Bruce piped in, noticing Dick’s worry.

“Hm, considering it’s both your feet and knees then about... 3 weeks at the most.”

“3 weeks…” Dick lamented with a frown. “I can’t wait that long.”

“Y’know?” Tim spoke up. “I’m having a hard time believing he’s your mate, Bruce. He acts like he doesn’t want to be anywhere near you.”

Dick looked at Tim. “You wouldn’t understand.”

“What is it that I don’t understand?”

“That’s enough, Tim.” Bruce scolded.

“No Bruce, I wanna know? Why are you so dead set on running away, huh? What are you so afraid of?”

“Enough Tim,” Bruce repeated.

Everyone grew silent, while Dr. Dundee went to go retrieve the stitching materials.

Dick watched the door close behind the man before looking back at Tim. It seems as though he already knew about the clan so Dick thought there was no harm in telling him. “... I’ll be hunted.” The omega said barely above a whisper.

“What?” Tim answered and Bruce grimaced.

“As you know, I’m apart of a clan of assassins.”

Tim looked to Bruce who refused to look up from the floor. He’d heard about the clan scarcely, but Bruce never made a big deal out of it so he never looked further into it. Actually, Bruce wouldn’t let him look into it. Now Tim would have too, especially since Dick had been sent to kill Bruce specifically.

“This clan… do you even know why you were sent after Bruce?” Tim asked.

“No,” Dick answered simply. “There’s no need to know the background of a person we are trying to kill.” Dick didn’t mention that being emotionally stilted helped with that.

“Did they know you were Bruce’s mate? Is that why they sent you?” 


Tim held up a hand to Bruce before he spoke. “Bruce, I have a right to know especially if this affects our family.” Tim crossed his arms. “You’ve kept this quiet long enough.”

Dick glanced at Bruce when he didn’t respond to Tim, so he answered. “No... no one did. If he had, he would have never sent me.”

“Who’s he?” 

Dick opened his mouth but no words came out. 

“Well?” Tim pushed for an answer but it was to no avail, Dick turned away from them and stared out the window. “Oh I see, you’d rather go back to that clan than stay with your mate.”

“Tim!” Bruce stood, grabbing Tim’s arm.

“Bruce you can’t seriously defend his actions. I mean he attacked us for heaven’s sake.” Tim argued with him as he tried to remove his arm from Bruce’s hold.

“I’ll be killed.” Both Tim and Bruce stopped struggling and looked over at Dick.

“I haven’t come back to report so that means I’ve either been compromised or dead. I’m sure they already know I’m not dead, so the clan will come looking for me.” Dick looked at Bruce and Tim with a serious expression. “If they find you with me, you’ll be killed as well.”

“You think they can kill us so easily, considering how Bruce escaped you without a hitch? And you being the first assassin is saying a lot in terms of--”

“Four, actually,” Bruce cut in. “Dick is the fourth one they’ve sent after me.”

“What? And you didn’t tell me?” Tim sighed throwing his hands up dramatically. “Of course you didn’t tell me.”

“There was no need for you to know.”

Tim yanked his arm away from Bruce. “God, Bruce. You know I hate it when you hide things from me and Jason.”

“I did it to keep you two safe.” Bruce frowned. “You’re both irrational. I couldn’t risk you doing anything behind my back.” 

Tim scoffed and said nothing more, knowing damn well that’s exactly what he and Jason would have done. 

“I didn’t know about the other three.” Dick fidgeted on the bed, not knowing why he was telling them all this information. “We do not discuss our missions with one another. If a clan member doesn’t return then that means they were killed by the clan leader after being compromised.”

“You call yourselves a clan and yet you don’t work together?” Tim inquired with peaked interest.

Dick looked at him then spoke with a flat voice. “If you hadn’t noticed, we kill for a living. Relations between us mean nothing.” Dick repeated the words his clan leader had said throughout his whole life. He felt Bruce squeeze his hand, his pheromones suddenly behemoth to his facial expression. Dick looked into his eyes, finding there a domineering need to control the situation.

“You’re not going back, Dick.” The alpha’s voice was abrasive with conviction, making Dick feel stupid for what he had said.

The omega took a deep breath as a crease appeared between his brow. “Under different circumstances, Bruce, we would-- this would--” He couldn’t say it without hoping it would all come true. He wanted to be with Bruce . He wanted him so damn bad, it hurt. But they couldn't be together not like this; not while running away from his clan. Dick knows very well how the leader thinks. He knew they wouldn't stop until he was dead. 

“I’m sorry, but I can’t risk this... this sort of relationship when…” Dick exhaled, not sure what to say. “I don’t know, I just know this thing between us cannot happen.”

Things were quiet once again when the doctor came back inside and began stitching his foot. Bruce didn’t know what to think. He was… he’d just been rejected for the second time by his mate. 

He knew Dick could sense his feelings that’s why he wasn’t surprised to hear the omega utter, “I’m sorry… I’m sorry Bruce.”

“Dr. Dundee, can I have the Tv remote? Tim asked, already looking around the room for it.

“It’s on the table by the door.” Tim retrieved the remote then pointed it toward the Tv hanging in the corner of the room. “Bruce… I think its time for you to come out of retirement.” 

Tim flipped through the different channels before stopping on the news channel. He blasted the sound, forcing Dick to look up even when he was currently getting stitches. He stared at Dick while he watched the news, waiting for him to realize. 

The symbols .

The bat symbol that represented Gotham was plastered on the backdrop of the news anchors set. The symbols were also plastered all around the mansion. On the walls, the carpet, the decorations, even the broken plates. The Wayne family had passed it down for generations and the rest of Gotham-- simply knowing that the illustrious Wayne family represented the symbol-- decided to use it to symbolize Gotham itself. And it was a damn shame too, that no one knew what the symbol meant; what it truly represented.

Dick slowly looked away from the Tv, instantly glancing at the side of Tim’s neck where the symbol lay there for all the world to see. He glanced at the doctor who had just come up to his knees to finish stitching. From this angle he saw it too, the same symbol was plastered on his neck.

“We’ll discuss that later, Tim.” Dick watched Bruce turned to face his ward, flashing that same symbol he’d seen before. The symbol everyone knew to represent Gotham but that’s not it… that… how hadn’t he noticed it before? Dick’s been around long enough to see this symbol on multiple people’s necks, for it was similar to their clan’s own branding. They marked every one of there clan member’s wrist with a DS and the Gotham Bat symbol was marked on...

Dick widened his eyes in shock…

“I think I can speak on Bruce’s behave here on welcoming you to our own clan, called the Dark Knight,” Tim said with a grin. Bruce only grunted and the doctor chuckled. “Soon, I hope we can see eye to eye and have some sort of… relations between us.” Tim mocked Dick’s last words to him with a sneer.

Dick stared at Tim and gulped. “You’ve  got to be kidding me.” Now it all made sense-- why he had been sent after Bruce in the first place.

“I’m afraid not. It seems like we have a common enemy now.” Tim’s grin faded. “I should inform Jason.” He said to Bruce, who only nodded. “I’ll be waiting in the car.” With that, he walked out of the room.

“I haven’t seen Tim like that in a while, Mr. Wayne.” Dr. Dundee cut the last of the stitching string and threw it into the trash bin. 

“He’s only sixteen… he shouldn’t be worried about such things.” Bruce sighed.

“That’s right, he should be enjoying school and time with his friends.” Dr. Dundee chuckled despite Bruce’s obvious regret. “But you were the one who trained him. And ever since I’ve known him, Jason too, I know that they love you and only want to help.” 

Dr. Dundee clapped Bruce on the back, his sentiments weighing on Bruce’s mind. Though he didn’t respond, he knew the doctor understood. “I’ll be right back with a wheelchair then you two can leave.

Dick let the word ‘love’ echo through his mind. He was still baffled that such a clan existed and now they brought love into the mix? The omega couldn’t comprehend that at all. He could barely understand his own feelings toward his alpha. “What is there for me now?” The omega muttered as he watched the doctor leave the room.

Bruce’s hand grasped his once more, pulling the omega to his chest. Dick reacted to the movement, hands coming up to lay on Bruce’s chest. From here, he could feel his alpha’s heart beat and a grumble spill past his lips. “I won’t be letting you go, Dick.”


“You will stay with me,” Bruce said again, this time with a growl. 

Dick felt cornered then, unused to the feeling of his scent glands wavering at the command of his alpha. He slowly reached up, touching the spot that throbbed idly with uncertainty. Was he ready to stay with Bruce? Yes, he wanted to be near him but to what extent? To join his clan and defeat his own? To love him; to bear his children? Dick quacked internally at the thought of having children. He definitely wasn’t ready for that and wasn’t sure if he’d ever be.

A warm palm touched Dick’s hand that was hovering over his scent glands, causing him to snap out of his thoughts. He looked up at Bruce expressing his concern in the slightest of manners his countenance could offer. It was the same look he gave him last night before he was given the suppressant. It spoke volumes and gave light to the fact that Bruce was just as concerned as he was. And yet, he was dead set on keeping him near.

“Stay with me.” He repeated. Though it sounded like an order, Dick was sure the alpha was leaving the option open-ended this time.

“... If I do then” Dick established, his tone tremulous and serious at the moment. “No one… no one can ever know that I’m your mate… not until all of this is over.”

Bruce nodded, mouth slanting over Dick’s head to kiss his temple. Dick closed his eyes and let out a dense breath, knowing exactly what he was getting into. He felt strange for abandoning his clan. He didn’t even know if this was what he truly wanted. That life is all he’s ever known, having been taken in at the age of ten. It was difficult and monstrous-- a life that he’d been unwilling to live but now Dick was doing something he wanted, at the expense of ruining all their lives. 

“...I’ll stay.” Some tension left the room after those words slipped past Dick’s lips. It was then that Dr. Dundee came in and gave the omega an amusing proposition, either be carried around for three weeks or use a wheelchair. Dick chose the latter, of course, but he would have to be carried regardless, anytime he needed to get on and off the thing. Much to Dick’s worry, Bruce didn’t seem to have a problem with it. Fortunately, Dick didn’t either.

“Thank you, doctor.” Bruce helped Dick onto the wheelchair as carefully as he could.

“Of course, Mr. Wayne.” He looked at Dick. “I’ll see you in three weeks, Dick.” 

The omega nodded and said his thanks before they headed out to the parking garage to go home.

Chapter Text

As soon as they got back to the mansion Bruce begrudgingly left Dick in the foyer while he directed the perturbed Tim into another room. Dick strained to listen from afar but heard nothing distinguishable to the human ear. What he could hear was the anger in the alpha’s voice due to the gruffness of it and just as Bruce got louder, Jason walked into the room. He folded his arms and stood at the wide opening, dressed down to pajamas.

“Hey.” The alpha said as he looked over Dick's predicament.


They paused as the voices grew louder once again. Jason looked back towards the door with narrow eyes before turning back to Dick.

“So I’m just gonna say this now before Bruce gets out here and beats the shit out of me.”

Dick perked a brow as Jason flopped down on the couch in front of him. “Okay?”

“I’m sorry,” Jason announced after releasing a harsh breath. “I’m fucking sorry, okay? I didn’t expect your ass to run into the kitchen like that. So this whole thing...” He gestured toward Dick’s sitting arrangement. “... was my bad--”

They paused again, hearing the door from the next room creak open a bit.

“Hold that thought,” Jason said.

Dick watched Jason look towards the room that Bruce was in before fidgeting with the armrest. It was then that Dick understood what the alpha was trying to do. So Dick complied and waited until Bruce came out of the room with Tim in tow before saying. “None of us could have known what would happen so I’m not angry.”

Bruce heard too as he stopped to look at the two of them. The crease between his brows grew deeper before he told Jason to follow him to the room he just exited. The alpha sighed, grumbling when he walked past Tim and followed Bruce.

“Nice try,” Tim said as he walked further into the foyer. “But Bruce was definitely not going to let him off the hook. Not this time.” He sat on the armrest of the chair Jason was sitting in. Tim stared at Dick for a while, his expression unreadable and the omega was starting to grow restless.

“Is there something you wanted?”

Tim huffed, sliding down the armrest to sit in the chair fully. “Bruce told me to apologize to you.”

“I’m guessing you don’t want to.” Dick knew he was correct when Tim glanced away.

“I don’t because I believe everything I said was true.” The teenager looked down at his lap, contemplating his next words. “But… I can also see that you have a lot on your mind. I mean you’ve only just met us and… yeah...” He tapered off, leaving the room open to the voices coming from a distance.

Dick understood that Tim was only sixteen and seemed to be very concerned about his family’s well being. He was cautious-- immaturely so-- but brave enough to speak against a man who could have very well killed Bruce. Still, this kid didn’t seem to grasp Dick’s situation very well. He wasn’t the one who’d been taken in by a clan of assassins when he was only a kid.

“How about... you apologize to me when you’re actually ready,” Dick spoke calmly and with no malice.

Tim looked at Dick with wide eyes, not sure how to take what he said. “I’m not sure how long that will be.”

“We’re the same then because... I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to stay here.” He watched Tim shift in his seat, looking a bit despondent at the moment, for they both knew what Dick meant.

“I can do that.”

“Truce then?” Something flashed in Dick’s mind then, a flashback similar to this situation; one he experienced with his late father. With a small smile, Dick held up his fist, waiting for Tim to reciprocate the action.

Tim’s eyes flickered to Dick’s hand then back to his eyes filled with frisky confidence. He chewed his lip, slowly returning the fist bump. “...Truce.”

“Sorry to intrude,” Alfred came into the room with all the poise in the world. “But dinner is ready to be served.”

“Good, cause I’m starving.” Tim hopped off the couch, startling Dick as he suddenly pushed his wheelchair. He wheeled his chair to the table before going to the opposite side. Dick fidgeted a bit not used to being served or eating dinner in such a homey setting but when he started eating, all of that changed. It was nothing but a simple chicken alfredo pasta and it tasted like it came straight from heaven.

“It’s good isn’t it?” Tim said overlooking the silence in the room as both of them sat alone at the dinner table. 

“It’s amazing,” Dick said letting a smile grace his face.

“Alfred always makes the best food,” Tim said enthusiastically before digging back in. Dick guessed that a truce with Tim meant getting along even when they were alone which worked well for Dick. He’d decided to stay here and didn’t want any bad blood between him and his mate’s family. 

Dick moaned internally as he ate the last of his pasta, slowly dragging the fork out of his mouth and looked down at the now empty plate. That was the best meal he’d had in years. 

By the time he asked for seconds, Jason and Bruce came back into the dining room. Bruce sat down next to him while Alfred filled both of their plates.

“Thank you,” Dick said as the butler moved to Jason’s plate. 

“Tim,” Bruce said after a while. Both he and Jason looked up at the teenager, watching as he sighed and looked off to the side.

“He already apologized.” Dick was quick to jump to the kid’s defense even if it was a lie. "They both did."

"See?" Jason gestured toward Dick, giving Bruce a pressing look. "He has no problem with us now."

"I want him to feel welcome. From the both of you." Bruce scolded lightly, taking a sip from his cup.

“I feel very welcome, Bruce,” Dick informed after eating the last of his seconds. “The food was good at least.” He mused just as Alfred went around the table and picked up the dirty plates. 

Both Jason and Tim snickered, causing Bruce to clear his throat. “Well, it is Alfred’s cooking.” The alpha agreed.

“Thank you, sir,” Alfred said with a small smile. “And since my food is so good, I would like to inform you that I made a cake for dessert. Would you like some, Master Dick?” 

Dick cringed at the title Alfred placed upon him. “Um, sure.”

“Very well sir.” Dick watched him walk toward the kitchen.

“So… you’re cripple now or what?” Jason said to Dick, clearly having seen him earlier.

“Jason.” Bruce and glared at Jason.

“Hey,” He held his hands up in defense, “I’m just saying. He looks cripple.”

“And aren’t you the one that made him that way?” Tim spoke up. “Huh, Jason? The one who couldn’t reach a bowl from the top cabinet because he has short arms?”

Bruce coughed into his glass of water and Dick could feel that he found it amusing. 

“I’ll fuck you up, Timmy!”

“Try me.” Tim challenged. 

Jason grabbed the back of Tim’s head and yanked it backward, evidently pulling his hair.

Tim hissed, “Fucking-- stop, Jason!” He grabbed his forearm, trying to yank it off.

Dick watched Tim strain, but from the looks of it, the argument wasn’t going to last long. Bruce was up and over their side of the table within seconds, tugging them apart without a hitch. Jason was the only one who fell out of his chair though.

“Shit-- Bruce, what the hell!?” Jason yelled, but Bruce remained impassive.

“You’re not in high school anymore, Jason,” Bruce said as he sat back down. “You’re nineteen years old, act like it.”

“He should’ve been held back.” Tim teased with a smirk.

He was ,” Bruce said, not so subtly whispering.

Dick snorted, watching Jason drag himself up from the ground just as Alfred walked out with a chocolate cake. They ate in silence, but it was a comfortable silence. Dick had never really felt… comfortable in so long. Not around anyone for the past fifteen years. This feeling was nice.

In that spirit, Dick glanced at Bruce who finishing his water. What if he hadn’t been picked up by DS and instead by Bruce? Would it be any different? Maybe? Dick relented the idea of having become apart of Bruce’s family early on. No matter how much he wished things had happened that way, time is irreversible. He couldn’t love Bruce being like this…


“Huh?” Dick blinked and came back to the present at the sound of Bruce’s voice. He looked away, having been caught staring at his mate. 

“What’s wrong?”

Dick shook his head, flushing because everyone was focused on him. “I’m just tired, that’s all.”

“You and me both.” Jason yawned after eating the last piece of his cake.

Tim pushed his chair back and stood up. “Me three.”

“Goodnight Master Jason and Master Tim.”

“Night Alfred.” They said in unison. 

“Dick.” Dick picked at table cloth when Bruce said his name, still embarrassed about getting caught staring.

“As sleeping arrangements go, I’ve had Alfred prepare a room for you.”

Dick glimpsed at the alpha. Did Bruce think Dick wouldn’t want to sleep with him? Well, probably so especially after the hassle Dick went through just to get away. Still, he appreciated the offer but Dick honestly wanted to be closer to Bruce. It was hard to express, but he loved the feeling that bubbled inside his chest when he was near the alpha. And it didn’t help when Bruce was patient and protective plus he was handsome; very much so . From the looks of it, Bruce was definitely a family man and Dick had always wanted a family after his parents died. 

His clan couldn’t ever fill that void… they just made it deeper.

“Is that alright with you, Dick?”

“Yeah, thank you.”

“Of course.” Bruce stood and grabbed the handles of his wheelchair. “I’ll show you where the elevator is.”

When they made it, Dick watched Bruce press floor number two out of the three other buttons lined down the elevator wall. They were undoubtedly on the ground floor and yet there was a button under the first one. Dick relaxed against the chair coming to the conclusion that he needed a tour of the massive house since he was going to be staying here for a while.

“You adopted them right? Jason and Tim?” Dick asked, breaking the silence a little before the elevator dinged on the second floor.

“Yes. When they were ages 6 and 9.” He could sense the sentimental recollection in Bruce’s voice as the doors slid open. “That was a little more than ten years ago now that I think about it.”

“Seeing them now, I’m sure they were sort of difficult, right?” Dick mused, admittedly envious of their brotherly relationship.

Bruce chuckled lightly. “I had Alfred so it wasn’t that hard.” He paused, going around the wheelchair to open the tall door. “Especially with Tim, he was an obedient child.”

“You’re a good man Bruce, despite what the media says about you.” Dick looked around the familiar room, the one he ran out of earlier today. Instead, the bed was remade.

“Well, that’s…” He heard the alpha hesitate as he bent down to latch the safety stops on the wheels “...not all true.”

“It isn’t?”

“Would you believe me if I said that my bouts from the past followed me all the way up until now?”

Dick watched the alpha pull back the blankets, repeatedly checking for Dick’s reaction to his testimony. “I’m not one to judge, Bruce.” Primarily because of my own past.

Bruce was nice enough to ask him if he needed help getting into bed. Speedily, Dick agreed just so he’d have the chance to touch him. But it was over just as soon as it started, Bruce had already placed him on the bed and pulled back his hands.

The alpha’s pheromones suddenly changed, bringing Dick's attention to Bruce sitting down on the bed next to him. Dick’s skin prickled with the sensitivity of the foreign emotions he’d yet to get used to. They were shame ridden and borderline crumbling the omega’s pleasant mood.

“There won’t be-- anymore...” Bruce’s words were soft, slow, and pensive, pushing Dick to the edge of his wits. He reached out for his alpha’s hand and instinctively held it tight. Bruce wasn’t lying.

“I trust you.” It was the pull again, drawing him forward to comfort the wounded. Dick had to take a deep breath, giving in to the idea that there was no need to run anymore; that he could give in to the feeling. His glands throbbed as if they heard the call too. It was here--his mate was here, right in front of him.

“After spending one day with you, I can tell.” Dick looked down at their hands, rubbing his thumb over the top of it. “You’re a family man.” Dick looked up into his alpha’s eyes. “I find that commendable.” And attractive.

Bruce hummed, and Dick could feel that he was elated and beholden by his compliment enough to kiss the back of the omega’s hand. “Beautiful.” Dick shuddered as his lips lingered there before the trance broke and Bruce pulled his hand out of reach. It was then that Dick felt somewhat abandoned as he watched the alpha grab something from his pocket.

“If you need anything, use this.” Bruce handed him a cellphone. “It’s my spare until I get you one of your own.”

“You… you trust me with this?”

Bruce frowned at his question. “Of course I do. Why wouldn't I?"

"I tried to--”

Dick winced when Bruce touched his face. "Dick, my love." Bruce pulled him into a hug. "That’s over now-- it’s behind us."

“...For now," Dick laughed sheepishly, looking down at the dark sheets. His stomach churned with disgust at his prior lifestyle only being pulled from his thoughts when something warm touched his lips. Dick sighed, feeling his shoulders slump away from the tautness of his stress. Unlike the frigid air around them, the alpha’s lips were warm and tasted sweet and Dick melted further onto the pillows behind him. He brought a hand up, impulsively gripping Bruce’s shirt to twist it between his fingers. He wanted to be closer to the alpha-- chest to chest like they were last night. Too soon though did their mouths part by an inch, hot air escaping between them.

“You’re not the only one who’s done bad things, Dick,” Bruce said, thumbing Dick’s cheek before he stood up. “Get some sleep.”

Dick reluctantly let go of the alpha’s hand, feeling the cold air flow between his spread fingers. Don’t leave … he almost said but decided against it. He needed to think about things, contemplate what was real and what wasn’t. He needed to be serious from now on, for he knew desire would take over his mind soon enough. This soulmate thing was no joke… even when he wasn’t in heat, he wanted the alpha by his side. No words could define this feeling and Dick felt lost because of it.

With those thoughts running through his mind, Dick settled against the bed. “Goodnight, Bruce.”

“Goodnight, Dick.” Bruce left the room and Dick slowly closed his eyes.

How long will it be before I give myself away to him fully?

Chapter Text

Gotham City

Location: Club Roame

Time: 15:08 P.m.

Status: Omega 21365 [Unable to locate]


“He’s gone,” Rose spoke through the speaker of her phone after typing in her logs. She glanced out the windows of her car, watching the civilians exit the club she just finished searching through. “There’s no trace of him, father.”

Rose propped a foot on the dashboard, listening to the pending silence on the other end. She waited, hearing a shuffle from the other side, then a beep sounded from her speaker. It was a notification, labeled as multimedia before she clicked on it, showing a miniature map. With no words, she hung up the phone and got out of the car, following the pinpoint on the map.

Rose soon stood in front of a massive hotel somewhat connected to the club and headed inside. The pinpoint mark was angled so she could get a 3D view of its position-- props to their tech team and years of creating the perfect tracker. She walked inside the lobby, passing all the bustle from the front desk and headed to the elevator.

“The twentieth floor,” Rose mumbled as she pressed the button for the top floor. Lamentably, there were many stops on the way but she soon made it, letting the map guide her towards a hotel room. She listened at the door, making sure no one was inside before adeptly looking at the keypad under the doorknob. Very few hotels had them but they did come in handy with a simple shine of a UV light, showing the fingerprinted code as plain as day. When Rose entered, she called her father once more.

“Is this signal his cellphone?” She searched around the room, waiting for him to answer.

“It’s where the signal was last seen.” A deep voice rang from the speaker. “Before the device was cut off.”

“Seems as if someone has been taking precautions.”

“Find any remnants of him in that room and bring it to me.”

“That’s going to be quite difficult, father. The room’s been cleaned.” She spoke as she looked through every dresser drawer, then the bathroom, closet and finally under the bed. “Looks like I spoke too soon.” Rose cringed as she pushed past small debris of candy wrappers that seemed to have been missed during the cleaning. 

“There are always leftovers, Rose.”

“I see what you mean,” Rose said sarcastically, feeling crumbs touch her palm as she blindly felt around under the bed. Some four-star hotel this was. Rose stopped abruptly, feeling something cold touch her palm then pulled it out. She huffed, sitting up on her knees and looked at the silver syringe.

“I found something, father.” She flipped the object around, studying its exterior. “A syringe-- says ‘Surge’ on the barrel.”

“A Suppressor.” Her father said simply.

“Newly created and exceedingly expensive,” Rose commented. “Who knew he would go to such extremes.”

“That’s just it, he wouldn’t.”

“You’re right again, father.” Rose pocketed the syringe and searched the room some more. “We checked his apartment and he’s been taking his basic suppressant pills regularly.” She explained while looking under the nightstand. “He wouldn’t need one this strong unless he went into heat which would be… impossible.”


“Yes, father?”

“Come back to the base.”

She paused.“Now?”

“I’m gathering some of the members. We need to discuss some things...”

Rose sighed, already walking toward the door. “I’ll be there in fifteen.”


***1 week later***


Dick slowly opened his eyes, feeling extremely restless. Lately, he’d been feeling the dread of another night coming around and facing the fact that he had to fall asleep while somehow not being able to. Insomnia . He’s had it since he could remember but it’s been worse for the past week and a half… ever since he got here. Dick’s bed was undoubtedly warm and comfortable and yet, the omega found himself tossing and turning all throughout the night with his skin scratching against the soft sheets. Truth be told, Dick was miserable. It's because he’d been too conscious; too aware of the alpha sleeping in the room across the hallway. Sometimes he could hear it, like a whisper as an unseen force called for him but Dick didn’t want to submit to it. Not yet.

A beep from Dick’s new phone interrupted his thoughts, forcing him to roll over and look at it. The time read 10:20 am and underneath was a message from Tim.

          [Tim] --- Alfred made breakfast

Dick smiled at the text. He really loved Alfred and his cooking. Actually, he just loved this place in general. Jason kept him on the edge of his seat by telling him jokes and unbelievable stories about his college friends. Tim was a little reserved but was never out of reach. For the past five days, he’s helped Dick with anything and everything, especially when Bruce was watching. It was sort of a perk that came with their truce.

Dick sighed, rolling over onto his back. A lot of thoughts plagued his mind and most of them weren’t good. It’s been more than a week since he’d been sent out to assassinate Bruce Wayne. He thought the clan would have made their move but nothing has happened thus far, nor has anyone in the house ever brought it up again. Dick figured it was Bruce’s doing. He never explicitly said to him that he’d do something about the clan and it was Tim that welcomed him to the Dark Knight anyhow, so now what?

Granted, Dick couldn’t do anything even if he wanted to because he was still using a wheelchair. His feet were healing nicely, but the doctor recommended that he stay off of them for a full three weeks. Then there was another thing… he hadn’t left this mansion ever since coming back from the hospital. It wasn’t like Dick tried to or even asked, but whenever Dick wanted to move about the house alone, either Jason or Tim followed him. He was actually surprised Tim texted him instead of coming to get him. And when Bruce was home, he wasn’t let out of his sight not until he fell asleep.

“Some trust.” Dick scoffed as he sat up and stretched his muscles. He loved to think that they were protecting his whereabouts which made sense but still, the least they could do was let him know about the plan. He was in on this too, wasn’t he? He was the main reason for all of this.

Pushing the thought aside, Dick texted Tim a quick, ‘I’m up’ before slowly letting himself down on the wheelchair. Thankfully his knees healed way faster than his feet did, making it easier to move around. He headed toward the bathroom and did his whole morning routine, coming to a pause when he got to his dresser drawer. Once again he’d be wearing Jason’s clothes which consisted of mostly t-shirts with distracting logos on them and slightly baggy pants. Usually, he’d wear Tim's pant’s but unfortunately, they were a little bit tight around the ass area-- not that Bruce minded. Dick eventually gave in, going with one of Tim’s pants and one of Jason’s t-shirts just for the heck of it.

The omega quickly pulled on his shirt while struggling to put on the tight pants.

“Ugh, forget it.” It usually took Dick a while to put on the pants but today he was impatient. He stood up as slowly as he could, wincing just a bit at the pressure on the balls of his feet and pulled his pants up all the way. He smiled, growing a bit smug, and took a couple of steps away from the wheelchair because his feet felt better; way better.

Walking surprisingly didn’t hurt as much as he thought it would. He cheered inwardly, grabbing his cell phone from the nightstand then slowly headed out the door. Dick avoided the stairs still and took the elevator now feeling a little alone since he wasn’t being escorted. When Dick boarded the elevator, he immediately eyed the very last button, cased in silver like the surrounding walls. He recalled asking Tim about it one day only to be instructed to ask Bruce and when he did he’d been told it was a basement.

One thing that Bruce couldn’t do to him, was lie. It was explicitly unachievable. The omega could tell by the sensations throbbing at the back of his head like a homing device. Regardless of how subtle the feeling had been, he still felt it.

Dick was already interested in knowing as to why the elevator was at the back of the house, hidden in plain sight. He was already curious as to why no one brought up DS or avoided his questions and today... he was anxious to find out.

After a quiet yawn, he pressed the silver button, expecting something to happen-- nothing did. He frowned, pressing it again, a little harder this time as if that were going to change anything-- in a way it did. The almost silent sound of the doors sliding open behind him without warning caused the omega to pull a defensive stance. Dick winced as he pressed down on his feet, expecting some sort of threat but eased off when he observed the new area that looked like another elevator.

Dick raised a brow and looked back at the main elevator door, seeing that it was still closed. He turned back around, weighing his choices. Either go eat breakfast with Wayne family, or explore this uncharted territory. He chose the latter.  

Dick stepped forward, allowing his bare feet to hit the cold surface, hearing the door close behind him. He looked around, feeling a little muddled about what to do next, mainly because there were no buttons. The omega huffed in frustration and leaned against the wall to relieve some of the pressure on his feet. It was then that the luminescent lights eclipsed into complete darkness, leaving a soft blue hue radiating throughout the small space. Dick quickly turned around and analyzed the wall, lined with blue lights and a touch screen keypad, studying its familiar components. 

Dick wasn’t new to this sort of technology but he wasn’t well versed in the art of code-breaking either. He sighed and took a step forward, letting his hands roam over the vast expanse of the wall, looking for any inclusions he could attempt to breakthrough. He knew how rash that decision sounded, but he was sure Bruce wouldn’t allow him inside, otherwise, he wouldn’t have kept Dick in the dark.

Fingerprint scanner activated.

Hearing the female voice, Dick quickly pulled back and watched the wall light up in different places almost like a tablet. 

Fingerprint scanner activated. 

Place hand on register point.

Dick watched a luminescent handprint appear on the screen. There was no way he was going to be able to get in, and yet, Dick wanted to try. With his hopes lowered, the omega moved forward and lightly placed his hand on the scanner. He watched the scanner blink bright red before letting his hand fall to the side. He knew it wasn’t going to wor--

Identity confirmed.

Dick widened his eyes at the voice.

Access granted. Security has been deactivated.

“Those assholes,” Dick mumbled as he looked down at his hand. When the hell did they get his fingerprints?

Dick scoffed as he felt the elevator swiftly descend before it stopped at another door that slowly but surely opened.




Bruce went stiff, dropping his cellphone on the floor, startling both Tim and Jason.

“Bruce, what’s wrong.” Tim stood up and glanced around the room. “What happened?

“Dick’s scent disappeared.” Bruce shot up, quickly walking out of the room.

“What!?” Tim shouted as he and Jason tailed the alarmed alpha.

“Think someone broke in?” Jason muttered giving his surroundings darting glances.

“No, our countermeasures would have informed us,” Bruce said lowly as he ran toward Dick’s room. He slammed open the door and scented the air, relieved that his pheromones were still fresh, doused with repose.

“His wheelchair is still here,” Tim commented, making Jason and Bruce look over. 

“He’s walking?” Jason sauntered over to the hamper and opened the flap. “He changed out of his night clothes too.”

“And he texted me back earlier-- Bruce, you don’t think…” Tim didn’t have to continue for both alphas to understand what he was saying. They all exchanged a quick look before bolting towards the elevator. It was a long trek through the house and the fingerprint scanner before they made it to the surprisingly empty grotto.

“He’s not here,” Jason observed as they walked deeper into the massive area.

“How did he know he could get in?” Tim questioned. “I knew we shouldn’t have taken his fingerprints while he was sleeping.”

“I figured that’s what you guys did.” Dick’s voice echoed through the air. 

They all turned around and looked up at the omega leaning his elbows against the railing on the second floor. 

“I’m guessing you were all going to tell me eventually, otherwise I wouldn’t have access to this place at all.” Dick gave a half-smile as he pivoted, heading for the stairs. “You guys have a nice set up going on here,” Dick said as he gently descended the steps, not once breaking eye contact with his mate. “DS has many bases but none of them are as big as this.” He winced once he touched the ground floor.

“Dick, your injuries.” Bruce moved toward his mate but was stopped short when the omega denied his help.

“I'm fine but I’m disappointed in you Bruce.” Dick eyed the alpha. “You said you trusted me.”

“I do trust you,” Bruce stated firmly.

Dick scoffed. “Then why have I been kept in the dark for the past week?” When Bruce didn’t answer Dick continued. “Do you think I betrayed DS because I wanted to be put on the back burner? That’s not how this works, Bruce.”

“We were going to inform you about everything eventually,” Tim spoke up. “After your injuries healed.”

“You were going to wait three weeks?” Dick said incredulously. “You think DS is going to wait three weeks in order to find me and kill me?”

“We never said that.” Tim defended. “Bruce thought it was best.”

Dick looked to his mate. “You’re going to need my help. Whether you like it or not."

Bruce sighed. "Dick I understand why you’re angry but we will not be rushing into this. We will need to tread lightly."

"Then tell me that; include me, instead of doing things behind my back."

“That’s what we’re always telling him,” Jason said agreed with a nod.

“Thanks for the information, Jason.” Dick gave him a small smile before looking back at his mate. “I’m not really angry, I’m just… annoyed.” Dick watched Bruce slide him a guarded look. It wasn’t saying much but he knew the alpha was conflicted.

The omega sighed inwardly as he stepped closer to the alpha and placed a hand on his chest. As always it was hard and sturdy-- Dick sometimes wondered what he looked like underneath the shirt. His guess was as good as any but he was sure it would be nice to look at. 

“You will include me from now on,” Dick said with a pressing look. “Won’t you, Bruce.” It wasn’t a question nor would it ever be. Dick was not going to become some useless omega, made to be taken care of by his seemingly protective alpha.

“...Yes.” The alpha’s tone sounded unsure but Dick wasn’t going to give him any leeway.

“Good.” Dick pulled his hand away from Bruce’s chest. “And one more thing. I'm going to need some new clothes." Dick dramatically pulled at Jason’s ugly t-shirt before tapping his leg. “As much as these jeans are working for you Bruce, they aren't working for me." The omega gave Bruce a knowing look, seeing the latter gulp. With that established, Dick slowly turned and walked back toward the entrance with Bruce in tow, offering to help him once more.

“I’m fine, Bruce.”

“The doctor said three weeks, Dick.”

“You worry too much.”

“Dick, please…”

Jason and Tim stared wide-eyed at the pair as they disappeared behind the closing door. 

“I’ll never let myself be that easily influenced by an omega.” Jason declared.

“Sure, Jay. You keep saying that.” Tim patted Jason on the shoulder. 

“I’m serious.”

“If he’s anything like Dick, you’re done.” Tim chuckled. “I’ve never seen Bruce like that before.”

“Yeah, he went after him like a little puppy.”

“Well, at least we don’t have to sneak around him any longer.” Tim walked towards one of the computers with a grin.

“You and me both.” Jason followed Tim. "And I thought Bruce was protective before. Seeing him now, it's kind of... bizarre."

“It’s all in the soulbond so he can’t help but feel that way.” Tim sat down and looked down at the keyboard. “It affects a person's whole physiology; their entire reason and rationality only to appease one another. It’s strange but... beautiful... in a way.”

Jason watched his little brother smile. It was melancholy and borderline despondent and if Jason didn’t know him, he would have questioned why. Jason sighed, letting his shoulders slump as he walked over and ruffled Tim’s hair.

“Jason,” Tim moved out of reach. “What the heck.”

“Stop ruining the mood, Timmy.”

“Jason wha--”

“You’re not a defect... you’ll present soon enough.”

They stared at each other, Tim, being the first one to break it when he cracked a smile. “You’re ugly when you’re trying to be sentimental.”

“Appreciate it while it lasts.” Jason huffed and crossed his arms, going rigid when he felt arms wrap around him. Tim was hugging him.

“Thanks Jay, I needed to hear that.” Tim pulled away offering Jason one last smile before leaving the alpha with muddled thoughts.

Chapter Text

Dick’s expression dulled when he looked down at the black alloy like collar, dangling from his alpha’s hand. “I’m not wearing that.” He said after a quiet assessment only to clench his teeth when Bruce persisted once more.

“It’s simply a scent blocker, Dick. Nothing more.” Bruce unclasped the latch situated on the back of the collar and held it up for Dick to take.

“I don’t care what it is, Bruce. I’m not wearing it.”

Dick moved back until his back hit the door of the short limo they were riding in. Bruce finally agreed to take Dick shopping only in the occurrence that they all remain concealed with some sort of disguise. As for their collective disguises, they wore nothing more than beanies and sunglasses. Dick went the extra mile to get comfortable and abandoned Tim’s tight pants, settling for one of Jason’s baggy basketball shorts. He knew he looked like a homeless person, especially if people knew he was walking next to the infamous Bruce Wayne but he could care less about that at the moment.

“Dick, you understand that we cannot have anyone recognize you while you’re out in public.” Bruce declared softly. “If your information is anything to go by, DS has spies that not even you know the faces of.”

 “...I know, it's just…” Dick trailed off and eyed the collar, upper lip curling with disgust. 

Bruce sighed, looking over at his son’s who were seemingly paying attention to their phones. “Tim, Jason. Wait outside the car.” 

Like clockwork, they got out of the car leaving the air filled with Dick’s afflicting pheromones.

“You can’t make me wear it,” Dick said again. “Bruce. I swear if you try and make me wear that--”

“I won’t force you to wear it,” Bruce reassured the uneasy omega. He didn’t quite understand Dick’s reluctance when it came to wearing the collar. It wasn’t uncommon to see an omega wearing one merely for protection and yet, Dick was feeling troubled by it. He was sure it had something to do with the omega’s past; the past that he had yet to talk about. Bruce was patient, however. He strove to never cause his mate any unnecessary pain, even if that meant holding back. 

“We still have to block out your pheromones, Dick.” Bruce watched Dick’s eyes follow the collar in his hand as he put it on the seat behind him. “It is necessary.”

Once the collar was out of sight, Dick peered at Bruce with his wondrous blue eyes. He soon diverted them, looking at the other half of the limo. Bruce could sense it then, the omega’s nervousness burning at the back of his mind.

“I’ve never done that before...” Dick said in a small voice not looking over when Bruce moved closer and was only driven to do so by the hand lightly grabbing his chin.

“It’ll be alright.”

Their stares bore into one another with a complete understanding of the situation, just as Bruce moved forward. Dick subconsciously canted his head to the side, offering his neck to the alpha. He parted his lips and shivered when they finally made contact.

Scent Marking.

 It was remarkably different from a kiss while at the same time being just as intimate. They’ve never done it before and as it happens, it was one of those things that made Dick lose control of all his senses.

Dick’s head lightly hit the car door as his breath stammered compulsively, feeling Bruce rub against his neck. He adjusted himself, widening the space between his legs, sighing when the alpha settled more in between them. God, it felt so good. It was a pleasure masked by pheromones and a conclusive obligation between mates. Even though the two had yet to form an official bond, scent marking acted as a sort of predefined one. 

Dick’s glands tingled as Bruce continued mouthing against them, sometimes pausing to inhale his scent. Dick did the same, kneading Bruce’s shoulders, pulling him as close as he could go and breathed in his musky aroma. Heat curled in his spine when Bruce settled a hand on the curve of his back, gasping when his glands were caressed by those soft lips.

Dick felt a low rumbling noise come from the alpha as the air flooded with domineering pheromones enough to make Dick go blind. Mine. The omega’s mind chanted, taking away all of his worries about the collar restraining his neck. None of it mattered when his whole well being desired the alpha. That is until everything suddenly stopped.

Dick gasped, suddenly breathing in the open air as Bruce pulled away, hearing a muffled scream from outside the car.

Jason, I said let go !”

Bruce sighed loudly, sparing Dick one last look before he reluctantly got out of the car. Dick sat up, body feeling leaden as his thoughts drowned with fatigue. He huffed and straightened his clothing, taking a quick peek at the tinted partition, knowing that Alfred could very well smell what they had done, even if he couldn’t see it. There was no need to be embarrassed, for it was only natural but Dick couldn’t help it. He didn’t know when he’d ever get used to this.

Eventually, Bruce opened his side of the car door, presenting Dick with that dreaded wheelchair of his. Just one more week and he could get rid of the damned thing. When they made it out of the parking garage, Dick let his body bast in the sunlight and fresh air, happy to be off the Wayne property because Bruce’s backyard could offer only so much in terms of liberation.

They made their way down the sidewalk and Tim was busy looking for places to shop. They ended up going to a rather large department store that looked to be a little on the expensive side. Considering what side of town they were on, it wasn’t surprising in the slightest. When they entered, the store clerk spared them a quick glance before looking back at his phone, leaving their little group to fend for themselves. 

“You can get anything you want,” Bruce said, once again, reminding Dick that he was living with a billionaire.

Dick almost rolled his eyes at Bruce’s obvious jest when the first section he was wheeled to just so happened to be the jeans aisle. “Such flattery,” Dick said sarcastically. “Mind if you help me try on clothes?”

“Of course.” Bruce rushed in his acceptance while helping Dick stand up from the wheelchair.

“I meant Tim.”

Bruce frowned and opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out, causing Jason to snort. Tim assessed the situation and quickly pulled Dick along until they were far away enough from both alphas.

“When we first met, I never took you as one to be cheeky.”

Dick shrugged looking at the row of pants. “It comes and goes.”

“Well, Bruce definitely doesn’t know how to take it,” Tim said as he watched the omega browse through the clothes. “I mean I’ve never seen him hold back so much before, especially since...”

Dick raised a brow at that, hearing Tim hesitate before speaking.

“…You think you can cut him some slack?”

After grabbing a pair of jeans, Dick paused and considered Tim’s words. “Not yet.” 

And why not?”

“It’s a little fun keeping him on edge.”

“Well, I don’t think he’s having fun at all,” Tim replied, making Dick laugh.

“He’ll be fine, Tim,” Dick said as he picked out his second pair of pants. For his sake, he hoped that Bruce would be fine. Their situation wasn’t normal in the slightest and Dick’s never been in a relationship before. In any event, he was going to proceed with caution. He would try to at least because he felt himself giving in more and more each day.

“Are you even sure that you’ll be fine?”

“As much as I’m attracted to Bruce,” Dick continued. “I’m not ready to just jump right into things.” He said, knowing damn well he smelled like Bruce right now. “Especially when I’m... inexperienced.”

“Wait, you mean... you’re a virgi--! Tim’s response was muffled by Dick’s hand covering his mouth.

“Quiet down.” Dick hissed as he peeked over at Bruce on the other side of the store. They made eye contact and Dick quickly smiled before looking back at Tim. “Don’t tell anyone.”

Tim moved Dick’s hand away from his mouth. “I--I won’t. I promise.”

Dick gave him a skeptical look to which Tim pretended to zip his mouth shut. It didn’t convince the omega in the slightest and he was sure by this time next week, Jason would most likely mention it. Hopefully, it wasn’t in front of Bruce. 

Dick pushed the thought aside and returned to shopping. He didn’t take Bruce’s offer to heart only picking out several pairs of pants and shirts to try on. After he was done, he headed to check out where Bruce insisted that he needed more clothes-- more, meaning that they were going to multiple stores. As much as Dick hated the wheelchair, after the third store, he ended up sitting in it for the rest of the day. 


That’s what Dick thought of his alpha at the moment. He wanted the best and only the best of anything and everything at the expense of his own morals. Dick questioned Bruce only one time that afternoon about how he was spoiling him. This caused the alpha to give Dick an incredulous look as if he couldn’t believe his ears. Then Bruce assured him that it was all extremely necessary and that Dick would need more. 


Bruce was remarkably adamant about his decisions. Once he made one, there was no changing it unless Dick could influence him otherwise. Truth be told, Dick found it quite endearing. He’s never been fawned over by someone so devoted and attractively powerful before. No matter how stubborn his alpha was, he was never cruel or heartless. Contrary to the rumors, Bruce concealed his prowess in public unlike other alpha’s who liked to unnervingly show it off. Even though he was currently disguised, he stayed refined and confident with benevolence trimming at the edges of his presentation. 


When they returned to the manor later that evening, Dick was reluctant to part with Bruce as he had been all day-- ever since he scented him. That’s why when said man disappeared after dinner, Dick went and searched for him around the house with Tim’s help.

Bruce’s office was downstairs situated between a room filled with instruments and some extra storage rooms. Dick hadn’t had a chance to explore the whole house yet but the more he looked around, the more he discovered.

“He usually doesn’t like people bothering him when he’s in there,” Tim commented while looking at the closed door.

“I’m sure I’ll be fine,” Dick said with a smile before Tim shrugged and walked off.

Dick took a deep breath then knocked on the door. “It’s Dick.” He heard a shuffle then Bruce was opening the door, holding up a finger because he was talking on the phone. Dick wheeled himself inside, listening to Bruce talk to someone about work before he drowned them out and looked around the room.

The space was dim, walls littered with tall bookshelves, blending in with the chestnut-colored paneling. It was a little antique like the rest of the manor and it felt homey. Dick took it upon himself to stand up, slowly walking around the room, looking at all the decorations and books scattered about. He slid out a book in the midst of others, finding it surprisingly dust-free. Who was he kidding, the small staff run by Alfred did wonders to the massive house and Bruce’s office was no different.

Appraisal aside, Dick opened the book and unenthusiastically flipped through the crinkled pages. When he grew bored, he moved on to the next book, barely listening to Bruce’s voice behind him, hoping he would hang up soon. As if on cue, Dick heard the alpha bid his friend a good night before straightening papers on his desk. Dick replaced the book and turned around, watching Bruce pocket his phone.

“I forgot to say thank you for buying me clothes.” Dick didn’t mention that it was practically an entire two stores worth.

“There’s no need to thank me.” A small smile tugged at the end of the alpha’s lips. “I’ll buy you anything that you want.”

“Anything?” Dick feigned a ponder and tapped a finger against his chin, walking over until he was in front of Bruce’s desk. “Then I want a car; an Aston Martin One-77.”

Bruce didn’t bat an eye. “I’ll consider it.”

“My God,” Dick gawked at him with a wide smile. “Bruce, I was just kidding.”

“I didn’t say yes,” Bruce retorted. “I said I would consider it.”

“You’re practically saying yes.” Dick laughed. “Please don’t even think about buying me a million-dollar car.” 

“I’ll try and resist,” Bruce replied moving past the omega and doing something behind him.

Dick couldn’t hold back a small laugh before accidentally knocking something down onto the desk. He paused, seeing a small picture frame and grabbed it, wiping the nonexistent dust from the glass then looked at the two people there. A woman with short dark hair had her arm looped through Bruce’s as they stood in front of a white backdrop. The alpha seldom smiled next to the woman who had a smile as bright as the sun with a diamond ring on her left hand. Dick quickly glanced at Bruce’s hand in the picture before feeling something warm touch his back and softly grab the frame from his hand.

“You were married?” Dick turned around, Bruce brushing his arm as he placed the picture frame back on his desk.

“No, we weren’t.” Bruce pulled back, body towering over the omegas. “We were putting on a show for her father just for the fun of it.”

“And you kept a picture?” Dick asked with an amused look (though he wasn’t entirely amused). He could feel a very small wave of sadness flow through Bruce as he looked down at the picture. 

“It’s more of a commemorable thing,” Bruce said, tone laced with nostalgia, concurrently replacing his grief.

Dick gazed up at Bruce’s expression, seeing a soft smile, one that he’d never seen before. Whoever this woman was, she must have meant a lot to Bruce and Dick wasn’t sure how to feel about that. 

Dick looked away, slipping past the alpha to sit down on one of the small leather sofas. “Was she one of your old girlfriends? I mean, I’m just curious.” He crossed his legs, feeling a cool breeze run of his calve after having changed into a new pair of lounge shorts earlier. “It wouldn’t be surprising if she was-- she is very beautiful.”

Bruce cracked a small smile and walked over, sitting down beside the omega. “No one is more beautiful than you, Dick.”

Dick studied his alpha as he grabbed and kissed the back of his hand, lips lingering there for a while. “You’re a sweet talker. No wonder your playboy reputation is so big.”

“Is that all you know about me?” Bruce mused.

“I can name a couple of more things if you want? Like your stubbornness, excessiveness, and overprotectiveness--”

“Only bad things?” Bruce chuckled softly. 

“Well, you’re also... kind, gentle…” Dick grinned, feeling quite confident at the moment. “... and handsome.” He wouldn’t have said this to the alpha’s face last week, not with his diffidence. He’d grown more used to his alpha now and the scenting they did today changed things for the better. 

Bruce hummed, affection glowing in his eyes, startling Dick when he pulled him close. 

“What about me?” Dick asked when they were chest against chest, looking up into his alpha’s eyes with a fast-beating heart. “Besides me being beautiful of course.”

“You’re… witty.” 

Dick laughed, playfully pushing against the alpha’s chest but going nowhere-- not when the alpha had him in such a tight hold. It was a given that he wanted to be closer to Bruce as well which is why he didn’t falter when the alpha stated--

“You haven’t been getting enough sleep.” Bruce rubbed a thumb under Dick’s eye where he knew his heavy bags sat.

Dick averted his gaze. “I’m fine...”

“I haven’t been sleeping well either.” 

Dick looked back at his alpha not seeing an ounce of evidence of his fatigue. “Well, you sure don’t look like it.”

 “I’m being serious, Dick. I’ve given you space but, it’s unhealthy for us to keep doing this.” Bruce pinned the omega with his eyes. “Sleep with me tonight,” he said in a low voice, making the omega quiver.

There was no point in going back to his own bed when Dick knew he wouldn’t be able to sleep and sleep sounded good right now; sleeping in his alpha’s arms sounded even better… Feeling flushed and not being able to look away from his alpha’s eyes,  Dick found himself saying, “Okay.” hoping that his exhaustion would dwindle away after this night.

Chapter Text

As expected, their relationship was bound to develop to such lengths after sleeping in the same bed for two weeks. Even more so when Dick got his stitches out and was able to move freely without worrying his vigilant alpha. From then on, it was a pleasant distraction.

Dick let his legs dangle a bit above the ground, back nearly touching the dresser mirror with his hands splayed on Bruce’s bare chest. Their mouths moved together in a slow sensual pace, deep breaths ghosting over each other’s skin as they parted by an inch. They never stayed apart for long, for the pleasure was magnetic and eased whatever need to breathe they had. 

Dick let out a soft noise, toes curling, after feeling Bruce’s hands clutch his ass. His ass was the very thing that got him in this position in the first place. Dick had been in the midst of putting on a shirt, leaving his muscular legs bare below his briefs. It must have triggered something because next thing Dick knew, he was being lifted and placed on the dresser without an ounce of difficulty. Granted, this wasn’t the first time something like this has happened and maybe- -just maybe-- Dick thought it was fun to taunt the alpha whenever he could. He couldn’t help it. Dick was equally as desperate as Bruce was, though he wouldn’t admit it out loud-- his lips were enough to prove that.

“Not so hard.” Dick gave a breathy laugh against Bruce’s mouth, feeling the grip on his butt slacken. 

Bruce pressed his lips to Dick’s once again, murmuring a soft, “I want you.” before capturing his lips entirely.

Dick moaned quietly, legs squeezing around his alpha’s hips after hearing his words. He wanted him too; he really did. But not as of this moment. Especially when it was the middle of the afternoon and the rest of the Wayne family was in the house.

“Bruce!” A knock sounded the door, causing the mates to part with reluctance.

Dick chuckled, letting his head rest on Bruce’s chest who was currently peeved. Dick swore Jason and Tim’s disturbances weren't always accidents, for they both seemed to have a tiny streak of mischievousness that drained them of their innocence. Then again, Bruce seemed to not question it almost as if he were used to it-- more like he spoiled them rotten . Bruce claimed he didn’t, simply because he was strict, but that did to stop him from almost always being a ‘yes’ man. Well, only when it had nothing to do with the Dark Knight clan. 

Dick mulled over that thought as the alpha placed one last kiss on his lips before retrieving his button-up shirt from the bed. Dick jumped off the dresser, quickly grabbing his pants from the floor and pulling them up just before the door was opened.

“Bruce,” Tim complained, holding a tiny piece of paper in his hand. 

“What’s wrong, Tim?”

“Oh, and hi, Dick.” Tim acknowledged the omega before pouting once more. “Bruce, I need you sign this for some stupid school trip next week.” He folded his arms when Bruce took the slip. “But I really don’t want to go.”

“Say’s here it’s required.”

“Bruce, please? Can’t you just say I’m sick like last time? I’ll help Alfred cook or something in return. So please?”

Dick watched Bruce rub his chin in contemplation. “...I’ll see what I can do--”

“Bruce.” Dick scoffed incredulously.

Bruce cleared his throat. “It’s required. You have to go. No excuses.” He quickly backfired.

“Wha--” Tim’s wide eyes darted between the two. “That’s-- you can’t do that!” Tim said to Dick. “It’s not fair. When did you all of a sudden start having authority? And what would you know, I bet you haven’t even been to school.”

“And I would have loved to have gone if I could've.” Dick grabbed the slip from Bruce’s hand. “The Metropolis Museum of Art. Sounds interesting.” He handed it back to Tim with a teasing smile. “Bruce will sign it later. Have fun, Tim.”

“You can’t just--” Tim couldn’t believe his ears. “Bruce? Aren’t you going to say anything?” He gestured towards Dick with a look of desperation.

“I agree with Dick. You'll have fun, I’m sure.”

Tim huffed with irritation, bewildered that this was actually happening. “I swear if we didn’t have a truce I’d-- Ugh! Nevermind.” Tim quickly walked away, slumping his shoulders in defeat.

“...Umm,” Jason came around the corner. “I guess this is a bad time to ask for some extra cash?”

“I just gave you $200 a week ago, Jason.”

 “You know how college is, Bruce. Books, parties, women.” He counted on three fingers.

“Two of those things aren’t important.” Dick piped in.

“And one of those things are expensive as hell.” Jason peeved, displeasure fixed in his stare. “I’m guessing Tim and I are gonna have to start calling you mommy from now on, huh?”

“Please,” Dick jammed an elbow into Bruce's ribs, cutting off his chuckle. “Don’t ever call me that again.”

“You were asking for it.” Jason retorted, mockingly. “Nevermind. I’ll just borrow money from Timmy, see ya.” He turned on his heel, throwing them a little wave before disappearing around the corner.

"So, this truce?" Bruce said after closing the door. “What truce was Tim talking about?" 

"Don't worry about it, big guy," Dick replied while patting the alpha’s back. “It’s nothing serious.”

Dick definitely did not think of himself as a parent. Not in the slightest. Despite Alfred praising him for doing things he’s been telling Bruce for years, he didn’t feel a sense of accomplishment. This was all just another distraction to him. Dick enjoyed being with the Wayne family; he hasn’t felt this serene in a long time but he was relaxing a bit too much for a person being hunted by his ex-clan. 

Still, it felt good to get away from his disciplined lifestyle to stay in this fantasy world and forget about his past entirely. 


“Alright, everything look’s good.” Dr. Dundee said after giving Dick a quick check-up.

“I told Bruce this wasn’t necessary.” The omega sighed.

“Well, I’m not sure how it was… before you started living with him. But it is highly recommended that omegas get regular checkups every 3 months or so.”

“Knowing Bruce, I’m sure I’ll be here every month.”

The doctor laughed. “Ah, yes, Bruce does have a knack for doing things like that. I remember when he first brought in Selina and she made--

“Who’s Selina?”

Dick watched the doctor open and close his mouth before throwing him a sheepish smile. “It’s no one important, um, I forgot to ask. How are your feet feeling since we took the stitches out last week? Better?”

Dick’s eyes narrowed before he answered. “Yeah, they feel fine.”

Dr. Dundee nodded. “Good, that’s good. And how have you been feeling after taking the Surge suppressor?”

“I feel the same as usual, I guess. Am I supposed to feel different?” Truth be told, Dick had almost forgotten about taking that suppressant. Especially now when this Selina person was all that plagued his mind.

“Hardly. I’m guessing you’re already aware that once it is dispensed, the medicine will last up to four months.”

“Yeah… I remember hearing about that somewhere.” 

The doctor nodded. “Well, do I need to prescribe you with a regular dosage or should we let your heat cycle run its natural course?”

Dick pressed his lips together and peeked at the door. Bruce had gone outside to take a call not too long ago and would probably be out there for a while. In light of that, Dick decided to speak. “C-Can I take some with me just in case…”

The doctor raised a brow and adjusted his glasses. “That’s not a problem. But I must warn you now that you cannot take this medicine until the day of your heat.”

“What do you mean?”

“The medicine is unlike the daily suppressant pills because it doesn’t necessarily prevent your heats, it just sort of,” He motioned his hands around as he explained. “Terminates it the moment it happens.”

“What a rip-off,” Dick mumbled as he thought about the price, causing the doctor to laugh.

“Some people think so, yes, but it is highly recommended. You only need to take it three times a year rather than a pill every day.”

“That’s true, I guess.” Dick sighed and slid down the examination table.

“I’ll go and get some of the medicine for you.” The doctor stood up.

“Thanks and think you can point me toward the restroom?” Dick followed the doctor out the door, watching him gesture toward the end of the long hallway. Dick said another thanks and looked behind him, seeing Bruce in the waiting room still talking on the phone before he walked the opposite way to the bathroom.

Despite the hallway being long, Dick made it there quickly, only passing a few blurry faces on the way. He bypassed the urinals, walked into the biggest stall and locked the door before reaching for his zipper.

It was then that heavy footsteps resonated throughout the three stall restroom, preceding an unsightly gruff voice. “Omega 21365.” 

Dick stared straight ahead, heart-pounding and unmoving at one of the few voices that were able to chill his soul.

“Who knew that I’d find you here out of all places.” 

There was a movement behind the door, one that Dick couldn’t register-- not until he glanced at the ground, watching the blocky shadows form the shape of two shoes. The man was to the far left of the crack between the door hinges and Dick was sure if he turned around, he’d be able to see the man looking through.

“I guess you forgot I was a doctor.” The man chuckled. “Well I can’t blame you can I? We barely talked. And it’s not like I was flaunting my rather ‘normal’ lifestyle to everyone.” 

Dick heard a thump against the door--presumably, him leaning against it--and narrowed his eyes, dropping his arms to his sides.

“Father was against me getting a day job, you know?” He chuckled again. “That’s why I got one in Gotham instead of Blüdhaven but who knew I’d run into you here and so out in the open?”

Dick slowly turned to the side, mouth going dry as he looked at the crack from his peripheral, confirming his suspicions. The alpha, Grant, was looking through the rather broad slit, showing off a portion of his pleased smile with a cigarette between his lips.

“And to find you with no one other than the playboy billionaire. The very man you were sent to kill.” Grant threw his head back and laughed. “Wait until father finds out. He’ll be soo heartbroken.” 

Dick scowled and spoke without warning. “That’s right, I almost forgot how you always did run back to daddy.” Dick turned fully around and watched the man sneer. “It’s no wonder your younger brother is the favorite.” They had no relations between them but that didn’t mean Dick didn’t know about the clans little family hierarchy. They most definitely didn’t try and hide it.

“Shut the hell up--fucking omega!” Grant slammed his hand against the door, making it rattle loudly. “Father sent out a hit on you, telling everyone to bring you to him, alive, but I don’t think I’ll do that.” The alpha growled. “I’ll kill you and then... I’ll kill that fucker, Bruce Wayne-- just like father wanted.”

“You go anywhere near my alpha and you’ll regret it,” Dick growled back.

Your … alpha? Ah, so that’s what this is.” Grant took a step back. “I always told father that it was a bad idea to train omegas. They’re weak to our pheromones and easy to control but they’re emotional-- that’s why we wanted rare defects.” A smile danced on Grant’s lips. “That reminds me... doesn’t the prince of Gotham have a defect for a son?”


The door was shattered from its hinges as Dick kicked it dead center with all the force he could muster up by means of his resentment. The now open space gave way to the image of the door slamming against the edge of the sink, echoing loudly in the hollow area of the bathroom. Dick heard a grunt before swiftly running over and jamming the door underneath the rim of the sink, effectively smashing Grant on the hard tile.

“Stay away from them!” Dick yelled as he beat the door with his right foot, hearing the wood crack with every strike.

It was through his provoked fume to protect that Dick felt a hand grab his left foot, making him slip and hit the ground shoulder first with a loud thud. Dick grunted and quickly looked over his shoulder, seeing Grant attempting to push the large door away with a trembling arm while digging his nails further into Dick’s ankle. 

God, he wished he had a weapon right now.

“You’re being reckless.” The alpha laughed floutingly, still struggling to push the door off. “I think you’ve lost your touch, Tal--”

Dick abruptly yanked his leg away, bringing it back to kick the struggling alpha directly in the chest, watching him snarl as the door hit his face a second time. Dick reacted rapidly, knowing that the alpha’s spasming diaphragm would last less than five seconds. The omega stood up with a stumble, suppressed a shudder of adrenaline and grabbed a hold of the sink, using it as leverage to push the weighted door off of the coughing alpha.

“Still weak.” Dick spit directly on Grant's face, watching him growl loudly before he pushed a foot into the alpha’s chest. 

“Fuck you--!” Grant shouted and Dick kicked at his chest again, watching the rise and fall falter with small delight. 

This bastard was weak. Always was. He’d never been able to best Dick in a fight and was the inferior child of their clan leader. A ‘mistake’ they called him, who was just as much of a killer as Dick was… no, was a nastier killer than he was.

“I told you not to threaten my alpha-- you didn’t listen.” 

“Don’t get full of y-yourself.” Grant coughed up blood. “You’re no different from us-- Agh!!” Dick pressed down on his chest, watching the man flail beneath his new shoe. 

“You had a choice...” Dick bit out through clenched teeth, taking all his frustration out on the third person he resented with all his life. “...I didn’t.” 

Dick’s wanted out since the day he was pulled in, that's why he had no remorse for when he stomped at Grant’s chest with the hard heel of his shoe once again. But this wasn’t right. This wasn’t him. Why was he doing this? He needed to stop.

Grant somehow mustered up enough air to talk, drawing Dick’s hesitance. “N-now I see why f-father loved you the most, hahaha--!!” Dick slammed another foot into the hysterical alpha’s chest. “So fucking r-ruthless--” 

“Shut up!”

“Y-you're a r-ruthless killer... Talon .” That name was enough to make Dick blindsided by rage as he grossly broke the side of Grant’s jaw with his foot, watching blood splatter on the floor. 

Dick forced himself to stop, leaning the full weight of his hands against the sink, watching the abandoned cigarette by Grant’s head wane little by little, as he caught his breath. Though he could’ve; though he wanted to, Dick hadn’t killed him. As a rotten alternative, Dick watched Grant narrowly breathe in and out, stuttering with three-second intervals. The alpha’s eyes were squinted, seeming to be studying Dick even though he could no longer talk. 

Dick was sure that one more blow to the chest would kill him and he wanted to deliver it, just not like this… not when he was trying to change. 

"I'm not like you…" Dick declared this with dreariness and blood staining his shoe, as he tried to convince himself. He wasn’t like them. He’s been loved once before when his parents were still alive and now he’s being loved wholeheartedly by someone he wanted to protect. But even that did nothing to destroy this vile side of himself that he couldn’t get rid of. 

Dick’s only wish was that Bruce would never have to witness it. He prayed that he wouldn’t! But it was too late. Through his prior frenzy, Dick hadn’t noticed a presence standing by the door after he made his final kick. He wasn’t sure how long he’d been watching but it didn’t matter. 

Bruce had seen him.  

Dick couldn’t look up; he wouldn’t look up. He was too afraid to see Bruce’s expression. Instead, Dick whimpered, feeling his omega seek for his alpha’s forgiveness. 

“This… this isn’t me…” His voice trembled. “I--I didn’t kill him… I won’t k--kill again, Bruce. I promise I won’t.” Dick finally looked over at his alpha, seeing him with a blank expression. He whimpered again, wanting nothing more than comfort and reassurance from his alpha. He was practically begging for it, naturally releasing pheromones as he did. It wasn’t until Bruce pulled him into a hug that the omega revealed his grievances and let his tears fall.

“I’m sorry--I’m sorry, Bruce.” Dick cried into Bruce’s shoulder. “I don’t want to be like this.” He gripped the alpha’s shirt, trying to stop himself from shivering. “I never did…”

“Hush, my love.”

The omega continued to cry. “Please, don’t hate me--don’t leave me,” He rambled on, feeling vulnerable in his mate’s arms. “Bruce-- Alpha, please don’t leave me...” The omega trailed off, giving in to the familiar feeling of his alpha overpowering his senses with his tranquilizing pheromones. Except, this time, Dick accepted it wholly and let himself blackout.

Chapter Text

Bruce gathered the omega in his arms and cradled him close. Indolently, he spared the man on the ground with a small glance, watching him breathe in short puffs, askance in his squinted glare. Bruce glowered at the DS tattoo on the man's wrist, identical to his mate's own.

“Call Gordon,” Bruce told Dr. Dundee who was standing behind him at the door.

“Are you sure you want to involve the police with this one, Mr. Wayne?”

“Call him or I’ll leave that man dead on the floor,” Bruce growled at the beta.

The doctor lowered his head and moved to the side as Bruce walked by with Dick in his arms.

“I’ll call Gordon, Mr. Wayne, but just know that this decision will affect the entire clan. We will not be able to move about freely.” It was acknowledged by the clan that Gordon was a special case but that didn’t mean they wouldn’t have restrictions.

Bruce went stiff, gritting his teeth, forcing himself not to bite back and spoke calmly. “When has that ever stopped me before? Just call him. I'll find a way around it.” Bruce continued walking, leaving the doctor in the empty hallway.

The doctor hasn’t seen Bruce act like this since the Selina situation but even then, he didn’t involve the police. The clan moved on its own initiative then, following Bruce’s rather reckless orders but it was to no avail. They had no lead, Bruce went into another state of depression and virtually retired early, leaving the clan to wander on their own. Dr. Dundee was a bit taken aback when he received a message from Bruce calling upon all the members to meet back in Gotham. Then he understood as soon as the clan’s alpha brought in Dick. 

It was imperative but not all the clan members were happy about being called back randomly, especially since there was no explanation. But in due time, the doctor was sure they’d all gather, for they all have had problems concerning the DS clan.



“I can see it... Within you, I can see a deep inner need to find a means to an end.”

Ponderous drops of water rained down on Dick’s head, shrouding his last piece of dry hair, till it stuck to his face. He didn’t dare look up, taking it upon himself to watch the ripples in the puddle that encompassed his hand.

“You want the pain to go away.” 

Dick shivered, lip trembling as he tried to hold back the tears, daring to breach the corners of his eye. He blinked, watching the puddle slowly flood with the color red and hoping it would vanish.

“Now the pain is gone.”

A foot entered Dick’s sight, splashing the bloodied water on his face. Dick flinched, whimpering as he scrambled backward. He hugged his short legs close, averting his eyes from the trail of watery crimson.

“Look at me.”

Dick held his breath, something clicking in his mind, forcing him to obey. A chill went through him once they made eye contact just before the man stepped out of the way, giving Dick a clear view of the lifeless body behind him.

“Look at what you’ve done.”

“I...I c--an’t.” Dick felt like his throat closing in as he tried to speak.

“Your previous ambitions are nil, young Grayson.” The man trudged his way over to the young omega, bending down to a knee to grab Dick’s chin. “Your life will be different from now on.” 

Dick balled his fist, finally allowing the tears to fall down his face. “...N-No.” 

"Yes… Accept what you’ve done.” The pit of Dick’s stomach fell, as he was paralyzed with trepidation.

"No, no I… I didn’t… do that--" Dick shook his head in denial, whimpering, begging for all of this to be some type of an illusion. "P-Papa." He called out in a tiny voice filled with desperation.

"You’re father’s gone now, child." The man stood up, looking back at the dead body, his tone remaining dead and emotionless. "And that was the man who killed him. You should be happy that you've gotten your revenge so early on.” He looked back at the omega, distinctively, the hand enveloped in the tiny puddle. “You’ve clawed the poor man’s face so much, it’s unrecognizable.” The man reached down and grabbed Dick’s hand from the water. 

"Look here, look at what this hand did." Dick tried to pull it away, but his body was too weak as he was forced to look at his bloody hands. He wept, trying to will his eyes to look away but knew that wouldn’t erase the image of what he had done.

"What a fitting name for you, young Grayson...Talon."




Dick woke up with a pounding heart, his body tingling with spontaneous numbness. He jolted upwards immediately seeking his right hand and began scratching at it. The skin there itched and burned with an unseen overuse of experiences he wanted to forget. “Go away go away go away…” He chanted repeatedly, breathing harshly through his nose. Dick persisted scraping his skin, oblivious to the tiny bits of blood building up in his nails as he did. “Please, please… go away-!” Distress encased his thoughts as he carelessly released pheromones throughout the room. His breath hitched when he felt a striking pain from his nail breaching further into the skin of his hand, making him cry out.

“Dick!?” A deep voice impeded his thoughts, but the omega was too occupied trying to control his breathing. He couldn’t. Something was blocking his airway-- the lump at the back of his throat wouldn’t go away.

“Dick, look at me.” Hands grabbed his face, forcing him to look forward. “Look at me. I’m here. Look at me, Dick.”

His mind gradually registered the man as his alpha. “Bruce…” Dick’s voice was strained as he imparted the man’s name through harsh gasps.

“Yes, I’m here, my love. Right here.” Bruce brought a hand to the back of the omega’s neck, rubbing the glands there. “Breathe.”

“Bruce--” Dick let his body give way, allowing Bruce to hold him up. “Make it go away-- Bruce please-- make it go away--”

“Shhh, breathe, Dick.”

“Make-- it go away, alpha.” Dick wept. “Please--please, make it stop.” He whimpered at the feeling of lulling pheromones encasing his senses.

“Breathe, my love. It’s alright, I’m here.” Bruce reassured, pulling the omega close. “Breathe.” He said again as Dick felt the lump in his throat sluggishly dissolve, finally allowing him to take a deep shuddering breath. 

“That’s it… slowly.”

Dick basked in his alpha’s pheromones, savoring his strong scent as if it were a lifeline. With Bruce’s support, the omega took deep breaths, imploring away those… suppressed memories. 

They always came back when he least expected it.

Whether he was asleep or awake, they haunted his mind. He never wanted anyone to see him like this, to see this concealed feebleness that he strove to hide. Now Bruce had seen; his alpha had experienced his pain. This horrible pain.

“Shh.” Bruce hushed him as if he could read his thoughts. “You’re safe, now.”

The omega whined, feeling his skin scratch against the hot sheets, exhaling softly when Bruce pulled the covers all the way back. Dick felt Bruce slide onto the bed behind him, moving his head to lay on his chest. Dick let his hand be gently lifted and examined as he slowly closed his eyes, taking more deep breaths. He melted into Bruce’s chest, remaining in a trance of some sort as his heartbeat slowed down .  

“I’ve brought the medical supplies, Master Bruce.”

Dick cracked open his eyes, seeing Alfred hand Bruce a medical kit. He wasn’t sure when Bruce had informed the butler about his predicament until he spotted a cell phone beside the alpha’s leg, reflecting off of the sunlight. It was day time? Since when? How long had he been aslee p?

“Hold still, Dick,” Bruce said after placing a wide silver bowl underneath Dick’s hands. The omega hissed, as his bloody hand was doused in isopropyl alcohol. The pain let up as his wound and fingernails were cleaned with a cotton swab then bandaged up for protection.

Dick closed his eyes again, hearing Bruce say, “Thank you, Alfred.”

“Of course. I shall remind you that Jason will be home from his morning classes soon.”

“Tell him not to look for me--as well as Tim-- if I am not downstairs by this afternoon.”

“Of course, Master Bruce.” Alfred quietly closed the door behind him, leaving the room in silence.

A warm hand ran through Dick’s hair and Bruce was the first to speak after a while of silence. “Are you feeling better?”

“Mm.” Dick nuzzled into Bruce’s chest, allowing his body to fulfill that innate need his omega called forth. “How long have I been asleep?” 

“Since yesterday afternoon.”

It was real then. Everything he did to Grant was real and Bruce had seen.

Dick looked down at his bandaged hand, already feeling his stomach churn with disgust.

“Do you… want to talk about it?” Bruce asked, hesitation fused in his tone.

Dick slowly shook his head, mouth setting in a hard line. “No.” 

He wanted to forget.

Keeping this in mind, the omega re-adjusted his position, turning around to straddle the alpha’s lap. He quickly wrapped his arms around Bruce's shoulders and buried his face in his neck, the scent instantly soothing him in his state of vulnerability. “…not right now,” Dick mumbled, feeling Bruce's hand pause at the back of his head.

“I don’t want to see you like this again,” Bruce said softly, his tone balanced between an imperative need to know and being considerate. 

Dick pulled back, peering into Bruce’s eyes, filled with innate worry. He brought his uninjured hand to the back of the alpha’s neck, progressively bringing their lips together in order to sate his worried alpha. The omega shivered, naturally deepening the kiss, silently praying that it would never end so that he could forget; forget about everything. 

“Dick--” Bruce spoke against the omega’s lips with a heavy breath. “Hold on--”

Dick silenced him with his mouth, biting the alpha’s lower lip in desperation. He didn’t want to pull away now. He just wanted to forget. Bruce would help him forget. He’d sate his alpha and sate himself at the same time; consequently, just so he could inhibit those gruesome memories. 

“Wait--” Bruce lightly pushed the omega back.

“Alpha,” Dick said softly, melding their lips together once more. He couldn’t get enough as a longing whispered through him, telling him what he needed. Warmth spread through him and his scent glands throbbed with life, practically begging Bruce to help him forget. That’s all he cared about, that’s all he wanted. If his alpha could make him forget, then nothing else mattered.

“Dick, stop,” Bruce ordered, causing the omega to pull away, sadness clouding his features. Had he done something wrong? He questioned, forgetting that his feelings were open and available for Bruce to digest against his will.

“My love, we have to talk about this sooner or later...” Bruce rubbed circles in his back. “...Holding it all in is unhealthy.”

Dick looked away and spoke barely above a whisper. “...It’s better this way…” 

“Dick that’s--”

“It’s easier this way, Bruce.” Dick’s cut him off, misery engraved in his expression and pheromones. “My past…I want to forget about it.” He revealed easily.

Bruce’s hands tightened into fist alongside Dick’s waist as he frowned sympathetically. “I understand how you feel, my love but that’s not something you can just forget. It takes time to work through these things. A long time...” Bruce moved to cup his cheek, thumbing the soft skin there. ”Sometimes it’s better to let it all out and come to terms with it.”

Dick regarded his alpha’s statement, his diction hinting at something specific; something personal. Upon closer inspection, Dick found that the base of the alpha’s words were going to remain hidden since he wasn’t bold enough to question them. It was evident that Dick also knew nothing about the alpha’s past, besides the rather tragic death of his parents. 

“If you want to tell me what happened, I will listen,” Bruce said, letting his hand fall back to Dick’s waist.

Dick shook his head. “I can’t, Bruce. I don’t want you to feel all of my pain.” 

There was so much misery built up throughout the years of assassinating--not even Dick could handle it. He never wanted to talk about it either.

“Pain only lasts for so long, Dick.”

“But I can’t bring myself to do that to you… I just can’t.” Dick urged again, trying to make his alpha understand. 

“I will not make you tell me.” Bruce continued, leaning forward until their foreheads touched. “But I want you to become self-aware and know that these problems will not just disappear. Not even when DS is terminated.”

Dick looked down at his lap and huffed a quiet chuckled, curling his fingers into the alpha’s shirt. “You sound like you’re lecturing Tim and Jason.”

Bruce sighed. “I knew you’d somehow turn this situation into a joke.” 

“Sorry,” Dick looked up with a small grin. “I just couldn’t help it.”

Bruce’s expression remained stern, making Dick’s smile falter. He felt childish for not remaining serious in such a situation but it was a habit. He’d rather laugh and be happy than cry and suffer but his alpha seemed to want to do things differently.

“I want you to start seeing a therapist.”

Dick widened his eyes and recoiled at the word. “Therapy?” 

Bruce’s serious expression didn’t falter one bit. “If you won’t tell me, then you need to let it out some other way.”

“You cannot be serious, Bruce.”

“I’m very serious. You’re going .”

Dick looked away, feeling disgruntled. He couldn’t go against his alpha even if he wanted to, no , Bruce took it upon himself to make it an order; an Alpha order which would now be engraved into his skull until the task is complete. He loathed his dynamic for that one simple thing.

“I can’t believe you’re going to force me to do this, Bruce.” Dick scoffed, moving off of the alpha’s lap and flopped down on his side of the bed.

“You’ll be fine. They will be someone associated with the clan and they have a lot of experience.”

Dick rolled his eyes, turning over onto his side, his back now facing Bruce. “I don’t really care who they’re associated with or how much experience they have.” He retorted exasperatedly-- he already knew he wasn’t going to enjoy this.

Dick felt Bruce lay down behind him, wrapping an arm around his waist. “You can be free here, Dick.” He said in the omega’s ear. “I will not restrain anything you want to do. You may desire anything that you wish and feel anything that you want. And I will do everything in my power to make you happy. But I want you to be truly happy and to grow stronger mentally, that is why I want you to go. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

The omega closed his eyes and exhaled softly, trying to think of anything to counter Bruce’s advice. But he couldn’t; he couldn't find anything worth saying, mainly because he knew the alpha was right. Dick couldn’t keep living like this.

“I’ll… try...” Dick said softly, still, a bit peeved but allowed Bruce to place a chaste kiss on his temple anyway.

Chapter Text

Tim groaned internally once he came home from school, hearing a peal of all too familiar blaring laughter coming from the main foyer. Jason was with Roy again . Of course, he was. Why wouldn't he be? They were best friends, maybe even closer than he and Jason were which wasn’t a good thing per se. 

They weren’t necessarily allowed to have company over since Dick was supposed to be in hiding but since he was out of the house with Bruce, Jason must have bypassed that rule. Tim softly exhaled, gripping the straps of his backpack as his mind plunged into turmoil. He wanted to avoid them if possible but the only way to get to the stairs was passing by the large foyer they were in. He’d be in plain sight after he made it past the archway opening and Tim was too nice of a person to not greet them. It was courtesy of Bruce’s teachings to ‘always greet your guest’-- no matter how much you disliked them .

There was no point in disliking Roy though, he was almost too flawless. Perfect smile, perfect hair, perfect body, perfect grades, perfect alpha dynamic-- just about everything about Roy was ideal and it irritated Tim immensely. As if that weren’t enough, he’s had the pleasure of dating Jason for a short period of time when they were still in high school. A relationship with two alphas was rare and Tim never pegged Jason for the type to do it. Despite his best efforts, Tim would never understand how they were still friends after they broke up. And no matter how much he denied it, Tim knew it was because Roy could tolerate all of Jason’s bullshit.

Tim was, for lack of better words… envious.

Jason was annoying, a bully at most times but even a guy like him had his sweet moments. Where everyone else seemed to pity Tim for his lack of dynamic, Jason did the exact opposite. He encouraged him and ensured him that everything would be okay; that it was only a fluke; that he was just a really, really, late bloomer.

Sadly, Tim had everything going against him. His age, his defect and most of all, his familial connection to Jason. It wasn’t every day that a person fell for their brother--adopted or not--he was in deep shit at this point. Bearing this in mind, Tim walked forward, biting his lip as he forced himself to smile.

“Hey, Tim! Long time no see,” Roy said as soon as Tim rounded the corner. 

“Hey.” Tim’s lips twitched, trying to keep a smile plastered his face as he observed the scene before him. Roy sat on the loveseat with his arm thrown around Jason’s shoulder. who threw a small wave, Tim’s way. Roy stood up and Tim could have sworn the sun was in love with the alpha as the backlight swarmed around him, making his already bright hair even brighter.

Tim mentally winced when the alpha walked over to hug him then pulled back and looked him over. “Your hair’s grown longer,” Roy noted, touching the left side of Tim’s short bangs. “Almost as long as mine. You’ve grown a little taller too.” Roy deflated making a dramatic sighing sound before hugging Tim once again. “Maybe it was a bad idea going to an out of state college. Little Tim is growing too fast for me.”

“I told your ass to stay in Gotham,” Jason said, making his way toward the two. Tim hadn’t expected Jason to pull him out of Roy’s arms and back onto his broad chest. Tim’s heart thumped and if he could scent him, he'd probably be bright red. "You were only gone for eight months, you’ll get over it,” Jason continued.

“I don’t think I can. I bet Tim missed me too, didn’t you, Tim?” Roy replied, grabbing ahold of Tim’s forearm in an attempt to pull him back but Jason’s hold around him wouldn’t let up. 

What the hell was happening right now?

Tim huffed in frustration, not being fond of the act of being manhandled by two tall alpha’s. “Let go of me.” He tugged himself away and slid out from between the two.

Roy put his hands up in apology. “I’m sorry, Tim. I didn’t even notice.”

How the hell didn’t they notice that? Tim concluded that he was lying while tightening his grip on his backpack and turning around. “I have homework. Bye.” He said, giving Jason one last look before he walked up the stairs.

“Jay… did you smell something… weird just now?” Roy whispered when Tim was far enough.

Jason shrugged. “Not really.” He watched Tim walk up the stairs with a skeptical look. The scent came as soon as it disappeared, confusing his senses, but maybe he did smell something…




“It’s been almost five years since she suddenly passed away.”

“It’s a shame. She was the successor to Surge Enterprises and at such a young age too.”

“That’s true. Her father has been staying away from the spotlight ever since then.”

“It’s understandable.”

“It is, but the company is still going strong. Maybe one day Mr. Calabrese will find another successor.”

“I don’t know about that. But you know at one point, I thought it would be Bruce Wayne.”

“Exactly what I thought, Hahaha!”

“Maybe they have some bad blood going on. You know how it is.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised. She--”

Tim quickly closed the news channel tab and peeked over his shoulder at Dick, checking to see if he was paying attention. He and Jason came down to the cave, upon Jason’s request, to spar and get revenge for last time. Tim had been zoned out, intently listening to the commentary, not hearing the two come in until Jason said something with a booming voice. By chance, Dick hadn’t seen, instead, he seemed to be interested in their massive weapon collection.

“You sure you can fight with that hand?” Tim asked Dick from across the room, distracting him even further.

“It’s not that bad.” Dick looked down at his bandaged hand and flexed his fingers. “It’s been a few days already-- I should be fine.”

“When will you stop getting hurt?” Jason questioned sarcastically before Tim could.

“Hopefully starting now,” Dick muttered after stopping to gaze at a Katana encased in a dull-colored matte sheath. Feeling mesmerized, he opened the case and grabbed it then slowly removed its sheath, exhibiting a well-crafted blade. “This is nice.” He flipped it back and forth, watching the light bounce off its silvery luminescence.

“No weapons,” Jason said, motioning Dick to come over.

“And here I was hoping I’d get to try some out.” He resheathed the sword and put it back in its place before walking towards the alpha.

“We can do that next time. Today, I’m feeling more hand to hand.” Jason pointed to the empty space with large mats on the floor. “We’ll fight here.” 

“Got it.” Dick shrugged off his jacket, wearing only a tank top and a pair of biker shorts. “I’m ready when you are.”

“I’m sure this will be quick.” Tim piped in, sitting down on a seat facing the practice mats.

“Shut up, Tim.” Jason retorted. “There’s no way I’m gonna lose.”

“You mean lose again,” Tim added then Jason flipped him off. 

“Don’t worry.” Dick snickered at their bantering as he bent low, tightening his shoestrings. “I’ll go easy on him.”

Dick stood up and took his stance, watching Jason crack his knuckles before putting his fist up with a haughty smirk. Tim said ‘start’ and Dick was instantly on the defense when Jason threw quick punches, landing them on his forearm. As expected, the alpha used brute strength to his advantage, forcing Dick to languidly step back. Jason had Dick in the first half; in due course, the omega started getting serious by swiftly evading his forceful swings. With little to no delay, Dick grabbed Jason’s shoulders, kneed him in the face, using his staggering delay to wrap an arm around his neck, effectively throwing him to the ground.

“You’re really strong,” Dick said between breaths, “I’ll give you that.”

“Dammit.” Jason tutted as he sat up, running a hand through his hair. “What the hell did they teach you in that clan anyway?”

“Nothing that you’ve learned here I can assure you,” Dick said plainly, not going any deeper than that. “Plus, I’m older-- I have more experience.” 

“Jay only lost because he was a little too confident,” Tim explained, virtually defending his brother. “Besides we don’t practice as much as we used to.” 

Dick watched Tim walk over and help Jason up-- as if he needed any-- but the action was no less peculiar in Dick’s eyes.

“What was the need for it when Bruce went into retirement?” Jason replied.

“You do realize when he dies in a few years, we’ll be taking over the clan right?” Tim sat back down and crossed his arms in a firm manner, watching Jason concur. 

“I can’t disagree with that.”

Dick laughed. “You guys joke around too much.” But he couldn’t help but wonder as to why Bruce went into early retirement? Before he could interrogate them, the alpha in question’s scent intruded Dick’s senses.

“Don’t be so quick to write me off just yet,” Bruce told them, making his presence known. “I have plenty of more years ahead of me before you two take over.”

“That’s if you don't have a blood son.” Jason huffed as he flopped down on the chair next to Tim. “Then we’re both fucked.”

“I wouldn’t mind having a little brother,” Tim added, blatantly eyeing the only omega in the room.

Dick shifted on his feet, quickly becoming interested in tying his shoe again as he made sure not to look at Bruce when he spoke. “Even if you’re not related to Bruce by blood, you’re still his sons,” He swiftly diverted.

“Nicely worded, Master Dick.” Said Alfred who suddenly appeared with four glasses of ice water. 

Dick claimed a cup of water from the table they were sat upon. After thanking Alfred, he took a sip, slowly turning around to face Bruce who was chatting with his sons about nothing in particular. He caught sight of Bruce looking his way but Dick pretended not to notice and turned away. Dick always felt a little awkward when the topic of children was brought up. It was even worse now since he and Bruce weren't exactly talking.

It was the bare minimum when they did, but Dick hadn't appreciated being ordered to go to therapy the other day. Reluctantly, he attended anyway, meeting a clan “associate” named Barbra Gordon. She was a beta, very perceptive and didn’t bombard Dick with questions like he assumed she would. Belatedly, Dick figured that she was testing the waters, seeing how the omega would react to certain things. It wasn’t until she thanked him for considering therapy an option, that Dick revealed he didn’t have a choice. In a manner of bitterness and animosity, he displayed his resentment towards alpha orders.

From the very beginning, when he’d been “blessed” with being an omega, DS used it to their advantage, changing Dick in ways he couldn’t fathom. Without a doubt, their commands were different from Bruce’s, given that they didn’t affect his glands in a way that they’d waver because he was Dick’s true alpha. Nevertheless, the omega couldn’t handle it very well despite knowing it was the best option.

Dick took another sip, languidly running his tongue across his bottom lip. Holding his confidence in plain sight, he betrayed his prior disregard and stared back at the alpha, letting a small smile grace his lips. “Bruce lets spar.” He declared, placing the cup down on the table.

“Are you asking for an early death?” Jason’s comment further strengthened Dick’s vendetta.

“I’ll be fine.” Dick took extra care to unnecessarily stretch, watching Bruce walk onto the mat with a skeptical look. “You ready, big guy?”

“This won’t be easy for you.” Bruce’s tone was laced with certainty, enough to make Dick roll his eyes.

“Somehow, I think I’ll survive.”

Dick took a stance and without waiting for Tim to say ‘start,’ he threw the first kick that was easily blocked, then another and another. The omega wouldn’t lie and say that he wasn’t just trying to let off a bit of steam but it wasn’t exactly easy. Bruce, God , Bruce, was no walk in the park. He grabbed a hold of him every which way, not letting him escape unless he hit him hard enough or somehow twisted away. He was quick, rough, tricky to get around and all-around masterful in combat. 

Not once did the alpha waiver nor did Dick. Not even when Bruce’s rough and heavy hands secured the omega's arms behind his back, trapping him in place. His omega recognized his mates strength and praised it. Bruce was strong; strong enough to protect him, his pack, and maybe their potential child. 

“Do you yield?” Bruce inquired, hot breath wafting against Dick’s neck. 

Dick removed his thoughts from that innate need to submit and sought to yank himself free once more, before giving up and laying his head back against the alpha’s shoulder. They stared at each other in a familiar position and Dick suddenly felt cheeky. He feigned agreeance, giving a little nod before leaning up and placing a small kiss on the man’s jawline. 

Hearing a small grunt, Dick felt Bruce’s hold slacken, giving the omega all the room he needed to turn around. With a small smirk and twinkling eyes, Dick kissed the alpha fully on the lips, basking in the big hands settling on his hips. It was almost too easy how Dick made Bruce bend to his will. Maybe he wasn’t that mad about the alpha’s order as much as he thought he was.

“I think that blood son is going to come sooner than we think,” Tim whispered to Jason.

“Well, I’m not babysitting.” 

Tim almost agreed if he hadn’t been distracted by Dick knocking Bruce off his feet and pushing him chest first into the ground. 

Dick seated himself on the alpha’s back and held his arms in place. “Do you yield?” He mocked the alpha with a small smile.

Tim slowly grinned, knowing that not just anyone can best Bruce, even if he was a bit… preoccupied with the omega’s advances. Leave it to Dick to change things around, as he had been for the past two and a half months. Their truce aside, Tim found himself sort of… admiring the omega.

“Fucking hell, I should have recorded that.” Jason shook his head in disappointment.

“That’s not happening again,” Bruce assured them when he was finally able to stand up.

“Don’t be so sure of yourself, big guy. I’ve trained for a long time as well.” Dick said. “Maybe I can teach you some new tricks?”

“That goes both ways,” Bruce stated as a fact and Dick couldn’t agree more.

“We’ll learn from one another, then.”

Their casual small talk continued on for some time but at some point, Jason and Tim left, leaving Dick and Bruce alone. They finally talked it out, though Dick didn’t exactly tell Bruce how he felt. But through their soul bond and a couple of sarcastic hints, the alpha seemed to understand. Bruce didn’t exactly apologize, rather he promised to only use an order when absolutely necessary-- whenever that might be. With less repentance than Dick thought was possible, he accepted it, principally because he hated this feeling of the disunion that flowed between them. In his heart, Dick recognized Bruce’s earnest attempt at wanting what’s best for him; for both of them. To make this work, they had to comprise in ways Dick wasn’t used to.

They were going to work through this, for the invisible pull that drew them together in the first place wasn’t going to let them separate anytime soon.

Chapter Text

Five years ago


Dick scratched at the collar around his neck with indifference, sighing as he stepped over the still frame of a man's body. He scraped his shoes across the ground, knowing that he left behind a trail of blood behind for each step. Progressively, Dick overlooked the endless coves of blood and instead stared straight ahead, pretending not to see what he previously brought forth. It was only when he perceived the sound of his katana scraping across the floor, that he looked down, finding his foot one inch away from another listless body.

Dick had mastered it. The art of becoming inhumanly detached; exclusively for times such as these, when he was sent out to kill on a spree. He intentionally let his mind become void, empty, barren of all emotion so that he might fulfill the order. An obligation that can only be enacted by someone of his dynamic-- something he couldn’t disobey despite his best efforts. 

Dick sluggishly held up the katana, revealing the amount of blood he shed as the crimson coasted down its sharp edge. In one stroke he swung outward, divesting the weapon of its red stream by splattering it away from himself. He swiftly sheathed his sword and stepped over the poor soul, searching around the room for his accomplice. At some point, while moving through all the bile, he spotted her in the distance as she bent forward, letting her platinum hair sway in the mellow wind.

“Rose, let’s go.” Dick stared straight ahead at the exit, tone monotonous, as he continued walking forward.

“Give me a second…”

Dick huffed irritably then reluctantly stopped walking and looked at her again. “We need to leave.”

“Shhh, Talon… don’t you hear that?”

“I don’t hear anything.” He said, growing more frustrated. One of the main reasons Dick hated working with Rose was because she liked to double-check her work and make sure everyone was dead. Dick, on the other hand, liked to get the hell out of there before he broke down.

“Just listen.”

Woefully, a presence announced itself, causing Dick to hinder a step as his ear’s zeroed in on the sound of distant groaning. Dread flowed through the omega when Rose moved forward, forcing him to follow.

They came upon a pile of debris, shrouding a woman’s legs underneath its weight. The wind shifted, blowing air in their direction and Dick caught a whiff of her scent. Like him, she was an omega, who was letting out copious amounts of distressed pheromones. In his pangs of conscience remorse, he held his nose, attempting to block out the scent even though it was next to impossible. He’d just have to suffer through it.

“I knew someone was still alive.” Rose declared, observing the black-haired woman.

Subsequently, she spotted them and spoke in a stiff voice. “Y-you--will...” The omega coughed up after Rose bent to her knees to get a closer look. 

“Huh? What are you saying?” Rose tilted her head, a habit of her playfulness.

“Rose, get it over with,” Dick said simply as his mind raged with impatience. “We need to report back to the Alpha.”

She side-eyed him. “You of all people know how I like to take my time, Talon.” 

“We don’t have time for this, though.” Dick urged, looking at the exit. “The cops will be here soon.”

“Just give me a-- oh! Look, Talon, she’s trying to move away.” 

Dick forced himself to gaze heavenward. “Just do it already.”

“You’re no fun, Talon.”

“I--” The omega started again and this time Dick looked down at her, feeling her distress spike. “...come-- DS.”

“Did you just say DS?” Rose swiftly pressed her sword to the omega’s neck. “How do you know about us?”

“Rose, enough! Kill her.”

As quickly as he demanded it, Rose stabbed the woman through the chest with less care than Dick could muster up himself. 

“We have to inform father about our findings.” Rose stood up quickly, finding it easier to walk than Dick could at the moment. “We’ve essentially been compromised. He won't be glad when he hears about this. Let’s go.”

Rose brushed past Dick, leaving him to gaze upon the fellow omega bleeding out on the ground. Before he could process what he was doing, his feet moved toward the woman with a scent of an omega in agony--it was different and unlike anything he’d smelt before--

“Come on, Talon!” Rose shouted from behind him.

Dick paused and collected his thoughts. He needed to leave. He moved backward, letting his eyes linger on the woman a little longer before running off after Rose. It was better not to think in moments like these; it was better to become disconnected and lose all sense of rationality. Until the order was complete, Dick would remain that way; until it was complete, Dick wouldn’t cry...


“Huh?” Dick blinked, refocusing his vision on Barbra sitting in front of him.

“Did you hear what I said?”

“Oh… no, sorry.” Dick let out a bashful laugh, averting his gaze. “I wasn’t paying attention.”

“I see,” She gave a soft smile. “Well, I asked why you don’t like wearing a collar?”

Dick glanced back at her, hovering there for less than a second before looking off to the side. “It’s not that I have a problem with them or anything, it’s just… it reminds me of certain things I’d rather not remember.”

“You’re doing it again, Dick.” She said calmly, ambled away in a comfy armchair. “We spoke about this last week-- about you not wanting to remember things.”

“But I-- it’s the truth.” Dick felt himself shrugging, not really sure how to respond. 

Keeping her face completely neutral, Barbra tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. “Do you believe that you’re a bad person, Dick?”

The omega’s eyebrows knitted in a frown, confusion whirling in his mind. A bad person? Of course, I’m a bad person. “Yes.” He said without a second thought.

“Why is that?”

“You know why,” Dick replied.

“Yes, I know of your previous occupation but I also remember you telling me that you had no choice. Just like you had no choice in coming here.” The beta answered accordingly, expertly bypassing Dick’s hesitation to speak. “So tell me, Dick, why do you think you’re a bad person?”

“...I’ve killed people.” His voice came out in a whisper. “A lot of people-- in cold blood. Without a second thought.”

“Have you ever felt guilty?”

During those times he’d tried so hard to take his mind elsewhere, that he wasn’t sure.“I… I don’t know.” Dick noticed he was clenching his teeth and forced his jaw to slacken. 

Barbra tilted her head, expression still unreadable, but Dick was sure she didn’t believe him. “Look at where you are compared to almost three months ago. You’re here, whether it’s with Bruce or in my office, you’re doing something that says you do feel guilty... and you’ve felt guilty ever since you no longer had a choice.” 

When Dick didn’t respond, the beta continued. “I’ve told you this before. Suppression works for a while and is sometimes effective, but then it comes to a point where there’s just too much build-up to manage. It’s best to let things out one at a time.”

“I can’t promise I’ll be able to do that any time soon.” He said tentatively, fickleness in his articulation.

“Don’t worry, we’ll work on that.” She said simply, but Dick was still uncertain about a number of things and he’d probably never be ready to talk about them.



“How was the shrink?” Jason asked as soon as Dick got slid into the passenger seat.

Dick rolled his eyes. “Don’t call her that.”

“Trust me,” Jason looked at the rearview camera and backed out of the parking spot. “I’ve called Babs much worse. As a joke of course.”

“I can’t say I don’t believe you.” The omega collapsed against the seat in a stupor, not in the mood to retort playfully. He ignored Jason who was observing him from his peripheral and checked his phone. He read a message from Bruce saying that he’d be home late, unfortunately. Dick huffed in disappointment, wanting nothing more than to be in his alpha’s arms at the moment. He wouldn’t admit it out loud, but today was just one of those days that he needed comfort. His omega sought to have it at the most random moments-- more often than not.

Dick sighed again, choosing to preoccupy himself by looking out the window. The car slowed to a stop at an intersection and Dick found himself watching people loiter along the sidewalk, seeing them smile and laugh. So open; so carefree… so lucky to have never suffered...

Growing weary, the omega looked away, casting his attention toward the windshield as soon as the traffic light changed green. It was only when the car turned left, changing the sunlight’s position, that he noticed a shimmer coming from the crevice underneath the glove department. Letting curiosity get the best of him, Dick reached forward, letting his fingers touch something cool before pulling the object out from it’s hoister.

“What the hell is this, Jason?” Dick asked while haphazardly holding up a silver encased gun.

“A gun.”

“No shit. Why the hell is it in the car?”

“Listen, you know as well as I do how Bruce is,” Jason said, not looking away from the road. “He’d never send me out here to get you without some sort of protection.”

“So you brought a gun?”

“I’m not sure how much Bruce has told you about the clan but when it comes to our own, we take things very seriously.”

“Your own, huh?”

“I can’t speak on Tim’s behalf, but I figured since you’re going to be here for a while, I might as well get used to it.”

Dick finally let out a chuckle, placing the gun back where he found it. “How nice of you to say.” He teased, feeling his distress slowly subside. It was apparent that Jason had scented his anguish and released his pheromones to soothe him-- so naturally too. Dick probably didn’t notice it at first because they weren’t as controlled as Bruce’s were. They’d waver and fluctuate in and out before the omega could even recognize them. Nonetheless, he appreciated the attempt. “So you can be nice when you want to be,” Dick commented, sinking further into the warm seat.

“I’m nice all the time.” 

“Not to Tim.” Dick mused. 

“I’m his older brother, what do you expect?”

“Well, at least he forgives you for it. We only get along because of our truce.” 

Jason nodded, tapping his fingers against the steering wheel. "He did mention something like that."

Dick turned to the alpha with an inquisitive brow. "He talks about me behind my back doesn’t he?”

The turn signal flickered on as Jason answered. “On occasion.”

“I knew it."

"It’s not always bad stuff.” The alpha easily defended. “It varies depending on his mood.”

"A true teenager if I ever saw one.” Dick sighed. “It’s fine though, I understand that he’s worried about you all getting hurt on my behalf... I am too.”

“It’s always taken a while for Tim to warm up to people. You know long it took Tim to warm up to Bruce after being adopted? A whole damn year.”


Jason nodded, the corners of his mouth seemed to droop as he continued. “It’s even worse now, considering his… lack of scent.”

“He’s closed himself off,” Dick said, relating to that on a deeper level.

“Yeah… he has.” Jason stared straight ahead, turning down the long pathway that led to the manor. “Don’t worry about it, once he presents, he’ll be the most conceited person we’ll know.”

“I’m pretty sure he’s already like that now.” Dick joked around.

“For your safety, I won’t tell him you said that.”

The omega couldn’t help but laugh, feeling the last of his distress dissipate into thin air. “We should talk more often, Jason. It’s kind of nice.”

The alpha shrugged. “Sounds cool, but only if you ask Bruce to raise my allowance.”

Dick chuckled, sharing a smile with the alpha. “Deal.”



Dick came out of the shower after having dried off and changed into a t-shirt and a pair of boxer briefs. He sat down on the bed, letting the towel on his head off slip onto his shoulders then checked his phone. After telling Bruce he’d made it back to the house, the alpha hadn’t responded. Even now, the message hadn’t been read, leaving Dick with an empty mind. 

Since Dick’s been here, Bruce had taken it upon himself to work from home, letting his business manager, Lucius Fox, take care of everything at the office. It’s been three months since Bruce took a leave of absence so it made sense for him to go to the office physically-- it’s just that Dick wasn’t sure he was ready for that yet. Just a couple of hours without the alpha had Dick feeling anxious. When had he started becoming so dependent on his alpha?

Running a hand through his damp hair, Dick took a deep breath, catching a whiff of his alpha’s scent surrounding the room. He needed more, Dick’s omega decided. He stood, dropping the towel on the bench at the foot of the bed as he headed toward the long dresser. Without batting an eye, Dick opened the top drawer, catching a whiff of detergent and a stronger scent of alpha pheromones.

He eyed the perfectly folded t-shirts, colors ranging from black to white. Dick went for a gray one, watching it unfold with a nimble movement. Bruce was bigger than him in frame and height so he was sure the shirt would at least reach the top of his hips. The omega quickly switched shirts, sniffing the collar as he brought it past his nose. Since the very beginning, Dick’s always found his alpha’s smell remarkably addicting. More so now, since he was presently companionless. 

Dick indolently made his way over to the bed, pulled back the covers and laid his head down on one of Bruce’s pillows. He missed being in the arms of the man who swore to relieve him of all his misery; in that heavenly warmth that no one else could provide. He was almost like a child. That same child who waited for his parents to come back to the trailer after another long performance. Dick wanted to see them before he went to bed; he wanted them to praise him for doing a good job. He’d try and force himself to stay awake but no matter how hard he tried, Dick always ended up falling asleep. He’d dream of the next day, his next jump, his next landing and when he’d stick it, his parents would smile. 

If only they could see him now. Having found that soul mate not many had a chance to find. They’d be overjoyed and Dick would be happy, for his life would be different. He’d have his family, his mate, his happiness, and would no longer have to dream about better days...




Dick hummed, feeling something warm linger against his cheek, stirring his consciousness. He opened his eyes to a dark room, soon alight by the warm hues from the lamp on the nightstand. His eyes slimmed, affected by the light’s rapid suddenness, causing him to lazily blink. It was only when he spotted Bruce fiddling with the alarm clock, that he surrendered his frustration and let a smile grace his lips.

“Bruce.” He said drowsily.

Bruce turned around his stern expression warming at the sight of his omega. “Sorry, did I wake you?”

“I don’t mind.” Dick eyed the clock Bruce set down, reading the time ‘12:23 am.’ “Did you just get back?”

“About an hour ago.”

“Why didn’t you wake me?”

“You were asleep.”

“You should have woken me up.” The omega lamented, voice still laden with sleep. “I wanted to see you...” 

“You see me now.” The alpha’s eyes gleamed with soft amusement and placid affection.

“I’m being serious, Bruce.” Dick’s fretful tone betrayed the feelings of his prior loneliness, to the extent of speaking without regard. “... I missed you.

Without saying a word, Bruce reached out, brushing a thumb across Dick’s cheek before leaning down and capturing his lips. The omega relaxed against the bed, eyelids sagging in the tranquil bliss his alpha’s kiss granted. The flow was stagnant, soft… warm… quavering and Dick’s mind was sailing in the depths of some forgotten ocean. He had missed him; he had missed him with his whole being. It was silly-- he was only gone for one day but the invisible allure wasn’t one to free him of his fate. Dick’s glands throbbed as he subsequently inched toward the alpha.

Their shared feelings led Bruce to slip under the covers, moving in between Dick’s legs and placing his arms on either side of his head. Being trapped between Bruce’s robust warmth, Dick squeezed his bare shoulders, tongue begging to enter his alpha’s mouth. Lamentably, the omega was denied admission when Bruce abandoned their passion by pulling back. Dick was unable to open his eyes for a moment, cracking them only when his alpha spoke.

“You’re wearing my shirt.”

Dick simpered, heat creeping onto his cheeks. “It... has your scent.”

Something flickered in the alpha’s eyes then, leading him to bend down and kiss the juncture of Dick’s neck. The omega bared his neck, crooning softly as he closed his eyes once more.

“You have no idea what you do to me,” Bruce confessed tenderly.

Dick shifted, sluggishly widening his legs around the alpha’s sides. The flesh of his inner thighs tingled, feeling something hard pressing against his crotch. “I can only guess...” The omega breathed, taking in his alpha’s suggestive expression, making him explicitly aware that Bruce was only in his underwear-- as he was every night.

Dick gulped as an unforeseen warmth spread through his body-- the feeling immensely duller than it was during his heat, but no less pleasing. He took a deep breath before Bruce drew him into another kiss laden with more intensity than the last time. The omega took it in stride, not sure how to react when his alpha began to rock against his crotch. “Bruce.” He gasped into his mouth, trying to will his pondering thoughts of ineptness away. Dick squirmed and turned his head to the side, feeling his own cock twitch with life as the alpha continued his rut.

Bruce reveals his pleasure through a quiet hum, mouthing against Dick’s neck, sensually running a hand under his shirt and up his chest. As the hem was rolled up, cool air spilled over his undress, making the omega involuntarily shiver. A whimper announced the omega’s pleasure while his heartbeat gave way to his nervousness. It felt good. So good. But for some reason, Dick was shying away. It was evident that Bruce wanted to go further-- he had been for a while now . But Dick wasn’t ready. Kissing was one thing but going any further was…  

Dick brought an arm over his mouth, softening the moan that escaped briefly after he began to slowly grind upwards. 

“Don’t,” Bruce grumbled, pulling Dick’s arm away from his face. 

Dick peeked at Bruce from under his lashes and was caught under his intense stare. “Someone could hear…” He whispered.

“The room’s soundproof,” Bruce affirmed, slipping down to his elbows, his lips now ghosting over the omegas. “I want to hear you.”

Before Dick could protest further, Bruce rolled his hips down, bringing out a mellow gasp. Dick could no longer refuse. Through their steady movement, Bruce’s mouth traveled down to Dick’s chest, hot breath gliding over his hardening nipples. The feeling Dick had when the alpha latched on was unpredictable. His nipples were unexpectedly sensitive, drawing out a moan lengthy moan.

“Not there… Bruce...” Dick panted, feeling his heart skitter. “Only… only kissing--”

“I am only kissing you.” Bruce declared, lightly pecking his nipple.

Dick almost laughed and he would’ve if Bruce would stop his lazy ministrations, causing him to steadily groan. The omega could feel the dampness of his underwear sticking to his cock when Bruce sat up on his knees, leering down at Dick.

“You’re sensitive…” Bruce said as he continued to dry hump against Dick’s groin. “And hesitant… as if you were a virgin.”

Dick’s breath hitched as he gripped the sheets, succumbing to the stimulus of his throbbing cock. Through his pleasure, he avoided Bruce’s prying stare, working up the confidence to mutter a quiet, “ I am… ” before everything went still.

Embarrassment spiraled through the omega as he forced himself to look at Bruce’s reaction. What he hadn’t expected was a surge of satisfaction to fill his mind, those feelings of which belonged to no one other than his alpha. All at once, Dick found his hips being roughly handled, pulled back and forth at a persistent pace.

Dick was literally yanked from his moment of truth, not really knowing what he was worried about in the first place. He instantly recognized his mistake in underestimating Bruce’s possessiveness. Granted Dick would have been happy being Bruce’s first as well but who was he kidding? An amateur probably wouldn’t make him feel this good.

“Fuck--” The omega cursed, back arching as he pushing upward, trying to get as much friction as he could. There was no question in Dick’s mind that Bruce was an experienced lover. Something as simple as rubbing against one another shouldn’t make Dick feel this enraptured. But it did. It's because of the way the alpha surrounded him. Bruce’s big hands, his lips running across his flushed skin, his furrowed brows, and most of all, his feelings that revealed his immense infatuation for the omega.  

“Bru--Bruce I’m…!” Dick felt an ache somewhere that had yet to be touched; one place he hadn’t even touched himself but he wished Bruce would as it clenched around nothing at all. Dick came at the thought, it was sudden, catching him by surprise, and the alpha’s lips against his made it all the more pleasurable. The omega tightened his legs around Bruce’s back, whimpering into his wet mouth, wishing it didn’t end as soon as it did. Regretfully, he was too lost in the haze of riding out the rest of his climax to feel the alpha come soon after.

Their slow-moving mouths no longer met when Bruce wandered away, laying his head on Dick’s shoulder. There, the omega inhaled the drastic scent of their arousal as it died down, bringing his attention to their damp underwear. He’d definitely have to take another shower now-- with Bruce this time.

“I’m sorry.” The alpha murmured after a long while of coming down from their high.

“About what?” 

“I couldn’t stop myself. You’re just so…” Bruce breathed in the omega’s scent, and Dick could have sworn he felt the alpha smile on the crook of his shoulder.

“It’s fine,” Dick replied softly. “I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy it.” Because he did… a lot.

Bruce sat up on his elbows, after placing a chaste kiss on Dick’s neck and stared down at the omega. Dick thought he looked attractive with his hair disheveled and instinctively carded a hand through it. “What’s wrong?” Dick asked after a moment of just staring into each other's eyes, taking in the cozy ambiance.

“I thought…” Bruce hesitated. “I assumed that they had probably…”

He didn’t need to say any more for Dick to understand what he meant. It was a logical assumption but… “No, they never touched me. No one has.” 


With the alpha’s visible relief, Dick ran a hand down Bruce’s back and reassured him. “You’re the only one.” And would forever be the only one. The omega didn’t need anyone else.

Dick almost missed it, but Bruce smiled, providing a blissful mood followed by a content rumble in his chest. The omega swooned, pulling his alpha down for another slow kiss. He decided then, that kissing Bruce was his favorite thing.

“Dick,” Bruce said against his lips.


“I... want you to become my mate officially and... form a bond with me.”

It was at this point that Dick realized his next heat was essentially a month away and that he’d most likely end up saying yes.


Chapter Text

It was an accident when Dick stumbled across the handwritten letter. It just so happened to be stuffed in the middle of a book he randomly picked out in the Manor’s library. Dick didn’t normally like to read and he’d only been drawn towards the novel because Bruce’s pheromones hovered around its casing, giving Dick all the evidence he needed to know that it was recently used.

The Long Goodbye, by Philip Marlowe, the cover read and Dick opened it out of curiosity, wanting to know more about his alpha’s interest. Instead, he found something that furthered in habitual prying.

Dear Bruce,

What is this? Almost my 50th letter? Probably, but I’m not sure anymore. Well, it doesn't matter, you already know you'll be getting one every time I go out of the country. Which happens to be a lot as of late. But you know how my dad is. With him, it’s always about work and it always will be. He’s almost like you in that retrospect. Except, I know you actually care about me... as you always have.

Where I am right now, there’s no wifi again, and I know you won’t be getting this letter anytime soon but once I get back, my dad will want my final answer. But I’m not ready to give it to him. I’m afraid. There’s just so much pressure on me at the moment and I’m tired of being in the spotlight all the time. I wish we could go back to being children again. 

We were so free back then and so reckless. Remember that old tv show we used to watch together? The one that made you laugh for hours? I was going to surprise you when I got back but I might as well tell you now. I found the complete DVD set at a thrift store. Maybe we can binge? Or at least try too. Unfortunately, we’re grown now and don’t have enough time anymore. We’ve moved on with our lives. Well, I have...

I’m going to be straight forward and say that when I get back, I want you to have also made your final decision. It’s been almost ten years, Bruce… I’ve been lenient for so long but it’s time to let it go.

You always fight me on this but trust me, he’s gone. Don’t start blaming yourself again, either. You know as well as I do that it’s not your fault. No one could have seen it coming. So, I ask you again to please consider what I have to offer and let’s move forward together. Please...

I have to make a quick stop before I make it back to Gotham but I’ll make sure and bring back your favorite Tannat wine. See you in three weeks, from there, I hope then we can reach a permanent agreement.




“S.K.,” Dick spoke the letters out loud, tracing the fine cursive with his fingers. A childhood friend? That was most likely it. The contents of the letter didn’t seem to allude to anything else, however, the topic seemed to have a weight to it that Dick didn’t understand. What was the final decision that needed to be made? Furthermore, who had Bruce lost that this person so blatantly wanted him to forget?

How much did Dick actually know about Bruce? 

Besides what’s been presented to him on a daily basis, there was nothing much he could say he knew about Bruce Wayne. His habits, yes. His mannerisms, almost down to a tee. His scent, he knew like the back of his hand. His training regimen, something he’d been teaching Dick as of late. His job, he works a lot. His public reputation, drastically different from how he actually is.

But when it comes to his past… his favorite things… his dreams and unfulfilled aspirations… his hobbies… all of them were blank in Dick’s mind.

It wasn’t as if he hadn’t been paying attention because he always paid attention when it came to Bruce. Always. It was just Bruce, who was the one not letting him in. The alpha always said things in a vague manner, never going any further and Dick couldn’t believe it took him this long to notice. 

Yesterday, he said yes to forming a bond with Bruce but now he was becoming a little skeptical about his decision. He wanted to get to know Bruce, in full, and break down all his walls just like this person seemed to have done. Granted, they were childhood friends but still, Dick wanted to know more.

On that basis, Dick began to search throughout the library for the other fifty or so letters. He gave it his all, finding nothing in return and ended up looking around for far longer than he intended too-- if Jason’s sudden presence was anything to go by.

Dick quickly stood up, having bent to his knees to raid the lower bookshelf, upon Jason’s arrival. “Hey Jay, you’re back early.” He said while dusting off his knees.

“No, I’m back on time.”

“Really?” Dick pulled out his phone to check the time. It was already past 1 pm and on a Wednesday, that’s the time Jason usually got back. “Oh… I must have lost track.”

“Looks like it.” Jason walked further into the room and toward the omega. “I’m surprised to find you in here.”

“I’m just looking around and reading a bit.”

Jason stopped in front of the coffee table, folding his arms as per usual. “I’ve never exactly seen you read before.”

Dick tilted his head. “I feel like you’re implying something.” 

“Maybe I am, maybe I’m not.”

With a smile, Dick rolled his eyes, “It’s not like I’ve never read before. Besides, this isn’t a book.” He walked over to the table, retrieved the old envelope and waved it back and forth. “I was reading this letter that I found.” 

Jason leaned forward, trying to catch a glimpse before Dick got the hint and handed it to him.  

“Apparently, there’s more around here, somewhere.” Dick continued, watching as Jason opened and unfolded the paper with disinterest. “You don’t think Bruce would mind if I search around a bit more? Because I kind of want to see the rest of them.”

Jason read the first line of the letter, eyes widening a fraction. 

“I had the same reaction. I could never write that neat.” Dick commented with a heedless smile. “You wouldn’t happen to know a person that goes by S.K., would you?”

“Sorry, I can’t help you with that,” Jason said with a sudden tightness in his voice as he intently refolded the piece of paper. “Wanna play some video games?”

“Um, sure?”

“Cool, let's go.”

“Okay--wait, Jason,” Dick stammered, not expecting the alpha to grab his wrist and tug him out of the door. “Hey, you don’t have to pull me." He said, lightly tugging his arm away, right as the alpha pocketed the letter. Dick frowned, being unclear as to why the alpha had a sudden impulse to play video games but he just went along with it. He was bored anyway, doing something else might take his mind off of things and perhaps, he’d learn a little more about Bruce from the people who’d known him the longest.




“A doctor working at the General Gotham Hospital was arrested Friday afternoon for attacking a patient in a bathroom. Reports say that the doctor was beaten badly after his attempted assault and that he was detained soon after. The victim’s name has been concealed for public viewing but we encourage…”

Dick stared wide-eyed at the television, watching as a mug-shot of Grant, popped up on the screen with the fake name ‘Adam Miller’, underneath. He slowly placed his soda can down on the coaster before peering at Jason and Tim sitting on the other couch. They both mimicked his stunned expression.

Dick didn’t loiter for long as he quickly pulled out his cellphone and called Bruce, setting it on speaker mode when Tim and Jason moved to his side of the couch. The alpha picked up after the second ring and Dick readied his dispute.

“Dick, I was just about to--”

“You told the police?!” Dick cut him off.

“I-- what? What are you talking about?”

“About the hospital and Grant! You told the police?!”

“...That was supposed to be kept in the dark.”

Dick scoffed, running a hand through his hair. “What do you mean kept in the dark? It’s all over the news, Bruce.”

“It was on GNN,” Tim piped in, side-eyeing the peeved omega. “The only name that wasn’t revealed was Dick’s.”

“I thought you said you handled everything?” Dick couldn’t help but jump back in. He was just so angry for trusting Bruce to tell him everything outright. They’ve had this problem since the beginning and Dick, for the life of him, couldn’t understand why his alpha was like this. “I didn’t think you’d involve the police, of all things. And it happened over 2 weeks ago. Why are they just now reporting this?” 

“Dick, everything is going to be alright.”

“It won’t. His face is all over the news… DS is going to go after him.”

“What’s wrong with that?” Jason asked. “Wouldn’t you rather have him dead anyway?”

“Jay, it’s not that simple. DS is going to want to know why he attacked a patient and who that patient was that led him to this point. They’re going to find me.”

“They’re not going to find you,” Bruce reassured. “ I’ve taken care of everything concerning the evidence of your presence at the hospital that day. All the video footage is gone.”

“How was I supposed to know that? You just-- I wish you would stop keeping these types of things from me.” Dick slouched forward, resting an elbow on his knee as he persistently ambushed the alpha with the issue. “Why is it so hard for you to do that, Bruce?”

Bruce kept quiet and Dick looked around the room, finding Tim and Jason overtly avoiding his stare. Was he missing something? The reason why Bruce was so protective and evasive felt like it was being hidden. 

“Nevermind…” Dick muttered, breaking the silence as he stared down at the caller id screen. “Let’s just come up with a plan.” 

As much as Dick wanted to, he wasn’t going to ask Bruce to open up to him when he, himself, still had things to hide. Besides, there were more important things to worry about right now.

“Who is this Grant guy anyway?” Jason asked. “Is he that important?” 

“He’s the oldest son of the Alp-- of the clan leader.”

“He would kill his own son?”

“Yes, he would. They’d never miss a chance like this,” Dick confirmed, rubbing his temple in frustration. “DS usually avoids doing anything in public but since the police are involved now, this is a code red. They’d kill him in a playground full of screaming children if they have to.” It didn’t matter if he was the son of the clan leader or not… no one was free from that man’s clutches.

“That’s insane,” Jason said and Dick agreed.

“Maybe…” Tim spoke, just as Dick settled back against the couch. “We can get some information out of him.”

“How would we do that?” Dick inquired.

“Well, as you can see, Bruce has a sort of close relationship with the commissioner.  Sort of… close...” Tim reiterated. 

“Sort of?” Dick asked, wondering even more as to why Bruce told the commissioner when they weren’t even that close?

“More on that later but I was thinking that maybe we could attend the police’s interrogation-- that is if Bruce gets permission. Then you can find out why they’re after Bruce and why they want to keep you alive?”

Dick looked at Tim and nodded. “That plan sounds fine actually… but it’s risky. DS will surely be there.”

“You’re saying that they’ll kill him during the interrogation?” 

“During, before, after. Any of those times are a possibility.” Dick answered the alpha. “But I know for sure that they’ll be there.”

“I’m guessing you know this because you’ve killed someone in a similar situation, right?” Tim asked, seemingly innocent but the glint in his eyes said otherwise.

“Tim,” Bruce warned. 

“I’m just asking a question.” Tim shrugged. “I mean isn’t it about time we learned at least a little bit about your time spent in DS?”

“You act like I haven’t told you anything at all.” 

He’s told them a lot, honestly. He’s told them about DS’s twenty-plus base locations, his old apartment, and a few names here and there. Dick couldn’t give them as much information as he wanted to. Mostly because a lot of it had been withheld from him, on the off chance that he’d end up in a situation exactly like this one. 

When Dick was still working for DS, all he did was eat, sleep, train, and complete the missions assigned to him. On occasion, he’d work with some of the other members but overall, Dick’s prior lifestyle was depressing, rigorous, and ceaselessly tedious. It was only ever so often that he’d be forced out of that routine by either Rose or the clan leader, himself. They seemed to have taken an unusual liking towards him-- one that included various dealings Dick would forever keep out of his thoughts. They weren’t ever sexual, they were just… degrading. 

“Tim, why don’t you just back off already? He’s not ready to talk about that stuff yet.” Jason spoke in Dick’s defense, his voice appeasing to the ears of the omega’s distress. 

Tim was a bit startled, not expecting Jason to respond in that manner. “Sorry…” He muttered quietly, more so to Jason than to Dick, but was ignored by both.

“Let's go with that plan. Bruce, think you can get the cops to set this up by tomorrow?” Dick proposed, waiting for Bruce to respond and eventually he did but he didn’t seem too thrilled about it.

“I’ll contact the commissioner.”

“Alright, good.” Dick breathed a sigh of relief. “And while you’re doing that, I’ll go and ransack through your weapon collection, because unfortunately, we’re going to need them.”




“Welcome back,” Dick said as Bruce walked into the hallway just outside the entertainment room. The omega leaned over the back of the couch, watching as Bruce stopped mid-step, turning his head to face him. The room was dark, except for the light coming from the muted flat-screen Tv, flickering splashes of white light across the alpha’s face.

“Dick.” Bruce addressed him in a wary voice, evidently staying at a safe distance. “I thought you’d be asleep.” 

“It’s only ten o’clock, Bruce. I thought I’d wait up for you.” Dick answered, sensually motioning Bruce to come hither with a single finger. “Why are you standing all the way over there, come here.”

Bruce pivoted on his heel, walking towards the omega until he was hovering over the back of the couch. In the low light, Dick couldn’t read his expression but he knew from the alpha’s lack of “I’m home” kisses, that he was being hesitant. 

Dick sighed, “I’m not mad at you anymore, Bruce.” He said softly, tugging on the bottom of Bruce’s tie to bring him down for a quick kiss. They parted, only for Dick to sense his alpha’s doubt. “I’m really not mad anymore. Actually, I stayed awake so I could say I’m sorry for going off on you earlier.”

“No, I was the one being difficult.”

Dick gave a breathy laugh. “ Extremely difficult. We both are though.” He ran his hands up Bruce’s chest, stopping to tamper with the lapels on his suit. “Let’s try not to fight as much.” 

“That’s what I’ve been trying to prevent.” Bruce insisted lightly as he walked around the couch and sat next to the omega.

“Really? Bruce, I’m sorry but your attempts are… questionable.” Dick playfully patted the alpha’s arm. “But I appreciate the effort.” He concluded, naturally moving to straddle the alpha’s thighs. Now that they were face to face, Dick could make out Bruce’s worry from the line that appeared between his brows. But his worry wouldn’t be able to change the future events that needed to happen. They needed to get rid of DS, and that meant putting their lives on the line. 

“Bruce, I want us to be able to communicate; to tell each other everything.” Dick started, figuring that ignoring the problem wouldn’t help improve the situation.

“I just don’t want anything to happen to you.” The ‘ again,’ was left unsaid.

“You have to understand why I came here. Yes, you’re my soulmate but you told me you’d help me get rid of them. We’re supposed to work together.” Dick pressed convincingly, not once breaking the alpha’s stare. “I know I have some problems I need to handle on my own, but that doesn’t give you the right to keep things from me and to keep me locked away because you’re worried.” The crease between Bruce’s brow seemed to disappear as Dick went on.

“I want to be able to walk outside without looking over my shoulder in fear, or having you and Jason trialing after me 24/7. I want to put a stop to DS so they can’t manipulate anyone else; anymore… children.” Dick finished, watching the alpha silently contemplate his words.

It didn’t take that long for the alpha to answer, and yet he still sounded hesitant when he spoke. “From now on... I will try not to keep anything from you and I’ll include you in the decision making.” 

“Promise me this time,” Dick said, considering the last time they had this conversation, wasn’t that long ago. 

“...I promise.” He said in a low voice, sealing the spoken deal with two words.

The omega sighed with relief, knowing that the alpha was telling the truth this time around. “Thank you.” Dick grinned, adjusting himself so he could be flush against the alpha as they kissed, up until his knee hit something and knocked it onto the floor. 

“Shit,” Dick muttered as he begrudgingly removed himself from Bruce’s lap to pick up the old box he’d placed on the couch earlier that evening.

“What’s that?” Bruce questioned as Dick sat back down next to him, feeling a little eager to show the alpha what was in the box.

“These are some of your old DVDs.”

The alpha went stiff next to him.

 “Alfred gave them to me.” Joy danced through Dick’s heart as he pulled out the box set he suspected the letter to be talking about. When he spoke to Alfred about it, he silently went to retrieve some of Bruce’s old things. Dick hoped Bruce would be just as happy as he was when he saw them.

“There’s old videotapes in here too. I was surprised when Alfred said that these were some of your favorite shows, I’ve never heard of them before. But I was thinking maybe we can watch them together.” He smiled brightly at Bruce, expecting their expressions to emulate one another but that wasn’t what he got. 

Bruce cast him a veiled gaze, eyes flickering toward the box and lingering there. Dick could sense it then, the sorrow that tore at his chest and in turn, tore at Dicks own. It dragged his mood down into the depths of the sea and made Dick wonder what he did wrong?

“Bruce, you okay?”

The alpha blinked, bringing his gaze back to Dick, one that suggested that he just tucked something into the back of his mind. 

“I’m just a little tired.” He cleared his throat and stood up, his stagnant emotions being pulled along with him. The further apart they were, the less Dick could feel.

“Did I do something wrong?”

“No, you did nothing wrong.” Bruce rubbed a thumb over Dick’s cheek, reassuring him with a trivial smile. 

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m just glad that you’re here... with me.” The alpha leaned down to kiss Dick on the forehead before pulling away and saying a quick ‘goodnight.’

“Night,” Dick said after he had already left the room. The omega’s smile had long since disappeared as he inspected the box and its vintage contents. 

He was no closer to connecting with Bruce at all. In fact, he felt like he'd just been pushed back even further. But somewhere deep down, he knew he wasn’t the one to blame. He couldn’t have been. He would never make his alpha that sad. No, it had something to do with this box; with that letter; with Bruce’s past.

It wasn’t his fault.

It was S.K’s.


Chapter Text

All members of the Dark Knight clan resided together and formed a pack during the reign of Bruce’s Great-grandfather. From the very beginning, when Gotham was in more disarray than it was now, the clan worked as vigilantes, with the bat symbol as its totem. They moved in secret to bring Gotham out of the shadows of the organizations that dared to corrupt it.

The clan members appealed to the pack's harmony and defended themselves against enemies by launching their own attacks. Furthermore, they formed associations with the authorities to protect their common interest. Unfortunately, this alliance did not last for long . As expected, the clan didn’t dare shy away from killing people, for they had quite a hefty number of deaths on their hands. 

This was news to Dick when he learned about their ethics--to only kill when needed--especially since he’d promised not to kill ever again. For the time being, Dick wasn't so sure about being able to keep that promise because now he had a choice in the matter… 

The clan made it their right to deem someone worthy of death and that naturally posed a problem with the police, hence Bruce’s conflict with the commissioner. From further inspection, it would seem that their families had some past dealings even before Bruce was born. The trouble began during Bruce’s great grandfather’s reign, where the old man decided to delve deeper into increasing his wealth by indulging in a not so legal business. He invested a small sum of money in a systematic underground drug ring to break cover and cultivate his family’s name next to having more criminal support. 

The Gordon family didn’t take too kindly to that, claiming that the clan was tarnishing their original goal. Sadly, Bruce’s Great-grandfather wouldn’t listen and chose money over friendship. And so, their paths split. It wasn’t until Bruce’s grandfather took over and divested their family’s legacy from the drug money by donating it to another associate family, who had a solid hold on an upcoming enterprise. The Calabrese’s used the money to launch their Omegan health research company, known today as Surge Enterprises. All while Bruce’s grandfather started his own company called Wayne Enterprises.

This act of benevolence didn’t necessarily fix the relationship between the two families because the Dark Knights killing ethics were still the same. But the tension was dull enough so that they could work together.

“So,” Jason said as he dropped rounds into his gun one by one. “You really think DS assassins are better fighters than us?”

“No, it varies,” Dick confirmed, strapping one last blade to his right calve. “Not all of them were trained by the clan leader. Some are just hoodlums looking to get a big sum of money.”

“Sounds like this is going to be easy.”

“Don’t get full of yourself. For all I know, they’ll send Rose and Joey after him.” Dick advised him. “Those two are not so easy to take down.”

“You’ll move when I tell you too.” Bruce jumped in, knowing that Jason was thinking of a sarcastic reply.

“Got it, boss.”

“Tim, how does it look?” Bruce asked while peeking out the tinted car window before Tim’s voice ran throughout their earpieces.

There’s nothing suspicious around you right now. The heat signals are mostly centered inside the GCPD building. ” 

Bruce turned to Dick as he grabbed the car handle. “Ready?”

“Yeah,” Dick said solemnly. With his disguise in place, he stepped out of the car after Bruce, shivering slightly at the cool air. He stuffed his hands in his jacket pocket, snuggling within its warmth, stepping closer to Bruce who held an umbrella over their heads. As per usual, the sunny days in Gotham never lasted long and with the clouds rolling in, the rain came with it. 

Hearing the car drive away behind him, Dick looked up at the GCPD sign on the building, letting Bruce guide him through the front door. Once they were inside, Dick waited a little ways away from the door, next to an empty front desk as Bruce left the umbrella in the rack.

“Mr. Wayne.” A gruff voice echoed throughout the hall, leading Dick to observe the older man walking toward them. 

“I told you, you could call me Bruce.” 

“Bruce then.” They shook hands then Gordon glimpsed at Dick who placed himself next to his alpha. Dick offered the older alpha a small smile, while Bruce discretely introduced him without giving away his name, prompting the commissioner to take them to a more secluded room.

“So you’re the one Barbra has been seeing?” The commissioner said once they were behind closed doors in the observation room.

“Yeah, that’s me. I’m Richard Grayson, but I go by Dick.” The omega stuck out his hand but the greeting was not returned. 

As expected. 

Gordon narrowed his eyes at the omega with a look filled with animosity.  “An assassin in a police station, except he’s not in handcuffs.”

Dick let his hand fall to his side. “I can understand why you’re cautious about me--”

“I’m more than just cautious. I should have you detained right now.”

Bruce lightly growled at the other alpha who threatened his omega, tightening a hand around Dick’s waist.

“It’s okay, Bruce.” Dick rubbed his alpha’s arm, bringing his attention back to the commissioner, mirroring Bruce’s frown. “I’m not going to defend myself because I know what I’ve done… I’m sure this won’t change your opinion but…” Dick took a deep breath, his voice coming out softer as it normally did when he talked about his past. “...I was only ten years old and I’d just presented.” Dick continued and Gordon’s glare faltered. “I didn’t understand why I couldn’t defy… that man's orders back then but I’m sure you know very well as to why seeing as you’re an alpha yourself…” 

Dick left it at that, knowing that both Tim and Jason heard him through the earpiece. He was fairly certain that they weren’t expecting that, since he’s never exactly talked about his past anyway. Dick decided to ignore his exposure, hoping that this information would help with their admission and that the commissioners' stringent pheromones would vanish. Unsurprisingly, they didn’t but Gordon’s demeanor did seem to change a little.

“You were… just a child?” Gordon hesitantly asked.

Dick took a deep breath and nodded, squeezing Bruce’s arm in his unease. He watched the commissioner look at Bruce before exhaling loudly, his expression resembling Dick’s frustration.

“God… do you really know what you’re getting yourself into, Bruce?”

“I do,” Bruce affirmed, after calming himself. “We spoke about this on the phone. I left that man in your care so I wouldn’t have to deal with him myself .” The statement was ominous, more so than what Dick was used to. The Dark Knight killed only when it was necessary. He was sure Bruce would have done it too if he didn’t have self-control.

“This changes things… sadly, not for the better.” Gordon responded composedly before glancing at Dick. “And speaking of DS… do you know how many children they have controlled like this?”

“I’m sorry, I’m... I’m not sure. Their recruitment system is very complicated.” And extremely secretive. The whole clan was disheveled in a clever way so much so that Dick kept running into things he never knew mattered in the first place. The more questions Dick couldn’t answer, the more he realized how smart the Alpha actually was. 

“I see… well, let’s hope we get some more information out of your ex-partner.” Gordon retrieved a handheld radio from his front pocket and spoke into it. “Bring him in.” 

The lights on the other side of the two-way mirror turned on, showcasing an all-white room with the typical set up of one table and two chairs. Dick walked toward the window and leaned his hands on the narrow table protruding from the wall. He felt Bruce close in behind him as soon as the door opened, presenting Grant in handcuffs with a compression wrap wound from the top of his head to his chin.

“Will he even be able to talk?” Bruce questioned, watching as Grant was cuffed to the jutting bars on the table.

“He’s been doing enough of it so far.” 

“I want to talk with him myself,” Dick announced, not once looking away from Grant.

“I can’t let you come in,” Gordon said, walking next to Dick and pointing to a button on a small control panel on the table. “If you press this button here you can relay the message to me and I’ll listen through the receiver.” He tapped on the Bluetooth device in his ear before excusing himself, leaving Dick some room to breathe.

“Are you alright?” Bruce asked.

“Yeah, I’m just a little... afraid to hear what he has to say. I’m supposed to be dead but for some reason, that... man wants me alive…” Fear swirled through Dick’s stomach as he continued to stare at Grant. “...he wants me to go back to him.”

Bruce snaked his arms around Dick back, breathing in his scent. “I won’t let that happen.” 

We won’t let that happen, either, Jason suddenly declared, seeming to speak on Tim’s behalf; however, Tim didn’t say anything to back up that claim. He remained as silent as ever. 

Despite the teenager's lack of response, Dick chuckled. “I know you guys won’t.”

“About time.”

Grant said with a raspy voice, bringing the soulmates apart. They looked at the window just as Gordon closed the door behind him and sat down in the chair across from the other alpha. Dick leaned closer to the glass and stared at Grant with rapt attention.

“Adam Miller. Age 29. You’ve worked at Gotham General Hospital for three years now and surprisingly, you have no complaints from any of your colleagues. Mind telling me why you attacked someone at a hospital during the primary working hours?

“You talk too much. Keep it short, so we can hurry up and get this over with.” 

“What's the rush when you’ve possibly got a life sentence ahead of you,” Gordon responded, placing the folder down on the table.

“There’s no way I have a life sentence for what I did,”  Grant grumbled, flexing his swollen jaw in the process . “I didn’t even kill ‘em.” He shifted, showing off more bandaging from his neck extended into the v-neck of his orange overalls.

“The witness claims you wanted to kill him. What do you have to say about that?”

“Nothing… whatever you’re gettin at, I didn’t do it.” Grant said simply, the notion almost emulating his father’s articulation-- he was the epitome of being apathetic. 

Gordon sighed, finally closing the folder and sat back against the chair. “Let's just get straight to the point. I know about DS.”

Grant swiftly looked up from the table and stared straight into Gordon’s eyes. His own eyes widened as his nostrils flared and Dick was sure his pheromones were foreboding at the thought of being found out. He also knew that the alpha wouldn’t dare answer any more questions after this.

“That name is an alias,” Dick said after pressing the button, watching the commissioner’s fingers twitch upon hearing his voice. “His real name is Grant Wilson. Bate him with it. Ask how much the bounty is for my head?”

“Grant Wilson,” Gordon muttered.

Grant yanked his handcuffs with a snarl. “Who the fuck are you?” He sought to threaten him but with those injuries, he seemed to only hurt himself even more. 

“Calm down, Mr. Wilson.”

“Fuck--!” Grant continued to struggle, going completely nowhere. “This is a fucking set up! Who do you work for!?”

Gordon remained calm, simply tapping his fingers against the table. “The person you attacked at the hospital-- he has some sort of bounty? Am I correct?”

“I’m not telling you shit!” Grant struggled some more and seemed to be ignoring the pain the more it went on.

“Your reaction is telling enough already, Mr. Wilson. But I can’t stop with just this, unfortunately. Your… clan poses a problem.”

“The way you’re talking…” Grant paused, eyes darting toward the two-way mirror. “Talon’s in there isn’t he.” Grant scowled, now talking to who he suspected to be on the other side.

Talon? Why do they call you that?” Tim asked before Grant started mouthing off again.

“First the playboy now the police? Now I know father’s making a mistake by keeping you alive.”

“Why does he want me alive?” Dick moved closer to the window, trying to keep himself calm as he watched Gordon repeat his question.

“You should already know the answer to that, Talon. You’re his most prized possession… the perfect weapon.”

What the fuck?Jason said.

He's some sort of ped-- Tim started.

“Shut up,” Dick demanded, ripping the earpiece out of his ear, staring at Grant’s lopsided grin as a dark look suffused in his features. He should have known Grant would say some shit like this and what's worse is that Dick actually believed it; he believed every last single word. 

“Dick, do we need to stop?” Bruce questioned as he reached to press the button to inform Gordon.

“No, don’t.” Dick covered the button with his hand. “I want to hear the rest.”

“You hear that, Talon?” Grant called out to him. “Unlike the most of us, you were raised to kill and so fucking easy to manipulate… Or maybe father just wants to kill you, himself. He’s always had a knack for those types of things.”

“That’s enough, Mr. Wilson.” Gordon interrupted, appearing to be uncomfortable.

“Hey fuzz, shouldn’t he be gettin arrested too?” Grant motioned toward the mirror. “His hit record is almost as big as mine!”

“It’s not…” Dick murmured to himself, knowing Bruce heard.

“He was manipulated as a child under an unsanctioned jurisdiction of an alpha’s order. He is a victim.” Gordon readily confirmed.

“A victim? Man, he’s really got all of you fooled, huh?” Grant laughed, cringing as he did. “I’ve seen him; I’ve seen how he kills people…”


“With that sword of his. He was always messy with it.”


“His eyes always looked dead; glossed over or some shit. He looked like a madman and he was ruthless.”

Stop… don’t tell them...

“I really hate to admit it but he’s the best we’ve got. He always got the job done… even children were no exception.”

Dick held his breath as a stinging feeling tormented him from within, feeling a familiar lump permeate his breathing.

“Dick,” Bruce called his name in solace but that didn’t stop Grant from exposing his gruesome deeds.

“If I get a life sentence, then he does too. We’re both murderers.”

Dick’s knees felt weak at his sudden exposure. They were all listening. They all knew! They knew what type of person he was now. He couldn’t hide it anymore. He was going to throw up-- shit, he was going to puke.

“Dick,” Bruce said again, his voice closer this time and Dick noticed he was in the alpha’s embrace. “We need to stop this.” 

Dick shook his head and was aware that he was digging his fingernails into Bruce’s forearms but he couldn’t let go . “No, we still need to know-- why he wants to… kill you too.” He struggled to get the words out, seeing the alpha hesitate before he leaned over and pushed the button.

“Ah, Bruce, the fucking billionaire. Like hell, I would tell you about that.” Grant laughed loudly once the question was relayed. “But that does remind me of something I forgot to mention. We finished it, Talon… the drug.”

Dick went eerily stiff in his alpha’s arms.

“What drug?” Gordon urged but Grant ignored him.

“I’m sure father is passin it out it as we speak.”

How was Grant able to talk about that so easily? He must know… he must know he’s going to die soon.

“Mr. Wilson, what drug are you talking about?” Grant ignored the commissioner's question once again, choosing to only talk to Dick.

“I’m sure if you took it then there’d be nothing left of you. You’d be fucking numb; numb enough to kill Bruce Wayne then kill yourself right after.”

“That’s enough,” Bruce said, Dick just now noticing how angry he was. 

“Bruce, wait.” Dick lightly pushed at his chest when he moved forward.

“No, Dick. This is--” Bruce stopped talking, most likely listening to either Tim or Jason. Dick had half a mind to put his earpiece back in before his body was suddenly pushed to the ground. Without warning, the sound of a gunshot bounced off the walls of the small room, crashing through the double way mirror, splattering glass everywhere.

With his ears ringing and his cheek pressed into the ground, Bruce hovered over him, shielding him from the falling glass. Across the clear shards scattered on the floor, Dick could see his earpiece lying under a chair and moved to grab it. He frantically put it back in his ear before the alpha pulled him up off the ground.

“Jason!” Bruce shouted as he ran quickly, tugging the omega out the door which had a tiny busted window. That’s probably where they shot Grant from, considering there were no windows in the interrogation room itself.

Already on it!”

Dick looked back, seeing the commissioner slowly standing up from the ground and talking into his radio. His eyes flickered to Grant, the upper half of his body now laid out on the table with a blood gushing hole in his head. They killed him. That man killed his own son. And yet he wanted Dick alive. Why?

Dick whimpered at the thought but didn’t have time to receive any comfort because they were running out the front door seconds later. The rain was pouring out of the sky, shadowing what would have been clear figures of cars and buildings.

Shit, this guy’s fast,” Jason said out of breath.

He seems to be going in a circle. One of you can cut him off.” Tim briefed them, quickly telling Bruce and Dick where to go. 

“Dick, stay here.”

“Bruce, what are you talking about?”

“You’re in too much distress. Stay here.”

“I’m not staying here, Bruce. I can help.”

Jay, there’s another one closing in behind you.

Another one!? You gotta be fucking kidding me .”

“I’ll get him,” Dick confirmed, giving Bruce a reassuring nod, but the alpha’s grip didn’t let up. “You have to trust me. You promised me...”

The alpha loosened his hold, still looking a bit conflicted but Dick wouldn’t let him refuse a second time. He quickly snatched his hand away, taking a few steps back, eyes boring into his alpha, hoping he understood. Distress aside, he knew he was still able to fight.

Hey, lovebirds, my legs are fucking killing me here. Hurry the hell up!Jason said, distracting both of them.

“I’m on my way,” Dick replied.

"Stay safe."

"You too." Dick forced himself to look away and ran in the opposite direction to where Tim told him to go. He ran as fast as he could down the alleyway, blinking through the watery haze and slipping a bit as he turned another corner.

They should be right ahead of you, Dick .”

“It’s hard to see,” Dick said.

In about 70 ft- they stopped.

“I think I see them now.” Dick ran straight ahead, hearing Bruce come in contact with the other assassin. “Check to see if they gave a gun, Bruce.”

They don’t have one .”

There’s a group of heat signatures coming your way Bruce, Tim informed him.

Gordon probably called back up.

Dick blocked out their voices, seeing a person quickly approaching him. They made quick contact, Dick easily losing balance trying to dodge the woman's attack due to the slippery slope. He ducked into a quick roll, jumping up behind her and charged forward, readily striking the middle of her back. She bent forward and wheezed before lightning flashed across the sky, bringing Dick’s attention to the collar around her neck. 

He balked at the numbers engraved onto it-- Omega 382… was all he could witness before he promptly backed her into the wall, trapping her with her hands behind her back. Despair and an itch on his neck burdened him with flashbacks as Dick tried to keep a firm hold on her.

Concentrate focus... 

He repeated inwardly as he quickly checked around her body for a gun, finding nothing. Feeling disgruntled Dick speedily suspended the assassin’s struggle, proficiently knocking her to the ground.

“I got her,” Dick said, digging a knee into her back, still staring at the back of her collar. “But she doesn’t have a gun. Which means there’s one more.”

There’s a couple of cops headed your way too, Dick

“Okay,” Dick said, suddenly feeling something hard press into the back of his head.

That one made it to you quickly, Tim commented and Dick could only tense up.

“This one’s not a cop.” Dick didn’t dare move at the risk of being shot by the same gun that killed Grant.

Tim, where is Dick?

“I’m okay, Bruce,” Dick said calmly, hearing the other assassin step around until he was standing in front of him. It was no surprise that Dick had no idea who this guy was; DS had assassin affiliates everywhere. Some of them were more notorious than the others and Dick happened to be on that list, which is why this man knew exactly who he was.

“You’re- you’re Talon.” The assassin said with Dick having now noticed his sunglasses weren’t on his face. “This is amazing. Do you know how much you’re worth right now?”

“No, I don’t actually... I was hoping you could tell me.” Dick kept his hold on the woman beneath him, not sure how he was supposed to stop the guy with the gun without letting her run away.

“One million.” The man gave an exasperated laugh. “And that's just for keeping you alive? Shit, the Alpha must be insane.”

He was insane, Dick thought. That much for someone who betrayed the clan?! But in spite of that, Dick knew that this amount would work in his favor.

“One million?” Jason’s voice impeded the threatening space, as he pointed a gun at the back of the assassin’s head. Dick, having noticed his presence a while ago, played it cool, watching the alpha nudge the perpetrators head with the barrel of his gun. “That’s pocket money.”

Jason, don’t kill him,Bruce warned.

“Yeah, yeah, I know. I’ll let your precious cops get him.” Before Jason could grab the assassin, a horrendous noise tore through the long alleyway, drowning out the sound of the rolling thunder. Through the sudden happening, Dick widened his eyes, seeing Jason fall to the ground with a silent thump that was smothered by the sound of crashing rain. It all happened so fast but Jason had been shot by the assassin, who Dick now noticed was holding a smaller gun hidden between his arm and his torso. 

“Fuck!” Jason cried out while holding his leg, just as the police surrounded them, overtaking the assassin. 

Jay?! Tim screamed. “Jay, what happened?”

Dick cursed and stood up, allowing the police to handcuff the woman as he ran toward Jason. He blinked away the droplets of water from his eyelashes as he tore off a piece of his shirt and briskly wrapped it around the alpha’s wound. Sorrow shredded his insides as Jason’s blood seeped through the fabric and stained his hands.

Jason! Are you okay? Jay, speak to m--

“Dammit, shut up Tim.” He groaned. “You’re making my ears hurt with all that yelling.”

How bad is the wound? Is he okay!? Bruce, is he ok

“I’m fucking fine, Tim. God--” Jason hissed as Dick applied more pressure to his leg.

“Stay still,” Dick told him, hands shivering, only stopping when he felt Bruce’s palm lay over his. He instantly sensed the alpha’s exceeding worry that was dividend from his calm tone.

“He’s alright, Tim.”

I’m coming to you guys right now.

“No, stay there.” 

But Bruce, Jay is--

“Stay there!” He shouted, his powerful alpha command coming out in waves of frustration, making both Dick and Jason go still.


“He’s alright, Tim.” His voice once again adopted that calm tone, bringing light the commotion behind them. Dick looked over his shoulder, watching as both collared omegas were taken away. The one who shot Jason, steadied a glare his way and Dick quickly averted his gaze, bringing his attention back to Bruce’s reassurances.

“The wound isn’t that bad,” Bruce told Tim, even though he wasn’t really sure how deep the bullet wound was. 

Are you sure he’s okay? ” Tim sniffled softly.

“I’m sure. Don't worry, we’re taking him to the hospital.” He spoke only to placate his worried son when he was, in fact, worried himself. 

Chapter Text

Gotham City

Location: Building near GCPD

Time: 16:39 P.m.

Status: Omega 21365 [Located]


“Well... isn’t this an interesting development?” Rose grinned, observing the scene through her rain-soaked binoculars. “Bruce Wayne and Talon… working together.” Her gaze wandered around the two, taking in their frantic displacement as they helped Jason up off of the ground. “How exciting.”

“Shouldn’t we inform father?”

Rose pulled the binoculars away from her eyes and glanced down at her little brother. “We can’t do that Joey. You know how father is about betrayal. He'd especially go ballistic if he found out that Talon did this all for Bruce Wayne.”

“I guess you’re right.” Joey agreed solemnly, seeming to still be a little bit down about Grant’s unfortunate death but Rose knew he’d get over it soon enough. That’s just how their world worked. Sentiments were better left for your own death, not someone else’s.

“Not to mention, we can’t risk this alliance getting out to anyone else.” She looked through the binoculars once more, surveying their current traitor. “Once they find out that Talon and the leader of the Dark knight are working together, our hunters will drop out one by one .” 

Joey followed his sister's line of sight and narrowed his eyes in understanding. “Then what do you propose we do?” 

“Let’s just give it a while and see where it goes…”

“That’s it?” Joey spoke to the point, not sure what to think of Rose’s plan. “So we don’t tell father and we don’t do anything about this ourselves?”

“Don’t worry, little brother.” She grinned, watching Talon disappear around the building as a flash of lightning went across the sky. “Talon will eventually come back to us… willingly , that is.” 

“How can you be so sure of that?”

Rose sighed, growing tired of the teenager’s questions. “You know him almost as well as I do. Talon was raised by our father, as were we, and you know we can never stay away for long…” She turned to Joey, studying his rapt interest in her words. “He’ll soon realize what his true purpose is, because he’ll never be able to conform to that billionaire’s ways… he was meant to kill.” Rose spoke with confidence and experience, for she also tried to run away from DS during her teens but eventually realized she needed to go back. Living a normal life wasn’t something an assassin could do easily.

“You miss him don’t you, Rose?” 

A soft giggle escaped Rose’s mouth. “Don’t say that. It’s embarrassing.”

Joey rolled his eyes. “I’ll never understand your obsession with him.”

“What else can I say? I am my father’s daughter. Anyway…”  She stood up and stretched, watching as Joey followed her lead. “We must report back to father and tell him that Grant’s been eradicated.”

“Wait, Rose, I have one more question to ask.”

She huffed, running a hand through her soaked locks and motioned for Joey to speak. 

“Have you ever wondered as to how Talon was able to betray us? I mean, father ordered him to kill Bruce Wayne and now…” Joey tapered off, leaving his query open-ended.

She listened to the rain pound against the roof as she pondered for an answer. “Joey, you must understand that no alpha order can be stopped.” Rose turned toward the GCPD building, watching as the blue letters lit up in the night sky. “Unless one has found their True Alpha… their-”

“Their soulmate.” Joey finished for her and they shared a look.

Rose was the first one to break their stare and smiled with dubious musings before deviating from that topic. “Our spare hunters have been arrested, Joey, so let’s finish the mission.”

“Shall I eliminate them for you?” 

She nodded. “Make it quick. Keep it discrete.”

“I’ll try my best.”

Rose watched her brother make his way down the side of the tall building just as the rain picked up, practically drenching her notions.

Even if Talon did find his soul mate, Rose knew he was going to come back. He had too. There was no way he was happy where he was right now… not when his past was as gruesome as it was.




“Jay!” Tim shouted as soon as he entered the hospital room with Alfred following slowly behind. In a flash, he was at his brother’s bedside, suffocating him with a hug, to which Jason failed to evade.

Dick watched from the other end of the room, where Alfred joined him, quietly wringing out the umbrella. The omega acknowledged him with a small smile before his expression returned to its passive state. 

This was bad

This was not what Dick expected to happen on their first run. Although Dr. Dundee said that it was just a graze and that it would take about a month to heal, it was still the worst-case scenario. All the more when Dick realized he’d put his alpha’s child in danger. 

Bruce had been more worried than Dick had ever seen him and those feelings hadn’t let up since they got here. The omega attempted to soothe the alpha but he couldn’t even do that when his own mind was possessed with distress. That’s why he distanced himself, which wasn’t hard to do in this massive hospital suite. The sensations of worry were duller than before but nonetheless obvious. 

Dick could see it in the alpha’s stance, as he stood beside Jason’s bed, handing a tissue to the teary-eyed Tim. His smile was more fixed than usual and his discourse was toneless as he told Tim about Jason’s minor wound. If only Dick could muster up the confidence to walk over there and comfort his uneasy alpha, then he would, but something didn’t feel right. It was as though he were in his own space and they (the family of three) were in theirs.

Tim took the news of his brother’s injury in slight, ultimately deciding that he would stay at the hospital and walk to school in the morning since it wasn’t that far away. Jason heavily protested but Tim wouldn’t back down, especially when Bruce full-on agreed. After that was settled, alongside Jason’s repugnance, Tim pulled a Geri chair as close as he could get it to the bed, sat down and glanced over at Dick. His facial expression remained stolid almost similar to that icy stare he gave to the omega the first day they met. This time though, Dick could comprehend its meaning even before Tim began disputing his presence.

“What are you still doing here?” Tim’s sneer pierced Dick’s ears, threatening to break his last strand of hope. 

“Wha…” Dick stopped short, watching Tim grow angrier than he’s ever seen him before.

“This is your fault.” 

Inwardly, Dick winced as Tim’s words lashed out at him.“Tim, I... I couldn’t have seen this coming, I--”

“If you hadn’t been here; if you hadn’t come here to stay with us, none of this would have happened!” Tim shouted, not letting Dick get his reasoning in. “Jason wouldn’t have gotten hurt!”

“Tim, that’s enough.” Bruce shielded Dick from his son’s gaze by moving in front of him and telling Tim to ‘calm down.’ 

But who was Dick kidding? He knew this was coming and that only one person would be able to say it to his face. He knew no one else would be able to tell him that all of this was his fault.

“You heard what that man said about him, Bruce. He said that he was fooling us! That’s he’s killed, children!”

Dick closed his eyes and took a stammering breath.

“He didn’t have a choice, Tim.” Jason quickly countered. “You already know this.”

“I-I know that it’s just… ” 

A weight settled on Dick’s chest when he heard Tim’s next statement.

“I can’t… I can’t take it anymore, Bruce.” Dick couldn’t see Tim’s face but he could tell from the way his voice cracked that he was crying. “What if you get hurt next, or Alfred, or anyone that I care about… What if next time it’s not just a graze, what if Jason had… had...” Bruce moved around the bed, finally letting Dick see Tim’s shimmering eyes and painful expression. Dick couldn’t look away even as the dejection hollowed out his heart. It wasn’t until Bruce brought his son into a hug and grumbled words of solace that Dick turned away.

“We don’t even know him, we just met him three months ago.” Tim cried into Bruce’s chest. “He may be your soulmate, Bruce, but I just-- I just can’t… I can’t do it anymore.” 

“Dick,” Bruce called his name, forcing the omega to look back at the despondent scene. “Can you give us a minute alone?”

Pain gripped Dick’s chest as the word ‘us’ rang throughout his head. 


Their family… 

The one that didn’t include him.  

“...Y-yeah, I’ll just… be outside...” Dick’s vision blurred as he turned around, finding the door handle and letting himself out the door. He ended up hugging himself, feeling a bit nauseated and the imminent pangs in his lower waist didn’t help placate that feeling.

“I’ll drive him home, Master Bruce,” Alfred said before Dick could close the door.

The omega took a step back, catching one last glimpse of Bruce comforting Tim before Alfred closed the door behind him.

“Shall we go, Master Dick?”

Dick slowly looked away from the door and regarded the butler. “Yeah… we can go.”




“Looks like the rain won’t be letting up any time soon,” Alfred spoke after they walked through the front door. “It’s best to warm up, take a shower and relax for the rest of the night, Master Dick.”

When Dick didn’t respond, Alfred turned around and came face to face with the listless omega. “Master Dick?”

“Oh- I’m sorry, Alfred, I must have zoned out.”

“May I offer you some hot tea? It will help relieve your stress.”

Dick had forgotten that not even a beta could impede an omega’s distress. They sensed it just as much as an Alpha did, except they couldn’t provide such soothing pheromones that an omega needed.

“Sure…” Was all Dick said, not really wanting to reject Alfred’s tender offer. If anything, Dick needed to feel like he was more or less valued even if it wasn’t from his alpha at the moment.

“I’ll have it waiting for you in the family room.”

Dick nodded as he watched the beta walk away, groaning as another pang struck his waist before it gradually disappeared. He took a couple of deep breaths and sauntered further down the hallway toward the family room. The atmosphere was familiarly pleasant, as the fire from the fireplace gave it that homey feel. It was all the more prominent when Dick caught sight of the family pictures on nearly every surface of the room. He stopped and focused on one, in particular; one pertaining to Jason’s twelfth birthday party. He had to admit, both Jason and Tim looked cute in their little birthday hats and Bruce certainly looked happy, despite his small smile. Usually, Dick enjoyed looking at them at the moment, not so much.

He didn’t want to be anywhere near these photos that reminded him of his exclusion from non-other than the people he truly wanted to connect with. He tried so hard to make it happen too as he made jokes and went along with Tim and Jason’s questionable whims.

But that was his mistake. 

Dick hadn’t given them a choice… he never asked if they wanted to help him, they simply offered it out of his obligation of being Bruce’s mate. That was it. There was nothing else holding him here. Dick just so happened to meet his fated pair at the club that night and went along with him because he felt compelled too. Maybe that was also his mistake. 

He wasn’t meant to belong here.

Where did he belong then? 

Maybe he belonged nowhere.

Dick always wondered how fate worked. Was it fate that his parents died right in front of his eyes? Was it fate when he was taken away by that man and forced to do things he couldn’t prevent? Dick considered meeting Bruce to be fate so that meant all of those bad things had to have been fate too, right? 

Fate was theoretically that of which lied beyond human freedom, beyond their power of control. The unerasable path that no one can avoid, it’s inevitable as much as it is unintended… and the omega was tired of being its victim.

Dick’s heart skipped a beat at the sound of a thunderclap threatening to break the tall glass windows. He looked through the safe passage the glass provided, feeling the need to break through it; to let the rain hammer against his skin and push him to the ground, in an attempt to drown him. He wanted to let the rain quell his tears and his pain. Maybe even take a closer look at the pool out back and submerge himself fully ...

Dick let his mind pull his body forward and toward the glass door. He steadily opened it, allowing the cloud bursting rain to blow inside the house, drenching him along with the dark marble flooring. He took one halting step outside, then another, then another, feeling the harsh wind drag him along as did. The flashes of lightning provided a clear view of the pool in the distance, but the closer he got, the heavier Dick’s legs became. 

By means of that dreadful thing called fate , Dick immediately fell to his knees, holding his stomach as another aching pain surged through his waist. Dick groaned softly, knees digging further into the damp grass as he waited for the pain to disappear.

What was happening?

He’s never had pain in his waist like this before. Could it have been his heat? It didn’t feel like one. Besides, his next heat wasn’t for another two weeks and it was way too early for a preheat so what was this?

“Master Dick?”

Dick went still upon hearing Alfred’s voice that was eclipsed by the rain pattering against an umbrella that was suddenly above his head.

“Master Dick, is everything alright?”

“I’m… fine, Alfred…”

“Evidently not, sir. I must implore you to come back inside.”

“I’m really alright, Alfred,” Dick claimed, knowing that the butler was aware of his ruse.

“Well, if you insist on getting sick, then I might as well join you.” 

He couldn’t be serious.  

But after having stayed kneeled on the ground with Alfred standing behind him in the never-ending rain for more than five minutes, Dick gave in and followed the butler back inside the house. There, he made Dick sit by the fireplace and warm up with a towel on his shoulders and a hot cup of tea. Dick almost protested, wanting to say that he should just go upstairs and change but it would seem that the beta was more stubborn than Bruce ever was. Then again, Alfred did practically raise Bruce so maybe that’s where he got it from.

“May I ask what you were doing out there in the storm, Master Dick?”

“N-nothing.” Dick avoided Alfred’s gaze by looking at the low lit fire.

“Master Dick, I’m not one to pry but your pheromones suggest that you are in anguish. And a lot of it.”

“I’m fine…” The lie slipped easily past Dick’s lips. “There’s nothing to worry about.” 

The beta sighed softly before sitting down on a chair in front of Dick. “You almost sound like Master Bruce. He once kept everything in, so much so that he was holed up in this house for years.”

Dick didn’t respond. He didn’t want to talk at all but there was no way of getting out of this without being rude and leaving the room.

“Over time, he got better. Seeing Ms. Gordon seemed to help him out a great deal.”

Dick peered at the butler with rapt curiosity. “He also went to therapy?”

“Yes, in fact, he still does, every once in a while.”

Dick scoffed, choosing to look down at his lap. “Of course he didn’t tell me that.”  Looks like there’s another thing to add to his list of “ Things he doesn’t know about Bruce Wayne .”

“Yes,” Alfred responded with a knowing nod. “Master Bruce does have a... problem opening up to people, he always has. But I assure you that he’s more content now than has been for a while. Even more so now, since you’re here.”

Dick’s ears perked at that, leaving him a little more interested than before. “What do you mean by that?”

“I haven’t seen Master Bruce smile in five years.”

“Five years?” Dick repeated in question. “What happened five years ago?”

Alfred’s expression didn’t change but the short pause after Dick asked his question, suggested that something was being withheld. “I’m sure Master Bruce will tell you himself when the time is right.”

That’s another thing to add to the list.

“Aside from that,” Alfred continued. “I can assure you that ever since you came here, his smile has never been more real.”

Dick gave a half shrug and looked back at the fire. “That’s flattering and all but that’s not where the issue lies. I mean, I’m still living in a house with his family that loves and adores him… but not everyone wants me here.”

“I think Master Tim is a little resentful of you because you were able to make Master Bruce smile again,” Alfred spoke knowingly. “He’s attempted many times to get through to his father but with no luck and then you came along and have now become Master Bruce’s top priority.”

Dick looked at the butler, seeing the sincerity in his eyes as he spoke about Tim. Bruce putting him above everyone else? Even his children? Dick’s never looked at it from that perspective before.

“Moreover,” Alfred continued, “You have a dynamic, something that Tim deems enviable since he’s most likely not going to present at all.”

Dick was a little disturbed by Alfred’s straightforwardness. Unlike Jason who constantly gave Tim the benefit of the doubt, Alfred was adversely straight forward.

“But it is not right for Tim to blame you for things that you cannot control.” Alfred proceeded to reason both sides with understanding. “Nor does it give Bruce the right to put you above everyone else.”

“Yeah, but Tim wasn’t wrong about me,” Dick said somberly. “Like he implied, I… I don’t belong here.”

“Master Dick, you don’t need Tim’s validity to feel a sense of belonging. You have to find that within yourself.”

Alfred’s calm guidance seemed to lull Dick’s distress away bit by bit.

“It will probably take a long time but I’m sure you will find it. And by the time you do, I hope that you and Master Tim can find common ground.”

“Tim and I?” Dick shook his head.  “I don’t think that’s ever going to happen.”

“No one truly knows what lies ahead, Master Dick. Perhaps you can make sure things happen the way you want them too.” Alfred said as he stood up and offered Dick a small smile before he silently left the room.

To make things happen the way he wanted them too? Dick reflected upon those words, trying to see exactly how he could accomplish something like that. He pushed away all the possibilities he thought of, not willing to take the risk and ruin things even further. Then again, maybe he would have to.

Chapter Text

Tim bit the end of his pen as he went over his answers for the third time. Though he didn’t need to, he was a bit of a perfectionist when it came to these sorts of things. He especially didn’t want any of his teachers complaining about his lack of showing work, which they seemed to do more often than none. He didn’t need to when he’d already figured out the answer in his head but Tim was a target at his school. Being the son of the prince of Gotham, having no dynamic, and having skipped a grade put Tim in the spotlight for many good and bad things all the same. 

He was set to graduate at the end of the year and tried his best to focus on just that but his thoughts wouldn’t rid itself from the crestfallen, Dick Grayson. Tim had let it all out; he’d said everything that was on his mind, only to feel guilty about it five days later. But Tim was too entitled; too spiteful and he’d been spoiled for too long to concede to the idea of apologizing to him.

He should though.

He knew he should.

Tim should have done it five days ago when Dick came to talk to him and Jason. When he told them that they didn’t have to help him get rid of DS. With plaited resolve, the omega told them that they didn’t owe him anything and that they had a choice in the matter. Tim bit harder into the pen, thinking about how easily Jason agreed to help; conversely, Tim hadn’t given Dick an answer. He wasn’t sure when he would.

Tim removed the pen from his mouth and sighed, deciding that he was done checking his work and closed the homework packet. His gaze settled on the half-empty cup of coffee with temptation, eventually deciding not to drink the rest. Bruce would definitely know if he drank more than usual; apparently, he was slightly more jittery when he did and Jason seemed to agree.

Bearing that in mind, Tim looked over at Jason who was asleep after growing tired of playing video games. Tim couldn’t blame him either. The need to be active was evident because they weren’t used to staying in one place for so long. Poor Jay , Tim taunted inwardly before standing up and walking over to his bed. With how messy Jason slept, it wasn’t easy to straighten out the blankets but Tim did his best anyway. He pulled the thin blanket to Jason’s chest, planting his feet in place as he examined the alpha’s face. He swallowed, slowly reaching out to brush some of Jason’s hair from his forehead, abruptly pulling away when the latter’s cell phone rang.

Hearing Jason groan in his wake, Tim stepped back, gaze wandering to the IV bag as he feigned curiosity. Jason didn’t seem too concerned with his presence at all, opting to answer his phone without even looking at him.

“Hey, what’s up… Dick… what’s wrong?”

Tim looked at the alpha who was suddenly sitting up on the bed with a startled expression. Tim’s skin prickled with anticipation. Did something happen to Dick? Was he hurt? A twinge of guilt washed over him as he waited for Jason to continue speaking.

“Dr. Dundee? Why do you need him? And where the fuck is Alfred?”

Tim could hear a faint voice on the other side of the phone that seemed to crack every so often. Was he crying?

“Okay, just- fuck, I can’t do anything with this shitty leg.” Jason looked over at Tim.

“What’s wrong?” Tim finally asked, moving closer to the alpha’s bedside.

“Bruce isn’t picking up the phone and just- just go and give the phone to the doc okay?”

“But what’s happening?”

“Tim, just go.” Jason shoved his phone in Tim’s hand. “Hurry the fuck up.”

Tim scoffed and without asking any more questions he took the phone and sprinted out the room. He didn’t take the time to put the phone to his ear, somewhat afraid to hear what was happening. Ignoring all the prying stares, Tim made it to the doctor’s personal office and knocked on the door then heard the doctor utter ‘come in’  before slipping inside. 

“Tim, what can I do for you?”

“It’s Dick.” He walked over to his desk and handed him the phone. “I’m not sure what's happening.” Tim stepped back and anxiously watched the doctor put the phone to his ear. 

“Dick it’s-...” The doctor started then briefly paused. “How bad is your pain?”

Tim bit his lip as he scanned the doctors every expression, impatience weighing on his shoulders as he waited for his next response. He should call Bruce. But Jason said that Dick couldn’t contact him, which means he was most definitely in a meeting. Bad timing as always Bruce, Tim thought before concentrating on the doctor’s next words.

“You’re in preheat, Dick. You’re most likely experiencing pain because the Surge suppressant is flooding out of your system.”

Tim sighed at that, a little glad that it wasn’t anything serious. Not that he would admit it out loud.

“Not all omegas experience such pain, I wish you had told me as soon as it started. With that much pain, you might be going into a full heat even earlier than expected. If you have any pain medication there, take it for the time being.”

Tim watched the doctor stand up and rummage around through the clear windowed filing cabinet filled with pill bottles. After finding what he was looking for he handed the phone back to Tim along with a small black rectangular case that fit snugly in his hand. The label read ‘Surge’ and Tim looked up in confusion. “Why would he need this, I assumed…” Tim trailed off, looking down at the sleek box.

“I forgot to give it to him last time. At the end of the day, it’s his choice.”

His choice…




“You know guys know everything now. I was an assassin and I’ve killed people. It didn’t matter what age they were, as long as I received an order, I followed it… And no matter how hard I tried to avoid it; no matter how much I wanted to walk away, I couldn’t… I didn’t have a choice. But now… now I have a choice. Now I can make my own decisions. And I want to stay with Bruce.” 

Tim had yet to let go of Dick’s words from that day. Dick had said it with less effort than Tim thought possible. The omega had been so reluctant before and now everything slipped past his tongue like running water and Tim couldn’t say he wasn’t affected by it.

“We’re here, sir.”

Tim was pulled from the memory at the sound of the cab driver’s voice and nodded before paying the fare. He made his way out of the car, hearing it pull off behind him as he faced the Wayne Tower. Bruce hadn’t picked up his or Jason’s calls so Tim was forced to go to the office by means of a taxi. 

Tim made a side note to ask Bruce for a car on his birthday this year. Even though the idea was slightly far-fetched--considering Jason had to wait until he was in college to get one--Tim would somehow make it happen. He was tired of taking taxis; frankly, he was tired of going out in public in general, for people's eyes seemed to always follow him. And it wasn’t because he was Bruce Wayne's son.

Tim made his way inside the tall building, skimming past the bustle and headed straight toward the elevator. Some people got on after him, filling it enough to where Tim had to lean against the wall. As a dynamic habit would have it, a person's first instinct is to scent the air and the pheromones around them and Tim couldn’t do that no matter how hard he tried. He wished he could, so he wouldn’t be left open to people's meddlesome scenting. 

If they didn't smell anything from him the first time, then they would sniff the air a second time to make sure they weren’t going crazy. Then they’d look at him with either pity or disdain after finding out he was a rare defect. But Tim was used to it. He had to be when this could possibly be his life forever. 

Thankfully, the elevator ride didn’t take that long and Tim’s trek to Bruce’s office was short. The office assistant told him Bruce was in a meeting, as he suspected , but that didn’t stop Tim from going to the meeting room and interrupting their little assembly. He slowly cracked open the door, seeing Bruce at the head of the table, listening to some old bald guy talk. 

“Bruce,” Tim said, his soft voice drawing everyone's attention toward him. But Tim avoided eye contact with every person in that room except for Bruce, who finally stood up and called the meeting to a hold.

“Tim, what’s wrong? Is it Jason?” Bruce said after closing the door behind him.

“It’s Dick,” Tim whispered, watching Bruce’s frown grow deeper.

Tim gave Bruce the rundown on the entire situation, causing the alpha to cancel the whole meeting without explanation. Tim wasn’t sure how bad this would look for Bruce but he knew the alpha could care less.




“Bruce, you didn’t have to drive me back to the hospital,” Tim said as soon as they pulled out of the parking garage. “You should just go straight home.”

“There’s no rush. Dick’s just in preheat.” Bruce responded in a surprisingly calm manner.

“I’m thinking it's a bit more than that, with how fast you canceled that meeting.” Bruce gave an airy smile, not exactly denying his prior haste.

“I’m just a little worried since this is, to a certain degree, his first real heat.”

Tim nodded in understanding. “You still didn’t have to drive me back to the hospital.”

“I have no problem with dropping you off first, Tim. I know how much you hate taking the cab.”

“Y’know, if I had a car , then I could have driven myself back.” Tim hinted while eyeing Bruce, seeing the latter deflate with a huff.

“You’re not getting a car, Tim.”

“Even if it’s just a used one, I’ll--”

“No, Tim. I’m not getting you a car.” Bruce doubled down on his refusals, making Tim slump against the seat.

“I know.” Tim pouted. “At least I tried.”

“You didn’t try nearly as hard as Jason did at that age,” Bruce commented with a small grin.

“Well, I’m not that desperate.” Tim shrugged. “It’d just be nice to have one, is all.”

“When you’re ready, I’ll get you one.”

Tim rolled his eyes. “I think you’re worried about me for no reason. You already know I’m a better driver than Jason ever was.”

Bruce chuckled. “I can’t disagree with that.”

Tim smiled at the sight, thinking back to a time when talking to Bruce like this wasn’t that easy. He and Jason had learned to just keep the name Selina out of their mouths all together and tried to move forward in different ways. Now that Dick was here, it was as if all Bruce's pain had disappeared. On the surface anyway.

“Dick came and talked to us the other day,” Tim mentioned, breaking the short silence. “He told me and Jason that we didn’t have to help him with the whole DS thing.”

Bruce nodded. “He talked to me as well... and made me realize some things. I should have asked for you and Jason’s opinion before we did anything. Especially with something this big.”

“No, it’s to be expected. Despite my... reluctance , I’m not just going to sit back and let you and Jason do everything. I want to help too; we’re family after all.”

“You’ll help Dick then?” Bruce questioned and raised a brow.

“... Yeah… maybe. I was thinking of making Jay tell him for me.”

“Though I’m no longer going to force you to get along with him, you should tell Dick that yourself,” Bruce grumbled.

Tim snickered. “You heard about the truce didn’t you?”

“Sadly, yes. It sounded more like something Jason would do rather than you.”

“I know, but it doesn’t matter now. Dick said the truce was off,” Tim told him as he looked out the window. “You know what else he said to me, Bruce… He told me that if one day I present as an omega, he hoped I would never have to go through what he did... but then again, he hoped I would become an omega so that maybe then... I’d understand.”

Tim peered at Bruce, watching his grip tighten on the steering wheel, betraying his indecision to make a comment. Whether he wanted to disagree with Dick’s statement or not, Tim wasn’t going to wait for the alpha to answer so he admitted his true feelings instead.

“I’ve been feeling like shit ever since he said that.”

“I think you know what it is you need to do, Tim,” Bruce said, his tone pressing into Tims own resolve. 

“I know…” He muttered when Bruce pulled up in front of the hospital. “Thanks for dropping me off.” 

“No problem. I’ll try to come by and visit in a few days before I’m forced to stay inside.”

“Ugh, too much information.” Tim unbuckled his seat belt. “But good luck with that and- Oh! I almost forgot.” Tim pulled out a small black box from his jacket pocket and handed it to Bruce. “Dr. D gave it to me. I’m guessing Dick requested it or something.”

With a sudden quiet mood, Bruce carefully took the box out of his hand and gave Tim a quick thanks before he got out of the car and waved goodbye.




Dick let his legs hang off the side of the bed, allowing the cool air to waft over his burning skin. The breeze did nothing to help in the slightest nor did the terribly uncomfortable bedding. And none of that had changed from the moment he woke up with the sheets scratching restlessly against his skin. His first thought that morning was how he hated the enormity of the bed, especially with Bruce not there to hold him close. He needed to be enclosed and surrounded in some sort of way, for it was something that his omega called forth naturally. 

Dick then began to ransack the alpha’s side of the massive closet, his hands grabbing anything he thought useful, scenting them briefly before haphazardly throwing them on the bed. He repeated that process for ten minutes, finding that he was actually doing nothing good for himself. With great shame, he confessed that he had no idea what he was doing.

By the time he realized that he gave up and began to pace back and forth, hopelessness dragging down his every step. What the fuck was he doing? He had no fucking idea how to make a nest? Was this normal for other omegas? No, everyone else has probably had more experience than him. Having not been off his suppressants since the age of ten, he’d never gotten the chance. And now when his omega desperately called for it, he was at a complete loss. 

At that point Dick had to sit down, feeling the beginnings of that same pain he felt five days ago, making its ill-fated return, preceding the following events after he called Jason.

After having taken some pain medication, currently, the omega laid flat on his stomach in a tank and shorts, making mental promises to himself. Dick swore to God he was never taking that fucking Surge suppressor again. It hurt when it was first injected and now hurt even worse when it was wearing off. How could anybody go through this time and time again? It didn’t matter, Dick was going back to the suppressant pills the second his heat was over. 

“You should have called me first, Master Dick.” Alfred’s soothing voice interrupted his frustrations and Dick wondered how he’d forgotten his presence. “I was not that far away from the house when I left for the grocery store.”

Dick sighed and sunk further into the bed when Alfred placed another floor fan in front of his face in a futile endeavor to cool him off. “It’s hard to concentrate right now,” Dick admitted, his mind once again bleeding into frustration. “I’m just so irritated and I don’t know why.”

“That’s very normal during a preheat, sir.”

“You seem to know more about omegas than I do, Alfred. It’s because Bruce has slept with a lot of omegas, isn’t it?” Dick was quick to assume, growing all the more irritated.

“That is not my place to answer, Master Dick.” 

“So it’s true.” Dick huffed, whimpering into the pile of his alpha’s clothes. 

What if that’s why Bruce wasn’t answering his calls? Was that why Dick always woke up alone and why Bruce always came back late too? No, stop, making assumptions. Dick took a deep breath and turned over onto his back, feeling a wave of cool air from the two fans glide over his scorching skin. 

“Where’s Bruce?” The omega asked, his speculations dishearting him by the minute. “Is he here yet?”

“I’m afraid not sir but he is on the way.”

Dick huffed then rolled over onto his side, kicking some of his alpha’s clothes off the bed in the process.

There was a soft clanging sound then shuffling coming from the other side of the room and before long, Alfred was handing him a bag of ice. “Here you go, Master Dick.” 

As swiftly as possible, Dick seized the bag of ice, placing it directly on his neck, then to his cheeks and arms. Virtually anywhere that needed immediate cooling. “You’re a lifesaver, Alfred.” The omega commented as the heated tension progressively wore off. 

“I try, sir.”

“I still think you’re too used to this…” Dick let the bag rest on his forehead, listening to Alfred doing something behind him. “Who else was it? Who else has Bruce spent a heat with?”

“Master Dick, I think it’s best that you try to relax right now.”

“I’m trying.” Once again being uncomfortable in his current position, Dick turned onto his side, holding the bag close to his chest. “I can’t relax.” The omega whispered.

“Take a couple of deep breaths, Master Dick and close your eyes.”

Dick languidly followed the beta’s suggestion and took a deep breath, inhaling the scent of his alpha’s pheromones. Relax, he told himself, trying his hardest to will his doubts away. He was overreacting. Once Bruce was here, everything would be fine. He’d be able to fully alleviate his frustrations when he was in his alpha’s arms. 

Just breathe… 

Wait for Bruce… 

He’ll be here soon...

“This is only your preheat, Master Dick.” The omega kept his eyes closed even at the sound of Alfred’s voice. “I can assure you that these effects will not last more than three hours a day.”

“Then it’ll start up again. Great.” With that in mind, dread refilled his thoughts

“You'll be fine once Master Bruce is here.”

“I will…” The omega murmured in brief, eyes growing heavy. “ Hopefully …”

The room grew quiet and Dick’s restlessness ceased as the energy drained from his body. Alfred took it upon himself to quietly leave the room and make his way downstairs. Immediately after Alfred stepped off the last step, Bruce was entering the large foyer, pausing when he spotted the butler.

“Alfred, how is he?”

“He is not used to this and is exceedingly on edge.”

“I figured that.” It is essential for omegas who present at the ages ten to thirteen, to go through their first heat naturally, so they know what to expect in the future. That is if or when they want to experience it again.

“It took some time, but I’ve finally gotten him to calm down.”

“Thank you, Alfred.” 

“Of course sir.” Bruce patted his shoulder and passed him by, going up the stairs.

“It would seem that I still have my touch in taking care of omegas, sir. Although, Ms. Kyle was not nearly as unsettled as Dick was.”

Bruce stopped midstep, his legs suddenly leaden against the ground as he pivoted to look down at Alfred.

“I see you have yet to tell him about Ms. Kyle.” Alfred established his issue with a placid expression, one that Bruce was used to seeing when he was in the wrong.

“Alfred, we’ve talked about this.” 

“He’s smart, Master Bruce and very perceptive.” Alfred moved forward with his previous point. “Master Dick has already guessed that he’s not the first omega to have been in your bed during a more intimate time, such as a heat, and not just a simple fling.”

Bruce exhaled, his reactions delayed as he thought about what to say. “I’ll talk to him… just not right now.”

“Sir, he has a right to know, especially if you're going to mate with him.” Alfred reaffirmed. “I know it is a sensitive spot for you, but eventually Master Dick will come to find out and you’ll have to deal with the consequences.”

Bruce went from a straight face to a peeved frown within a matter of seconds. “It’s not as big as you make it seem, Alfred. Even if he finds out, it’s not going to change anything between Dick and me.”

“She was a big part of your life, Master Bruce. You cannot just write that off.” Alfred frowned in return. “Notably, after you wasted five years of your life brooding over her death.”

“I’m… I’m through talking about this, Alfred.”

The space between them remained tense with perpetual scowls that mirrored one another, but Alfred was the first to back off in consideration of Dick’s current state.

“Very well, Master Bruce. Forgive me for bringing up such a sensitive topic.” Alfred turned his back toward the alpha. “I will be sleeping in a guestroom on the third floor if you need me.”

Bruce watched him walk away and in spite of his own dismissal of the topic, shame stirred within him. Alfred was right (of course he was) but Bruce would worry about it later; all that mattered now was Dick. 

He quickly went to his room and slowly opened the door, instantly catching a whiff of Dick’s lightly accentuated scent. It wasn’t as strong as it was during his last heat; instead, it was mixed in harmony with Bruce’s own as a result of his clothes and blankets scattered about the room. His lips curled upward as he fixed his gaze on the gorgeous omega stretched out on his bed. 

Bruce has had to learn control ever since he met Dick. He’s never had to control himself when it came to desire and it was extremely difficult. Dick’s clothes all seemed to round out his muscular curves and lithe bends as if they were calling for the alpha’s touch. It drove Bruce insane and he swore sometimes the omega was enticing him on purpose.

As if the omega heard Bruce’s thoughts, Dick reacted, dragging a foot up his bare calf as he looked at the alpha through his thick lashes. “Bruce.” His lips parted in such a way that it drew the alpha forward. He removed his jacket and shoes, already set on taking a shower but first, he wanted to be near his omega.

“Dick.” He spoke softly while he crawled onto the bed and laid behind him. “How are you feeling?” He spoke into his ear, catching a whiff of his sweet aroma.

“You wouldn’t pick up the phone.”

“I’m sorry. I was in a meeting.” Bruce pulled back and rubbed his arm in comfort, eyes naturally drawn to the omegas exposed stomach as he continued talking. “To make up for it, I’ll be at your beck and call for the next two weeks.”

Dick hummed, shoulder turning into Bruce’s chest until he was lying on his back. He blinked sluggishly, bringing light to those deep blue eyes that reflected back at Bruce's own. The alpha would purposely get lost in them for days if he could and he’d be unconcerned about finding a way to escape. 

"It's horrible isn't it?” The omega mumbled after a while. 

“What’s horrible?”

“This.” Dick clutched one of Bruce’s shirts and kicked a couple of them off the bed. “I’m sorry, Bruce... I’m not a proper omega. I can’t even build this nest or whatever this stupid shit is...” He tapered off, rolling back over onto his side.

"It’s alright, my love,” Bruce assured, letting his hand run down the side of Dick’s slender hip. “We'll work on it together."

“So... there’s nothing wrong with me then?”

Bruce wouldn’t deny his amazement at how fragile Dick was acting right now. He’d never seen him this vulnerable before because he usually kept everything in. 

“There’s nothing wrong with you, Dick, you’re perfect.” Bruce kissed his temple, allowing himself the freedom to run his hand further down the length of that soft silky leg. 

“Perfect?” Dick shivered and bent a knee, feeling Bruce’s hand follow. 

“And beautiful.” Bruce moved to peck his cheek.

Dick sighed, his shoulders relaxing, for he was close to feeling sated. “I’m the only one you’ve ever told that too, right?”

Bruce chuckled and wasn’t quite sure how serious Dick was being at the moment, but it was clear that his vulnerability called forth a lot of doubts. Alfred was right, this was very different from Selina, but Bruce concluded that every omega acted differently during their heat periods. “Of course you are.”

“Promise me… promise me that I’m the only one.” 

Bruce pulled the omegas face towards him before dipping down and kissing his warm lips. There was no promise made on Bruce’s end and it would remain absent the longer the kiss went on. Dick was anxious and Bruce strove to quench it even if that meant immersing himself in his own falsehoods.

Because Bruce didn’t lie when he said that Dick was perfect. 

Because he was.

But so was Selina...

Chapter Text

Letter #11

Dear Bruce,

I can’t stop staring at it. It’s still all surreal to me. This is the first time I’ve seen you this serious even after you gave me the ring to simply fool my father into thinking I wanted to get married. And now you truly want to?

Slow down there, Brucie. We’re only twenty-three years old and I don’t want to settle down just yet. Maybe in a few years, I’ll be more willing. Plus there’s the matter about you wanting to adopt children. You can’t be serious about that, can you? And at such a young age? You should wait at least a few more years for that as well. But who cares about my opinion, right? You’re as stubborn as a mule. You’ll never listen to me. 

Well, whatever you decide, I guess I have no choice other than to follow since we were practically bound to be together for life anyway. It’s unfortunate that we’re not soulmates… I always felt like we were meant to be a pair. Unfortunately, fate doesn’t work that way. All I can hope for now, is never having the chance to meet my own soulmate… nor do I want you to meet yours ever again.

It’s a selfish thing to say and I know you’ll be mad after you read this, but can you blame me? I’ve always been selfish and I’ll stay that way until the day I die.

Because you’re mine, Bruce Wayne.

And no one else’s...






Dick was caught off guard when Bruce walked in the kitchen as he was finishing the last of his cereal. He quickly put the bowl down on the counter and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, giving the alpha a timid smile.

“Eating cereal again, Dick?”

Dick shrugged. “Guilty as charged.”

“How many bowls did you have this time?” Bruce asked as he walked over to the fridge and pulled out a water bottle.

“Like three.” 

Dick had developed a somewhat hefty obsession with cereal in the times he was left at home alone without anything to do. Bruce had soon caught on when he found Dick in the kitchen every time the effects of his preheat were at their lowest. Somehow, it sparked a conversation about their favorite foods all before Dick started feeling hot and sluggish again. Their little conversations for the last three days were arbitrary but Dick counted them as progress nonetheless. 

“That was my last bowl for now.” Dick moved around the island countertop to pour the rest of the milk down the sink and rinsed out his bowl. He winced upon feeling Bruce’s hand run up the back of his bare thigh.

“You shouldn't be walking around like this.” 

The omega smirked after putting the bowl into the sink and turned around, watching Bruce run his eyes up and down his form. 

“I was only getting ready for my nap,” Dick said innocently while leaning his elbows against the counter. Bruce raised a speculative brow, causing the omega to snicker. “I told you I was hot… constantly hot. I don’t want to wear that many clothes.”

“I assumed you would at least have pants on. You do know that Alfred is still in the house.”

“No shit.” Dick mused. “And you and I both know we haven’t run into him for the past three days. Besides, why wear shorts when I have your big t-shirt to cover up my ass?” Dick raised a leg, sensually running it along the side of Bruce’s thigh. “At least I have my underwear on.”

“Is that supposed to help?”

“You’re so easy to rile up, Bruce. Has the playboy always been like this?” Dick teased, feeling the alpha grab the underside of his knee, keeping his leg in place.

“You’ve been taunting me a lot for the last few days.” Bruce phrased, his tone was warm but his eyes were dark and that rough hand of his was squeezing Dick’s leg.

“What? You don’t like it?”

Bruce touched the omega’s chin, tilting it up. “No,” He swiped a thumb across Dick’s bottom lip, “I’m just not used to holding back.” 

Dick was hopeless at the art of seduction, or so he thought . With Bruce it was easy and Dick just loved egging him on.

“You won’t have to hold back for long,” Dick assured him.

“So that’s your final decision then? You won’t be taking the Surge suppressor?”

“Ugh.” Dick sighed. “We’ve already talked about this, Bruce. I’m never taking that shit again.” He gently pushed against the alpha’s firm chest and pried away the grip on his leg before moving around the alpha. “You know the CEO of Surge Enterprises, right? His name was uh… Calabrese or something like that.” Dick walked out of the kitchen and Bruce followed him.

“Yes, his name is Rex Calabrese,” Bruce responded, eyes drawn to the length of the omega's legs. “What about him?”

“Mm, well,” Dick turned a corner and into a hallway leading to the main living room. “I think it’s time you two had a talk.”

“About the medicine?” Bruce inquired. “I don’t know if I can help with that. It’s not really my expertise.”

“Yeah, but you have a lot of influence.” Dick flopped down on a wide chaise lounge chair. It was situated in the middle of two floor fans that he had Bruce bring downstairs earlier. “Plus, that company wouldn’t even be as big as it is without your grandfather's donations.”

“That’s not how all this works, Dick.” Bruce sat down next to the omega, watching him lay his head back on the cushion and close his eyes. “I had no participation in the making of that company.” 

“So you guys have no dealings at all?”

“We used to, not so much anymore.” 

“Why is that?”

Bruce hesitated before he answered. “Complicated businessman stuff.”

“Complicated, huh?” Dick laughed and opened his eyes, peering up at Bruce. “Too complicated that you can’t even make a complaint?”

“I’d rather not do that.”

“Bruce,”  Dick huffed in annoyance. “It’s not normal for that shit to hurt as much as it did. I’ve read some forums too so I know that I’m not the only omega complaining about it.”

“You read forums?”

“Don’t act so surprised. When no one’s home, there’s really nothing else to do. But that’s besides the point.” Dick spluttered, wanting to shift back to the prior issue. 

Bruce chuckled. “What did they say, Dick?”

“Apparently, it wasn’t always like this. The complaints started coming in about three or four years ago.”

Bruce frowned, now seeming to be curious and listened with earnest.

“I think they’re trying to cover it up which is why it’s never been on the news or anything like that.” Dick continued. “What’s strange is that I heard that Rex Calabrese guy had a daughter who died around that time and she was an omega as well... A coincidence, I think not.” Dick mused before clearing his throat when Bruce gave no reaction. “Um… I’m just kidding. I know it must have been hard for him to deal with that.” 

“...I’m sure it was.” Bruce turned, taking his feet off the chair and sat with his back facing the omega.

Dick grabbed the alpha’s arm, not wanting him to move away. “Bruce, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I was just thinking about how to contact him.”

Dick sat up. “You’re serious? You’re going to talk to him?”

“Yes, yes,” Bruce waved him off. “I’ll talk to him for you and on the behalf of your little... forum.”

“Thank you!” Dick hugged him from behind, placing kisses on his neck where the tattoo lay. “Jay was right.”

“Jason?” This made Bruce turn around, putting Dick’s arms in an awkward position as he tried to keep them around the alpha. “Right about what?”

Eventually, Dick let go and fell back on his haunches, looking up at Bruce with a grin. “That you can’t deny me anything. I mean, I already knew that, but Jason reaffirmed it last night when I texted him about the problem.”

“You and Jason have really gotten close lately.”

“I guess you can say that.” Dick yawned after his last word, stretching out on the couch in the process. “He’s been really open with me.” 

Bruce narrowed his eyes. “I feel like you're implying something.”

Dick shrugged, giving Bruce a look. “Don’t worry, you’ve gotten better. I think this time alone has really done us some good.” He stood up from the couch with his back facing the alpha and stretched some more.

“Well, I’m glad then.” Bruce eyed Dick from behind.

Dick turned around, tugging down the winding hem of his shirt. “I’m getting sleepy.” 

“And you want me to carry you upstairs?”

“No, you have to carry up those.” Dick nonchalantly pointed to the floor fans. “And just so you know, I’m turning the AC down past 60°. Is that okay?”

Bruce sighed and gave an airy laugh. “You already know what I’m going to say, Dick. Remember? I can’t deny you anything.”

Dick smiled brightly and stooped low, placing a chaste kiss on the alpha’s lips. “And I appreciate it very much, big guy.” 




Dick was in a state of limbo. He was phasing between the line of being awake and asleep all at the same time. He could barely even stand up without Bruce’s help at this point. It was inevitable but Dick’s heat was growing closer and his body needed the rest beforehand. As a consequence, his body shut down on its own accord even when he was adamant about staying awake. As hard as it was, it was exactly what he was forcing himself to do right now. Simply basking in the room's low light, surrounded by Bruce’s powerful scent as he showered Dick with lazy kisses on the back of his neck. The mood was soothing and it was so easy to unwind in the arms of his alpha, who was spooning him from behind. Such ease seemed to spark occasional conversations between the two about everything and nothing at all. It came as a surprise to Dick when Bruce was being as open as he was about various things. Perhaps it was the omega’s pheromones that brought about Bruce’s disclosure, or maybe he’d become aware of Dick’s worries. Whatever the case may be, the omega wasn’t about to question it.

Moon River? You know that song?" Bruce asked, his breath hovering over the back of Dick’s neck.

“Yeah, just a bit. My... mom used to sing it to me all the time to put me to sleep.” Dick let his mind approach some of his more terrific memories. “It’s sad to say, but she was tone-deaf.” He gave a fleeting laugh. “I’m guessing you know how that went.”

Bruce smiled. “Did she know?”

Dick nodded, his own sleepy smile growing. “Yeah, she knew, but my dad and I never commented on it. She was always a little sensitive.”

“That makes me a little afraid to know what she’d think about me.”

“She would… most likely be a little skeptical about our age difference.”

Bruce sighed, hand stopping its slow caress on Dick’s hip. “I thought we’d silently moved past that since you’ve never brought it up.”

“I mean, I’m speaking on her behalf here.” The omega’s reply was riddled with drowsiness. “Even though thirty-five is not that old, you are ten years older than me and she would definitely say something about it.” He sighed wearily. “Plus, we kinda can’t help it. It’s not like we, ourselves, decided we should be together.”

“I wouldn’t say that.” Bruce differed. “In a way, we did choose.”

“Bruce,” Dick huffed a laugh. “You’re seriously saying you would have let me leave the day we met?”

“Well…” He faltered. “No, but… no, I wouldn’t have.”

“See?” Dick retorted before yawning softly.

Bruce sighed. “What I mean is, is that we had a choice in how things should develop.”

“Mm,” Dick pondered for a short while and eventually closed his eyes. “I guess you’re right. I know my parents would appreciate you saying that. I only wish you could have met them.” 

It was quiet for a brief moment and Dick was starting to nod off, only to be roused by Bruce’s warm voice. “I wish you could’ve met mine as well.”

A rush of appreciation filled Dick’s mind. “Would they have liked me?”

“Of course they would’ve,” Bruce chuckled. “I think they would have liked you more than me.”

Dick simpered as his eyes grew heavy. “You’re just saying that.”

“I’m being very serious.”

“Well now because you’ve said that, you have to tell me what they were like.” The omega requested sluggishly as he tried his hardest to stay awake.

“They were... barely home for the most part but that never stopped them from trying their hardest to please me.”

“Now who does that remind you of?” 

Bruce huffed with amusement. “Go to sleep, Dick.”

“Mm… but I want to talk some more...” 

“We’ll talk later, my love. Get some rest for now.” Bruce kissed the back of Dick’s neck, inhaling his scent before hearing the omega’s breath even out as he drifted off.




In Dick’s wake, a familiar feeling overcame him that same night. He opened his eyes and grumbled with his body heavy and grounded against the warm blankets. Awareness raised in his nerves some time after his sweaty skin resumed its perpetual burning. It could hardly even compare to his preheat, this was way beyond the physical need of a cooldown provided by a simple floor fan. The burn called to be placated from somewhere within. In someplace confined that had a constant torrid of itching as it dampened his underwear.

Dick had slept on his stomach, as it seems, forcing him to press his hands onto the bed and push up. He groaned, his back resisting the upward bend but he was alert and blinked down at the presence beside him. He sought to sit up fully, only to be mocked by a burst of dizziness as his arms gave out and he collapsed back onto the bed. He murmured in his sluggish unrest and instead turned onto his side, stopping short when a gush of slick eased out of his rear. He whined and fell onto his back, melting against the innumerable amount of fabrics that carried the scent of his alpha.  

Alpha… he mentally remarked, to some extent, wishing that Bruce could read his mind and that somehow their emotional connection remained constant. Because who knew that Bruce being asleep would be a negative factor in his heat-induced trance. Dick’s vision soon turned foggy, hazy, as he deadpanned at the back of Bruce’s head who seemed to have put some distance between them when Dick was asleep. 

“Al…pha…” The strained call seemed to rouse the hard sleeping alpha as he promptly looked over at Dick. Desire immediately doused Bruce’s expression before he quickly crossed the short distance between them and leaned over him at an angle. 

“Dick.” The alpha whispered his name like the tune of a soft diminuendo. “I’m here, my love.” The omega sighed at the sound before yanking Bruce down by the neck and smashing their lips together. The angle was awkward, but Dick was more or less able to kiss his alpha and it was all the more bruising when the immersion disappeared. He had no time to worry about his skill in kissing or lack thereof when a relentless passion took hold of him.

Bruce agreed, in light of his sudden movement as he arranged himself between Dick’s legs and caged him inbetween his burly arms. Not once did their mouths separate. They couldn’t even do it if they tried, not without uncurling their tongues and withdrawing from Dick’s firm hold. In an unbinding movement, the omega lifted his hips to grind his twitching erection into the alpha’s own, finally breaking away from the kiss with a gasp. A thread of saliva dribbled onto Dick’s chin and Bruce began to mouth against his neck, making him arch his back in an attempt to further the friction but it wasn’t anywhere near enough. Dick needed direct contact but his clothes were restricting him. 

“Touch me.” Dick’s voice trembled as he reached down and pulled at the alphas underwear. "Anywhere… hurry-- do anything you want to me." He begged.

Bruce shushed him and thumbed his cheek with reassurance in his expression because the alpha didn’t need any more encouragement. With that overwhelming aroma in the air, he was just as hard as Dick was and just as desperate too. 

Dick watched in despair as Bruce pulled away. “Alpha… don’t.” Solely based on instinct, he tried to follow after him.


Dick froze and whined. “Alpha.”

“I’m not going anywhere,” Bruce promised him. “Be good for me and I’ll take care of you.”

The omega’s heart thumped at those same words he’d so adamantly rejected months ago. They now rang true and he had no reason to refuse them this time around. Dick chose this. He was free to do whatever he wanted. Here, now, in Bruce’s bedroom-- in their bedroom. So the omega obeyed, in an effort to relax and quell their long-overdue intimacy. 

He’d let Bruce take care of him.

Dick laid back on his elbows, eyes never leaving Bruce as he stripped himself of his underwear, biting his lip when he caught sight of the alpha’s large manhood. He’d seen it before--of course he had--but before he hadn’t been leaking from his ass, practically soaking the sheet in yearning. The longing that whispered through his omega had Dick hastily shrugging off his shirt. He threw it to the side, seeing it flutter somewhere beyond the pile of clothes and blankets. Dick didn’t even have time to reach for his underwear before Bruce was beside him, placing a hand on top of his.

The omega looked up into Bruce’s eyes, feeling a palm press against his chest until he was lying flat on the bed. “Relax and let me do the rest.” 

Bruce’s gentleness was very practiced. This , Dick knew. 

Adept and perfected. 

Experienced and well versed. 

So much so that Bruce’s facial expression remained calm even when his cock was standing tall and his emotions were filled with lust. It was something the omega didn’t understand. And Dick wouldn't realize it then but it was something he didn’t know he needed until now. 

Bringing Dick’s legs to one side, the alpha lifted the curve of the omega’s back, sliding his shorts down the length of his long limbs. Once free of the confines, Dick closed his legs, knees knocking together as he rubbed his thighs back and forth. For him, the damp feeling was clammy and uncomfortable but Bruce’s eye’s seemed all the more drawn to the place between his legs.

Dick allowed the heavy weight of Bruce's hands to part his inner thighs, crooning as he did. He was fully exposed. All for his alpha. And he wanted nothing more than to drown in the imminent pleasure.

“You’re so beautiful.”

Dick didn’t quite catch what Bruce said because he was too focused on having to catch his breath when a hand wrapped around his erection. Then a moan slipped past his lips and- Fuck -! he was sensitive. Too sensitive. Bruce’s focus was steady but the hand on his cock was not. This was- oh-!  A single stroke, then another, faster this time and Dick’s legs were trembling. It wasn’t until Bruce held them still and progressively kissed his way down his inner thigh, that the omega realized where this was going.

Dick gripped the blankets below, breath hitching at his pending anticipation. Already dripping with pre-cum, Dick’s cock twitched when Bruce spread his legs even wider and placed one last kiss on his thigh.

“Alpha…” Dick whined, temporarily squirming forward with need. 

“Shh, I have you.” Bruce soothed before dipping down to taste the tip of the omega’s cock.

Dick cried out and threw his head back, feeling his spine curl in bliss. It was so, so warm - and Bruce went deeper with a tongue creeping around the base. The omega moaned and attempted to raise his hips but something was locking his legs in place. Bruce’s hands were holding down his thighs. Dick whined and grabbed the alpha’s head, trying to move his hips again but it was to no avail. He’d have to stay still. 

To replace his shaking need, Dick widened his legs a bit more, keeping his hands snug in the alpha’s hair. He panted and watched Bruce work his aching cock, twitching as a gush of slick coasted out of his hole, groaning, “Bruce...” 

He felt good; everything about this felt so damn good but… 

Clenching around the emptiness, the omega heaved and let his head fall to the side. “B-Bruce.” He said again, gasping as the slurping sounds let up and Dick thought Bruce was going to pull away. But under no circumstance did he expect the alpha to swallow him even deeper--“Ahhn-!” Dick couldn’t help but moan loudly, the sound piercing his own ears with surprise. “ Fuck -” he cursed then arched his back, his fingers digging into Bruce’s skull. His nails were sure to leave creases underneath the strands of hair breaking between his fingers. This made Bruce grimace and in no time, he was withdrawing his mouth, leaving Dick’s cock in the open cool air.

 “Don’t stop... “ Dick’s breaths were shallow, seeing Bruce lick his moistened lips. By making a mess of the alpha’s hair, he had lost his forbearing look, now appearing more disheveled than ever. But not even that could disrupt the confident and good-looking Bruce Wayne.

“You pull my hair any harder and I’ll go bald before I’m forty,” Bruce said gruffly, a handsome smile playing on his lips.

Even with the haze of his heat, Dick couldn't help but smile back and let go of Bruce’s hair. “Sorry.” He breathed, pleased that the alpha went back to sucking his cock without difficulty-- this time though, he wasn’t holding Dick down.

The omega’s body shuddered in approval, submitting himself to freely rocking his hips and keeping his hand on Bruce’s shoulders instead. “Mm…” He hummed, his grip tightening in a new recurring cycle of making his alpha wince. Dick didn’t let up on his strength this time around, somewhat unashamed by it. It was uncouth and a little naughty but Dick wanted to grab ahold of Bruce’s hair once again. Absorbed in his own urges and cravings, Dick did just that, causing Bruce to grunt. Yes, Dick keened, grinding upward, for the pleasure was too great and the slurping was something that he found that he liked and- fuck he was going to come. It was too soon but his mind was reeling.

“Bru- I’m co--” With hair clutched between his fingers, straining and towing, Dick came with a feverish spurt.

Bruce growled and grasped the omega’s wrist, removing it from his potentially irritated scalp. Dick stared at the ceiling, still trembling from his orgasm. He didn’t take notice of his alpha’s expression until Bruce’s face was hovering over his, seeming to be rubbing at a spot on his head. The omega took notice then reached out to card a gentle hand through his alpha’s hair.

"I hope this will not be a normal occurrence." 

“Sorry…” Dick grumbled again as he attempted to stay sane enough to speak a little more, but in no time, his cock was twitching with life. Mind once more clouded with lust, he whimpered and pressed himself against Bruce's stomach. 

“What am I going to do with you.” Bruce murmured before sinking low and mashing their lips together. 

Dick’s mouth was molten, unresisting even as he tasted himself on the alpha’s lips. Then there was a throb; a pulse on the back of his neck that had him gushing from below. His scent surged through the air. It was strong and capable enough to shut down his focus entirely. “Alpha…” Dick panted against Bruce’s lips as his concentration dwindled and his backside throbbed.

He needed to be knotted.

The alpha growled, causing the omega to quiver under his touch and Dick swore that Bruce could finally read his mind. But as their shared emotions would have it, everything was always easily revealed. 


Dick felt a hand gliding over the scars on his chest, making him gasp as that same hand ran across his nipples.

“Flip over.” Not unlike an alpha order, Bruce’s voice rumbled through his ears, guiding him through his trek to turn over.

Through the fogginess of his mind, Dick presented flawlessly with his upper half sprawled out on the bed and his ass in the air. 

The sound was dampened by the thick cloths, but Dick could hear it as much as he could feel it-- his slick dripping against the sheets below. The sound was even more prominent in the silence of the room. And Bruce was staring at him. Bruce was unquestionably staring at him. Admiring him, perhaps, and no doubt savoring the sight.

Dick flinched, mouth going wide as he felt two fingers entering his sopping hole. 

“Look at you. So perfect for me.”

Dick keened, clenching around the slight stretch, spreading him around on the inside. He shuddered, his cheek pressing heavily into the pillow as he started to rock back.

“So wonderfully wet.”

So good- Just two fingers and the omega was flooding, slick being pushed and pulled conjointly under the idle prodding. And inside… inside he was- something was- “ Nngh- !” Dick spasmed, his back bowing like a cat as the bend of Bruce’s fingers grazed over a certain spot. What was that? Dick questioned, body going back to its original position at the press of Bruce’s big hand against his back.

The alpha grumbled something then he was working Dick’s asshole again, nudging along the same spot repeatedly. “G-god!” The omega’s hands latched onto the pillow and grounded his knees on the bed, trying to balance his shaking body. “Th-there!” Dick kept pushing back, moaning noisily at the constant stimulation not even realizing he’d come until Bruce removed his fingers.

“No, no!” Dick wept. “Alpha, please, please don’t stop.” He was begging and craving for his alpha’s touch. He wanted it so bad. He needed it. Why wasn’t his alpha touching him!?

By the time Dick made the decision to turn over, Bruce’s hand was climbing up his back and soon he was leaning over him, puffing hot air on the back of the omega’s neck. “I’m right here.” Bruce’s voice rumbled, easing Dick’s worries.

 “Alpha… please- ”  The omega’s scent glands throbbed and Bruce kissed him there, forcing a whimper out of him. “I-I need you… please -” Dick pushed back, gasping at the feel of Bruce’s hard cock against the crack of his ass. “Hurry… Bruce, hurry!” 

A low hum came from the alpha’s throat as he placed one final kiss on Dick’s glands before sitting up. “Are you ready for me?” 

“Yes, yes- please...” Dick sobbed and arched his back, even more, pushing his ass a little higher. “...Please- Alpha …” 

At first, there was shock and disbelief because it was astounding and incredible. The stretch, oh God, oh fuck-!! It hurt and Dick couldn’t breathe, he couldn’t breathe--

“Breathe,” Bruce ordered, rubbing circles on Dick’s lower back in encouragement.

Dick gasped.

“That’s it.” Bruce drove in deeper.

Dick clenched.

Bruce grunted, stopping his drive. “Don’t fight it, my love.” He panted.

“A lo- goin- inside,” Dick spoke with broken words, taking deep breaths when Bruce started to move again. Dick whimpered and the alpha hushed him, advancing forward at an even slower pace until he could no longer move.

Dick felt full; so full. And complete. And whole.

Bruce pulled back and Dick’s mouth fell open, his heart nearly stopping when the alpha pushed back in. It was too much.

“Not- not so dee-” Dick‘s complaint died on his lips and he let a piercing moan replace it as the alpha hit the same spot from before. It was there; the same spot . It had Dick gushing more slick, feeling it slid down his inner thighs and onto the sheets. And he was drooling on the pillow, looking off into the distance as the alpha’s thrust developed a natural steady movement.

Bruce draped himself over Dick’s back, placing open mouth kisses along his curving spine. “Dick.” He panted, seeming to be just as lost in pleasure as the omega was. 

That’s when Dick let go and responded in just by rocking back onto his alpha’s large cock, loving the burning friction. This seemed to stir Bruce further and he sped up, sending the omega’s hips forward and suddenly, Dick was coming untouched. 

“Ahh-!” With a tremor, the omega gave a sharp exhale, feeling the permanent pulsing at the back of his neck quicken. “Deeper… I need-- uhn!” 

Dick wailed when Bruce heeded his request and let go of his sight, choosing to close his eyes so he could simply feel. To feel his hole twitch around the wide stretch, wanting to somehow pull the alpha’s cock further inside and keep him there. To feel the alpha’s fingers run over the part where they were connected. To feel Bruce’s chest against his back with the caress of his lips barely-- just barely --nipping the back of his neck. It was exhilarating, it was too much, it was just what he needed

The alpha continued splitting him and Dick’s voice bled into shallow gasps at every thrust. He felt dizzy and Dick never knew he needed this fullness until Bruce was wedged deep inside of him-- so deep. He wanted to stay like this forever, with Bruce pounding him, keeping them together as one.

It was sudden and Dick had no time to react when a brawny arm dove under his stomach and pulled him up, straightening his torso. He moved willingly, sitting back on Bruce’s lap and slumping back against the alpha’s sweaty chest. Dick crooned, shivering at the cool air wafting over his damp spread thighs as Bruce kissed his bare neck, splaying both hands over his chest. 

“Mm…” Dick arched into the alpha’s touch, crooning at the soft fondle of his nipples.

“You like that?”

The omega nodded and in a gradual manner, he reached back, latching his arms around the alpha’s neck, making it easier for him to move. With abandon, Dick moaned as he dropped his hips down in unison, his chest heaving as he did. 

“Beautiful.” Bruce declared while trailing a palm up the omega’s neck, holding him there. “ So beautiful .”

Dick’s breath hitched, at the press of Bruce’s lips on his jaw, making his skin tingle. “Kiss… me…” He whispered and they were soon brutally molding their mouths together, teeth clanking, threatening to break the skin of their lips. In the end, Dick’s bottom lip did bleed and the pain was piercing but he repaid the favor by lacing his fingers through Bruce’s hair and tugging it in the same way he did before. It was a reward for Dick in a strange way. His reasons for loving the feeling of Bruce’s hair between his fingers would go unexplored, for now. As long as the alpha kept curtly filling him, Dick couldn't concentrate on anything.

Bruce flinched briefly but didn’t try to pull away from Dick’s persistent grasp, instead, he sped up his thrust with a low groan. The omega held on tighter, throwing his head back as his erection twitched. He was going to come again. How many times has it been already? Two? Three? Maybe even more. He’d lost count long ago and now-

“Dick,” Bruce panted with a staggering thrust, his hands now digging into Dick’s hips. “I need you to take a deep breath for me.”

“Wha--?” Dick stopped short, eyes going wide at Bruce’s knot growing inside him. He whined and scratched at his lower stomach, feeling his hole stretch at an uncomfortable rate.  “Oh-! A-alpha…” The omega called desperately.

“You’re doing well, my love.” Bruce praised him and his omega swooned.

“Alpha, I’m-I’m… Ahn--!” Dick threw his head back, freeing his lascivious pheromones as he climaxed, squirting onto his stomach. Catching his breath, he watched the ceiling with blurry vision, aware that his body was losing strength as it sagged back against Bruce’s chest.


Pure bliss...

It was an enlightening kind of pleasure and Dick just accomplished it through his laden heat. It couldn't get any more enjoyable than what he’d just experienced and yet, his omega called for something more.

It was strange. Almost daunting. As if the unseeable pull knew what they’d both decided to do in advance. It wasn’t simply calling them together. No... it was… forcing and progressing their every step; ordering them to move forward. For it was never a coincidence that they met that night, it was fate that inevitably brought them together and it was destiny that they would inevitably become one.

To mate.

To bond.

To unify.

The whole notion was strange but somehow, Dick understood it. He’s wanted to mate with Bruce since the first time they met. It would have been natural to do so only if Dick had been a normal person. But instead, they waited. It was regrettable, but they both suffered through it together and now, neither of them could wait any longer.

An overwhelming scent surrounded the omega and he suddenly felt the need to bare his neck. Then Bruce kissed him there, directly in the middle of his aching glands, whispering words of comfort that made the omega feel safe and secure. 

Dick felt teeth piercing his skin and he cried out.

It felt brilliant.

It felt never-ending.

It felt final.

In a state of calm certainty, Dick professed now, then, and there that Bruce Wayne was his… 

Finally his...

And no one else's…

Chapter Text

How long had it been since they last spoke to one another? Hours? Days? At this point, they didn’t know, for they were separated from the world around them. Truthfully, they did conversate here and there but not using their mouths. Without saying a word they somehow seemed to understand and comprehend each other’s notions. Whereas before they only felt one another’s base emotions, it was now like a natural affinity binding their emotions together as one. To feel each other’s pleasure and pain all in one impulse was something that felt so strange but so natural at the same time. 

This was the effect of their bond.

It was as if their bodies were talking to each other, pushing them towards a greater enjoyment. And just when they thought it couldn’t get any more gratifying, they were swept up in an experience even more pleasurable than before. Every time they joined together, it got better and better; so much so, they were surprised every time it happened. Their new connection brought about a deeper level of intimacy and they couldn’t think of another time where they didn’t feel connected. It would seem that their lovemaking had reached a point that was beyond physical and so did their words.



The sensations of those words rang throughout their heads and those very same words sent them into a frenzy, further ruining the grand nest they built together. Dick, especially, didn’t care or seem to notice, as he was too busy locking eyes with Bruce during their everlasting motion. Not once did Dick look away even as his head rocked back against the pillow with several strands of his hair seeking to block his vision. Not even when Bruce’s knot swelled, threatening to rip him apart, and filled him with copious amounts of cum-- did he look away. 

Hands grasping the pillow under his head, Dick trembled as he observed his alpha, who in turn, watched him. Shortly thereafter when the pulsations subsided, Bruce knocked their foreheads together and took a shuddering breath. Dick canted up and kissed the alpha’s lips, attempting to grind on the alpha’s thick girth only to be stopped by Bruce’s hold on his hips. Dick whined, pulled back and eyed the alpha with frustration until Bruce quietly shushed him. The omega abandoned his intentions and tilted forward, nuzzling his face into Bruce’s neck. His scent was different than before but no less addicting and Dick found himself obsessed with it.

Their scenting went on for a while longer and eventually Bruce slowly pulled out his deflated knot. Dick gasped softly, loving the feel of the alpha’s cum pouring out of his twitching hole along with his slick, blending their fragrances. Surely it was staining the blankets below, but Dick was uninterested in the slew of a mess they would have to deal with later. All that mattered now was getting fucked again.

Dick pulled his legs to his chest, quivering at the sticky trail easing down the crevice of his butt. He whimpered and clenched around the void space between his legs, practically begging to be filled. For a fraction of a second, Bruce stared down at him, stroking himself in concurrence with his heaving chest and dilated pupils. Dick’s gaze explored the sight appreciatively and Bruce, the ever so committed alpha, gave the omega exactly what he wanted by pushing back inside. 

Dick’s lips parted slightly, letting out a shuddering breath, at the familiar stretch and the plentiful fit. With his calves now bracketed on Bruce’s shoulders, practically folding him in half, it made hitting his prostate easier. All the more so when the alpha was once again, quickly thrusting inside of him.

“A-ahn…!” Dick came undone as Bruce revived the pleasure that was lost during their short separation. He couldn’t explain how his body was feeling during these times but he knew it was more than just simple lust. The strong emotional link between them seemed to intensify everything and the harder it was, the more it hurt, and the more it stung the better it felt. The sensations hardly made sense to Dick and yet his omega willingly accepted it all, for he was sure his heart would stop if they separated again.

Through their brisk chemistry, Dick’s voice slowly started to wane in volume, cracking in short rasps when the alpha fitted against him. His throat was burning and it had been for a few days now-- if that's even how long they’ve been going at it. But that didn’t disrupt his constant moaning nor could he be bothered with letting it. He was too far gone with his thigh’s shivering, wavering, feeling a rare sort of satisfaction.

Dick let go of his legs when Bruce grabbed onto them himself, pushing the omega’s knees all the way to his chest. Dick’s legs tingled at the stretch, his head lulling to the side when the alpha went harder as he brought his hands to Bruce’s shoulders.

“Nghn--I’m co…” Dick groaned and he dug his fingernails into the alpha’s skin, mouth going wide before he spasmed. The climax was amazing and it seemed to last forever, especially with Bruce still thrusting into him. The omega felt cum sliding down the side of his waist from where it splattered on his stomach. Somehow he’d grown used to feeling sticky all over, mostly with Bruce’s thick seed drenching his hole with every knot. 

And, truthfully, he could never have enough of it.

Not even when they eventually took a shower together and Dick ultimately grew tired of Bruce touching his body with a washcloth and not his hands. He found himself actively trying to rub one off against the alpha’s thigh, feeling slick mix in with the running water sliding down his leg. He hiked up one leg around Bruce and pulled him down for a kiss, keening at the smooth caress of his shaft nudging against the alpha’s wet skin. Bruce groaned in return and ended up dropping the towel before he pushed Dick against the wall and picked him up, wrapping both of the omega’s legs around his hips.

With a tight grip, Dick held onto the alpha’s shoulders, fearful at being dropped due to his back slipping against the wall. In actuality, it only seemed to make Bruce’s thrust easier to handle and Dick absolutely enjoyed the ride. As he was bounced up and down, feeling nearly weightless in the alpha’s arms, he gasped for breath, having no way to stop his oncoming ejaculation. He practically screamed, slowly scratching his nails down the alpha’s chest until his voice finally gave out and his eyes rolled to the back of his head. With Bruce holding up his legs, still plunging inside of him for what felt like hours, Dick came again, this time going listless and limp, falling forward onto the alpha’s chest. Bruce continued to hold him without effort, even as he panted harshly and his knot began to form, causing the omega to weakly convulse after each surge of cum. Before long, Dick’s limbs became numb and he gradually started to lose strength before he finally blacked out.




Dick could sense that his alpha had left the nest even before the empty feeling yanked his eyes open. He groaned, swaying as he sat up, eyes slowly darting around the room, only to squint when a streak of sunlight stole his sight away. And like always, his alpha was nowhere to be found.

“Alpha…” Dick said and from nowhere he could feel a sensation soothing his worry, causing him to progressively settle back on the bed. He stared blankly at the ceiling as the sensation remained in his mind and appeased his omega. Dick soon closed his eyes when the same feeling seemed to approach him from afar, coming closer and closer until cold air spilled over his skin from the bedroom door opening and closing.

The bed dipped beside Dick’s head and he opened his eyes, quickly looking toward the direction of the movement. He sighed when he caught sight of his alpha who was holding a bowl in his hand. The omega sat up and as soon as the alpha leaned back against the headboard, Dick was on him, straddling his thighs. The omega immediately looked down at the space between them, noticing Bruce had boxers on and his first reaction was to pull the waistband back.

“I brought some food for you.”

Dick heard Bruce speak but didn’t look up until the troublesome fabric was a little ways down the alpha’s thighs. Then the omega was crushing their lips together and pulling on the alpha’s neck so they were closer than ever.

“Dick,” Bruce said against the omega’s lips, pushing him back so he could talk. “I need you to eat some food for me.” He said while placing the bowl of fruit down on the bed next to him.

Dick frowned, evidently confused but persisted forward and reconnected their lips, feeling his rear leaking with slick. At exactly the wrong time did the alpha once again deny Dick, by pushing him away.

“Eat, my love.” 

Dick whined and shook his head, attempting to rock down on the alpha’s twitching cock. “Alpha- please… p-please.. .”

Bruce seemed to falter but still kept a firm hand on Dick’s hip, not even wavering when the omega whimpered more pleas. 

“You need to eat.”

“Please…” Dick proceeded to beg. “I want you inside- Alpha … please...”

“Eat first, then I’ll give you what you need,” Bruce stated simply as he brought a piece of fruit to the omega’s mouth.

His alpha was denying him. Why?  

Dick’s rationale understood why but his omega was overly confused and so he continued to buck back and forth on the alpha’s lap. He leaned forward and completely bypassed the fruit as he rubbed his cheek against the alpha’s neck instead. “Please, alpha… i-inside me… I want it .” He tried once more, suddenly feeling Bruce’s rough hands lift his hips, spread him open then sink inside his oozing hole. The omega wept with delight, feeling full in all the right places. As a consequence, Dick tried to move, only to be denied again! Dick found himself crying as he pulled back to look into the alpha’s eyes.

“Move… p-please-” Dick requested and by no means did the alpha let up his firm grasp. “Alpha please, hurry… move-” He begged some more as he clamped down around his alpha’s cock, hoping to persuade him.

“Eat, and I will move,” Bruce said, trying his hardest to refrain from fucking the omega. 

“N-no, alpha please…” Dick urged while placing small kisses on the alpha’s lips. “Fuck me… hurry...”

Bruce closed his eyes, trying to control himself and concluded that this was one of the moments where he needed to use an order. Otherwise, Dick would be going two more days without eating anything. 

Eat.” He commanded, feeling the omega stiffen on top of him and pull back. They briefly exchanged glances and Dick’s expression seemed to droop a bit as he opened his mouth, readily accepting the fruit in Bruce’s hand. 

Dick was bound by the alpha’s order and chewed accordingly. Truth is, even as he ate, the flavor was nonexistent for his body was simply moving by command. The omega found himself glancing at Bruce a couple of times to see if he’d satisfied his alpha. In response, Bruce stroked Dick’s cheek, expression silently revealing his remorse as he fed the omega the rest of the fruit. Bruce quickly put the bowl on the nightstand just as Dick started squirming on his lap.

“Alpha… now...” Dick huffed as he started to move on his own, raising his hips and slowly pressing back down. A moan escaped the omega and then Bruce’s mouth was on his nipples, biting and sucking, recurrent to his soft panting.

Dick was so wet inside, squeezing the alpha at just the right pressure and he was making the most wonderful sounds. What Bruce learned over the past four days was that Dick was insatiable. There was nothing that the alpha could compare this to either. With Dick clinging to him, Bruce could barely even hold himself together as it is. He still felt bad for losing himself in the shower when Dick had fainted and he didn't want that happening again. But with every second he found himself submerged in the omega’s warmth, he was losing control. 

“Bruce…” Dick slowed down, undoubtedly growing weaker, seeing as his legs were wobbling before he stopped moving completely. “Harder… please…” He asked in a sweet voice that pulled the alpha away from his chest.

Bruce easily obeyed and with his hands splayed on Dick’s ass, he moved the omega in his stead. He grunted when the omega bowed forward in his lap, displaying his throat followed by a concert of moans.

Yes … there-!” Dick writhed onto the alpha’s thrust that soon turned into violent pumping and it didn’t give the omega any time to breathe. “So-… big...”

A surge of compulsion took over Dick as his hands tangled themselves into the alpha’s hair-- bending his back in such a way so it was easier to fuck him deep. When it was this deep, filling him perfectly, he always found himself coming too early. Like now when he came untouched for the umpteenth time but his alpha continued moving inside of him. Soon, Bruce was pushing Dick back onto the bed with a low growl, lightly biting his collarbone that had already been littered with bruises. 

“Haa… aah! ” Dick rasped, letting his hands fall to the alpha’s back, automatically digging in his nails. As much as his neck was bruised, he was positive that Bruce’s back was in the same condition. It was because Dick couldn’t go without holding onto something when he was being stuffed so full.

Bruce bit him again, filthy slapping sounds drowning out his deep groaning. Judging by how hard the alpha was breathing and how much his cock was twitching, he was going to- oh-!

Dick’s breath hitched, bruisingly dragging his fingernails down the side of the alpha’s back as a swell of overflowing cum pumped inside of him. He surrendered to the bulging length with ease, gasping sporadically before wrapping his legs around Bruce’s back, bringing him closer. And even after the knot had come and gone, Dick had no desire to pull away; he never wanted to. He would just beg to be fucked once more so he could reignite that feeling of being complete. Then he would drown in that sensation and let his mind roam. 




The next morning Dick cringed at the clammy feeling of slick and cum nestled between his thighs and practically everywhere else on the bed. In his attempt to move away from the mess and off of the bed, instead of standing up like a normal person, his legs gave out and he fell onto the floor with a yelp. Too many realizations dawned on him then, with the fact that his hips were weak, his throat was sore, and Bruce was nowhere to be seen (as per usual). This time though, the alpha wasn’t far away; he came out of the bathroom and quickly gathered the aching omega into his arms.

"I swear for once can you just be in the bed when I wake up?" Dick lamented when the alpha gently placed him on his feet and started up the shower.

“I can’t promise that,” Bruce gave a small laugh. “Not when you like to sleep in and I don’t.”

Dick scoffed, not really in the mood to make a reply when his throat was hurting so badly. He chose to ignore his irritation and let his body drench in the steaming water. Initially, he was going to clean himself off until Bruce dutifully offered to help and Dick let him. It was nice not having to do anything with his sore muscles and all the nicer when Bruce ran him a hot bath for him to relax in. And he did, without a second thought.

Dick lay his head back on the bath pillow and listened to Bruce moved around the bedroom. “You’re not going to join me?” He called out to him after a while.

“I can’t right now. I have to change the sheets then I have an on-call meeting soon.”

“...Kay.” Dick sighed before hearing a knock on the bedroom door then Bruce and Alfred were talking. A moment later, Bruce walked into the bathroom and placed two pills and a glass of cold water on the rim of the tub.

“What’s this for?”

“For your throat and headache.”

Dick looked down at the pills then back to Bruce with a blank stare.

“What's wrong?”

“Nothing… thanks.” Dick replied and hid his feelings as best as he could.

“You try and relax.” The alpha leaned down and kissed his forehead. “I won’t be gone for long.”

Dick nodded and watched him go before looking back down at the pills. Skepticism beheld him as he took the medicine before leaning back against the bath pillow. “You and Alfred are experts, huh?” He mumbled shortly after he heard the alpha leave the room. He pushed the thought away and forced himself to relax, not wanting Bruce to sense his feelings.

This was something Dick had yet to get used to and he didn’t know if he ever would. They could now feel each other's emotions at an even further distance than before. Moreover, their emotions were now more distinct and lucid, almost as if they can read each other's minds. And the pheromones were exceedingly unequivocal to their previous scents. It acted as some sort of link between them, to where Dick knew exactly where Bruce was in the Manor, right now. This made Dick wonder how far away he could get before he wouldn’t be able to sense Bruce at all? 

Over time, the water began to cool, forcing Dick to slowly get out of the tub. His body still ached in certain places but not as bad as before. At least he could walk a bit better now and dry himself off without wincing. He wrapped a towel around his waist and before leaving the bathroom, Dick abruptly stopped, catching sight of himself in the large mirror above the sink.

Embarrassment coiled through him as he gazed at his reflection. His torso and neck were littered with red marks and bruises. He looked like he’d just been ravished and that caused him to flush even more when he came to the realization… 

He’d just had sex and lost his virginity. 

He’d just bonded with Bruce Wayne.

Letting awareness settle in his mind, Dick ran a hand across several marks, his cheeks burning when he thought back to the days of his heat. His remembrances were blurry and sporadic in such a way, that everything blended together. The only thing that remained clear, was the point at which he was bitten. As a consequence, Dick grabbed a handheld mirror off the sink and brought it behind his neck, trying to get a closer look at his bonding bite. It wasn’t precisely in the middle of his neck and a little lower than he expected it to be. Looks like there was no way his hair was going to cover it up now. He gently touched the grooves, flinching a bit at the sharp pain and quickly pulled his hand away. 

This was real.

He’d really been marked and was now bonded with his alpha. Dick smiled and stared at the bite mark for a while longer, admiring the dual crescents before placing the handheld mirror back on the sink. He couldn’t stop smiling like a fool. He almost felt the need to jump up and down in excitement but stopped himself when he felt amusement pushing against his inner thoughts. Without a doubt, it was Bruce sensing his enthusiasm. 

He touched the bite mark again, already picturing how it would heal from what he’d seen on other omegas. It would be visible for all to see and less red than it was now, almost as if the grooves were blending into his skin. What he didn’t know was how long it would take to heal. It was something he should know because he was an omega himself. Then again, his life didn’t exactly proceed as planned so he would have to study more about his own dynamic. Then perhaps, he’d be the perfect omega for Bruce.

“Still in the bathroom, Dick?”

Dick looked up at the mirror, seeing Bruce’s reflection as he walked up behind him. 

“I haven’t been in here for that long.”

Bruce chuckled, wrapping his arms around the omega’s waist, readily kissing the back of his neck. “I’ve been on call for almost an hour and you’re right where I left you.”

Dick winced a bit, but soon relaxed at the soft brush of the alpha’s lips against the bond bite. “It goes without saying, seeing as you clearly know why.” He retorted, hinting at their new emotional connection.

“I wouldn’t exactly mind if you said it out loud.”

“Of course you wouldn’t…” Dick smiled and turned around in the alpha’s arms. He was promptly distracted by a small white box in Bruce’s hand. “What’s that?”

Bruce held it up, watching as Dick’s eyes widened before he hastily grabbed the box. “Oh... I feel so stupid for not remembering.” The omega chided himself.

“Alfred said he’s not going to be running any more errands for us for a while because of this,” Bruce explained, though it sounded like he was complaining.

“I don’t blame him.” Dick held up the box of the morning after pills then tore open the flap. “We weren’t exactly being responsible adults.”

“Well, I wouldn’t mind if you were to--”

“No,” Dick cut the alpha off and gave him a serious look. “Don’t even say anything like that. We haven’t even talked about that yet. And I’m still not… sure if I even…” Dick tapered off then lightly pushed against Bruce’s chest and went to grab his cup of water from the rim of the tub. Turning around, the omega made his way out of the bathroom with Bruce in tow.

“We don’t have to talk about it right now if you don’t want to,” Bruce reassured him.

“I wasn’t planning on it anyway.” As he sat on the bed, Dick was finally able to pop the pill out of the aluminum casing then downed it with water. He looked at his alpha who evidently wanted to discuss things further but Dick wasn’t going to engage in that conversation. “I don’t plan on having children, Bruce…” Ever, he almost said but knew that would lead to a whole nother issue. Nevertheless, Bruce still seemed a bit troubled by his announcement- as though he was wondering why Dick had made this decision for himself.

“I think w-” Before the alpha could say anything, his cellphone began to ring and as reluctant as he was to take the call, he took it anyway and left the room.

Dick thought the answer was simple… he was afraid; afraid something might happen to his child, if or when this whole thing blew over. He’s not going to bring his child into this world when he, himself wasn’t free yet.

It was with that thought that Dick decided to make a mental list of things to get when they visited the doctor’s office. 

Regular suppressant pills and birth control.




Dick blinked at the television as he flipped through the various channels, stopping on a random one before setting the remote to the side. He laid on his stomach, one hand holding his chin and the other digging through a family size box of cheerios. He was careful not to waste any crumbs on the bed that Alfred just finished making up. That didn’t stop him from stuffing a handful into his mouth as he watched a documentary replace the commercials.

A Mates Rejection

The title read and Dick was about to change the channel again until his cell phone started ringing. He picked up without looking, knowing that it was one of the four contacts on his phone that were calling him. 

“Hello?” He answered and put it on speaker, reaching into the bag of cereal as he finally glanced at the caller ID.


Dick rolled his eyes. “I told you not to call me that, Jason.”

“I kinda like it though.”

“Well, I don’t.”

“We’ll get back to that later.” Jason swiftly dismissed Dick’s dispute and changed the subject. “We found out from Alfred that it was safe to head back home today.”

“Safe? I guess that’s one way to say it.” Dick replied as he glanced back at the Tv, seeing a male omega with a collar on his neck, being interviewed.

“I thought it was a stupid way to say it.” Dick heard Tim say in the background, confirming his suspicions that he was also on speaker.

“By the way,” Jason started again. “Alfred told me that you’ve been eating my shit.”

“Your shit?” Dick questioned, not looking away from the screen when the same omega male, turned around to show a large gash going straight across his old bond bite. Dick cringed at the image and averted his eyes. 

“Yeah, you’ve been eating my cereal.”

“Oh… that.” Dick grabbed more cereal out of the box and popped a couple of them in his mouth. “That sucks.” He said while chewing and looking back at the Tv, seeing the same omega put the collar back around his neck, thankfully covering up the scar of being rejected.

Tim snorted in the background and Jason shushed him. “I swear if you ate all the cheerios, we’re going to have a problem.”

“You complaining about this reminds me that you’ve only just graduated high school last year.”

“Are you trying to say I’m immature?”

“...You said it, not me.”

“When I get there, I swear--”

“You’re not going to do anything to me, Jay,” Dick confirmed as he ate another cheerio.

“What makes you so sure?”

“You’re going to be on crutches right?”

“Yeah? So what? I can still beat your ass.”

“Jay, give it up. You sound stupid.” Tim spoke up and seemed to have taken the phone away from the alpha because his voice sounded closer. “Ignore him, Dick, ” Tim said as soon as Bruce came back into their room.

“...I’ll try,” Dick responded simply, not sure how to assess Tim’s current attitude. 

“Um… well, we’ll be home in about an hour,” Tim said while Bruce was crawling over Dick’s back and laying there.

“You’re heavy,” Dick whispered and tried to push him off.

“Don’t forget to tell Bruce.”

“I'm right here, Tim.”

“Oh, Bruce, were you here the whole time? If so, you should have told Jason to stop making a fool of himself.”

Bruce sighed, “Tim I just got here--”

“Shut the fuck up, Timmy!” There was a sudden thump then a shuffling sound and Tim’s sudden cry.

“Ow! Jay let g--”

Dick blinked down at the phone screen reading the words ‘call ended’ and huffed a laugh. “Your children are such angels, Bruce. Now get off, big guy. I can't breathe."

"You seem to be breathing just fine," Bruce said while kissing his neck.

"Bruce, I'm serious." Dick laughed, trying to push the alpha off again but he wouldn't budge. "I give up." He sighed and decided to focus back on the television. Or at least he tried to. Bruce’s lips roaming over his neck was a stupefying distraction.

"What are you watching?" The alpha inquired after a while.

"Just some random show called A mates rejection ."

"I've never seen it before."

"Me neither." The screen showed another omega who also turned around and showed a gash going through the back of their neck. Ugh, he hated seeing stuff like that. Just knowing that alphas had the gall to even reject their omegas was unbelievable.

"Change the channel if you don't like it." Bruce provided a simple answer to Dick’s affliction.

"Shush, I still want to listen." Bruce chuckled before standing up and going to the bathroom.

"My alpha and I were mated for three years." The omega said softly. "But it only takes one day for things to change…" The omega paused and looked away from the camera. "...I blame myself every day. But it was inevitable… my alpha had already fallen in love with someone else."

Dick’s heart ached for the omega. He couldn't imagine his alpha being in love with someone else and not wanting him anymore.

"Dick," Bruce leaned against the bathroom door with a skeptical look. "If it's making you feel this bad, I think you should turn it off."

Dick huffed and finally turned off the television then sat up on the bed, crossing his legs. "I don't think I'll ever get used to this… sharing emotions thing."

"If only there was a way to cut it off."

Dick laughed. "My thoughts exactly."

"Master Bruce," Alfred knocked on the slightly ajar door.

"Come in, Alfred."

Alfred opened the door and greeted Dick with a small nod. "You’ve left your cell phone in the dining room and it's been ringing non-stop ever since.

The alpha sighed, "Thank you, Alfred."

"Back to work already?" Dick asked when the butler closed the door and Bruce nodded.

"Unfortunately, yes. I’ll probably have to go in tomorrow.”

"Or… you can stay in bed with me?" Dick patted the space next to him with a hopeful grin. Contemplation from Bruce swept through Dick’s mind and he thought he had him. Unfortunately, the alpha’s response opposed his assumption. 

“As tempting as that sounds, you know I can’t do that.” 

Dick bit his lip and looked down at the comforter. “It will be even harder to go a couple of hours without you now… for you too…” His spirits fell into a somber conscience and he couldn’t help but blame himself for all of this. If they were public then everyone would understand why Bruce was on leave for so long.

The alpha made his way over to the foot of the bed and bent to one knee, gently grabbing Dick’s chin. “Don’t ever blame yourself for any of this, Dick.” 

The omega sighed as he looked at his mate. "Maybe you going back to work is a good thing, after all, then you won't be able to feel everything I do."

The alpha gave a soft laugh. “I see you’ve changed your mind very quic--"

“Master Bruce,” Alfred’s voice came through the door. “I must inform you for the second time that your cell phone is ringing once again. I don’t think I can afford a headache at this time, especially with the young masters coming home soon. Though, I’m sure if I had raised them singlehandedly, they wouldn’t be as difficult.”

Dick snickered loudly, slapping a hand over his mouth when Bruce gave him a look. 

“Alright, Alfred, I’m coming.” Bruce placed a chaste kiss on the omega's lips, drawing a genuine smile out of him before leaving the room.

Dick flopped back on the bed and looked at the ceiling with wandering thoughts. Things seemed like they were happening so fast and if Dick were being honest, he was feeling a bit... insecure. Was he really good enough for Bruce? An ex-assassin who still felt the need to prove his virtue and benevolence to everyone in this house and let alone himself. It was apparent that there were still many secrets between them and Dick didn’t know what was worse-- Bruce not knowing his or him… not knowing Bruces.

Now that they were officially mated, Dick needed to feel secure and wanted to believe that nothing could go wrong. But in a situation like this, he wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. All he could do was hope that everything stayed merry until they came face to face with DS.

Chapter Text


Seven Years Ago


“Fuck- let up! Let up already!” Grant slapped against Dick’s arm that was wrapped around his neck, pinning his back to the omega’s chest. “Fucking omega, I said let go!”

Dick let go and pushed the alpha off of him. “I won.... again.” He declared for the fifth time that night.

“Fuck,” Grant spit blood on the ground, wiping at the fresh scratches on his face. “You’re insane. Did you have to fucking cut up my face?”

“Your right swing is slower than your left.” Dick bent down to pick up his weapons. “You leave yourself open too often.”

Grant stood up from the ground with a sneer. “God, give a man a compliment every once in a while, will you?”

“Why should I give you one when you’ve never given me one?”

“Fine, you want one that bad, Talon?”

“Not really.”

“Then why the fu-” Grant pinched the bridge of his nose. “Know what, I’ll just say it… I think you fight better with the dual blades.”

“No shit.” Dick took the compliment in slight, already aware of his own prowess.

“Can’t even take a fucking compliment like a normal person. The hell is wrong with you?”

Everything, Dick wanted to say but instead, he evaded Grant's question. “The Alpha thinks I should stick with the single blade for now.”

“Of course he would, father got that katana specially made for you.” Grant made fun.

“I know.”

“You see, this is why I don’t like talking to you-” 

At the sudden sound of the door opening, they turned around, seeing Slade walk into the room with little Joey close behind.

“Father, your back. Took you long enough.” Grant ruffled Joey's hair before standing in front of the other alpha. “Where’s Rose?”

Slade turned toward the open door, where the owners of the echoing footsteps soon made their appearance. Two beta assassins carried in between them, Rose, who was wrestling to remove herself from their hold. They dropped her on the ground and a muffled grunt came through the fabric stuffed in her mouth. Struggling with her arms tied behind her back, her platinum hair swung over her shoulders as she moved to sit up and look at her father.

Out of everyone here, Rose was the last person Dick expected to try and leave DS. And Dick would never understand this, but for some reason, she came back. But Slade didn’t do so well with betrayal, so when she did come back, she was kept in the containment room for 3 days with no food or water. Now it would seem that Slade wanted to talk to her. Unfortunately... the Alpha liked to leave his mark on those who were brave enough to return...

As Slade moved closer to his daughter and took the fabric out of her mouth, Dick turned around with his sights set on a chair he often sat in. He didn't turn around until the start of a piercing scream came to an end with a loud wail, pending at Rose’s inescapable fate. Dick finally turned around and sat down, watching blood stain the concrete from where Rose kneeled on the ground.

Slade had ripped out her eye in duplication with his own, for her disloyalty was unforgivable and she was forced to repay it. Even if that meant making a donation to their “most honorable” cause. 

“You run because that of which you detest, cannot be changed.” 

 Dick leaned back against a window, expression unwavering as he watched Slade wipe the blood from his dagger and onto the shoulder of his daughter's clothes. Then he listened intently to the Alpha as he started the beginnings of another one of his extensive speeches.

“It is a pity that I had to do this to you… my beloved Rose. Once so loyal and now so impassioned.”

Rose held her bleeding eye, crying loudly. It was rare when Dick was able to scent the pheromones of a beta, but now her scent was blaringly distinct, leading her grief to tear at his chest. 

“You were led astray, you sought empathy and they accepted you. But they didn’t know the truth about you. And when they found out, you ran.” Slade pushed a strand of hair away from Rose’s forehead, his gentleness appearing elusive and chilling. “Tell me dear Rose, where was the first place you thought to go?”

Rose shivered but her line of sight didn’t waver as she stared up at her father. “... B-back to you, f-father.” 

“Congratulations.” Slade discharged his good graces and yanked her head back, fingers stretching the ends of her hair. “You’ve finally realized where you belong.”

Tears spilled from her one eye as she expressed her commitment. “F-father, I won’t ever run away a-again. Never again...”

Dick’s heart tightened with sorrow at those words. He knew she couldn’t mean that. After all, who would want to be stuck here?

“Don’t cry, Rose.” Slade let go of her hair. “I can see where your loyalties now lie.” He placed his dagger on a vacant table and began to pace. “I know you were hurt by those who you thought you could trust but that’s where you were mistaken.” 

Slade glanced around the room at all who were present. Only a few were able to witness such a personal moment between their family. Dick stood on the outside of that notion in terms of blood, but on occasion, he’d been granted access to view it. Usually, that meant Slade had a plan and wanted Grant, Joey and him to learn something vital and meaningful.

“You believed you could become like them… those people who live by their sentiments. But people like us do not need those kinds of emotions.” Slade spoke to Rose but everyone seemed to emulate his feelings- even Dick.

“Emotions… as in, love, father?” Joey asked, his voice light as a feather and Dick still couldn’t believe the nine-year-old was so easily strung along by his father's words.

“Yes Joe, that is correct. Love can only happen to those who are able to mate. And who stands on the outside of that?” 

“They’re known as rare defects, father.”

“Smart boy.” His tone swelled with pride as it usually did when it came to Joey. “Yes, defects are what society calls them. They are a flaw in the system, an imperfection, a deviation from the expected outcome. They decided that defects were undesirable and pity them because of it.”

Dick turned to look out the window, watching Slade’s reflection in the glass as he slowly paced about the room. He was soon reminded that the truth in the Alpha’s words overshadowed his animosity for him. Slade was intelligent, always had been and Dick found himself gravitating towards his ideals…

“Rare defects are not bound by pheromones, or mating, or anything that requires emotions that our dynamics hold dear. Defects don’t need them and nor do you.”

Dick felt something touch his chin, forcing him to look upward at Slade’s one good eye.“Talon has perfected it. He’s divested himself of those emotions every time he kills.” The omega cringed, slapping away his hand and averted his eyes. The alpha chuckled while Dick held his breath until Slade moved away from him.

“Are you saying we should b-become more like Talon?” Rose spoke up, her voice shaking, face dripping with blood.


“And how exactly will we do that?” Grant asked. 

“We’ll make it so that your dynamic no longer exists. They’ll be no more use for suppressants or collars, or the need to mate. You’ll be nil to it all and you won’t need your emotions any longer.”

Dick turned around, finally surveying the Alpha with a look of disbelief. He couldn’t be serious. It was impossible… there was no way in hell that he could create something so… unfeasible. 

There was no way…




“Selina Calabrese.” Dick read the name out loud as he scrolled through a web page filled with information about Rex Calabrese and his company. He copied her name and placed it into the search bar, watching as the screen filled with various pictures, webpages, and her title, ‘Surge Enterprises Exec’, above all of it. Dick let his eyes roam over the blurry photos before clicking on the first one. The image expanded and the blurriness faded, showing a woman with short black hair flipped over to one side with a small grin and all the diamond jewelry the world could offer. She was without a doubt a very beautiful woman and looked nothing like her father. Thank goodness for that.

Dick scrolled through a few more pictures. All of them were similar headshots and a couple of them were taken with her father but that was it. There weren’t many photos of her at all. It seemed like she didn’t make a ton of public appearances. Dick was curious as to how she was able to avoid the paparazzi because they certainly took a lot of pictures of Rex Calabrese. Maybe she purposely kept out of the spotlight? That must have been it because unlike her father, there was no information about her life outside of her job with Surge Enterprises. Nothing at all… how strange.

Dick clicked back on the first image and studied it once more, narrowing his eyes in recognition. He’s seen her before but where? Dick stood up from the couch and continued to stare at the photo as he silently made his way to Bruce’s office. He opened the door, instantly focusing on the outer rim of the desk, searching for that framed picture. It wasn’t there.

The omega sighed and pocketed his phone, making his way around the desk to get a closer look. And he wasn’t hallucinating, the picture really wasn't on the desk anymore. Where did it go? Dick ran a hand through his hair and tapped an anxious foot. He didn’t want to go snooping into Bruce's things but he only wanted to find that picture. He was positive it was Selina Calabrese but he wanted to make sure.

Giving in to his persistent curiosity, Dick sat down in the desk chair and began to open the desk drawers. The top two were filled with folder files and the omega found himself childishly running his fingers across the top, watching them flip open before he closed the drawer. The bottom two drawers had basically the same thing and Dick found that he was at a loss. Simply put, he wasn’t about to search around the big office for more. He’d been there and done that in the library and had stressed himself out so he decided to come to his own conclusion. That it was Selina who was in that picture with Bruce. It made sense that Bruce would know Rex’s daughter. Their families did have past dealings together and because of some “complicated business man stuff,” they don’t have them now. They must have gotten into a serious fight if they weren’t on speaking terms. 

Dick pondered the thought as he stood up from the chair, feeling his foot hit something under the desk. The omega faltered and pushed the chair back before bending forward and looking underneath the desk. There was a medium-sized box nestled at the far corner of the wooden back support. Dick wouldn’t admit it now, but he liked to pry and would forever call it curiosity if anyone asked. That’s why when he vacated the chair and crouched under the desk to reach for the box, he felt no sense of shame.

“Master Dick?”

Dick jerked back upon hearing his name and ended up hitting his head on the roof of the desk. “Ow! Shit.” He yelped and rubbed the top of his head as he pulled away from the enclosed space.

“Master Dick, whatever are you doing under there?”

Dick stood up and gave an awkward smile. “I… I was just um… looking around.”

“...Is that so?” Alfred fixedly observed him. "I see this… habit of yours hasn't changed."

“I wouldn’t exactly call it a habit.” Dick swiftly moved away from the desk and toward the butler with a guilty look. This wasn't exactly the first time Alfred had caught him sneaking around. Hopefully, it was the last.

"Master Dick, this is your home now as much as it is Bruce’s. But I had hoped that you would at least have a little courtesy to certain privacies."

Dick’s shoulders slumped in defeat. “You’re right… I’m sorry.”

Alfred gave a curt nod and motioned for Dick to follow him out of the room. “Whatever it is you’re looking for, I’m sure Master Bruce would be willing to tell you about it himself if you ask.”

“Yeah right, I’ll believe that when I see it.” They made it to the kitchen where the butler went back to stirring something on the stove.

“You’ll see it soon, I hope. Otherwise...” His words died away, leaving Dick with a questioning stare.

“Otherwise what?”

“Otherwise he’ll regret it.” Alfred placed a top on the small pot and regarded the omega with a tiny smile. “Master Bruce always ends up regretting, in the end.”

Dick frowned in question. “Alfred, I don’t know what you’re getting at but what I was looking for in his office wasn’t anything serious.”

“I’m just talking about anything, truly. I didn’t mean anything specific.” Alfred made his way to the fridge and pulled out a bag of tomatoes.

“Actually, I think you can answer the question for me,” Dick said as he inched toward the bar stools, sitting down on the one closest to Alfred.

“I’m not sure if I can be of any help.”

“Just answer me this. Do you know what happened between Bruce and Rex Calabrese? Bruce only told me it had to do with complicated business man stuff.” Dick used two fingers to air quote Bruce’s words.

Alfred’s response wavered as he rinsed off a tomato in the sink. “For that question, I am not obliged to answer.”

“Alright, I should have expected that... well, then how about Selina Calabrese? Did Bruce know her?”

“Selina Calabrese, sir?” 

“That’s his daughter's name right? I saw it on a website.”

“Ah yes,” Alfred pulled out a knife from the drawer and began chopping. “They do know each other.”

“Really?” Dick sat up straighter. “Well, that brings me back to what I was looking for in Bruce’s office. I’m sure there was a picture on his desk with the two of them but it’s not there anymore.”

Alfred took a peek at the all too interested omega. So innocent, so clueless and so close to finding out the truth. But it wasn’t Alfred’s place to give it to him, so he would continue to tread that thin line of double-dealing. “I do happen to know what picture you are talking about.”

“Oh, so that was her…” Dick sighed as he thought back to what Bruce said to him about that picture. That they were putting on a show for her father and pretending to be married. That could probably be why he and Rex weren’t on good terms anymore. Talk about a joke going too far. 

“I think it best if you ask Master Bruce about the Calabrese's, yourself.”

“From the vague information he gave to me about Rex before, I’m sure he won’t tell me much. But I guess I’ll talk to him about it later…”

“Very good, Master Dick. I hope all goes well when you do, that way you won’t have to sneak around anymore.”

The omega laughed aloud. “There’s just something fun about doing that, you should try it sometime, Alfred.”

“Oh, don’t worry about me, I’ve done my fair share of sneaking around.” And keeping secrets for much too long...




“Hey, guys.” Dick ran his fingers across the shiny black surface of one of the many veneers dispersed throughout the colossal base. 

“Hey.” Jason threw a dismissive wave his way before going back to his cellphone. He had his legs kicked up on a table next to Tim’s computer and seemed to be seldom watching his brother doing something on the monitor. Dick quickly bypassed the training mats- where he originally planned on going- and cut across the room to see what the teenager was doing. 

As soon as he stood behind Jason’s chair, the alpha sniffed the air without even trying to hide it. “I don’t think I’ll ever get used to that new scent of yours.” 

“Eventually, you will.”

“You mean hopefully, I will.” 

“Well, it’s here to stay no matter what you feel. I’m glad to see you’re feeling better though.” Dick lightly flicked the side of Jason’s leg, now free from it’s cast.

“Ouch!” He pulled his leg back, letting it drop to the floor and out of reach from Dick. “Don’t touch… it’s still tender.”

“My bad.” With an awkward chuckle, Dick looked away and over at the computer screen, squinting at the tiny sequence of numbers being added at every interval. Tim’s doing most likely, for every time he typed on the keyboard, another sequence was added. Dick soon glanced at Tim, seeing him expertly taking apart his old cellphone.

“Where did you get that?”

Tim didn’t look his way and continued disassembling the inside of the phone. “Bruce brought it with him when he brought you in. He told me to get rid of it but I decided it was best to keep it.”

Dick looked back at the computer, trying to comprehend the chain of numerals before giving up for the second time. He knew from what Bruce and Alfred said, that the kid was smart, but what the hell was this?

“What are you doing with it?” 

“I’m looking for the tra- oh, just found it.” Tim lifted a silver fragment that looked similar to all the other pieces laid out across the table. 

Jason looked up from his phone. “About time.”

Tim ignored him and began his explanation. “It's an f.o. tracker made to blend in with a cellphone’s Turner IC unit.” Tim typed in another series of numbers before speaking again. “And it’s only made in Italy. Obviously, it’s been dealt through the black market otherwise you’d never see these in Gotham.” Tim studied the fragment once more before setting it down and plopping back on the chair behind him.

“They know where I am?” Dick asked as he moved over to get a closer look at the tracker.

“No, they don’t... probably.”

“Probably?” Jason said as he suddenly appeared behind Dick, looking at the tracker over his shoulder.

“Bruce cut off the phone before he left the hotel, so the location should be stalled at that point.”

“They know I was at the hotel then.”

“Yes,” Tim said simply.

“So... what are those?” Dick asked, addressing the numbers that were back on the screen.

Tim finally regarded him with a set of harmless blue eyes. “I recorded every serial number off of each piece of your old cell phone. If I can get the numbers to line up correctly, I can determine where the next sequence occurs within the tracker's positions.”

“Meaning?” Jason queried.

“Basically, we’ll be able to see every person who has the same tracker within a 200-mile radius.” Tim turned back around and Dick raised a brow. “It will take a couple of minutes to line up, but once they do, we can see how many DS assassins are around. Then after some tweaking and maybe… two or three days without sleep, I can hack into all of their SMS’s and see who exactly has received a message concerning that 1 million dollar bounty.”

“Fuck, you’re smart as hell.” Jason clapped a hand on Tim’s shoulder, causing him to make an expression that Dick couldn't decipher. But his cheeks were clearly flushed and his stiffness undoubtedly mirrored that reaction.

“Thanks…” Tim responded softly then cleared his throat when Jason moved away.

Dick studied the interaction with little interest and put it at the back of his mind. He focused more on Tim’s sudden motivation to do something that benefitted him. It was out of place and way beyond the margins of their old truce. Why was Tim doing all of this now? And if he were being honest, this information could have helped them out way before now.

“So…” Dick uttered while crossing his arms. “’re helping me out now?”

“Um…” Tim hesitated but quickly recovered with a small smile. “No, I’m not. I’m simply helping Bruce out… and he just so happens to be helping you out.”

“Oh…” Dick glimpsed at Jason who shrugged in response. “Well, I’m sure that Bruce would appreciate your help.”

Tim nodded, not once looking away from the monitor but Dick could still see a slight curl of his lips. "And maybe if by chance that Bruce could somehow be convinced to get me a car for my birthday this summer... then I'd be extra willing to help him out."

Dick huffed a laugh and tilted his head. “That’s it, huh?”

“That sounds like it's not going to happen,” Jason commented as he sat down and placed his feet back on the table.

Jason might be right but Dick decided to keep playing along. "Well, Bruce was somehow convinced to give Jason a raise on his allowance so… I'll see what I can do." The omega made his intent clear and Tim’s smile widened before it quickly dissolved. It was bribery in a way, but Dick could deal with it, for now, that is.

"Is this how you two are going to talk from now on because it's fucking annoying."

“It’s finished,” Tim announced, once again ignoring Jason. 

Dick stood beside Tim and looked at the screen full of blinking green dots.

“The trackers are everywhere. Over here is Blüdhaven,” Tim pointed at the screen. “Then New York, and this is Gotham.”

“There’s a lot more in Gotham,” Jason said as he came closer to the screen. “How many is that anyway?”

Tim clicked somewhere on the screen, bringing up the statistics. “206 trackers.”

“I’ve been with you guys for four months now, they must’ve already searched Blüdhaven from head to toe. If they know I’ve been at the hotel here, then, of course, there would be more in Gotham.”

“What are we going to do?” Tim asked.

“I have a plan but, I don’t know if Bruce is going to like it.” 

“How much is he not going to like it?” Jason asked, giving Dick an anxious look.

“Mm… it’s about 6 out of 10 on the serious level, maybe 8, depending on his mood.” 

“Anything above 1 is already bad enough,” Jason added and it didn’t sound like he was teasing either.

“So, what is it? What’s the plan?” Tim urged Dick to tell them.

“I was thinking that Bruce and I could…” Dick took a deep breath and fiddled with the sleeve of his shirt. “We could... go public.”




The hunters hired by DS aren’t stupid. They knew they were disposable and wouldn’t dare attempt a double kill with Dick’s 1 million and Bruce’s 8 million-dollar bounty. Especially when Dick plans to threaten them by revealing the now completed drug, to the public. Once the hunters start to drop out and their numbers dwindle into nothing, then that’ll leave them with only DS’s top assassins and... Dick used to be one of them.

The prince of Gotham finding his soulmate will be a huge surprise to everyone. An ex-assassin now working with the Dark Knight will be an even bigger surprise for those who knew about their secret statuses. They won’t see it coming. DS doesn’t know that Grant told them about the drug. And best of all, Dick knew what it did. Unfortunately for him, he would have to let Tim, Jason, and Bruce know.

So he told them. After years of failing to grasp the idea even for himself, he told them. In great detail too. They were in shock and disbelief just as much as Dick was the first time he heard the idea. The act of taking away someone's dynamic seemed otherworldly and yet, Grant said they finished it. Slade had done it, he actually did it. 

Between telling the Wayne family about the drug and his impending terror, Dick finally told them Slade’s name. It was spoken with so much disdain that Dick would have rather drunken poison instead. Slade had such a degraded philosophy but he was smart, extremely smart, convincingly so and Dick would never doubt that. He’d give Slade his compliments, and having known him for fifteen years, no one could deny his achievements. But as much as he was smart, he was also vile and deadly. 

He carried with him a foul scent that burned Dick’s nostrils and a nauseating voice that could easily corrupt the innocent. Those two sensations were enough to dent the interior of Dick’s mind and force him to bow down at his every waking moment. Through his daily training and manipulation, Dick had to find some sort of outlet for his suffering or it would overtake him. So he disposed of the one thing that was restricting him and became detached, essentially removing his simulance of emotion.

Dick didn’t tell the Wayne family that the drug was made based off of him. He never would. He didn’t want to have to explain how that came to be or how he did it; he didn’t want to show them; he didn’t want to relive those moments. He hated everything about what Slade had made him do and he wanted to be free…

Dick then thought of his own philosophy, influenced by Bruce’s ideals. To only kill when needed . Because some people won’t ever stop their misdeeds, some people won’t ever feel guilty or change. What’s the point of them continuing on if it’s only to make others suffer? The world would be a much better place without them. If only from preventing them from doing anything wrong again, in the most humane way possible... Some people need to die. Evil people need to die. 

Slade was one of them.

And maybe, if in the end, Dick could get Slade to somehow burn alive in fire, he would openly and gladly, smile while watching.

Chapter Text

“Are you sure that I look okay?”

Bruce gave Dick his full attention, sighing at his persistent uncertainty. “I’ve already told you that you look beautiful.” 

“You always say that.” Dick couldn’t stop the heat from rising to his cheeks and was glad when Bruce turned around to look into the dresser mirror. “I still can’t believe you hired a personal stylist for me when we could have gone shopping ourselves.”

“You deserve better than that. And of course, you need to look your very best because we are going to a gala.”

Dick silently agreed before checking himself in the full-length mirror and restudied the workings of his attire. He wore a skin-tight black long sleeve shirt that was sheer around the cuffs. The dark color extended to his high waisted low cut black trousers. And to top it all off, he donned a long coat jacket that hung off his shoulders and was painted in a bright royal blue. He didn’t look half bad but not even his nice clothing could put an end to the nervousness pushing at his chest. Mainly because it’s only been a couple of days since he came up with a plan and Bruce’s first thought was to take him to a gala of all places.

“I’m still not sure if I want to go.” He muttered as he padded over to where his alpha stood. “I was hoping you would kind of just make a post online or something.”

“I did make an announcement.” Bruce looked at him through the mirror as he adjusted his bow tie. “But I also wanted to show you off.”

“Show me off? What am I? One of your expensive watches?”

“Just about as much as this watch.” He tapped the one that was on his wrist. “But maybe a bit... cheaper.” Bruce teased, causing Dick to push at his arm with a laugh.

“Now I have a price? You definitely know how to make a guy feel special.” Dick teased as he peeked at himself in the dresser mirror then sighed. "I’m so nervous.”

Bruce finished fixing his bowtie and turned around, pulling the omega close by the hips. “Don’t be nervous. I’ll be by your side the entire night. Though, I’d rather just go back to bed.”

Dick looped his arms around the alpha’s neck. “Of course you would. And I thought this morning would be enough for you.” 

“I can never get enough of you.”

Dick was caught off guard when the alpha easily lifted him off the ground. “Bruce! Wait-!” He tightened his arms and legs around the alpha in an attempt to balance himself before he was dropped onto the bed. He laughs into the kiss Bruce pressed against his lips and they were soon locking tongues, moaning softly. 

“Mhn… Bruce… we can’t-” Dick said into his mouth, voice wavering as he was smoothly pulled into another kiss. A palm drifted along the curve of his back, canting him upward into the alpha’s warm chest. The omega melted into his touch, hands twisting on the back of Bruce’s collar, enough to crease the material. They needed to stop or they would be late. But the kiss was addicting, hot, and wet, capturing all his attention. It wasn’t as intense as it was this morning but it was just as hard to pull away. And it never did take long for Dick to get turned on but now was not the time. Just before Dick could push the alpha away, a knock sounded at the door.

Bruce greeted the interruption with a sigh. “Already?”

“I told you we couldn’t...” Dick said once Bruce pulled back. He was honestly feeling a bit disappointed about having to stop but he didn’t waste any more time brooding and stood up from the bed. Following Bruce’s example, he neatened out the wrinkles in his clothes, particularly the jacket that had fallen off his shoulders and onto the bed. A moment later, there was another knock then the doorknob turned.

“Guys, Alfred's waiting for you in the car.” Tim pushed open the door, his gaze sweeping across Dick’s outfit. “Mm, you actually look like a model now.”

Dick narrowed his eyes. “Is that your way of complimenting me?” 

“It’s… it’s whatever you think it is.” Tim averted his eyes, now looking at Bruce. “Anyway, you guys should hurry. You know how Alfred hates waiting.”

“We’ll be down in a second,” Bruce said and Tim gave a thumbs up before he left the room.

“Is it safe to say that Tim likes me now? Just in a sort of half-assed way?” Dick questioned as he watched Bruce grab his cell phone off the nightstand.

“Your guess is as good as mine.” The alpha held a neutral expression, bordering the line of amusement. 

“Well, from what I saw the other day, I honestly think he deserves a gift for helping me.” The omega suggested as he followed Bruce out of the door.

The alpha furrowed his brows, seeming to be both surprised and curious at the same time. “You want to give him a gift?”

“I mean sure. His graduation is coming up and also his birthday is this summer right?”

“Yes, I was thinking of getting him a nice watch. He always compliments them when he sees me wearing them.” 

“He’s sixteen Bruce, I think he wants something a little bit different,” Dick said as they descended the stairwell.

“What do you think I should get him then?” 

“I was thinking, a new laptop, a speaker, maybe a car …?”

Bruce abruptly stopped on the last step and Dick almost ran into his back. “Tim put you up to this, didn’t he?”

Dick sighed and held back a laugh as he stepped past the alpha and continued towards the front door. “Bruce, why would he do that? We don’t even get along that well and we barely talk as it is. I just thought that those were some of the things a teenager would want. It's definitely something I would want.” Once they reached the door, he faced the alpha, eyes glinting in the low light. “You would get it for me if I asked wouldn’t you?”

Bruce squinted lightly, lips tight in a straight line. “... I’ll consider it.”

“Aw, that’s so sweet, big guy. I appreciate your consideration.” Dick placed a quick kiss on his lips before opening the front door. “I’m sure Tim will appreciate it too.” He smiled innocently before turning around and walking out the door.

“Fucking whipped.” 

Bruce looked behind him, seeing his eldest son crossing his arms and shaking his head in faux disappointment. “Jason, when did you get here?”

“I’ve been here the whole time, B. But I think you were a little too distracted to notice.” Jason lifted a brow, looking past him and out the door. 

“Go and study for your exams, Jason.”

“Will do B. But make sure and bring back a souvenir. You know, those little pastries I like.”

“Goodbye, Jason.” Bruce walked out the door and Jason yelled after him.

“Hey, I’m serious. I’m sure you would get it if Dick asked.”

Bruce threw a wave over his shoulder, full-on ignoring him. After a while, Jason waved when the car drove off and closed the door behind him, wondering what the fuck did Dick do to get Bruce to raise his allowance? Well, whatever it was, it must have not been much because at this point, Dick could smile and Bruce would do anything he wanted. That lucky bastard.




Dick understood that publicity came with a lot of things. Pictures, being bombarded with questions and having to live up to the expectations of total strangers. Bruce assured him it wouldn’t be that serious but Dick had seen the media. He knew what it was like.

The closer they got to the venue the more anxious Dick felt. Not even Bruce rubbing circles in his back, sending soothing sensations could help with that. A familiar feeling overcame him, calling him a useless and worthless omega, an ex-assassin who didn’t deserve happiness and Bruce deserved someone else and he was-

“Dick,” Bruce said his name, forcing the omega to look at him. “Calm down, my love.”

“But Bruce I’m-”

“There’s nothing wrong with you. You’re perfect. You're beautiful. You can do this.”


Even though it was far from true, Dick loved hearing those words. To him, it meant that Bruce unconditionally accepted who he was. Along with the bad and the good, he took those differences in stride. In the course of his nervous spill, Dick could feel that his alpha was telling the truth. Through their constant emotional connection, did the omega eventually start taking deep breaths. He did so until the car stopped in front of the venue.

But he was still nervous.

He was nervous when they stepped out under the moonlight with lights flashing from cameras in every possible direction. Dick painted on a smile, the curl of his lips were tense as his heart throbbed against his chest. As Dick was led down the long walkway, he looped his arm through Bruce’s, trying to stay as close as he could to the calming pheromones. From time to time they would stop and take a couple of pictures before steadily moving along.

“I wish that was the hard part,” Dick muttered as they closed in on the grand entrance.

“You’ll be fine, trust me.” 

“I hope you're right about that.” Bruce wrapped an arm around his waist, squeezing his side in encouragement as they breached the colossal doorway. A few people were staring his way when they entered but Dick was too distracted by the dramatic scenery to care.

A colossal chandelier was the first thing that caught Dick’s eye when they breached the Doric column entrance. Then massive party balloons, black in color, the exact opposite of the clear chairs that surrounded the large round tables. Centerpieces ornamented with tall shiny vases, sprouting blue roses from the middle, dangling vines barely scraping the surface of the tabletops. Where sat, glasses of champagne with tiny bubbles threatening to spill over the golden rims. Flickering candles stood in between each vase, pouring warm light over the gray-tinted linens which toppled over the edge of the tables and nearly touched the ground.

It was all so amazing and Dick never wanted to look away. Nevertheless, he followed at Bruce’s pace, stopping here and there to greet others, who would then turn to him with bright smiles and overly happy introductions. Some greetings were as fake as a three dollar bill and they were primarily given by omegas. They’d leer at Dick with tight-lipped smiles before glancing at Bruce and greeting him with dramatic giggling and elevated voices. It was enough to make Dick’s ears bleed and it made his omega feel a bit peeved. It was impossible to ignore the desires of another omega, even if they had someone else looped around their arms. 

His instincts told him to protect what was his. Every once in a while, during their little meet and greets, Dick couldn’t help it if his pheromones happened to diffuse in small waves, shoving his scent provokingly at a few bystanders. If Bruce sensed him (which was every time it happened) the alpha would nicely and oh so kindly, excuse himself, giving them some space.

By the time they made it to the table with their reserved seats, Dick’s nervousness had worn out completely as well as his energy. He gladly took a glass of champagne from a waiter passing by, drinking it in slow sips as Bruce pulled out a chair for him.


Dick froze, moving to stand up straight as he watched a man rush over to their table.

“Harvey,” Bruce said when he was close enough. “I didn’t think you would make it.”

“Of course I would be here.” Harvey clapped Bruce on the back with a smile. “It took me a while to find the invite in my email but when I did, I quickly got dressed. I only came here to do one thing anyway.” His eyes quickly found Dick. “And that was to meet your lovely mate.”

“Dick, this is Harvey Dent. He’s one of my closest friends.”

“I’m his best friend.” Harvey stuck out his hand, wafting the scent of an alpha. “One of his only real friends.”

“I think he gets it,” Bruce muttered while Dick shook Harvey’s hand.

“I’m Richard Grayson, nice to meet you.”

“Nice meeting you and I can see why Bruce didn’t tell me about you because...” Harvey gave Dick and evident once over. “Wow.”

“Harvey.” Bruce scolded his friend.

“Sorry, Bruce it’s just that you really do have a type.”

“A type?” Dick asked while sitting down in his chair. “What type?”

“Dark-haired beauties.” Harvey sat down beside Bruce, scratching his chin as he checked Dick out once more. “I mean it’s not like you had a choice this time but I think fate knows your type too well, my friend.”

“Harvey,” Bruce warned for a second time. “Enough.”

“Sorry, sorry, I’ll stop now.” Harvey finally looked away from Dick and to Bruce. “By the way, how are my nephews doing?”

“They’re doing fine. Tim graduates in two weeks.”

“Two weeks!?” He exclaimed and slumped back against the seat, rubbing his chin with a small frown. “Mm, I should get him something. What do you think I should get hi…”

Dick drowned out their conversation and let his eyes sweep across the gigantic venue once more. He was still drawn to all the stunning decorations and wondered if this was something he would have to get used to from now on. He didn’t know if that was possible but he would try. Besides, this appearance was only for the plan, it’s not like he was required to attend these things. With that concluded, Dick took another sip of his champagne, eyes traveling across the room, taking in the ambiance with a little more confidence than before. 

He watched Alpha, Beta, and Omega Businesswomen and actresses alike, wearing their best formal evening gowns or cocktail dresses with their gaudy jewels and long gloves. Their outfits would match in color with their dates who were mostly Alpha men and they sported black tuxedo jackets, some blue, some white with matching trousers. Along with button-down shirts, bowties, black cummerbunds, and patent shoes. 

Spotting Omega men were easier, for their clothes were tighter, their shirts were either silk or satin and they showed a little more skin. Dick was once again reminded that the party had a dress code of sorts. If he remembered correctly, the theme was called Midnight Hue’s so everyone wore blues, grays, and tints of black. Well, all except one, who was wearing an all white suit.

Rex Calabrese…

Dick instantly recognized him from across the room as he trudged through the crowd with a flashy woman at his side. His line of sight was set on their table which had two vacant seats left. Finally, when he made it, he stood there, towering over them with his chest puffed out, showing off his strong alpha scent and it made Dick want to cover his nose.

Rex lowered his eyes to the name card on the table and he picked it up. “I see they're still giving us the same table.” He murmured with a deep bitter tone.

“Mr. Calabrese.” Harvey stood up and they shook hands. “I’m glad to see you’re still alive.”

“Yes, alive and well.” His eyes flickered to Bruce then back at Harvey. “No date tonight, Harvey? How rare."

“No, not tonight. I decided to come last minute so I didn’t have time to make any calls.” Harvey answered as he sat back down and Rex followed in suit-- sitting next to Harvey while his date sat next to Dick.

“How unfortunate,” Rex said with a flat tone, running a hand through his slicked-back gray hair.

“It’s very unfortunate.” Harvey agreed. “Especially after seeing Bruce’s mate, he’s so beautiful that I really wished I had brought my own.”

Rex’s eyes landed on Dick, candidly studying him, openly dragging his eyes down his form. It wasn’t like Bruce’s gentle stare or Harvey’s playful once over, it was... scornful as if he were looking for any flaw that Dick might have. The omega subconsciously placed a hand over his wrist where the DS tattoo was permanently printed on his skin. Even though it was covered up by his long sleeves, with Rex staring at him, he felt like he was being exposed somehow.

“Mr. Calabrese, this is my mate, Richard Grayson,” Bruce said with a tolerating smile as he grabbed Dick’s hand under the table in comfort.

“It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Calabrese.” Dick greeted with a small smile.

“Richard Grayson... an omega. I surely hope my suppressors work well enough for you.” He spoke arrogantly.

Dick swallowed, feeling a sudden pressure building in his chest but he forced himself to speak. “I’m sorry but I can’t give you any feedback on that."

"You can't?"

"I don’t use the Surge suppressor.”

Rex gave him a stony stare. “Is that so? Why is that?”

Dick had not expected to be put on the spot like this. Why was this man asking about his personal matters around people he didn’t know? 

“Mr. Calabrese, I’d rather you’d not talk about my mate’s personal choices in public,” Bruce spoke up on his behalf.

Rex stared unblinkingly, expression unsympathetic and despite his obvious indifference, he said, “Forgive me, I was not aware that I was being rude. Particularly to one as beautiful as your omega… Sadly, he’s not as beautiful as my Selina.”

“I would watch how you speak to my mate.” Bruce lowered his voice, darkly, with a growl seeping through the edges of his articulation. 

“There was no insult in my word’s Wayne Jr.” He spat out his last name. “I simply stated an opinion. Aren’t we all allowed to make our own opinions?”

The tension at the table was immense and the pheromones were raging, causing some people to look their way. Dick squeezed his alpha’s hand, sending him soothing emotions but it didn’t seem to help. Bruce’s and Rex’s “complicated businessman issue” seemed to be way deeper than Dick first thought. Now he regretted even asking Bruce to talk to him in the first place. But it wasn’t as if Bruce told him it was this bad. He didn’t tell him anything really...

“Come on guys, we’re all adults here.” Harvey piped in with a strained smile. “This is a party and a charity event, so let's all just calm down.”

“You’re right,” Rex’s date--who Dick forgot was there--spoke up with a sunny smile. She was a beta, a very young beta compared to Rex who was in his sixties. “We should all just act cordial with one another.” She looked at Rex who just turned around in his seat and no longer looked at them.

Dick took this opportunity to peer over at his alpha and rub Bruce’s arm. “You okay?” He whispered. "Should we leave?”

No, we’re staying,” Bruce said assuredly.

“Ah, yes,” Harvey looked happy that someone was on his side. “Rex you haven’t introduced us to your date yet.”

“Nonsense, he doesn’t need to introduce me.” She playfully patted Rex’s arm who still didn’t turn around. “My name’s, Vicky.”

“Well, I’m glad to see that Mr. Calabrese has brought such a kindhearted woman to our table,” Harvey said before Bruce and Dick acknowledged her with a self-introduction.

“I was so surprised when I heard Bruce Wayne found his soulmate,” Vicky commented.

Harvey nodded. “It was a surprise to all of us.”

“Who knew that our playboy would eventually settle down?” Vicky sighed dramatically and Dick almost rolled his eyes. “I was always hoping I would have a go at it before this ever happened but now it’s too late,” She said with all smiles and without a care in the world. 

Bruce cleared his throat and Dick felt his eye twitch. More than that, Rex didn’t make a comment on what she said.

“I’ve been meaning to ask but how old are you?” She regarded Dick, blatantly asking him a question as if she’d forgotten her previous statement.


“Ten years younger? You’re so young. You're almost a baby.” She taunted lightly.

“He’s not that young.” Harvey defended him. “If he were eighteen, then that would give us something to talk about.”

“Now that’s really young.” She giggled.

“How old are you?” Dick swiftly asked.

“Me? I’m twenty-eight.”

“Really? Well, if my partner was somewhere in his sixties, and I was in my twenties then that would definitely give us something to talk about.” Dick retorted with a hint of a smirk, watching her smile wilt and finally, Rex turned around.

There was a beat of silence and all eyes were on him, their expressions varying from startled to unhappy, to Bruce’s small smile and Harvey’s sudden laughter.

“Now that was something that Selina would have never said,” Harvey exclaimed, causing Rex to glare at him. Before the furious alpha could say anything, a person on the stage began speaking through a microphone, silencing everyone in the room. 

However, Dick couldn’t help but wonder as to why they all kept bringing up Selina and why they seemed to be comparing him to her?






Dick wouldn’t say he didn’t enjoy the gala completely, it had its moments, mostly when the charity event was over and Rex and Vicky went about their ways. Dick stayed with Bruce most of the time, meeting a few celebrities here and there, talking and laughing until his mouth started to hurt and his bladder was screaming. For the first time that night, he left his alpha’s side and went to the restroom. He finished quickly and set his sights on looking for Bruce in the huge venue. The omega was just barely able to sense the alpha’s emotions from afar and started towards that way. However, during his trek, he accidentally bumped into someone, dropping his cellphone in the process.

"I’m sorry about that,” Dick apologized as he peered down at a heap of bright orange hair. Then the man stood up straight, handing Dick his phone back.

“Dude, hasn’t anyone ever told you to not text while walking?”

“Um…” Dick spluttered, not exactly sure how to assess the beta in front of him. “No, I’m sorry.” 

“No need to apologize,” The man’s lips pulled into a smile, his whole aura now filled with heavy amusement. “I’m just joking around with you- Oh, you’re… Bruce Wayne’s mate, right?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

“I’m Wally.” He smiled brightly. “Actually my uncle’s sorta kinda friends with Bruce. His name’s Barry Allen. You should have met him at some point.”

“Yeah, I think I met him a couple of hours ago.” 

“Fuck it’s been that long already?” Wally held up his wrist and checked his watch, squinting at the numbers before sighing heavily. “Bummer, I can never read these things. What’s your phone say?”

Dick cracked a smile and looked down at his phone. “It’s 10:56.”

“Dang, so it has been that long.”

“Looks like someone needs to learn how to read a real watch.” Dick mused.

“Yeah, um…” He shook his head and pressed his lips together. “That's not gonna happen.”

Dick couldn’t help but laugh, bringing a hand to his mouth as he did, so he wouldn't be outright teasing him. But Wally didn’t seem to mind, he just shrugged and covered his watch with the cuff of his shirt. 

“Why not?” Dick questioned.

“It’s too much trouble. Plus, I never paid attention in elementary school when they were teaching that stuff.”

Dick quickly learned that Wally was one of those people that was easy to talk to and get along with. They made casual conversation for a couple of minutes that was woefully cut short when someone bumped into Dick.

“Omega, you're standing in the middle of the walkway.” A familiar voice pierced his ears and he quickly moved to the side, letting Rex pass him with a hefty trudge. 

“The hell is wrong with that guy?” Wally scoffed, still looking at the man walking away. “I swear he has a problem with everyone.”

“Really?” Dick thought it was only Bruce who he had a problem with.

“Yeah…” Wally crossed his arms and faced Dick. “That reminds me, I saw you guys sitting at the same table as him. How’d that go?”

“If I’m being honest, not good. He seems like an asshole to me.” 

“A complete asshole.” Wally easily agreed. “Even before his daughter died it was as if, I don’t know, he was messed up in the head or something.”

“He’s got his head stuck up his ass, that’s for sure.” Dick accidentally let the words slip past his lips but Wally laughed.

“Trust me, it's stuck all the way up there. I think he likes the smell too.”

Dick snorted and looked past Wally, watching Rex disappear into the crowd. 

“I’m still wondering why they invited him?” Wally frowned in question before pulling out his cellphone.

Dick shrugged. “I wouldn't know anything about that.” 

“It’s probably because he donates a lot of money but still.” He took a brief pause and began typing on his cellphone. “I mean, he wore a white suit, for gods sake. He looks like a clown- shit, my uncle just texted me saying we gotta go. Just when I was having fun too.” Wally looked up from his phone. “Hey, give me your number.”

“My number?”

“Yeah dude, we’re like the youngest people in here right now and we’re bound to run into each other again with, you know, with you being Bruce’s mate and all.”

Dick didn’t know if this was a good idea or not. He was only here to expose his alliance with Bruce to DS. He wasn’t here to make friends. He liked Wally but this was… 

“Come on,” Wally smiled brightly. “I know some cool places where we can hang.” 

Dick hesitated. “...Okay, sure.”

“Cool,” Wally said and listened to Dick as he relayed his number then started typing his name. “Richard Gra-”

“Actually, I go by Dick.” 

“Alright, cool… Dick Grayson.” Wally sounded out his name as he typed in the contact and they finished exchanging numbers. 

“See ya, Dick.” Wally gave him a two-finger salute before walking away. 

The omega looked down at his phone and stared at Wally’s name. He was still feeling a bit unsure about his decision. Talking to someone else outside of the Wayne family didn’t bode well with him. Even though it would be sort of a breather being able to talk to someone his own age... almost like a friend… he hasn’t had one of those in so long… Maybe he could give it a try-

“Wow, I must say, I never expected you to look this good.”

Dick looked up from his phone, coming face to face with a pretty omegan woman, wearing a shimmering black gown. She stopped in front of him, twirling a piece of her short blond hair with a tiny smile.

“I’m sorry, who are you?” Dick inquired politely.

“My name’s Holly Robinson. And there’s no need to tell me who you are because you’ve been the talk of the town since yesterday.” She giggled softly. “Not many people have the chance to meet their soulmates so everyone’s a bit interested in you.” 

Dick bashfully chuckled under his breath.“I was hoping that wasn’t the case, I’m not used to this sort of scenery.”

“Don’t be shy. You're dressed for the part so I’m sure old Brucie hooked you up.” 

That nickname… “Are you a friend of Bruce’s?”

Holly’s smile faltered. “...More or less.” She slowly turned to the side and bared her neck, displaying a small tattoo shaped like a bat.

Dick's eyes went wide. “I’ve... never met one of the members before.”

She looked back at him, the nuances in her tone changing slightly. Almost as though she were displeased. “You still haven’t, I’ve been meaning to get this tattoo removed for years now."

“Oh…” The omega shifted on his feet, clutching at his cellphone with confusion. “I didn’t mean to offend you or-”

“No, you didn’t offend me at all.” She interrupted and Dick recognized the insincerity in her voice. “I’m certain you know why the members are so reluctant to come back after five years.”

Dick frowned at the all too familiar words. From Dr. Dundee to Alfred, they all mentioned Bruce going into retirement and when Dick asked about it, he never got an answer.

“He’s told you, hasn’t he?” Holly deadpanned at him. “I’m sure your mate tells you everything so you must know.”

“That he went into retirement, yes.” Dick felt that same pressure beating at his chest after being placed into another awkward situation. One where he was walking on a thin line of knowing everything and knowing nothing at all.

“My goodness,” She placed a hand over her chest and tilted her head. “That’s all he told you?”

“Well, that’s...” Dick trailed off, biting his lip as a feeling of doubt resurfaced in his mind.

“So, you don’t know anything… I guess you’re just a replacement after all.”

“Excuse me?” Dick frowned. “What are you talking about?”

“That you’re a replacement... for Selina.”

“What?” Dick almost laughed out loud but Holly’s serious gaze kept him grounded. “You’re talking about Selina Calabrese?”

“Calabrese? Well, that’s what she went by in the media but her legal last name, that’s printed right on her birth certificate is, Selina Kyle. You know, Bruce’s fiancé?” She pushed her point and beamed happily. 

Dick’s heart stopped and he stared blankly at the omega in front of him as the word ‘fiancé’ wedged itself through his skull.

“From your reaction, I can tell that you haven’t heard a thing… how sad.”

“Bruce didn’t…” Dick could barely even get the words out and he had difficulty swallowing. “He didn’t have a fiancé.” 

“My goodness, are you sure you're his mate?” Holly laughed, openly flouting him. “Listen, Richard, they never made it public mostly because Selina liked to stay out of the spotlight. But she was my best friend and she convinced me to join the clan which is exactly why I know about her secret proposal from the prince. It made sense.” She shrugged. “They were childhood friends after all but... I guess you weren’t made aware of that either.” Holly paused, taking a brief moment to look at his reaction.

Dick failed to maintain eye contact with her, for he still couldn't rationalize the words coming out of her mouth. He didn’t want to… He was actively trying to push away his doubt but it wouldn’t let up. Why... why is this happening now… when he’s already bonded to Bruce. Why?

“I must say that I truly didn’t have any intention on talking to you about this. I just wanted to see who Bruce thought could replace the love of his life...”

Replacement… no, he wasn’t… 

“...But who knew that I would find out that his own mate doesn’t know anything about his past… Or maybe, you just weren’t that important enough to know…”

Hearing that shouldn’t hurt as much as it did but then again, he was the one who allowed himself to believe that Bruce was telling the truth. He attempted to push away all of his doubts and uncertainties because he wanted to escape from the pain that DS caused him. It was unfair; so fucking unfair that no matter how hard he tried to be the man his heart wanted him to be, his failures continued mocking him. And now look at what he’d done... he bonded himself to Bruce Wayne for life... without even truly knowing him… 

Chapter Text

Letter #Unknown

Dear Bruce,

My father is going to kill me; in fact, he’s going to kill you before he gets to me. He saw the tattoo on my neck right before I left for this business trip. I swear on my life, he almost had a heart attack when I admitted to joining the clan. Forgive me Brucie, but if this letter doesn’t make it to you in time to warn you… I would just like to say that your funeral will be the most expensive funeral there is and I’ll make sure to bury your money with you. Of course, after taking a bit for myself. 

But let me be frank, he’s not happy AT ALL. And I know you were reluctant as well, I get it, I’ve been put into danger from time to time but hear me out. We've had the same training since we were fourteen and I’ve been doing well so far. Can you truly say that I'm not as prepared as you are? Well, it doesn't matter what you and my dad think, I'm going to do what I want regardless. You know me well enough to understand that. I guess we're both stubborn in that way.

Anyhow, when I get back to Gotham, I'm hoping I'll be able to move in right away without any trouble. I should’ve moved in years ago but I wanted you to commit to me. I’m glad you finally have… in a way you have... If I’m being honest, I think you only did it because I pressured you. And you’re still broken about not being able to find your soulmate that night. You’ve kept quiet about it, but I know how you truly feel. You’re waiting for him to suddenly pop up out of nowhere so you can let me down easy. You’re going to break my heart if you do. You’re my best friend and I love you; I’ve loved you my whole life. But it’s fate, so you can’t control it and unfortunately, if you were to stay with me, you’ll break his heart as well. 

That’s why I’ll make it easy for you. I know that I used to reject the idea of you finding your soulmate again but I’ve matured a bit since then. I’ve come to realize that he might be able to do the things for you that I can’t- given you two were made for one another… So, if you do meet him, I promise on everything that I’ll let you go… and you should let me go too because if you don’t… it’ll hurt him.



Selina Kyle

Bruce’s fiancé 

“It was nice meeting you,” Holly said, her smile permanently social; permanently derisive, lingering along with her steps as she crept backward. Covertly, in her departure, she ceaselessly peeked around the room. It was obvious that she was watching out for something. Bruce perhaps?

Dick closed his eyes at the thought of his alpha and at some point, he started having trouble breathing. He hadn't felt this sensation in a while and he sure as hell wasn't ready for it to happen in a place like this. It was too late though. Before the omega could take one step, his chest tightened, his heart beat faster and his throat burned. Bruce lied to him. He was a replacement.  

Together with his constant misgivings, Dick attempted to walk as straight and as normal as he could. Hugging his jacket close, he kept an eye on the front entrance, aware that his distressed pheromones were drawing attention. People looked his way, still, he paced forward, progressively dragging his feet along. Somewhere during his sluggish travel--he tripped--falling knees first onto the floor.

Soft gasps went through the small crowd of people standing near him. A few of them asked if he was okay and tried to help him up but Dick kindly rejected their offers as he attempted to control his breathing. This was so embarrassing. Being seen this way in public was the worst thing that could happen right now. In fact, it wouldn’t be happening if Holly hadn’t spoken to him tonight. Sadly, if she didn’t, Dick would have probably never discovered the truth about Bruce...

Pain. The pain in his heart was immense and overwhelming. Being lied to and compared to her- 

Dick clenched the fabric of his chest and listened to a rush of oncoming footsteps. “Richard?” Harvey’s warm hand touched his back as he bent down beside him. “What’s wrong? Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” Dick huffed raggedly, sounding incredibly fickle.

“Someone find Bruce! Quickly.” He said before surrounding the omega with calming pheromones, instantly alleviating some of the omega’s distress. “It’ll be alright, Bruce will be here soon.”

That’s the thing though, Dick didn’t want to be anywhere near Bruce right now. His omega, on the other hand, was blindsided by natural instinct and needed him to take away his pain. He needed his alpha; he needed Bruce. Murmurs and whispers came from all around and Dick kept his head down, staring at the white marble flooring.  

“Dick!” Bruce’s voice came from behind, causing Dick to whine softly in need for his alpha’s touch. In contrast, his thoughts screamed with bitterness, toeing the line of heartbreak. He didn’t need his alpha; he didn’t need Bruce.

Harvey moved away allowing Bruce to replace his presence. “Thanks, Harv.”

“Are you sure you don’t need any help?” The alpha asked, tone laced with real concern.

“No it’s fine, I’ll take it from here.” 

Dick was once again surrounded by pheromones, a scent he’d fallen in love with. Hence his willingness to be touched by the same alpha who caused him so much agony. He felt himself being lifted off the ground, legs dangling over the alpha’s muscular arm and he instinctively wrapped his arms around Bruce’s neck. Worried scents and mutters of concern went throughout the crowd, leading Dick to hide his face in Bruce’s neck. God, Bruce smelled so good , despite that, he’d rather be anywhere else than in his arms. 

Dick listened to Bruce as he reassured everyone that he didn’t need any help before they were moving toward the entrance. The omega let himself breathe in the calming scent, submerging himself further into the depths of his alpha’s safe haven. But he couldn’t forget what had been said to him. The lie… The fucking lie. Once the omega felt humid air sweep across his skin, he forced himself to push away from the alpha’s neck in an effort to dislodge his hold.

“Let go of me,” Dick said softly, feeling his distress peak.

Bruce peered down at him with a puzzled brow. “Dick, wha-”

“Put me down!” Dick scowled at him and finally, Bruce set him on the ground but kept a hand on his shoulder.

“My love, tell me what happened?” Bruce asked worriedly. 

Dick didn’t say anything and moved out of reach, proceeding forward down the walkway.

“Dick, what’s wrong? What happened?” The alpha followed right on his heels. Dick didn’t stop walking, not even when they passed the threshold of the overhang of the building. 

“My love, talk to me.” Bruce took bigger steps and moved in front of the omega, blocking his path. “Did someone do something to you?” 

Dick glanced away, extending the silence for a considerable amount of time until Bruce sighed and called Alfred to come and pick them up. During their wait, Bruce was persistent in asking him about his troubles but Dick was hesitant to answer. He wanted to confront the alpha but he didn’t know if he was ready to hear the truth. Bruce and Selina… what if Dick was truly her replacement… What if Bruce still loved her? And if he did, the omega wouldn’t be able to handle the boundless dejection. He knew he couldn’t. 

Eventually, Bruce stopped asking altogether, visibly struggling to hold himself back. Dick was too. He wanted to scream and ask his alpha for an explanation but he would wait until they got back to the Manor. About ten minutes later, the limo pulled up and Alfred stepped out, eyeing Dick with a knitted brow.

“Are you alright, Master Dick?” The butler said as he walked around the car and opened the door to the back seat.

“I’m fine, thank’s Alfred,” Dick said, eyes never leaving the ground until he got into the car. He moved to the seat in front of the partition and turned his gaze toward the window as he heard Bruce close the door behind him.

“I thought you would have stayed longer, Master Bruce,” Alfred said after he got into the car.

“That was the plan but… Dick…” He sighed. “I need you to tell me what’s wrong.” Bruce urged once again and reached to touch the omega’s knee.

“Don’t touch me,” Dick said softly, pushing his hand away.

“My love…”

The nickname that Dick had grown fond of, now sounded unpleasant to his ears. What if, what if that’s what Bruce called-

“Is that what you called her?” Dick found himself saying, fully forsaking the need to hold back. He soon eyed his alpha with a stolid expression, simmering with growing anger.

“What did you say?” Bruce slipped him a questioning glance.

Dick swallowed, mouth going dry as he uttered the name, “ Selina Kyle …” It burned to have the name touch his tongue and he almost didn’t finish his sentence. “...Is that what you used to call her? My love?”

The only thing that made a sound at that moment was the partition being rolled up behind Dick’s head, essentially giving them some privacy.

“Where… did you hear that name?”

Every one of Dick’s muscles tensed when Bruce didn’t deny his accusation. “You’re not going to deny it?” 

“Dick…,” Bruce faltered, mouth opening and closing, giving the omega a moronic answer. “Let’s talk about this later.”

“No, we’re going to talk about this now- I want to know who Selina is to you?” He asked, biting every word that came from his mouth.

“Right now is not really a good time to talk about this.” Bruce looked toward the closed partition but Dick didn’t really care if Alfred heard them or not. 

“Selina Kyle…” Dick said her name for a third time, seeing Bruce grimace at the sound of it. “Who is she to you?”

“Dick… I-” Bruce looked down at his lap and pinched the bridge of his nose. “Where did you hear that name? Who told you about her?” He repeated the question, growing impatient.

“It doesn’t matter where I heard it, just tell me who she is to you!” Dick snapped.

“Let’s...” Bruce hesitated. “I promise, we’ll talk about this when we get home.”

“Home?” Dick scoffed. “Your home? Her home? Because it’s definitely not mine. Compared to her, I’m just your guest.”

Bruce looked up, giving the omega a look of disbelief. “Where is this coming from? When have I ever made you feel that way? I’ve never said anything like that.”

“You didn’t have to say anything. Your actions show me… Keeping her presence around the house with those pictures, letters, books, and your old DVDs… that’s all from her, isn’t it?”

“Dick I… wanted to tell you about her but I didn’t know how to. Selina is…” Bruce wavered and took a deep breath. “… It’s hard for me to talk about her.”

“Trust me, Bruce, I think I would know how hard it is to talk about something.”

The alpha sighed harshly. “Listen, you already have enough on your plate. I didn’t think it would be right to bring her up in our current situation. I was going to wait a little longer-”

“Longer? How long!? Aren’t I your mate now? Shouldn’t I know these things already!? I shouldn’t have to find out about your past from someone else I don’t even know!”

“Who did you hear this from?” Bruce urged once more to find out who told Dick about Selina but the omega was losing his composure.

“It doesn’t matter who I heard it from. All that matters is that you didn’t tell me yourself! I had to listen to her fucking insult me when she told me that I was Selina’s replacement!”

“You’re not a replacement. Don’t ever think that.”

“It’s hard not to at this point. Everyone compared me to Selina tonight. You saw them!”

“You’re not a replacement,” Bruce repeated, his jaw clenching in frustration.

“You saying that doesn’t change the fact that you lied to me; you lied straight to my face.” Dick drilled the words into him, feeling a sensation of guilt come from the alpha but that didn’t stop his dispute. “You could have told me who she was from the very first time I asked about that fucking picture! And for all the times I asked about her, you never told me that she was your childhood friend, your lover, and your… fiancé.” 

Something hardened in Bruce’s features then. “I feel like I have a choice in when I want to talk about my past relationships, Dick.” Bruce upheld his point, causing Dick to plunge into despair.

“But I’m here for that too. I want to know everything there is to know about you. Can’t you understand that? It’s not fair that she knows your favorite shows and wine and all the things I have to practically force out of you on a daily basis. I’m your mate, so I should know about you and your past. Everything!”

"When I asked about your past, you didn’t tell me either,” Bruce argued with an ever-growing frown. “But I let it go and I’ve never brought it up again.”

"Let it go?” Dick scoffed a laugh. “You didn’t let it go, you fucking forced me to go to therapy! Even after I told you I hated alpha orders because of my past , you didn't take it back!” 

“I only wanted to help you-”

“I didn’t want it though- I still don’t want to but… but I have to. For myself, for us !” Dick yelled, trying to make Bruce understand. “I’m willing to admit that, but you didn’t do that for me. You didn’t give me anything.”

“Alright, Dick. Since you feel the need to know right now , I’ll tell you.” Bruce sat back against the seat, his anger now crossing its threshold as he stared back at the omega. “Yes, Selina Kyle was my fiancé, she was a part of my family and she meant everything to me.”

Dick tried not to wince at those words or the emotions that weighed heavily behind them. Bruce was despondent and truthful, making Dick feel numb all over; he felt the need to cover his ears but he couldn’t… he was the one that asked for this. 

“My decision to let her join the clan was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made and she died because of it. When it came time to find her body… her body was... ” Bruce closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “I couldn’t even look at it…” He trailed off and Dick remained quiet, watching Bruce suffer through his memories. “I searched for the murderer, for years I did, and I came up with nothing.”

“W-why didn’t you just tell me that?” Dick asked, underlining his tone with hurt. “I don’t understand… you could have told me that from the start. Couldn’t you?” 

“...It takes me a while to.... accept things.” He spoke carefully. 

In the beginning, Dick would have accepted this explanation until Bruce was willing to tell him more. He would have consoled him just as Bruce did for him but now, it was hard for him to even care. Dick was his mate now; they were together now. He shouldn’t have to suffer through this…

“Even now I… I miss...” The words died on Bruce’s lips as a mistake and it should have never been spoken.

“You…” Dick’s eyes shifted to the side, glazing over with a sheen of unshed tears. “...You miss being with her?”

“No, it’s not like that.” Despite his anger, Bruce sat on the edge of the seat, wanting to get closer to comfort his omega. “I have you and my family to focus on, so I-”

“You? ...My family?” A tear slipped from the corner of Dick’s eye and what followed was swamped in tremors. “Am I not a part of your family?”

Bruce widened his eyes and his anger was replaced by instant regret. “Dick, I didn’t mean it like that, I-”

“It was so easy for you to call Selina your family… so easy …” Dick’s lower lip quivered and more tears slid down his cheek. “And I can’t be mad at you for that because of how long you've known her, but it hurts… it hurts so much .”

“My love, please-” Bruce reached out to him.

“Don’t call me that anymore and don’t touch me.” Dick wept and turned away from Bruce, wiping his tears on the sleeve of his shirt. “I don’t want to be near you right now.” 

The unfinished future Bruce had with Selina has now been replaced by a new future he was supposed to have with Dick. The omega understood that it was a part of closing the past but still… Bruce will always have some feelings for her even though she’s been gone for so long. Those memories with her will always be a part of the alpha’s sadness and happiness- and that’s exactly why it will be Dick’s downfall. The omega was still struggling to grasp his place here, amongst the Wayne family. At one point, he believed he could do it; he felt like everything was taking a turn. Or maybe, he was just being delusional. 

How can he compete with someone Bruce considered family? His everything?

During the course of his ever-flowing tears, Dick sneered the words, “You’re a liar… You’ve lied to me all this time and you’ve constantly broken promises.” A tinge of ridicule in his tone secured his distrust. “I’m so stupid . I allowed all of this to happen and now look at me?” Dick cast his gaze on Bruce one last time. “I’m tied to you for life and I’m stuck here... living in Selina’s shadow…”

Chapter Text


~* 3 weeks later *~


For the fifth time that night, Dick heard his phone vibrate. He ignored it and instead focused on the television where an NPC game character was beating his ass. He cursed, biting his lip in frustration as he attempted to get in another combo but it was futile. No matter how many hours he’d been playing this fighting game, he wasn’t getting any better.

“I told you that the expert level was hard.” Wally walked into his bedroom, just as Dick’s character K.O’d. “Give it here.”

Dick handed the controller to Wally as he climbed onto his bed. “You make it look so easy,” Dick muttered as he sat up from his spot on the floor and leaned back against the side of the bed. 

“Practice makes perfect.” Wally jeered then hit the ‘retry’ option. “And you’re drunk. I think that’s one of the main reasons you’re sucking ass right now.”

“Yeah,” Dick laughed, “I’m pretty drunk but it’s your fault. You’re the one who brought out three packs of beer.” He glanced around the room at the slew of empty beer bottles and crumpled bags of chips. Dick has never been drunk in his life and had never planned on it either. Too bad Wally’s apartment was stocked full of alcohol and the beta was extremely convincing when it came Dick drinking along with him.

“The best stuff happens when you’re drunk.” Wally proclaimed. “Especially since it’s just us, I thought it would be okay. But I’m starting to think that was a bad idea.”

Having grown dizzy from sitting upright, Dick laid back down on the floor and uttered a soft, “Why?” 

“Because you look pale.” 

Dick rolled onto his back and looked up at Wally. “Do I?” 

The beta nodded. “Yeah, like really pale. Paler than you did yesterday- Yes!” He cheered after he K.O’d the character Dick couldn’t beat.

“It’s probably because I haven’t been sleeping that well.”

“Oh right, you did tell me something about that- bummer.” Wally threw the controller on the space next to him. “Have you tried taking sleeping pills?”

“No... you have some?”

“I can go check real quick. Give me one sec.” Dick moved his legs to the side, giving Wally some space to step off the bed then watched him leave the room. 

For the past two weeks, Dick had been hanging out at Wally’s apartment. After texting for a while, leisurely and effortlessly, they easily bypassed the awkward stage when they first met up. Dick never understood how they were able to talk so comfortably but in a way, it just worked. Wally was funny, laid-back, easy-going, and stress-free. It was something that Dick really needed right now.

Essentially, he placed all his worries on hold (concerning DS and the Wayne family) he didn’t want to deal with any of them at the moment. It was rather careless of him to go on ignoring the possibilities of hunters coming after him. But after Tim hacked the SMS and sent out the threat--as expected the number of hunters dropped--and Dick thought it was alright to leave the house by himself.

Another vibration trembled against Dick’s right arm, causing him to sigh tiredly.

“Your phone’s ringing again?” Wally commented as he walked into the room with a pill bottle and a glass of water.

“It’s nothing but the same persistent and annoying scam caller.” Dick sat up and grabbed the things he asked for.

“Woah, why did that sound a bit personal?”

“Did it really?”

“Very.” Wally flopped back on his bed. “Just put your phone on silent or block them. I feel like I tell you that every time you come over.”

“...Guess I should.” Dick grabbed his phone, watching the lock screen light up.

3 Messages

6 Missed Calls

“Wanna watch another movie or do you want me to take you home?”

“Mm,” Dick unlocked his phone and swiftly put it on silent before he could second guess himself. “Think you can take me back after one more movie? Unless that’s too late for you?”

“No, it’s not a problem. It’s only eight o’clock and I don’t have work tomorrow anyways.”

“Right, I almost forgot.” Dick set his phone to the side and laid back down. He sighed quietly, taking quick peeks at his cell with a feeling of indifference. 

“What do you wanna watch?” Wally asked.

“Whatever you want.”

“Alright, well don’t be mad when I pick another stupid movie.”

“That’s fine.” Dick smiled. “It’s funny hearing your commentary.”

“This is why I like you.” Wally sniffed, faking tears. “You don’t get irritated when I talk throughout the movie.”

Dick rolled his eyes. “You’re so dramatic.”

They watched another stupid Syfy movie with bad CGI and drank another pack of beer. As their carelessness would have it, they lost track of time and drank more than they needed. So much so that Dick was in and out of consciousness, lolling to the sound of Wally’s drowsy voice. By the time Dick realized the movie was over, he was laying on his stomach, face smashed into a pillow Wally gave him. He listened to the beta ramble on about his friends, Dick had yet to meet, and other random things. 

A while later the TV flickered off due to the automatic timer, making the room completely dark. Sure enough, no one felt like getting up to turn the lights on, so the small talk continued on in the darkness. Dick found it quite relaxing, just talking, telling various stories, all of which came easy for Wally share. So easy and yet some people couldn’t do it. They didn’t even try to. Instead, they lie and try to cover their tracks with more lies until they get caught then they play the victim and then-

“Hey,” Wally said, startling Dick out of his stupor.


“I’ve been meaning to ask you this but I didn’t want to pry.”

“What is it?”

It took the beta a while to speak but the question was nothing less than straightforward. “Why are you wearing a collar?”

Dick didn’t answer, leaving the room open to the low hum of the dryer in the distance.

“You don’t have to tell me about it. I just find it… strange, with you having a mate and everything…” When there was no response, Wally almost took back what he said but then there was a clicking sound and a clang as Dick dropped the collar on the ground. 

“Wait, you didn’t have to take it off. I was just asking.” Wally slowly sat up and looked over the edge of his bed, seeing a dark figure lying back down. 

“No, it’s cool. It’s uncomfortable to sleep in anyway.” 

“Right…” Wally stared down at Dick for a while longer before laying back and remorsefully saying, “You wanna talk about it?”

“Not really...” Dick responded, voice mimicking that of something shaky and forlorn. 

Wally remained silent, thinking about the first day they hung out and how Dick came out of the Manor wearing that same collar. It was a pheromone blocker, that's for sure because ever since Dick removed it, a sweet smell wafted off of him.

“You smell... different,” Wally commented after a while.

“How so?”

“I don’t know... but it’s sort of distracting.”

Dick laughed drowsily, speaking slowly. “How is it distracting?”

“I don’t know how," Wally chuckled softly. "But you know what they say.” 

“Wally, what are you getting at?”

“You know? That when an omega smells different, they might be pregnant. Actually, its a fact.” Wally chose to leave out the fact that Dick smelled distressed as well because he wasn’t sure if he was thinking too much. Apparently he was because Dick’s sudden burst of laughter sounded incredulous.

“Pregnant!?” Dick continued laughing, his foot kicking an abandoned beer bottle during his dramatic shambling.

“Why are you laughing when I’m being serious?”  

“That’s because what you said was ridiculous.” Dick sluggishly answered after he calmed down from his hysterics. “There’s no way I’m pregnant. No way.”

“You never know.”

Dick grimaced, feeling too sleepy to argue any further. “Okay, stop, now you’re just being weird.”

“If I’m weird, you’re weird.” Wally retorted.

“I’m less weird.” Dick yawned, with a smile, 

Wally chuckled. “I swear we’re acting like we’re teenagers right now.” 

“You always call me that.”

“I can’t help but think that. Especially after seeing you get that tattoo last week. Are you going through a rebellious stage or what?”

“Maybe I am. But I think it would have been fun…” The omega mumbled, eyes growing heavy as he did.

“Huh? What would’ve been fun?”

“Being an actual teenager…”

Wally frowned. “What do you mean?”

“You know? Going to highschool... hanging out with friends… all those things.” 

Wally stopped talking at that point, listening to Dick speak through his drowsiness. He assumed that his friend was completely wasted at this point because he didn’t know what the hell he was talking about?

“I wish I could've done that…”

A long period of silence followed, prompting Wally to look down at Dick once more, finding his dark figure breathing evenly. “Fucking falling asleep on me.” He tutted and pulled his phone out from under his pillow. He was supposed to drop Dick off back at home but it was already 2 a.m. Once he thought about it, this was the first time that Dick had ever stayed this late. Wally would wake the omega up, sadly, he was still feeling a bit light-headed from the alcohol. Wally ultimately decided that he would drop Dick off tomorrow. Hopefully, that wouldn’t be a problem.




Wally wasn’t sure what time he woke up and went to the restroom. All he knew was that when he came out, he caught sight of his friend's phone screen, lighting up the dark room. He made it in time to see the lock screen display the amount of missed calls and messages Dick had.

11 missed calls

4 messages

The screen went black soon after, only to light up once again with Bruce Wayne’s name as the caller ID. Had he been the one calling this whole time?

“Dick,” Wally said sleepily. “Dick, wake up. Your mate’s calling.” He softly kicked the omega’s foot, getting no response. 

“Whatever.” Wally murmured and stumbled as he stepped over Dick to get to his bed, accidentally kicking the omega’s arm. It came as a surprise to him when he heard a faint voice from below after he plopped down on the bed. He sat up and looked over the edge, seeing the light from Dick’s phone halfway hidden beneath his arm but there was a faint voice coming from the speaker. Apparently, on Wally’s blind trek to the bed, he had hit Dick’s arm which in turn answered the phone somehow. 


Wally quickly made his way to the floor and shook his wasted friend. “Dick, wake up” He whispered, earning a soft groan in return but the omega remained dormant.

“Dick? Are you there?”

Wally listened to the distant voice with slight panic.

“Can you hear me?”

“Shit.” On impulse, Wally slid the phone out from under Dick’s arm and put it to his ear, immediately dreading the action. “Uh, hello? Mr. Wayne?” He greeted sheepishly while maintaining his never-ending attempt to wake up Dick.

There was a pause- a long pause , then a gruff reply. “Who is this?”

“This is Wally West, uh, Dick’s friend and-”

“Barry's nephew?”

“Yeah, my uncle.” Wally couldn’t help but feel really awkward. He’s only talked to Bruce when his uncle was around and even then, they never had a real conversation.

There was another pause then a dark rebuttal. “Where's Dick?”

Wally gulped. “He’s sort of knocked out right now- I’m trying to wake him up but that's not working out so well.”

“He’s at your place?”

Shouldn’t he already know that? “Yeah, he’s been here all day. He drank a lot so… I’ll try to wake him so he can talk-”

“No, don’t wake him.”

Wally stopped shaking the omega immediately, feeling as if the alpha was watching him. “... Alright?”

“Make sure to have him home safely before noon.”

“Yeah, of course, I can do-.”

Before Wally could say anything else, the line went dead and the beta was left staring straight ahead into the darkness. What the hell was that? It sounded like Bruce didn’t even know Dick was hanging out with him in the first place. If he were being honest, Wally had suspected something was going on between them for a while now. Not once, has Dick ever talked about Bruce or anyone else in that house since they started hanging out. The omega also looked weary, a little dim, and slightly unwell. Wally found it strange, to say the least, but he wasn’t one to meddle into other people’s relationships. Still, Wally wasn’t just going to ignore the matter. Mostly because he answered Dick’s phone (by accident of course). 

Thankfully when it came time to tell Dick about it later that morning, the omega took it in slight. Possibly a little saddened upon hearing Wally’s opposition to the entire “leaving Bruce out” thing. 

“I get it, you two are going through some shit, but I really think you should tell him where you're going, at least.” The beta sat down in front of Dick, watching him scarcely eat his cereal with a somber expression. And Wally, being the type of guy that wasn’t good with dealing with sadness, quickly changed the mood. “I mean because I don't wanna get in trouble with the big guy. He sounded like he wanted to choke me through the phone or something.”

Dick chuckled. “He probably would have, especially if you were an alpha.”

“I've never been so happy to not be an alpha at the moment.”

“You and me both. Still, that wouldn't stop me from hanging with you.”

“That’s good and all but you would still have to tell him we’re friends, okay?” Wally reiterated with a firm expression.

“Okay, I get it.” Dick huffed in understanding. “I’ll tell him when I get back to the Manor.”

Wally nodded and watched the omega continuously stir the now soggy cereal. “You're not gonna finish that?”

Dick tucked a piece of hair behind his ear, feeling his stomach stir at the thought of eating more cereal. “No… I'm finished but… can you do something for me?”


“Can you take me to the store? I need to buy something.”

“Buy what?”

Dick took a deep breath, giving the soggy cereal a dull expression. “You’ll see when we get there.”

Wally lifted a brow, watching his friend go poker face when he stared back at him. “Sounds exciting.”

The spoon slipped between Dick’s fingers, causing the handle to hit the side of the glass bowl with a clang. “Not for me, it isn’t.”




Tim was in the livingroom when the yelling started. The house had been extra quiet for quite some time (more like weeks), hence his startled reaction when it happened. Dick and Bruce’s voices came from the dining room and echoed off the walls, both saying something along the lines of ‘hanging out with Wally’ and ‘leaving the house without an escort.’ Tim assumed that Bruce already knew about this current development; regrettably, he didn’t.

Granted, Wally was the only person that was able to change Dick’s mood from solemn to happy these days. From the short explanation the omega gave them weeks ago, it would seem that they met at the party and boy, did he have the ability to bring out Dick’s best smile. Regardless of that, everyone in the house could agree that the omega was being extremely reckless. After Tim finally hacked into the SMS and sent out the message, he gave Dick a locater so he could see where the hunters are at all times. The omega took this as an opportunity to go out on his own but it wasn’t safe- DS was still after him. But Dick seemed reluctant to talk about it or talk to any of them at all, except Alfred.

This was something Tim didn’t understand. Everyone was guilty of knowing the secret about Selina, especially Alfred, and yet, the omega specifically overlooked the butler’s involvement in all of this. It wasn’t fair and he hated seeing Jason feel responsible for lying on Bruce’s behalf. 

Jason briefly mentioned something about Dick finding Selina’s letter a couple of months ago and how he lied when he was asked about it. Tim for the life of him didn’t understand why Jason cared so much about what Dick thought but if it would put his brother in high spirits again, he was willing to talk to the omega.

The argument between Bruce and Dick ended way faster than Tim expected. The last thing he heard Dick say was ‘I’m done talking about it’ and before long, the omega passed by him on the way to the stairs. Tim sat there for a while, debating on whether to go check on Bruce or not. In the end, Tim closed his laptop and went to the dining room, seeing Bruce sitting down with his head in his hands. 

“Bruce?” Tim said quietly, placing a hand on the alpha’s shoulder. “You okay?”

“...I don’t know.” The alpha faintly admitted and Tim hadn’t expected him too.

“I’m sorry for not telling you about Dick leaving the house." Tim emulated his worry. "I thought you already knew.”

A soft sigh accompanied the alpha’s dismissal. “No, it’s not your fault, Tim. None of this is.” 

A bit saddened by Bruce’s reaction, Tim sat down in the seat next to him but he wasn't sure how to respond. Tim hated seeing Bruce disheartened and he was at a loss when it came to comforting people. “If you need me to do anything, I can try and help.”

Bruce peered up at him, giving Tim a warm smile. “I’m alright, Tim.” 

“You sure?”

The alpha nodded and stood up, checking the time on his cellphone. “I’m going into the office today.”

“But it's Sunday? It’s your day off?”

“I have some work I need to finish.” Bruce took out his wallet and handed Tim his debit card. “Here- order whatever food you like since Alfred is out visiting his daughter.”

“Kay.” Tim took the card and Bruce ruffled his hair. 

“I’ll see you later tonight.” 

Tim watched the alpha pocket his wallet before walking off in the direction of the garage. Tim sighed and set the card down on the dining room table. First Jason left to hang out with his friends then Alfred and now Bruce. Tim considered himself pretty much alone at this point, that is, if Dick weren’t here. He sighed again and gazed up at the ceiling, contemplating on whether or not he should talk to him today. Right now did seem like the best time but he and Dick didn’t exactly talk much by themselves. Tim admits to having a bit of fun throwing a jab here and there with the omega but now things were different- the family was broken in a way.

It didn’t take Tim long to make a decision and he was on his way to Dick’s room before he could change his mind. He made his way to the third floor to a room at the end of the hallway- one Dick had been sleeping in since the night of the party.

“Dick? Tim knocked on the door but no one answered. “Can I come in?” He knocked again, then for a third time with no response. Was he somewhere else in the house?

Tim decided to confirm his suspicions and opened the door, seeing an empty room that wasn’t completely void of sound. There was a noise coming from the bathroom, a low retching noise, followed by a series of coughs. Tim stood aback, uncertainty in his step. He was unsure if he should say something but his concern got the best of him and he soon knocked on the bathroom door.

“Um… Dick?” Tim called, hearing everything go quiet on the other side of the door. “You okay in there?”

“Yeah…” Tim heard the toilet flush. “Just give me a second.” 

Tim moved away from the door and looked around the room. It looked vaguely similar to the others just a different color scheme and a bit messy. Not so different from Tim’s own; in terms of an unmade bed and clothes thrown on the floor. On his prod to sit on the bed, something on the dresser caught his eye. He squinted, seeing the familiar image of a pregnancy test stick on the small package. He looked at the bathroom door, hearing the water running and guessed that Dick might be brushing his teeth. Accordingly, Tim jumped at the chance to meddle and swiftly crept toward the dresser. The box had clearly been opened, for the sticks were missing. In view of this, Tim could only hope that it was true; that Dick was pregnant and he’d finally get a younger sibling.

Just then, the bathroom door opened and Dick came out, making Tim quickly turn around. He couldn’t help but notice the way Dick had been looking, as of recent. The omega seemed well put together in his casual clothes, unfortunately, that did nothing to hide the patent dimness that consumed his entire being. Dick was pale, immensely pale, and clearly fatigued. The cause-- everyone knew as of now-- for bonded mates can only go so long without being near one another. Dick had taken to sleeping in another room and not once did he come down when Bruce came home from work. Not until today but even then it wasn’t enough. No one commented on Bruce and Dick’s sickly exhaustion. Everyone acted like it was just another day. Or at least, that’s how it looked on the surface. 

Tim couldn’t smell pheromones but from what Jason said, it was almost unbearable how much distress the omega was in. He figured that was the reason Jason seemed uncomfortable whenever Dick was in the room. Dick must have realized it too which is why he’d been wearing a collar to block out his pheromones. This was a shock to Tim in more ways than one. With how unwilling Dick had been to wear it before, Tim assumed it reminded him too much of his awful past, but here he was… wearing the collar without complaint.

“Is there something you wanted?” Dick questioned, uneasiness ever-present.

“You're pregnant?” Tim asked, unabashedly walking over to sit on the foot of Dick’s bed.

Without giving an answer, Dick looked aside and folded his arms.

"I wouldn't be surprised if you were?” Tim kicked a leg back and forth back, with a tiny smirk. “Alfred did say your appetite has been strange lately and just now, you were throwing up."

Dick peeked at him before glancing away once again. “What did you really come here for, Tim?”

“You always avert your eyes when you don't want to confront something, mostly when you’re lying.” 

A flash of annoyance swept across the omega’s expression. “Great, now you're an analyst.”

“I can't scent you so this is all that I’ve got going for me. Thanks for the compliment though.” Tim stopped moving his foot, keeping an eye on Dick’s ever-growing irritation. 

“Just please tell me what you want?” 

Tim shrugged one shoulder and Dick’s natural response was to roll his eyes. At the moment, Tim was more interested in learning about Dick’s pregnancy and his reluctance to talk about it. And maybe he was being a bit harsh but what if… “You don’t want it?”

Affliction shone in Dick’s brow before he sighed heavily. “As if I’m going to talk about this with you.”

Tim chewed his bottom lip, remorse clouded his mind but he felt compelled to ask the obvious, “Are you… gonna…”

Dick let his arms fall to his side and he soon grew tired of standing. He made his way over to the bed, thinking that Tim genuinely had a problem with not knowing where to draw the line. And frankly speaking, he wished Bruce were this open and honest sometimes. 

“So you are?” Tim turned around when Dick sat down on the right side of the bed, naturally nosing his way into the omega’s business. 

Dick held his breath and shook his head. “I can’t… omegas have to have an alpha’s permission and signature to get an abortion.”

Tim blew out a breath. So he’s thought about it…

“I already know Bruce wouldn’t agree.” Dick looked down at his lap.

“You’re right. He would fight you until the very end.” Tim knew how much Bruce loved children and he knew he would never allow Dick to get an abortion.

“How noble of him,” Dick mumbled sarcastically.

“Are you at least gonna tell him about it?”

Dick peered at Tim with a brow knitted in disbelief. “Of course, I will. Whenever I calm down I will.”

Tim nodded.

“I won’t be keeping secrets from him like he did to me.” Dick soon added, causing Tim grimace. 

“Listening to the way you talk,” Tim idly picked at the lint on his pants and spoke with a small voice. “I’m guessing you don’t like him anymore.”

“Like him…? Of course I like him. A lot.” Dick added. “Even without the soulmate thing, I would like him.”

This made Tim look up to inspect the truth in Dick’s words. A tentative smile lingered on the omegas lips before it lowered into a pitiable gaze.

“But he hurt me and lied to me- I don’t think I can forgive him for that.”

Tim gave a bitter laugh, finding out exactly how much he agreed with Dick’s statement. “He hurt us too when he stopped talking to us and hanging out with us after Selina died but... I know Bruce doesn’t mean it; he doesn’t intentionally mean to hurt us or anyone.” Sympathy revealed itself in Tim’s expression and Dick didn’t understand why until the meaning was exposed. “Because I know that he’s hurting too.”

Dick immediately imitated Tim’s sympathy but not in the same way. “I’m sure he is.” I have no right to tell a person when they should stop mourning but… Bruce mated with me when he still missed her. That’s not something I should have to deal with. Dick would have said out loud but he didn’t think it was right to pull Tim further into this situation.

“He’s gotten better since you've been here.” Tim downcast his gaze and went back to picking at the lint. “I was kinda hoping that it would go back to that.”

“...I’m sorry, Tim,” Dick muttered dismally, “but I'm not sure when it will.”

Tim exhaled softly, having already grown tired of the somber mood. “Well, at least talk to Jason. He feels really guilty about everything too and I don’t want him feeling sad.”

Dick cocked his head, offering the teenager a curious smile. “You seem to care a lot about how Jason feels.”

Tim quickly turned his face away, feeling a familiar heat rise to his cheeks. “Well he’s just- he's my brother and...” He speedily changed the subject and rambled on. “Jay and I have never really liked Selina anyways. She was always on business trips and all she really cared about was Bruce and making him happy. Don’t get me wrong, she was nice to us and bought us souvenirs and stuff but she wasn’t like… y-you? But that doesn't mean I like or anything- sorta… maybe?” Tim sighed in frustration. “What I mean is, I’d rather have you here than her and I’m pretty sure Bruce does too and-”

Dick’s unexpected laughter cut him off. Tim turned around, seeing Dick laying back on the bed with a bright smile- one he hadn’t seen in a while.

“You know,” Dick said between huffs of laughter. “Once I think about it, you were the first person to make me laugh when I got here. Remember? You telling Bruce to give Jason a whooping for breaking all the glass in the kitchen?” 

Tim did remember and when he did, he smiled at the thought, listening to Dick’s laugh die down in the background.

“That’s the first time I’ve ever seen you smile, I think. I actually don’t remember.” Dick told Tim with a grin, wiping the corner of his eyes.

“You’re not the first person to tell me that,” Tim confessed. “I don’t smile much plus I complain a lot. But what are little brothers for? They're supposed to be annoying.” Tim easily acknowledged, hearing Dick grow quiet. “What? Did I say something wrong?”

“Little brother, huh?” Dick wore a tender smile.

Tim gave a half shrug. “Well, it’s better than when Jason calls you mommy.”

“God, that’s worse than the ‘Dickie’ nickname.”

“He gives out the worst nicknames. Timmy?” Tim sneered. “I hate it.”

Dick snickered and sat upright. “It’s your turn to give him a horrible nickname then. I’ll help you think of one.”

Tim nodded and gave him the okay sign, already thinking of a couple on the spot.

Dick sighed and climbed off the bed, giving the teenager a pleasant smile. “Thanks Tim. That actually made me feel a little better.”

“You have to promise you won’t tell anyone I talked bad about Selina. If you do, I’ll tell you even more things I didn’t like about her.”

Dick snorted and held up his fist, feeling a bit childish for going along with this. “Deal.” After he agreed, Tim quickly returned the fist bump with a feeble smile.

“I guess I better go tell Bruce I’m pregnant now since I’ve calmed down.”

“You can’t now because he went into the office.”

Confusion flickered in Dick’s eyes before he shrugged. “I guess I’ll wait until later then. Let’s go out to eat somewhere. I’m starving.”

“Cool, who’s driving?” Tim stood up, watching Dick sift through the pile of clothes on the bed.

“You, of course.”

“I don’t think that's a good idea. Bruce doesn’t like it when me or Jason drive his cars.” Which is exactly why he wanted his own. “You should drive.”

“Me?” Dick laughed. “To tell you the truth, I’m not a good driver. I wasn’t really taught how- with road signs and all that.” He paused, realization dawning on his face. “I just kind of figured out the handling on my own when I was forced to do so. Sounds weird, right?”

“It makes sense...” Tim answered awkwardly, watching Dick pull a blue shirt out of the pile before pulling off the long sleeve one he was wearing.

Something silver caught Tim's attention, causing him to go wide-eyed. “You got your nipples pierced!?”

“Hm?” Dick looked down at his chest. “Oh, yeah, I forgot about that.”

“And a tattoo?” Tim looked at the black swirly pattern going around his wrist.

“It’s about time I got that DS tattoo covered up, don’t you think?” Dick chuckled and twisted his wrist around, showing Tim the rest. “You think Bruce will hate it?”

Tim eyed the tattoo, wondering when exactly did Dick get it. “I don’t know what he’ll think.” 

“I think he’ll like it, especially this.” Dick flicked his nipple piercing with a grin and a tiny wince.

“Ew! Okay! Stop!” Tim covered his eyes.

Dick laughed aloud while he put on his shirt.

“I swear you're the rebellious teenager and not me.” Tim peeked at Dick through his fingers.

“I just wanted to make use of that black card Bruce gave me all those months ago.” Dick could admit that he was doing things on an impulse. However, everything he did had been fun and reckless and he had never felt freer.

Sadly, all good things come to an end and eventually, Dick would have to tell Bruce he was pregnant. The fact of the matter is, he didn’t want to be… 

Chapter Text

“Knock, knock.”

Bruce looked up from his paperwork, having already recognized the voice on the other side of the door.

“Kathy,” The alpha said, watching his cousin pop her head through the crack of the door. “You’re late.”

“Forgive me, your highness.” She answered playfully, making her way inside. “I had to stop at my favorite dessert shop on the way.” She held up a box that said ‘City Desserts’ and placed it on Bruce’s desk before sitting down. “It’s been a long time since I’ve been in Gotham so I wanted to visit a few places.”

“You didn’t bring Bette with you?”

Kathy shook her head. “No, she wanted to stay at the hotel and take a nap. She says ‘hi,’ though.” She mentioned as her eyes flashed about the papers scattered on Bruce's desk. Then she regarded the withering look on his face, prompting her to ask, “How have you been doing lately?”

“Tired.” Bruce’s expression turned rigid. “Extremely tired.”

“I can see that clear as day. I’m guessing your little honeymoon phase has kept you up at all hours of the night.” She teased and inspected her manicured nails, hearing Bruce sigh.

“Kathy.” He cautioned.

She chuckled, looking at Bruce with a suggestive stare. “That’s what I assumed since you’ve gotten yourself a soulmate, now. Bette and I were so surprised when we found out and I’m sure the other members were too." She paused, assessing the alpha’s quaint gaze. "We couldn’t believe that you had gone and mated with an assassin of all things… a DS assassin at that.”

Bruce set his pen down, making a steeple of his fingers. “I’ve already given you all a run down on everything. Now I’m simply waiting for your cooperation.”

“Brucie, darling, you must realize that after Selina’s death, you wanted nothing to do with us or the clan.” 

There was no denying the honesty in her words. Bruce had been relatively depressed, angry, and conveniently able to disband the clan when he couldn’t stand the tension. He believed the cause of Selina’s death rested on his shoulders and lost all motivation to engage in any clan activities. Her death weakened Bruce in ways that he would possibly never heal from. It left him hesitant in where he used to have confidence and it snatched away a vast amount of his joy. He blamed himself. He would never not blame himself. And he would always regret letting her join the clan.

“We went about our separate ways,” Kathy made steady eye contact as she continued. “And now we have our own lives.”

Bruce nodded, tilting his head and looking askance. “I know I made a mistake and I understand that now.”

“Mm...” Kathy peered back down at her nails. “Well, I, being the least disappointed in your little mourning stage, decided to contact you first. Though I have to say, I only did it because you still send me and Bette gifts for our birthdays.”

“Despite everything that’s happened, we’re still family.” A touch of a smile appeared on his face. “I feel like I have too.”

“We’re distant relatives.” She deadpanned with a gentle smile.

“Not that distant. You still sent Tim a graduation gift.”

“I had to because I felt so bad for having to miss it. By the way,” She leaned forward, searching Bruce’s eyes. “Has he presented yet?”

Shaking his head, Bruce sat back in his seat. “Not yet.”

Kathy sighed. “Poor boy, if he doesn’t present by seventeen, then he’s…”

“He’ll present,” Bruce reassured her, for he’s never doubted Tim’s circumstance.

“I’m glad you’re still there to comfort him,” Kathy uttered, eyes catching sight of a box sitting on the ground by to the alpha’s desk. “What’s this?” She bent down, dragging the package next to her foot, gaze widening at the contents. “Are these all of you’re photos with Selina? I was wondering why your office looked a bit empty.” 

Kathy pulled out one of the many frames, noting how young Selina and Bruce looked. “Ah, this one was from your college graduation. Her hair was longer then.” Kathy muttered as she grabbed another one, blocking the sunlight’s reflection from the glass. “Why are these in a box?” 

“...I was planning on getting rid of them.”

Kathy glared at the alpha, scrutinizing his decision. “Get rid of them? Why should you? These are precious memories. You shouldn’t get rid of these.” 

“No, I think I should.” Bruce insisted once more, watching Kathy place the frames back into the box.

“Bruce, has your mate told you to get rid of these?” Kathy questioned. “If not, I don’t understand why you need to throw them away? That’s insane.”

“It’s my own decision.” The alpha declared heavily.

“Brucie, darling, I won’t let you get rid of these. They’re priceless.” She looked down at the bundle of photos. “We were all friends with Selina… These pictures are precious to all of us.” Kathy explained. 

“I know but… I really think it’s for the best that I get rid of them.” The alpha insisted but the dark circles under his eyes did nothing to hide his unwillingness to do so. 

Kathy stared at him for a while, her frown endlessly growing. “You've known her since you were practically babies, Brucie. Thirty long years and now you want to get rid of these pictures?” 

The prospect didn’t sit right with her conscience. It was unquestionable that she didn’t fully agree with her cousin's decision to retire and mourn for so long but getting rid of pictures was overdoing it.  

“I know you said that this was your own decision but I’m starting to think that your mate has something to do with this.” Kathy reiterated, seeing the drawn-down corners of Bruce’s mouth. “You did tell him about Selina didn’t you?”

“He knows about her.”

“Then what’s the problem?” Kathy hoped that Bruce’s mate wasn’t one of those overly jealous types.

At that question, Bruce’s eye contact grew minimal until he was clearing his throat and looking down at his desk. “He didn’t know until… after we were mated- after we went public.”

Kathy blinked and peered down at the box without missing a beat. “Well… I’ll just take these off your hands for you.” With that, she slid the box all the way behind her chair.  For now, she could only hope that Bruce’s mate hadn’t visited this office yet, otherwise, he would have seen the twenty plus pictures of Selina before they were packed away. 

“I’ll keep them with me for now. Maybe later… in life, you can come and retrieve them from my place.” Fortunately, Bruce seemed to agree with the idea but goodness- how could her cousin be such a thoughtless inconceivable idiot? Then again, he spent a lot of years engaged to Selina with wishy-washy assurances. All because he thought he’d meet his mate again and he was right, but that’s neither here or there. This, Richard Grayson, was still a DS assassin and unlike Selina, his path was less virtuous- sickening actually.

“You’ve at least told your mate about seeing him at the circus all those years ago? It’s been about fifteen years since then.” Kathy asked, briefly wondering if she truly cared. 

Bruce refused to look her way but answered accordingly. “I have yet to tell him that...”

She ran a palm down her face, exhaling harshly. “Brucie, darling, you’ve messed up; you’ve royally fucked up.”

Bruce didn’t want to admit that yes, he had indeed fucked up. He’d fucked up to the point that Dick wasn’t even sleeping with him anymore nor were they on speaking terms. There was no telling how long this would go on and Bruce wasn’t sure how much more isolation he could take. 

Bruce overtly changed the subject, facial expression regaining some of its hardness. “Let’s get back to discussing why you wanted to meet.” 

Kathy decided not to push the situation and proceeded forward. Though later, she knew she would gossip with Bette about this. “Well, I'll get down to the more serious matters then. The reason I came here was to inform you about our clan’s distrust in your mate.”

“Distrust?” Bruce scowled, instantly on the defense. “For what?”

“I know you’ve told us about his situation in great detail but the others are still suspicious.” Kathy reiterated, feeling a slight shift in the air. She was an omega and could easily scent Bruce’s rigid pheromones but that didn’t stop her from talking. “They’re going to do a little investigating on their own before we all gather together.”

“There’s no need for that.” Bruce’s tone hardened.

“They just want to make sure that he is who he says he is and not just leading you on.”

“You won’t find anything.” Bruce declared through gritted teeth, glaring in objection.

“Have you ever investigated him for yourself?” Kathy folded her arms and frowned in return. 

Soulmate or not, one's mind can still divert from that selected path. Kathy had been teasing earlier when she mentioned Bruce's profound fatigue because it proved her suspicions to be true. Mated pairs grow weaker the less time they spend together to the point where the bond can easily be broken. Albeit, Kathy didn’t have a soulmate but she had been previously bonded with someone and had experienced this herself. The scar she bore on the back of her neck was enough proof as it is. It wasn’t a formal rejection that was forced upon her by her alpha but a choice she made herself to distance herself from an abusive lover. The only way for an omega to break their bond was to leave. Could that be what Richard was doing?

“I have no need to investigate because I trust him,” Bruce, at this point, was dead to all disputes made against his mate.

“You trust him simply because your instincts tell you too,” Kathy argued only because she was afraid that Richard might be using their connection as soulmates to spy on Bruce for DS.

“Kathy, I will not argue with you or anyone else about this. I trust him with my life.” Bruce declared and Kathy knew he wasn’t lying.

Kathy sighed and shook her head. “But we don’t. I’m sorry, Brucie but despite your confidence in him, we’re still going to look into things.”

Bruce didn’t respond, instead, he pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration.

“I’ll call you when we’re ready.” Kathy stood up and grabbed her box of desserts placing it on top of the box of pictures. After grabbing the bigger box and holding it against her chest, she regarded her cousin. “I’m truly sorry it has to be this way Brucie, but it’s obvious you’re still broken about Selina’s death.” Kathy hesitated to say her next words but it had to be done. “And I believe that you only mated with your soulmate because… he was the only immediate fix for you...”

The alpha’s pheromones filled the room with rage but Kathy stood her ground. She was used to her cousin’s anger and wouldn’t allow it to make her submit.

“...That’s not true.” Bruce finally spoke, tone murky with discontent. 

Kathy gave her cousin a sad smile. “Seems that I’ve overstepped my boundaries a bit.” She let off with a timid laugh. “I’m sorry about that.”

As expected, Bruce didn’t reply, making it apparent that he wanted her to leave. Kathy turned around and sauntered toward the door. “It was nice seeing you again, cousin.” In short, she looked back at the alpha who gave her a dismissive wave before finally deciding to leave.




“That guy just now was checking you out.” 

“Mm?” Dick questioned as he placed his drink on the table and slid into the red-tinted booth, seeing Tim do the same. 

“Over there. The cashier.” He motioned to the guy with a bright red half cap, who was unreservedly looking their way. When their eyes connected, the man hastily glanced away, seeming to awkwardly scratch the back of his head.

“He’s not my type,” Dick said simply as he hit the straw against the table, popping the paper open from the top.

“That’s the only thing you have to say about this? Don’t you see what the problem is?” Tim expressed his confusion with a squint.

“What else is there to say?” The omega asked before taking a sip of his orange soda. “Even if he was my type, I definitely wouldn’t do anything because I’m already mated.”

“That’s the problem I was getting at. It’s obvious that he knows that too.”

“Okay, Tim,” Dick leaned back against his seat. “How would he know that? I mean, I am wearing a collar so he can’t even smell if I’m mated or not anyways.”

Tim sighed loudly and gestured toward the TV, hanging on the back wall. Dick turned around, eyes widening at the screen which just so happened to be showing a clip of him and Bruce at the gala. Dick instantly turned to look out the window, using one hand to block the other side of his face. 

“Fuck, I keep forgetting that everyone knows me now.”

“And yet, you somehow got a tattoo and nipple piercings in a public shop.”

Dick quickly shushed him. “The people who did it never outright just said, ‘Hey, you’re mated to one of the richest men in the world right now, ’ like it was something to have a casual conversation about. So, of course, I forgot since no one mentioned it.”

Tim couldn’t help but smile at Dick’s bewilderment. “You’re right, people stare sometimes but they usually don’t say anything and keep to themselves,” Tim advised him like it was supposed to be a known fact. “And since everyone knows you’re Bruce’s mate now, it made me wonder why that cashier thought it was a good idea to check out your ass.”

Still hiding behind his hand, Dick looked at Tim. “Is it safe to say that I’m used to that happening since way before I met Bruce?”

“You better hope it doesn’t happen when Bruce is around then.” Tim mused before looking over his shoulder then he snorted. “Look who’s coming this way.” 

“Tim, you better be joking right now.” 

He wasn’t.

Dick was forced to look up when the same cashier stood at the head of their table with a coy smile. He didn’t have to look down at the table to see the alpha slipping him a piece of paper. It was all wince-worthy and Dick’s half-smile was so close to lapsing into an unpleasant leer when it happened. 

“Um… sorry, ” Dick glanced down at his name tag. “...Frank but you do know that I’m mated, right?” 

“Don’t worry sweetheart, I’m well aware of that.” He winked and Dick resisted the urge to cringe. Frank gave Dick one last smirk before thankfully, walking away and into the ‘employees only’ door. 

Tim tapped his fingers on the table and hummed with a smug look. “I commend him for being that brave.”

“Ugh,” Dick switched back to his prior position- hiding one side of his face. “I can’t believe that just happened.”

“Bruce won’t believe it either.” Tim motioned toward the tiny piece of paper.

“Don’t even think about telling him.” Dick quickly grabbed the paper and tore it apart, placing the pieces on the window seal. He didn’t really feel like dealing with Bruce's antics right now since they weren’t talking. On the other hand, he actually wouldn’t mind seeing his alpha being angered by this, at least then he’d feel somewhat cared for...

Luckily for them, when it came time for their pizza to be served, it was brought out by another server. In fact, Frank seemed to have disappeared completely and Dick had never been happier for anything at the moment.

“Have you ever tried Hawaiian pizza before?” Tim asked.

Dick shook his head, causing Tim to slide the tray over, wanting the omega to take a slice. Dick readily nabbed a piece with oversized pineapple chunks and cheese dripping over the brim before taking a bite. 

“How is it?” Tim gladly observed the omega’s reaction. 

Dick squinted his eyes, savoring the taste of pineapples, cheese, Canadian bacon, and pizza sauce. “It’s… alright, I guess.” 

With a huff, Tim slumped back against the booth seat. “Great. Now I’m really the only one in the house that likes pineapple pizza.”

“Aw, don’t be sad, Tim. I’m sure you'll find someone who likes this weird… tasting… type of… pizza?"

"Stop teasing me." Tim pouted.

Dick’s face crinkled in laughter as Tim dragged the pan of pizza to his side of the table. “I'll just stick with the pepperoni for now."

Tim shrugged. “More for me then.”

“So,” Dick started as he pulled a pepperoni slice from the circle. “You said that Bruce went into the office on a Sunday?”

Tim looked up mid-bite, raising one palm in an ‘I don’t know’ gesture. 

Dick ate a slice, contemplating what his mate could be doing as of this moment. “I mean, it doesn’t make sense. He always jumps at the chance to have a day off.”

“That’s when you two weren’t fighting.” Tim snidely remarked, quickly taking back what he said when Dick gave him a stern look. “Or maybe he just wanted to get away from the house for a while. Like the same thing you’ve been doing.”

Dick peered at the teenager, an eyebrow raised in uncertainty. “Where would he go, Tim?”

“To see uncle Harvey, maybe?” Tim shrugged.

Dick scoffed. “I highly doubt that.”

“Dick,” Tim sighed. “You’re thinking too much about this. I’m pretty sure he just went for a drive or something- to clear his head.”

“Well, I guess I’ll never know because Bruce does have a tendency to hide things.” Dick propped an elbow on the table and looked out the window. “You know what? He wasn’t even the one who told me about Selina to begin with.”

“I kind of figured that,” Tim spoke between bites. “Mostly because the timing was off. Whose idea was it to tell you at a party?”

“Her name was Holly... something.” Dick didn’t care enough to remember her last name.

“Robinson?” Tim quickly finished.

“Yeah, her. She was a part of the clan, right?”

“Yeah, but I don’t really know her that well.” Tim frowned in wonder. “She was only around when Selina was--which wasn’t that much--and she never really said a lot. She was very quiet.”

“That’s not how she acted at the party.” Dick retorted. “That night, she talked her ass off. I think she told me about Selina just to spite me because she was Selina’s best friend.” 

“Probably so.” Tim agreed. “Did you tell Bruce you talked to her?"

"No, I haven't gotten the chance to." More like he just didn’t want to talk to Bruce at all.

"Maybe you can tell him after you tell him you're pregnant- to see what he has to say about it?" Tim offered an idea but Dick was still hesitant to talk about any of those things with Bruce.

"What do you think he'll say?" Dick questioned.

"Mm, he'll probably be suspicious. Out of everyone else in the group, she blamed Bruce the most for Selina’s death."

Blamed Bruce? Dick remembered Bruce saying he blamed himself as well and how he regretted letting Selina join the clan. But that shouldn’t be the case. A person’s individual actions were their own fault, at least… that's what Dick’s been taught.

"What happened to Selina?" Dick asked after blindsiding himself from one of Slade's teachings. Sometimes he unconsciously found himself thinking back on them and he tried to understand why he ever thought they made sense.

“Bruce didn’t tell you?"

"No.” After their argument, Dick didn’t want to hear anything about Selina. Bruce missed being with Selina and it was a feeling that Dick would rather not experience again. “Would you mind telling me?"

Tim glanced around the crowded pizza restaurant, telling Dick that they should get a to-go box and head back to the car. Dick agreed, now becoming a little nervous about hearing the story because of Tim’s need for privacy. They made it to the car parked on the side of the building in record time before the rain started

“Good thing we put the hood up before we went inside.”

“I almost forgot we’re trying to keep Bruce from finding out we took one of his sports cars,” Dick commented.

“Yeah, um… I hope you’re not planning on eating that in the car.” Tim gestured to the already half-opened pizza box.

Dick gave a bashful laugh. “I won’t waste any crumbs- promise.”

Tim nodded and settled back against the car seat. He let out a soft breath, maintaining eye contact with the weary-looking omega before starting. “I don’t know all the details about what happened because I was eleven years old then and no one wanted to tell me anything. But eventually, Alfred let us in on just a little bit a few months afterward…”

DS wasn’t always the only clan that has been trying to kill Bruce. A group connected to one of the drug rings Bruce’s great-grandfather controlled, became a little greedy, and attempted to perform embezzlement. Try as they may, they were soon snuffed out and quickly shut down. All the years of hard-earned money they made, even before the embezzlement happened, was taken away, leaving them homeless and poor- together with their families. They laid low for a while and along with Bruce’s great grandfather, the original members of the drug ring died of old age leaving nothing of wealth for their families. It’s hard to escape from poverty once someone is so far in, though some have tried, not all have been able to accomplish it. 

Unfortunately, as drug rings go, it’s hard to remove a family from that especially if the rules have been taught from generation to generation. When the families found out that Bruce’s grandfather donated some of they’re well-deserved drug money to an already wealthy researcher, they retaliated. They were a small group and practically nonexistent in terms of members but they went by the name Risen. They took to sabotaging Surge Enterprises by killing employees and threatening to destroy their labs. The Dark Knight clan helped to protect them in the best way that they could for decades all the way until Bruce’s reign. 

“A generational revenge. That’s what Alfred called it.” Tim mentioned, eyes growing serious.

Dick remained inquisitive and a little confused but nonetheless aware of where this was leading too. 

Selina’s death was caused by her association with Surge Enterprises and the Dark Knight clan. Once Selina joined the clan, she caught wind of everything that had been going on. She was smart and knew immediately that the only way Risen knew about Surge Enterprises company secrets and the Dark Knight’s plans of attack was because there was a spy working amongst them. Selina wanted to put an end to their little war and sought to find out who was working as a spy. 

So she moved on her own, working off some leaked information she found without Bruce's knowledge. He didn't know until after she found the whereabouts of Risen’s hideout; it was a warehouse full of them. While there, she contacted the Dark Knight members and told them where she was. Everyone headed there together but when they got there… 

“It was like… a massacre. There was blood and bodies everywhere… and… ” Tim paused, brows pulled together in hesitation. “...Selina's body was crushed by debris and her chest looked like it had been stabbed through by a sword.”

Dick had long since closed the pizza box and placed it on the dashboard, for it had become too hard to swallow. Hearing about Selina’s death made the air uneasy around them. Dick sat there for a while listening to the rain beat down on the car as he came up with a heap of questions.

“So…” Dick faltered. “Risen, they’re not after Bruce anymore? There was no one left over?”

Tim shook his head. “No, there's no one else left, not after that bloodbath. Instead, DS assassins started coming after Bruce.”

“Just him and not Surge Enterprises?”

Tim cast him a speculative gaze. “You should know more about that than I do.”

They both knew that Dick was tasked with Killing Bruce Wayne without any explanation. And not once during his years of being a DS assassin had he ever heard anyone mention Surge Enterprises. Dick guessed that it took out the possibility of DS working with Risen but still. If only Dick knew why exactly Slade sent him after Bruce then he could piece some things together.

“Did they ever find out who the Risen spy was?” Dick asked, growing a little more anxious to find an answer. 

“No, they didn’t. Everyone assumed they got killed along with the others but I’m not so sure. And It’s not like Bruce let anyone else help out in his search for the murderer anyway… Everything changed after she died.” Tim idly played with the cuff of his sleeve as he continued. “He was so angry, sad, helpless… No one could say anything to him anymore…” Tim looked up at Dick. “I think that's why Bruce is so protective of you because of what happened to Selina. He wants you to stay safe from any harm." 

"He wants me to be kept.” Dick scoffed and peered out the windshield. “That's different from protecting me. He would rather have me stay at home, bear his children, and cook his dinner for the rest of my life if he could."

"Probably not the ‘cook his dinner thing’…” Tim squinted his eyes. “I mean, it doesn’t even look like you can cook."

"Tim." Dick gave him a look.

"I'm just saying,” Tim uttered in that same voice he used when he played innocent. 

Dick tried not to roll his eyes and in place, massaged his temple. He still couldn’t wrap his head around who was it that massacred the entire Risen group? Especially if the Dark Knight was their only enemy. And they weren’t connected to DS either because they’ve never worked with another group before. If they did, then Dick would have known. The more he thought about everything, the less sense it made. Something just wasn’t adding up.

“It’s already seven-thirty and I’m not sure what time Bruce is going to be back.” Tim distracted Dick from his thoughts by starting up the car. “We should hurry and go home.”

Dick agreed with a nod and slumped back against the seat, putting his seatbelt on.

“Sorry I couldn’t tell you everything,” Tim muttered as he backed out of the parking lot. “It’s best if you ask Bruce about it. There’s no way he’s going to keep any secrets away from you now.”

Dick laughed softly at that as he begrudgingly recalled Bruce's dilemma. Bruce having to see his lover's dead body must have been a painful experience. The alpha couldn’t even talk about it that night they were arguing. Admittedly, Dick’s feelings reflected Bruce’s own, for he would never forget seeing his parent’s lifeless bodies on the dusty ground. They were like grass blanketed by ice, unmoving, limbs positioned into unnatural angles and heads fixed in such a way that it could no longer be considered as resting.

The omega understood the feeling backward and forwards. He knew Bruce was still hurting and that mourning is different for everyone. But at the same time, Bruce had undermined the trust between them, causing Dick to feel broken and betrayed. His alpha’s grieving essentially held Selina on a pedestal that nobody else could live up to. Not even Dick. They’ve known each other for so many years; they’ve had so much history together and Dick didn’t know where he could fit into that. Did he even want to? To fill in the void that Selina created? Even if he did, he won’t be able to heal Bruce’s wound completely… that scar would never disappear. Love doesn't stop just because someones dead. It continues. And to Dick, that meant rendering him invisible. 

And Dick knew he shouldn’t think this, he seriously shouldn’t but he couldn’t help but to hate Selina for it. If only he were the one to have met Bruce first then none of this would have happened. Bruce would have been utterly and completely his like it was meant to be...

Chapter Text

As awkward situations go, Dick had experienced quite a few in his lifetime but none of them would be on par with the current predicament. A habit he picked up over the past month was waiting until Bruce went to work to go downstairs. He’d usually be able to sense when the alpha left the house but as of late, that had been hard to do. Along with his constant puking, his senses had been disoriented, fuzzy, and outright nonexistent. Dick couldn’t determine whether it was his oncoming five-week pregnancy or the prolonged separation between him and Bruce. It was probably both but either way, it was too grievous to bear. Even more so when Dick happened upon Tim and Bruce eating a very late breakfast. He casually strolled by them and went to go grab a plate of food from the kitchen. With a subconscious certainly, Dick stuffed his plate with various foods--doubling down on the pancakes-- before walking back into the dining room and sitting next to Tim. Merciful to Dick’s disinclination to talk to his alpha, not once did Tim or Bruce pause the conversation to acknowledge him. The omega was grateful for that at least and gladly listened in on the discussion about Tim’s university choices.

“I was thinking about going out of state mostly because I have a lot of offers for a full ride.”

Dick chewed on a piece of bacon, already picturing the most cliché and esteemed universities offering Tim an endorsement, rather than him applying for them himself. Sounds crazy but then again, Tim was crazy smart. He could do without the scholarships though, being a billionaire's son and all. Bruce could probably pay for more than enough kids to go to college.

“For my Masters or Ph.D., I was thinking maybe somewhere like Oxford or Cambridge-”

“Wait, out of the country?” Dick unexpectedly piped in, calling two sets of eyes to look his way.

“Obviously,” Tim replied more with his shoulders than anything else. “I’m only sixteen. I have a lot of time to get more than one degree and I want to do more than just stay here for four years. Why are you so shocked by that?”

“Oh… well,” Dick looked back down at his plate, feeling another wave of awkwardness settle in. “I didn’t know you cared about going to school that much.”

“It’s just something extra to do, really,” Tim answered in much of the same dismissive tone. “Plus, Bruce wants me to have an education so it’s not like I have a choice.”

“That’s right, you need your education. Who else would take over my company when I’m dead?” Bruce easily mused.

“The only person who would do a much better job of running it than you.”  Tim retorted, causing Dick to snort.

“I think that’s going a little too far,” Bruce complained lightly.

Tim shrugged. “I’m just saying.” 

It was so like Tim to be able to change the mood within a matter of seconds. Granted, in the past, that usually meant judging Dick and overstepping his limits with unneeded questions (it still happens till this day) but now his usual taunts were more endearing. 

The conversation continued on normally and to Dick’s dismay, he found out that Bruce had taken the week off. In truth, it wasn't a bad thing. He wouldn’t admit it out loud but it was actually the best feeling in the world to be sitting close to Bruce. The last time they were this close, they had an argument about Dick leaving the house alone. Although he didn’t take too kindly to being held prisoner, Dick couldn’t really blame Bruce for being worried. In actuality, the omega should be more worried but he couldn’t help it. He’s never gotten to do things on his own for most of his life and when he got the chance to do so, he went for it. Mainly because he wanted to get away from the house but at this point, he was pushing it.

Ever since Dick was a child, he’d been known for holding grudges. His parents would always say he was a sweet, obedient, and loving child. But in the same breath, they’d say that Dick could hold a grudge even in the afterlife. This much, he knew was true. Dick was willing to bet he could go another week without talking to Bruce except then he would be lying to himself. He was already suffering enough from the lack of contact and so was Bruce. 

The alpha had been enduring the pain by holding back and accepting everything Dick had done up until now. Whether it’d be not talking to him or letting Dick leave the house to go see Wally, he hasn’t mentioned it in a while. Bruce had been giving Dick all the space he wanted and as a result, it was tearing them apart.

At the end of the day, Dick was just afraid to talk to Bruce about Selina. He dreaded hearing her name come from Bruce’s mouth. There was an unspoken sentiment there when it was said and it burned the omega to hear it; to feel how much Bruce cherished her… 

Before dread could consume him, Dick shoved those thoughts away and went back to senselessly stuffing himself. After he finished his plate, he got seconds, then thirds, and was unaware of the eyes following his every move.

“Jay!” Tim was up and out of the chair in a matter of seconds when Jason came barreling into the dining room with a suitcase wheeling behind him. He’d been gone since the beginning of this week after having been invited to stay at his friend's beach house for a little beginning of the summer vacation. Dick had been a bit startled by Tim’s response to the alpha walking into the room. He had a spring in his step and a smile when he went to greet his brother with a hug. 

“Tim,” Jason complained and attempted to push Tim away. “I’ve only been gone for six days.”

“Frankly, it feels like it’s been longer than that.” Bruce greeted his son.

“For me, it felt like the shortest week ever,” Jason said and gave Tim a quick pat on the back before successfully dislodging himself from the teenager’s hold.

“Sit down and have breakfast with us, I want to hear about your trip.” Bruce motioned to the chair next to him with a gentle smile.

Jason’s shoulders slumped. “Can we talk later? I’m so fucking tired right now.”

“You need some help?” Tim gestured towards Jason’s luggage and Dick thought that Tim was actually considerate when he wanted to be. He definitely wouldn’t be jumping at the chance to help his older brother carry luggage.

“No, I’m good.” Jason glanced past Tim and at Dick, his eyes were stagnant with scrutiny. “I heard you’re talking to us now.”

“Hello to you too, Jason,” Dick replied, giving him an awkward smile, seeing Bruce shift from his peripheral.

“Don’t be rude, Jason,” Bruce muttered as he stood up and gave the other alpha a pat on the shoulder. “Get some rest but be ready to talk later.” 

“Got it, B.” 

With that, the alpha left the room and Jason waited until he was far enough to start talking again. “And here I thought everything was finally good between you guys.”

“Jay, I told you they still weren’t talking.” Tim chided.

“Yeah, but that text was from three days ago. When I came in seeing them sitting together at the same table, my first thought was that all of this was over.” Jason crossed his arms and spoke as if Dick weren’t even in the room. 

Dick sighed and gave Jason his attention. “Listen, Jay, I’m sorry about ignoring you for so long- you and Tim didn’t deserve that from me. I get that this is between just me and Bruce so you two don’t have to worry anymore.” He stated after guessing that Jason was probably irritated about being ignored as a consequence of Bruce’s mistake.

For a second, Jason stared at him before huffing dismissively. “Well as long as you look like that, I’ll forgive you and…” He averted his eyes. “I’m sorry about lying to you about that letter.”

“It’s fine. Don’t mention it.” Dick understood why Jason did it. Despite Tim and Jason feeling bad for Dick, they would always put Bruce’s feelings before his.

“So we’re good now?” Jason inquired.

“Better than ever.” 

“Good,” Jason nodded. “But I wasn’t lying about what I said before. You look horrible.”

“...I know.” Dick chuckled timidly, for he was very aware of how he looked. Fucking depleted . Bruce did as well. The omega sighed internally with discontent, already knowing that this couldn’t go on any longer.

“What’s that?” Tim asked, pulling Dick’s attention toward the large yellow envelope he just noticed was in Jason’s hand.

“It's the pictures we took at your graduation.” Jason handed Tim the envelope. “I promised Alfred I would get them printed. I’m late as hell but whatever. Enjoy.” He uttered halfheartedly before telling them he was going upstairs to sleep. 

Jason left and Tim hastily opened the envelope, sitting back down next to Dick. He spread the photos out on the table with giddy anticipation, gawking at himself in an all-black cap and gown. “You guys actually got some good pictures- wait, scratch that, I forgot Bruce hired a photographer.”

“Excessive as always,” Dick said even though he thought it was quite sweet.

“It’s a good thing though. Have you seen the way Bruce takes pictures with a cellphone?"

“Yeah, you’re right, they’re pretty bad.” Dick smiled when he thought back to looking through Bruce’s gallery. The pictures were mostly blurry and a little slanted at times but the omega found it lovable nonetheless.

“I can’t believe this happened almost two weeks ago,” Tim commented and Dick agreed as they sifted through the pile. 

“I’ve never noticed before but your hair is pretty long.” Dick regarded the photos where Tim put his hair in a ponytail when it got too hot from taking pictures outside.

“Well, Jas-” Tim faltered. “I like it this long.” 

Dick didn’t even have time to question further before Tim was holding up another picture. “Oh, look at this one.”

Dick peered at the big picture that featured the whole family, including him

On the day of the graduation, he remembered being woken up by Alfred, and to be honest, Dick hadn’t expected to be… invited. It was a family event after all. But there he was, riding in the same car with everyone, silently seething for having to be in Bruce’s presence. Apart from that, it wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be. Dick had never been to a graduation before and was surprised by the elated atmosphere. 

When it came time to take pictures, Dick mostly stood off to the side with Bruce’s words echoing through his mind. You and my family… But Alfred, similar to that morning, forcibly brought him over to take one last picture before they went back to the Manor. In spite of everything going on, it was Tim’s big day so he didn’t want to be rude. And in the picture, he’d been standing next to Alfred with an almost genuine smile on his face. It was a nice photo to say the least.

“We should get this one framed and put it in the family room.” Tim sat the picture further away from the others.

Dick smiled as his mood lifted exponentially and warmth filled his chest. Tim hadn’t realized how he made the omega feel at that moment but he would make his appreciation known.

Tim gasped when he was abruptly pulled to the side, feeling Dick’s cheek against his in a hug that was rarely given between the two. “Dick, what are you doing!?” He protested but didn’t try to move away.

“Is weird to say that you’re my favorite person right now?”

“Huh?” Tim, to put it mildly, was perplexed, just not as much as he thought he’d be. He felt magically calm, serene, and something sweet… there was a sweet smell…?

Dick pulled away, leaving Tim listless as he spoke. “I’m actually surprised I look normal in that picture and not like a zombie.” He looked over at the teenager, expecting him to agree, only to see Tim idly rubbing his cheek. “What’s up with you?”

Tim blinked and looked over at him, his face flushed red. 

“You okay?”

“Um… yeah,” Tim answered softly with a small frown.

“You look like you have a fever.” Having grown worried, Dick placed the back of his hand on Tim’s forehead, expecting him to feel hot but his temperature seemed just fine. 

“Stop worrying. I’m okay.” Tim pushed Dick’s hand away.

“Oh, I see what the problem is now,” Dick smirked. “You’re blushing because I hugged you.” He teased, watching Tim scowl.

“That’s not it.” He claimed and yelped when Dick pulled him into another hug. “Let go of me!”

“But your cheek is so soft.” The omega made fun.

“Dick! Stop!” After some struggle, Tim yanked himself back and scooted his chair further away. “Stop messing with me.”

Dick laughed loudly. “Now I see why Jason likes to tease you- it’s because you’re so cute.”

Tim cringed.

“Can I have another hug?” Dick opened his arms.

"Ugh, when did you start becoming all mushy?"

"I’m not that mushy." Dick defended himself but continued taunt Tim. “But I do want to give you another hug.”

“Touch me and I’ll kill you…” Tim threatened before gathering his pictures and leaving the room. Dick laughed at his playful buffoonery. It was immature and childish but the happiness from Tim’s acceptance caused his spirits to soar. He’s always wanted a younger brother and just a family in general. Especially after his own had died. The thought of being accepted was freeing to him. It liberated him from his dark past in a way no one would understand. And here was just something about Tim that brought about a steady amount of happiness even when he wasn’t trying to. Like the unseeable allure, Dick was naturally drawn to him- more now than ever. Strange … but it was no less welcome. As long as his misery sought the company of someone who made him feel… sufficient, he would keep gravitating towards that.




For all the months Dick has lived here, he didn’t know any of Tim’s mannerisms, likes, and dislikes because they weren’t on good terms. Now that they were, the omega has picked up on a lot of things. Hee knows that Tim hates doing laundry, hates cleaning his room, gets annoyed easily, falls asleep fast, spends most of his time on the computer, and the list goes on and on. Then there were those rare moments when Tim wasn’t complaining and grew unbelievably quiet. Intriguingly enough, during those times when Tim thought no one was looking, he would be staring at… Jason.

Just like now, when Dick was texting Wally and just so happened to glance up, seeing Tim look off to the side. Dick followed his line of sight to the only other person in the room.

Jason was landing hits on a punching bag in a practiced array of motions that even Dick found impressive. It seemed as if the omega wasn’t the only one though, only his admiration was regarded in a different way. Dick didn’t want to decipher Tim’s facial expression nor was he going to attempt to. But if he were to, he would say that Tim’s “admiration” seemed to be overshadowed by… something else.

Eventually, Tim looked away when Jason’s cell phone vibrated on the table next to his keyboard. “Jay, your phone,” He called with little enthusiasm and went back to typing. Soon Jason was jogging over, panting a bit as he picked up his cellphone.

A smile graced the alpha’s lips, followed by a series of texts that had him sitting down in a seat next to Dick. This caused the omega to lift a brow in question. “I wonder who’s got you smiling at your phone like that ?”

Jason peered his way. “I’ve been meaning to tell you this since that whole letter thing but you’re nosy as hell.”

Dick placed a hand on his chest, speaking with a mocking tone. “That’s one of my many faults.”

“It’s one of your worst faults.”

“Let's get back to the text, okay?” Dick said with a condescending smile. “Tell me who it is?”

Jason’s smirk widened. “It’s a girl… an omega I met at the beach.”

All typing from Tim’s keyboard stopped.

“Oh?” A quick elevation of Dick’s eyebrows showed his interest. “An omega this time?”

“What do you mean this time-” Jason stopped short, releasing a sigh. “I’m guessing you pried your way into knowing about my past relationships too.”

Dick nodded matter of factly. “Alfie is really good at my answering questions.”

“Of course he is but as far as I’m concerned, there is no this time or that time . I like who I like without all the extra dynamic bullshit.” Jason’s eyes gleamed as he rubbed his chin. “But if we’re talking about scents then I do prefer omegas. No other dynamic can beat that.”

“Alphas,” Dick muttered as he gave the word a double meaning. They were all fools when it came to omegas.

“Hey, you asked. It’s not like I can control what I like.”

“Can we talk about something else?”

Dick and Jason looked over at Tim whose annoyance was seeping through his gaze.

“Does our conversation bother you that much, Timmy?”

“I told you to stop calling me that.”

Jason’s smile faded. “I don’t see what the problem is?”

“I just don’t want to hear about any of that stuff right now.”

Jason scoffed. “How about you stop being pissed off about everything all the time?”

“Don’t start fighting now, guys.” Dick jumped in.

“Forget it.” Tim shoved the keyboard forward. “Talk about it all you want. I’m leaving.” With a frown, he trudged toward the elevator, leaving them alone.

The alpha shook his head. “Every time I talk about dynamics and scents, that's how he reacts.”

“Are you sure that’s why he’s mad?”

“Yeah, and it’s been going on for too long.” Jason stood up, placing his cellphone on the table. “I try to give him the benefit of the doubt because of his situation but it gets tiring after a while when I have to watch what I say around him.”

Dick understood where he was coming from but at the same time, he felt compelled to follow after Tim. It was Tim who cheered him up at one of his lowest points so Dick wanted to return the favor if only to keep a stable relationship.

“I’m gonna go and talk to him.” Dick rose from the chair.

“You’re gonna go talk to him?” Jason was a bit astonished when Dick nodded. “When the hell did you two get so close?”

“We’re not that close.” Dick smiled, taking steps backward toward the elevator. “We just understand each other a bit better now.”

“I’ve gotta say, I never expected that to happen anytime soon.”

Dick shrugged. “Well, it did.” And he was happy about it. “Let’s talk later Jay.” The omega gave his parting words and went upstairs.

The thing about big houses was that no one really knew where anyone might be. Despite there being an ancient servant comm system in every room of the house, no one used it anymore. And by no means was Tim going to answer it if they were working nor was he going to reply to a quick text if he was that angry. Therefore, Dick had to search around a bit. Minutes later Dick was knocking on Tim’s bedroom door, opened it and found no one in sight. Then he went back downstairs to check the kitchen, then the dining room, then the family room, then the music room, then down the hallway leading to the entertainment room. 

While turning a corner, Dick bumped into someone. A big and strong, warm and sturdy, all too familiar chest. He slowly glanced up and silence crashed down around him. He was suddenly struck anew by Bruce’s good looks. The alpha looked undoubtedly tired and worn out but no amount of exhaustion could get rid of that scent. The same scent he’d smelled all around the house and now that it was up-close, there was something unnerving about it. Calling to him; drawing him forward. As if no other breath of fresh air mattered if it wasn’t this particular scent. A fragrance so intoxicating, electrifying, Dick had to wonder how he went without it for so long. Its familiarity took him back to a place he’d been thinking about more often than not. 

Bruce’s bed.

In this regard, it was less of a memory and more of a requirement; an instinctive need that had been bothering him since the very beginning. No matter the distance or how mad he was or betrayed he felt nothing… nothing could destroy this necessitous feeling. And Dick gladly sucked in the aroma, his fingers slowly curling into the soft fabric of Bruce’s shirt to keep him close; subsequently, feeling his senses suddenly enhance. It could hardly even compare to what he’d been able to feel before but it was enough; Dick could sense his mates feelings again. Now he could see things clear as day- Bruce’s confusion, desire, longing, and… guilt.

Dick suddenly moved away, coming back to his senses.

“Dick?” Bruce questioned, sounding like he wanted to take a step closer.

“Have you…” The omega averted his eyes, looking at the wall next to him. “Did you see where Tim went?” 

“...He’s in the backyard.”

Dick expressed his thanks with a simple nod before quickly slipping past the alpha, his steps becoming heavier the further away he got. His omega silently reprimanded him, trying to persuade him to turn around, to run into his alpha’s arms but Dick wouldn’t let himself be influenced by his instinct. 

That’s all it was… instinct

Dick soon reached the back door and was walking outside under the evening sky. The winds blew a bang to one side of his face and he moved it back in place, briefly catching sight of Tim sitting on a bench past a vine-covered arbor. Dick’s footsteps laid down a steady beat, as he hiked across the long garden walkway, worry swirling through his gut. What could have set Tim off? The talk about scents sounded plausible enough but to be angry every time Jason mentioned it? And only Jason in particular. 

Dick had a knack for assuming things and when he did, he was usually called out for overthinking. So because of that, he wasn’t going to assume anything even though all the signs were right there. 

Dick was greeted by another gust of humid wind as he approached the bench. The strange weather caused him to glimpse up at the sky, seeing dark clouds rolling in from a distance. 

“Why’d you come after me?” Tim’s soft voice distracted him from the looks of an oncoming storm.

“I wanted to make sure everything was okay.” Dick neared the empty spot next to Tim. “Are you okay?”

“What does it look like to you?” Tim turned to him with puffy red eyes.

By now, Dick was used to Tim having a defensive attitude and sat down next to him without thinking twice about it.

“Wanna tell me what's wrong?” The omega said calmly, wanting to send the teenager comforting pheromones; unfortunately, that was impossible. “Talk to me. Was it something Jason said?”

Tim didn’t answer at first and Dick waited patiently, no longer urging him to speak. When he finally did, the words came out shaky and fearful. “In a month… if I don’t present with a dynamic, I’m going to be stuck like this forever.” Tim sniffled and Dick’s heart clenched. “I’m not going to have a mate or have a connection to anyone pheromone wise… I won't have anything .”

“Tim,” Dick placed a careful hand on the teenager's back and began rubbing small circles. Then he leaned forward, trying to look into Tim’s eyes. “Everything’s going to be okay even if you don’t present. And I’m sure someone out there will lik-”

“When have you ever heard of someone dating a rare defect?” Tim begged for an answer but Dick didn’t have one. “Why would they want to when we can’t even… make children.”

Dick took a deep shuddering breath. He wished he could tell Tim he was wrong but everyone knew, as rare as defects were, they were all infertile. It was the last thing anyone wanted to mention when talking about a defect.

“Tim… believe me when I say that-” Dick stammered, not wanting to get Tim’s hopes up. “In the future, you’ll meet-”

“No, I won’t…” Tim cut him off. “I know I won’t. Not even the person I like looks my way.” Tim rubbed at his eyes once again before looking over at Dick. “I would give anything to have what you have.”

Dick was at a loss for words. What could he say? He knew Tim was troubled by this but on the surface he made it seem like he’d already accepted it. 

“And now look at you.” Tim began. “You’re sitting here letting you and Bruce’s connection go to waste. As if it wasn’t important.” 

Dick flinched and stopped caressing Tim’s back. “...You wouldn’t understand.”

“I get it, he lied to you and I know that it was wrong. But both of you shouldn’t have to suffer like this because of that and…” He stalled, his shoulders staggering with troubled emotion. “ me it looks like you’re taking your bond for granted…”

“No, it’s not like that, Tim. I just…” Dick glanced away, pain gripping his chest. “I just need some time to work through things on my own.”

“I know that, but I can’t stop belittling you for it. And when I do, I can’t help but remember what you said about being an omega and how it puts you at risk of being ordered around by an alpha.” Tim looked down, trembling as his vision blurred. “Still…  I just want to experience what it's like to have a mate. I want to experience the instinct that draws you two together. I’d be so happy if I could just get one ounce of that feeling.” He whispered the last phrase and Dick couldn’t resist the urge to pull Tim close to his side.

Dick racked a soft hand through the teenager's hair as sadness crumbled through his soul. He wanted to help Tim, his little brother; he wanted to make him feel better but this was something he didn’t know how to fix- not without pheromones. 

It was at that moment that Dick realized how much Alphas, Betas, and Omegas depended on pheromones. Or that unseeable pull that Dick had been so adamant on ignoring. An instinct that dragged a person along its pace without them ever knowing why it's happening. An innate need that called forth feelings no one understood but they couldn’t help to accept it. In defiance of that testament, Dick was determined to make Tim feel any semblance of comfort he could offer.

“Look at me, Tim.” Dick pulled away, watching Tim peer up at him. “I wish I could take away your pain but I can’t. I’m so sorry you have to go through this and it isn't right for everyone else's ideals to make you feel worthless. But you have to believe that you’re way more than what anyone's dynamic has to offer.”

Dick couldn’t take away all of Tim’s sadness but if there’s one thing he could do, was to make sure that Tim wasn’t barren of all the other good feelings. 

“And even if you don’t present, you’ll always have us. We don’t think of you any differently and I know that there are people out there who think the same. So I promise you that there is someone out there who will love you even without a dynamic… I mean… there are 7 billion people in the world right now.” Dick smiled sheepishly as he brushed a piece of Tim’s hair away from his eyes. “Maybe you can ask Bruce to fly you around the world then back. It’ll probably take several months though.”

Tim cracked a tiny smile before wiping at his moist eyes. “You know how many languages I’d have to learn?”

“Ah, right… nevermind what I said. It was a horrible idea.”

“You really don’t know how to keep things serious, do you?” Tim lightly moved Dick’s hand away from his forehead, trying to control his smile.

“I was being serious though. And I know I’m not in any position to be giving you advice but I just wanted you to know that I’m here for you.” Dick eyed Tim and simpered brightly. “For what it’s worth, I think I deserve a hug now?”

“Why?” Tim huffed at the nuisance of Dick’s persistence.

“You complain about hugging me and yet you hug Jason like it’s nothing.”

“Fine, if it’ll get you to shut up, I’ll do it.”

Dick tried to stifle a laugh when Tim hugged him with obvious irritation. That didn’t stop Dick from squeezing him tighter. Tim was warm- a little too warm and somehow it reminded him of his mom. She too had a calm serene sort of… aura around her that drew him close. It was especially noticeable after he presented as an omega, for only omegas could give each other a certain type of solace that no alphas could provide.

Dick found himself progressively drowsing, hearing Tim mumble something just when another burst of wind came breezing through the garden.

“Mm? What’d you say?” Dick questioned, getting nothing in response except for the sound of thunder rumbling across the sky, effectively pulling them apart.

Dick blinked, taking notice of Tim quickly standing up and looking heavenward. “I said it’s starting to sprinkle so we better get inside.”

Dick just now felt warm water hitting his skin, gradually growing into bigger drops. Swiftly standing up, Dick followed Tim back into the Manor.

“I swear it’s been raining a lot lately,” Tim said, running a hand through his damp hair.

Dick closed the door behind him. “It’s probably a sign.”

“A sign for what?”

“My mom used to tell me that constant rain represented new beginnings or that a long time wish is about to be fulfilled.”

Tim smirked. “Well, I’ve always wished for a younger sibling. Maybe I’ll finally get one since you’re pre--.”

Tim’s back was suddenly against Dick’s chest as his comment was muffled by a warm palm covering his mouth. That’s when Tim heard footsteps drawing near and in no time, Bruce and Jason came around the corner with matching black rain jackets. Upon seeing them, the alphas stopped with their brows furrowed in confusion.

“What the hell are you guys doing?”

Dick averted his eyes, feeling Tim tug down his hand because of course, he couldn’t resist answering Jason’s question.

“W-we were…” Tim stuttered. “We were just messing around.” He finished, watching Jason fold his arms before asking, “Where are you guys going?”

“Out.” Was all Jason said, leaving the room open to many unanswered questions.

“Well, I guess we’ve all got secrets then. Some more than others.” The remark that slipped from Tim’s mouth made Bruce speak up.

“Tim, I’m not hiding anything we’re just…” He faltered, eventually going quiet as he glanced at Dick.

“You’re just what?” Tim asked innocently, growing more interested.

Bruce sighed. “I can't tell you about it now but… we’ll be back later on and… ”

Dick scoffed, his mind churning with assumptions and with the fact that Bruce was still keeping secrets. At this point, the omega was being a hypocrite but he didn’t care. He didn’t owe the alpha anything. With that in mind , Dick ambled his way toward the door, brushing by Bruce and Jason as he exited the room.

"Dick, wait, I…" Bruce immediately gave up, leaning into the fact that an explanation was useless. 

“Sorry about that, Bruce.” Tim murmured as he watched Dick leave. 

"Next time keep your big mouth shut, Timmy." 

"As if you're one to talk," Tim uttered as he slipped by them and went after Dick.

Bruce sighed again, forcing Jason to break the silence. “So… I’m thinking we should just save our little trip to the dealership for tomorrow? It’s raining anyway.” The rain wasn't really an excuse. They were headed to a luxury dealership that had the cars Bruce was looking at for Tim’s birthday, on the inside.

“We’ll go tomorrow morning.” Bruce put emphasis on the word morning, knowing that Dick slept later than anyone else in the house. 

“Don’t worry about it, B. Just send him a quick text and explain everything.”

Bruce’s eyes filled with uncertainty. “That sounds like a great idea but at the start of this week, I think he blocked me.”

Jason hissed through his teeth. “Tough luck.”

“Tough luck indeed.” 

“Don’t worry, I’ll send him a text for you,” Jason said as he pulled out his cellphone.

Bruce sighed in relief but he didn't think that would help his case. “Thank you.”

From what Jason could see, Dick really didn’t trust Bruce at all. But at least Jason had essentially been taught a lesson because of this whole situation and that was, telling the truth fucking hurts but so does telling lies. It was a lose-lose situation but it was apparent that the person who told the truth, always came out on top.

Chapter Text



Location: Promenade

Time: 15:09 P.m.

Status: Omega 21365 [Located]  


“Watch where you’re going.” A voice said as politely as they could.

“Sorry about that-” The alpha paused briefly, staring at the most talked about omega in Gotham to date. Richard Grayson. 

“It’s fine. Just pay attention next time and maybe...”

The alpha zoned out, eyes naturally drawn to Richard’s mouth, quickly glancing at his blue eyes, taking in all the minor details that the video clips couldn’t capture. And he was wearing a collar. Why was he wearing a collar?

“Hey, you listening?” Richard tilted his head, brow creased slightly.

“What’d you say?”

“I said that maybe it’s not such a good idea to be standing in the middle of a crowded promenade.” Richard’s eye’s searched for the alpha’s answer.

“My bad, you’re right I should watch it.” The alpha nervously scratched the back of his neck. “Still, I never expected to run into you of all people.”

“Uh... yeah.” 

“My first thought was that an omega such as yourself, should not be walking around alone.” The alpha said bluntly, causing Richard to visibly scorn him. 

“Excuse me?”

“It’s like I said. You should be walking with your alpha.” Accordingly, the omega scoffed and ignored him before turning around, about to walk away. Unfortunately, Richard was stopped when the alpha grabbed his wrist. “I'm being serious here.” The alpha advised, watching Richard whip his head around.

“What the hell are you doing?” Richard tried to yank his wrist away but it wouldn’t budge. “Let go of me.” The omega urged before he suddenly stopped struggling, now looking over the alpha’s shoulder.

“I would watch where you put your hands.” A sudden presence was at the alpha’s side as well as something cool poking against his waist. “Let him go.”

The alpha let go and put his hands up. “It was simply a warning. Someone like you shouldn’t be out and about like this. Especially an omega as beautiful as yourself.”

“Maybe if you keep your eyes to yourself and you won’t have to worry about what he’s doing,” Jason warned, pressing closer to his side.

The alpha stood completely still, watching as Richard stared at his exposed left wrist. “Jason, let him go. He’s good.” 

Jason pulled back, the glint of his gun being hidden by the flap of his jacket.

Just when the alpha thought he’d been set free, there was a sudden strike at the back of his ankle, causing him to drop to a knee and hiss in pain.

“Oops, sorry, didn’t see you there.” Another person, Tim, he recognized was glaring at him as he brushed by.

“Sure you don’t want me to teach this guy a lesson?” Jason asked Richard while he sized him up.

“No, let's just go. Let asshole alpha’s like him figure it out for themselves.” Dick sneered before turning around with Tim and Jason following behind. 

So, it wasn’t just a ploy; Richard seriously has a little pack now. A loyal one at that. This could cause trouble. The alpha watched after the little group, seeing Tim point at something on his cellphone before they all sprinted off, disappearing into the crowd.

“Shit.” The alpha rubbed at his throbbing ankle before slowly standing up.

“Tiger.” The alpha looked over his shoulder to find Rose nearing his space. “Why were you kneeling?”

“A little brat kicked me and ran off.”

“Guess we both have a hard time dealing with little brats then.” As snide as the remark was, Rose was still aware of her responsibilities. “Cassandra, let's go.”

Tiger watched the little girl stand up from where she stopped to idly stare at the flowers and make her way to Rose’s side.

“You don’t have to yell at her like that you know.” 

“I’ve told you this before, she’s prone to not listening.”

Tiger disagreed, for he knew Cassandra was a great listener; it's just that the Wilson’s weren’t too keen on being patient.

“I think we’re finished with this little outing,” Rose said as she started forward with Tiger in tow.

“Speaking of outings, you wouldn’t believe who I just saw.” Tiger chuckled softly at the memory.

“I don’t care to know.” 

“Alright,” The alpha said slowly, “Since you’re going to act like that, I won’t tell you.”

“That’s not the first time I’ve been glad to hear you say that.” Rose retorted.

Tiger shrugged and felt Cass grab his hand when the crowd was at its densest, making him question... “I’ve been meaning to ask this for a while but why does your dad want Cass to go out on these little… outings?”

“Father thinks it’s good to experience things outside of the clan. Especially to a child as malleable as Cassandra.” They breached the threshold of the crowd and came upon a parking lot. “I was once in her position and so was Joey.”

“Sounds ridiculous, especially since Cass isn’t a normal alpha. Her scent draws a lot of attention, y’know.” He looked down at said girl, seeing the same expression she always wore- listless and dull. Similar to that of a doll.

“It’s not that much attention. People most likely think she’s newly presented and doesn’t know how to control her pheromones yet.”

Tiger would agree with Rose but Cass wasn’t at the age that a normal alpha would present. She was seven years old, three years too early for a regular alpha and omega to have presented and it shows. She was a small child and a little on the thin side but that wouldn’t pose a problem for her because of her rare dynamic. A Prime Alpha. A rare term that was practically a myth at this point. They were hard to come by; only being born from a family with a long generation of alpha pairs, for not one omega has breached the bloodline. They practically didn’t exist and yet, DS found one. To be more precise, Cassandra’s father sold her to the clan for a very large sum of money. 

“If she could talk then that would cause a major problem,” Tiger commented.

“Then it’s a good thing she doesn’t.” Rose pulled out her car keys when the vehicle was in sight. 

“That would be a sight to see though. Her alpha order would affect anyone, even other alphas.” While Rose unlocked the car doors, Tiger imagined the prospect with a bit uneasiness. Having been used to throwing around alpha orders here and there, he would never want to experience one himself.

They stopped in front of the car.“I think I would like to see that as well.”

Once Cass was buckled up in the backseat, Tiger moved to the front, seeing Rose start up the car. “It makes me wonder what Prime Omegas are like.”

“If we compare their characteristics with a Prime Alpha, they’re probably... hard to control.” She turned the radio all the way down before backing out of the parking space. “What we know for sure is that they aren’t capable of listening to a regular alpha order, such as the one you would provide.”

“Hard to control…” Tiger hummed at the thought. “Almost sounds like a feral omega.” 

“Almost, except they can only bow down to the dynamic of a Prime Alpha.”

“It sucks that we'll probably never have the chance to meet one.” 

“I agree,” Rose said, looking through the rearview mirror at Cassandra. “I know father would love to run a few tests on them too."




Dick’s dreams lingered at the edge of his consciousness during one of his many efforts to fall asleep. That was when he felt an indistinct movement, then something warm draped over his body. A familiar aroma captured his dozy focus and he inhaled it, slowly stirring his cognizance. A warm palm touched the space between his collar and his shoulder, near the hidden bond bite before resting there. Shortly after, the palm moved to caress his cheek and what followed was a soft lingering kiss. This made Dick slowly open his eyes and through his lashes, he saw Bruce already making his way out of the room and disappearing around the corner. Accompanying the alpha’s departure was an alluring scent that caused Dick to sift through the imminent risks of not being able to keep his hands to himself. Or rather, he was denying himself of what he needed.

Distracted by a faint snore, Dick sat up and glimpsed at the couch across from his. It was Tim and after recollecting his whereabouts, Dick realized that they must have fallen asleep after watching a movie. Making Tim watch a movie with him was just another attempt at cheering him up. In the end, Tim didn’t say much at all and quietly watched the movie but at least he agreed to watch it with Dick and that was a plus. Nevertheless, during the movie, the omega couldn’t rid Tim’s words from his mind… because he’d truly been suffering through this for so long. It wasn’t fixing anything and he was only hurting himself.

Ultimately, Dick wanted everything to go back to the way it was before. He didn’t trust Bruce anymore but he still wanted to be with him. More than anything, he wanted to be with his mate, and in his time staying here, he’s learned a lot when it comes to dealing with certain situations. To comprise in ways Dick wasn’t used to, to push through the pain no matter how much it hurts, and to recognize how someone else might be feeling. He wasn’t in this alone. Bruce had been with him all the way, though, at times they collided, the alpha never pushed him aside.

Dick decided then it was now or never and stood up from the couch. He pulled the blanket along with him, covering Tim with it before leaving the room. Past the dim lighting that filled the hallways, Dick carried those thoughts with him on the way to Bruce’s office. It was a longer trek than needed, due to Dick’s spur of the moment second-guessing but eventually, he made it. When he stood in front of the door staring at his shadow, he reached for the doorknob, took a deep breath then pushed it open. Drops of nervousness seeped through his pores as he caught sight of his alpha placing a small stack of books into a box sitting on the coffee table. Hearing a tiny creak, the alpha swiftly looked Dick’s way where his depleted features promptly softened at the sight of his omega. 

“Sorry, did I wake you earlier?” Bruce asked in a way any pure gentleman would.

Dick shook his head. “No… I wasn’t fully asleep.” He rubbed his forearms at the slight chill of the room and flicked his gaze on the box; the same box he saw under Bruce’s desk . The omega let out a short breath, quickly tearing his gaze away from the sight. “What are you doing?” Dick asked softly, seeing the alpha hesitate before responding.

“...I’m getting rid of her things.” There was an unspoken sigh in Bruce’s tone as he sauntered toward the shelf and began pulling off more books.

“Oh…” From afar, Dick could see the box was filled with books and a stack of… envelopes. So that’s where the letters were. Dick tried not to think of how he would have reacted if he’d sifted his way through the box that day he was snooping around. He was so close too and he sort of wished he’d been able to read through the letters that day. It would have probably been better than finding out from someone else but it would be no less infuriating.

“Why are you getting rid of everything?” Dick revealed a sincere inquiry.

Bruce dropped another small pile into the box before assessing his mate. “It’s funny you ask me that.” He said while closing the flaps of the box. 

Dick felt a semblance of annoyance settle in his gut. “I never asked you to do this.”  

“I know you never asked.” The alpha sat down on the loveseat, extending his arm along the back of the couch. “I simply want to be considerate of your feelings.” 

“Considerate?” Dick lowered his eyebrows that were accompanied by a surge of irritation. “You make it sound as if you’re doing me a favor and not you.” 

Massaging his forehead, Bruce murmured. “I don’t want to fight tonight, Dick.”

“I’m not trying to start a fight, I’m just…” Dick stopped short, attempting to calm himself. “Getting rid of everything isn’t going to change what happened.” The omega couldn’t deny that he was admittedly pleased; his joy almost resembled that of selfishness because he’s wanted her stuff gone since the day he found out. On the other hand, he didn’t like the way Bruce said it- as if it was something he’d been forced to do. 

“Ignoring people won’t either.” Upon hearing the alpha’s reply, Dick looked off to the side.

“Of course… now you’re putting the blame on me.” 

Bruce quietly exhaled. “Come and sit down, Dick.”

Sights already set on the loveseat across from the Bruce’s, Dick occupied the familiar space and immediately abandoned eye contact. 

“My hope is that you came here tonight so we can talk?” Bruce questioned.

“...Something like that.” 

“Then I want to settle this calmly,” Bruce stated and as it so happened, Dick didn’t take too kindly to how vain his tone sounded.

“You don’t have a right to ask for anything at this point.”

“This is all that I ask for, Dick,” Bruce replied, without a hitch. “I don’t want to fight. I don’t have the energy to do so.”

It was disbelief that narrowed Dick’s eyes at that moment. “You want to settle this calmly? Then admit what you’ve done is wrong. Because as of right now, all I know is what you’ve proven yourself to be. You’re untrustworthy and all you do is keep secrets.”

“...I do.” 

“And you’re a liar.” The omega continued.

“I know,” Bruce admitted for a second time like it was simplicity itself.

Dick observed the alpha’s candid but standoffish reaction. His utterances involved minimal effort, resulting in the following silence. Dick didn’t know what to say. He hadn’t anticipated for the alpha to open and shut case without a fight. It would seem that Bruce genuinely didn’t want to have another argument and if that’s true then the omega would abide by it. Because right now, all that remained was pure admittance and that would come from Bruce’s end.

“I should have told you about her.” The silence was parted by Bruce’s admission. “But I didn’t. And no matter how many times I say sorry, it won’t account for the amount of pain I’ve caused you.” Remorse filled the space between them and Bruce's stoic expression wilted into that of self-reproach. “At the time, I thought bringing up Selina was unimportant and so I had no reason to talk about it. I thought it wouldn’t be a big deal because I was worried about you having to deal with more problems besides DS still being around...”

Dick resisted the urge to respond as he listened to the alpha’s next line.

“...and for me, it was in the past; it didn’t matter anymore because Selina’s already... dead.”

The room grew foggy with silence until Dick found the will to speak. “With all this stuff.” He motioned toward the box. “And how you currently feel, it’s not in the past for you. It’s happening right now because you still haven’t let it go.”

“...I’m aware that I have a lot of problems that I need to deal with.”

“And I don’t want to put our relationship on hold while you’re still trying to figure it out.”

“I think we’ve already been on hold for a while now. For too long.”

Dick gripped the edge of the couch cushion and forced his patience by not saying anything.

“Though, I will say that it gave me some time to think.”

Dick sighed. “I only stopped talking to you because I was…” He paused, falling back on his willingness to admit he was immature but that’s not all it was. “You said that she was your… everything… your family. Do you know how that made me feel?”

“I never meant to hurt you.”

“Well you did, and it made me think that I was nothing compared to her; that you still missed being with her.” Dick struggled to confess. “I’m already insecure enough and when I heard those things I just… couldn’t stand to be near you.” It made him feel less than- below Selina in terms of his status as Bruce's mate.

“I do miss Selina…” Bruce said simply, causing Dick’s fingers to curl further into the cushion, the whites of his knuckles turning red as he tried not to react.

“She was always there for me. Especially after my parents died- she never left my side. So yes, I miss her... I think I’ll always miss her.”

Dick bit the inside of his lip and repressed his tears. He wanted to leave. He couldn’t stand this.

“But there's one thing that I want you to understand, Dick,” Bruce began again, pheromones suddenly mellowing the omega’s distress. “Is that I don’t miss being with Selina. I don’t know how it came across in that way and I’m sorry if I made it sound like that. So believe me when I say that right now, the only thing I miss being with, is you.” 

Dick peered up at the alpha. “...As her replacement.” 

“No… I never once thought of you as a replacement for her. By no means was that ever an option.” The alpha declared. “You two are very different people that can’t be compared. And yes, I do feel different for her than I do for you; but that’s not to say that I love her more, because I don’t.”

“...Then her stuff… I don’t understand why you all of a sudden want to get rid of it now when you could have done that before we mated?” As soon as Dick caught sight of the box, his stare became unrelenting. “To me, it feels like you’re doing this more out of obligation rather than something you want to do for yourself.” 

“Dick…” Bruce sighed. “I feel a sense of loyalty to Selina by keeping her stuff around... 

It was something tangible; something that thrived off the private connection the alpha had with her. And Dick was finding it hard to accept that reasoning. “I want it gone… not because you're being considerate of me but because you want to make this work and because you want to help yourself…”

“Dick, let me expla-

“I won’t accept any excuses.”

“I’m not trying to make any excuses and I’m still going to get rid of her stuff but…”

“But what?” Dick asked while scrutinizing him.

“I just want to explain myself. I want to tell you everything.”

Shaking his head slightly, Dick crossed his legs and leaned back. “Fine. I’ll listen.”

“I keep everything around because…” The alpha hesitated. “It’s only because I blame myself for what happened… Knowing that I might have been able to prevent it…” Bruce said, recognizing his faults, “That’s what keeps me from forgetting about her.” 

Dick still didn’t understand why Bruce blamed himself? “Tim told me how she…”

“What did he tell you?”

Dick pulled his eyes away from the alpha and looked elsewhere. “About Risen, the spy, the leaked information that led her to find the warehouse and…” He took a deep breath. “You couldn’t have done anything to stop that from happening.”

“But I could have.” The alpha claimed as though he believed it from the bottom of his heart but Dick continued to uphold his opinion.

“Bruce, it’s not your fault.”

Despite Dick’s testament, Bruce shook his head. “If I hadn’t let her join the clan then none of this would have happened... From the very beginning, Mr. Calabrese never wanted Selina to be involved; he said she’d get herself hurt… but I didn’t listen.

“Is that why you two don’t get along? Because of what happened to her?”

“Yes… he blames me for everything.” 

Rex was never a pleasant man to be around. But growing up, Bruce had no reason to doubt his virtue, mainly because his parents seemed to have no problem with the man. Rex was a family associate and a researcher that perfected the science and proficiency of the heat suppressant. With that connection, there had to at least be some goodness in him. The man was somewhat there for Bruce when his parents died. By that, he means allowing Selina to hang around him even though it was obvious he didn't want her to. Regardless of that, Bruce appreciated it, for Selina made his mourning all the more tolerable. Bruce did eventually find out the reason why Mr. Calabrese had been unwilling to let him and Selina be friends. When he turned fourteen, Bruce began his training and he allowed Selina to come with him. There, he told her everything about the Dark Knight clan. She was shocked, stunned, and was annoyed that Bruce hadn’t told her up until that point. And as expected, she wanted in… so Bruce let her in. 

They were best friends turned lovers and as the days went on, Bruce had grown comfortable. It wasn’t until Mr. Calebrese found out that Selina was a part of the clan that things took a turn for the worse. He wanted her kicked out and wanted Bruce to be the one to do it. Even though it had already been more than ten years since she joined without any incident, her father didn’t care. He was so adamant with his decision; so unyielding and persistent by the prospect of her being in the clan that Bruce finally said something about it to Selina. When all was said and done, she made her decision and refused to listen or leave- not until she put a stop to Risen.

“She was a free spirit and very headstrong. I couldn’t stop her from doing anything even if I wanted to.” Bruce brought a fist to his mouth and gave a pensive smile.

“So she was stubborn…” Dick uttered, gazing at the pattern on the large rug. “ you.”

“Yes, more than me at times. We butted heads very often because of that…” The alpha tapered off after sensing Dick’s affliction. “...I think that's why she never told me about the leaked information until she got there. She knew that I would try to stop her. And if I'd gotten the chance to, I would have come up with a better plan or done anything else to make the confrontation easier. Anything… just to have stopped it from happening especially since she was…” The words died on Bruce’s lips, leaving the air open to feelings of sorrow and regret. 

Dick could see that Bruce wanted to say more but something was holding him back; a shadow of untamed grief that had formed a wall of denial. What was it? What else wasn’t Bruce telling him? What was it that caused Bruce to accept so much blame from people like Holly and Rex? Was it because he wanted to protect Selina’s integrity even though her decision was her own choice? Or was it something else much deeper… oh… it was deeper… and dire… and extremely painful...

“I’ve never told anyone this before… it was a secret between Selina and me…”

A secret? A secret so grievous… and distressing that Dick was finding it hard to stay in the same room as his mate. How bad could it be?

“At the time before her death, she…” Bruce started then stopped again with a bitter, unforgiving, agony that was directed at himself.

“She was…” Bruce’s voice shook- soft, halting, disbelief as the word pried its way passed his lips. “...Pregnant.” He inhaled a deep breath and blew out slowly. “That’s why it's so hard for me to let her go.” Bruce’s eyes ambled away toward the door by dint of the unnerving and desolate confession and he remained unaware of Dick placing a hand on his own stomach. 

Dick stood at the brink of something he wasn’t able to reveal. Though he’d planned on telling Bruce that night about his… pregnancy, he also planned on telling him about his means to… abort it. But the weight of everything that had just been said seemed to put a substantial amount of weight on his heart. Dick couldn’t tell him… he knew he was running out of time but he truly couldn’t tell Bruce about his decision… it would break him.

“Bruce,” Dick felt his body move on gut feeling alone and before he knew it, he was at his alpha’s side. The sides of their knees touch as the omega faced him, bringing a hand up to caress his cheek. “You didn’t know; you didn’t know anything about her decision. How could you? No one could have seen that coming. So it’s not your fault.” 

There was no doubt in Dick’s mind that the alpha was similar to him in this way- keeping things inside. It hurt to not know about Selina at first, it hurt listening to everything he said about her, and the way he smiled at their memories. But this was something more than any one person could handle. Losing the love of his life and his unborn child all in one day was something he could never get back.

“Bruce, I’m so sorry.” The alpha’s pain and all the things he said; he kept them safe within his mind as if he would find the answers one day. He won’t. There was only one truth of the matter and that was none of this was his fault; no one can predict the future. It’s all left up to fate to decide and perhaps that was even worse because fate favored no one...

“I wish you had told me in the beginning… it's so hard for me to hear this now but I want to comfort you regardless of that."

There was a calming moment between them, Bruce having covered Dick’s hand with his own, bringing their foreheads together.

"I don’t deserve you…” The alpha said after a while.

“Don’t say that.”

“I hurt you and here you are comforting me instead. I should be the one saying sorry for putting you through this."

“No, we’re both hurting in different ways… and I’ve never been in a relationship before… but honestly, I never thought it would be like this...”

“I’m sorry for that,” Bruce said again and cupped the omega’s cheek. “I can never take back the things I’ve said or the pain I’ve caused you. But I’ll try and work through my grievances.”

Dick nuzzles the alpha’s warm palm, wanting to believe in Bruce's words but it was so hard to. Everything that happened, made Dick realize that the only way he dealt with pain, was to avoid it…” 

That’s all he’s ever done. He left DS behind, picked up his life, and moved in with Bruce. Dick thought that by doing that he was finally changing for the better and that he would experience less pain. But that’s not how it turned out. Though his pain has substantially lessened… it was still there.

“Bruce… I want you to be truthful with me.” Dick bit his lip with uncertainty. He knew what Bruce revealed was heartbreaking but he really wanted to know the truth. “If she was still alive today… would you have left her for me?”

“Yes,” Bruce said in a heartbeat, and Dick had never been more content in his entire life. “It’s because I was…” The alpha stalled his reasoning and pulled his hand away.

“Because you were what?”

“...Looking for you.”

Dick frowned. “Looking… for me…?”

“At the circus, I was there that night when your parents…”

Dick looked away, speechless. He couldn’t believe it. This had to be another lie. 

“After it happened, I searched for you, I asked the people at the circus who knew you and your parents but you were already gone and no one, not even the police could find you… and I’ve been looking for you ever since.”

Dick immediately remembered Selina’s letter; the one he’d been confused about but he was confused no longer. She knew about him too; she wanted Bruce to move on, to let him go, so they could move forward together...

“Because I knew you were out there somewhere, it was hard for me to commit to Selina. It put a strain on our relationship.” Bruce explained. “It wasn’t easy for her but eventually, she accepted it.”

Dick swore he was just hearing things at that moment. He swore he was still hearing those silent wishes he made as a child. Someone would save him. Someone was looking for him. But after five years of reassuring himself and gaining no results, he gave up. And of course, at the circus, no one could find him… Dick ran outside and to the back of the tent after seeing his parents die. He didn’t want to see their bodies any longer; he didn’t want the cops or anyone to comfort him; he just wanted to be alone. And during his silent promise to show his presence to the police later, he cried everything out, hearing nothing but sirens in the background. Then suddenly a voice, deep and riveting, surged forward and grasped him by the last strand of his sanity.

Follow me, young Grayson.

The first time he heard an alpha order, happened on the same night he killed his parent’s murderer.

“Dick…” Bruce’s voice broke Dick’s trance, causing him to wonder even further.

He remembered the first time Bruce had said his name. ‘Dick.’ No one had called him that in fifteen years. Only his parents and his circus family knew he went by that. He’s never questioned it until now because admittedly the very first time they met was still fuzzy due to his heat. 

“Don’t cry.” Bruce soothed him by wiping away a tear, making the omega realize he was crying and soon after, he was sobbing into the alpha’s chest.

“You stupid idiot, why didn’t you tell me?” Dick was in the midst of fury and happiness as he hung onto Bruce’s every word. He didn’t know which emotion to feel; he was so confused, but for all of that, he never pulled away from the alpha’s chest. “You asshole.” Dick looked up at the alpha. “Don’t ever lie to me again even if it hurts I wanna know.”

“Dick I-”

“I want you to stay true to your word, Bruce.” Dick wouldn’t be fooled this time. He made sure to focus on Bruce’s feelings so he could sense the pretense of a promise. “I want you to swear to me; swear to me that you’ll never keep another secret from me. I'm serious this time.” 

Bruce gently grabbed one of Dick’s hands, bringing it to his mouth where he planted a soft kiss. “I swear that I won’t keep secrets from you again.”

Dick huffed, interlocking their fingers. “It’s so hard to believe you...”

“I’ll try and do better my lov-” Bruce stopped short, correcting himself. “Sorry, it's a habit.”

Dick plopped his head back on the alpha’s chest, silently commending Bruce for at least attempting to fix his ways. Moreover, Dick wanted to reward him for it by offering him an alternative. “As far as nicknames go, sometimes my mom used to call me robin.” He mumbled, pulling away slightly to wipe away the rest of his tears.

There was a small smile then a careful utterance. “Robin… That's a very pretty bird.” Bruce softly thumbed the omega’s cheek. “A very pretty bird indeed.” 

The compliment paid by means of essentially calling Dick a ‘pretty bird,’ made the omega blush. Dick playfully pushed against Bruce’s chest. “Sweet talker- fucking playboy.” He rested his head on Bruce’s chest once again, feeling the alpha chuckle. “This is why I can’t hate you...” Dick snuggled closer, breathing in his alpha’s scent as their unpleasant emotions diminished into thin air. He then felt Bruce wrap an arm around him; felt his soothing presence, and Dick stayed quiet so they could stay lost in the moment a while longer. He let the calmness caress his skin like a cool summer breeze, softening his damaged soul that could never truly be fixed. But he would take whatever he could get even if the pain was dulled only a little. 

“I have more things I need to tell you.” Bruce’s soft voice interrupted the silence. “About where I was Sunday.”

“I… have something I need to tell you too…” Pulling back, Dick looked up at his alpha. He knew he had to tell Bruce he was pregnant eventually but now wasn’t the time. 

“You have something to tell me?” Bruce inquired.

“It can wait until tomorrow…” Dick promised himself he would do it tomorrow. He had to. “Right now, I’m just tired...”

“I am too... We’ll sleep together tonight.” It wasn’t a question but Dick nodded anyway, knowing that he’d finally have a full night’s sleep.

Unexpectedly, Bruce's hand drifted to his waist. It settled there before pulling him closer and they both knew what was coming. Their lips brushed, briefly caressing, never fully touching, until they finally did. The kiss obliterated every one of Dick’s thoughts, sending shivers down his spine. For the first time in a month, his mind was locked onto the present and not the past; not on Selina. And perhaps the only relevant truth here is that everyone’s a liar, some more than others. What’s more, is that Dick still did not fully trust Bruce. But for now, he’d worry about that later and instead rule out their mutual exhaustion and touch starved dilemmas before he lost his mind.


Chapter Text



It was that which guided Dick’s passions further than he anticipated, for a kiss wasn’t enough to sate his desires. The kiss was too soft; too sweet, almost like a flower petal caressing his skin and it was too quiet. While the huffs of warm breaths provided a faint noise, Dick could still hear the clock ticking on the back wall above Bruce’s desk. It was all too gentle and not enough zeal to pad the omega’s lack of interaction. It was only supposed to be a simple kiss-no tongue-just a quick back and forth of lip-locking to heal the separation. By some ill luck, Dick had underestimated his own resolve to pull away, up until the point where he literally couldn’t. 

Something held his mind prisoner to the point where he couldn’t find his own virtue or reasoning. There was a balance within himself that had tipped to one side the moment he started leaking slick. It was different from his heat--where he would drip profusely--now it was a mild dampness. It carried with it a scent that couldn't be blocked out by Dick’s collar. The smell of his slick didn’t accompany the scent of his pheromones--it was its own essence--which is why an alpha with a keen nose had no problem recognizing an omega’s desire. A desire that ha Dick’s erection straining underneath his shorts as his body begged to be unified with his alpha’s. It was a good thing too because Bruce wished for the same.

They were in such a hurry and Dick was too lost in the moment to remember how it happened. Before Dick knew it, he was crawling on Bruce’s lap, fumbling with a half-hearted attempt to remove their pants. Then a few moments later, Bruce was thrusting into him at a quick and lasting pace. It hurt a bit because by God, Bruce's cock big and Dick had yet to get used to it but it didn’t matter- it’s what he needed. Bruce belonged inside of him. 

They’d been so distracted with becoming one again, that they forgot to take off the rest of their clothes. Dick remained in his t-shirt while the fabric of his shorts caressed the skin of his ankle. It was left hanging there, swinging back and forth, threatening to fall over the edge of the loveseat with each thrust. Bruce was mostly in the same condition with his shirt still on and his pants hanging on by the stretch of his widened knees. By means of their never-ending grind and Dick’s loud whimpers, it would continue to go unnoticed.

“B-Bruce-” Dick keened, arching forward into a painful bend when the alpha grabbed his ass cheeks. The firm hold was soon bringing the omega down harder on Bruce’s manhood. Dick moaned gaspingly and helplessly moved his hands away from the alpha’s shoulder to grip the back of the couch. He leaned over Bruce a bit further, panting harshly as his arms strained to push back against the constant rocking. 

“You… a-always grab so hard.” Dick panted, with a tiny smile.

Then Bruce was laying his head back against the cushion with small grunts and furrowed brows before squeezing Dick’s ass again. “It’s what I missed the most.”  

Dick pressed a laugh into the alpha’s mouth, heaving through his nose as he groaned. Through the slippery kiss, he continued to roll his hips, soon noticing how their rapid breathing synched as one. They were always as one. Sharing emotions, sharing pleasures, sharing flaws. Everything. It was strange, really. No matter what happened, Dick would always be drawn to Bruce. He’d always forgive and understand him. It made Dick wonder what sort of entity was fate to bring someone into existence that was perfectly suited for all his needs?

His question would never be answered for the rest was lost in the string of his everlasting delights. Bruce’s punishing rut, biting Dick’s bottom lip, sucking it into his hot mouth then pulling back with a wet pop. Feeling venturesome, Dick licked his lower lip, dipped low, and trailed his mouth down the alpha’s chin to his throat. Bruce gave a blissful huff when Dick stopped to suck and nip in one spot, gladly tasting the alpha’s skin.

“Mmf-!” Dick recognized the feeling of a warm hand kneading the head of his throbbing cock. He swiftly withdrew his mouth, feeling a bead of saliva dribble on his skin as he threw his head back. He whimpered and brought his hands to the back of Bruce’s head. Pleased, if not a little mischievous, Dick automatically slotted his fingers through the alpha’s hair, pulling the strands as he started riding harder.

Bruce hissed. “Now, th-that’s something I don’t miss.”

“Hmm.” Was all Dick said, for he was too caught up in the moment to care. “Bruce… f-faster-!” His voice broke into a quivering gasp, enjoying the feeling of Bruce pumping his cock. Then their lips became acquainted once again and it was as if their mouths never left each other in the first place.

“So eager… so good for me,” Bruce grumbled against his lips.

Yes… yes! Dick was greedy and so very desperate. He couldn’t get enough. Riding his alpha’s thighs felt so damn good. He was ruined; he was ruined for anyone else. He wanted to ruin Bruce for anyone else too because Bruce was his . “Mine…” Dick gasped softly and clamped down around his alpha’s cock. 

“Dick-” Bruce grunted in response. 

Dick brought their mouths together once more, possessively biting the alpha’s lip, working off a few of his overbearing thrills. At this moment, that was all that controlled him. “Mine…” Dick repeated, whimpering as his erection twitched in Bruce’s hand. “My alpha…” He’s never felt so frantic with possessiveness before. He couldn’t distinguish its origin or rather, he didn’t want to bring light to the source because it was through his mistrust. And if by some unfortunate circumstance that they were to fight again, Dick wanted to get it through the alpha’s thick skull. Bruce was his .

Without warning, Bruce let go of the omega’s straining erection and changed their positions. Dick whined when the alpha slipped out and in a flash, he was falling back against the loveseat. His shorts and underwear finally slid off his left leg as Bruce pressed his other one into the back cushions. It was an awkward angle but when Bruce leaned over him, fingers spreading the cold wetness of his ass, he sunk back inside without a problem.

“Mm… Ahn!” Dick arched, opening his mouth wide, moans blending in with the sound of flesh meeting flesh. His toes curled at the gush of pleasure consuming his rationale.

“You look so beautiful like this… my pretty bird.” The alpha mouthed against Dick’s lips

Eyes half-lidded, Dick brought his left leg around Bruce’s back. “I want you all the way inside me… deeper… harder- please-!” He begged and the alpha complied. Dick cried out, bringing a hand to claw at the alpha’s clothed back. He never wanted Bruce to stop, it was just too amazing; too perfect. He missed everything about this; everything that had to do with touching his alpha, he missed it. How had he gone so long without it?

Dick felt a hand creeping under his shirt during their open-mouthed kiss. In no time, he was hissing at the pain of Bruce’s hand catching the loops of his piercings. Bruce pulled back, thrust slowing down as he yanked Dick’s shirt all the way up.

The alpha was looking down at him, brows pulled together as he judged the omega’s new assets. “When… did you get these?”

“Two weeks ago.” Dick panted, pressing his leg into Bruce’s back. “Don’t stop… keep going.” He whined then flinched when the alpha ran a thumb across his right nipple.

“Bruce, not so hard… They're still healing.” Dick complained and pulled the alpha closer, whispering into his ear. “Keep fucking me… hurry… alpha.”

Bruce growled, causing Dick to tremble and his breath caught when the alpha damn near, slammed into him. “You let… someone else touch you?”

Dick kept Bruce close to his collared neck as a small smirk appeared on his face. He was feeling a bit emboldened then, only because he’s waited so long for this to happen. He just wanted to cum. “...Yeah... I let him touch me.”

There was a rumble in the alpha’s chest and soon after Bruce was back to vigorously fucking him. Dick gasped, feeling his head hit the flat slate of the armrest with every movement. There was just something satisfying about seeing his alpha come undone with such a strong desire. Was it wrong of him to like this? To be a little playful, selfish, and vulnerable in moments like these?

“You're mine …” The alpha uttered in a low voice, biting the rim of Dick’s ear. “Don't let anyone else touch you.”

Dick chuckled through a fluttering gasp. “Mm… only y-yours… ” Dick spoke in between moans, attempting to tame his alpha’s mood. “O-only… you can touch me.” He reassured, as he lifted Bruce’s head and brought their lips together, jerking as he was fucked mercilessly. Dick had no time to think when suddenly the alpha’s hand was tugging at his cock.

His breath was stolen away, letting the heightened pleasure take him to a place far away. Dick was so wet and overcome with the feeling of arousal, he nearly fainted… but not yet… he was so close- He wailed, his back forming an arc the closer he got to- “Aahh-!” A sharp intake and Dick was immediately overwhelmed with a stunning ejaculation. He dug his fingers into the alpha’s bi-ceps, tossing his head back, stretching his neck to where the collar nipped at his skin. Shudder after shudder racked itself through Dick’s body and it wasn’t long before Bruce was following in his stead and cumming inside of him.

Both of them were blissed out, trying to steady their ragged breathing, mingling past their brushing lips. About a minute passed before Dick realized where he was. They were still in Bruce’s office, which wasn’t that far from the living room where… Shit

“Bruce…” Dick breathed softly, “Please tell me your office is soundproof?”

Bruce sat up, casually running a hand through his sweaty hair. “...It’s not.”

Dick groaned, “Fuck.” He could only pray that Tim was a hard sleeper otherwise Dick would never live this down.




One moment there was blood; dripping blood clasped in between his fingers and a mass of bodies, whose screams would soon turn into loud cries. Dick was forced to listen because there was an alpha order locking him in place, telling him where to go; telling him what to do. He had no choice but to listen. That was the curse of his dynamic. As an omega, he would be a victim to it for the rest of his life but Dick was used to it. He hadn’t accepted it but he was accustomed to the sights, the sensations, and the sounds. He was a killer. That’s why blood would always stain his dreams, his memories, and his life moving forward.

Bruce only knew so much. He practically knew nothing at all except for what Grant told them. How would he react when Dick told him all the things Slade made him do? Not just the simple fact that he’s killed people but what he’s done in great detail … How would Bruce react? Would it be similar to Rose’s situation? She wasn’t accepted and came running back to the clan because there was nothing else left for her. Dick wouldn’t do that- he wouldn’t run back to the clan but he would run… to where? He didn’t know. Giving Bruce a more in-depth explanation of his prior lifestyle could possibly ruin everything. To have everything they’ve built up, everything he’s learned so far, be taken away… he wouldn’t be able to handle it. He’d run and like that, Dick realized that maybe he hadn’t learned much at all… 

A sudden calming sensation came over him, encircling him, rousing his awareness. Dick hummed, feeling his cheek rub against Bruce’s chest as he breathed in his scent.

“Morning," Bruce grumbled while pressing a kiss on the top of Dick’s head, whispering softly. 

"Morning,” Dick muttered and finally opened his eyes, seeing the familiar surroundings of Bruce’s bedroom- well, their bedroom, formally. 

“Did you have another bad dream?”

“The same as usual…” Dick answered and it was left at that.

Bruce never asked him if he wanted to talk about his dreams anymore and for that, Dick was grateful. Sometimes he felt as if his dreams were true; as if they actually happened in real life. Maybe his mind was trying to retrieve the existence of what appeared to be… forgotten memories. Some of them Dick hadn’t realized he’d forgotten until they came to him suddenly. He never knew if they were a part of reality or not. He really didn’t want to know.

“For once, you’re actually here when I wake up.” Dick pointed out, in an attempt to change the topic while tracing his fingers ever so slightly across Bruce’s chest.

“That’s because we both slept late today.”

“Mm, we did?” Dick peered at the sunlight breaching between a gap in the curtains. “What time is it?”

“Almost two o’clock.”

Despite hearing what time it was, Dick closed his eyes and proceeded to snuggle into the alpha’s chest. “Guess we missed breakfast.”

“We’ll miss lunch too if we don’t get up now.”

Bruce didn’t even give Dick a minute to shed the drowsiness from his mind before he was moving out of his hold. The omega huffed, watching Bruce retrieve the boxers he threw somewhere on the floor from last night. 

“I want to sleep some more,” Dick murmured, bringing a pillow under his head to replace Bruce’s missing chest. Just then, the startings of a queasy sensation stirred in his lower belly. He knew he wouldn’t puke now and that it was just simple nausea but he could never be too careful especially with Bruce here. So he stayed completely still, taking in quiet breaths as he tried to focus on the alpha’s answer. 

“That’s alright, you can rest some more. I’m going to take a shower.”

“What I meant was that I want you to come back to bed with me,” Dick dreaded the thought of leaving the bed; for some reason, he was still extremely tired. Bruce, on the other hand, looked completely refreshed. 

“Come on, pretty bird.” Sitting back down on the bed, Bruce gave the omega a fond look. “It’s a nice day outside, let’s get up.”

Dick sighed and slowly sat up, feeling his stomach churn along with the cool breeze wafting over his naked body. With Bruce’s broad back in sight, he crawled across the bed and wrapped his arms around the alpha’s shoulders. “Please, come back to bed?” Dick kissed the back of Bruce’s neck. “Then when we wake up, we can continue from last night and make up for lost time… again… How’s that sound?” He felt the alpha relax under his loving kisses. From there, Bruce grabbed his arm, and Dick thought he finally had him. 

“I’ve been meaning to ask you about this. When did you get it done?” Bruce inquired, referring to Dick’s tattoo. “Two weeks ago, as well?” He studied the design around the omega’s wrist, ensuring that the DS letters had been covered up completely.

Dick rolled his eyes and sluggishly moved around Bruce to stand up from the bed. He heard the alpha chuckling behind him as he was followed to the bathroom. “That’s not funny, Bruce. I was being serious.” He didn’t stop walking until he stood in front of the linen closet and pulled out a dry-off towel.

“I know, I’m sorry.” Bruce hugged the omega from behind. “We can go back to bed for a couple more hours if that’s what you really want.”

“It’s too late for that.” Dick maneuvered himself out of the alpha’s hold and proceeded to place the towel on the ledge outside of the shower. “I'm wide awake now so I guess I’ll take a shower.”

“I’ll join you.” Before Dick could reject his offer, Bruce was stepping out of his boxers and sliding open the shower door.

Dick usually wouldn’t mind taking a shower together but that was before he started wearing a collar. Granted, it wouldn’t be damaged in the shower because it was waterproof but that wouldn’t stop Bruce from wondering why he was still wearing it. They made up and Dick’s distress was gone so what other reason could he have for wearing it? He knew Bruce would be questioning the same thing, seeing as he was clearly glancing at it the entire time they bathed. Even though Bruce didn’t say anything about it, sooner or later, he would; and when that happened, Dick would be forced to tell him. Luckily, by the time they finished, Bruce seemed to be a bit more interested in other things that didn’t concern his collar. 

“Wally picked out the pattern for me at the shop,” Dick answered another question Bruce had about his tattoo while getting dressed.


Dick heard Bruce pause and so he peered the alpha’s way. “What?”

“Are you still talking to him?”

Somehow, Dick knew this was coming. “He’s my friend, of course, I am.” 

“...He’s a bad influence.” Bruce blindly claimed as if getting a tattoo was a bad thing. Says the same man who allows his children to walk around with tattoos on their necks. Dick always wondered what age they got theirs done? Guess it didn’t really matter now, he knew Bruce was just using this as an excuse to keep Dick all to himself.

“Just so you know, I was the one who wanted to get all of these things done. It’s simple really, I was tired of seeing DS on my wrist all the time, so I got it covered up. The piercings on the other hand… I was being a bit brash.” Dick confessed as he finished getting dressed. “Wally actually thought I was crazy but he went along with it anyway.”

Bruce didn’t answer at first and Dick truly believed that was enough to get the alpha off his back. Sadly, he was far from it.

“I just don’t want you hanging out with him alone.” The alpha finally admitted and Dick laughed at how ridiculous he sounded.

“Bruce, he’s only a friend…” Dick stopped laughing and gave his alpha an earnest answer. “I gotta be honest here and say that I haven’t had a friend in such a long time… and you guys don’t count.”

The alpha’s hard expression faltered a bit after recognizing his mistake. “...I guess it’s acceptable then.”

With a sharpened tone, Dick retorted, “It would be acceptable even without your permission. You don’t have to worry about him flirting with me or anything like that because he already has a girlfriend. Besides... betas never flirt with me, it’s only alphas that do that.” He cursed inwardly after noticing what he just let slip.

“Other Alpha’s?” Bruce frowned and snarled. “Who?”

Without replying, Dick turned away and casually looked at himself in the bathroom's full-length mirror.

“Surely they know you’re mated now?”

“They… do…” It was most likely because Dick had been wearing a collar as of late. Paired omegas had no reason to do that because they smelled like they were mated. In this case, unmated omegas had a more desirable smell. Albeit, there were alpha’s out there loved the way a mated omega smells but it’s considered more of a homewrecking fetish than anything. 

“You’re not leaving the house without me anymore.” Bruce suddenly announced.

Dick immediately recalled what that alpha from yesterday said- that he shouldn’t be walking around ‘without his alpha.’ With that in mind, Dick let out a short breath and clenched his jaw. “I can defend myself, Bruce.” He said, glimpsing at Bruce through the mirror. “I want you to understand that I will be doing things on my own, especially when DS is dealt with. I might even get a job somewhere.”

The alpha looked sincerely incredulous at Dick’s idea. “A job? Why?” 

Feeling defeated, Dick sighed loudly. “Bruce…”

"I will pay for anything that you need-"

“Enough.” Dick humbly sought the need to calm himself, mainly because he didn’t want to get into another fight. He pulled his gaze away from the mirror and fully faced his alpha, initiating eye contact. “I’m just going to say this now so it won’t be a problem later on. I'm not going to be kept like some sort of housewife or anything like that. How many times do we have to have this conversation, Bruce?” 

Before long, Bruce made his way to the omegas side and pulled him close by the waist. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine… I know you’re possessive by nature but I just don’t like the feeling of being owned or controlled. I hope you can understand that.” Whether it was by an order or not, he didn’t like it.

The alpha drew gentle circles in Dick’s lower back, giving him a genuine answer, “I just don’t want anything bad to happen to you.”

“I get that but like I said before, you can’t keep me locked away just because you’re worried.”

They exchanged opposing looks for a short time before Bruce parted the issue. “...I’ll try to work on it.”

“That’s all I want for you to do is try.”

“Just give me some time- I won’t change right away.”

Dick was willing to compromise because he knew what Bruce stood for and that he meant no harm. It’s like Tim said, Selina’s death affected him in ways that weren’t easily changeable, hence Dick’s effortless acceptance. “I can do that.”

Bruce nodded. "But I still expect you to tell me about any alpha who flirts with you. Especially now."

Dick chuckled softly, thinking back to a few. "Well, there was this one guy..." 




Their regular morning routine took a while because most of Dick’s toiletries were upstairs and he had to go retrieve them. Eventually, they finished getting ready and made their way downstairs, soon hearing something loud like glass crash in the distance. Bruce sighed tiredly and Dick couldn’t help but remember the first time he stepped into this exact foyer, hearing that exact same sound. It was very nostalgic, except now the circumstances were different- he wasn’t trying to run away from his soulmate this time around. 

Bruce was the first to start walking and Dick trailed closely behind until they reached the kitchen door. When Bruce pushed it open, Dick heard an unfamiliar laugh while seeing no one, but Tim, sitting on a barstool, casually doing something on his laptop.

“That was Alfred's best dish.”

“You’re fucking dead.”

“Jason.” Was the first thing Bruce said, completely omitting Tim’s participation in the whole thing.

“It was an accident.” Jason came into view after he stood up from behind the island countertop.

“Hey, Mr. Wayne.” Another person with a full head of ginger-colored hair, made his presence known. “How’s it goin’?”

“Roy, I didn’t know you were visiting today.”

Roy grinned timidly. “I just dropped by unexpectedly, for old times sake.” 

“I hope you two plan on cleaning this up,” Bruce answered after having walked over to where Jason stood, looking down at the ground.

“Don’t worry, we’ll get this cleaned up right away,” Roy reassured the other alpha before placing a hand on Jason’s shoulder and pushing him back down along with him.

“I’m going to go talk to Alfred before he gets to Jason,” Bruce said, walking over to Dick’s side.

“Softening the blow?” Dick mused.

“Hopefully, but it most likely won’t happen.” Bruce lectured and Jason groaned in response.

Dick laughed, watching Bruce leave the kitchen before sitting next to Tim. His nausea had worn off a bit and now he was feeling hungry which is precisely why he went straight for one of the pizza boxes sitting in the middle of the countertop. “How’d you end up breaking glass this time, Jay?” Dick asked after grabbing a slice.

“They were play-fighting,” Tim answered. “Like they usually do… remind you they’re nineteen but apparently they're too dumb enough to know that they’re not supposed to do that in the kitchen.”

“Aw, c’mon Tim.” Roy stood up, holding two big pieces of clear glass. “I’m not that dumb if I study at Princeton, right?”

“Then why are you picking up glass with your bare hands and not using a broom?”

Roy looked down at his hands. “Oh shit, I just noticed that.”

Dick snorted, seeing Roy open up the trash can and drop the pieces inside. “Jay, where's the broom?”

Jason stood up, “I’ll get it.”

“See? Dumb and Dumber.” Tim whispered loudly.

“I can hear you, Tim- Oh-” Roy cut himself off and regarded Dick with a small smile. “I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Roy, Jay’s best friend. By the way, he says that I should call you… Dickie?”

“Seriously, Jay?” Dick inquired, seeing Jason grin and shrug before starting a lazy sweep. “Just call me Dick.” He finally told Roy.

Roy nodded. “Will do.” Then he grabbed a hold of the standing dustpan Jason brought along and looked back down at the floor.

Wanting to see what other toppings they had, Dick flipped open the other pizza box, seeing half pepperoni and half Hawaiian. Surprisingly there was only one slice of Hawaiian left and it made Dick question Tim about his unusually large appetite.

“Actually, I’m the one who ate most of it,” Roy replied before Tim could. 

“Really? There you go, Tim.” Dick nudged his arm. “You found someone who likes your weird tasting pizza.”

Tim scoffed, keeping his eyes low while Roy chuckled.

“Honestly, I’m the one who got Tim to like it,” Roy recalled with a shit-eating grin. “When Tim was small he used to follow me and Jay around and try everything we did. He was so cute back then.”

"Don't call me that. I wasn’t cute."

"I second that, he wasn't cute at all,” Jason opined with a small laugh. “He was annoying."

“...Okay, that’s enough of that.” Tim slammed his laptop shut, hopped down from the stool, and walked out of the kitchen.

Roy watched him go before staring at Jason. “When will you ever not make little Tim mad?” 

“We get along 60… maybe 50% of the time, mostly when he’s telling me secrets.” 

“You make it sound like you two made a deal to only get along when it comes to talking about other people.” 

Dick silently concurred with Roy’s statement.

“It comes with its perks though.” Jason peeked over at Dick eating what looked to be his second slice of pizza. Upon hearing the impending silence, Dick looked up, seeing both alpha’s staring at him.

“What?” The question was muffled by his nonstop chewing.

“I’m confused too,” Roy admitted.

“Glad to see you and Bruce are talking again.” Jason grinned. “And now you're eating for two?”

Dick paused mid-bite, knowing who to blame right away for his secret getting out. “Tim told you.” It wasn’t a question but Jason smugly nodded like it was.

“Wow, congratulations then,” Roy remarked innocently while Jason and Dick had a staredown.

“Tim doesn’t hide anything from me. You should already know that.”

“I had hoped he would actually keep his mouth shut this time around. Now I can only hope that you don’t tell anyone else.”

“Wait, am I missing something here?” Roy spoke up but went completely ignored.

“Sorry, Dickie, I don’t make promises.” Jason taunted.

Dick exhaled noisily through pursed lips. “Jay, I’m serious. Don’t say anything... I want to tell him myself.” 

Jason waved him off after seeing the severity in his expression. “Alright, alright, I was kidding before. I’m not going to say anything to B about it.”

With faux politeness, Dick voiced a quick, “Thank you.” before going back to eating. 

“So… congratulations are still in order, right?” Roy asked, seeming to grasp a little bit more of the situation.

“Congratulations for what?” Everyone looked up when Bruce walked in and three seconds passed before someone responded.

“We were talking about Tim making it into Princeton.”

Dick raised a brow, silently giving Roy his props for quickly covering for him, and thankfully, Bruce took the bait. What father could resist boasting about their son’s achievements? Not Bruce, in fact, he went on to talk about Tim some more while Dick unthinkingly, ate the whole side of pepperoni pizza. It wasn’t until he was finished, that he realized what he’d done and quickly closed the box, hoping no one caught on. It was stupid really, to keep hiding it any longer. He just needed to tell Bruce and get it over with. 

With that half-assed declaration in mind, after lunch, Dick followed Bruce to his office, only to feel the effects of his overeating start to bubble in his gut. He quickly excused himself and made a slow sprint to the nearest bathroom. Dick was very well suffering through the consequences of not telling Bruce earlier. Morning sickness was no joke; especially for him. He just so happened to be one of the million omegas in the world to have a bad case of daily nausea. No matter how little he ate, he couldn't hold anything down. At this point, it was routine to feel his stomach being emptied before having to rinse his mouth with water and mouthwash. 

What’s worse is that Tim was there to witness his frantic rush. And Tim, being who he was, wouldn’t stop harping on Dick about it for the rest of the day. Granted, if Dick hadn’t asked Tim to help him move his clothes from the third floor back to the second floor, he would’ve been free of the teenager’s consistent blame about delaying the inevitable.

Tim was certain Bruce would go insane if Dick considered getting an abortion and the omega believed him too. It was just last night when Bruce revealed his suffering about losing Selina and their child. Given that, it was clear the alpha would be ecstatic when he found out about Dick’s pregnancy. 

Without a doubt, Bruce loved children but there was also something about an alpha’s instinctive pride or the thought of successfully breeding their omega mates, that had them feeling triumphant, in a way. It was a carnal desire that Dick didn’t have. He had absolutely no longing to bear a child and no longing to raise one either… He didn’t have a right to.

“I don’t know how you’re going to hide this from him now since you two are back to sleeping in the same room.” Tim persisted on as he haphazardly folded a few of Dick’s t-shirts. “What if he sees you throwing up in the middle of the night? He’s gonna have questions, you know? He’s not dumb. Plus, you’re getting extremely clingy.”

“That’s not something Bruce would mind.”

“Well, it’s something I mind since I seem to be at the end of most of your ‘hugs’, lately,” Tim said and Dick could only agree. “I read somewhere that mood swings start around 6 weeks too. I can’t imagine how Bruce is going to react when you get there. Your best bet is to tell him before then.”

Dick huffed while tiredly staring at the pile of hangers swinging on the garment rod on his side of the closet. He debated on replying to Tim because he was tired of saying the same thing over and over again but he did anyway, hoping that this would be the last time. “I already told you that I was going to tell him today.”

“You’ve had all afternoon to tell him, now look at how much time you’ve wasted. It’s already six o’clock. You’re basically stalling.”

Dick looked over at Tim with a bit of irritancy. “Tim, enough . I’m done talking about it.”

“I'm just trying to help you.”

“All you've done is annoy me.”

Tim shrugged. “It’s in all good conscience though.”

Dick sighed for what felt like the hundredth time that day. “I know that but I need you to trust me on this. When I say that I’ll tell Bruce, I’ll tell him, okay?”

“Tell me what?” Bruce suddenly appeared in the midst of Dick’s pregnancy talk for the second time that day. Fate was really pulling at all it's coincidental strings today, wasn’t it? 

“Bruce,” Dick fumbled with the hanger and ultimately ended up dropping his shirt on the ground. “...Well, that’s… Tim was just telling me about that fancy restaurant called Chez Vous.” Dick lied straight out of his ass.

“Ah, that one. I haven’t been there in a while.” Bruce glanced at Tim. "If I recall correctly, Tim hated that place.”

“Sure did.” Tim swiftly agreed, sending Dick a smug look. 

“Well, what did you want to say about it?” Bruce questioned.

“Yeah, what about it?” Tim gave a sardonic grin, waiting for Dick to answer.

“I… I wanted to try it out for myself. I was thinking we could go there for dinner... tonight?” God, he was such a hypocrite by lying to Bruce but all he could think about was how hurt his alpha would be about his decision. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt Bruce.

“Tonight?... I guess that’s fine.”

“Dinner sounds like the perfect time to do a tell-all .” Tim teased and Dick finally lost his patience.

“Tim. Leave .” 

“Fine.” Tim stood up without complaint, sending Dick one more teasing smirk before leaving. 

“I'm glad to see you two are getting along… in a strange way.”

“Mm… I guess.” Dick chuckled, picking up the shirt he dropped. He was lucky that Tim didn’t wake up last night and hear them otherwise, his teasing might have been worse than this.

“I’m surprised you want to go out tonight.” Bruce sat down on the ottoman behind Dick, watching him hang up his shirt. “Given how reluctant you were to leave the bed earlier.”

“I don’t know, I just feel like eating out somewhere. We’ve never really been out on a date before.” 

“I didn’t know you were worried about those things.”

“I mean sometimes...” Dick trailed off, as he moved to grab a couple of pants hangers.

“We’ll go then- but first, I want to hear about this ‘tell-all’ Tim was talking about.”

Dick kept quiet, knowing that Bruce could feel his sudden strife and nervousness. Alright, no more lying. He’ll get this over with now. After finding his resolve, Dick padded across the closet until he was sitting down next to his alpha. 

“What's wrong?”

“...I have something to tell you.” 

Naturally, the alpha grew worried. “What is it?”

Dick refused to face Bruce when speaking; instead, he looked down, brought a hand to the back of his collar and took a deep breath. He pressed a finger into the fingerprint register that only he and Bruce had access to open, hearing the restraints pop open with a clink. 

Then Dick bit his lip, dread filling his mind as he spoke the two words he never thought would come from his mouth. "I'm pregnant." He brought the collar to his lap after allowing the overwhelming admittance to part his lips. 

What followed was nine seconds of pin-drop silence and Bruce leaning in close to scent him. Dick shivered and readily bared his neck upon feeling the alpha’s breath drift along his throat. A hand dropped to the small of Dick’s back, pulling him into a warm embrace, making his heart flutter. He full-on whined after a rush of satisfaction and amazement reached his mind. Bruce was gratified. The alpha was smiling against Dick’s forehead, eyes centered on the omega’s flat abdomen before bringing a hand down to caress it like something special. 

“Dick…” His name was mouthed with a lingering kiss on his temple. “My pretty bird…” Then he was hugging Dick tighter, breathing in his scent once more. “Giving me such a wonderful gift.”

Dick felt like crying. Bruce was so happy . It made Dick want to be happy too but he knew he couldn’t be...

“I know we haven't even talked about this.” Bruce lightly acknowledged.

Dick slowly nodded, steadily looking down at the hand resting on his stomach. He shivered just from seeing it. It was so big and warm, shaped perfectly to cradle his tummy. Still, Dick couldn’t accept it…

“I know…” The omega answered in a whisper. 

With a surge of joy, Bruce spoke.“But I know we can do this together.” 

Dick swallowed. “...Bruce that’s-”

“I'll be here with you every step of the way.”

"Bruce listen, I ca-”

“Dick.” The alpha pulled back and gently lifted the omega’s chin. “You’ve given me everything I’ve always wanted… I know things will be hard with DS around but I’ll protect you- both of you…” Bruce gazed at him with a look Dick had never seen before; a look filled with fond devotion, dedication, and endearment. All those emotions alluded to something that embodied complete affection which soon came in the form of the words… 

“I love you.”

There was a hardening in Dick’s stomach and a tightening in his chest that made him pause, allowing the alpha to kiss him. It was like being shackled in place… invisible and weightless as the words tied him there. I love you was said in such a way that Dick could now see the divine hand of fate that threatened to guide the rest of his life… but there was something wrong… 

He didn’t like the feeling.

It felt like a claw scratching at his throat, making it hard for him to breathe; making him recall all things he’s done and all the things he’s yet to tell anyone. A lot of those things stuck with him, especially Slade’s teachings. He’d been taught that love overwhelms logic and common sense; it leads a person astray; it holds a person hostage… and for some reason Dick still believed in that lesson... whats wrong with him?

Dick withdrew from the kiss and pushed back, giving the alpha his full attention. “Bruce…”

“What's wrong?” The alpha’s warm smile never faltered. He continued to look at Dick with all the love in the world; all the love he can give to his one and only soulmate. The longer it went on, the faster Dick’s mind was swirling with guilt.

I’m sorry Bruce.

“I want an abortion." Those words melted the smile off of Bruce’s face instantaneously.


“I don’t want i- I want an abortion,” At some point, the omega’s guilt mixed in with Bruce’s feelings of disbelief. That’s when the alpha managed to scowl at Dick. 

“What are you talking about?”

“It’s like I said… I don’t want-”

The conversation suddenly came to a stop when all of Dick’s senses directed themselves on one focal point. Before he knew it, both he and Bruce were being surrounded by an outrageously strong scent. A scent that made Bruce pull away and stand abruptly. A scent that made Dick’s nose burn with innate familiarity because he swore he’s smelt this scent before. A brief nuance of it, wafting in between the corners of the house, a peculiar smell that Dick had grown used to being present, so much so that it felt normal. Almost like a scent only unique to certain homes but that was far from it… 

It was now the stringent smell of an omega in heat. Who was it?

At that moment, all Dick could think about was how the house was filled with three alpha’s, and only one of them was mated.

Chapter Text


7 Years Ago

“Control your senses, your instincts, and never let go of your rationale. All it takes is one slip up for your mind to go blank and you will lose all sense of reason. You never want to lose your sense of reason. Do you understand what I’m saying, Jason?”

“I guess…” Jason mumbled, sighing internally. He really didn’t feel like listening to this. Wasn’t it supposed to be an exciting moment between father and son, knowing that he’d just presented as an alpha? But no, right after Jason’s four-day rut, Bruce sat him down and decided to have ‘the talk.’ Thankfully, it didn’t go too far and they quickly moved onto less cringy things. Still, to a twelve-year-old, the current topic was no less obnoxious.

“I need you to understand the severity of your position,” Bruce stated, eyeing Jason from his seat across the table.

“What else is there to understand? I get it already, I’m an alpha.” Jason complained, crossing his arms, keeping his eyes averted.

Bruce let out a sigh. “Yes, and as an alpha, you have certain responsibilities to uphold.” He spoke while taking something out of his pocket. “You will need to carry this with you every time you go out in public. It’s very simple to use but I will have to show you how to administer it.” Bruce slid a pocket-sized box over to Jason, watching the young boy open it and stare at the syringe with confusion. 

“Why do I have to carry this around all the time?” Jason recognized it to be a heat suppressor, similar to the new samples Selina brought home sometimes. “Shouldn’t every omega have one already?”

Bruce’s frown wilted at Jason’s pure question. “Sadly, that is not the case. Not every omega can afford heat suppressants of any kind. Some omegas have been abandoned or rejected, some may live on the streets, some are runaways, some of them are foster children…”

Jason looked up at Bruce, his mind going back to the days of living in the foster home. The home couldn’t afford to provide every omega that presented with a suppressant; therefore, they had to suffer through their heat alone in a different part of the building.

“So now you see that not all omegas have access to suppressants, which is why alphas should carry these around as well.”

Jason nodded silently.

“You will encounter an omega in heat more than once in your lifetime and when you do, I will have you be prepared.”

“How can I control my… instincts?”

“It’s all in your mind but I will teach you in the best way that I can.” 

“But… what if I still can’t control myself?” Jason asked, now growing a little worried. He didn’t want to be one of those alphas that harmed an omega. He wanted to be just like Bruce and remain strong and poised.

“Don’t worry, you will be able to control yourself, Jason.” Bruce firmly reassured him. “Think of your brother. He also has the possibility of presenting as an omega just as much as anyone else. And if you end up in some unfortunate situation where he presents and I’m not there, you will have to protect him… even if it’s from yourself. Do you understand, Jason?”

Jason fidgeted with the box, feeling nervousness flood through his mind. It was too much responsibility for him to handle but eventually, he would have to deal with real-life problems. “...Okay, I get it now.”

Bruce gave a tiny smile. “Good. Now, I will teach you self-control.”


Instinctive Control

It’s not easy. It’s very hard. Extremely hard. It required a certain amount of balance, patience, determination, and self-discipline to accomplish it. Jason has had a run-in with twelve omega’s in heat during his lifetime- none of which he had to administer a suppressant. Usually there were other omegas around that had a spare and got the job done with ease but he always kept his on hand like Bruce had taught him.

As of right now though, he wasn't in public; he was at home where he should’ve been able to relax and take a load off. The heat suppressant he needed was upstairs next to his car keys on the dresser by the door. And as long as he’d been practicing his instinctive control, he’d never… never come across a scent quite like this before.

Why was the smell so fucking strong? The scent shouldn’t be able to spread all over the house in such strong waves like this. It was so powerful that it was practically bleeding through the walls. That in itself made it hard to discern where the smell was coming from but he knew it was somewhere close to the livingroom he and Roy were in.

Jason had long since pinned the other alpha to the ground, using all his strength and aggressive scent to make him back down. Unfortunately, Roy wasn’t one to back down so easily. With a few jerking movements, Roy tried to force his way out of Jason’s punishing grip, growling, snarling, and all. For the moment, Jason was running on his more hostile instincts in an attempt to defend his brother. It was Tim, right? It had to be. That was the only person he could picture having that scent. It was only Tim’s face and that scent that consumed Jason’s thoughts. Only Tim… only Tim... 

Jason scented the air once more causing his mind to descend further into madness- he was losing control… he needed to concentrate, he needed to cover his nose. Having thought that, Jason subconsciously covered his nose, completely forgetting his reason for not doing so in the first place. It wasn’t until there was a fist knocking into the side of his jaw, that he noticed his mistake. 

“Fuck!” He roared and held his jaw, cracking it as he watched Roy swiftly stand up. Jason growled, kicked out, and tripped the other alpha with ease. “Roy, fucking control yourself!” Jason yelled, quickly pinning Roy back to the ground while trying to keep his own instincts in check.

“Get the fuck off, Jay!” Roy snarled, baring his teeth in a challenge. “ He’s mine.” He proclaimed, growing all the more angrier when Jason didn’t let up.

“Like hell I’m gonna let you touch my brother.” Jason threatened in a low voice, staring at his best friend with contempt. He hadn’t expected Roy to have a one-track mind when it came to this type of situation, then again, he couldn’t really blame him- this smell wasn’t normal. Jason was barely holding on himself. If he made one misstep and lost himself for one second he was done--


Both alphas froze upon hearing a soft, gentle voice. Jason had to force himself not to look at the doorway, especially with Roy growing all the more restless underneath him.

“Stay calm, asshole…” Jason hissed through his teeth, trying to ignore the movement at the side of his eye.

“Jay… it’s hot… I don’t… know what to do…”

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Where the fuck were Bruce and Dick? Who was he kidding, they probably couldn’t figure out where the scent was coming from because it fucking was everywhere!

“Tim…” Jason said, straining to keep his eyes on Roy. “ Leave the room! Go find Dickie!” He used an alpha order, knowing that it was impossible for Tim not to follow.

“Jay…” There was a thump, causing Jason to finally look over at Tim sitting on his knees. His face was flushed and his eyes were drooping. “I feel so… heavy… it’s hard to move- I can’t...” 

Why the hell wasn’t he leaving!? He just used an order so what the hell was happening?

Jason tried ordering him again, trying not to focus on Tim’s flushed face and his skin glistening with sweat and that… that scent… it was that fucking scent… it was calling for him… it was making him--

Suddenly Jason was shoved onto the floor, the back of his head being knocked onto the side of the coffee table. He groaned but didn’t have time to brood over the pain as he blindly reached for Roy’s foot and dragged him backward. Roy growled and turned around, asserting his dominance by jumping Jason first. Both alphas sought to have what they wanted and force was the only accepted method to get it. Soon, the two alphas were squabbling, bumping into walls, knocking into tables, until eventually, they were on the ground, rolling around like bloodthirsty fools. It was only through the sound of Tim’s whimpering that distracted Roy enough to leave him wide open to Jason’s one-punch knockout to the head.

Jason spat blood on the floor and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand before he moved away from his friend's body. He was going to fucking kill Roy once he woke up but could he really blame him? This smell was just… fuck. Jason quickly brought a hand up to his nose and started breathing through his mouth. All he had to do was wait for Bruce and Dick then everything would be over.


Jason slowly peeked at Tim and gulped. There was a file of memories he had with Tim that looked nothing like the sight before him. Had Jason been so disarmingly unaware and blind for so many years to not notice how pretty Tim was? No, fuck that, it was that scent making him think that way and the way that… Tim was… ponderously… moving Jason’s way with a slightly different scent this time around.

Hunger and Desire

This shit was getting out of hand. How could he have been so stupid? He’d just fought off another alpha who had basically challenged him. It was an omegas instinct to think that the winning alpha would become his mate. “Tim, stay back. ” Not only was Tim not affected by his order, but Jason was also progressively losing his strength by the minute. The cause could account for Tim’s outrageous scent. It was compelling somehow almost as though it were forcing him to submit. In a way, Jason did just that. 

  1. The consistent and vigorous smell had Jason falling back onto the floor, letting his weakened arm fall away from his nose. He couldn’t take it anymore, it was too intense… no omega should be able to produce this much pheromones. “Tim… fucking leave the room. I didn’t fight to claim your ass.” Jason grumbled in frustration; apparently, Tim didn't take too kindly to him saying that. 

There was a low growl and Jason would have mistaken it for Roy if it wasn’t for Tim speedily traveling across a short distance to sit astride his thighs. Tim was growling nonstop, pupils dilated, maximizing his scent by the tenfold to keep Jason weakened. The alpha remained completely still, for he was worried that his brother had gone feral or something. He felt too weak to do or say anything but even if he could, he wouldn’t take the chance at angering a feral omega even more. They were crazy little shits that were obsessed with marking their territory. The worst of them would kill anything that threatened them, especially when it came to protecting their young. And Tim being feral combined with a strong scent was making it harder for Jason to control his instincts… he was about to snap… 

Like Bruce said, all it took was one slip up for his mind to go blank and he would lose control of his senses. That's what Jason didn’t understand. Who was really in the wrong when it was essentially their instincts controlling the situation? By the looks of it, Tim had already been taken over by his but Jason, on the other hand, had to force himself to stay sane… Jason would probably never understand the reason but it didn’t matter, he wasn’t about to attack his brother. Never. No matter how good Tim smelled or how close he was to Jason’s neck, scenting him… Jason would never do it… never… never… never… 

“Tim!” Jason sighed in relief at the sound of Dickie’s voice. Tim’s reaction was the complete opposite as he whipped his head around, snarling at the omega breaching his territory. 

“Jason, let go!” Bruce shouted and Jason hadn't realized he’d grabbed Tim’s slim hips. On top of that, he couldn’t let go… he didn’t want to… Not yet… Not when his alpha wanted more. 

It wasn’t until Dick ran over and practically yanked Tim off, that Jason found his common sense again. Jason quickly held his nose, watching Tim kick and scream, snarling ferally, as he desperately tried to pull away from Dick before they were out the door and around the corner. Unfortunately, the scent didn’t disappear along with them, prompting Bruce to make a quick decision and move them to the garage. After Jason helped Bruce carry Roy they made it in record time.

“What happened in there, Jason?” Bruce asked, once Roy was settled into the backseat and they were in the front seat. Jason could tell Bruce was mad by the way he started up the car and drove out of the garage. 

“I’m sorry, Bruce, I… I didn’t even know I was holding him,” Jason sought to defend himself now since his mind was clear of that smell. “But I seriously tried. I promise I did. I was-”

“If we had been one minute late, you would not have been able to hold back.” Bruce snapped once they stopped at the front gate, waiting for it to open.

Jason stiffened at Bruce’s claim. He was right. He didn’t know how it happened but at some point he must have blacked out. If Bruce and Dick hadn’t interfered, then… shit… “B, you gotta trust me on this one. That scent was not normal, I swear to god I’ve never smelt anything that strong before. It was just… too much for me to handle. Plus, I had to fight off this asshole.” He pointed a thumb toward Roy who still knocked out in the backseat.

“Jason if we hadn’t-”

“B, please cut me some slack.” Jason cut him off. “I tried everything I could. I focused on other things, held my nose, breathed through my mouth just like you taught me. I even tried to order Tim to leave the room but he wouldn’t listen. It was like he didn’t even hear me.”

Bruce hit the gas, driving past the gate before giving Jason an inquisitive stare. “He didn’t listen to you?”

“No, not at all… In the end, he was the one that attacked me.” Jason confessed as he recalled his weakened state. “It was like I couldn’t even move. His scent basically pinned me to the floor.”

Bruce grew quiet, tapping his finger on the steering wheel as he pondered a few things. “Alright, I seemed to have misjudged the situation… you did well.”

Jason huffed and slumped back against the seat. “I need that written on a plaque, B. Something that says, ‘Jason held off a fucking alpha and weird-ass omega all in one day.’ ” 

Bruce shook his head. “He’s not weird, Jason. After seeing his symptoms, I can assume that he’s probably a… Prime Omega.”

“What the hell is that?”

“Are you sure I should be paying for your college classes?”

“I’m just joking, Bruce.” Jason snickered. “I know all about that old society exclusive alpha only, omega only bloodline stuff… I guess that explains everything.” He muttered, feeling a little better about the situation. 

“A Prime Omega… Heh,” Jason grinned, “He finally did it.”

“He did.” Bruce agreed. 

Even if it did almost cost Jason his sanity, he couldn’t help but congratulate Tim. He knew he’d present one day, just not in this way. An omega that didn’t listen to regular alpha orders, was feral and had an outrageously unnerving scent that made even alphas bow down. A Prime Omega… maybe Jason wouldn’t need to protect Tim at all or maybe… he’d have to start protecting him even more. With a scent like that, he’d never let anyone get their nasty hands on his little brother.




“Tim just-” Dick struggled to keep a hold on the unruly omega that scratched and snarled at his every attempt to pull him onto the elevator. “Just, hold still and let me-” Dick was slapped in the face from Tim’s frantic struggling but that didn’t deter him from completing the difficult task. Eventually, Dick got Tim through the door by hauling him backward and hitting the back wall with a hard thud. Dick groaned as he maneuvered his way around the feral omega to press the second-floor button. Being trapped on an elevator with a feral omega wasn’t one of the best places to be right now but it was better than trying to drag Tim up the stairs.

When he and Bruce came running out the master bedroom, looking all over the place for where the smell was coming from, this was the last thing Dick expected to see. Tim to be as feral as he was, wasn’t something a first-time presenter went through. And this smell… The sweetness of it was exceedingly cogent- almost too much for Dick to breathe in. Dick continued to wrestle with Tim, even after they left the elevator and made it to his room. At some point, Tim wrenched himself from Dick’s hold and ran to the other side of his bed, growling as he watched Dick from afar. 

“Tim, it’s okay,” Dick crooned softly. He’s never dealt with a feral omega before but from what he’s studied, it was best to release soothing pheromones in hopes to calm them down. If that wasn’t enough to sate them, then he’d have to bare his wrist. There, sat another scent gland that was mainly used for establishing a pack. Doing that wouldn't be Dick’s intent; sadly, he would be at the risk of Tim biting him there as a demonstration of trust. If Tim bit him, then it’d be the perfect time to form a pack between everyone in the house. Dick was surprised one hadn’t been formed already. 

In the course of Dick’s everflowing thoughts, he steadily made his way over to Tim’s bed. The feral omega continued to growl under his breath, nose wrinkled in interest at the aroma of Dick’s ceaseless pheromones. “I’m not going to hurt you.” Dick put his hands up, baring his wrist the closer he got. He tried crooning again, seeing Tim’s shoulders relax at the sound but his eyes stayed on full alert. 

“It’s alright… It's just me.” Dick hovered by the bed, keeping an eye on Tim before sitting down. The closer he was, the more he could see Tim’s dilated pupils, eyes shifting restlessly, missing nothing. When there was a subtle flaring of Tim’s nostrils, Dick released more pheromones. Then he held his wrist within the feral omega’s reach, hoping he would scent him. Tim should settle down once he felt safe but if he didn't, then this was going to be a long night.

The pause in Tim’s blank stare was momentary before he suddenly seized Dick’s wrist in a wince-worthy grip and began sniffing the area. Dick inhaled a sharp breath at the abrupt puncture of teeth sinking into his skin. He flinched, clenching his jaw at the sharp pain, followed by several droplets of blood. Dick tore his eyes away from the sight, looking elsewhere, particularly to Tim’s triple monitor set up on his desk. The screensaver's warm glow kept him distracted from the mark being made on his wrist and in no time, Tim minced his way up the bed, keening unsteadily as he shrank into Dick’s side.

Dick let out a long breath, taking in the new fragrance that shrouded the room. Tranquil and serene, as subtle as a floral garden intermingling with his own scent. It was the kind of fragrance that Dick could sit in for hours; a kind of scent that gave him flashbacks of the moments he shared with his mom. When he was newly presented, his mom’s scent sated his murky fever for one day before he was put on suppressants the next day. It was a hazy memory and he couldn’t exactly remember anything that happened but that smell would always be with him. He would never forget.

Dick set his bleeding wrist on his lap, carefully making sure the blood dripped onto his own clothes before wrapping his free arm around Tim’s shoulder.

“It’s…” Tim murmured after some time with a feeble voice. “So hot… everything’s so fuzzy…”

“I know.” Dick carded a gentle hand through Tim’s hair, crooning tenderly. “It’ll feel better when I go and turn the air down, then I’ll bring in a couple of fans, okay?”

Dick held his bleeding wrist closer to his chest as he tried to shift, only for Tim to wrap two arms around his waist and harmlessly bury his face in Dick’s chest. “Not, yet…” Tim whined. “You smell so… sweet…” He hummed like a contented kitten, taking in whiffs of Dick’s scent. “This is how omegas smell… do I smell sweet too?”

Dick chuckled at Tim’s innocent question. “Yes, of course, you do.”

“Finally… I finally presented.” Tim whispered with a drowsy smile. 

“Yes you did.” Dick playfully patted his head.

“Is… everyone else happy for me?”

“They were…” Frantic and in desperate need to find Tim before the younger alphas could. “Surprised to say the least.” 

“Really? Was… Jay happy?”

“He was very happy,” Dick said knowing Jason would be happy once he finally calmed down.

“Jay was happy…” Tim murmured, seeming to droop as his hold around Dick’s waist loosened a bit. He was growing sleepy, Dick could feel the drowsiness protruding off of him, similar to the way he could feel Bruce’s feelings. Tim’s sensations weren't as intense as his soulmate’s but it was still present. This had to be an effect of the crescent marks Tim put on his wrist; the beginnings of a pack mark. 

Dick took the liberty to help Tim lay back against the bed. He stared down at Tim, taking notice of his flushed skin and his eyes that were no longer dilated. Tim stared back at him with heavy-lidded lashes, features riddled with hope. “I wonder…”

“Wonder what?” Dick asked, using one hand to brush back Tim's bangs.

“I wonder if… he'll like me now…”

Dick withdrew his hand from Tim’s burning forehead, contemplation crossing his mind after recognizing the other omega’s pure inquiry.

“Do you think he will?” Tim asked again, blinking slowly. “I hope he will…”

“Tim, you’re only seventeen. He’s ninet-”

“I know… but still…” He murmured sleepily, his eyes finally closing. “One day I hope Jay… I hope he will…” Tim nodded off and the lack of closure was uncanny in Dick’s eyes. He felt as though he’d been left with a secret he wasn’t supposed to hear. There was a possibility that Tim wouldn’t remember all the thing’s he said during his heat haze-- as did Dick during his-- and so, Dick was uncertain as to whether Tim would bring it up again. Perhaps he wouldn't. If Tim wanted Dick to know about his crush on Jason, then he would tell him in a more straightforward manner. So, Dick would wait until that moment came and never bring it up again.

Unfortunately, there was still one problem that had to be dealt with. An omega's instinctual heat necessitated for an alpha to offer up their services. Spending a heat alone was always hard for an omega; notably on their first one. When Tim wakes, Dick wouldn’t be able to help him in that way but having an alpha’s scent would be preferable to pad the harsh run time.

Right away, an image of Jason’s room popped into Dick’s head; a room that was just two doors down from Tim’s. 

No, he shouldn't. Should he? He could… He’d just have to keep it a secret if he did. 

Dick moved on a series of good ideas by first going to the master bedroom to change out of his bloody clothes and clean off his wrist, tying a long hand towel around it for now. He would go and find the first aid kit later on after he finished grabbing a few things from Jason’s room. When he entered the hallway, Dick quickly scaled down the short path, keeping his eyes focused on Jason’s door.

“How is Master Tim doing?”

Dick stiffened at the sound of Alfred’s voice, making him wonder how exactly did he miss spotting the butler. He pulled his hand away from Jason’s doorknob and awkwardly turned around.

“H-He’s better. He just fell asleep.”

“Do you need my assistance at all?” 

“No, I’ve been studying up so I can handle it, Alfie. Thanks.”

Alfred peered at Dick with the same firm look he did the day he was found snooping around in Bruce’s office. It was as if he knew everything, as he should. Especially with the way he appeared around the Manor like a ghost; a very intelligent ghost. 

“It's better to use the comforter set or recently used clothes. Those fabrics protrude the strongest smells.” Alfred suddenly explained.

“You… know?” Who was he kidding, Alfred knew everything.

“I’ve spent years watching both Master Jason and Master Tim grow up. Of course I know.” Alfred stood tall and straightened his tie. “Master Bruce, on the other hand, will need a little ‘update,’ if you will.”

Somehow Dick felt as if Alfred had just given him a mission to complete. He’d rather not be the one to complete it though…

“Carry on, Master Dick. I will be around if you need anything.” In closing, Alfred turned around and made his departure down the hallway, leaving Dick to his prior task.

As long as he’d been here, Dick’s never been inside Jason’s room before. He was truly stunned by how clean it was, nearly spotless, compared to Tim’s. Dick looked around as he prodded lightly toward the king-sized bed. He had no trouble pulling the sheets, comforter, and pillows off the bed before he dragged them down the hall toward Tim’s room. Unfortunately, Dick had to double back after having dropped a pillow before going into Jason’s room again to grab a few t-shirts from his drawer and hamper. 

All was well once Dick dropped everything off by Tim’s bed, praying that this was enough to make a nest. Then he went to retrieve some extra floor fans from the second-floor storage room at the end of the hallway. He placed them in a similar fashion Alfred did for his heat before going to turn down the air conditioner. With everything finished, Dick turned off the lights and left the room, hoping Tim would be alright with just those things to make it through his heat. Even though Tim could use some more personal products to improve his situation, Dick wasn’t going to jump at the opportunity to buy them for his little brother. Tim would have to pick those out himself the next time around- unless he didn’t already have a few dildos lying around.




“How is he?” Bruce asked, voice ringing deep through the speaker in a pleasant way. 

“He’s fine now. He’s asleep. I think he’ll be asleep for a while since he lost a lot of energy earlier.” Dick brought the phone closer to his ear and breathed in Bruce’s scent that shrouded the pillow under his head. As deadened as it was by Tim’s potent scent, Dick found that if he covered himself with a blanket, he could savor a fragment of his alpha’s aroma.

“That’s good.”  

“How’s Jay doing?”

“Better than before. I can’t say the same for Roy.” Bruce sighed. “He’s not taking it well. He and Jason had a big argument that I also, unfortunately, participated in. He’s apologized to me more than fifty times now. I was angry at both of them but I cannot fully blame them because Tim’s scent was… abnormally strong.”

Dick hummed in understanding. “It is strong. It’s lessened a bit now but I can still smell it.”

“I went ahead and spoke to the doctor about his symptoms.”

“What did he say?” 

“That he’s most certainly a Prime Omega. We’ll have to get him registered as one to make it official.”

“A Prime Omega?” Dick expressed his surprise. “Those bloodlines still exist?” 

“I’m surprised as well.” 

A Prime Omega. Dick’s only heard of them vaguely but they’ve never been made a big deal. It was presumed that pure Omega bloodlines had long since run out since more omegas were now willing to mate with other dynamics. The same goes for Prime Alpha bloodlines. 

“I’m going to have to look into Tim’s records, the ones before he was put into foster care, to see for myself.” Bruce continued. “But Dr. Dundee was sure that his symptoms pointed to that of a Prime Omega.”

Dick never imagined he’d meet one, not in his lifetime and what’s worse was the situation this put Tim in. His smell is resilient and far stronger than regular omega. He’d attract more alphas that way. Despite him being incapable of following a regular alpha order, he was still at risk of multiple alphas attacking at once. 

“Hey, Bruce…”

“What is it?”

“Can you get Tim a collar? A really expensive one?”

“Of course. It will be the same one you have.”

“Okay, that’s fine, I’m just…” Dick bit his lip. “I’m worried about him.”

“It’s alright. He’ll be fine once he has a collar.”

“Mm, I’m also worried about him being very territorial- basically feral. I’m not sure he’ll even allow Alfred to go into the room once he wakes up, considering how long it took me to get him to trust me,”

“How’d you get him to calm down, exactly?” Bruce asked, growing interested.

Dick lifted a lackluster smile as he rubbed his bandaged wrist. “I let him bite my wrist.”

“Have you treated it properly?” 

Dick should have known that would be the first thing Bruce would react to. No, not the fact that he and Tim had formed a small pack but the fact that his wrist was injured. “Yes, Bruce.” He huffed a laugh. “Alfred bandaged it up for me. Everything’s fine.”

“That’s good then. For the time being, I’ll be staying at the hotel with Jason.

“Okay, I’ll let you know when his heat is over.” Dick continued to rub his wrist as things entered a quiet phase. He scrambled through his thoughts, trying to think of anything to talk about before Bruce brought up something unpleasant. He didn’t want to talk about it… not yet… “Mm, actually I was wondering why you guys haven’t formed a familial pack yet?” Dick finally asked in a falsely sweet voice but the question was nonetheless legitimate.

“When Tim didn’t present, I decided to hold it off until he did. I didn’t want him to feel left out.” Bruce replied warm-heartedly.

“Well, I think now is as good a time as any to form one.”

Bruce grunted in agreeance. “We’ll form one when Tim’s heat is over.”

Dick smiled into the phone, feeling delighted about forming a pack. He’d never been in one before. Packs were only formed through close bonds built upon complete trust and… love … Dick stopped smiling.

“I actually used to have a pack with the clan members before I… broke it.” Bruce chuckled softly, guilty. “I really regret doing that.”


“This makes me think about forming another one. Actually, yes.” Bruce spoke as if he was having an epiphany. “I think we should do that. We should wait until you meet all the members, then we can form one.”

Dick hummed in response and began to knead his fingers into the wound on his wrist. 

“Remember when I wanted to tell you about what I was doing Sunday?”


“Well, I met with my cousin Kat… Kathy,” Bruce corrected himself. “We had a long talk and even though it took some time, the members are now considering helping us out… Under one condition.”

“Condition?” Dick asked with half interest as he slipped his fingers beneath the bandage, feeling the nubs of the raised marks. He slid a finger across them, feeling the bandage stretch at his strange drive to scratch the area.

“Dick, I don’t want you to feel offended by what I’m going to say.” When Dick didn’t answer, Bruce continued. “But they want to do a… background check on you.”

Dick ended up tearing the bandage down the middle, feeling it unravel across his bare thigh. Having grown hot, Dick pulled the blankets off his head and sat up, staring down at his phone. “A background check? Why?”

“They…” Bruce cleared his throat, speaking softer than before. “The members don’t trust you.”

Dick slid his eyes away from the phone and to his throbbing wrist. “That’s fine… I’m used to people not trusting me. It’s understandable.” If he’s dealt with Tim not trusting him for almost five months then he could deal with a few more people, right? It was just one more thing to add to his list of problems that never seemed to end.

“Dick, I want you to know that I trust you,” Bruce stated, but Dick couldn’t find it in himself to believe the alpha. “I’ve told them that all of your previous actions were done because of an alpha’s order.”

Dick brows bumped together in a scowl as he brought a hand to his wrist, thinking about what Bruce said. He was right. That’s what alpha orders do. They trapped him there and Dick didn’t like the feeling of being held hostage no matter what form it came in.



“Did you hear what I said?”

"Yeah, I heard,” Dick said and gently ran his fingers along the dual crescents. They were still puffy and the fluttering ache reminded him of the mark on his neck-- Dick froze… 

"Are you okay? ...Dick?”

“...I’m fine…” Dick lied. “I was just dozing off.”  His mind felt so brittle at the moment, that he might snap at any point. He let out a slow breath, trying to control his thoughts from running rampant and he began scratching the mark on his wrist to distract himself.

“Well… before you go to sleep, I wanted to talk about… what you said earlier- about the… abortion…” Bruce had to practically force the word out. “Were you being serious?”

Dick grimaced at the pain but his fingers proceeded to scrape by subconscious demand.

“Dick,” Bruce called his name a second time.


“I’ve been talking this whole time. Have you not been listening?” 

“...I’m just…” Dick delayed, flinching as he pulled back a bit of skin. “...a little tired… can we talk about it tomorrow?”

“I would rather we talk about this now,” Bruce said in a serious tone.

Dick scoffed. “Not right now. We can talk later.”

“Dick, what- why do you always-” Bruce stopped mid-sentence and sighed. “I want us to talk right now.”

“You’re so entitled…” Dick declared on impulse and not once did he cease scratching.

“Entitled?” Bruce repeated with dubiety “How am I being entitled? I simply want to discuss why you want to… get rid of our child. What is going on with you?”

“I said I was tired. You didn’t hear? Why do I always have to listen to you?”

“Dick, this is a serious topic. All I want to do is discuss-”

“Tomorrow,” Dick spoke over him.

“...Tell me what’s going on with you? Did we not make up, just last night?" 

They did just make up but Dick was so… perturbed at the moment. He didn’t know why. “Bruce, let’s just talk tomorrow.” He said but Bruce wouldn’t let up.

“Dick, we’ve talked about you avoiding certain things, how about-”

“I’m going to sleep, Bruce.”

“Dick don’t--”

Dick quickly hung up the phone before turning the damned thing off. He laid down with a huff and stared at his wrist. The sores were now opened and dripping little drops of blood again but he was too lazy to do something about it. He was too lazy to do anything really; he didn’t even want to think, no less talk to Bruce about the abortion. He wanted to avoid it. 

The entire situation was draining and Dick was tired. Lately, he was always tired. It was because there was no end to this mess. Facing one problem after another as if there was no way out. Seeing Bruce’s facial expression earlier today, Dick knew the alpha wouldn't agree with his decision. In truth, he didn't want to disappoint his alpha but he also didn’t want to bend to his will.

Why did Bruce have to say he... loved him. Why? It didn't make any sense to him. The word itself and the action of feeling it was hard for Dick to understand. Did he love Bruce? Yes… maybe? No... He liked him- a lot but not… he was drawn to him… he liked the way Bruce made him feel; Bruce took away his pain and yet… they were soulmates but… he felt… strange… like Bruce was lying to him again.

And his parents… When they said they loved him, what did he feel like again? He used to love his parents right? Did he? What did it feel like when he did? He didn’t remember. Like so much other shit, he didn’t fucking remember. The only thing he could remember about love was that it made him… feel trapped… 

He’d seen it done. That sickly devotion that kept the Wilson siblings around for so long. He saw how easy it was for them to follow Slade's instructions. Especially, Grant and Joey, they were both alphas- they weren’t under any control. Nor was Rose, who was an omega- she’d never been ordered around like Dick was. She smiled, so happily, laughed like nothing else mattered and the one time she left, she came running back. That was because of love wasn’t it? It had to be. He didn’t want to believe it because it was Slade's teachings… but it was almost impossible to unsee what he’d been shown for most of his life. Slade was right and Dick truly believed his words. Bruce wanted to trap him; to keep him here; to hold him, hostage... just like Slade had done…

Slade was so smart… a lot of the things he said were smart and once again, Dick was gravitating towards his ideals. And right now, Dick wanted to be just as smart as him. He’d been too distracted by trying to find his place here among the Wayne family that he’d unintentionally given up his freedom. He wouldn’t give in. He wouldn’t allow another alpha to control him, not in any way, shape or form, especially not with... love...

Dick immediately pushed away those thoughts and focused all his energy on becoming blissfully unaware before calling Wally. He was the one and only true distraction that would help Dick escape these confusing feelings.