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Refuge and a Gangster

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It was 11:24 p.m on day one of Szpilman being at Ada's home. His heart was still pounding in his chest from time to time, yet things seemed more simple. He was quite proud of himself actually, mostly due to the facts of him having gotten out of bed and made his way downstairs, and whilst doing so came across a young boy reading at the table. He could only assume the nice polite thing to do would be to say hello to the child, so he rummaged his thoughts for a few moments before trying to form the word in his mouth. "Halo, little one." He was praying that the words he spoke sounded somewhat English, with this hope came to the boy looking up from his book and towards the man. His eyes grew a little wide as staired directly at the man. "Who are you? And why do you not have any shirt one?? Why do you have bandages on you?" So many questions all of which he was unsure of how to properly respond.

"I em...Wladyslaw Szpilman und I em currently staying here." He had hoped this broken sounding English would hoping the boy understand, but it completely backfired seeing as he ran off yelling "MOM!!! There's a weird German man in the house!!" Wladyslaw felt very offended so he yelled out to the boy, "Jestem Polakiem! nie pieprzony niemiecki*!" This only fueled the boy's confusion as he went to search for his mother.

"Karl! That's our guest, and he's far from being german, my goodness I would have thought you were better than this." Szpilman looks nervously towards Ada who held a strong concern on her face for the fact of Szpilman looked a bit distorted from her sudden rise in her voice. "Hey now, it's alright, he's just well...quick to judge at times." As she uttered the remains of her sentence, he let out a breath he was unaware of holding as he began to lightly sniff and make an odd face. "I-it's fin...nearly an accident is all." He realized his eyes had begun to water as he silently teared up from the sudden shock. Why on earth was he crying from her raised voice?

With his thoughts swimming around in his head he also began fidgeting with his hands while looking down, this didn't last long seeing as Ada was quick to try and calm him. She did what she used to do with John way back when simply place her hand on his shoulder and give it a small rub and slowly pulling him into a warm embrace. This, however, did the opposite with Szpilman, it had him outright bawling his eyes out and pulling her close to him. "Oh geez... I wasn't expecting this, Hey now it's okay just cry it out." And cry it out he did, until he was a snivelling mess and hastily apologizing for his behaviour. "It's fine, my brother did the same thing and are probably relapsing from time to time...they were involved in the final days of the last war but boy is they fucked in the head."

The way she spoke about her apparent brother made him giggle some, a small smile had appeared on his face. "I dank you, Miss Ada, I've just been through a lot is all..." He suddenly moved away from her and looked around for a few moments. "I think I should one day introduce you to Thomas, I think you two will get along," She had walked over to Szpilman and was now leading him to a room, no, a bathroom with a tub, shower, all of it. 'Damm how can anyone afford this?' Szpilman though. "But for now, you need a bath if your gonna be staying here with me, I'm gonna help you today because you are bloody bruised, and I don't need you hurting yourself." He gave an understanding nod as he leaned against the sink for a few moments as she prepared the bath. 


"Nie*...Nie...NIE! I don't need that's!" Ada was currently regretting bringing this man into her home, he was, in fact, worse than a child. How? Well, some parts she understood like wanting privacy while getting into the tub, grate she left for that. But he couldn't move his arms hardly and would wince when trying to wash his very dirty hair, skin...he was just filthy really and looked like a vaguely taken care of tramp. He had stubble which looked like he was trying to clean himself but failed it was rushed, his skin was a hideous colour from dirt build-up and his overall hygiene was severely lacking. Did he not have running water from his home? Probably not maybe it was shut off by the horrendous Nazis.

"Just let me wash your hair and scrub your skin! If I let you do it your gonna hurt yourself or do a poor job." She didn't like the way he clenched, but she also didn't like people not being clean, so she took up being struck and raising her voice at him. She knew he had been through hell and back again, but damn he needed to be clean. "Look just let me clean you up and then I'll let you....let something we'll get to that point later" Szpilman lowered his body into the tub more so she could properly wash his maddened and tangled hair. After she rinsed it out he gently and carefully washed, scribbled and sometimes rubbed his bruised skin which as it was being washed began to get a light pinkish red tent to it from the sudden irritation. "Don't worry I'll give you some lotion, and it'll help you okay." Her voice soothed him greatly in this trying time for him and he gave a nob before speaking. "Tak, wydaje się to w porządku.*" 

And he was fine until she had to go over scaring, and one of the few things that would keep him up at night. He had obtained several scares over the two years of the nazi invasion, and even more form his last year in the ghetto, and his parcels of coming to England. But amounts the small cuts and scares was the most horrific thing Ada had seen. 

The star of David had been burned into his skin and had begun to get infected and puffy. She had gotten un-infected the previous days before he woke up, but it still made her sick to look at it. "What did you do to deserve this cruel punishment?" Her fingers lightly traced the outline, which was on the back shoulder blade and still hurt. "I was a jew...they don't need any more reasons other than that to torment you and watch you suffer." It might have been her weekend heart or her empathy, but when he spoke she nearly teared up. His eyes had shone brightly, with a look of death and he looked completely dead when he spoke.


After his bath, Ada did as promised and gave him some lotion which helped him greatly, but she also helped him properly shave the small stubble off his face and he was so happy and giddy about being clean. He looked like a happy young man again, 'This must have been what he normally looked like before the war' Ada thought to herself as she attempted to leave him to his own devices. Along with this, she had also washed his clothes and he was now in some brown pants, with his suspender on over his simple white dress shirt. He held a small shine in his eyes as he happily walked around following Ada once more.

"Care to help me cook?" 

"Tes, I would love too."

"Well your English is pretty decent I suppose...still needs work though."

Szpilman looked down at what she was making and his face went from a small smile to a sudden drop. 


"Yes, I promised Karl I'd make it this weekend, and I have some co-workers who-oh." Realisation hit her 

"I'll help you make it but I'm afraid I cannot eat it." 

"That's understandable it's a small one nonetheless so it'll be fine."

"Thank you kindly." Was all he uttered as the two began to silently prepare dinner and he slowly adjusted to civil life once more. He was going to get used to this, was going to work through it but it would take time.