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All That Glitters Is Gold

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     “For the last time, no,” Sagawa shook his head, Nishitani half-laying on top of him, his fingers tracing lazy designs into Sagawa’s side. Sagawa had already told him to quit lying on top of him, that he was too heavy and he was going to get sweaty, but Nishitani rarely listened to what Sagawa told him to do. He liked hanging off of Sagawa, he wasn’t sure if it was the contact, or because Sagawa sometimes hated it. A deep groan vibrated through his chest as Nishitani whined, pushing himself up, Sagawa’s eyes slipping closed, hoping that if he ignored him enough, Nishitani would get bored and leave. 

     It rarely ever worked. But it was worth a try anyways. 

     The heater hummed in the background, only slightly drowning out the sound of the town around them. A car alarm in the distance, drunks shouting at one another, girls giggling about the latest gossip. It was a loud town, and there was nothing that could be done about it. Flashing lights shone through the slats of the blinds, casting splashes of color across them both, Nishitani watching as yellows and reds filled the room, casting colors across the ink across his arms. It looked weird to look at them and have them look so foreign to him, like he was looking at someone else’s arms entirely. 

     “Come on Tsu-chan, I don’t need all of my teeth,” Nishitani countered, shoving him a few times, as if he had already fallen asleep, Sagawa smacking his hand away quickly, a playful grin spread across Nishitani’s face as a result, wondering just how far he can push Sagawa tonight. Wondering if he can keep poking and prodding him hard enough, and see if Sagawa would lash out and give in

     “I ain’t yanking your teeth out, quit askin’,” Sagawa grumbled, rolling over, Nishitani letting out a defeated sigh. “Go find someone else, sure one of yer buddies will do it for you,” he continued- knowing the kind of crowd that Nishitani tended to run with. Getting drunk on the daily, starting fist fights in every restaurant in Sotenbori. The only reason Nishitani hadn’t been permanently banned was because of his thick wallet. 

     “I want ya to do it though,” he countered, Sagawa mumbling something under his breath that Nishitani couldn’t understand over the sound of the heater.  “Alright alright, I’ll drop it,” Nishitani sighed, pushing himself to his feet, collecting his clothes, slipping them on quickly. Sagawa listened to the rustling of clothing, wondering if he should get up and try to finish some more work before he went to sleep. 

     “Wanna get drinks tomorrow?” Nishitani asked, fingers working at redoing his tie, Sagawa sitting up, back popping a few times as he did so, grimacing at the sensation of bone grinding against bone. “Or do ya wanna see a chiropractor instead?” He laughed. 

     “Oh shut it,” Sagawa said, Sagawa rolled his eyes, Nishitani laughing even harder. “Yeah, I could go for some drinks,” Sagawa said, Nishitani smiling over at him. It seemed they rarely got to do much, aside from quick kisses hidden in dark back alleys in the middle of the night, away from the town’s prying eyes. 

     “Cool, I’ll swing by yer office tomorrow, unless you’re not gonna be in?” Nishitani asked, pulling his jacket on, his tie was crooked and looked awful, but Sagawa didn’t say anything about it, he knew Nishitani didn’t care. 

     “I gotta swing by The Grand, it’s payday, I’ll be at the family office in the evening filing paperwork,” Sagawa said with a nod. It’s not like picking up money from Majima was going to take too long, he always wanted him out before he even walked through the door it would seem. 

     “Alright, I’ll pick ya up then,” Nishitani grinned, Sagawa choosing to lay back down and go back to sleep.


     Nishitani loved contact, any kind fit the bill. A cute hostess hanging off his arm on their way to a love hotel. Majima’s fist connecting with his jaw in a back alley as the sun would rise in the distance. Sagawa’s hands clasping across his neck, applying generous pressure as his eyes would roll back, rutting up against his thigh. It didn’t matter what kind of contact it was, pleasurable or painful, he wanted it.

     Sagawa’s thighs slotted against his waist, his body heat slowly seeping through Nishitani’s dress shirt, spreading across his abdomen. 

     “Mmm, yer really treatin’ me tonight hmm? What a view,” Nishitani chuckled, hands sliding up Sagawa’s thighs, grabbing onto his waist, thumbs digging in as he began to grind his hips up against Sagawa’s, trying to push Sagawa back to sit over his cock to get some friction, Sagawa just sneering, knowing that he was sitting too high up to let Nishitani have any relief.  “Come on Tsu,” Nishitani whined, cock already straining in his slacks- as if he weren’t hard by the time they walked into the bedroom. “Quit bein’ a tease.”

     Sagawa grasped his jaw tightly, keeping Nishitani in place as he leaned down.

     “Sit still,” he said, pulling a pair of pliers from his back pocket, Nishitani’s cock jumping in his pants at the sight, his heart pounding in his chest, mind racing at what was to come. His tongue ran across his upper teeth, wondering which one Sagawa was gonna rip out. Sagawa’s grasp on him tightened to the point where Nishitani had a feeling he would leave bruises- as if he truly cared. 

     He had seen Sagawa get down and dirty a few times, blood splattered across his shirt, gun in hand. But there was something terrifying about him holding a pair of pliers, the way he held them tightly.

     Sagawa had thought long and hard about giving in, this wasn’t a rough session. Bruises could heal. Cuts can fade over time. This was something permanent that can’t be fixed, but that’s why Nishitani probably wanted it so badly. To be permanently fucked up by Sagawa, and to have a constant reminder of what he’s capable of. 

     Nishitani shifted beneath him, undershirt clinging to his back with sweat as his breathing picked up with excitement. A shiver of anticipation tore through his spine as Sagawa’s thumb grazed over his top row of teeth, stopping over a lateral incisor. 

     Nishitani distantly wondered if Sagawa thought that one would be easier to yank out, or if he chose one right up front for Nishitani- which is what he would prefer if he had a say in this. 

     Sagawa had never done this, but it couldn’t be that hard right? Just get a good grip and yank. He could feel Nishitani’s chest heaving beneath him, knowing he was probably going to get overworked. Telling him to calm down wouldn’t do either of them any good, mainly because Nishitani wasn’t going to calm down. And Sagawa really didn’t want to break character. He knew that Nishitani knew how to tell him to stop, both hands shifting to his thighs, ready to tap out if he had changed his mind. 

     But Sagawa knew he wouldn’t change his mind. When Nishitani had his heart set on wanting something, he was going to chase it to the ends of the earth to get it no matter what. Sagawa vaguely wondered if he should actually be wearing gloves, but he knew that it wasn’t going to matter. He could make this quick. 

     He clamped the pliers down onto Nishitani’s tooth, feeling him shiver beneath him, giving a fraction of a moment to let Nishitani tap out, or if he wanted to change anything. For something this permanent, he didn’t mind a flash of hesitation on his part. Anything else and he would have dove right in and started right away. 

     The muscles in his arm flexed as he clamped down tighter, knowing he should get it out on one go- fuck this up, and he would never heard the end of it from Nishitani. 

     Nishitani’s hands dug into his thighs in anticipation, he was so hard it hurt, his cock practically throbbing in his slacks, and Sagawa hadn’t even done anything yet. 

     A sickening pop filled the air as Sagawa yanked down hard, shoulder immediately aching from lack of use. Blood quickly splattered across his other hand that was trying to keep Nishitani’s mouth open and give him more room to work with. Blood coated Nishitani’s tongue almost instantly, chest heaving with heavy sobs as tears ran down his face. Certain pains he could deal with, a broken nose, cracked ribs, knife stabs, they were nothing in comparison to having a tooth ripped out. 

     The taste of blood on his tongue most certainly wasn’t foreign or unfamiliar by a long shot, it was something he had grown to get used to as the years went on, as petty fist fights turned into full on knife fights in seedy alleys in the middle of the night. Cum caused his boxers to cling to his cock uncomfortably as he shifted beneath Sagawa, who set the pliers aside, making a mental note to just throw them in the trash. 

     Blood stood out against his pale hand, thumb shifting as he ran it along the hole where Nishitani’s tooth had been, pain shooting through Nishitani’s body, blood coating his thumb as his cock twitched in his slacks. He didn’t expect to actually get off on this, it was a favor, something he was doing for Nishitani, knowing that eventually he would be able to bring it up and get something nice out of it in return. 

     But the tables were turning. 

     “Yeah, keep crying,” he hummed, hands tugging his belt open, working at the button and zipper before he pulled his hardened cock out, giving it a rough stroke. Nishitani’s entire face seemed to throb, although it was probably because of the heavy choked sobs that left his mouth, getting him even more worked up. Nishitani knew that it was going to hurt, but he didn’t think he had honestly had any teeth knocked out since his teenage years, always trying to keep his face in good shape. 

     Besides his nose, which had been broken more times than he could count. But this was something else. But despite the pain, Nishitani doesn’t tell Sagawa to stop, or make a move to shove him off- when Sagawa realizes that Nishitani’s still in the game, he shifts closer, fisting his cock quickly. It wasn’t often that he got to see or hear Nishitani cry, so when he looked up at him, eyes sparkling with tears, face damp with them, he knew he couldn’t pass this opportunity up. 

     Sagawa’s other hand grasped Nishitani’s face roughly, trying his best to keep him steady, and to keep his mouth open. It wasn’t the easiest to do, blood making his teeth slippery, and prying his jaw down wasn’t the easiest task to do.

     “Pathetic, aren’t ya? Probably already got off on this, didn’t ya?” Sagawa taunted, smacking the head of his cock on Nishitani’s lower lip. “What are ya gonna tell your dentist? Hmm? That ya begged your boyfriend to yank out a tooth, just so you could get off?” 

     Nishitani ran his tongue across his teeth, feeling the barren space that remained, smearing blood across the front of his teeth as he did so. It felt weird to have such an empty space there, almost foreign. It had been there for decades. Now it wasn’t. In the blink of an eye, or the yank of an arm, it was gone. 

     Sagawa let out a soft moan, eyes slipping half-closed as he jerked off faster. As much as he thought Nishitani looked good normally, he looked even better crying on the floor underneath him, blood coating the inside of his mouth. Nishitani’s eyes were bloodshot, tears spilling from them constantly still, trickling down his face. 

     “Open wide Homare,” Sagawa ordered, Nishitani’s lower lip quivering as he tried to get a hold of himself, although it wasn’t going very well. He did as he was told, Sagawa yanking his jaw down further, sure that it was causing Nishitani pain- but he hadn’t tapped out yet. 

     “There ya go,” Sagawa moaned softly, using his finger to hold Nishitani’s upper lip out of the way as he coated his teeth with ropes of cum, coating the hole where Nishitani’s tooth had been, watching it quickly turned light pink. “Such a good boy, hmm?” Sagawa hummed, tucking himself back into his pants, shifting to get off of Nishitani so he could sit up, blood and cum dripping from his mouth down the front of his clothes, quickly spitting out everything that was in his mouth into his lap, further ruining his clothes. 

     “That bad?” Sagawa chuckled, he didn’t think he had ever seen Nishitani spit, ever. Normally that man swallowed every drop of cum he could possibly get in him. 

     “Don’ wanna throw up,” Nishitani said softly, using his sleeves to wipe his face, wiping away the tears, and smearing blood across his cheek as a result.

     Sagawa pushed himself to his feet, grabbing two cups from the kitchen, one full of water. 

     “Here, gargle and spit for a bit,” he said, Nishitani taking the cup almost immediately, a few droplets of water running down his chin, collecting in his lap as well, Sagawa made a face at the mess. But he had a feeling it would get messy. 

     “Your dental appointment is in an hour, I already scheduled you in advance,” Sagawa said, Nishitani looking up at him, slightly confused. “What? Ya think I was just going to let you walk around town with a missing tooth?” Sagawa shook his head, Nishitani setting both of the cups aside. 

     “Can ya loan me some pants?” Nishitani asked, glancing down at his lap. 

     “Yeah, I guess,” Sagawa said, grabbing him a pair of plain black pants, helping him change, tossing his jacket to the side for right now. “Let’s get heading over there, they may get ya in early,” Sagawa said, Nishitani flashing a toothy grin in the mirror on their way out.


     “Think he swallowed it,” Sagawa said, Nishitani lying back in the examination chair, the dentist giving Sagawa a look. 

     “Funny, for it being lost in a fist fight, there’s no bruising or swelling on the face, and no trauma to the gums, almost like it was pulled straight down. And if this just happened, funny how he had an appointment made this morning,” the dentist pointed out, glancing over at Nishitani, then back at Sagawa, who cleared his throat and pulled out his wallet. 

     Nishitani laughed softly, Sagawa glaring daggers at him, knowing it was probably from the laughing gas, and not because he actually thought it was funny. Sagawa got a delirious looking grin in return. 

     “Just get him fitted and put a gold one in his place,” he said, slamming his wallet down loudly, Nishitani jumping. “Don’t care how much it costs me, just fix him up,” Sagawa said, the dentist nodding a few times, knowing that it was best not to get into it with them. Especially considering his patient was obviously a yakuza, and Sagawa’s wallet was as thick as a mobile phone. 


     “Welcome back,” Sagawa hummed as Nishitani groaned, tilting his head to the side, trying to keep the bright lights out of his face, cotton was packed between his teeth and his lip, trying to absorb any of the excess blood from the process. 

     Sagawa got a louder groan in return as Nishitani slowly came to, glancing over at him.

     “Where’s yer jacket?” Nishi asked, before looking down and realizing that Sagawa had draped it over him. 

     “We left yours at my place, you were shivering,” Sagawa said, the dentist coming back in. 

     “Oh, good you’re awake,” he smiled, pulling on a pair of gloves. “Let me have a quick look,” he said, pulling his chair up, tugging the now-damp cotton from his mouth, tossing it into the trash can. “As even as it could ever be,” he chuckled, “We’ll wait for the rest of the gas to wear off, and then he can go home,” the man said to Sagawa, who thanked him. 

     The second the door closed Nishitani was pushing himself from the chair, quickly glancing in the mirror, immediately smiling. Sagawa leaned back, wondering if he liked it because it was worth a lot, or because it looked cool. 

     “It makes me look so sleazy!” Nishitani said, grinning happily, Sagawa rolling his eyes. Nishitani ran his tongue over it a few times, already in love with it. “Thanks Tsu-chan,” Nishitani smiled over at him, Sagawa huffing. 

     “Glad ya like it,” he chuckled.