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Jogging up the stairs to his studio apartment, Izuku fishes out his keys from his jeans pocket and unlocks the door. He steps inside with a weary sigh, shucking off his chunky red sneakers before flicking on the lights. There’s no one to greet him, hasn’t been since he moved out of his mother’s apartment. The silence weighs on him more than he likes, but there’s not much he can do about it. He has enough on his plate right now. He doesn’t need to worry about finding a partner too. 

Izuku’s cellphone ringing echoes loudly in the small room. Izuku’s stomach twists, apprehension already curdling his lunch as he glances at the flashing unknown number. A large part of him just wants to let it go to voicemail, but he’s an adult now. He should be able to answer a simple phone call. 


“Hi! Is this Midoriya Izuku?” a distinctly female voice asks. 

Izuku feels his cheeks heat automatically, as they always do when he talks to a girl he doesn’t know—even if it’s only on the phone. 

“Y-Yes, that’s me.”

“Awesome! My name is Ashido Mina. I work here at Partner Services. You signed up last week to be a rut partner, correct?”

“Yes, that’s r-right,” Izuku says, stumbling over the words as he holds a trembling hand over his heart that’s beating like a jackhammer. He can’t believe that they’re calling this soon!

“Well, I have some exciting news!” Ashido continues, her chipper voice full of bubbly excitement. “Two alphas would like to employ your services!” 

Two alphas!? Izuku lets out a breathless squeak, warmth spreading across his cheeks and down his neck. “A-Are you sure that they requested me?”

Ashido laughs. “Of course I am silly! I wouldn’t be calling you otherwise!”

“O-Oh, but—” Izuku clamps his mouth shut before he can mutter the words he can’t bear to voice. But I never thought an alpha would want me. 

After all, Izuku’s never been approached by an alpha, not once in the five years after his transition into an omega back in middle school. So how can it be that suddenly not one, but two alphas want him? Surely there are more attractive omega candidates at Partner Services to choose from. 

“Midoriya-san, are you alright?” Ashido asks. The palpable concern in her voice is enough to cut through Izuku’s flood of anxiety, like sunlight shining through a fog. It’s sweet of her to worry, but Izuku can’t help but hate himself for it. He hates making other people worry about him. 

Smothering a sigh, Izuku slowly pads across his apartment to his computer desk that’s cluttered with college textbooks and spiral-bound notebooks chalked full of notes. “Sorry Ashido-san,” he says quietly, setting his bag onto his desk chair. “I’m alright. You just. . . took me by surprise is all.” 

“Ah, I understand. I’m sure you weren’t expecting your first session to be with two alphas at once.”

“Yeah, I wasn’t—” Izuku’s voice dies in his throat with a breathy wheeze, all his breath escaping him as shock floods his system. He tries desperately to process what Ashido’s just said, to no avail. “W-Wait, at once, meaning together, a-at the same time!?” 

Izuku feels like he might faint. Shit, he should probably lay down. 

“Yikes! Sorry, Midoriya-san! I probably should have been more clear on that,” Ashido says. Izuku can practically see her grimace through the phone. He can’t help but start biting his nails as Ashido starts typing away at something over the phone. “Let’s see here, it looks like it was an alpha pair that selected you.” 

“An alpha pair, really?” Izuku asks incredulously, plopping down on his mattress like a dead weight. 

Ashido hums. “Yep! At least that’s what our documents say. Will that be a problem?”

“Oh, um.” Izuku gently gnaws on his bottom lip. What should he say? 

All of this turmoil started because Izuku needed a job. There’d been a few ones available near his university but their pay wasn’t nearly enough to cover all of Izuku’s living expenses. Plus, anything with a higher pay required a degree, which Izuku didn’t have yet. It seemed like the world was conspiring against him, trying to force him to keep mooching off his mentor’s charity. But then he heard that Partner Services was hiring. 

Partner Services started up a few decades ago to help alphas and omegas through their perspective ruts and heats by pairing them with surrogate mates. Studies have proven that having a partner shortened heat and rut times from a week to only three days; Partner Services capitalized on that. They constructed a safe facility where people could come and go as they needed, selecting partners already vetted for them. It reduced assaults and the spread of S.T.Ds. Once the government caught wind they even offered their support and started funding the practice. Now there were P.S. facilities all over the world. 

With their flexible work hours and sizeable pay, Izuku could theoretically make enough money to only have to work a few times a month. Sure, he was basically becoming a high-class prostitute, selling himself to horny alphas who just needed a willing hole to fuck, but it’d be worth it once he was fully supporting himself. 

Still, in all of Izuku’s wildest dreams, he hadn’t actually thought that he’d get requested by an alpha pair, of all things. Even in their modern times where alphas, betas, and omegas could bond with whomever they liked, it was rare to come across two alpha mates. 

Izuku isn’t sure what to expect.

“Do I have time to think about it?” he finally asks, resting his arms onto his bent knees and curling into a ball. He kinda just wants to curl up underneath his blanket and hide for the next century. 

Ashido hums in contemplation. Izuku tries not to read too much into it. His anxiety really can’t take another hit right now. 

“Well, I guess I could give you till six o’clock tonight, but no later. The alphas will need time to find another partner if your answer is no.”

“R-Right, I suppose that makes sense.” Izuku sighs deeply and rubs the back of his head. “I’ll make sure to let you know as soon as possible.”

“Please make sure that you do. You can just call this number back to be connected to me directly instead of one of my associates.” 

“Okay, thanks, Ashido-san.”

“No problem, Midoriya-san! It’s my job, after all. We’ll be looking forward to hearing back from you!”

“Ah, right. Goodbye, then.”

“Goodbye!” with that, Ashido clicks away, leaving only the dull dial tone ringing in Izuku’s ear. 

He hangs up and falls back on his bed with a weary sigh. Izuku might not be a blushing virgin anymore, but he’s still never been with more than one partner and certainly not two at the same time. What if he does it wrong? What if he can’t help them through their ruts? What if he utterly fails at being an omega partner?

Izuku groans and smothers his face into his pillow. Maybe he should just quit now. At least then he’ll be saving the alphas and himself the trouble. Leaving the pillow on his face, Izuku blindly paws at his comforter for his cellphone. A melodic chime rings near his hip, announcing a new text message. Begrudgingly, he tosses the pillow aside and grabs the device. He blinks wearily at the bright screen. 

There’s a text from Uraraka. 

Izuku grimaces. He’s half tempted to just shut the phone off and toss it underneath his bed for good measure. Despite his better judgment, however, he unlocks the phone and opens up messenger. 

Uraraka: Hey, r u chickening out? 🐔

Izuku: Chickening out of what?

Uraraka: U know what

Izuku: No, I’m pretty sure I’m not a mind reader, so I really don’t know. 

Uraraka: Ur gonna say no to the rut partner job, aren’t u

Izuku squawks in surprise, dropping his phone right onto his face. Pain flares where it’s collided with the sensitive flesh of his nose and forehead. Izuku curses loudly and tenderly rubs the abused flesh before typing back a reply, indignation burning hot in his gut like fresh coals stoking a fire. 

Izuku: How did you even hear about that!? It just happened!

Uraraka: So u admit it, ur chickening out!

Izuku: No I’m not! Seriously, how did you find out? Do you have a mole inside Partner Services or something?

Uraraka: Maybe, but that’s beside the point. Why aren’t u taking the job?

Izuku’s thumbs still above the screen. He could tell her, could type out a long paragraph listing all the reasons he can’t. . . why he shouldn’t go through with this. But he’s not in the mood. Besides, it’s not like she’ll understand. Uraraka has always been confident in herself.

Even back in high school, she always seemed to know exactly what she wanted in life and never deterred in her plans to obtain it. Basically, she was nearly Izuku’s total opposite. Where he was anxious, she was confident. Where he was clumsy, she was steady. Izuku wasn’t at all surprised when she told him she was going to join Partner Services to fund her way through college. She’d said it was to avoid burdening her parents with debt, but Izuku knew she also cherished her independence. Even when her parents offered her enough money to cover the first semester’s tuition, she’d stuck to her guns and turned them down. 

Izuku regretted that he hadn’t had that same kind of steadfast conviction when his mentor, Yagi Toshinori, offered to buy Izuku his own place and fund his way through school. Izuku hadn’t even thought to refuse, so overcome by his mentor’s generosity. But when he’d finally took the chance to think about it, Izuku didn’t want to depend so solely on Toshinori. The man had done enough for Izuku and his mother. He refused to be a burden on the man anymore, hence why Uraraka had recommended Partner Services to him in the first place. 

But here Izuku is, as always, chickening out at the last second. 

His phone buzzes again, the sound reminding him of Uraraka shaking her fist at him. Izuku sighs and decides to go ahead and bite the bullet. He knows from experience that he can’t ignore Uraraka forever. 

Uraraka: What r u so afraid of?

Izuku: What if I suck?

Uraraka: Then u’d be doing ur job right 🍆💦

Izuku: You know what I mean 😡

Uraraka: Why do u think u’ll suck?

Izuku: Well… You know I’ve only ever been with Shindou

Uraraka: lol yeah I remember

Izuku: It’s not funny! 

Uraraka: It kinda is. U only slept with him cuz u got drunk and thought it’d be hot to get fucked by ur doppelganger. For someone as kinky as u, I don’t get why ur so worried now

Izuku flushes despite himself, unable to say (or type) anything in his defense. 

It happened back during their first week at college. Uraraka had been invited to a party held by some college third years and had dragged Izuku along with her. The place had been packed with a mix of students, music blasting through the house as people danced and milled about. Almost everyone had been drinking from red plastic cups and Izuku had grabbed one, naively thinking that it was just fruit punch. After all, there were many students there under the legal drinking age just like Izuku. He didn’t think they’d drink alcohol at the risk of being kicked out of school. 

So, Izuku hadn’t known right away that that punch had been spiked. The sweetness of the punch masked anything else. By the time Izuku had run into Shindou, a handsome, dark-haired third-year beta from the geology course, Izuku had been seven drinks in and beyond wasted. 

Izuku honestly didn’t remember much of the night after that. He had vague recollections of grinding against the taller male and thinking that they looked kinda similar, but not much else. In the morning, however, everything became clear when he’d woken up in Shindou’s bed, his ass hurting like an earthquake hit it and a used condom beside the bed. 

Overall, it’s still a shameful memory that Izuku’s done his best to try and forget. 

Izuku: Because! Unlike then, I’m actually getting paid now! If I stink at it, I’ll never get hired to be a rut partner again!

Uraraka: Ah

Izuku: Yeah.

Uraraka: I think u just need to stop thinking about it so much. Believe me, they’re gonna be so out of it, they won’t care if ur good. Alphas in rut just want a hole to fuck, so ur already golden

Izuku: You think so?

Izuku bites his lip. If it’s really as easy as that, maybe Izuku won’t have such a difficult time after all.

Uraraka: I know so. So go call Mina back and tell her ur in!

Izuku: Hah! I knew it! You do have a mole!

Uraraka: Of course I do, I have friends everywhere. Now go call her!

Izuku: Fine fine, I will.

Uraraka: U better! 💪😠

Izuku: I promise! 

Clicking out of messenger, Izuku opens up his call history and dials the number Ashido has called from before he can chicken out again. As it rings, he quickly goes over what he wants to say before sitting up and leaning against the wall beside his bed. 

“Hello, Partner Services, how can we serve you today?”

“Um, hi again Ashido-san. This is Midoriya Izuku, you just called me a little bit ago?” he says, scratching at his cheek.

“Right! Hello again, Midoriya-san. Have you made a decision?”

“Yes, I have.” Izuku takes a steadying breath and closes his eyes. “I’ll do it.”

“Awesome!” Ashido says brightly. “It looks like their ruts are supposed to start this Friday, but they could arrive late Thursday evening. Since this is your first time, we need you to arrive here before that so we can go over the procedure and any specifics. ”

“O-Oh, sure. I can be there. What time?”

“Will four o'clock on Thursday work?” 

“Yeah, that should be fine,” Izuku says, mentally going over his schedule. “Should I eat before I come?” 

“Oh, there’s no need for that! We provide all the basic necessities, so all you’ll need to bring is a change of clothes. Do you have any other questions for me?”

Izuku opens his mouth before pausing. He wants to ask more about the alphas. What are their names? How old are they? What do they look like? But Partner Service policy dictates that service partners aren’t to know any personal information unless the clients themselves offer it. 

The policy is supposed to ensure that no bias goes into the workers saying yes or no to a potential client. Some people have fought against the policy since it doesn’t give the workers a complete right to choose, but Izuku knows it helps make sure that everyone can be helped, regardless of who they are or what they look like. Anonymity ensures that. 

Still, he can’t help but want to know more. 

“No, not right now,” he finally says, biting down the urge. “But I’m sure I’ll have some for you later.”

“Alright, well if you need anything answered before we meet, feel free to call us back anytime. Either I or one of my colleagues will be sure to assist you. Until then, have a great rest of your night!”

“Thanks, you too!” Izuku smiles and hangs up the phone. Finally, it feels like he’s making a substantial change in his life.

Before Izuku realizes it, Thursday has arrived. After spending the whole week researching sex techniques and alpha pair rut behaviors, Izuku feels somewhat more prepared for what’s to come. But now, standing outside the large, domed building of Partner Services, Izuku feels like he might faint.

“Midoriya-kun!” a familiar voice calls out from behind him. Izuku jolts and turns around, his mouth agape as he catches sight of a familiar round face.


“The one and only!” she says with a toothy grin, hopping right next to Izuku. She’s wearing a rather cute ensemble compared to the messy outfit Izuku has thrown together. He wonders idly if he should have worn his formal shirt. 

“What are you doing here?” he asks, adjusting his hold on his bulky yellow backpack where he’s stuffed in a fresh pair of clothes and his toothbrush. 

Uraraka hums and smooths down the white ruffles of her short skirt before looking up at Izuku with a smile that  screams of a promise of pain if Izuku doesn’t comply with her demands. Izuku swallows back a whimper. He hates that smile.

“Oh, you know,” Uraraka says, tucking a piece of brown hair behind her ear, “just to make sure that you didn’t back out at the last second.”

“I wasn’t going to back out!” he says, frowning at her.

Uraraka simply curls her arms behind her back and tilts her head in a vaguely innocent manner that Izuku knows, after almost four years of friendship, to be a complete and utter lie. 

“Sure, you weren’t. But, just in case, I thought I’d come anyway,” she says before looping her arm around Izuku’s elbow. “Shall we?”

Izuku sighs and nods. At least now he isn’t walking into this alone. Sure, it feels more like he’s being dragged inside against his will, but he’s used to it. 

Uraraka has always been as stubborn as a bull when it comes to getting what she wants. 

Stepping through the sliding glass doors, Uraraka leads him into the lobby towards the curved reception desk. “Hi, Hagakure-san!” she says in greeting, waving at the smiling receptionist. 

Izuku barely notices the other woman, too anxious to meet anyone’s gaze. While the two girls chat, Izuku distracts himself by observing the interior of the building.

With high ceilings made of clear glass, the room has an open, airy feeling that helps ease some of his frayed nerves. It doesn’t feel like he’s trapped here. 

Dotting around the lobby are green potted plants and small clusters of chairs with sloped backs in light brown upholstery. Izuku can’t help but think that if his mom ever comes here, she’ll feel perfectly at ease. But who knows, maybe she’ll be as anxious as Izuku feels. After all, they’re practically carbon copies of each other. 

He wonders, suddenly, what will she think about him being a service partner?

“Alright, Midoriya-kun, we can head back now,” Uraraka says, gently patting Izuku’s arm. He flinches at her touch, recoiling in on himself as he presses a hand over his mouth. He feels like he might vomit.

How has he not thought of it before now!? What if his mom doesn’t approve of his job? What if she’s ashamed of him for it?

“Hey, are you alright?” Uraraka asks, gently rubbing Izuku’s shoulder as she always does when he starts crying. 

Izuku sniffles and hastily rubs his tears away. He resists the urge to smack himself. “Y-Yeah, sorry, just nervous and stuff.”

Uraraka frowns and tilts her head. “And stuff?” she inquires gently. Izuku just nods, clamping his mouth shut. “Well, I’m here if you want to talk about it. Do you think you’re okay with continuing?”

“Y-Yeah.” Izuku can’t back out now. The alphas are counting on him.

Uraraka smiles and leads him down one of the halls to the right of the lobby. “Well, as far as anxiety and stuff go, I promise it’ll wear off soon.” 

Izuku scoffs before he can’t stop himself. “Yeah, sure.”

“Hey, even I get anxious too!” Uraraka says angrily. “I was so nervous the first time I helped with someone’s rut that I threw up on her!”

“What!?” Izuku squawks. He trips and nearly falls onto his face, if not for Uraraka catching him by the arm. 

“No need to act so surprised,” she says, bumping Izuku’s shoulder with her fist. “You know I’m prone to vomiting.”

“I mean, yeah, but I never knew that was the reason! I always thought that you were just really prone to nausea because of eating bad food!”

“No way! I’d have to have some really bad luck if that was the case!” Uraraka laughs and shakes her head before tugging Izuku along. 

“There you two are!” a girl calls with a cheery wave, walking towards them. She's wearing a gray pencil skirt and a white blouse. Her curly hair is a shocking shade of pink that sticks out like bubblegum in this sea of beige and cream-colored scenery.

“Mina!” Uraraka calls back, running up to the other girl. They embrace all cheeky smiles and contagious laughter. Izuku smiles, his anxiety lessening into a bearable itch. He strides over to the pair of girls. 

“Hi, you must be Ashido-san,” Izuku greets, holding out his hand.

Ashido nods and grabs his hand in a firm grip. “And you must be the infamous Midoriya-kun! It’s nice to finally meet another one of Ochako’s friends. Are you ready for when they arrive?” 

“Ah, well, maybe?” he replies honestly, rubbing the back of his head of fluffy green curls. He doesn’t see the point in lying to her, especially since he’s unbelievably bad at it.

One time back in high school, Izuku’s classmates had conned him into playing a game of poker. Izuku had lost, miserably. Afterward, the other players had been nice enough to at least tell him that his face gave everything away.

Ashido doesn’t seem fazed by Izuku’s answer. She merely nods and gestures them further into the building. “Don’t worry, everyone’s usually nervous their first time, but I’m positive you’ll do great!” she says, pushing open a door into a cozy, private sitting room. “And my instincts are never wrong,” she adds with a wink, taking a seat.

Uraraka quickly bounds over and claims the seat beside her, setting down the small gift bag Izuku hasn’t noticed she’s been carrying around until now. Closing the door, Izuku stares apprehensively at it before setting down his own bag and taking the empty seat across from the pair of smiling women. 

“Alright, since you’ve already filled out the necessary forms and had the required screenings, all that’s left is to go over the basic procedure and then we’ll head down to the medical office to get your O.P.S. shot before dinner,” Ashido says, picking up a small binder from the table and opening it up in her lap. 

“Ah, sounds good.”

Ashido nods and begins going over everything Izuku needs to know as a first-time rut partner. For the most part, Izuku is just here to soothe the alphas through their ruts or, in crasser terms, Izuku’s just here to get fucked. 

Sex during ruts and heats are as primal and as intimate as it gets. Izuku's more than well aware after scouring the internet for articles to prepare himself for his role as a rut partner. Regardless, Ashido takes the time to explain what the alphas may likely do to him.

Biting is a fairly common practice. Alphas are driven by instinct to claim what they see as theirs. But despite what folklore suggests, initial mating bites don’t permanently bind people together. The bite has to be given numerous times over an extended period of weeks so that the bite properly scars and becomes permanent. From what Izuku’s read, the continued biting symbolizes the everlasting devotion the pair have for each other. 

Since Izuku is assisting an alpha pair, he imagines that they’ll both have these marks somewhere on their bodies. Tradition has the mating mark placed on the back of the neck or shoulder, but people nowadays place them wherever they prefer. Izuku hasn’t decided where he’ll have his mating mark. ‘Course, he hasn’t even found someone that he’ll like to make a permanent bond with. 

Scent marking and rough play are also pretty standard mating practices. But if anything goes too far for either party, Partner Service members will step in, as they’ll be monitoring their vitals throughout the rut. But Ashido quickly assures Izuku that that’s only happened once in the two and a half decades that P.S. has been in operation.

Before Izuku will even meet the alphas, he’s required to take the O.P.S, omega pregnancy suppression shot. The drug’s designed to guarantee a zero percent chance of pregnancy for five days to ensure that neither the service member or clients have to worry about any unwanted pregnancies. 

After the shot, Izuku will take a scent cleansing bath to wash away any foreign scents from his body, leaving only his natural smell behind. This helps combat any potential aggression from clients as foreign scents of their partner are often perceived as threats. 

Once that’s all done, Izuku will head into a sealed room where the alphas will join him after taking their own scent cleansing baths. Then, Izuku will assist them for their scheduled rut as he’s been hired to do. 

When the ruts finish, Izuku will have the chance to clean himself up, and, should he need it, rest for a day or two in their convalescence room before receiving his pay and returning home. 

“So, any questions?” Ashido asks, snapping the binder shut with a snap. 

Izuku scratches at his cheek. “Um, is there anything I shouldn’t do?”

“Well, anything that you or the alphas wouldn’t like to be done, I’d avoid,” Ashido says with a light laugh. “Other than that, I’d just follow your instincts. That’s usually what works out for the best.”

“Yeah, don’t worry Midoriya-kun, once you meet them, everything will be smooth sailing,” Uraraka says, nodding. “But if you ever run out of ideas, I got you a little something to help you out.” She grins cheekily and hands Izuku the sparkly pink gift bag she’s been carrying around. 

Izuku frowns and holds it away from himself, highly skeptical of its contents. But, seeing as how it’s rude not to, Izuku sets the bag in his lap and pulls out his gift. 

Little is right, he thinks to himself, green eyes wide as he stares at the small, lacy red panties in his hand. “What the —Uraraka-san!?”

Uraraka laughs and rubs the back of her head, a rosy blush lightly dusting her round cheeks. “I thought that they might help you gain a little confidence. You have such nice features and I wanted to help bring them out.”

Ashido grins mischievously and nods. “You could say she’s bringing out your assets.”

Izuku groans and shoves his burning face into his hands. He’s too frazzled to realize he’s still holding the offending article. As soon as the soft, silky material rubs against his freckled cheeks, Izuku recoils with a shout. “Ugh!” He grimaces and shoves the panties back into the bag.

Ashido laughs and wipes a stray tear from her eye. “Well, whatever you do, just make sure you mark it fully with only your scent. Otherwise, you might rile up the alphas in another way.”

Izuku just shakes his head, not dignifying that with a response. There’s no way he’s gonna use them! Bad enough that this is his first time with an alpha and a threesome to boot. Why on earth should he add cross-dressing on top of it!?

“Well, if that’s everything, why don’t we head to the medical office so you can get your shot,” Uraraka says, clapping her hands. “Then we can head to the cafeteria and grab some dinner!”

Izuku agrees, desperate to end this mortifying moment. He grabs his backpack and shoves the gift bag inside before zipping the whole thing closed and following the girls back into the hallway. Ashido takes the lead and directs them further into the building to a hallway with a few doors. She knocks on one of them before a quiet voice calls them inside.

While the room is pretty small, it’s not claustrophobic with its high ceilings. Pressed against two of the walls are a few locked cabinets, likely to keep theft down. There’s also a scale and a pale blue exam table in the center of the room, surrounded by curtains. Finally, there’s a neatly organized desk where a small elderly woman sits. 

“Recovery girl!” Ashido says cheerfully.

Izuku blinks and raises a brow at the strange nickname. Uraraka giggles and nudges him forward.

“Hi, Shuzenji-san,” Uraraka adds in, stepping beside the desk and gesturing Izuku closer.

Shuzenji turns to greet them, a large smile on her aged face as she lightly taps her small wooden cane against Ashido’s thigh. “Now, what have I said about using that name?” she asks calmly.

Ashido whines and slouches, kicking at the tiled floor. “That I shouldn’t,” she mutters before pumping her fist in an excited manner, “but it’s such a good name! You always help people recover, so you’re recovery girl!”

Shuzenji shakes her head. But since she’s still smiling, Izuku doesn’t think she minds the nickname as much as she lets on. 

“Now, who do we have here?” Shuzenji asks, glancing at Izuku.

“This is Midoriya Izuku! He’s our newest omega service member,” Ashido says with a flourish, waving her arm towards him.

“Ah, then you need your pregnancy suppressant.” Shuzenji hops off her cushioned chair before quietly shuffling around them towards one of the short cabinets. Using the key from around her neck, she unlocks the door and starts sifting through the contents. Eventually, she pulls out a small glass medicine vial and a sealed box of syringes and needles.

Izuku pales and swallows nervously at the sight, not quite able to contain his grimace. 

Ashido glances at him and, likely noticing his expression, snorts. Uraraka also looks vaguely amused by Izuku’s distress, but he notices that she’s gone slightly pale as well. The joys of being rut partners, I guess, Izuku thinks to himself. 

“Well, I think that’s our cue to leave,” Ashido says, grabbing Uraraka by the wrist and heading for the door. “We’ll be right outside when you’re done.”

“Good luck, Midoriya-kun!” Uraraka adds before closing the door and leaving Izuku to his fate.

Stiff as a board, Izuku jolts when Shuzenji’s cane taps against his knee. “Alright dear, if you would step behind the curtain and remove your pants? I’ll be administering the shot to your rear.” 

“M-My butt?” Izuku unconsciously reaches behind himself, cupping his behind as he turns away from Shuzenji.

“Yes, as is standard practice. Believe you me, it’s going to be the least painful thing that enters you there in the next few days,” Shuzenji says, washing her hands in the sink. Izuku’s cheeks burn. Has she just implied what he thinks she has? Before Izuku can ask, she turns to him, snapping on a pair of gloves. “Now, this will only take a moment.”

Izuku nods stiffly and hurries to undo his jeans. With how badly his hands are shaking, it takes a lot longer to get them off. Once he does, he quickly moves to lean against the exam table, presenting himself for the nurse. 

Out of the corner of his eye, he sees her finish prepping the syringe and needle, tapping it a few times to get any air bubbles out. As she grabs a stool and moves to stand behind him, Izuku quickly looks away and buries his face in his forearms. This is so embarrassing.

Quietly, Shuzenji takes a cold alcohol wipe and rubs it against Izuku’s right butt cheek in slow, circular motions. “This will only sting for a second.”

Izuku nods. Just as she’s warned, there’s a sharp sting as she inserts the needle and plunges in the medication. The pain lasts for a moment before fading away completely. Izuku can’t help but sigh in relief, happy that it’s over with.

“Alright, you’re all set,” Shuzenji says after applying a bandage to Izuku’s rear. “But if you feel off at all within the next two hours, come back so I can check you over.”

“Thanks, Shuzenji-san,” Izuku says, bowing at the older woman. 

“You’re welcome dear,” she says before tossing away her gloves. “Now put your pants back on.”

Izuku squeaks and scrambles to pull back on his jeans, his face in flames. Shuzenji doesn’t laugh, however, which helps Izuku feel less like a total idiot. 

“Sorry about that,” he says, ducking his head. Shuzenji merely waves a hand as she disposes of the needle and syringe before locking the medicine back into the cabinet. 

“Don’t worry, I know it can feel awkward to have this done. But you’ll eventually grow used to it the more your services are requested.”

“Ah, I suppose you’re right,” Izuku says, heading for the door. He pauses from grabbing the handle. “Um, I don’t mean to bother you, but do you have any advice you could give me?”

Shuzenji hums and hops back into her chair. “Well, from my own experience, all you need to do to please an alpha is expose your neck and spread your legs,” she says, not showing a hint of embarrassment. 

Izuku blushes enough for both of them. “I-It’s that easy?”

“Yes dear, I promise.” 

"Okay, thanks, Shuzenji-san!” Smiling brightly, Izuku bows at her once more before bounding out of the exam room. Ashido and Uraraka are leaning against the wall, chatting idly as he walks over to them. Uraraka’s large brown eyes meet his before her face splits into a grin.

“Everything go alright?”

Izuku nods. With Shuzenji’s advice, Izuku’s nerves have calmed to near nonexistence. “Where to next?”

“Well, if you’re hungry, we can go grab some dinner in the cafeteria?” Ashido offers, gesturing down the hall.

“Oh, yeah, that sounds good.”

“Awesome! The foods actually surprisingly good, but that’s probably since it’s in the company’s best interest to provide a pleasant experience.” 

“I’m guessing so that people keep coming back?”

“Yep! Our official title might be Partner Services, but you could call us pleasure services too!”

Izuku laughs as he falls into step between the two women. “So, what do you normally get for food here, Ashido-san?” he asks as they head further down the winding hall.

Ashido hums and crosses her arms over her chest. “Well, I really love having natto over fresh rice, but I’ll change it up depending on what our head chef makes for the days special.”

“Sato-san, right? He makes the best desserts!” Uraraka says, cupping her cheeks and sighing almost dreamily. “That dango he made last month was to die for.”

“I know! If only he wasn’t already mated, I would have snatched him up ages ago!” Ashido says, pouting. 

“But aren’t you an alpha too, Mina? I thought you preferred bonding with betas and omegas?” Uraraka asks, tilting her head.

Izuku blinks and turns to face Ashido too. He hasn’t been certain what secondary class she is. The only real way to tell is if the person is nearing or in their rut or heat, as it’s during those times when their scents become strong enough to let prospective mates know. And that’s only with alphas and omegas. Betas like Uraraka never do that. So really, it’s just a guessing game for everyone.

Ashido sighs as her arms fall back down to her sides. “Yeah, I just love how cute omegas and betas get when I rile them up!” she says with a cheeky grin. “You should have seen Sato-san’s omega mate, Koda-san! He’s the sweetest thing and really fun to tease!”

Uraraka giggles before reaching around Izuku to slap Ashido on the arm. “I hope you didn’t tease him too badly.”

Ashido pouts again, puffing out her cheeks as she rubs her arm. Izuku can’t help but laugh at her expression as they head into the cafeteria. 

While smaller than his school’s cafeteria, there’s a decent amount of activity as people move through the three food lines, filling their dark blue trays with a variety of foods. Izuku licks his lips, his mouth salivating as several delicious aromas tickle his nose and tease his taste buds. He wonders idly if they have katsudon.

As Ashido leads them towards one of the lines, Izuku glances at a few of the circular tables where people are eating. One person is munching on a crisp salad while another person is eating their body weight in cheese of all things. Izuku raises a brow as he passes the flashy blond male. The guy merely shoots Izuku a wink before popping another cheese cube into his mouth with a moan.

Izuku’s face flames. Averting his gaze, he quickly scurries after Ashido and Uraraka who have already gotten their trays. 

Uraraka smiles and passes him one as they slowly move further in the line. It’s serve yourself, which is both a blessing and a curse as Izuku is quickly struck by indecision. There are too many options! Ashido and Uraraka don’t seem to be having any trouble, however, as they quickly start to fill their trays with food. 

Well, if he’s being logical about this, he should just choose foods that are high in protein to help build up his energy for when the alpha pair arrives. Muttering to himself, Izuku cups his chin as he ranks the available foods by protein content. In the end, though, Izuku panics as he notices he’s holding up the line and just copies what’s on Uraraka’s tray: a traditional Japanese dinner and some mochi for dessert. Izuku can’t complain. 

At least he didn’t copy Ashido’s tray. He could smell the pungent natto a mile away.

With their trays full, they head over to one of the vacant tables and dig in. 

After a few moments of peaceful silence as they eat their food, Ashido looks up from mixing her natto with her rice and smiles. 

“Hi, Sato-san!” Ashido says, waving at a tall, muscled male as he passes by them. He stops and turns, his thick lips spreading into a smile.

“Hey, Ashido-san, Uraraka-san! It’s good to see you both!” Sato greets, walking over to them. He’s dressed in a crisp chef’s uniform with a bit of pink frosting on his apron. 

“It’s great to see you too! How’s that adorable mate of yours?” Ashido asks, grinning up at Sato.

Sato’s own grin grows impossibly bigger. “Actually,” he begins, rubbing the back of his head. “We just found out he’s pregnant.”

Both Uraraka and Ashido gasp at the news. “No way! Congratulations!” they say together, jumping up from their seats to hug him. 

Sato returns the hugs. “Thanks, we’re really happy!”

“Congratulations, Sato-san,” Izuku adds in, smiling awkwardly. 

Sato blinks and stares down at him. “Thanks, uh. . . sorry, have we met?”

“Sorry, no, my name’s Midoriya Izuku! I just started here but I couldn’t help but overhear. Plus Ashido-san had already been telling me on the way here about how good your food was, so I. . . yeah,” Izuku says awkwardly, waving his arms. His cheeks burn and he ducks his head to hide it. 

“Oh, well, it’s nice to meet you, Midoriya-san!” Sato greets before tapping Izuku’s shoulder and offering his large, tanned hand. “My name’s Sato Rikido.”

Izuku smiles gratefully and shakes his hand. “It’s nice to meet you too, Sato-san.”

“Well, I’d better get back to work. Enjoy the food!” 

“Thanks, we will!”

Once Sato is completely out of sight, Izuku finally lets out the tense breath he’s been holding. He hates how nervous he can get around new people. Uraraka pats him on the shoulder and they resume eating. 

After finishing off his small bowl of soup, Izuku feels his nerves finally begin to settle. But of course, he then makes the mistake of glancing at the sole clock hanging on the wall. It’s already six o’clock! The alphas could be here any second!

Which means Izuku will have to go through with all of this that much sooner. Biting his bottom lip, his stomach in knots, Izuku pokes at his grilled fish with one of his chopsticks. Nothing looks appetizing anymore. Out of the corner of his eye, Izuku notices Uraraka and Ashido share a look.

Ashido clears her throat. “So, Midoriya-san, why’d you decide to join Partner Services?”

Izuku slowly lifts his head and meets her gaze. “Well,” he begins, glancing at Uraraka and rubbing the back of his neck, “I’m not sure if Uraraka-san’s told you yet or not, but she’s the one who recommended the job to me.”

“Right, I think I remember you mentioning that,” Ashido says, nodding at Uraraka before turning to look back at Izuku. “But is there a reason you decided on Partner Services instead of something a little less. . . intimate?”

“Well, the simple reason is that it pays well and has flexible hours. Plus, right now my mentor, Toshinori is footing the bill for all my living expenses. I wanted a lucrative job so I wouldn’t need to count on him anymore.”

“Mentor?” Ashido asks, taking a bite of her food.

“Yeah, he’s basically looked after me since my father left my mom and me back when I was in middle school. He doesn’t have any relatives, so he decided to help me out.”

“Wow, that was nice of him.”

“Yeah,” Izuku says with a sigh, setting down his chopsticks, “but I don’t wanna burden him anymore. He’s already done so much for me and my mom and he's getting on in years. I should be the one taking care of him, not the other way around.”

Ashido hums and takes a sip of water. “Understandable.”

Izuku nods and takes a sip from his own water. At least it goes down easier than the food. “Why did you start working here, Ashido-san?”

“Oh! Well, I guess it’s because I wanted a job where I could both help and meet new people,” she says, waving her hands. 

Izuku’s eyebrows furrow. “I hope you don’t mind my asking, but then why not pursue a job in the medical profession or something similar?”

Ashido’s expression falls and she pokes at her dessert. “Well, I’m not exactly the smartest person in the world and it’s impossible to do any of those careers without a college degree. At least here, I can help people right away, people like you!”

Izuku blushes sheepishly, scratching at his cheek. “That’s really great of you, Ashido-san. Although, I gotta say, even though I’ve just met you, I can’t help but think you could do anything if you set your mind to it.”

Ashido gapes quietly at him, her golden eyes wide as her cheeks turn red. “You think so?”

Izuku smiles and nods. “Yeah! I think you could rule the whole world if you wanted to!”

Ashido’s expression brightens as a contagious grin slips across her face. “Thanks, Midoriya-san!” 

With that, their conversation moves onto more lighthearted topics. By the time they finish eating and glance at the time, it’s already six-thirty. Seeing the time, Uraraka bids them farewell and heads back towards the entrance of Partner Services. Before she goes, however, she wishes Izuku good luck and makes him promise to message her when his work is finished. He agrees and waves her off before following Ashido into another section of the building.

While nearly every place inside here has been quiet and peaceful, sans the cafeteria, this section of the building is so quiet, Izuku swears he could hear a pin drop. Ashido explains that this is the section of Partner Services where people actually come to mate during their ruts and heats, so everything is soundproof. 

Izuku’s cheeks burn, unable to stop himself from thinking about how. . . loud the building would be otherwise. Ashido laughs at his expression before directing him to his suite. She unlocks the door with a keycard before gesturing him inside and closing the door. 

The room opens up to a small entryway with a floor-length mirror and a small closet where Izuku can store his valuables. The door to the left leads into the cleansing room. From there, there’s a door that'll finally lead into the bedroom where Izuku will be for the majority of his stay. 

“Once I leave, I’ll press the button outside and cleanse the room of my scent. Then, all you need to do is follow the steps in the cleansing room and you’ll be good to go!” Ashido explains before handing Izuku his room key. “Now, I’ll contact you again when the alphas arrive. Until then, just bathe and then relax in your room.”

“Thanks, Ashido-san, you’ve been a huge help.”

“Aw, it was my pleasure, Midoriya-san!” Ashido says before opening the door. “Who knows, maybe I’ll request your services in the future too!” With a smile and a wink, Ashido swings the door closed with a click, leaving Izuku alone, his face as red as his shoes. 

For a dizzying moment, Izuku can’t help but think that maybe he’s not so unappealing to alphas after all.

Eventually, Izuku snaps himself out of his embarrassed daze and shoves his backpack into the closet before heading into the cleansing room to get started. At first glance, it looks just like a regular bathroom. But, with the numerous large shower heads, a deep bath that could easily fit five people comfortably, and several bottles filled with what he assumes to be special soaps and conditioners, it’s a lot fancier than his bathroom at home. 

Deciding he’ll try to enjoy himself, Izuku quickly strips, removes the bandage from his rear and deposits his clothes in the available basket. 

Just as Ashido's said, there’s a list of instructions on the wall detailing how to properly cleanse himself. From what he’s gathered, it’s really just like taking a meticulous bath with some special soap. For the first time today, Izuku feels like he’s found something he can do successfully.

Izuku allows his mind to go blank, taking this time to relax and recenter himself after such a stressful day. Steam fills the titled bathroom as Izuku turns on the shower heads after thoroughly scrubbing the scent cleanser over his body. As instructed, Izuku rinses it off before applying the second set of soaps and washing his hair. 

Once that’s done, Izuku turns the warm water back on, allowing the powerful spray to wash the soap away. Shutting off the shower, Izuku slips into the large tub. The pleasantly hot water feels great against his skin. It reminds him almost like a hot spring. Sighing dreamily, Izuku rests his head on the cool outer rim and falls into a light doze.

Ashido’s voice coming through the intercom like some kind of cruel goddess jolts Izuku awake. 

“Hi, Midoriya-san! I just wanted to let you know that we’ve just gotten word. It looks like the alpha pair has decided to arrive in the morning. So, feel free to relax and get some rest. We’ll let you know when they arrive. Until then, goodnight!”

And just like that, Izuku’s panic rears its ugly head once more. Slumping further into the warm bath, Izuku isn’t sure if it’s better or worse that they’re not coming tonight (in every meaning of the word). On the one hand, it means he has a little longer to get a better handle on his nerves. Perhaps he’ll even have time to form a better strategy on how to properly. . . soothe the alphas. But on the other hand, it also means that Izuku has all the longer to make himself sick with dread and talk himself out of any plans he makes. 

Growling in frustration, Izuku finishes his bath and hurries to dry off. There, now he’s at least accomplished one thing today. Checking the last note on the instructions, Izuku notices that they’ve provided him with a soft, fluffy bathrobe. Izuku smiles and tugs it on before heading into the bedroom. 

Unsurprisingly, the room is sparsely decorated. Likely, it’s to prevent any injuries from the alphas getting too rough with him and each other. Izuku’s grateful but he’s slightly disappointed that there isn’t a bed. But he supposes that it’s a lot easier to clean a futon than a whole mattress. At least the futon is large and plush looking, big enough to fit four people comfortably. 

Across the room is another door. He suspects that’s where the alphas will come in. From what he’s read about Partner Service’s procedure, clients enter through a separate area to ensure their safety and others. 

Since they’re not arriving until the morning, Izuku is free to do whatever he likes. Of course, there isn’t exactly much to do in this room other than well.  . .

Izuku’s face burns, a flush spreading all the way down to his exposed chest. He covers himself despite being the only one in the room. Turning on his heel, Izuku decides to go and grab his phone from his backpack to distract himself with until he goes to bed. 

Stepping onto the smooth tile of the entryway, Izuku pulls open the door to the closet when he notices his reflection in the mirror. 

He turns, sucking on his bottom lip as he fully faces it. His reflection stares back at him, all wild green curls, round, freckled cheeks, and large doe eyes that would be better suited for a girl. While Izuku’s always been able to see the attractive qualities of others, he’s never been able to say the same for himself. What is it about him that caught the alpha’s eyes? 

Curiosity blooms in Izuku’s mind, inhibiting his judgment. Before he can talk himself out of it, Izuku loosens the fluffy sash of his robe and lets the soft material fall from his shoulders and down to the floor. 

His first thought is skinny. Skinny and pale. 

Izuku runs a hand over his flat chest and over his rosy nipples. He shivers at the feeling, temptation clouding his mind and ensnaring him in this moment. Surely it wouldn’t hurt to just. . . Izuku sucks on his bottom lip, running his tongue across the smooth skin before he finally gives in. 

Taking the tiny nubs between his fingers, Izuku rolls them gently, sparking small twinges of arousal in his gut. He tweaks them a little harder, pinching them between his nails until they’re hard and near the painful edge of sensitive. He wants to touch himself more. 

Tantalizingly slow, Izuku trails his hands down his stomach and towards his semi-erect cock. He doesn’t want to rush this. He cups the rosy flesh in his hand, tugging at the warm shaft and relishing in the molten pleasure that bubbles in his gut. 

Panting hotly, Izuku’s warm breath fogs up the mirror as he rubs his thumb over the flushed head of his fully erect cock, catching the small pearly bead of precum as it drools from the slit. Izuku wets his lips before bringing the little morsel to his mouth. He moans, eagerly lapping at it, relishing in the salty flavor that tingles on his tongue. Izuku wonders how good the alphas will taste when Izuku finally gets his greedy mouth on them. 

Fuck, Izuku just hopes that they’ll allow it. He still doesn’t know what it is they see in him. That’s when he finally remembers the gift stowed away in his backpack. 

Something to help him out, at least that’s what Uraraka had said. Surely it wouldn’t hurt to just try it on for a second. . .  it’s not like anyone has to know. Right? 

Before he can think twice about it, Izuku digs into his bag and pulls out the red panties. They’re soft, made out of delicate silk material with dark red lace along the edges. They look expensive. It would be a shame not to at least see how they look on him. 

Tugging them up over his legs, Izuku wiggles and pulls them over his plump rear and aching erection. They’re a little tight but not uncomfortably so, hugging his curves in all the right places. They’d look perfect, if not for the flushed head of his cock peeking out above the lace, refusing to be held down. Izuku pouts and tries to adjust himself. The silk feels delicious against his burning flesh and it takes only a few pitiful attempts before Izuku just rubs the fabric against himself, rocking his hips as sultry moans spill from his lips. 

A dark wet spot spreads across the thin fabric but Izuku is too far gone to care about stains. A trickle of slick gushes out of his hole, ruining the panties further. Izuku whines and reaches behind himself to ease the ache. Already plenty wet, though not as much as he would be under the influence of his heat or alpha pheromones, Izuku traces his finger around the entrance, gasping as he feels it flutter against his fingertip. 

Arousal burns hot in his groin and Izuku needs to satisfy it. He presses the finger inside, relishing in the burn as he adds another, too far gone to wait for himself to adjust, aching for something bigger that would make him see stars. 

It’s been well over a month since his impromptu one night stand with Shindou and while he doesn’t remember much about that night, there’s no way Izuku could have forgotten how good it felt to be fucked for the first time. He can’t help but fantasize about how amazing it’ll be when he finally experiences an alpha’s knot. 

Izuku keens at the thought of it, of something hot and thick thrusting inside of him. He wants it, needs it more than breathing. He needs an alpha to mark him up, to knot him until Izuku’s pregnant with his pups. Izuku arches his back with a lewd cry, desperately fucking himself with four fingers. It helps ease the ache but it’s not enough. 

“Alpha,” Izuku says with a whine, squeezing his cock tighter. He thrusts his hips, crying out as his climax rapidly approaches, iron hot pleasure coiling tighter and tighter in the base of his dick before his vision goes white. With a breathless gasp, Izuku cums, spilling his warm seed all over himself, the panties, and the square tiles of the entryway. 

His legs tremble badly like a baby fawn trying to stand for the first time and Izuku lowers himself onto the ground before his knees completely give out, his body wracked with tremors from the force of his orgasm. 

He can’t believe he just did that!

Izuku groans and smothers his burning face into his arms. At least there’s a bathroom here, otherwise, he’s not sure what he would have done to clean up his mess. Speaking of which, Izuku glances down and sees that the panties are well and truly ruined. Perhaps if he’d only cum on them, he could salvage them with a few washes but in his desperation to get off, he’d torn and stretched the fabric over his crotch. 


Eventually, Izuku rips off the ruined gift and cleans up his mess. After rinsing himself off and retrieving his robe, Izuku trudges back to the bedroom, turns off the lights, before plopping down onto the futon, belly first, and falls into a dead sleep. 

Morning comes quicker than last night’s orgasm. 

“Good morning, Midoriya-san!” Ashido greets, voice cracking through the intercom. Izuku groans and buries his face deeper into his pillow. “The alphas have arrived and are on their way to you!” 

Izuku jolts up from his warm cocoon, his heart beating a mile a minute. It feels like it’s going to explode from his chest. 

“A small breakfast has already been delivered to your room, located in the far right wall. Good luck!”

Still feeling a little groggy, Izuku scrubs at his face. There is indeed a small compartment and once Izuku’s legs finally comply, he stumbles over and pulls it open. Ashido (he assumes it was her) has ordered him a small breakfast: a banana, a protein bar, and a tall glass of water. It’s grateful for the small amount. He’s not sure his stomach could handle any more than that right now with anxiety churning his gut like acid. 

But, instead of eating right away, Izuku heads back into the cleansing room to relieve himself and brush his teeth. Good hygiene and all that. With that taken care of, Izuku collects his breakfast. 

By the time he’s done, there’s a knock at the door on the opposite side of the room. Izuku’s stomach falls to his feet and for a minute he thinks he’s gonna lose everything he just ate before he swallows and takes a deep breath. 

The alphas are here. 

“C-Come in,” Izuku says, standing up and adjusting his robe. He hopes he looks okay. 

The door swings open. Izuku flounders, his heart beating a mile a minute as he tries to greet the pair but before he can say a single word, he’s overcome by a rush of pungent alpha pheromones. The intoxicating, overpowering scent, is all it takes for the switch inside Izuku—the one he didn’t know exist, until today—to flip. 

“Alphas,” Izuku whines, greedily breathing in more of the sweet, yet woodsy scent. It smells like marshmallows cooking over a campfire and Izuku finds it to be the best scent in the world. Hot slick gushes down the backs of his thighs and Izuku’s own honey-sweet scent floods the room in response. 

The alphas haven’t moved from the doorway, their blood-red eyes dilated as they stare, transfixed at Izuku. Their nostrils flare and their muscled chests heave as they breath in Izuku’s pheromones. Their mouths hang open and Izuku can hear their breathy pants from across the room. They can’t get enough. 

Izuku purrs happily, shivering underneath their attention before batting his lashes at the pair of attractive alphas. They’re both roughly the same size with sharp jawlines and toned muscles that speak of hours training, for what, Izuku can only guess. The blond one is rather beautiful (handsome just doesn’t seem to cut it). He looks like a Greek god, a mighty adonis carved from the smoothest marble. 

His mate, the red-headed one is almost the complete opposite. He looks rather beastly with course dark hair covering his body and his spiky red locks trailing down past his wide shoulders. He looks like a wild man.

Their nudity would have shocked Izuku before today, but now he eagerly drinks in the sight, his eyes roaming over their tight pecks glistening with sweat before zeroing in on the best part. Their thick, massive cocks are already standing to attention, fully erect and ready for Izuku, ready to take what they bought and paid for.  

Izuku wants them both. 

Molten heat ignites in his belly and Izuku lets his instincts take control. He presents the slender line of his neck to them and that’s all it takes. 


The twin snarls resonate inside Izuku and before he even has the chance to blink, the alphas are in front of him. They force his body to the floor, shoving into onto his knees face first. Sharp claws tear through Izuku’s robe, leaving him completely naked and at the total mercy of these ravenous alphas.

Izuku trembles, feeling like a rabbit caught between two starving wolves. He doesn’t protest the rough treatment, nor does he bother struggling against their bruising touches. He wants this, doesn’t care how it happens, doesn’t care that he doesn’t even know their names. It’s hotter that way. 

Izuku’s feverish body goes limp as the alphas continue to manhandle his body to suit their needs. Their bodies radiate heat like bulky furnaces given too much fuel. Izuku wonders how deeply that fire burns. 

The alphas snarl again, this time at each other rather than at Izuku. He shivers and feels like a favorite chew toy being fought over as the alphas snap at one another, deep growls rumbling through their chests as they engage in a heated staring contest, fighting for both dominance and control over Izuku. 

Izuku doesn’t want that. There’s more than enough of him to go around. But at this point, he doesn’t think words will really get across. 

Instead, Izuku directs the alpha’s back to him and shuffles a bit until he has one at both ends of his body. That seems to placate them enough. The red alpha cradles Izuku’s head, one large hand tightly fisting Izuku’s green curls as he uses his other hand to press his hot member to Izuku’s lips, rubbing the flushed, bulbous head along his seam. Izuku whimpers and eagerly flicks his tongue out to catch some of the viscous liquid dripping from the slit as the blond alpha busies himself with Izuku’s lower half, equally strong hands gripping harshly onto Izuku’s hips as the alpha blindly ruts against Izuku’s ass, his thick cock slipping between Izuku’s slick cheeks. The wet, lewd sound is enough to make Izuku’s ears burn. 

Gasping, Izuku rocks back into the sensation as the hot shaft slides against his sensitive hole, teasing him with every uneven thrust. The red alpha huffs, almost as if he’s saying Well, I can do better and shoves his dripping length into Izuku’s gaping mouth. It’s too much. Izuku gags around the thick girth, tears stinging his eyes as he chokes, forgetting how to breathe. A high-pitched whine echoes from his ruined throat and suddenly the alphas pull back. 

The sudden loss of contact makes Izuku want to cry for a whole other reason, especially when they’re so close and he  knows how good they’ll make them feel. They both emit concerned whines, sniffing at Izuku but never getting close enough to touch.

Oh, Izuku realizes, wiping away his tears, They’re scared that they hurt me. 

Izuku always forgets that even alphas in rut will be overcome with protective instincts if they think they’ve hurt an omega, especially one they believe is theirs.

Warmth blooms in Izuku’s chest. What good alphas. “I’m alright, come here,” Izuku says, exposing his neck again. The alphas pounce, rubbing their scent glands over Izuku’s before returning to their spots. This time, instead of forcing his dick inside, the red alpha pulls Izuku further into his lap and rests the hot length against Izuku’s flushed cheek. Izuku blinks and looks up into molten, lava-red eyes. Ah, he’s letting me decide. 

Izuku smiles and reaches to take the shaft in his hand. He can barely wrap his hand around. Shit, that’s hot. Moaning, Izuku rubs his hand along the length, salivating as more of the alpha’s sweat and precum collect along the shaft. Izuku’s own member twitches eagerly as he gets another pungent whiff of those heady alpha pheromones. He purrs happily, proud that he coaxed the scent to be this strong, and pops the head back into his mouth. He lavs at it, swirling his tongue around the mushroomed head and savoring the spicy taste of the man’s juices, dipping his tongue into the slit to swallow more of his salty seed. He’s never tasted something so damn intoxicating before. Izuku can’t get enough, feels drunk on it. 

He wonders what the other alpha will taste like. 

Bobbing his head, Izuku steadies himself by curling one hand firmly at the base and digging the other into the alpha’s muscled, hairy thigh. Izuku hums happily, sucking in his cheeks and relishing in the lewd noises as he slowly takes more of the alpha’s twitching cock into his mouth. His jaw aches as he struggles to accommodate the thick girth, but Izuku’s nothing if not stubborn, wiggling his head until the cock is shoved fully down his throat and his nose is pressed into thick red pubes. Izuku groans, heavily breathing in the thick, pungent musk as drool pools down the sides of his gaping mouth. Izuku’s eyes roll into the back of his head.

It’s too good. 

Izuku’s dick hasn’t even been touched yet but he’s already stupidly hard. A deep rumble vibrates through Izuku’s body as the alpha growls and begins to roll his hips. Izuku wiggles his own hips in return, ready for more. 

Apparently, that’s what the blond alpha has been waiting for. 

Rougher than before, he digs his claws into Izuku’s hips, dragging his body partially away from the other alpha’s lap so he has better access, marking Izuku with his sharp teeth and littering bite marks across the sensitive flesh of Izuku’s thighs and ass. Izuku knows he’s bleeding as the sharp scent of copper rises into the air. But he’s not scared. He wants to be marked this way. 

Then, as if it couldn’t get any better, something hot and wet slides across Izuku’s hole. He turns as much as he’s able, the red alpha’s cock still lodged in his mouth, to see a head of spiky blond hair by Izuku’s ass. Oh.

Izuku moans, long and low, his cock twitching as it bobs against his belly. He pushes back into the alpha’s tongue as the man licks at Izuku’s fluttering rim. Wet slurping sounds echo across the room again and Izuku shivers at the intensity of it, realizing that the alpha is no doubt drinking up Izuku’s sweet slick as it gushes from his aching hole, acting like a dog eagerly lapping at a bowl of water, overcome by thirst. 

Arousal, hot and corrosive, pools into Izuku’s gut before settling in his groin, his mind twisting the thought into something truly perverse. He whimpers, tears trickling down his feverish cheeks as he imagines himself being fucked by a rabid wolf against his will.

Izuku nearly cums on the spot. 

The alpha’s tongue grows more insistent and finally pushes past the tight ring of muscles and into Izuku’s trembling hole. Izuku whines around the heavy length that’s still in his mouth as the alpha’s tongue slides against his slick, sensitive walls. The pleasure is maddening, just enough to make the ache worsen without satisfying it to completion. Izuku wants to beg for something bigger, something that’ll make him hurt. He wants the blond alpha to fuck him with the huge, hot length hanging between his legs. Izuku feels like he’ll die if he doesn’t get it inside of him. But as much as he wants to beg, to even demand that the alpha put his dick to use, Izuku’s not willing to wrench his mouth away from the delicious prize he’s already won in the red alpha’s lap. 

Izuku whines again and tries to get this maddening desire across. Luckily, the alpha seems to understand as he pulls his face back, red lips and strong chin glistening with Izuku’s slick before he sits up to his full height and presses the angular head of his cock against Izuku’s rim. He pushes inside with one, brutal thrust. Izuku chokes on a high-pitched scream as he feels himself being torn apart. It hurts but there’s no smell of blood, so despite the pain, Izuku doesn’t think he’s actually torn anything. But fuck. 

The only saving grace is that the alpha doesn’t immediately pull back to thrust in again. Instead, he buries his cock deep into Izuku’s ass until he bottoms out, heavy balls pressing against Izuku’s slick asscheeks. Izuku moans and the alpha gives a rumbling purr in response, rubbing his face against the back of Izuku’s neck, marking him with his sweet, caramelized scent. 

Izuku purrs happily in return, feeling a surge of pride. He’s absolutely delighted that his body is able to please the alphas, that it’s his omega body that they want to fuck, ravish, and claim. Izuku’s never felt this way before. 

Sucking harder at the salty length, Izuku’s body aches in the best way as the alphas fuck him from both ends, both pistoning their hips into a sloppy rhythm as all three of them near their climax, filling their room with the lewd, wet sounds of their mating. 

Finally after so long spent teetering on the edge, Izuku feels the molten coil in his belly snap as the alphas cum with feral growls, filling Izuku up with thick streams of their hot seed. Izuku shudders and cums, crying out in blissful euphoria as red alpha paints Izuku’s throat with his seed and the blond alpha knots him from behind, pumping Izuku full of liquid heat that burns him in the most delicious way possible. Izuku rolls his hips, clenching down on the twitching girth to wring out as much of his seed as possible. Izuku doesn’t want a single drop to go to waste. 

Izuku pants heavily after swallowing the red alpha's load and he pulls his softening dick out of Izuku’s sore mouth. 

“Sorry ‘bout that,” a rough voice says above him. Izuku shivers and looks up at the red alpha from underneath dark eyelashes, watching as his furry chest heaves, likely trying to stabilize his own breathing. Izuku can relate. The alpha smiles, flashing his sharp teeth before he gently rubs his calloused fingers through Izuku’s sweaty curls. “We wanted to introduce ourselves before we started, but well, we weren’t expecting your reaction to be so. . .” the alpha trails off, rubbing the back of his head, fussing the long red spikes. 

“I-It’s okay,” Izuku says, leaning into the touch. His voice sounds wrecked. “I’m just surprised that you can even talk right now.” 

The alpha hums quietly, red eyes scanning over Izuku’s body before looking back at his mate who’s still rumbling with growls. “Not sure how long it’s gonna last,” he murmurs. “My name’s Kirishima Eijirou and the growly one is my mate, Bakugou Katsuki. Thanks for agreeing to be our partner!” 

Izuku nods, smiling happily. “Y-Your welcome, Kirishima-san.”

Kirishima grins in return, his mouth opening like he’s about to say something more when his red eyes glaze over again as he’s overtaken by his rut once more. But Izuku doesn’t mind, feeling a lot more tethered now that he at least has their names. Now he has something to call out the next time he orgasms. 

Izuku isn’t sure how many times he cums before his body gives in to exhaustion and he falls asleep. In his dreams, he watches himself being taken over and over again. Bakugou and Kirishima taking turns, violating Izuku's body in every sense of the word, too eager and too drunk on their ruts to stop and wait for Izuku to offer himself willingly. 

When Izuku eventually wakes up, he realizes it wasn’t actually a dream. On either side of him, Kirishima and Bakugou are slumbering peacefully, their cocks flaccid against their muscled thighs. Both look satisfied, like cats who caught the canary and the cream. Izuku supposes they have. 

Hissing underneath his breath, Izuku sits up with a wince. He feels like he’s been mauled by a pack of wolves. After a glance down at his aching body, Izuku sees that he kinda has. Nearly every inch of his body has been marked in some way. Deep purple bruises dot across his hips and anywhere else the alphas mouths and hands have latched onto while bite marks litter his chest and thighs. From how much his neck and shoulders hurt, Izuku has a feeling that they look just as bad, if not worse than the rest of his thoroughly ravaged body.

Well, at least the alphas look happy. 

Sighing, Izuku shuffles onto his knees to try and stand up. His mouth is parched and he’s absolutely desperate for a cold glass of water and a hot meal. Luckily, for as sore as he is, he’s not actually in any serious pain thanks to his slightly accelerated healing—one of the few perks to being an omega. 

With the small amount of strength he has left after his numerous rows with the alpha pair, Izuku finally manages to get onto his feet. As soon as he’s fully upright, he feels something warm trickle down his thighs. Izuku grimaces and reaches behind him, slipping his fingers against his sore crack and gently probing at his stretched rim. His fingers come awake sleek, covered in a shiny mix of slick and cum. If Izuku hasn’t gotten the O.P.S. shot, there’s no doubt in his mind that he would have been pregnant right now.

Leaving the alphas to their peaceful slumber, Izuku orders some food from the touchpad on the wall and heads into the cleansing room to get cleaned up. He doesn’t exactly like the feeling of cum dripping out of him. Plus, the warm bath water helps ease the lingering aches after his first session with the alphas. After toweling himself off, Izuku stumbles back into the room. 

Now that he’s had the chance to get out, suddenly the differences in smells are far more apparent. Unlike the cleansing room, the air of the bedroom is thick with the heady scent of sex and alpha pheromones. Izuku can already feel his mind starting to slip back into the mindless sex slave from before. Slapping a hand across his nose, Izuku quickly grabs his food. But, before he bids a hasty retreat, he realizes that the alphas haven’t eaten yet either.

Izuku doesn’t know if either of them will have another bout of lucidity to properly eat and drink something. So, he knows that it’s up to him to make sure that they do. He’s just not too sure what they’ll eat.

Keeping things simple and easy, he orders two protein shakes and a few bottles of water. Surely liquids will be easy enough to get down. He just hopes the kitchen has already been made aware of any potential food allergies as Izuku doubts he’ll be able to get anything substantial out of the alphas at this point. 

With the food ordered, Izuku takes his steaming bowl of katsudon (he’s earned it, dammit) and heads to the entryway to eat his meal. 

The foods unsurprisingly delicious and Izuku quickly scarfs it down with his giant bottle of water. He sighs in satisfaction once his bowl is cleared and takes his dirty dish back to the bedroom. He’s met with frantic, rumbling whines. 

Izuku stumbles in the doorway. He can practically taste the fear in the air. What on earth has happened!?

The alphas cry out and dash to him. Izuku drops his plastic bowl with a noisy clatter as they practically jump into his arms, rubbing their scent glands against him, thoroughly marking him again with their scent. Were they worried because Izuku left? Izuku has no idea, but at the very least, he’s glad that they’re not hard again, at least not yet. 

“Hey, hey, it’s alright. I’m here, I’m safe,” Izuku murmurs gently, rubbing his cheek against the alpha’s necks. The alphas whine again and tug Izuku over to the futon. Kirishima drags Izuku’s body on top of him, tucking Izuku’s face against his hairy chest while Bakugou throws his muscled arm and leg over them. 

Izuku coos gently and runs his hands over Kirishima’s pecks, fingers tangling in his coarse hair. Kirishima’s chest rumbles underneath Izuku with something akin to a pleased purr as Izuku breathes in his musky scent and pets the alpha. Bakugou whines again and Izuku smothers down a giggle before shifting his arm and curling his opposite hand around Bakugou’s head of spiky blond hair. The tresses are surprisingly soft against his fingers. Izuku hums gently and continues to run his fingers through them. In a matter of seconds, the room is filled with the deep, satisfied rumbles of two pampered alphas. 

It’s beyond pleasant but Izuku doesn’t know how long it’ll last and since the alphas seem to be listening to him right now, he should try and get them to eat the protein shakes Izuku’s ordered. As gently as he can Izuku tugs himself out of the alpha pair’s embrace and stands. 

Kirishima and Bakugou whine again and quickly rise to their feet to crowd Izuku, acting like he’s about to disappear again. Izuku smothers down a laugh. Who knew alphas in rut could be so cute?

“It’s alright guys, I’m not leaving. I just wanna get you both something,” Izuku says, tugging them both over to the food slot. “See?” Izuku slides open the door. There’s a handful of cold water bottles and two giant plastic glasses filled with protein shakes. Izuku tosses two bottles over to the futon and then grabs the two shakes. They smell okay, kinda like vanilla oatmeal. 

The alphas sniff at the cups but don’t move to drink them. Izuku sighs, he thought this might happen. “Can you drink this?” he asks anyway, holding the cup closer to them.

Red eyes stare at the shakes before looking back at Izuku. Well, so much for that. But if they aren’t going to drink them the normal way, how’s Izuku gonna feed it to them. He supposes he could do it mouth to mouth, but the thought of doing that with the protein shakes makes Izuku queasy. He’ll do it with the water, but there has to be another way for these drinks. 

Izuku sighs and sets one of the cups back into the food slot. With his free hand, he dips it into the shake and then holds his fingers out to Bakugou. “Here,” Izuku says, licking at the dripping liquid. “Tasty, see?”

Bakugou sniffs at Izuku’s fingers but finally takes a lick. One seems to be all it takes for the alpha to take the hint and start slurping at Izuku’s fingers greedily. Kirishima growls and tries to grab Izuku’s hand away from the blond. The movement jostles the cup and spills some of the shake onto Izuku’s chest.

“Hey, stop that! Now, look at what you did.” Izuku huffs. He’s gonna have to take another bath now. But before Izuku can do anything else, Kirishima ducks his head and starts lapping up the shake. Izuku gasps at the sensation, shivering as the alpha’s hot tongue licks across Izuku’s pert nipple. Arousal ignites underneath his rapidly heating skin and Izuku is suddenly overcome by need. He knows how to feed the alphas. 

Grabbing the other shake, Izuku leads the alphas back to the futon and guides them to sit beside him as he lays down onto his back. Without hesitation, Izuku pours some of the shake onto his chest. He shivers as the cool liquid pools across his flushed skin before looking up at the alphas who stare, transfixed. 

“Mm, here you go. Eat up.” 

The alphas descend. 

A hot pair of mouths greedily slurp up the shake, leaving Izuku a gasping puddle of moans underneath them as their tongues tickle his sensitive skin and suck at his pert nipples. He feels like a mother feeding her young. The thought shouldn’t arouse Izuku as much as it does, but he can’t help it. He loves this attention and wants nothing more for the alphas to actually drink Izuku’s milk. 

If only he were pregnant, then Izuku could make that desire come true. 

Izuku moans and rolls hips, his cock hard and dripping lewdly against his belly. He aches with the desire to be claimed so fully, his scent turning sharp with need, mixing in with the pungent aroma of sex and sweat. His head feels drowned in fog but he knows what he wants. Gasping, Izuku’s arches his back as the alpha’s bite harder at Izuku’s swollen chest, deep growls rumbling through their bodies as they finish off the last of the shake. 

Izuku doesn’t have any more to give them, but he knows in a dizzying sort of way, how to get them more. Tossing the empty cups aside, Izuku straddles Kirishima’s hips and pants hotly in his ear as he feels the alpha’s stiff member slide against his slick cheeks. Izuku wraps his trembling hand around the base and guides it to his swollen pucker. It slides in without much resistance, Izuku’s walls still loose from the hours before. 

Kirishima’s growls as Izuku slowly rolls his hips, clenching down on the molten girth inside of him. Izuku buries his hand in long red tresses, arching his head back as Kirishima’s tongue curls around his nipple again, sharp teeth latching onto the sensitive nub and sucking harshly.

“Mnh, that’s right. Such a good alpha,” Izuku keens wantonly, reaching out to tweak his other swollen nipple. 

Bakugou snarls and shoves his wet mouth onto it, pushing Izuku’s hand away. Izuku’s purrs and lets him suck at it, purring deeply as heat rapidly builds in his groin. He bounces eagerly on Kirishima’s throbbing cock, trying to coax his knot to swell against Izuku’s burning rim. Fuck, he needs it. He needs to be branded so irreversibly that he’ll never be without this dizzying pleasure ever again. 

Bakugou’s chest ignites with growls as he starts rutting the dripping head of his cock against Izuku’s thigh. Izuku coos gently and reaches down to wrap his hand around the thick shaft. “Poor alpha, lemme help you.” 

The alpha snarls but doesn’t pull away, thrusting his slick cock into Izuku’s soft, clenched fist. Izuku would offer more, but he doesn’t think he could fit his cock inside him along with Kirishima’s. They’re both just too big. 

Kirishima snaps Izuku’s attention back to him with a harsh slam of his hips right into Izuku’s sweet spot. Izuku cries out as Kirishima hits it again and again, pushing Iuku to the brink. Hot tears pool from the corners of Izuku’s eyes. The pleasure is so intense, bordering on painful as heat burns throughout his trembling body, igniting his sensitive nerves and leaving his mind untethered. It doesn’t feel real. Euphoria like this shouldn’t exist. Izuku’s drunk on it, his body becoming addicted to the alpha’s possessive touch.

Izuku needs them to claim him, mark him permanently with their sharp fangs and deadly claws. He wants to be ruined, wants to be bred until he’s far with their pups. Fuck, Izuku’s never wanted something as badly as this. 

Arching his back, Izuku bounces faster on Kirishima’s cock and tugs harder on Bakugou’s red-hot length. Izuku feels like he’s sweltering, pressed tight against their bodies, dripping with sweat. Debauched wet slaps and sinful moans echo across the room and make Izuku’s ears burn. He cries louder as he feels his climax building, molten arousal coiling tight in his groin. What finally pushes him over the edge is Kirishima’s thick knot stretching past Izuku’s rim, filling him with his hot seed as the alpha comes with a thunderous snarl. Bakugou’s knot pops against Izuku’s fist, marking Izuku’s chest and arm with sticky ropes of cum. 

Izuku trembles from the force of their shared orgasm as two pairs of jaws latch onto opposite sides of his shoulders, sharp canines digging into Izuku’s flesh and marking him as theirs. He whimpers as his vision blurred around the edges. Darkness descends and Izuku’s body gives out. 

The rest of the next day follows in roughly the same pattern, with short breaks to rest and eat before they start again. It’s both exhausting and thrilling. By the third day, however, things slowly start to peter out as Kirishima and Bakugou become more clear-headed. They’re still under the thrall of rut but they’re depending less and less on Izuku’s help, instead reaching out for each other for comfort, taking turns mounting one another (though not as gently nor as calmly as Izuku suspects they act when out of rut).

Izuku expects as much from a mated pair. After all, it’s only natural as their minds start to clear that they seek out their true mate, but Izuku can’t help but feel left out, even with a pair of mating marks on his shoulders. But of course, his aren’t permanent like theirs are. 

As six o’clock rolls around, the pungent alpha pheromones tamper off completely. Izuku wishes he didn’t miss them as much as he does. 

“So,” Izuku begins lamely, watching at the alpha’s eyes clear. “It’s over then?”

Kirishima stretches his arms. “Looks that way.”

Izuku nods and ducks his head. He shouldn’t, but he has to know. “Um. . . would it be alright if I asked you guys a question?”

Kirishima and Bakugou share a look before looking back at Izuku. “Shoot.”

“Well, I uh, you see. . .” Izuku’s face burns as he tries to find the words to say. “T-This was my first time as a r-rut partner and I was wondering if I d-did a good job?”

Bakugou throws his head back with a deep laugh. Izuku flushes further in embarrassment as red eyes glimmer brightly like polished rubies, the alpha smirking at him with a toothy grin. “Despite what your name might be, you definitely weren’t useless.” 

Izuku blinks and tilts his head. “M-My name?”

Bakugou nods, his brows pinched as he scowls deeply. “Yeah, your name’s Deku, isn’t it?”

Izuku shakes his head wildly, waving his arms. “N-No, my name is Izuku, Midoriya Izuku!”

The blond alpha’s mouth drops open, a red flush covering his cheeks as Kirishima bursts into hysterical laughter, holding onto his gut.

“I told you his name couldn’t be Deku!” 

Bakugo’s blush deepens, turning into a bright shade of crimson. “Shut the fuck up!” he snarls at his mate. 

Kirishima just laughs harder, wiping away a few tears as he turns to face Izuku. “Sorry about him. He’s shit at reading kanji.”

“I-It’s okay.”

“But to answer your question, you were awesome, Midoriya-san,” Kirishima says with a shark-like grin. “What do you think, Katsuki? Have we finally found the right omega?”

Bakugou rubs the back of his head, his rumbling growls finally tapering off as he locks eyes with Izuku. “Yeah, I want him.” Izuku shivers, burning underneath that primal gaze. 

So, perhaps this wasn't such a bad career choice after all.