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-Alive- (/Papyrus\)

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"Not everyone is influenced by the effects of the parasite to the same degree. For some, it shows up as if they were falling down. Others may have a small symptom their entire lives. This brings up the question referenced before. What if some monsters have a genetic resistance? To harness the resistant gene, and to implant the code into the souls of suffering monsters...its revolutionary, but alas, still a theory and nothing more. We will study this in further detail in the next unit we will cover, of course, but please do give it some thought."


-An excerpt from Dr. ------'s lecture, provided by an anonymous individual.



Papyrus hummed, turning his blank eye sockets to where he presumed the voice to be.

He swung his legs back and forth over the ravine, wind scraping against his bones. He sat within the hum.



/why  are   you   here?/


He chuckled softly, flicking a bit of snow off the wooden bridge he sat on.


"Why are you here, is the actual question. I thought I told you to stay away."


There was a static hum, images of colour bars long forgotten.


"Alive...?" They asked.


/I   never   leave,         papyrus ./


Papyrus groaned, rolling his blacked out eyes.

Peering into the void beneath him, Papyrus proceeded to ignore the disappointed sighs of the others that linger behind him, watching.


"Bro? Y-you okay?"

Sans' voice came from behind him this time, to which Papyrus flopped back onto the bridge, spine hitting the hard wood with a thump as he stared at the new presence.

"Nyehehe, but of course Sans! A human has arrived. A human!"

Papyrus idly swung his legs back and forth in the void below, grinning wildly, at perhaps nothing.

"W-well...they're here Paps."

Sans stuttered out, nervously scratching at bandages. Whipping his head to look at the newcomer with a crack, Papyrus' grin stretched wider, a skeletal grin at the mortal form quivering.


Papyrus chuckled, the voice he spoke with a rough unpracticed rasp, a low bass that whispered in comparison to his normal upbeat voice. 


The child shook, eyes wide as the shakily made their way forwards.

Sans went to raise his arm, but halted and put it down. 


He whispered, eyes devoid of emotion, just black voids that ate the light that reached them.  Papyrus chuckled, before standing, vertebrae letting out small snaps and pops as he stood to his full height. 

Taking a step back, Sans looked between the two.  Noticing the apprehension, Papyrus halted, sighing. 

"...Alright. I'll leave you be. But Sans...don't you dare get between me and my goal."

Papyrus smiled, a grin that would have seemed innocent if it were not for his previous demeanor. 

Nodding furiously, Sans gave out a scratchy reply.


Hastily grabbing onto the human with a midnight black glove, Sans and the human shuddered out of the current reality, snow filling their footsteps. 

Silence resumed, taking over the processes of the mind and allowing room for external thoughts.

Taking off a scarlet, dusty glove from his glassy phalanges, frosty light refracted within the crystalline bones as he held it up to the dim light.

Fresh flurries of snow landed upon his outstretched palm, chilling the bones further than before, signalling the presence of night upon the underground.

Soft orbs of light upon the bridge alighted themselves, flickering in the gentle breeze from below, casting a mellow light over Papyrus.

Bringing his hand down, he pulled his glove back on with practiced ease, and looked over the edge of the bridge.

Swirling drifts of snow and dust in the void below fell upon a floor at unimaginable depths. 




"...Not now. Please leave me alone for a little bit Gaster."

They hummed, before retreating to whence they came. 


Papyrus reveled in the silence, dark wood under his scarlet clad feet holding his fate, between the void and the world he currently traversed. Above and below, only darkness prevailed. Only the well worn path through the snow held light, illuminated.

Papyrus let out a drawn out chuckle at the events unfolding before him, mind wandering more than he was. 

Feet finding their way along the bridge, and finally, stepping off with a thick crunch of snow and debris, Papyrus finally snapped from his delirium to register events occurring upon the current time plane. 

Snowdin stood like a beacon, echoing-


/ H E L P   M E  H E L P   M E   H E L P   M E   H E L P   M E   HELP--/


-past memories. It truly, had become home for them all, on the farthest reach of civilization. Due to the harsh temperature and bad weather currents, Snowdin's residents have slowly dropped, presumably moving to New Home, despite the radiation and overpopulation. Rumors suggested that there may even be some monsters still in the Old Home, even though it now lay in darkness and ruins.

Battered signs and colourful lights lay tangled upon trees, symbols of neglect within the small community. Papyrus passed the buildings one by one, face widening into his familiar charade of cheer as he greeted each individual he went by with enthusiasm.


/It hurt, but no one needed to know that./


Eventually, his footsteps slowed at the house he called home, but after a silent deliberation, he went on, gaze lingering behind him. Slowly distancing himself once more from the town, trees grew sparse and hardy in the rocky soil. Water was abundant, but the soil lacked the necessities as he drew closer to the waterfall.

Snow fell in patches around the waterfall, the cliff overhang preventing any major snowfall.



A curious hum was given in reply, a silent gesture.

"...You're not alive, are you."

This was not a question Papyrus gave, but a statement. 


/c o r r e c t./


"Alive," they say. 


Papyrus fell silent. 








/Incorrigible insanity inside the mind unable to be fixed they’re gone they’re gone/


Small, light footsteps crunch the gravel and snow underfoot, alerting Papyrus of a new presence. He raised his head and smiled at the newcomer.

“Nyehehe! Welcome human! Did you and Sans have a good time becoming friends?”

Papyrus rocked on the heel of his feet, gauging the reaction of the human.

The human cautiously looked up at the tall skeleton, eyes masked by a mass of unruly hair.

They frowned slightly, almost confused at Papyrus’ behavior.

“Well, either way, you’re here now. You want to continue, don’t you…?”

Nodding slowly, they looked down at their feet as Papyrus continued.

“...I see. Well, that conflicts with my goals. Sorry human! But I won’t let you past!”

Papyrus laughed, eyes like dying embers of gold and orange, a sunset never seen flaring up.


/shuddering halting ceasing resting/



The human raised a hand, looking downwards at their abdomen. A large, ivory bone, almost crystalline, stained crimson stuck out ajar, piercing them,


/D̴̖͖̥̦͎̕I̴̥̙͂̊̈͝Š̸̝̠͜S̸̪̲͚̜̈́̓͂͑̽͜O̷͕̹͎̪͈͊N̴͔̟̰̳̟͗̽Ä̸̲̥͎́N̸͎͍̱͚͑̐̅͂C̸̬͚̖͍̰̈́Ḙ̵̙͒̄̅̄ ̵̠͉̺̃̆̃C̷̳͉̰̽͂͆̋̍Ã̴̡̲̪̘̦̋̍̿̕Ċ̸̮̗̬͉Ỏ̸̺̝͉̹̈́P̸͎͉̩̠̒̀H̷̛͕̙̫̃̐̐̽͜ͅŎ̵̘͍͑̇̈́͒ͅN̸̗̺̗̽̃͘Y̵̩̑̆ ̷̡̗͋͑̿̆͝Ä̴̜ ̵̦̬͖̒͒D̴̰͓̹͗͌́͘͝Į̴̲̩̎R̵͈͉̥͕͈̊͆G̸̝̜̬̿̈́̈́̊͝E̶̡̧̚ ̴͚̞̜̅͒F̶̯̞͍̗͒́̈͑Ó̷̧̰̟̇͌̐̾R̸̤̜̱̯̍̉ ̵̨̬̐̔A̶̢̻̬͓͎̎̿̓͐̾ ̸̧̨̗̄̽M̵̢̙̩͉͋̍͌̎͗Ṳ̵̖̼́R̵̳̋D̴̜̬̞̺͉̅Ê̷̝̙̦̦̝̑͠R̵̗̻̠̦̹̽ ̶̼͕͇͑̉Ȯ̶̙͓̀F̷̛͖̜̝͕͑́͋̆ ̴̗̣̲̋C̸̞̚R̸̟̺̜͓̱̄͑͝O̶̙̲W̴̠̣͔̺̎̂̽͘S̷͍̿̔̈̈́͝/


bubbling fluids of cardinal and rust seeped out of the wound, the snow tarnished crimson under the dusky ceiling, and sickly blue glow of the waterfall illuminating Papyrus from behind, silhouetting his lanky figure. Gasping, the human slumped to the ground,  breathing laboured as they clutched at their stomach, lines of salt and tears running freely down their face, breath visible as small clouds of crystal in the stagnant air.

"This is the end, human."


-”A L I V E,” They laugh.-


“Alive,” Papyrus whispers back.




*FRISK - 00 ATK 05 DEF

LV 1

HP 01/20

*They don’t know where they went wrong.