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Tales From Cang Qiong High

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“We’re getting a new home ec teacher, right?” Shang Qinghua questioned, sidling up to Shen Qingqiu. 

Liu Qingge glared at the math teacher out of habit. It was just really entertaining to watch him squirm.

Shen Qingqiu frowned and smacked Liu Qingge over the head with his fan.

“Stop that,” the history teacher chided before turning to Shang Qinghua. “Yes, we are”

“I heard he was a former student!” Qi Qingqi said, leaning against a desk.

“I thought he went to Huan Hua High?” Wei Qingwei put in.

Liu Qingge tuned out the other teachers’ speculations. He really didn’t care about the new teacher. He was just here because all the teachers had been ordered to congregate in the staff room for the introduction.

His gaze roved over the teachers and he frowned. Someone was missing...

“Mu Qingfang isn’t here,” Liu Qingge scowled.

“I think he was in his office,” Wei Qingwei frowned. “Should someone go check on him?”

Liu Qingge was about to volunteer, but Shen Qingqiu snapped his fan shut.

“I’ll go”

Irritation flickered through Liu Qingge. He knew the history teacher was close to the school nurse. It never ceased to irritate him.

“I’ll go with you,” Liu Qingge scowled. Shen Qingqiu gave him an appraising stare.

Dammit. The bastard knew.

“Sure thing, Teacher Liu,” Shen Qingqiu smiled. 

Liu Qingge followed the shorter male out of the staffroom. 

“Quite exciting, hm?” Shen Qingqiu said conversationally. “A new teacher. I wonder what he’ll be like”

“Don’t care”

“Really, Teacher Liu. You should be more personable,” Shen Qingqiu tapped his fan against his lips.

Once upon a time, Liu Qingge would have been drawn to that action. Before Mu Qingfang started at the school with his soft eyes and gentle hands.

Liu Qingge just grunted his response.

They reached the door to the nurse’s office.

Mu Qingfang was sitting on a spinning stool reading.

His fluffy shoulder-length hair was pulled into a loose bun at the nape of his neck. Several strands had escaped and framed his face. His lips occasionally moved as he read, one broad finger tracing the words, nail bitten into a ragged stump.

The sun fell through the window and cast a warm glow to his countenance. Liu Qingge was struck dumb, unable to keep from staring.

“Nurse Mu!” Shen Qingqiu called.

Warm hazel eyes flicked up to them and a genuine smile split the tanned features.

“Teacher Shen!” he spun on the stool. “Teacher Liu,” he greeted. Liu Qingge couldn’t help but feel a little put out at the lack of enthusiasm in his greeting compared to Shen Qingqiu’s. “What are you two doing here? Don’t tell me you’ve been hurt”

“No, no, nothing like that,” Shen Qingqiu says with a hundred watt smile. “We were looking for you, actually”

“Me?” surprise was written across his handsome features.

“The new teacher is being introduced and you weren’t there”

“Oh,” Mu Qingfang ducked his head sheepishly, thumb coming up to his mouth so he could worry at the nail. “Well, I’m not exactly a teacher, so I figured it wouldn’t make sense for me to be there too...”

“Nonsense,” Shen Qingqiu’s expression softened. “You’re still a colleague”

Mu Qingfang still looked uncertain. It wasn’t a look Liu Qingge liked on the other man. He frowned.

“We’re gonna be even later if we keep talking,” he said, crossing his arms. “We came to get you so come on”

Shen Qingqiu looked at him like he was a particularly disappointing student. Mu Qingfang looked at him guiltily.

No! Shit. He didn’t mean to make him feel bad...

“I mean. If you had been there, we wouldn’t have had to come get you”

This only made Mu Qingfang look guiltier. Shen Qingqiu sent him an exasperated stare.

Liu Qingge opened his mouth to try and salvage the situation, but Mu Qingfang was already on his feet.

“I apologize for the inconvenience,” he bowed.

“No inconvenience!” Shen Qingqiu waved his hand, sending Liu Qingge a discreet glare that even he could tell meant stop talking. “We were just worried”

The smile Mu Qingfang sent towards Shen Qingqiu caused something prickly to curl in Liu Qingge’s chest.

“Well, I don’t want to hold you up anymore,” the nurse said, “truthfully, I’m looking forward to meeting the new teacher. It’s been awhile since we had one”

“Mm,” Shen Qingqiu responded. “Nurse Mu”

“Hm?” Mu Qingfang blinked.

“You know you’re just as much a staff member as the rest of us, right?” Shen Qingqiu said kindly.

“O-oh!” Mu Qingfang held his hands out, “yes, no, I-I know that,” he laughed. Liu Qingge noted it carried a hint of nervousness. “It’s just...nevermind,” he shook his head with a smile, “thank you for remembering me”

“Oh, don’t thank me,” Shen Qingqiu said airily. “Thank Teacher Liu”

Liu Qingge started in surprise.

Mu Qingfang blinked and looked at him before smiling at him brightly. Liu Qingge had to remind himself to breathe.

“Thank you for remembering me, Teacher Liu”

Was it his imagination or did Mu Qingfang sound shy?

“It’s nothing,” he said gruffly, looking away. “I’d have noticed anyone”

Shen Qingqiu closed his eyes, lips pursing before he sighed.

Fortunately Liu Qingge was saved from fucking things up even more as they reached the staff room.

“Ah! Nurse Mu!” Wei Qingwei grinned. “We missed you!”

Mu Qingfang laughed as he went to stand next to the burly shop teacher. Liu Qingge scowled at the wall. Why did Mu Qingfang have to go all the way across the room? What was wrong with standing with him?

“Thank you for thinking of me”

“We could never forget Nurse Mu,” Qi Qingqi teased, “even if he is such a quiet person”

The blush that colored the broad face sent questionable thoughts through Liu Qingge’s head. 

What else could cause Mu Qingfang to blush like that...?

Liu Qingge stamped the thoughts down.

Not. At. Work.

He was saved by the door opening. Headmaster Yue Qingyuan entered followed by a young man.

The young man was quite handsome in a roguish way; deep eyes and dark fluffy hair pulled into a ponytail. He had a strange reddish birthmark on his forehead but it did nothing to detract from his appearance.

“Everyone,” Yue Qingyuan’s mellow tones echoed through the room. “Please meet your new colleague, Luo Binghe. He will be teaching home economics”

“Binghe?” Shen Qingqiu said in shock. Everyone turned to look at him. He quickly hid behind his fan.

“Hello Shizun,” the young man smiled. “I said I’d be back”

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The air in the staff room became sharp with interest.

Mu Qingfang didn’t really care. 

Usually he kept to himself and his little corner of the school, rarely venturing out to the staff room or cafeteria or other classrooms. He usually brought his own lunch and ate in his office.

He didn’t mind. His office was very nice. It was quiet, he got plenty of sunlight and had a really nice view of the field where, during the nicer days, the physical education classes were held.

It wasn’t that he disliked his colleagues. On the contrary, he was quite fond of them; Qi Qingqi’s fond teasing, Wei Qingwei’s jovial big brother demeanor, Shen Qingqiu’s quiet elegance. Even Shang Qinghua, for all his quirks and propensity for injury, was quite fun to talk to.

Liu Qingge was a subject he wouldn’t touch. His crush on the man made worse by the fact that he’s pretty sure the physical education teacher couldn’t stand him.

Sure, Mu Qingfang had lectured him on the safety level of his classes more than once. 

And sure, maybe Mu Qingfang had gotten rather...creative with his threats the last time.

(He’s quite aware of how much various orifices can stretch and no, he couldn’t actually do that with a basketball)

But really, when kids were flocking to his office after their PE class with bruises that would make child services look twice at, then there was a problem!

No, Mu Qingfang quite liked his colleagues and he appreciated when they would come visit him. He just felt like an outsider. He was a doctor by profession, not a teacher.

Every now and then he would go to various homerooms to teach a section on health education, but that was about it.

So it was easier to hide in his own little area.

“Wasn’t he kicked out?”

“I thought he transferred...”

Mu Qingfang studied the new teacher, who had an air of indifference at the gossip flying around the room.

Luo Binghe.

He had heard the name somewhere, which was something of a surprise.

Wracking his brain, he seemed to recall Shen Qingqiu mentioning a student by that name a few years ago.

Shortly after Mu Qingfang had started as the school nurse and de facto school counselor.

For some reason, his colleagues liked to treat him as their therapist too and would frequently come to him with problems or worries.

The student had been rather fond of Shen Qingqiu and vice versa. His home life had been something of a shambles and the student had latched on to the first person to show him kindness.

Mu Qingfang wasn’t aware of what had happened, he assumed the student had graduated.


Silence fell at Yue Qingyuan’s firm tone.

“Please make sure that Luo Binghe feels welcome and is able to adjust to his new position”

Mu Qingfang glanced around.

The other teachers seemed suspicious, wary, or some combination of both.

Mu Qingfang felt a pang of sympathy for him. Used to being an anomaly himself, Mu Qingfang could sort of understand.

“Hello,” he approached him with a smile. “I’m Mu Qingfang. School nurse. Please feel free to come to me with any questions. It’s a pleasure to meet you”

Yue Qingyuan beamed at him. Luo Binghe studied him with a neutral expression.

“Likewise,” his tone was somewhat cool, but he bowed respectfully. Mu Qingfang could sympathize with his indifference considering the less than warm welcome.

Liu Qingge was outright glaring.

“Well. Teacher Luo, let me show you to your classroom,” Yue Qingyuan steered him out of the staff room.

Once he was gone, the air was filled with the buzzing of voices.

Qi Qingqi approached him.

“Honestly Nurse Mu, don’t you know who he is?”

Mu Qingfang looked at her with an expression of puzzlement.

“You need to get out of your cave sometimes!” Qi Qingqi said in exasperation. “He was expelled from Cang Qiong High his second year for starting a fight over Teacher Shen!”

Oh. That explained Liu Qingge’s dark mood. Yet another rival for Shen Qingqiu.

Shen Qingqiu looked slightly pained.

“Not quite like that...”

“Teacher Liu had to break it up!” she ignored Shen Qingqiu’s interjection.

“Teacher Qi, with all due respect, this was what, six years ago? Seven years ago?” Mu Qingfang blinked. “I’m sure he’s grown up since. Would you like it if someone held your high school years against you?”

Qi Qingqi frowned. Shen Qingqiu shot him a grateful smile. Liu Qingge scowled darker.

“You’re so nice Nurse Mu,” she patted his shoulder. “It’s a wonder you don’t get taken advantage of”

Mu Qingfang blinked, unsure if he had been complimented or insulted.

“I’m sure it’ll be fine,” he tried a placating smile.

“I’m sure you’re right,” Shen Qingqiu responded, ending the conversation.

Mu Qingfang took the distraction as an opening to escape back to his office. He didn’t care much for drama or gossip.

He picked up the book he had abandoned, smoothing over the cover.

He hoped things worked out, but it really wasn’t his business. Teacher Luo seemed like a nice enough person.

Poor Liu Qingge though.

Mu Qingfang sighed and shook his head. He pushed those feelings back in their box and locked it up tight.

It would do no good to pine over the man. 

Mu Qingfang considered himself a level-headed man. Years working in a big city emergency room had given him an unparalleled capacity to handle pretty much everything. 

His painfully one-sided crush was ultimately a futile endeavor.

He glanced out the window at the field.

Watching from afar was the best he could do.

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Liu Qingge was annoyed.

This was nothing new. He was usually annoyed. When he was annoyed, his curriculum changed a bit.

Which is why he was currently observing fifteen or so students playing one of the most aggressive games of dodgeball ever played.

He watched one student full-body tackle another into the ground. Another student took a ball to the face and emerged with a bloody nose and vicious grin as she retaliated. 

Liu Qingge knew Mu Qingfang was going to be disappointed in him again, but if it brought the reclusive nurse out of his burrow then it was worth it.

And if Mu Qingfang really followed through on his latest threat of where exactly he would shove Liu Qingge’s whistle, well, Liu Qingge wasn’t going to complain.

He caught a wayward ball and lobbed it back with enough force that the student who had thrown it went flying back.

His thoughts turned to the source of his annoyance.

Luo Binghe.

He remembered the man as a student; open-faced and soft, clinging to Shen Qingqiu and calling him “shizun, shizun” like the world revolved around him.

Liu Qingge wasn’t entirely sure what started the fight. And he wouldn’t have broken it up, except for Shen Qingqiu’s upset expression.

His feelings for Shen Qingqiu had been at their peak at that time and he may have been more harsh on the boy than warranted.

Now it was like history was repeating itself with a different person.

Mu Qingfang’s warm greeting played in the back of his mind like a broken record. 

He fervently hoped Luo Binghe would cling to Shen Qingqiu like a sticky child and leave the nurse alone. That would solve two problems by keeping both Shen Qingqiu and Luo Binghe away from Mu Qingfang.

Then all he had to do was worry about Wei Qingwei.

The shop teacher was always overly friendly with Mu Qingfang; ruffling his hair, playful nudges. He had a way of making Mu Qingfang laugh.

Liu Qingge caught another ball and may have thrown it back with a little more force than intended at the thought of Mu Qingfang’s laughter, if the student’s pained yelp was anything to go off of.

His thoughts were so stuck on Mu Qingfang that he wasn’t watching where he was going.

His foot caught on the container of basketballs and he swore violently as he twisted and fell flat on his ass, feeling a sharp pain shoot up his ankle.

“Teacher Liu...?” a student cautiously approached him. “Are you alright?”

“Fine.” Liu Qingge snapped. “I’m going to the nurse’s office. Run laps until class is over”

“Yes Teacher Liu,” the students chorused.

Liu Qingge glared at the offending ankle.

Well. This meant a trip to see Mu Qingfang, so it was worth it.

He hauled himself to his feet and hobbled out of the gym.

He didn’t expect the students to actually run laps without him there to supervise, but he didn’t care either. They could do what they wanted.

Not for the first time, Liu Qingge cursed the distance to the nurse’s office. Mu Qingfang should move closer. 

It only made sense. When someone was injured, they shouldn’t have to walk that far.

It had nothing to do with his desire for Mu Qingfang to be closer to him.

Nothing at all.

The school nurse was bandaging a student’s hand when he entered the office.

“ time, check that the Bunsen burner is off alright?”

“Yes Nurse Mu,” the student said meekly. 

Mu Qingfang chuckled and patted the student’s head. 

He glanced up, eyes widening at Liu Qingge.

“Teacher Liu, are you alright?”

“Would I be here if I was?” Liu Qingge blurted out, overwhelmed by Mu Qingfang’s concerned attention.

The school nurse pursed his lips and Liu Qingge cursed his inability to say anything nice in front of the man.

“I think it’s sprained,” he said, sitting down on a chair with a thump. 

“What happened?” Mu Qingfang knelt down in front of him and carefully rolled up the hem of his sweat pants.

The featherlight brush of warm fingers against his skin sent a shiver through Liu Qingge’s body. Mu Qingfang either didn’t notice or was too polite to mention it.

“Tripped over a container,” Liu Qingge bit out, shame at his unusual clumsiness creeping in.

“That’s very swollen, Teacher Liu,” he hummed, lightly pressing on the puffy and angry red skin. He began to unlace Liu Qingge’s tennis shoe and gently tug off the sweaty sock.

Liu Qingge felt a coil of shame burn in his stomach at his gross feet and barely resisted the urge to yank his leg out of the warm grasp.

Mu Qingfang poked and prodded and squeezed the ankle. His fingers and callouses sending minute jolts of pleasure up Liu Qingge’s leg and straight to his groin.

Thank the gods he’s wearing sweatpants.

“Good news, it’s not broken!” Mu Qingfang looked up at him.

The sight of Mu Qingfang on his knees in front of him caused his dick to twitch in interest and his brain to skip the overheating stage and jump straight into the emergency shutdown stage.

Ah, fuck, what was he here for again?

“Let me get you some ice,” Mu Qingfang, god among men, stood up and went to a mini-fridge in the corner of the office. “This will work!” he brought over a circular blue squishy looking thing and knelt back down.

Liu Qingge bit back a whine and focused instead on the cold against his ankle.

“Rest here for a bit, alright?” warm hazel eyes flicked to his.

“Fine,” Liu Qingge frowned. Mu Qingfang blinked, hesitated and then turned back to whatever he had been reading.

Liu Qingge took the time to observe the school nurse as he lost himself in his book. He was adorably rumpled; thick hair pulled into a bun at the back of his head and pinned with a pencil. His soft green button down was wrinkled beneath the white coat and stretched over broad shoulders. His shoes looked like comfortable and well-loved slip-ons.

Liu Qingge wanted to push him against the desk and kiss him senseless; to tug the pencil out of the thick hair and run his hand through it and pull. He wanted to leave marks along the tanned column of skin. 

Mu Qingfang would protest because they were at school, but would eventually give in.

He imagined Mu Qingfang looking adorably rumpled because of him.

He glanced down at his lap.

Ah, fuck.

Chapter Text

Mu Qingfang was acutely aware of the intense stare of the other man in the room.

He didn’t know what exactly he had done to cause the other to hate him so much but it did kind of hurt.

It was like this from the first day he had started.

The other teachers had been so nice and welcoming. Shen Qingqiu had even given him a tour of the school.

Maybe that was it!

Maybe Liu Qingge saw him as a rival for Shen Qingqiu’s affections.

Ah. That would definitely make sense. 

The thought caused Mu Qingfang to snort to himself. Mu Qingfang as a love rival. Really.

Average looking at best; his skin too tan, his hair too unruly. He was not particularly outgoing or incredibly sociable, he was a simple man who had minimal personal belongings and preferred the company of a book to people. He was actually fairly shy.

Compared to the elegant and friendly Shen Qingqiu, Mu Qingfang was a garden potato. 

He didn’t mind being a garden potato. Potatoes were quite versatile, and Mu Qingfang prided himself on his versatility.

He was comfortable pretty much anywhere: big city hospital, rural clinic, high school, he had even done a year working in a small village in Africa. As long as he was helping people he was happy, and medicine didn’t change. It was the one constant in Mu Qingfang’s life.

His colleagues, when he worked at Cang Qiong General, had praised his ability to handle anything.

Well, until...

“Don’t’ll be okay”


“I promise”

Mu Qingfang inhaled sharply at the snippet of memory that floated through his head.

“You alright?” his previously silent companion asked.

“Y-yeah,” Mu Qingfang forced a laugh. “I just remembered something, that’s all!” 

His hands were shaking. It had been two years since Mu Qingfang last remembered that.

Liu Qingge didn’t look convinced.

“Ah, let’s check on your ankle!” he said, in an attempt to distract Liu Qingge. He knelt in front of the PE teacher and carefully removed the lukewarm ice pack.

The swelling had gone down along with the redness.

“Put some weight on it for me?” Mu Qingfang looked up at him. Liu Qingge got to his feet, which brought his crotch dangerously close to Mu Qingfang’s nose.

The school nurse felt red flare up his neck at their sudden, somewhat questionable, positions and he ducked his head.

Liu Qingge’s expression was blank as he stared down at Mu Qingfang.

Mu Qingfang opened his mouth to apologize when-

“Nurse Mu!”

Mu Qingfang mentally cursed as the door swung open.

“Do you have any aspirin?” Qi Qingqi entered, “I have the worst-oh? What’s this?” her tone took on a distinctly amused edge. “Am I interrupting something?”

Mu Qingfang jolted backwards and Liu Qingge sat back down with a thump.

“Teacher Qi,” Mu Qingfang straightened and brushed off his pants. “You need aspirin?”

“I didn’t mean to interrupt,” her eyes were bright. “Naughty, naughty, doing things like that in broad daylight and at school no less!”

“Teacher Qi,” Mu Qingfang dug through the medicine cabinet, cheeks scalding red. “Please. I don’t know what you seem to think is going on-“

“Aww,” Qi Qingqi ruffled his hair. “You’re so adorable when you’re flustered”

“Teacher Qi!” Mu Qingfang burned redder.

“Don’t worry Nurse Mu, your secret is safe with me,” she held a finger to her lip and winked.

Mu Qingfang shoved the bottle of pills at her.

“Teacher Liu,” he addressed the other without looking at him. “Your ankle is fine. You are free to go. Please watch where you step from now on”

“Yeah. Thanks.” came the clipped, cool response and Mu Qingfang hid his wince.

Great. Yet another reason for Liu Qingge to hate him.

The sound of the door sliding shut has Mu Qingfang turning back to the literature teacher.

“Don’t look so disappointed, Nurse Mu,” she pinched his cheek. “I’m sure it’s fine. He’s just awkward”

“And now it’s worse,” Mu Qingfang shook his head.

Qi Qingqi patted the top.

“You’re too hard on yourself,” she sighed, swallowing the pills. “Anyone with eyes can see the way you two look at each other when you think the other isn’t watching”

Mu Qingfang shook his head.

“You know he hates me. I yell at him about his classes”

“I’ve worked with Liu Qingge for years,” she cocked her hip to the side. “If he hated you, you would know”

“I do know”

“Nope. You think. There’s a difference”

Mu Qingfang sighed, knowing he wasn’t going to convince her otherwise.

“Thank you for coming to visit,” Mu Qingfang politely told her. She laughed. 

“You’re not getting out of this that easy,” she winked as she made her way to the door. “You need to talk to him”

“Have a nice day”

Her laughter rang even after she’s gone and Mu Qingfang slumped at his desk with a groan.


Why did he have to have a crush on Liu Qingge of all people?

“Hey, Qingfang”

He looked up. Wei Qingwei was standing in the doorway, arms crossed in front of his barrel chest.

“Teacher Wei”

“Ah, I told you knock it off with that crap,” he smiles jovially. “It’s Qingwei to you. I have the shelf repaired”

Mu Qingfang perked up.

Two weeks ago, the shelf storing the spare medication mysteriously broke. Wei Qingwei had offered to take it and fix it.

“Come on, come look and tell me what you think”

Mu Qingfang followed the man mountain out of his office and down the hall. He pushed all thoughts of Liu Qingge to the side. 

Chapter Text

Liu Qingge had run fifty laps yet it did nothing, absolutely nothing, to quell his raging boner.

He leaned against the bench and took a long chug of water.


Why did Mu Qingfang have to be so obliviously sexy??

The confused, flushed expression when Liu Qingge had stood up stuck in his head like glue.

With his unruly hair escaping from it’s bun and his red-flushed face inches away from Liu Qingge’s already half-hard cock, Mu Qingfang had looked like something out of one of his secret fantasies.

Thinking about it caused his achingly hard length to throb painfully.

Clearly, it wasn’t going to take care of itself.

Liu Qingge cursed as he made a beeline for the locker room.

Shoving himself inside the furthest stall, he tugged down his pants, wrapped his hand around himself and began to stroke harshly.

He recalled the way Mu Qingfang’s blush had spread to his ears. The adorably confused expression on his face before the reality of their positions set in. The way his lips had parted in surprise and shock when the door had opened.

Liu Qingge came embarrassingly quickly.

He glared at the mess on his hand as if blaming it for his misfortune.

He quickly cleaned up and went back to the gym.

It was almost time for him to go home anyway. The students were long gone.

He grabbed his bag and slung it over his shoulder before leaving the gym.

Liu Qingge pondered his crush on the school nurse. 

Maybe he should do something about it.

“It’s perfect!” Mu Qingfang’s voice emerged from the shop room.

Huh. What timing.

“I’m glad I could help,” Wei Qingwei’s deep voice rumbled. “It was an easy break to fix. It was probably carrying too much weight...but it split in a weird way”

Against his better judgment, Liu Qingge crept closer and peeked in the window.

Mu Qingfang was examining a wooden shelf.

“You can’t even tell it was broken!” Mu Qingfang marveled. His hazel eyes land on the burly shop teacher. “You are truly talented Tea-Qingwei”

Like a knife to the gut, hearing Mu Qingfang refer to Wei Qingwei so informally hurt.

Liu Qingge was used to physical pain; his background in martial arts had practically made him immune.

But the pain of hearing the man he has had a crush on for four years yet has never been able to have a conversation with, call someone else so friendly...

“High praise coming from you, Qingfang”

The knife in his gut twisted.

“What brought you to the high school anyway? You used to be a doctor at Cang Qiong General, right?”

Another laugh from Mu Qingfang. Except Liu Qingge recognized it as his nervous, false laugh from earlier.

“Oh, I just wanted a change of pace”

“Well, we’re glad to have you here. Goodness knows you’ve patched me up enough times”

“At least it seems you’ve remembered to leave the table saw in a safer place! You aren’t indestructible you know!”

Liu Qingge felt a sharp stab of jealousy. Mu Qingfang is supposed to be chiding him for being careless, dammit! Not someone else!

Wei Qingwei’s deep laugh rolls through the room.

“I’ve taken your advice to heart,” the man bowed. Mu Qingfang laughed. “I’ll help you install the shelf tomorrow”

“Are you sure?”

“I like to see my projects through to the end”

“Thank you so much,” Mu Qingfang smiled. Why does he smile at everyone else so much?? “You’ll have to let me buy you lunch or something, one of these days”

Liu Qingge clenched his fists.

“Well I’ll never say no to free food,” the rumbling laugh was warm. 

Liu Qingge whirled on his heel and stalked down the hall. 

The idea of Mu Qingfang and Wei Qingwei made his stomach knot painfully.

Mu Qingfang wasn’t exactly a small guy, but Wei Qingwei made everyone look small. They were both easygoing and friendly...

Liu Qingge slammed his fist into the wooden doorframe of a nearby classroom. Pain lanced up his arm and he glared at his bleeding knuckles.

“Really Teacher Liu?” he turned at the sound of Shen Qingqiu’s voice, “destruction of school property?”

“Oh fuck off,” he said, without heat. Shen Qingqiu looked concerned. “I don’t wanna talk about it”

“Alright,” Shen Qingqiu shrugged gracefully, “let’s at least get you to Nurse Mu”

At the mention of the school nurse, Liu Qingge’s stomach twisted and his knuckles ached.

“He won’t be there,” Liu Qingge bit out, “he’s with Wei Qingwei”

The understanding that flickered across Shen Qingqiu’s classically elegant features made Liu Qingge hunch his shoulders.

“Ah, I see,” he moved further into the room. “I do recall Teacher Wei helping him rebuild a shelf”

Liu Qingge’s scowl deepened.

“He could’ve just bought another”

“You know how Nurse Mu is,” Shen Qingqiu waved his hand, “he probably didn’t want to waste school funds on himself or something equally silly”

Liu Qingge made an indecipherable sound of annoyance.

“Just talk to him,” Shen Qingqiu allowed the exasperation to slip into his tone. “You’ll never know until you try” 

Liu Qingge snarled and was about to respond when footsteps sounded through the hall.


Shen Qingqiu sighed.

“Binghe, I told you to wait by my classroom”

Luo Binghe pouted.

“You were late...”

“Sticky child,” Shen Qingqiu’s voice was laced with fondness. “I was helping Teacher Liu figure out some personal problems”

“Like hell,” Liu Qingge snarled. He received a glare from the new teacher. He remembered the kid; quiet, kind of a loner. He had one friend, a girl maybe? They both had an obsession over Shen Qingqiu. But everyone did at that time. Liu Qingge responds to the glare with an instinctive sneer.

Shen Qingqiu sighed.

“Talk to him,” he directed at Liu Qingge. “Come on Binghe, let’s go”

Luo Binghe shot a triumphant look to Liu Qingge who just rolled his eyes.

Liu Qingge supposed Luo Binghe got what he wanted in the end.

Now why couldn’t it be that easy for him?

Chapter Text

Mu Qingfang was organizing his bandages on the new shelf when the door slammed open.

Startled, Mu Qingfang looked up.

Liu Qingge was standing in the doorway holding his wrist.

Mu Qingfang let out a trill of alarm at the angle of Liu Qingge’s fingers.

“Teacher Liu!” doctor mode activated and Mu Qingfang hurried over to his patient, tugging him gently inside. “What on earth did you do?”


Mu Qingfang gently rested Liu Qingge’s hand on the table and studied the mangled hand; his index, middle and pinky finger were clearly either broken or dislocated, the thumbnail of his ring finger was half-torn. His knuckles had an odd bruising as though he punched something particularly hard.

“Teacher Liu, really,” he sighed in exasperation, “your hand is broken. We might have to take you to the hospital”

“No hospital. Why can’t you do it?”

“This is a high school, Teacher Liu. We’re not equipped for broken bones like this; you need an x-ray to ensure nothing more is damaged and get things reset so they don’t heal wrong”

Liu Qingge looked irritated and Mu Qingfang sighed. He grabbed his coworker’s other wrist and hauled the gorgeous idiot into the hallway.

Halfway to his car, Mu Qingfang glanced back to see Liu Qingge staring at where Mu Qingfang’s hand was wrapped around his wrist.

Mu Qingfang’s brain froze and he let go like he had been burned.

Liu Qingge frowned at his wrist and the former doctor tried not to be hurt by the clear distaste at him having touched the other man.

The ride to Cang Qiong General was awkward and Mu Qingfang was grateful when the comfortingly familiar antiseptic smell greeted him as they walked in.

The hospital hadn’t changed much since his tenure there and it sent a pang of homesickness through him. 

Despite the dark cloud hanging over the last few weeks of his time here, he missed it.

Liu Qingge on the other hand, looked like he wanted to be anywhere but.

Mu Qingfang was signing his recalcitrant coworker in when a voice reached his ears.

“Doctor Mu? Mu Qingfang?”

Mu Qingfang froze and turned.

One of the medical students from his time at Cang Qiong General, Gongyi Xiao, was standing a few feet away with wide dark eyes.

“Hello,” Mu Qingfang said quietly. 

“It really is you!” Gongyi Xiao’s expression lit up and he hurried over to clasp Mu Qingfang’s hand. “We’ve missed you! How have you been? Your hair got longer!”

Mu Qingfang could barely hear Gongyi Xiao’s chatter through the buzzing in his ears.

“Everything alright?” Liu Qingge’s dark voice reached his ear. “This kid bothering you?”

“Wha-oh, no!” Mu Qingfang hurried to explain, “Gongyi Xiao was a medical student when I worked here”

“I’m a doctor now!” Gongyi Xiao grinned proudly, “I wouldn’t have managed to pass my Pharmacology class if it wasn’t for Doctor Mu! He was the best Head of the Emergency Department ever! What are you doing now?”

“Ah, I’m actually a school nurse at Cang Qiong High,” Mu Qingfang confessed feeling awkward. Gongyi Xiao looked surprised.

“Wow! That’s awesome!” the young man chirped, “probably quite a change of pace, huh? Nobody on the verge of death”

Mu Qingfang winced at the unintentional reminder of his glaring professional failure.

Gongyi Xiao looked guilty.

“You know no one blamed you for his death right? He wasn’t going to survive his injuries, and you gave him hope in his last moments”

Mu Qingfang was acutely aware of Liu Qingge’s intent stare.

“Yes. Well. It was a long time ago.” Mu Qingfang cleared his throat.

“It was,” Gongyi Xiao nodded. “You know, the current head of the department is leaving for Yiling Hospital...Doctor Wen is nice and all, but it would be nice to have you back”

Mu Qingfang laughed.

“I appreciate that A-Xiao,” he ruffled the boy’s hair, earning a content smile. “But I quite like where I’m at”

“Fair enough,” Gongyi Xiao looked disappointed. “But you could come visit?”

Mu Qingfang highly doubted the emergency department would enjoy having him hanging around when they were so busy, but the hopeful expression on his former intern’s face made him hesitate.

“I will,” he smiled. It was worth it for the bright smile he received.

“Paging Doctor Gongyi”

The young man looked regretful.

“Sorry Doctor Mu, I have to go”

“I understand,” Mu Qingfang was grateful for the interruption. “It was nice to see you again”

The smile he received was so bright and earnest he felt the urge to squint.

Gongyi Xiao hurried off.

“What was that about?” Liu Qingge asked. Mu Qingfang just laughed nervously. He did not want his long-term crush knowing about his shame. He’d sooner confess his feelings.

“Don’t worry about it, Teacher Liu”

He missed the flash of irritation on Liu Qingge’s face.

He was relieved when the nurse called the other man to the back. He settled into one of the chairs and picked up a trashy magazine that had been sitting in the waiting room since before he left the hospital.

Maybe he should come back to visit more often.

Chapter Text

Spring break was always looked forward to by the teachers of Cang Qiong High.

Not only because it was a week free from the hellions they called students but because it was the annual teacher retreat.

Every year they went to a hot springs for an entire week paid for by the Cang Qiong School District.

Every year, Liu Qingge successfully avoided it.

He had never been any good at relaxing and he didn’t want to spend more time with the people he was forced to call colleagues than he had to.

“What do you mean you’re not going again?” Shen Qingqiu frowned at him. “This is eight years in a row!”

“I’m not interested,” Liu Qingge’s words were punctuated by the thudding of a punching bag. “Never have been”

“Teacher Liu, it’s good for morale!”

“Not my morale,” thud.

“Getting to know your coworkers?”

“Don’t really want to,” thud.

“Nurse Mu is actually coming this year”

Liu Qingge looked at Shen Qingqiu with wide-eyed surprise only for the punching bag to swing back and smack him in the face, knocking him onto his back.


Shen Qingqiu peered at him with an expression of affected innocence.

“You really should reconsider, Teacher Liu,” he hummed, swanning out of the gym and leaving Liu Qingge in a daze of Mu Qingfangs.

Which is how Liu Qingge found himself glaring up at the front of the hot springs.

Qi Qingqi and the other female teachers immediately made a beeline for the women’s side after being passed their room keys.

“Here’s your room key,” Headmaster Yue said to him, handing him the key. “You’re going to be sharing a room with Nurse Mu”

Liu Qingge froze, fingers going numb on the key ring.

He’s what now.

He shot a glance to where Mu Qingfang was laughing at something Wei Qingwei said. His soft brown hair was loose around his shoulders and made him look impossibly soft.

Well, at least Mu Qingfang wasn’t sharing a room with Wei Qingwei. 

This was a good thing.

Liu Qingge regretted that thought later that evening when they were getting ready for bed.

Mu Qingfang emerged from the bathroom wrapped in a soft-looking robe. It took all of Liu Qingge’s self-control to not stare at the tan skin of his collarbone and his exposed chest with droplets of water trickling down.

“The shower is free,” he gestured.


Liu Qingge fled the room just to avoid the inevitable awkward boner.

This was going to be a long week.

Sure enough, by Wednesday, Liu Qingge was at the edges of his rapidly fraying self control.

Three days.

Three days of watching Mu Qingfang wander around in nothing but a soft looking robe or a loose tank top and shorts. 


Liu Qingge had taken to hiding in the woods behind the hot springs and only returning to their room when Mu Qingfang was gone or asleep. At this point he was seriously debating running off into the wilderness permanently to avoid the awkward Qingfang-induced boners.

It was wrong.

No one should have the right to be that beautiful; the soft-looking tanned skin, deceptively muscular arms and calves, Liu Qingge nearly suffered an aneurysm when he had walked in on Mu Qingfang changing his clothes and had received an eyeful of his perfectly round, tanned ass.

To make matters worse, Mu Qingfang had immediately started fretting over his ruddy complexion and glassy-eyed stare BEFORE PUTTING ON A SHIRT.

Liu Qingge had had to avoid staring at the expanse of smooth, perfectly tan skin because the urge to lean forward and lick him was overwhelming enough that it had Liu Qingge debating the wisdom of launching himself out of the nearest window and hightailing it to the safety of the trees and away from the stupid, sexy medical professional.

And the idiot didn’t even realize what he was doing! He was stupidly oblivious to everything!

It was both a blessing and a curse; being oblivious meant he didn’t question Liu Qingge’s increasingly bizarre behavior, but it also meant he was Far Too Comfortable with parading around shirtless!!

Liu Qingge had no idea how he was going to survive the next two days.

Thursday found him actually relaxing in the springs. Shen Qingqiu had convinced him to go. The other man was soaking peacefully, eyes closed.

Liu Qingge had never really understood why people liked hot springs so much, but as the warmth soothed his muscles he was beginning to understand.

Right as he was beginning to genuinely relax, everything went to hell.

“Oh, Teacher Liu”

Liu Qingge looked up...

...and nearly drowned.

Shen Qingqiu watched him worriedly as he recovered from his slip off the edge of his seat. His ears were buzzing and his brain was filled with static, like a broken television.

Mu Qingfang was standing at the edge of the spring, flushed from the heat. His smooth tan skin was on full display and Liu Qingge couldn’t help but stare at the deceptively muscular chest and sharp hipbones.

And. He. Was. Waxed.

Oh holy hells. He mentally bluescreened. Liuqingge.exe has stopped working, thankyouverymuch. Bye bye braincells, have a nice trip. Error 404: Cognizance not found. All remaining visual processes redirecting south of his border.

Liu Qingge abruptly stood up, fully aware of his own nakedness, and made a beeline for the washing room. He nearly slipped and narrowly avoided crashing into the wall.

Once safely ensconced in the cooler interior, Liu Qingge lamented his panicked escape. He handled that with all the tact of a double-headed axe.

Quickly dressing, he fled into the safety of the trees and lurked there until well after dark. 

Returning quietly to the room, he was relieved to see Mu Qingfang sleeping peacefully. His gaze lingered on the broad, gentle features made softer in sleep. His chest ached with a longing to crawl into his bed with him and hold him close.

Liu Qingge regretfully slid into his own bed. Alone.

This trip was the last time he listened to Shen Qingqiu about anything.

Chapter Text

Mu Qingfang tried not to think too hard about the hot springs trip.

Having been assigned a room with Liu Qingge had not been something he expected.

The room assignments had been something interesting. He had heard that initially Yue Qingyuan was supposed to room with Shen Qingqiu (something Mu Qingfang suspected wasn’t an accident), Wei Qingwei was supposed to room with Shang Qinghua, and Luo Binghe was supposed to room with the chemistry teacher, Mobei Jun.

At some point all the room assignments got mysteriously switched in the reservation system with Shen Qingqiu ending up with Luo Binghe, Mobei Jun ending up with Shang Qinghua, and a very disappointed Yue Qingyuan with Wei Qingwei.

The only room assignment not messed with was his and Liu Qingge’s.

Mu Qingfang almost wished it had been. Sharing a room with Liu Qingge was as much a blessing as it was a curse. 

Turned out he didn’t have to worry; Liu Qingge was hardly ever in the room. Mu Qingfang didn’t know whether to be disappointed or not.

Where the other man went, Mu Qingfang had no idea. But he forced himself to put Liu Qingge out of his mind and focus on enjoying the trip.

It was always fun. Normally, he wouldn’t have gone of his own volition but every year he was talked into going by one of his colleagues. This time, Shen Qingqiu had been the one to bring it up and wheedle an agreement out of Mu Qingfang that the latter hadn’t even realized until it was too late.

It had been going well until that fateful day in the hot springs where Liu Qingge had nearly run away at the sight of him.

Mu Qingfang knew he wasn’t the most attractive, but he was pretty sure it wasn’t bad enough to warrant running away like that.

Shen Qingqiu had tried apologizing on Liu Qingge’s behalf - clearly exasperated by the gym teacher - but Mu Qingfang had done his best to wave it off, feigning nonchalance even as his insides were brittle and cracking.

The memory of Liu Qingge fleeing was stuck on repeat in Mu Qingfang’s head. Like a loop of shame. A loop of hurt.

He knew he needed to get over Liu Qingge. If he hadn’t known before, the hot springs had solidified the fact that the man couldn’t stand him.

So Mu Qingfang handled it the way he handled everything in his personal life: burying his head in work and avoiding the actual situation.

It was going quite well. 

Liu Qingge’s students were still coming in in droves and he could swear the injuries were getting worse. More than once, Mu Qingfang had to resist the urge to storm down to the gym and give the other man a piece of his mind. Again. But the less interactions he had with him the better.

Soon, the students stopped trickling in, but Mu Qingfang’s reprieve was brief because next it was Liu Qingge showing up nearly every day. 

Mu Qingfang wanted to lecture him about not treating his body like a piece of meat that needed to be tenderized. At one point Mu Qingfang was pretty sure he was more bruise than body.

But he would wordlessly hand Liu Qingge an ice pack and pain killers and then flee the room for an hour.

Was it a good medical practice? Probably not. But clearly, Liu Qingge didn’t actually want to be around him.

Even when Liu Qingge showed up with another broken hand from a game of ultimate frisbee that sounded more like a fight to the death, he had called a rideshare to haul the moron to the hospital.

Liu Qingge had looked annoyed, but Mu Qingfang assured him he would pay for it. Not like Liu Qingge was hurting for money, but Mu Qingfang just wanted to escape to the safety of his blessedly empty office.

Wei Qingwei had told him he was fretting over nothing, and Liu Qingge had probably just been overwhelmed by how hot Mu Qingfang was without clothes.

Mu Qingfang had been thoroughly embarrassed and somewhat pleased by his friend’s words even though he knew it wasn’t true.

“Nurse Mu?”

Mu Qingfang looked up. Teacher Luo was standing in the doorway looking innocent.

“Teacher Luo,” Mu Qingfang smiled, pleased at encountering the newest teacher. “How are you settling in?”

“Well, thank you,” Luo Binghe looked around the office. “It’s very nice in here”

Mu Qingfang smiled again before his eyes were drawn to the burn on Luo Binghe’s hand.

“Oh no,” he hurried over and took the muscular forearm in his hands. “Teacher Luo, please, sit. What happened?”

“I grabbed the oven tray thinking it had cooled down enough,” he said apologetically as Mu Qingfang retrieved an ice pack.

The door opened and Mu Qingfang looked up.

“Teacher Liu,” he said a little exasperated as the very subject of his earlier thoughts and ongoing emotional turmoil appeared in his doorway. “What have you done now?”

Liu Qingge looked furious. His glare towards Luo Binghe was sharp enough to cut diamonds.

Mu Qingfang pinched the bridge of his nose. He did not want to deal with this.

“What are you doing here?” Liu Qingge practically snarled.

“I burned my hand,” Luo Binghe held up his ice pack wrapped hand.

Liu Qingge’s onyx eyes narrowed sharply. 

“Teacher Liu,” Mu Qingfang endeavored to keep his tone neutral. “How can I help you?”

Liu Qingge pushed his way into the room and sat down, tugging off his shoe. Blood stained the white of his sock and Mu Qingfang grimaced. 

What had the idiot done now??

“Teacher Luo,” he kept his voice gentle as he addressed his younger colleague. “Please keep the ice on it while I tend to Teacher Liu. When I’m done, I’ll apply a burn salve and wrap it”

“Thank you, Nurse Mu,” Luo Binghe’s dark eyes were bright with gratitude at Mu Qingfang’s attention. “This one will listen”

Gracious, he was obedient, Mu Qingfang thought as he glanced at Liu Qingge. The physical education teacher looked like he was going to murder the younger man.

Mu Qingfang pinched the bridge of his nose as he planned his course of action; take care of Liu Qingge, shoo him away, then return his attention to Luo Binghe. Otherwise Mu Qingfang feared he’d have more injuries to fix if they remained in the same room.

Why did he get stuck in the middle of Cang Qiong High’s drama?

What on earth had he done to deserve being caught up in the middle of a bizarre war between the object of his own affections and his love rival??

Shen Qingqiu. Please control your harem. Mu Qingfang despaired as he retrieved the bandages and turned to the pair; one glowering, one looking smug.

This was going to be a long day.

Chapter Text

Luo Binghe watched as the physical education teacher glowered at the pair laughing by the window. 


His gaze flicked back over to his shizun and his heart fluttered like a trapped bird in his chest.

Shen Qingqiu looked just as beautiful and elegant as before.

He’d have to tell Ning Yingying. She had been his only friend at Cang Qiong High, the only one who he could talk about the beauty that was Shen Qingqiu and have listen with rapt attention.

For awhile there, he had been worried that she also had a crush on Shizun, but that worry was quickly assuaged when she confessed to being in love with the equally untouchable beauty, Liu Mingyan.

Their friendship only solidified when Ning Yingying and Liu Mingyan began writing Bingqiu fanfiction. Luo Binghe had been their number one fan and had even suggested a few scenarios.

(He had also been best man at their wedding)

He ignored all the other teachers in the room gossiping about him, they were inconsequential, and focused his attention on his shizun. He looked well. It had taken time and hard work, but Luo Binghe had done it. He was finally colleagues with his beloved shizun.

A soft, fluffy head approached him and warm hazel eyes smiled up at him. The smaller of the pair that idiot Liu Qingge had been glaring at.

“Hello!” he greeted. “I’m Mu Qingfang. School nurse. Please feel free to come to me with any questions. It’s a pleasure to meet you”

Yue Qingyuan beamed at him. Luo Binghe studied him with a neutral expression. The man clearly didn’t seem interested in the rest of the gossip. He vaguely remembered the man from his time as a student, he had barely started as school nurse.

“Likewise,” Luo Binghe said. Shizun looked pleased and Luo Binghe preened. Liu Qingge looked like he had bitten into a lemon and Luo Binghe found himself endlessly amused. Apparently the idiot had directed his attentions elsewhere in the past few years. 


He looked back at Mu Qingfang’s gentle features.

Really, this man was far too sweet for the brute that was Liu Qingge. But at least that meant his rival for Shen Qingqiu’s affections was gone.

Maybe he things along a bit. Just to be sure.


First step: make Liu Qingge jealous.

That was easy enough. The man was greener than spinach, especially when Mu Qingfang interacted with the burly shop teacher.

So he devised a plan.

Which is how he ended up in Mu Qingfang’s office alone. The nurse had been called to an “emergency” in the newer wing of the building.

Luo Binghe stepped back and examined the shelf.

“Binghe? What are you doing?”

Luo Binghe hid the screwdriver behind his back and turned.

“Shizun!” he chirped.

“Why are you in Nurse Mu’s office?” Shen Qingqiu approached him.

“No reason”

“Binghe,” panic shot through Luo Binghe at how disappointed Shizun sounded. “What’s behind your back?”

Luo Binghe shamefully handed the screwdriver to his shizun. 

Shen Qingqiu eyed it curiously.


“This one was just trying to help Nurse Mu and Liu Qingge”

Shen Qingqiu’s dark eyes gleamed.

“Oh?” he sounded interested and Luo Binghe ran with it.

“This one thinks they would both be much happier if they stopped pining,” he said. “So this one is trying to get them together”

He left out the bit about getting them together to keep Liu Qingge away from Shizun and it paid off.

Shen Qingqiu’s expression softened.

“Aw, Binghe, you’re so sweet,” he ruffled Luo Binghe’s fluffy hair. “You’ve grown so much, thinking about others’ happiness...this shizun is proud,” Luo Binghe preened at the praise. “This shizun also agrees and will help his former student. What is the plan?”

Luo Binghe turned to hide his grin.

“This one was going to make the shelf break so that Teacher Wei would step in and fix it”

“Ah, a jealousy ploy huh?” Shen Qingqiu tapped his lips with his fan. “I like it”

With that, Luo Binghe and his shizun devised a plan.


It wasn’t long before the shelf broke. Mu Qingfang had been fretting about it for the past week.

Luo Binghe was sitting in the teacher’s lounge with Shen Qingqiu and their target: man mountain Wei Qingwei.

He had casually brought up mention of woodworking repairs, which Wei Qingwei enthusiastically expounded on.

“Teacher Wei, perhaps you could help Nurse Mu,” Shen Qingqiu hummed from behind his fan. “I heard a shelf in his office broke and he didn’t want to buy a new one”

“Really?” Wei Qingwei frowned. “That silly man. Thanks for the heads up! I’ll definitely see what I can do”

Shen Qingqiu and Luo Binghe exchanged a triumphant glance as Wei Qingwei bounded out of the room, enthusiastic as ever.

Binghe reveled in the fluttering of his heart at his shizun’s undivided attention.

It was even better when he found Liu Qingge with swollen knuckles two weeks later. Shizun had later explained that he had punched a doorframe after hearing Mu Qingfang and Wei Qingwei talking. 

Liu Qingge’s constant frustration meant endless amusement and the ability to work on wooing Shizun was the cherry on top.

Unfortunately, it also meant those dense idiots weren’t getting together and the whole point of this was to ensure there were no other rivals for Shizun’s affections.


Luo Binghe glowered at the room assignments.

The school hot springs was owned by the family of an old frenemy from college; Ming Fan. Ming Fan owed Luo Binghe for saving his ass so he had, albeit reluctantly, allowed Luo Binghe access to the sleeping arrangements Yue Qingyuan had assigned for the annual hot springs trip.

Of course the shady headmaster would try and weasel his way into a room with Shizun. Binghe would not, under any circumstances, allow that to happen.

He swapped himself with Yue Qingyuan.

He also knew Mobei Jun had a thing for the skittish math teacher, so he swapped their rooms as well. Mobei Jun had been a reliable, if frigid, companion since day one.

The sour look on Yue Qingyuan’s face when he saw the new sleeping arrangements featured in many of Luo Binghe’s happier dreams.

(The ones not involving Shizun, of course)

And Shizun seemed pleased with the new assignments as Binghe trailed after him down the hall, asking if Binghe would like to go to the hot springs together that evening.

Everything according to plan.


Luo Binghe was frustrated. 

While things with Shizun were pretty much in the bag, Shizun’s attention was still focused on getting the oblivious idiots together.

Until that happened, he wouldn’t have Shizun’s undivided attention. 

He had hoped the hot springs would make them realize their attraction to each other but it only made things worse. Now they weren’t talking at all!

How! Were! They! So! Stupid!?

Time to bring out the big guns.

He remembered Liu Qingge’s bitter expression when  Mu Qingfang had talked to him. He knew Liu Qingge hated him.

He also knew Liu Qingge was getting hurt nearly every day in an attempt to see Mu Qingfang.

His next course of action was himself.

He had asked Shizun to let him know the next time Liu Qingge got injured. It hadn’t taken long.

Shizun 😍
He’s on his way to Nurse Mu now.

Luo Binghe looked around, gaze landing on the cooling oven. Bracing himself he grabbed the hot tray, clenching his teeth as searing pain shot through his palm.


He glanced at the seared skin on his palm and exhaled.

For Shizun. Do it for Shizun.

He made his way to the nurse’s office.

Nurse Mu was organizing bandages, he looked up when Luo Binghe entered and called his name with his best innocent expression on his face.

“Teacher Luo,” Mu Qingfang smiled warmly. “How are you settling in?”

“Well, thank you,” Binghe looked around the office, deciding the best course of action was to compliment his surroundings. “It’s very nice in here”

Mu Qingfang smiled again.

Hm. While no one could compare to his Shizun, obviously, Mu Qingfang was fairly easy on the eyes; tanned, healthy looking skin and fluffy brown hair framing a strong face and gentle hazel eyes.

“Oh no,” concern crossed his features and he took Binghe’s burnt hand in his own large one. His touch was gentle as he firmly guided Luo Binghe to a chair. “Teacher Luo, please, sit. What happened?”

“I grabbed the oven tray thinking it had cooled down enough,” he said, affecting sheepishness to sell his lie. Concern crossed the broad features as Mu Qingfang retrieved an ice pack.

The door slid open and Binghe controlled the glee that wanted to slip into his expression and didn’t look back.

“Teacher Liu,” Mu Qingfang greeted in a strained tone. “What have you done now?”

When he finally did peek over his shoulder, Liu Qingge was looking at Binghe with the most venomous look he had ever seen. It took all of his willpower not to grin.

“What are you doing here?” Liu Qingge practically snarled.

“I burned my hand,” Luo Binghe injected innocence into his tone as he held up his ice pack wrapped hand. He knew Liu Qingge was suspicious.


“Teacher Liu,” Mu Qingfang’s tone was a mix of exhausted and exasperated and a little hurt. “How can I help you?”

Liu Qingge barreled into the room and removed his shoe. Binghe raised an eyebrow at the bloody foot.

“Teacher Luo,” Mu Qingfang’s voice was soothing, tone strangely reminiscent of Shizun. “Please keep the ice on it while I tend to Teacher Liu. When I’m done, I’ll apply a burn salve and wrap it”

“Thank you, Nurse Mu,” Luo Binghe made sure to catch and hold the nurse’s hazel gaze, projecting gratitude and a little bit of flirtation into it. “This one will listen”

It worked. Liu Qingge’s hand tightened into a fist and the physical education teacher glared at him with such hatred.

Binghe couldn’t help shooting a smug smile in his direction when Nurse Mu wasn’t looking.

The rest of the visit he made sure to engage Mu Qingfang in conversation. He swore he could hear Liu Qingge grinding his teeth.

Shen Qingqiu was waiting outside his classroom when he returned.

“Ah! Binghe!” Shen Qingqiu grabbed his wrapped hand worriedly, “what did you do!?”

Binghe put on his best injured face.

“I burned my hand today, shizuuun,” he whined, “will you kiss it better?”

Shen Qingqiu gave him a chiding look, but lifted his hand up to his lips and pressed a soft kiss to the bandage as Binghe’s heart soared.

Double bonus. Luo Binghe grinned. 

Piss off Liu Qingge? Check.

Get sympathy from shizun? Check.

He even managed to get into Mu Qingfang’s good graces. The man seemed like a valuable ally to have and Shizun seemed fond of him too.



“Can I make you dinner tonight?” he pouted. “It would make me feel better”

Shen Qingqiu looked thoughtful before inclining his head.

“If it helps Binghe, certainly”

Luo Binghe turned to hide the grin creeping up his face.

“We’ll put the final stage of Operation Liufang into action tomorrow,” Shen Qingqiu said gleefully.

Luo Binghe really didn’t care right now but if it made Shizun happy, he would do anything.

Chapter Text

Liu Qingge knew when he was being avoided. And he was definitely being avoided.

Ever since they returned from the hot springs, Mu Qingfang went out of his way to not be in the same room with him for longer than a few minutes. 

Liu Qingge had never been accused of being particularly socially aware (his sister always said he possessed the social skills of a turnip) but even he knew when he was being avoided.

It annoyed him.

He was so annoyed that he was annoyed about being annoyed. He had a swirling, internal annoyance vortex.

Liu Qingge might not have had the best social skills, but he wasn’t an idiot.

Sure, he might have intentionally broken his hand in an attempt to get Mu Qingfang to take him to the hospital again, but when Mu Qingfang called a Didi instead, he knew he had to be more direct.

And he had to do it fast.

“You didn’t know?” Shen Qingqiu had blinked after Liu Qingge had complained about Mu Qingfang’s avoidance. “He’s considering going back to Cang Qiong General”

The panic that Liu Qingge had felt was unlike any other and he was out the door and down the hall to Mu Qingfang’s office before his brain could catch up with his actions. 

He missed the look Shen Qingqiu exchanged with Luo Binghe.

Liu Qingge slammed the door open causing Mu Qingfang to jump.

“Wha-? Teacher Liu, are you hurt?”

Liu Qingge flipped the lock as he let the door slam shut.

“You’re avoiding me”

Mu Qingfang flushed.

“Teacher Liu...”


“Why?” Mu Qingfang blinked in disbelief. “You hate me...”

Confusion flickered through Liu Qingge. Why the hell did Mu Qingfang think that?

“I don’t”

“You couldn’t get away from me fast enough at the hot springs”

Liu Qingge saw the flash of hurt on those gentle features and realized what a massive fuckup he was.

Being a man of action, Liu Qingge knew he had to do something to fix this.

In two strides, he was across the office and trapping Mu Qingfang between him and the desk.


Liu Qingge dipped his head and kissed the school nurse hard.

Mu Qingfang let out a muffled sound of surprise and his hands came up to grip Liu Qingge’s shoulders. Emboldened, Liu Qingge pulled him close and snaked one hand up and into hair that was as soft as he had guessed.

He gathered a handful and gave into the urge to tug.

He was rewarded with a quiet whine that went straight to his groin. He nipped at Mu Qingfang’s bottom lip as the hand not in the fluffy hair traveled lower.

“N-not at school,” Mu Qingfang pulled away, panting against his lips.

“Nobody is here anyway,” Liu Qingge growled, tugging Mu Qingfang’s hair again. The movement earned him another low whine. “And I locked the door”

Mu Qingfang hesitated before surging forward to pull him into a lewd kiss.

Liu Qingge gripped Mu Qingfang’s hips and pulled them against his own.

They were nearly the same height; Mu Qingfang had a couple centimeters over him, but not enough to make a significant difference. This meant that their clothed erections pressed exactly against each other.

The sound that left Mu Qingfang’s lips at the press did nothing to help the ache of Liu Qingge’s cock. 

He fumbled with the button on Mu Qingfang’s slacks, frustrated at the amount of clothing between them. Mu Qingfang let out an amused sound and his hands moved to skillfully accomplish what Liu Qingge couldn’t.

Liu Qingge’s own clothes were much easier to strip out of. Once sufficiently naked (he didn’t have the patience to completely remove Mu Qingfang’s dress shirt and tie) he backed them up towards the nearest bed.

The doctor was surprisingly muscular; broader and stockier than Liu Qingge and Liu Qingge took his time exploring every inch of tanned skin; he ran his fingers across hard abs and the soft contours of his sides and the firm planes of his wide back.

Despite having seen him naked at the hot springs, Liu Qingge could now stare all he wanted; his gaze raked across Mu Qingfang’s body, trailing across his shoulders and down, lower, to the proud cock standing erect.

Mu Qingfang flushed a dark red at the scrutiny, hand coming up to cover his face as the blush spread past his collarbone turning his tanned skin a delicious shade of burgundy. 

He delighted in finding the spots that had Mu Qingfang squirming beneath him; the dip of his hip, the adorable dimples above his perky buttocks, and the area just below his navel. He deliberately avoided the flushed, leaking cock despite wanting nothing more than to run his hands along it to see what sounds he could pull out of those plush lips.

Liu Qingge gave into the urge that had been plaguing him ever since the hot springs.

He gripped the tie and tugged it, drawing Mu Qingfang forward and licking long and slow against his neck before nipping at the skin behind his ear.

The low whine that escaped Mu Qingfang’s throat made something raw and animalistic rip through Liu Qingge and he rocked his hips against the other man.

The slide of the bare skin of their erections was simultaneously too much and not enough. Liu Qingge curled his slender fingers around them both, sending a frisson of pleasure up his spine and drawing a low groan from the other man.

Mu Qingfang’s larger, warmer hand joined his, thumb resting against the side of Liu Qingge’s hand while broad calloused fingers brushed the inside of his wrist.

Liu Qingge took a moment to marvel at the contrast. The difference in skin tone; Liu Qingge’s porcelain to Mu Qingfang’s bronzed, the difference in hands; Mu Qingfang’s larger hand against Liu Qingge’s slender one, and even the difference in cocks; Liu Qingge’s longer and more slender, flushed pink a contrast to Mu Qingfang’s thicker and burgundy flushed.

Different, yet complimentary and oh so heavenly.

Mu Qingfang’s free hand came up to curl around the back of Liu Qingge’s neck as Mu Qingfang dipped his head to graze his teeth along Liu Qingge’s shoulder, soft hair tickling fair skin.

A full body shudder wracked Liu Qingge’s frame and he retaliated with a languid stroke of his hand causing Mu Qingfang to press closer to him, seeking more friction.

Liu Qingge’s free hand trailed down Mu Qingfang’s spine to the swell of his ass and in a confident move, he squeezed a handful of the soft skin.

The jolt from his younger colleague dragged their cocks together sharply enough that Liu Qingge was seeing stars behind his eyelids.

Mu Qingfang’s thumb swept across his slit, smearing precome as the rasp of his short fingernail grazed the head of Liu Qingge’s cock and the stars doubled.

The stroke he gave their joined members was a harsh one that had Mu Qingfang’s breath stuttering and his own erection throbbing.

They rocked against each other, slowly at first; dragging their hot, hard lengths against each other’s and the circle of their hands in a tantalizing glide of skin against skin, mapping each other’s bodies with their free hands and their mouths; building the heat until it went from a simmer to an all-consuming blaze.

Their hands were wet and sticky with the precome bubbling up and leaking out slick dribbles down overheated skin in a desperate attempt to escape as their relentlessly teased erections pulsed and ached with the desire for release. 

The added wetness only served to heighten their arousal, making the strokes of their hands smoother and pushing them closer to the edge.

Mu Qingfang’s broad hand gripped the back of Liu Qingge’s neck.

Liu Qingge sucked a mark on the tanned collarbone, tasting the salt of Mu Qingfang’s sweat glazed skin. He caught the other man’s gaze and nearly came right then; strands of Mu Qingfang’s wavy hair were stuck to his flushed face, hazel eyes darkened with lust and pupils blown wide. His lips were swollen and bitten red.

He looked wrecked.

Liu Qingge knew he didn’t look much better. He could feel his ponytail sticking to his shoulder blades as a bead of sweat trickled, tickled down his spine to settle at the base.

His cock gave a twitch at the sensation.

He could feel the heat radiating off Mu Qingfang’s body; almost too much to be comfortable but enough to stoke the fires of his own desire to greater height.

Cupping a flushed cheek, Liu Qingge leaned in and captured those red lips. His tongue teased past the enamel guardians to devour the inside of Mu Qingfang’s mouth with the sort of relentlessness that Liu Qingge pursued everything.

Mu Qingfang’s tongue tangled with his; the nurse giving as good as he got as his strong arm tightened around the back of Liu Qingge’s neck.

Liu Qingge felt both delicate and powerful against Mu Qingfang. The juxtaposition having an aphrodisiac effect that, when coupled by the impossibly close heated press of their sweat glazed skin, pushed him to the edge.

The kiss quickly lost all finesse as their arousal built to a peak. Liu Qingge could feel a thin dribble of saliva trail from the corner of his lips, it was messy and uncontrolled and so very hot.

With a twist and stroke of his wrist, accompanied by a light flick to the underside of their cocks, he felt more than heard Mu Qingfang cry out, the sound muffled by the press of their mouths.

Another flick and Liu Qingge wasn’t far behind; his release exploded out of him, warm liquid coating their hands and chests and mingling with the mess of Mu Qingfang’s own.

There was something indescribably hot about the idea of their fluids mixing together against their skin. 

He could feel his heart trying to jump out of his chest. Mu Qingfang dropped his forehead against Liu Qingge’s shoulder as he tried to catch his breath.

Liu Qingge pressed soft, chaste kisses along the strong jawline.

Mu Qingfang sighed, his warm breath brushing Liu Qingge’s rapidly cooling skin and causing goosebumps to erupt.

“I can’t even begin to tell you how long I’ve wanted you,” Mu Qingfang said in a blissed out tone. Liu Qingge preened at the fact that he was responsible for that.

“Not as long as I’ve wanted you,” he tightened his grip on the back of Mu Qingfang’s neck. They clung to each other until the cool stickiness of their bodies became too uncomfortable.

Between stealing kisses as they cleaned off, Liu Qingge remembered what prompted his confession.

“Why are you going back to Cang Qiong General?” he asked, kissing Mu Qingfang below his left eye.

“Going back to Cang Qiong General?” Mu Qingfang pulled back and blinked. “I’m not. Why would you think that?”

Liu Qingge was going to murder Shen Qingqiu.