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A Grave Destination

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There was a knock on the door that lead to Governor Vera Bennett’s dimly lit office that Wednesday night at 5:30pm. “Come in,” Vera called without looking up from her paperwork.
The door opened and Vera looked up to see her PA enter the room. She was smiling, and was a tall blonde haired woman wearing a crisp uniform as she held a tray of tea and coffee in her hands. “Your coffee, Governor,” she said to Vera.
Vera smiled and gestures to the desk in front of her. “Thanks, Sally,” she told her. “Doing the night shift Governor?” Sally asked with a raised eyebrow. Vera has been staying in the office late a lot that week. “Someone has to,” Vera said with a shrug, trying to sound casual. “But you can go home now, Sal. Thanks for the coffee,” Vera told her. Now it was Sally’s turn to shrug. “If you insist,” she said, as she still had half an hour of her shift to go.
“Thank you Governor. Good night,” Sally told her boss respectfully. Vera nodded. “Good night,” she said before Sally left the office and closed the door behind her.
Vera watched as the lights in the adjacent PA office went out and waited till she heard the footsteps of her PA fade away down the hallway.
Once again there was just silence. One could hear a pin drop in Vera’s office. Biting her lip, Vera thought about the task ahead of her: seeing Ferguson.
She couldn’t believe she had agreed to go with Jake. The whole situation was awkward enough without her romantic problems being thrown into the mix. She rolled her eyes as she thought of him. He was probably shaking with fright, Vera thought grimly. She knew Jake didn’t have a back bone, so how on earth did he expect to get through something like this? Vera wondered.
Just then another knock on the door cut through the silence in Vera’s office like a sledgehammer. Vera looked at her watch as she thought if that was Will then he was early. But he was on time. It was already 6pm. Vera realised she had been staring at her coffee tray for half an hour without touching a drop.
She cleared her throat as she pulled herself together. “Come in,” she said. Sure enough, the door opened and Vera breathed a sigh of relief as Will poked his head in. “Governor. Are you ready to go?” He asked in a hushed tone. Vera nodded as she stood up and grabbed her coat before putting it on. “Yes thank you Mr Jackson. Mr Stewart is there with you?” she asked. “He’s waiting in the car,” Will told her as he held the door open for her. Vera did so and locked the office door behind her with her swipe card. “Thank you Mr Jackson,” she said as they shared an awkward grin. “After you Governor,” Will said, before they both made their way down to the parking lot where they found Jake in his car, waiting for them.