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Saturday's a Rugby Day

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A few weeks into Serizawa’s employment at Spirits and Such, Reigen offhandedly (and unprovoked) mentioned to him that there were other places to make friends besides class. Reigen was showing off that he knew how to make friends. He didn’t know Serizawa well enough at the time to know that he had taken the advice to heart and had gone out to find an activity  to join.

It certainly had taken Reigen by surprise when Serizawa eventually told him he had taken his advice to go out and meet friends somewhere besides class. It was an absolute shock when Serizawa told him he’d joined a local rugby team.

That sport is so rough, though… Reigen thought to himself before remembering that Serizawa was an extremely powerful ESPer who could probably handle himself in a sport like that. Sometimes during their down time at work, Serizawa would talk about how the game was played and explain the rules, but Reigen didn’t really understand them except the ball didn’t get thrown forward. He wasn’t even sure what that meant. He was only familiar with baseball, and those were two completely different sports from the sound of it.

Eventually, Serizawa extended an invitation to one of his games. Reigen was delighted, but downplayed it in front of Serizawa. He told himself he would be going to show support to his employee and encourage his growth. Deep down, Reigen knew he was going because the idea of seeing Serizawa outside of work was too much to pass up, and the idea that Serizawa wanted him there meant a lot to him. He saw it as Serizawa’s attempt to have a good working relationship with his boss, since he clearly wanted Reigen to see that he had taken his advice and it had paid off. Reigen wanted other things, and hoped this would elevate him in Serizawa's eyes.

When Saturday finally came (Serizawa mentioned Saturday being an important day, but Reigen already forgot why), it was a nice spring morning. The sun was shining and the temperature was cool enough that Reigen would only need his track jacket. He threw some jeans on and went to the park Serizawa told him the game was at.

Reigen arrived at the field, and nearly tripped when he saw the team. He regretted not actually looking up the sport; he would have been slightly more prepared for the sight he saw.

Reigen knew he was gay, and this was a welcome reminder for him. There were a bunch of men in blue uniforms and red uniforms, and the uniforms were all snug on everyone. The shorts especially were fairly short. They barely went halfway down everyone’s thighs, showing off a lot of bare, muscled legs. They all wore socks that went up to their calves, cutting off right before those calf muscles. Serizawa said the team accepted people of all experiences, but it seemed nearly everyone had an athletic background if the mostly toned bodies in front of him were anything to go by. His eyes kept drifting back down to the shorts, which seemed to really accentuate certain assets.

However, there was one a— person, that Reigen couldn’t find. Serizawa wasn’t out on the field. Reigen looked at everyone but didn’t recognize Serizawa as any of them. He wasn’t far from the field but he stopped moving towards it as if he wouldn’t allow himself to enter until he located Serizawa.

He didn’t need to do much looking though. There was a hand on his back suddenly and he yelped in surprise.

Serizawa apologized: “Oh, I’m sorry, didn’t mean to scare you!”

“It’s— it’s okay…” Reigen said without looking over at Serizawa, suddenly nervous to see “I’m glad you came out to my game.”

Reigen refused to make eye contact or even look at Serizawa. He knew there was no going back once he did.

“Of course, I gladly support my employees in all their endeavors, athletic or otherwise.”

“How do I look?”


It couldn’t be avoided. Reigen turned his head. If he’d been eating, he would have choked. The blue uniform Serizawa was wearing looked as though it was made just for him. Reigen could see how much muscle had on his legs. Reigen looked up and saw that Serizawa had some muscle to him he wasn’t aware of. His work attired did him no favors, that’s for sure. The shirt hugged Serizawa’s torso like it knew every curve and inch of his body. Even those socks looked good on him. Reigen resisted leaning to look at his ass, and instead looked up to find Serizawa with a big, bright, innocent smile.

“Wow, intimidating…” …ly handsome, he thought to himself.

“Yeah? That’s good! Anyway, we’re gonna start soon.” Serizawa looked over at the field and scanned the area. “I guess you can stand on the side with us? I’m sure they won’t mind you there.”

“Ah, that’s okay. I’ll stand back. I don’t want to get in the way of your game.”

“If you’re sure!” Serizawa smiled.

“Yes!” Reigen coughed. “Yes, I’m sure. I’ll cheer from the sides!”

Reigen stood to the side, not too far from the team, but not close enough to hear what they were saying.

The game was interesting to say the least. Reigen wasn’t a sports guy. He caught the occasional baseball game but didn’t go out of his way to watch them either. He had certainly never watched a sport like this. To be honest, though Serizawa had explained how the game worked prior to today, Reigen had no clue what was going on. There was a lot of whistle blowing, and Serizawa kept positioning himself in a weird, giant huddle. Reigen was almost certain that one of Serizawa’s teammates was placing his head right up against Serizawa’s ass before they started running into the other team. Reigen entertained being that person for a little bit before realizing that he’d literally die from a snapped neck in that particular position. Instead, he wondered if death that way be worth it.

Reigen also watched as Serizawa was apparently a special chosen person to keep helping to lift someone up in the air to catch the ball. He was not sure why this was happening. He didn’t think you could do that in any sport, but here Serizawa was, lifting a man up by cupping his ass. Serizawa, of course, had help from a person in front of the player-to-be-lifted, but Reigen was still impressed by Serizawa’s physical strength, and a little taken in by the small sliver of stomach exposed when Serizawa would lift his arms.

Besides all the views Reigen was enjoying, the game was a bit fun to watch, even if he had no clue if things were being accomplished.

Reigen watched a play where Serizawa had the ball and began running forward, presumably towards a goal (Reigen still wasn’t sure how things were scored). However, there were two people coming right at him. Serizawa turned his torso to throw the ball behind him to a teammate, but was tackled by one of the people coming at him. One of the people tackling Serizawa wrapped their arms around Serizawa’s waist, but fell in the process. Apparently, the person grabbed onto Serizawa’s shorts because as they fell, so did Serizawa’s shorts. The tackler managed to pull everything down and Serizawa’s ass was out.

Reigen was getting a full view of Serizawa’s ass. He thought about what Serizawa's ass might look like many times before; at the office, at home, sometimes when he was out buying groceries and his mind drifted. He never imagined that this moment would come to fruition, and he definitely didn’t see it happening like this. Just as quick as it was out, though, Serizawa was pulling his shorts back up. The play continued without him, and though he managed to get his shorts up, his teammates kept laughing and shouting at him to get back to the play.

Reigen couldn't believe it; How could they see something so amazing and respond so indifferently?

It dawned on Reigen soon enough how much he was affected by the sight when his body started to respond. He had to walk away and compose himself. He needed to walk away before he freaked everyone out with the erection he was mentally fighting off. He walked away to find the nearest public bathroom in front of him while trying to think about taxes and the bills he had to pay. When he got into the closest bathroom, he stood at the sink while splashing his face with cold water.

The image of Serizawa’s ass was burned into his head. Everything was already too much but, that was… Reigen would come to every game if that happened each time. However, the only issue with that fantasy would be having to run to the bathroom every game. He couldn’t stop the blood that was rushing south. He had two choices:

1. Go into a stall and rub a quick one out

2. Keep splashing water on his face.

After a few more moments of splashing water on himself, his decision came down to how quick each activity would take. Originally Reigen thought he could splash water onto his face and will his boner away and not jerk off in a bathroom stall, like a decent human being, but he found it was not working and either needed to drown himself in the sink, or give up and go to Plan B.

However, as he turned around to situate himself in the room and find where the toiler stall was, he found himself face to face with Serizawa.

“I- Um, what are you doing here?” he asked, not at all nonchalant.

“Oh! Here you are! Not that I wasn't looking for you, but I noticed you were gone. I got tackled and when I got up, there was a big cut on my leg.” Serizawa pointed down as he said it. “Nothing too bad but my teammate wants me to clean the cut before I put any bandaging on it.”

Reigen took his time lowering his eyes to the cut, taking in the dirty yet beautiful man in front of him. He also took in the fact that Serizawa’s shorts had hiked up his thighs even further, exposing more legs.

“Oh!” Reigen said when his eyes finally reached the cut. The cut was probably 6-7 cm, but not wide or gaping, but he understood not to let mud or dirt get in it either way. “Yeah, not too bad, but-" he cleared his throat. “All that dirt is gonna be a pain, better clean it now.” Reigen moved awkwardly, well aware of the tent he was pitching. He looked up at Serizawa to say something but was taken aback by the sight in front of him. Serizawa’s hair was dripping in sweat, and so was his forehead. Reigen found his thoughts drifting towards other things Serizawa could be doing that get that sweaty, things that involved Reigen’s participation and did not involve more rugby.

He turned his body away awkwardly. “You should get started. I’ll wait.” It’s not like he had a choice. He had been seen standing at the sink so he couldn't get into the stall, and it would give him a chance to go flaccid.

Calm down, you are grown man. Keep it in your pants, he thought furiously.

“What do you think of the game so far?” Serizawa asked over the sound of the running water from the sink.

“Interesting game. Never watched a game like it. Reminds me of American football a bit.”

“No helmets or padding though,” Serizawa remarked.

“Yeah, wild, you just…” Reigen thought of men smacking into each other, lying on each other on the ground, all of them always a second away from accidentally pulling the other’s pants down. “It’s a crazy sport, huh?”

“Guess I’m crazy to play it, huh?”

Reigen started to relax, the otherwise mundane conversation was helping him take his mind off the sight he saw earlier. He laughed. “Well, you are crazy enough to work for me.”

Serizawa didn’t say anything to that.

Reigen heard the water turn off.

“I have the bandage with me," he heard behind him. "Would you mind putting it on? You’ll probably do a better job.”

Reigen turned back towards Serizawa and saw Serizawa leaning back on the sink counter so he wasn't quite sitting on it. Reigen walked over and took a look at the cut on Serizawa’s shin. It wouldn’t take too long to fix it up, right?

“Yeah, I can, do it.” He stuck his hand out. Serizawa handed him the bandage. Reigen got down on his knees in front of his Serizawa.

Turns out, the bandage was a real pain to open, and Reigen, on his knees, struggled to get the bandage wrapper open.

“You okay?”

No, I’m very close to your dick.

Reigen looked up so he could smile and reassure Serizawa that things were fine, but when he found Serizawa looking down at him, and the gaze that was too much. His heart skipped a beat and he turned his eyes back to the bandage. He swallowed thickly.

“I’m, the wrapper… it’s…” He raised his hands to show Serizawa the problem.


Reigen realized that maybe the wrapper was so difficult to open because he was so infatuated with Serizawa right now, he was slowly losing his ability to function. The logic was probably flimsy, but it’s what he was going to go with if pressed on why he chose now of all times to shoot his shot.

“You, uh, look good.” It was a little blunt, but direct. After all, it’s what Serizawa understood..

“Ah, thanks! I’m glad you think so. The team says I picked up the sport really quickly."

Serizawa, bless him, was going to kill Reigen one day.

“Um,” Reigen inhaled and held his breath. He kept his gaze low. “I mean, right now.”

God damn Serizawa if he misconstrued that.

“Oh!” Serizawa stiffened. Reigen hoped that didn’t mean it was unwelcome, but that it was unexpected.

“I just mean…” Reigen tried hoped this next bit came off as light flirting, except there was no next bit. He didn’t think that far.

Serizawa chuckled. “God, I'm glad this worked then,” he said nervously. 


“I was hoping to show off. To you. That I learned a physical sport.” He looked away from Reigen and Reigen didn’t like that. “I thought when you left earlier, ‘cause I looked over to see if you’d seen that… when the uh…" Serizawa couldn't stop stammering, even after Reigen had already made his feelings known. "Well, you were gone, ha, so I thought maybe you were embarrassed or went to have a laugh, about the, you know... the shorts thing-”

“Was so hot.” Reigen blurted out. His face burned immediately. He hadn’t meant to say it, just think it. The situation was moving fast, and though the thought of things progressing to sex right this moment would solve two problems, he didn’t want to lose control of the situation like he felt he was about to. He looked up to say something, to apologize, but when he turned up, he felt hands grab his face.

“Kiss me.” It was a request and a plea, and with eyes practically boring through him like that, he wasn’t going to say no.

Reigen’s eyes widened. “I haven’t put the bandage on yet.” Reigen wasn’t sure how he wasn’t a virgin.

“Hurry up then.”

Yes, yes, hurry up. It was as though the deities that be decided to let Reigen have a freebie, and he suddenly got the wrapper off the bandage. He swiftly put the bandage on and felt his face get pulled up, and Reigen lifted himself to be . There was so much force and intensity behind it. Lots of teeth and 

Serizawa pulled away and looked at the stall. “Here.”

Reigen followed Serizawa into the stall. Thankfully it was one of the those old style toilets built in the ground and not a western one.

Serizawa pushed Reigen up against the wall and kissed him while positioning his hips just right. He made the correct movement, grinding his hips into Reigen’s, and Reigen hissed. Reigen being shoved up against the wall by a big, sweaty Serizawa was a dream come true. Granted, it was a recent dream he came up with during the game earlier. Serizawa was practically holding him into place, rhythmically grinding his hips into Reigen while desperately kissing him. Reigen

Reigen pulled away. “You’re literally in the middle of a game.”

Serizawa replied without missing a beat. “Better make this quick then.” 

Quick. Reigen could do quick. He had planned to earlier. Reigen flipped their positions by grabbing Serizawa's hips and pulling. Or indicated that they should by grabbing his hips. After what the show of strength he saw from Serizawa, there’s no way Serizawa didn’t let himself be flipped. Reigen kissed Serizawa, but not for long. He pulled away and pressed a kiss to Serizawa’s jaw, then his neck. He then dropped to his knees immediately. Reigen stroked Serizawa’s bare thighs for a bit. He realized that Serizawa had his hands firmly to side. Nerves? No, it was anticipation.

Reigen slowly lifted up Serizawa’s shirt. Serizawa twitched below him, probably form the cool air hitting his skin. Reigen pressed a kiss to his stomach and heard a deep, ragged breath suck in above him. It only encouraged him to press a few more kisses. God, he couldn’t stop thinking about how muddy and sweaty Serizawa had gotten. The thought alone suddenly made him realize how uncomfortable his jeans were becoming.

Reigen put his fingers under Serizawa’s short and stopped there. Never a bad time to be a smart ass. “You sure we should do this right now? Your team is going to wonder what’s taking you so long…”

Serizawa took a clear, deep breath and grabbed Reigen’s hands. “Please suck my dick. Now.” He squeezed Reigen’s hands to emphasize his request, and Reigen had to keep himself together.

Reigen pulled Serizawa’s shorts down, exposing Serizawa’s dick and ass. Normally, Reigen wouldn’t jump to having a cock down his throat; he’d take his time, he’d tease Serizawa a bit, make it last.

But the man did have a game to get back to. Therefore, Reigen immediately took Serizawa’s cock down as far as his could. Serizawa let go of Reigen’s hands and whined when Reigen took him all the way in. Reigen took the opportunity to move his hands behind Serizawa and give his ass nice, firm squeeze. He pulled off a little more slowly, and began the rhythm of his mouth up and down on Serizawa’s cock. Reigen felt fingers run through his hair, gently and lightly stroking his 

“Fuck, Reigen-san.” Oh, that hit his gut low. Reigen hated to let go of the ass he was currently holding onto as if it were to save his life, but he had to take care of himself. He removed a hand and went straight to his pants 

Reigen, ever so skilled with his fingers and hands, managed to unbutton and unzip his pants, and pull his cock out one handed. He hoped he’d get a chance to show Serizawa that his mastered skill. He immediately began to stroke himself, slightly faster than the pace he had set sucking off Serizawa.

Reigen felt the fingers suddenly tighten around his head. He realized Serizawa was swallowing his own moans. Oh, that’s right… Reigen thought, having realized they were in a public bathroom. They should hurry up on that alone, but Reigen also felt his hips twitch at the realization. He was leaking precum, he was sure it was landing on the floor. He’d care about that later.

“I’m gonna- fuck, I’m so close” Serizawa breathed. He started moaning, not caring if anybody passing by the bathroom could hear or not.

Fuck, Reigen decided to focus his efforts onto Serizawa. He slowed his hand that was on himself and sped up the pace of his mouth on Serizawa.

Serizawa started to stammer incoherently, but he made an attempt to pull Reigen’s mouth off of him, but Reigen only pulled back, just enough so his mouth was still on the head of Serizawa’s cock. Then he felt warm, salty wetness hit his tongue. It wasn’t the best taste in the world, but when the second load hit him in the back of the throat, Reigen decided he’d commit to swallowing down the rest as best as he could.

When Serizawa finished, Reigen swallowed whatever cum was left, then rested his head on Serizawa’s pelvis while he stroked himself. Serizawa let him, too lost in coming down from his orgasm. Reigen came a little bit after, pushed over the edge by the idea of someone coming in to use the other stall while Serizawa’s dick was out and his cum was in Reigen’s mouth.

Reigen only let himself ride the after shocks of his orgasm for a few moments before he tried to stand up. He couldn't right away so leaned over from his spot and grabbed some toilet paper to wipe up the mess he left. When he'd wiped up everything and flushed it, he finally stood up. He hated to rush this but had to.

“So, um…” Reigen look back towards the stall door. “Your game.”

“Oh yeah, I should head back out.” Serizawa sounded reluctant.

Reigen turned his face towards Serizawa but didn’t actually look at him. He watched Serizawa tucking himself into his shorts. Reigen wasn’t sure much else to say. He wasn’t sure how to proceed from this. He’d go back to watch the game but what came after? A talk? See each other at work? He knew it was a bit silly to think this late about the consequences of blowing one's employee in a public bathroom.

“Hey,” Serizawa said. “You, um… you have, uh...”

Reigen turned to look at him, puzzled.

“Let me…” Serizawa lifted his hand and swiped some of his cum from the side of Reigen’s mouth. Some must have dribbled out.

“Oh, that…” but Reigen didn't finish. That certainly would have given away their recent activities. When Serizawa was done, he smiled at Reigen. He grabbed his face and pressed a calmer, chaste kiss to Reigen’s lips. It was the kind of kiss that Reigen wanted to melt into.

When Serizawa pulled away, Reigen didn’t know what to say so he said the first thought he had. “If you needed confirmation your invitation succeeded...”

Serizawa chuckled. Reigen moved to open the stall door. He let Serizawa walk out and he followed.

“Did you know I’d find your uniform so hot?” Reigen asked as he walked up to the sink and soaped up his hand (and a little on his mouth to be sure). Serizawa snuck in next to him and washed his hands as well.

“Um, no… I, thought maybe you were gonna be impressed by the lifting? And the tackling?"

“I was. Am.”

“You think I’m hot in this?” Serizawa asked, as though a bit in disbelief, and gestured to himself, hands still wet.

“I think you’re always hot.” Reigen wasn’t going to lie about that. Do you think I am? hung in the air.

“I hope you know by now, but, I feel the same."

Reigen wanted to jump for joy, but instead, he shook the water from his hands.

“You have a game to go back to. We can talk about this later.” He dried his hands on his pants legs. “If you don’t mind.”

"I would but the team spends time after the game. Like a hang out."

"Oh." Reigen sounded disappointed, unsure if this was Serizawa putting it off or avoiding it.

"But just come with me! And then after that? My place?"

"Yes, yes, we'll grab... food."

Serizawa nodded and smiled as Reigen walked past him, and followed him out.