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Refuge and a Gangster

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Poland, a wonderful country full of religion and what had to be the best thing of sweets Wladyslaw ever ate on a daily basis, or rather treated himself to on the weekends. Wladyaw Szpilman was quite well known all throughout his little region of Poland, and was even more so across borders due to his popularity which earned him a little time on the radio.

And on this fateful day he was doing precisely that, playing for hundreds of people both in Poland and the few that happen to get that radio station. It was a rather peaceful afternoon, and with times of war on everyone's mind it was the least Wladyslaw could do. Was playing the piano much? Hell no, but it seemed to lighten most of everyone's spirits seeing as there were few people who bad called in before hand to ask for specific songs by Wladyslaw. While bringing their spirits up also brought his up, and it seemed like that day couldnt have been more exciting he did supose that much. The only excitement he really wished for however was perhaps being able to lightly sing while playing, the station allowed it once so why not again? 

That was the type of excitement he wished for, but far from the horror that had was laying in wait for a specific moment. And just as Wladyslaw had started on his second pice of music the most horrible thing rang through the air. A bomb had just fallen right on the thankfully hadn't harmed meany, but Wladyslaw wasn't sure if anyone was killed, he just knew the station host were alive. For once he had calmed the his breathing and heart rate down, it was a task of having his ears stop ringing. Eventually the awful ringing faded as he barely opened his eyes to look around the station at the horrors of rubble. Half of building had began to cave in and the roof was almost gone, he had also fallen from his seat eith once the bomb hit, or in an erratic panic. 

He was unsure of which, although once he regained his composure, it all began to sink in. How he simply tried to refuse on if he saw blood pooling near large things of rubble, or if it was perhaps spilled coffee. (He knew what it was but he was just so scared that he coulnt stand the thought of it.) So after near seconds he suddenly found himself running down the street panting heavily as he tried desperately to go rejoice with his family. Much to his surprise it didnt take long at all, what normally took him 30 minutes to an hour, seemed to take no less the 20. He would have been very happy if it went for all the rubble he had to pass and the screaming he heard as he ran home. God he hoped they were fine, he wasn't sure but he repeatedly said prayers in wishing they were well. 

He finally reached his home, were all the family had been living and he happily enjoyed the warm food, and comfort of everything he could ever truly need. He nearly broke down crying as he stumbled into the building as he saw his mother in a fit of hysterical crying and his whole family huddled in the furthest rach of the house crying becuse they hadn't know who all lived or died that day. It ranged from people they hadn't known, to people they knew as close neighbors and friends. Regardless it was heartbreaking, but once all had calmed down in the Szpilman household they informed Wladyslaw that the british air raid were supose to come and save them all.

That was over five weeks ago and since then Wladyslaw Szpilman had accidently gotten separated while being chased around by Nazis like he was some dog to be played with. They didn't hurt him just bruise him s little and tell him go home. When he did he was escorted to a ghetto, a diffrent fhrtyo from were hid family was and this sent him into hysteria. He screamed out and cried until there was nothing left in him.

It went on like this for a solid month before he defifed to run off with what little he still owned.


Stray bullets, Nazis, dogs, trains and half a country of an adventure of perll had lead him to his obstical/savor. A ship. It was a U.K. ROAL NAVY ship as he could read from the side. He could die if he gotten on that ship, but dear lord he just wanted out of fucking France alive. He had gone around Germany by going though the woods in the Cez. Republic for fucks sakes! So the ship looked very promising and he hopped into an escape ship still whith all his belongings in his small suit case that he grew to love on this journey, considering it held a lot of food in an apartment he made himself.

Beside of this all, it feet...odd for once he laid down flat in the escape boat he fell asleep. A much more pleasant sleep than when he was actually in any of the countries...yeah this could be good for him.


He was uncertain of how long he was alseep for, but when he came to he noticed the ship had landed in englad and remembered sevral things in the follow order.

1. He barely knows any English at all. 

2. He's just know remembering all his clothes have a forced star of David on them, that say 'Jude'.

3. He remembered that he wasnt separated from his family, they exchanged numbers for calling.

4. When the Nazis chanced him like a dog they left more than bruises on his fair skin...and he thinks the burn is slighy infected now, and a variety of other things his mid keeps blacked out for now.

With all of those thoughts out of the way, he stumbles quickly off the ship and proceeds to rush away from the ship yard finds a warehouse to relax in before deciding to shave his new beard that he loathed. He was thankful he knew the basics of shaving and how to make his face soft again. He was also thankful for his hand mirror, that he defantly didnt steal after seeing it get through away. All in all he enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere the place has to offer, he had even began to eat some stail bread he owned! Yes this was better than he expected, and went rather smoothly to.

Nothing, and I mean nothing could ruin it now.

"Get the fucking crate and put it in the truck! Just becuse thers a fucking war going on dosent mean we stop selling!" The sudden interruptment casted Wladyslaw to jump from his spot near his pail of water wich intern got knocked over. "Shit." He regrets saying that still. "Shhh, shh... did ya hear somthing??" Fuck now it was time to go.

He grabbed his bag and humbly left his stail bed as he quickly and quietly left the way he came, an old worn out door. This sudden heartbeat that made it hard to breath and walk forced him to stay near ally ways and hope for the best. He was uncertain of when he suddenly began to hold a wall for support, or even when the woman showed up but he did know that he shakily said "Yes, yeth..." before his eyes closed compleatly, a black void devouring him as he slumped agenst the staring woman.


Ada Shrbly Thorn was walking home after work one day when a young man caught her attention, it wasnt his clothes,(Not really considering he held a patch on his left arm.) But the way he was acting as if he was going to pass out. But he seemed to be acting more like Thomas did when he came back from the war, panic and confused while holding his chest.

"Pardon me sir, but do you need help?" He gave a bank look one she knew all to well from her brother, and all she needed was that stair to really know what possible hell's the man had gone through. And after a few moments he gave a shaen yes, in a very heavy thick accent that dhd couldn't quite place, and then fainted agenst the wall. One thing was certain however she couldnt take him to her brothers, becuse he had the most uncanny resemblance to Luca Changretta, whom is dead now, but this must have been his doppelganger.


Wladyslaw Szpilman woke up without any shirt on and his body sore, and tight arm burning. When he looked over at it he saw it had bandages, but he couldn't rember from what, he marked it aside as he quickly noticed that he was in a pleasantly comfy bed, and a very pleasant home. What he also noticed was that a woman had entered with somthing that smelled amazing. "Good morning! I'm glad your up, and I hope you like this." He wasn't sure of how to reply, the food looked grate but damn he couldn't speak ant English.

"Errrmmm...a ya...Dziękuję Ci bardzo...errmmm...Da...Dank jooo very mmmuuuuchhh." His face felt red and hot as he tried hard to translate "Thank you very much" into English of sorts for her. He then pointed at himself and said, "Wladyslaw Szpilman." He held out a hand for her to shake and there must have been an issue with his brain becuse he fidnt recall sitting up. "Mine is Ada Thorne it's a pleasure meeting you, and you are free to stay here for as long as you want...although you need to work on your English." His face fell hot once more as he looked away before carefully going to work at the deformed crepe looking things and fruits, he also drank all the tea Ada gave him.

He was gonna like it here, that much he was sure of.






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It was 11:24 p.m on day one of Szpilman being at Ada's home. His heart was still pounding in his chest from time to time, yet things seemed more simple. He was quite proud of himself actually, mostly due to the facts of him having gotten out of bed and made his way down stairs, and whist doing so came across a young boy reading at the table. He could only assume the nice polite thing to do would be to say hello to the child, so he rummaged his thoughts for a few moments before trying to form the word in his mouth. "Halo, littal one." He was praying that the words he spoke sounded somewhat English, with this hope came the boy looking up from his book and tords the man. His eyes grew a little wide as staired directly at the man. "Who are you? And and why do you not have any shirt one?? Why do you have bandages on you?" So menay questions all of which he was unsure of how to properly respond.

"I em...Wladyslaw Szpilman und I em currently staying ere." He had hoped this broken sounding english would held the boy understand, but it compleatly backfired seeing as he ran off yelling "MOM!!! Their's a weird German man in the house!!" Wladyslaw dwlt very offended so he yelled out to the boy, "Jestem Polakiem! nie pieprzony niemiecki*!" This only fueled the boys confusion as he went to search for his mother.

"Karl! That's our guest, and hes far from being german, my goodness I would have thought you were better than this." Szpilman looks nervously tords Ada who held a stobg concern on her face for the fact of Szpilman looked a bit distort from her sudden raise in her voice. "Hey now, it's alright, he's just well...quick to judge at times." As she uttered the remains of her sentence, he let out a breath he was unaware of holding as he began to lightly sniff and make an odd face. "I-it's fin...nearly an accident is all." He realized his eyes had began to water as he silently teared up from the sudden shock. Why on earth was he crying from her raised voice?

With his thoughts swimming around in his head he also began fidget with his hands while looking down, this didnt last long seeing as Ada was quick to try and calm him. She did what she used to do with John way back when, simply place her hand on his shoulder and give it a small rub and slowly pulling him into a warm embrace. This however did the opposite whith Szpilman, it had him outright bawling his eyes out and pulling her close to him. "Oh geazz... I wasn't expecting this, Hey now its okey just cry it out." And cry it out he did, until he was a snibbling mess and hastily apologizing for his behavior. "Its fine, my brother did the same thing and are probly relapsing from time to time...they were involved in the finel days of the last war but boy are they fucked in the head."

The way she spoke about her apparent brother made him giggle some, a small smile had apaeed on his face. "I dank you Miss Ada, I've just been through a lot is all..." He suddenly moved away from her and looked around for a few moments. "I think I should one day introduce you to Thomas, I think you two will get along," She had walked over to Szpilman and was now leading him to a room, no, a bathroom with a tub, shower, all of it. 'Damm how can anyone afford this?' Szpilman though. "But for now, you need a bath if your gonna be staying her with me, I'm gonna help you today becuse you are bloody bruised, and I dont need you hurting yourself." He gave an understanding nod as he leaned against the sink for a few moments as she prepared the bath. 


"Nie*...Nie...NIE! I dont need that's!" Ada was currently regretting bringing this man into her home, he was in fact worse than a child. How? Well some parts she understood like wanting privacy while getting into the tub, grate she left for that. But he couldn't move his arms hardly and would whince when trying to wash his very dirty hair, skin...he was just filthy really and looked like a vaguely taken care of tramp. He had stubble which looked like he was trying to clean himself but failed it was rushed, his skin was a hideous coulor from dirt build up and his overall hygiene was severely lacking. Did he not have running water from his home? Probly not maybe it was shut off by the horrendous Nazis.

"Just let me wash your hair and scrub your skin! If I let you do it your gonna hurt yourself or do a poor job." She didn't like the way he clenched, but she also didn't  like people not being clean, so she took up being struck and raising her voice at him. She knew he had been through hell and back again, but damn he needed to be clean. "Look just let me clean you up and then I'll let you....let somthing we'll get to that point later" Szpilman lowered his body into the tub more so she could properly wash his maddened and tangled hair. After she rinsed it out he gently and carefully washed, scribbled and sometimes rubbed his bruised skin which as it was being washed began to get a light pinkish red tent to it from the sudden irritation. "Dont worry I'll give you some lotion, and it'll help you okey." Her voice soothed him grately in this trying time for him and he gave a nob before speaking. "Tak, wydaje się to w porządku.*" 

And he was fine until she had to go over scaring, and one of the few things that would keep him up at night. He had obtained sevral scares over the two years of the nazi invasion, and even more form his last year in the ghetto, and his parells of coming to England. But amounts the small cuts and scares was the most horrific thing Ada had seen. 

The star of David had been burned into his skin and had began to get infected and puffy. She had gotten un-infected the previous days before he woke up, but it still made her sick to look at it. "What did you do to deserve this cruel punishment?" Her fingers lightly taced the outline, which was on the back sholderblade and still hurt. "I wals a jew...they dont need anymore reasons other than that to torment you and watch you suffer." It might have been her weekend heart, or her empathy, but when he spoke she nearly teared up. His eyes had shoun brightly, with a look of death and he looked completely dead when he spoke.


After his bath Ada did as promised and gave him some lotion wich helped him grately, but she also helped him properly shave the small stubble off his face and he was so happy and giddy about being clean. He looked like a happy young man again, 'This must have been what he normally looked like before the war' Ada thought to herself as she attempted to leave him to his own devices. Along with this she had also washed his clothes and he was now in some brown pants, with his suspender on over his simple white dress shirt. He held a small shine in his eyes as he happily walked around following Ada once more.

"Care to help me cook?" 

"Tes, I would love too."

"Well your english is pretty decend I suppose...still needs work though."

Szpilman looked down at what she was making and his face whent from a small smile to a sudden drop. 


"Yes, I promised Karl I'd make it this weekend, and I have some co-workers who-oh." Relization hit her 

"I'll help you make it but I'm afraid I cannot eat it." 

"That's understandable it's a small one nonetheless so it'll be fine."

"Thank you kindly." Was all he uttered as the two began to silently prepare dinner and he slowly adjusted to civil life once more. He was going to get use to this, was going to work through it but it would take time.



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A month, a sold month is how long Szpilman had been staying in the Thorn household. It was quite pleasant, very nice and relaxing, and sometimes boring due to the large absence of a piano. Aside from that he found sevral ways to occupy his time and help keep his mind steady and not all over. 

So he had made himself a scedural by the second week, which went as following{yes he wrote this all down}


Monday-Don't do much, take it easy from the night before. Just wash up, do your own laundry, and practic English.

Tuesday-Sweep, just sweep and help Karl when he gets home, then go finish your prayers{we do this all the time, no one can stop us now!!}

Wednesday-dust, if thier is anything to be dusted if not, then do the laundry to help Miss Ada, and make afternoon tea{why they have a spicel time for tea?? Also miss Ada is off on this day normally:) } go shopping with Miss Ada too.

Thursday-mop, practic English{we do this everyday at some point rember} later make dinner/help with dinner...take a nap these day due to being tired.

Friday-Therapy?? I'm not sure Miss Ada just told me to not do anything on Friday and relax in a bubble bath{She's very wealthy if she can afford all of this!} So do this and write in the book she gave me.{Its under the bible in the suitcase rember}

Saturday/Sunday- pray on sunday, relax more on Saturday...tray and talk about horrific dreams and my faces and sores from my paralles. Use the things Miss Ada gave you and stop feeling like a burden Talk to someone, maybe go drink some tea, call that random number you found in Warslaw?{it's the only nice soldier we found out, the one who gave us the coat that we still have for some reason?? Move calls to Monday evening when alone so you can leave a message for him? No...yes? Maybe.}


From look at his list in the early mornings light that peaked through his curtains he gave himself a weak smile. The only part that he liked about the list was the last part about the soldier and his coat...even if he dis meet the soldier again, he wouldn't give the coat back any time soon, it was far to warm and comfortable! One question did pop in his mind however...what was the soldiers name again? He knew what it sounded like and knew it but couldnt quite place the syllables or how to properly say it in his mind. *Knock**knock* a sudden light knocking had him doing one of two things, shoving the list under his pillow, and the sitting up in bed. "Yes??"

The door slowly creaked open revealing a fully dressed Ada with her hand bag in hand and a sorrowful look in her eyes as she walks over to the bed. "Hey Szpilman, I'm sorry but I have to go to work everyday now for the rest of the new month...I just took off wednesdays last month to help you." Szpilman was shocked by her words, be wanted to say something but all he could do was nod his head. 

"Thatz fune Miss Ada, but we still need groceries?" He knew this was a dumb question but it didn't stop him from asking. "Yes I'm afraid that we do need just a few things, but karl is at school and I'll be at work so...why dont you do it all by yourself today see how you do?" He began to give a pouted smile but agreed to doing this anyway.

"I'm very proud of you, now be good and afterwords come home and relax my little jewish boy." The way she called him her Jewish boy made his face go red and his lips turn upwards in a smile. He didnt have a crush on Miss Ada he just wasn't that use to affection anymore so what little he got made him act silly.


"Otay! Let's see...what the hell do I wear." This was a true task to accomplish. Not that he didnt have clothes to wear, he had some...he just well, all of them had the patch sewed into the fabrics(if they didn't have the star the needed papers and yeah... no a star is easier.) So he had to dig for a few things but found a simply gray outfit and tossed it on. "What's my color plait today...gray, just like my life...HA!" He began to lightly giggle at the very poor joke about how his life was meek and gray toned, how thier wasnt much color in it anymore but thier wasn't. 'I'm unsure of which is more concerning, my sence of humor, or my depleting mental state...' well at least he was self-aware of his depleting mental state. 

"Okey focuses, we must function as a member of society liiiii-AAAAHHHH!" A rather loud sound could be heard from down the street and it made Szpilman scream out in fear. "PIERDOLIĆ*!" His hear was racing and he felt very cold, like all the life had been drained from his body and was suddenly shaky on his legs. "P-pierdolić...I must sit." His breathes had began to come out in rushed uneven pants as he tried to calm himself down. He succeeded in distracting himself as he began to get dressed in a rushed manner, wanting both to be out on his own, but to also stay inside and not hear those sounds again. 

"O-otay...I have done the chores for today, and tea wont be an issue becuse I'm alone, yes alone...just like in Warsaw, no...yes...No! Nothing like Warsaw!" God he felt like crying, he looked like a mess. Yes he was dressed and looked good and presentable, but even with fixing his hair back again he still looked like a mess. How? Well he still had a bruise on his neck, and part of his lower left cheek that fisnt hurt anymore but was aggravating as hell. And he had just had a crying session to himself from the noise he heard, and his eyes were now bloodshot.

"I'm fine! I'm fine, why must I cry at such silky things as noise and sound and oh dear god! I should've just stayed thier in fucking Warsaw!" The little voices in his head began to get overwhelming, he couldnt breath and was panicking from such silly things. The voices, when had they shown up? The panic, when did he not have it? The overwhelming dread and realization that his life should've ended back thier in warsaw, how he should've joined his friends and family in the afterlife but instead chose to runaway like a scared child. 

'I'm worthless, I can't keep living like this!' 

'Like what you have a good home and seem fine to me, what about your dear friends in Warslaw? Your a king compared to them!'

'NO I'M NOT! I'm nothing but a burden on Miss Ada and little Karl...'

'Burden you are, maybe you should just go on with your life, leave her...I mean she missed so much work due to how week and panicky you are!'

'You jumped at a car back firing, that's just sad and pathetic much like your life.'

'I'm not sad or pathetic! I'm a stong jew, I'll show you!'

'If your so strong you would've stayed to help your family not not runaway like a scared child begging for his dead mother...'

'Hey! Hey Szpilman it's fine your gonna get through this just breath becuse if you dont your gonna suffocate and pass out!'


"B-breath, how do I breath!?" Hitting his fist agenst the floor that he had slumped aguenst as he tried to rember how to breath. He soon somehow took in a deep cold breath into his lungs as he looked around the room. He was agents a wall by the dresser sitting on the floor and it was still mid afternoon and the sun was shining brightly. "What did I need to do again? Oh..oh right shopping." He contemplated on evening stepping food outside after what had happened today, the whole ting wasnt new to him, but damn did it make him tired and paniced. {Even if it wasnt new, this particular episode was very new, and quite hard on his mental state.}


Going into public without protection was an awful idea. Not protection as in a gun, protection as in Miss Ada, without her to tell others to back off he was practically a sitting duck. But if he just keep walking he would be fine, if he just ignored the odd looks he got from people he'd be fine. But he was actually fine, he had gotten everything except the breads, and had to go buy some...champlain and wine?

"Pardon me sir, I need two loafs of bread, one with dried fruits the other plain sir." the bakers was nice and calm, not much bustle and a very soothing atmosphere that pleased Szpilman greatly. And the Baker seemed more kind than the other people he had meet, he was tall, had a beard and wore a scarf. "Well not a problem mate! Say...your new arnt you?" 

"Em...yes sir, I come from Poland." "Poland! How the hell did you even get past Czechoslovakia?!" 

"I'm a talented man?" Szpilman said this in more of a confused tone more than confident, but nevertheless he was pleased to have meet such a nice and understanding man. "Well alright, hey mate, keep outta trouble dangerous city London is...also that'll be 50 pince, on the house for a fella like yourself." The man gave Szpilman a wink as he handed him the the now wrapped loafs. "Yes sir, will do sir an-gówno*..." he had dropped some of the change on the floor and was rather pissed about it. "Hey now leave it, the mice need to pay rent ya know." 

This odd comment made Szpilman chuckle loudly about what sorts of crazy things this man had also said to him during the afternoon. "Yes I supose they do...well have a good evening sir, I'll be sure to come back soon." Szpilman gave the man a fairwell, and the man gave his goodbyes as well. The bakery seemed normal, what Szpilman hadn't know was that the man was yes a Baker, but also while running a baker ran an entire still factory for rum and such things. 

"Onto the wine! Where the hell do I get that?" Szpilman said to himself quietly as he began to proudly walk down the streets.


How did his life end up like this? How exactly did he wind up huddled in an alleyway having a panic attack? Simple really he had just left fro. Getting wine, and had accidently bumped into someone who was having a sample of what he assumed to be bourbon. While bumping into him the drink spilled and the man roughly, and loudly yelled at Szpilman. "You fucking idiot! Look you've ruined me best fookin suit!" The skock of the mans voice made him freeze and blankly stair at him fear. Yes Szpilman was a bit taller than this man, but hight doesn't mean shit when your scared out of your mind. "S-so sorry sir, I can perhaps just be on my way then?" Szpilman offered to the man, who must have been smarter than he looked. "Fucking Jewish aren't you? Came over here to take what little we have have huh? Well you have best get out of my sight before I tear you a new hole...or rip the one you have." 

Szpilman felt could feel tears pricking in the corners of his eyes as he practically ran out of the shop. He ran for some time before ducking into an alleyway and crying, while hyperventilating some. The man was frightening yes, but he had triggered some awful memories from Warslaw. How somthing similar had happened, but how he hadent gotten off so easily that time.


"An accident! You want me to believe this is a fucking accident you God damn jewish bitch!" An SS soldier along side some random Nazi had decided then would be a grate tim to trip Szpilman and make him fall into a Gerneral. He hadn't harmed the general, or anything really. Just simply bumped into him and was now profoundly apologizing to him. Unfortunately this man wasnt having any of poor Szpilman apologizes. "You damn juden are the reson this country is up in practical flames!" Szpilman let out a gutrenching cry as another harsh kick landing in his stomach. His body was burning and he was so cold at the same time, cold yet burning. "I agree with him! You juden are a problem, I wouldn't be here if it went for you!" The SS soldier joined in on the 'fun' as they called it. Kicking him, spitting on him, overall humiliation before forcing him to stand on wobbly feet. 

"Ah...such a sham, I'd love to have those lovely lips wrapped around somthing of mine...wouldn't you agree?" Please god let him die here or send him a miracle for he doesn't want to be alive or even concise if theh do those things to him. "Yes I agree, but just look at his pretty face! Like a lady's face almost, much prettier than anything I've seen." Fuck no, please god no! "Please don't, please I didnt mean any trouble, just let me go please." The two men bang to laugh hysterically as the General suddenly through Szpilman down onto the ground. "I know you don't, be we do...we mean lots of trouble for you juden." Another sharp kick to his lungs had him whizzing and silently crying.

"You two what are you doing!" A third voice made itself known to all three men and the SS soldier sudden ran off, he didnt get far due to a sudden gunshot ringing out through the air. "I said what are you doing." The general paniced and began to speak in german as he soon quickly walked off. Szpilman prepared himself for the worst of it to come. "Hello, I know your not alright, but are you able to walk?" Szpilman looked up to meet a captain and couldnt stop crying. The captain must have taken pity on him or somthing becuse he was kind enough to lead him back to Szpilman's home, and even gave him his own uniforms coat. "Mr. Wladyslaw Szpilman, please be safe, not everyone is like me." The name of the man was....was....


"Wilm Horsenfild...he gave me a coat...he was a kind man." He wasn't even sure what had happened, he was now facing the front door of Miss Ada's home, groceries in the basket and hand on the doorknob. "How did I get here? When did I start walking?" He wasnt sure, but he was however certain that it was now cold, and he needed warmth. 


"Szpilman how was the trip?"

"It was well...not many people were nice though..."

"That's understandable, but I'm glad you didnt run into to much truble."

'Go on, tell her about the panic attacks and the nice baker man!'

"The baker man is very nice, gave me a discount on account of me being from Poland...made horrible pins though." 

"Ah, you meet Alfie, hes a jew you know! But he's more russian than anything" did she just say russian?

"I beg your pardon Russian? He's far to kind to be Russian." Ada looked over at him for a few moments before opening her mouth to speak. "I was going to say somthing but then I realized that the Russians are in evolved in the war now..."


"Well aside from the bakery, did anything else happen today? Think of somthing neat to tell me?" Neat? Tell her?

'You blubbering fool, she means your past! Tell her you played piano for a living...tell her about at last one dirty secret... how you loooovvvveee m-'

"I can play piano, and did that for a living professionally back in poland, even went on the radio, played at balls and banquets everything!" His eyes had grew wide and he said this all very fast and rather loud.

"Well...that's very lovely, but erm...are you allright when you said that you looked paniced." 

Shit, he wasnt expecting that. "Yeah...yeah just, thoughts are...bad today." 'Yeah really bad if you rember that damn german capint you thought was just soooooo hot.' 'Shut it, he was very attractive in my blinded eyes...and besides he was nice to me.'

While Szpilman was zoned out Ada had came over and placed a small kiss on the temple of his forehead, her having wore lipstick as per normal, left a mark on his head. "W-what? What was that for?" She smiled and ruffled his hair like she would with Karl or one of John's kids. "Its just somthing I do when kids are silly, and right now your a silly kid." He was young but damnit he didnt need to be called a kid all the time he was 27! 

"Y-yeah just didnt know is oll..."

He wasn't sure if he could fully get use to this, maybe he could maybe he couldnt but he would have to learnt to deal with his mental state before going out again.





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The day was a Friday, Szpilman loved fridays becuse on those days he took long warm bubble bathes that soothed his skin and let his whole body soak in the nice warm liquid. "Ahhhhh, this is the life." He had was his hair wich was now fairly shorter than it was when he originally showed up in england, he even put it back in its usual place and it felt nice. (Link at the end should lead to his hair cut that he currently has) The bubble would rub agenst his skin and he felt so smooth and silky, and the overall feeling of both water and bubbles made him feel so at peace. 

"Mmmm...I should probably get out and get ready for the day." And so he begrudgingly sat up from the tub and began to drain the now rather cold water. As he did this he slowly got out of the bathtub and began to dry his now clean skin off. He quite liked his skin, quite liked how smooth and silky it felt. "Ah, my beautiful skin still littered with scares but still pretty." Well now at least he was very positive about things today, having himself a better day than normal.

"Well time to go put some clothes on." And put on clothes he did, he looked like he was going out on the town from what he put on...well it was very cold outside that day, so he had goeen fully dressed in his dress shirt, vest, coat overcoat, slacks, and socks he even put on his scarf. "I might look silky but I'm warm!" Silly he did look, but oh how warm he was. So with him being warm, he decided to go read his book, which he dug out of his suit case and began to walk by the hally downstairs when he heard the phone ring.

Not wanting to be rude he answered the phone, and when he did he was suprised by the voice on the other end of the line. "Errm...Hello, is there a Wladyslaw Szpilman in the house I could speak too?"

The phone having been in the office wich had a chair, was somthing Szpilman had never been so grateful for, seeing as he promptly sat down and began talking to the man on the other end of the line. 

▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎the whole phone call▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎

"Why yes, this is him, and who might this be" he knew who it was but still.

"Wilm Horsenfild my little jew! I had two miss valls from you and wanted to make sure your safe."

"Yes Wilm I'm safe I was just having some episodes and could only rember jour number."

"Perfectly reasonable...but when had your English become so good??" 

"Over a month in england and not learn english? You must have gone mad Wilm!"

"No not mad...just sad." His voice audibly changed as he uttered this to Szpilman. 

"Why are you sad?"

"They want to force me to resign from the position of capten and take a vacation...I've been in poor mind since you left."

"Are you sure it's not your wife?"

A broken voice was all Szpilman could hear after he said this.

"Ves...ves it is mine wife! She left me!"

"Oh I'm could always secretly come over here! Change your name...and your job and things...we could open a bakery."

"What is it with you and pianos and baking?"

"I like sweets and using my fingers is all."

"Oh I bet your a grate cook."

"Eh...its edible...but I like my cooking."

"Oh I know...but do you ever miss me?"

"Yes I do, you were my little light of hope while in Warslaw."

•••They continued to talk with one another about sevral random things, how the day was to what had happened to one another in a months time. Szpilman was quite happy, what he didnt know was that Ada had gotten home an hour early and had stopped outside the door of the office, happily listening in on Szpilman's conversation. Just becuse she had gotten married and was a good person, didnt mean that she wouldn't eavesdrop.•••

"Well yeah that's fine Wilm...but is there anything else?"

"Yeah, are you alright? Any episodes or problems? Anything happen that I wasnt able to to help with?"

Szpilman's heart broke, he felt his pulse slow and tears prick in his eyes. God yes, he had to menay problems, and was still so broken. And god the amount of times before and even after he knew Wilm, he was always being hurt.

"Y-yes... oh god yes! Wilm, wilm I've been hurt so much...they...theh burned me, put my star into my skin and laughed when I screamed! God Wilm all i keep praying for was for you to come in and save me...i always fucking pray for you..."

A slight visible silance washed over both of ther lines, or rather Wilms end was silance, but Szpilman was crying and suddenly slightly sniveling. Wilm through about what to do to help his dear little jew on the other end of the line. It then hit him, somthing he heard the polish people constantly sing when he was smaller and would have to travel there.

"Hej, tam gdzieś z nad czarnej wody

Wsiada na koń kozak młody.

Czule żegna się z dziewczyną,

Jeszcze czulej z Ukrainą.

Hej, hej, hej sokoły

Omijajcie góry, lasy, doły.

Dzwoń, dzwoń, dzwoń dzwoneczku,

Mój stepowy skowroneczku."

Szpilman's small snivels and crys began to come to a slowing halt as he heard a sweet and very soft voice at the other end of the line. He knew this song, it was a beautiful song that spoke of a man leaving his homeland to go and fight, he never realized this until much later though, he had ban to dislike it from the russian soldiers singing it...but it would always hold a good place in his heart and make him feel wonderful at times, mostly due to his mother having sang it. 

"Hej, hej, hej sokoły

Omijajcie góry, lasy, doły.

Dzwoń, dzwoń, dzwoń dzwoneczku,

Mój stepowy

Dzwoń, dzwoń, dzwoń

Wiele dziewcząt jest na świecie,

Lecz najwięcej w Ukrainie.

Tam me serce pozostało,

Przy kochanej mej dziewczynie."

Wilm voice sounded beautiful, how his voice quietly hit the notes like the softest tunes on Szpilman's lovly piano. How each little note and world became perfectly articulated, so he couldnt help but quietly join in as well.

"Żal, żal za dziewczyną,

Za zieloną Ukrainą,

Żal, żal serce płacze,

Już jej więcej nie zobaczę.

Wina, wina, wina dajcie,

A jak umrę pochowajcie

Na zielonej Ukrainie

Przy kochanej mej dziewczynie.*"

Szpilman slowly stopped singing as did Wilm, when both parties had stopped they felt an odd joy fill thier chest as one of them spoke.

"Your voice is beautiful, but please god be safe...I cant have my sweet baby jew going off and getting hurt."

'I'm his sweet baby jew?' "While I was still I  Warslaw you should have just cleaned me up and used me as a trophy...say I'm a very special jew."

" becuse zhen other would want you and no one can get near my jew unless they are especially nice...and no one really is over here."

Szpilman let out a small chuckle as he felt his body relax while listening to Wilm's voice.

"Rember that time I found you drunk? Drank my last bottle of wine? was the good wine to! It was for ceremonies!"

It was Wils turn to start laughing and yes he couldnt forget the one time he saw Szpilman angry. "Ves, ves, I remember...that was three months after I gave you my coat, came by to help you."

"Your so did you get caught up in the world you work in?"

A long silance on the line told Szpilman that Wilm was in deep thought. "I'm...I'm not sure how it all began just that one day I was a happy family man and then the next I'm in the Nazi party at the captain ranks."

"It brakes my heart knowing that we could have potential been good friends...maybe you could have come seen my sh-" Wilm cut Szpilman off with a very true statement. "I've already seen and heard you play the piano, you played it for me when I was watching over you..." "yeah...yeah I guess I did, huh?"

They both knew thier time on the line was coming to and end, both knew that if they wernt caful they could get into trouble so instead they gave each other a call back time and hoped for the best.

"I wish you luck Szpilman, if you wish to talk call me."

"Yes, I'll be safe Wilm, and you be safe too the Russians are getting bad as are the English or so I heard."

"I will...but I might take your what's the magic words?"

Damnit not this again...he calls him his captain one time while in poland and now that's all he wants to hear. "Good bye my dear little captain."

"You know full well were the same hight!"

"Goodbye Captain Wilm Horsenfild be safe please."

"I will...and goodbye Wladyslaw Szpilman, you be safe too my little juden friend."

With thier final goodbyes they had hung up on one another. Both being in a daze between reality and a clouded bison of euphoria. The feelings were mutual to a degree but they would be lying if they said they didnt have some sort of love for one another. Whether it had been a deep bond that made while in Warsaw, or if it was ment by faith that they meet. They weren't sure but damnit they lived one another's kindness and practly lived off of talking to one another...good the phone bill must be really high now for both of them.

▪︎▪︎▪︎Ada the small Shelby snoop▪︎▪︎▪︎

Szpilman happily exited the office after having simply stayed at the now hung up phone. A dreamy look in his eyes and a smile on his face as he exited and was greeted by a very particular sight. Ada had been downstairs looking up at him with a concerned look on her face. (Although we know what she was doing he doesn't) "Szpilman are you okey? I came home early and heard you on the phone then heard you cry, sing, and then talking again...most of it I didnt quite understand through."

His heart went from feeling nice and light to heaven and filled with dread. "It was errm...a...friend."

"What kind of friend?"

"Just a friend Miss Ada." He was acting to odd...too out of it for it to just have been a friend, and she wasn't ever there half the time so she never really knew what all he did. "Well is it a boy, girl, jew, polish, german, french what are they?" Szpilman began to tap his foot in an irritated manner as he heard her speak, a sudden need to drop this topic and move on from it filled his chest and made him feel more in control of himself. " dont need to know who they are, what they are, or what they do...all you need to know Ada is that they are nice." Ada knew patients, she had grown up in the Shelby household and had a troublesome husband, who gave her Karl...she knew patients. But just becuse she knew of it didnt mean she could hold her tongue for long, or that this sudden secretive outbrake made her blood boiled less. (Ah yes the Shelby temper...the worst kind of temper.) 

"I'm sorry...your living in my house for free...the most you do is clean and have mental breakdowns, and I get to wake up to that sometimes...just becuse I've had brother who've delt with this doesn't mean I like it." Her voice came cold and made Szpilman sudden confidence leave him compleatly. "Well I still have a right to a personal life."

"I'm sorry what?"

"I said. I. Still. Have. The. Right. To. A. Personal. Life."

"Once aging, my house, for free...for a solid two mothers almost...tell me who the fuck you were taling to." 


She couldnt help it, couldnt help the way she acted on instructive behavior for when she felt out of control. It was always either hit and yell, or cry and drink. This time it was hit and yell at the poor man before her. Once again she deeply regretted the after math of having pushed him agenst a wall to yell at him, but you can't just say, "Oh I'm sorry I did that, sorry I hurt your feeling, but let's go back to trusting me with you 2 mental disorders yeah?" that's not how life worked, and definitely not how life worked for Szpilman who had pleasantly of horrible experiences in his life, but when he felt too attacked and too overwhelmed by life. He would run off. How do you think he started piano? He would run off to his grandparents home to play thier and relax during the school weeks of being saddened and stressed. (Back then he had bad anxiety poor boy has always had issues.)

"You...your not nice." His voice came out chocked and broken sounding as his eyes began to tear up and she realized that having a temper wouldn't always get the answer you wanted...especially with Szpilman. "No listen...listen Szpilman I'm sorry I yel-" he made a sudden dash upstairs and was quick to lock his bedroom door as he tosses a thing if clothes, the coat, his other pair of shoes, his books and some other things into his suitcase and then ran. He ran out the door, practically drove down the stairs and out the door into the cold evening air. (He had obviously put his shoes on and hat, along with unlocked the door..)

"Szpilman wait! I'm sorry I did those things just come back we can talk it over!" He could hear her voice, but his body keep moving on it's own. His breathing circulated in and out and began to burn after a while, his feel keep hitting the sone path he was currently running on with his suitcase in hand. And he wasn't sure were exactly he was running to, only one place came to mind and that was the bakery. So he ran there, hoping for the best outcome all while having hot tears running down the side of his face.


"Sir? Mr. Alfie? Are you by any chance here?" Szpilman had gotten into the bakery, which was in fact open, but looked very dead and deserted. The once calm atmosphere was replaced with an oddly eerie one that made him frightened. "Ummm...Excuse me? Ezsuse me is anyone here?!" His voice came more loudly this time and seemed to gotten someone's attention seeing as a back door off the the side opened up and a man who wasn't alfie exited said door. "Who are you?" "I-I'm Szpilman...I came to see if I c, c, cold work h, yeeeeaaaa!" He was suddenly picked up with his arms bing squished and carried down into the dark basement like aria that held very little lighting that did scream "murderous and eerie death light." 

"Postaw mnie! daj mi spokój*!" Szpilman was visible panicking from not only trashing in the mans very stong grip, but also his overall way of dealing with a stranger seemed horrible. "Olly, What the actual FUCK! Are you doing to this poor boy? Brought him down here for what reasons exactly?!" He soon enough was placed on the ground once more, but was held in place by the man, who's name appeared to be Olly. "He wants a job."

"Job...I thought you were staying at Ada's place?"

"N-No...Niiiiiieeeeeee." his voice barely came out considering he was heavily sobbing and crying now. Tears steaming down his face as his eyes began to burn and his face turned red. His breathing came in short gasps and his nose was running as he tried sniveling at it. Nothing really worked through and he looked over all pathetic and was practically begging them to not kill him.

"Kill you? What the fuck are ye on about mate??" Alfie only got more loud crys in response and more sniveling. The sniveling however did become a proble once he started to uncontrollably hiccup and gag at some points. "Jesus fucking christ someone get this boy some water! I dont need him throwing up all over in my fucking still room!" 


Alfie wasnt nice...Ada was but he didnt want to go back there yet. So instead he took his time sipping the water and listing to Alfies nonsense as he slowly began to feel very calm...a little to calm, like he had been given a mixture of things to make him calm. "What's in theh water?" Yep defantly a little too calm. "Oh dont worry, it's not poison, a mix of herbs and things to make you calm the fuck down." And it did make him calm down from crying but he soon found himself feeling sick once more and still having to empty the contents of his stomach. "Fuck it was supose to help you relax and sleep mate, not fucking pokeball over the place." He was puking in a bucket but damn Alfie was mean.


"Now one of two options now that your better and stay work, and basicly do as I tell you, or you leav and nevah eveh come back ere again unless it's for bread mate...and I'll take off that discount." Szpilman was too drained of life to care about discounts, to scared to stay, and to disoriented to even understand everything the man said to him. All he knew was it was either stay, or leave. He left and stabbed into the streets of London as he fanned himself with his hand. Yes it was very cold, wo cold infect that when someone took a breath, you could see their breath leav a fog behind in the air...but he felt a sudden wave of uncomfortable heat and fever was over him. Like the sun had been beaming onto his skin and was walking through a deserted wasteland rhar was also cold.


He didnt know how long he was walking for, how long he had began to feel disoriented, or even when the panic had stared but God it made him run all over the place like an absolute madman. He had been walking down the street when he felt a sudden uneasy feeling, so he picked up his pace a little more. This helped some but soon, once again someone had done somthing as dumb as simply screaming at someone else and then he heard somthing loud and painful to hear. 'I'm going to fucking die if I dont find someplace to stay!' He wasn't, but god his mind wasnt taking no for an answer and had him running full force into the nearby allys, streets, and even roads. 

So how exactly had he wound up faint out in the middle of a road and a car stopped infront of him? Simple really over exhaustion from having been panicking and also having became very ill from his uneven breaths and heartbeat. (It was normal was just beating to fast from his sudden panic attack)

The car that had stopped for him seemed nice and normal,nothing too nice or anything but then again he nearly had his eyes open and could fuzzily hear two to three voices emerging from the car. 

"Well who is the drunk fuck?"

"He isn't drunk Arthur, he's just barely conscious, doesn't even smell of anything besides...vanilla?"

"What kinda bloke walks around smelling like vanilla Thomas!?" 

"I'm not sure bu-" Szpilman had suddenly been turned over by this strang and mysterious man. But once he looked at Szpilman he felt his blood run cold. 'He looks just like Luca...but hes dead and this once barely conscious.'  Barely conscious and his breathes were pretty shallow as well. "Arthur come over here and help me him into the car! John puck up his suitcase."

From what little Szpilman saw he could tell one was very tall and has a mustache, the other very short and clean shaving with a stong smell of whiskey on him. And the third ones that he could tell more about was the one holding him. He had icey blue eyes that forced Szpilman's eyes open and look at him.  Wich he didnt mind except he was well...very unwell this day. "W-we...were em I? Who are you..." he managed to get a few words out of his mouth but not many. "Your in London, were going to take you to Birmingham to my house and were the Shelby brothers, I'm Thomas the one behind you helping you up is Arthurz the the one you can't see but can hear is John..." Szpilman gave a weak nod in response as he was suddenly hoisted onto his feet and was carefully guided to the car.

"Dont worry, well get some stuff in you make you fe-" 

"NIE! NIE, I, I dont need a-anything I'm fine, fine!" The brothers knew now why this odd man was in a street in London with the type of clothes he wore. He wasnt from there and had seen more horrors than all three of them combined and had been through much more than thomas could ever have nightmares of. "Hey no, no you like tea right? Earl Gray tea? Yeah? Yeah" Szpilman gave his head a few nods as a way to agree with the one called John who was trying to distract him and also help get him into the car(yes a three shelby job, getting him into the car.) "Okey well, I can make you some when we get home, and it'll be fine. Get you some tea and a nice warm bed...the whole works my friend."

By this time he was seated in the backseat next to Thomas who had apparently volunteered to sit by him on thier ride home to Birmingham.


"Okey right, left, right, left, right...left." arthur throught I would be a grate idea to tell Szpilman which feet to use to walk would help him inside of the very large mansion of a house and it did to a degree but arthur wound up practically carring the strange man inside. Once inside, thomas ordered him to go place the man into a bed, and then come back down and to have a talk amongst themselves. This of couce dosent take long when you have two mindedly intrigued and slightly nervous brother who want to know who this man is.

"So did anyone notice that he looks a lot like that itlain bastured?"

"Yeah, why we helping him if he looked like that Luca fellow...I mean he shot Michel for gods sake!"

"Yes well...he isn't and if you notice the star on both his scarf, and his coat jacket, hes in fact Jewish and might just have good english."

"But that dont make no sence would a jew get this mixed up over here and look that clean?" They all had valid arguments, but they were also all very tired that night, so cut the conversation off at "Hes a jew and well ask it later." Yes they called him an it becuse well..they didnt known what else to call him.

"Allrigjt goodnight Johnz you too Arthur be safe and dont go off and get high or drink, go home and go to bed!" Thomas wasn't sure why he bothered with them at times...but he was still thier brother and wanted them to be safe.


Out of all the rooms...all 14 guest rooms they dumped the jew in his own personal bedroom. Why? He didn't know, maybe they honestly didn't know, or maybe they did and this was revenge of some sorts. "Hey, hey you there move over your in my spot..." the man slowly opened his eyes again and then suddenly shot up and began to look around the room, looking as if he had either lost somthing or cheeking for safety. "W-where? What? What the fuck?" Thomas couldnt help the chuckle that came form him as he watched this very confused man panic some and try to get out of bed, only to fall backwards back onto the plush surface of this bed. "Hey now its okey, now I'm Thomas Shelby, I own this house and a business but I think I'd like you to work as a house this alrightz?"

Szpilman slowly gave a nod and then a small smile as he began to take his scarf and most of his clothes off leaving his slacks and dress shirt on of cource. "Tes...tes is fine...I'm Wladyslaw Szpilman, but go by Szpilman...I'm form Poland and yes...that's about it."

"I've heard of you, my sister said your a famous pianist from over there...if you were staying with her showed you end up halfway out of England?" 

Sister? His sister was Ada? "I'm sorry...your sister suddenly-" "suddenly yelled and attacked youz yeah that happened but she also told me that you wouldn't tell her somthing about an phone call...and as her big brothe rits my job to find things out."

"Hes a nice old friend who's polish and managed to get into a different area to call me and tell me hes safe is all."

"Alright...well come here, maybe you could help guide me through some nightmares while I fend off you as well." It was only then when the lap light went off and a warm hand placed itself on Szpilman's side that he noticed how Thomas' breath smelled heavily of alcohol. This thought made him sad, but maybe it was a drink to cope type thing, he want sure he was tired and still panicked about things. Yet...yet having this Thomas man by him how his hand rested peacefully on his side how there foreheads unconsciously touch when they were half asleep, and how they held one another in a odd embrace. An embrace that showed protection, they were protecting eachother while they sleep.

And oddly enough Thomas for the first night, in a very very long time hadn't had any nightmares and Szpilman sleep just a little better that night than most nights.

He liked Thomas, he could get used to him, in fact he ready was used to him after only meeting him for barely a few hours...yeha he liked this mans he really did.





Chapter Text

Szpilman slowly began to wake up with a sore body, and bitter tast in his mouth that seemed to have being lingering from the previous night. He lazily opens his eyes and was meet with a very dimly lit room, rather dark actually, dark and rather quite messy. He slowly sat up in the bed and noticed just how messy it really was in one specific corner of the room. There were papers all over the place, empty whiskey bottles, and a very dirty fireplace. "Good god, this is making me sick." It really wasn't but considering he had began a small clean freak after getting ot of Warslaw and living a while in england, yes he loved things to be clean and tidy.

He couldnt look at the mess anymore, and besides his stomach gave a very low growl as a way of showing that he obviously hadn't eaten in the past few hours. So he began to get out of bed and slowly walk tords the large wooden doors of the rather large room. "Why am I here?" He wasnt sure, and truth be told, could careless at this time. Instead he was to focused on a ver pleasant sleep emitting from downstairs that filled the house. A certain scent, that smelled both sweet, and rather amazing filled his nostrils as he slowly trailed down the stairs and followed the smell to a large kitchen. 

"Why good morning young man! Your just in time for afternoon tea." Afternoon? Had he really sleep until noon? That couldnt be good. "Em...yes, u supose I am awake now and ready for tea..but do you perhaps have coffee?" It wasnt that he hated tea, it's just they couldnt flavor it to his liking was all, so coffee suited him more.  "I'm afraid we dont have anything for coffee sir...but I'll inform one of the grocers to go get some next time he's out." Szpilman gave a small pout as he shook his head and ket his hands tap the sides of his legs in a rhythmic manner.

"That's quite alright, I dont mind tea, just wished for some coffee is all."

"Compleatly understandable mr..." The old woman paused a few moments while looking at Szpilman with a confused look on her face. Szpilman realized the sudden pause was from the lack of a name.

"My name is Wladyslaw Szpilman, I go by Szpilman."

"Oh! Your that famous jew that plays on the radio! My sisters told me all about you when she visited Poland, before the war that was."

This knowledge brought a smile to his face, he did enjoy that selcelt few people had in fact heard of him outside of his country, and even outside of Germany. "Here, eat some of this and go find a woman named Mary, she'll put you up for some work little one." What was people obsession with calling him little, or even kid? He once more was 28! Young, but still quite old.

"Yes miss I'll get to that stright away."


The amount of small pastries, and other things had filled him, along with a grate deal of tea, that was acutly really nice for once. So with a full stomach, he went on his oddly long and confusing journey of finding a woman named Mary. Whom, was very old looking and not the most pleasant thing to speak with. "Spilzmen, spillman, let's give-"

"I'll be keeping my name thank you, if you can say it call for a pianist I'll come."

"Well you have anything else other than working with pianos?"

"I know the basics of cooking, cleaning, I'm very good with children...but I mostly write and compose piano music, with the occasional lyric or two."

"How about you go, wash up, and you can be the new nanny for Charlie."

"But a nanny is a woman."

"Would you rather stand around in an uncomfortable suit and clean this house from top to bottom, or play with a four-year-old and make sure he gets his daily teachings."

"Let me go wash up and I'll tend to the child."

This was going to be a long, very long day for him. And he wasnt even sure on how to truly take car of children for long periods of time, he only ever played games with them. Well, theres a first time for everything right?


The shower went quick and Szpilman fixed his hair to look much more presentable. He dug through some clothes, before having the maid Mary bring him new clothes and told him that shed wash the clothes he ready had. So he dawned a white button up, with suspenders, a brown button up vest, and brown dress slacks, socks, and some simple black shoes, which just barely fit him. "You're not going to meet a child, not some overlord of England pianist."

"I know, but I would like to make a good first impression miss." Szpilman couldn't have cared if the boy was a child, it was good manners to dress nice for any occasion, even if the occasion was a first meeting. "Well, whatever makes you happy I supose, now come, come now, I must show you to the child's room, he was taking a nap but I supose we can wake him."

"Oh, no need miss, I can wait for him to wake on his own, just show me the room."

"Suit yourself." Mary, whom he felt a stong detached feeling tords, lead him into the hallway upstairs and they stopped at a door on the left side of the hall. "This is his room, little Charlie's...poor boy has all kinds of troublesome nightmares so watch him, oh before I leave...any questions?"

"Do you have a piano?" Mary lightly shook her head and gave a huff as a small smile came onto her lips. "Yes, it's in the study, which is downstairs to the left at the end of the hall." 

"Dank you miss Mary." "Anytime dear."

Maybe she was just a very stern woman, he had heard that English women were very strick and stern. Nevertheless, he seemed slightly more content with the new nickname of dear. With this in mind, he carefully made a few small knocks on the door before him, before slowly entering the room. Much like the rest of the house, it was spacious and dimly lit. What he wasn't expect however was just it looked. The boy's room, was painted a dull coulor of a saturated blue, the bookshelf held not menay books, and well, the room looked sad and pitiful. He had animals, and things yeah, but they did nothing but bring little coulor to the room.

A child's room, in Szpilman's opinion, should be a safe haven, a bright magical place filled with plenty to do, not be this sort of poorly made bedroom that made his homes in Warslaw, or any other place look better. 'This is just sad...well I know what I'm going to do with my first paycheck.' He was going to make this room a beautiful place, even if it took a while he would do it. He continued to look around the room, finding a chest filled with toys, realizing this is were all the money went, as well as his clothes. Which was good, but not that good. 

"DADDY!!" A sudden cry pulled Szpilman from his previous thoughts, the small child, no older than four had shot up in bed and was crying heavily as his sobbing became louder by the second. "Hey, hey now its alright, no need to cry." Szpilman wasnt sure on what to do, he didnt know the boys life, wasn't sure were the father was so he instead gently sat down on the bed and pulled the small child into his lap as he began to slowly, and gently rock him back and forth. "It's okey, hey it's okey, daddy will be home soon just me...he'll be back before you know it alright?"

"A-and I-if he's nnnnot?"

"Well, I'll just have to get him about that now wouldn't I?"

A small giggle escaped the boy's mouth as he brought his head from its spont on Szpilman's sholder to see who this new voice was exactly. "Your new..." was all Charlie said in a very small weak voice as he began to pat Szpilman's face, seeing its fractures and messing with his hair. Szpilman loved the boys curiosity, it reminded him of a much simpler time in life, one were he could happily walk home and eat in a good restaurant without having to worrie about things. But he was taken aback from his present memories as Charlie suddenly jerked his small hand away and looked down.

"I'm sorry, it's not nice to do that."

"Well...I dont knkw who told you that its wasn't nice, becuse I certainly didn't mind you playing with my hair, or touching my face....ho on, it's natural to be curious little one."

Chalrie seemed to have taken this as an invitation, and began to gently rub Szpilman's face, it wasn't until Szpilman felt small fingers tacing lines on his face that he realized what Charlie was doing. He was playing whith his small cuts that were noticable, and had played with his hair becuse he well...felt like it.

"What happened here?" Chalrie had sudden pulled his attention away from Szpilman's face, and tods the mans arms, which were little red with things taking their time to heal. "Oh...I got into some truble with some very bad men is all."

"Are you like my daddy then? He comes home smelling funny, and constantly talks to himself about how the bad men hurt him" the sudden sentence that left Charlie's mouth made Szpilman's heart hurt. Was his father Thomas? Perhaps John or Arthur...he wasn't certain but dear God he never drank unless it was a time for celebration. "No little chłopak* I dont do those things, instead I make things from my times of hurt and you know what these things are?"

"No, are they buniss deals?"

Szpilman gave a small chuckle as he moved Charlie to were the boy sat comfortably on his right knee, and spoke. "No, I'm very bad with those...instead I make music, and sometimes I make art."

"You can sing?!" The child's eyes lit up with so much joy that it made Szpilman smile the most he had in a very long time, it made him so happy seeing someone else as happy as he used to be.

" I don't sing much sadly...instead I play on the piano, I can play soft tunes, or fast notes, I move my fingers in a way none could comprehend. And when I paint, I make the most beautiful things one could only dream of, I make them seem as if they were looking into a window of another world."

Charlie's eyes lit up with a wonderful smile, he practically jumped off Szpilman's leg and began to lightly pull at the taller man's hand. A way of telling him to come one. "SHOW ME!!" was all Charlie said as he hurrily tried to pull Szpilman with him to the study with his mother's old piano, how it had began to look unused in the years of well...never being used. "Shouldnt we get you some lunch first?"

"No! I wanna hear you play."

"Hey now, you shouldnt say such demanding things to me Charlie, I am the adult here."

"Your right...I'm sorry Mr. Piano man."

"It's Szpilman, but piano man works then I'll play a few keys but then you have to eat understand?"

"Yes sir!"

Szpilman smiled as he slowly walked tords old piano, his hands ran over it and felt the latch, he lifted it up and propped it open as he fixed the stool to his liking. He starred down at the piano infront of him as he placed his feet in the correct places so he could properly, and quickly change the notes when he needed to. "Give me a song any song!"

"Fur Elsa!" "NO! I've played that one too menay about....this one!" 

*Szpilman's fingers came down in a slow yet elegant manner as they seemed to move to ther own recordings as he began to play each note carefully strumming each key as he played. The notes that filled the room seemed almost haunting and mournful as he played the piano, nearly forgetting about Charlie, but he hadn't and soon the boy spoke up. "Okey that's a very lovely talent you have! May we eat now?"

Szpilman assumed the song might have frightened Charlie, hence is why he had only gotten near seconds into the song before being told that he was hungry. "Yes we may go...and then afterwords we can do whatever youd like to do!" It didnt take chalrie long before he rushed off tords the dining room awaiting his lunch and Szpilman was quick to follow him, a small amount of sadness filled him as he left the piano, god he was going to play and finish that song and at least two more before he went to bed that day.


The day seemed to have sweep by, and time seemed have had no meaning in that day. Seeing as before long, it was time for Charlie to go to bed, and Szpilman found himself reading the boy a story and trying to get him to sleep.

"And thus Alice awoke up to have found that all those strang things that happened in Wonderland had really just been a silly old dream! Oh how happy she was, she could go see dina,her sisters, and maybe if she hurried she could make it back in time for tea! And just then, Dina, her eldest sister called to her, anocing just that! My, she certainly was going to write these things down in her journal that night."

"Is that all?"

"No theres another book, and sevral short stories and poems by Lewis Carroll...but yes that's all for tonight Charlie."

"Daddy hasn't come back home yet...and you said he'd be home before I went to bed...but hes not home yet."

"I'm sure hes just running behind is all, maybe hes with your uncles."

"No hes probly with some odd lady...he likes to go see ladies at night and then he comes home smelling funny."

"Well...I'll be sure to have a talk with him when I see him, but for now you need rest Charlie...come here." Szpilman leaned over and placed a kiss to Charlie's Templeton as he gave him a final goodnight and left the room. All he had to do now was wait a few moments before going to play that piano of his(yes hes calling it his now.)


Thomas arrived home at 10pm the whole house seemingly asleep and he felt like a dirty whore for what he just did, with a...whore...this aside he still had a need to drink, and it seemed that not even a drunk night with lizzy seemed to help his bad memories this day. It seemed that as he keep trying to mark them out, the longer he keep avoiding them, the more vivid and hard they came. He was currently in his office wich was just three rooms down from the study drinking heavily and smoking his heart out, all while trying to preoccupied his mind with paperwork. 

This had of course succeeded with only a few exceptions of just simply drinking more than anything. "My lifes a mess...and oh how I wish you could be here with me my I miss you so."

He knew whining about his dead wife wouldn't bring her back, going out every night And sleeping with either Lizzy or some other whore wouldn't help his loneliness.....and the drinking was absolutely horrible for his health, and he had Charlie to take care of, whom he never saw much anymore. God he loved his son, but just never really saw him much due to just how bad the memories were getting. It seemed like everyday could start out fine and normal, then halfway through he would be staring blankly at the wall stuck in the trenches once more. He could hear thier screams and feel the walls of dirt swolling him whole...he could hear the shovels, but he could also hear somthing else, a much more pleasant sound almost like a piano being played.

He sat back in his chair, whiskey glass in hand and cigarette in the ash try as he listened to a very faint yet relaxing sound. He soon realized the faintest sounds just wouldn't do, and so he got up and stumbled tords the study room as he carefully opened the door to see Szpilman playing elegantly on the piano. Thomas recognized a very solemn* tune playing from the piano, what kind of tune? He couldnt place a name even if he was sober so instead he took a seat in a nearby chair and listen to the shockingly peaceful performance before him. He watched as Szpilman's hands moved in a way that looked like he was just hovering over the keys themselves, how he barely touched them and they would then go makes beautiful sounds. 

Thomas watched in a contentment as the horried war memories slowly faded from his mind, and fade into somthing more than memories. The trenches began to slowly fade and the sounds of yells and screams began to die out into a light chattering of people murmuring and glasses being clinked together. His sore body and shaken hands soon began to feel light, and he felt as if he was going to propose somthing.

The peaceful sounds of the piano putting his mind at ease as he envisioned himself in a concert hall, listening to the piano play peacefully. And now, instead of the awful memories of war plaguing him, he was now suddenly plagued by much more pleasant and calm ones. But he was soon brought to his thoughts as the music faded out slowly and then stopped. He waited for a few moments, debating on if he wanted to even open his eyes, but soon enough a new stream of keys began to play.

A loud low note filled the air, before a slow stream of low notes began to play. They were very quite soft and seemingly peaceful, he enjoyed every bit of it as he leaned back into the large chair more, his whiskey glass long forgotten as he was entranced by the almost hypnotic music that filled his ears and soothed his torchured soul. He did however begin to sit suddenly and lean over legs as the notes began to pick up pace and become a mix between high and low notes. His heart began to beat faster, he could feel a sort of anticipation build up inside of him as Szpilman's hands moved at an almost inhuman pace as the music went from very light and joyful to a suddenly almost dark song.

Well, thomas thought it sounded dark, it hadn't it was just very loud and the low notes did things to his mind. He was however very glad when the jets switched back to thier original soft sounds, how they were soft, but harsh and could be heard. The odd mix between light and dark almost, as if the keys were two people dancing and he was watching the display before him. It felt as if his world was coming lose around him, he felt like he was in a sudden game of he needed to relax but this performance and the notes wouldn't let him relax, they needed him on the edge of his seat for this. 

So he sat on edge as all of the seemingly pleasant things were replaced with still very pleasant ones, but these were much more...Intense and oddly lonely. He knew he wasn't alone, but as he listen to the keys, he felt an odd dread wash over him as he looked at Szpilman. The loneliness was still there but less so, he knew the song was probly a very, very difficult one to play, and he felt as if this was the story of his life written in a simple yet complicated piece of music. And dear god did he feel wave after wave of emotions hit him. Sorrow, guilt, anger, sadness, loneliness, and even some amount of joy filled his being as he sat with a suddenly slight bounce in his leg as he listen to what was a practical rollercoaster of a ride for him. The keys would go from being slow and sensible, to fast and loud.

Thomas barely even believed that this man was playing infront of him, and was even more supried that how when he thought the song had ended, it had picked back up in a more slow, soothing manner. It was only then, right then that Thomas allowed himself to drink thr rest of his glass of whiskey, and then slump back into the chair, a small sigh escaped his lips as he waited a few moments to see what else the man would play. And was pleasantly surprised by the sudden transition from a stream of keys that made him almost anxious. To the calm* slow movements of the keys as Szpilman moved in a very orderly manner. His fingers once more, simply brushing agenst the keys and make such a beautiful sound, and it was only now that Thomas realized the odd feelings of that began to bubble inside of him. He felt the same way when Grace used to play the piano, how he would intensely watch her play as she would help him forget the war. 

And these new thoughts(how meany was he going to have?) Were odd ones to say the least. He felt like he was once more in a concert hall, but instead of in the audience he was behind the curtains, and off stage. So close yet so far from Szpilman as he would listen to him play his songs. He could honestly see this happening as well. Szpilman would adorn a spacious tuxedo with an elegant bow tie that seemed to have elegant patterns on it. He would have a dimly lit spotlight on him as he played for a crowd of people, whom would be mesmerized by this sheer talent he owned. And Thomas? Well...he would be off in the side, in his tuxedo as well, waiting for him to finish and he did like this he needed to change his imagination to somthing more comfable.

He would have a small ball, Szpilman would play piano for his guest and still adorn that lovly tuxedo, as would thomas andittle Charlie. Everyone would love this strange unknown pianist who seemingly poped out of no where, and Thomas would stare at Szpilman the whole night. A loving gaze in his eyes much like the one he unknowingly had right now. God this song made him feel like he was falling in love with someone all over again, what kind of magic did this man hold? 

The music went on for what seemed like hours, and Thomas by no means complained one bit about the lovely music that once more, soothed his broken torchoured soul. And he had neay fallen asleep before that is the music cut off and he was met with the sounds of Szpilman putting the latch down and pushing the stool in, and then kf course there was the lines of "Mr. Thomas...when had you arrived home?"


Szpilman had snuk down the stairs earlier that night to play the piano once more, he was happy with being able to play not one, but three songs the last one having been the longest though. He hadn't minded, he was content and happy, seeing as all he had left was his love for piano and the occasional call from Whilm...his family was probly long dead now, and his friends had been murdered so this was the final love of his life, and he did know that it wouldn't leave him ever. 

So with finishing hisbfinal peace Clari de Lune he stood to stretch his legs and pop his fingers some, before closing the hatch(it was more of a lid) on the piano, and then as he went to go and leav the room, he saw a familiar face. It was Thomas, he must have been Charlie's father. "Mr. Thomas...when had you arrived home?" It was a genuine question, but Thomas looked confused yet...almost peaceful, as if he had just been out on a cloud and was just so, so happy and content looking as he held a small gleam in his eyes and a smile on his face before getting up.

"Since ten. Didnt know you could play, enchatedly? I'm uncertain of the words to use but it was truly amazing, all three pieces were beautiful." Had Thomas really just used those words to describe his piano playing? Yes he had, and the way he spoke about it made Szpilman feel all bubbly and happy as he found himself looking down from Thomas. He could feel his cheeks beginning to heat up as the words sunk into his mind.

'He said that you enchanted him! This handsome fella really sat through almost an hour of our playing!!'

Yes, yes thomas had, and Szpilman felt wonderful about it all, he might have held an involuntary blush on his face but damnit he couldbt help but feel a rush of happiness bubble through him. 

"I take it you really enjoyed those complements huh?"

"Tes Sir, I did...dank you."

"When was the last time you had been properly competed?"

"Four...maybe three years ago?"

"Well play beautifully, and that final song made me feel as if I was falling in love all over again. Whith who? I'm not certain but I felt love, and for one night, in a long while of nights....i havent felt lonely or scared of the saved me from myself Szpilman, and I thank you, now head to bed."

Szpilman was speechless as he looked ar Thomas, he couldnt help the brink that spread acrossed his face as he let a few giggles out of his mouth before giving a quick nod and rushing off to his own room(during the day, he had moved from the messy room, to a much cleaner and a little smaller room) were he prepared to get ready for bed, but instead found himself in his pajamas and wrapped around a blanket thinking of all those amazing things Thomas had spoken to him. God he felt wonderful, he wished he could get used to this on a daily basis, he knew he would....all he would have to do was calm his broken soldier from time to time.

Maybe he could play at one of Thomas parties, or social gathering? Maybe even teach Charlie to either paint or draw...yeah, those sounded good to him, very good. 






Chapter Text

Wladyslaw Szpilman had been working in the Shelby household for little over four to five weeks now. He had learned a grate deal of things in that time such as the following.

  1.  Thomas Shelby is in parliament 
  2. His wife, who was Charlie's mother was shot.
  3. He is of Romanian origin 
  4. Has sever mental issues Thomas dose
  5. Accendtly learned this man has a gang
  6. He dose, but dosent like Jews...its mixed feelings.
  7. Charlie hates his room
  8. The house staff find Szpilman odd.
  9. There is talk of Nazi Soldiers being imported from germany/poland to be interrogated.

Szpilman had hoped with all his being that Hosenfild wasn't one to have been captured, and if so, he hoped he would be alright. And he felt horribly sorry for Thomas and Charlie for having to deal with such a loss, he must have loved that woman with his whole being. Seeing as he had a habbit of talking about her a lot.

Thomas also seemed to sometimes despise the fact that he was Romanian, Szpilman couldnt always understand this man's odd mood changes but oh well, he would just have to be patient and work through it, as you do.

But as of right now however, he found himself internally panicking, not becuse of his piano music, no...Thomas had arranged a party of sorts for his fellow men at parliament, and the party was tomorrow night. Szpilman hadn't played infront of so meany people in a while, and he wasn't quite sure how he was going to do this. But seeing as he was informed of this party sevral weeks prior he was happy to make music, but theh had also hired a band. "What's the point of me playing the piano if you hired a band Mr. Shelby?"

"Well, the part is going to start in the late evning, about mid afternoon, and then the band will leave. Then your gonna show everyone that beautiful talent of yours." Thomas spoke calmly when he talked about this all. He seemed to have been planning it for quite some time now, but hadn't gotten around to it yet it seemed. Szpilman found the whole ordeal rather quite amusing, seeing as he knew of Thomas' nasty habits(well a few of them, not all of them)and how his mental state couldnt always been keep in place, especially when there were plans over head, or even on stormy nights. 

"That seems reasonable Mr. Shelby, although...what all will I be doing sir? While not playing the piano that is!" Szpilman rushed his words out, a think polish accent laced every word, and it was an accent that Thomas grew quite found of in the past weeks.

"You will enjoy the party like anyone else, or if you chose to, you may relax in a room of your choosing and I'll come find you."

"Well...I'm unsure of how well I will do, i believe i will preform wonderfully, but it's the guest that worrie me sir."

"You have nothing to fear Szpilman, non of them will hurt you, although they may glance or stare...they won't bother you."

Szpilman slowly gave a nod of his head as he leaned aguesnt the wall of a hall(one of many Thomas had owned) and contemplated his decisions. Did he want to try and socialize with others, or did he want to stay locked up in his room and avoid it all. 'Szpilman heres the thing, you need to socialize.'

'Yes but what if I forget a English word, or one of them is a fascist bastured.'

'Thry wont hit you! You know this, there too menay fancy rich people there for any one person to just come over and slap you!'

'I agree with him Szpilman, your a little to paranoid my dear friend.'

"Szpilman...Szpilman! I asked you again if your alright with this!" Szpilman suddenly jumped and his body gave a whole quivering shake as he looked around in a slight confused daze. He was caught up in strange thoughts, and it seems Hosenfild was in more than just his prayers.

"Tak, tak I'm fine...I mean...yes I will attend the party Pan*." Szpilman settled his erratic eye movements on Thomas, trying to find somthing on the man that he could focus on, seeing as his mind moved around to much for his liking that day. As he gazed at Thomas, with an eerie unblinking gaze, Thomas began to notice somthing wasn't right with the Jewish pianist.

So Thomas asked him, point blankley. "Szpilman...I know what it's like with war, but I dont know what all you've gone are you positive your up for this? You still sometimes drop things when Charlie let's out a loud cry." Thomas' voice was paced with concern for the jewish man before him, the one who had suffered from things far worse than simple trenches collapsing in on him. 

"I'm uncertain..I wish to play my beat pices infront of others, show them the things I've created...yet, I'm not quite sure I would like to be around your parliament friends." As Szpilman spoke he keep his gaze down tords the floor as his voice came shekely to Thomas.

"And why is that?"

A long silent delay filled the air as Szpilman becan to nervously tap his foot agenst the floor and try desperately to form words but all he could get out was. "Fascist." This confused thomas but before he had a moment to ask the now paniced Jew, said Jew had quickly ran off to what thomas assumed to be his room. Seeing as the piano bad been carefully moved from it's original spot.

"What dose being a fascist have to do with any of this?" Thomas was a very intelligent man, but at times he truly didnt understand certain thing, and this was one of those times.


Szpilman felt idiotic, he felt weak, he felt like an absolute failure to society. All he wanted was to be a good adult, attend this party, play for the people there show them his playing. But instead he paniced, and was now curled in a ball on the floor hiding on the other side of his bed. His body was shaking and his heart pounding in his chest, he hated politics now. No matter what people say, no matter what, he refused to become political, but he Despised fascist. 

The reasons for his hatred tords facist were simple ones, Hitler was a fascist and look what happened. His family was thrown into a concentration camp, most likely dead by now. His friends were shot, his city and homes ransacked and bombed, he has every reason to dispose fascist. 

But he didnt really have a reason to be panicking in his room other than he he was a scared frightened child. He felt like one at least, a scared child wanting this fears and worries to leave him, and yet they never did. 

"Chcę tylko mieć spokój ... chcę żyć bez zmartwień*."

A chocked cry left Szpilman's lips as he told himself this. His face and eyes felt hot as they burned from fresh tears, and his nose was cold as it ran. His mouth fell dry as he held excess saliva in it that made him clear his throat. God he hated life right now, he couldnt clam himself down either, all he could think about was just how awful life was.

How he and his family witnessed the nazis kill that poor man in a wheelchair. How they tormented them in the ghetto. How he was the oy one left living after one of his friends pulled him out of line. Then came the harder parts of life, the building. He remembered his whole body was sore and how the soldier beat him after he dropped sevral bricks while looking up at some plains. How he got slapped for lying about having potatoes in a bag, even through it was grains and beans. 

Then came his over all hectic life of running around and trying to be quite, while also being very hungry. like when he broke the shelf in his first little apartment. God that woman was so angry. Then came the second apartment, where he got very sick and he somehow gotten laryngitis, god he couldnt talk, and he remembers having a fever and then waking up later to find that someone brought him food and made him some soup. There were a few other after that, but the only vivid one he remembered was Hosenfild. 

How the German Captain helped him by bringing him food, and gave him the very warm coat, how he complented his playing. He still remembered the meeting vividly....


Szpilman had been running from the Nazis who burned down the hospital he was in. He was just trying to make it to the other side of the wall, hoping and praying he could make it. He did, but sprang his ankle a little from just how weak and fragile his bone were.

He ran to a large house that was still decently well kept, and got in through a hole in the bottom. As he wandered the house he found the kitchen, mush to his joy, he had found himself some food. Pickles to be prisis.

The only trouble was that well...he couldnt find anything to open them with right then, and there becuse he heard footsteps and someone talking. So he rushed up stairs making sure to try and find a hiding spot, which he did. It was the attic and he pulled the larger up there with him so no one could get up.

He waited a few long hours, staying silent as he lightly fell asleep from waiting so long. Soon though, he thought it safe and wandered downstairs to try and find somthing to open his can. He soon found himself at the fireplace using a shoved and pich to try and open the can. Only trouble was, the pich got stuck and when he went to pull it back out, it sent the can fall over and rolling over tords the stairs.

His eyes sadly followed the can, but the sadness was soon replaced with a paniced worrie as he saw two black boots on the stairs. His heart began to pound in his chest as his eyes slowly trailed up wards tords the man. A was a Nazi captain who was going to murder him and he was go-wait...wait no, somthing was familiar about the Captain.

"Your a Jew...what are you doing all the way out here?" Wait...wait no, the was infact a German Captain, no Nazi, he was just a soldier following certain order but always felt sorry. He recognized the man was Captain Hosenfild, but it seems he didnt recognize the pianist he saved years earlier.

"I wish to live...and...I want some food." Szpilman's voice came slow and dry from just how dehydrated he was. 

"I see...what is your job occupation?"

"I am a pianist, you probly dont rember me...but you saved a pianist back in Warlsaw before it became a ghetto...your Captin Hosenfild sir." The captain looked at the jew with a shocked expression on his face that soon turned to somthing else. He looked deep in thought, almost trying to picture this scruffy looking jew to that very clean scared one.

"Yes...yes I did save a jew who was very distressed and being horrible beaten and abused. It...It's hard to believe that...that the war took away your life and elegance."

The conversations went from there, as Szpilman showed Hosenfild were his hiding spot was, but he soon realized the house was a bad idea...seeing as they made it a small communications center the next day. But Szpilman also got a loaf of bread, and jelly. God it was the best thing he had eaten since god knows when. 


The overload of memories and how they seemed to fly by Szpilman's mind had him shaking and silently cry as he lightly rocked himself back and forth unsure of what other comfort he could do for himself. "Szpilman...are you okey?" A whine was the only response thomas got from Szpilman. 

"Hey now...come here, its okey, I'm here now." Thomas was uncertain on how to comfort the younger man, but he was certain that he would try his best. "No! No, I'm broken, broken...nothing could help that..." thomas felt his heart drop as Szpilman swated his hands away and became to quietly weep his heart out it seemed. What ever could cause him to react this way? Was he really that upset about the party, or was it just a bad day and he had memories.

"Your not broken, no ones that broken...come here little one. I'll protect you, fix you make you feel alive and well again." Szpilman was to busy crying and wiping away his tears to pull away from Thomas' sudden embrace that seemed to soith his tattered soul.

Thomas began to slowly rub and play with Szpilman's hair as the older man rubbed soothing and soft patterned on his hands, forearms, neck, and whispered sweet, calm things into the others ear. It soon became prominent that Szpilman was fully calm now, as he moved closer to bury his face into the crock of Thomas' neck. A small guested that showed a lot.

"Would you like to come downstairs with me? I have a small surprise I want to show you."


"Come one then." Thomas began to get up and gently pull Szpilman up as they carefully and slowly made there way to what Szpilman could only describe as a luxouras room filled with all kinds of things. There was a small podium made for a band to play, but his piano was the main attraction it seemed. But these went the things Thomas wanted to show him no...he brought instead Szpilman over tords a small record player that seemed to have a record on it already. Thomas moved over to place and fix the record to were it actually began to play. 

The song that began to play, was not one Szpilman was familiar with, or even one that he could potentially recognize. He was certain however that it was a soothing and soft tone that worked some type of magic on him.

He felt his body relax and his mind seemed to clear up, however he was suddenly taken aback by what Thomas uttered as he held out a hand. "Care to dance?"

Dance? Of cource he would have loved to dance with Thomas(or Wilm for that matter if given the chance.)but he hadn't danced in so long, and always got nervous when dancing. He only knew how to waltz, not the meany new dances that his sister would do, or the dances his mother would tell him about. No, all he knew was a waltz, and a few traditional polish dances that he would do during festivals.

"Oh, no I don't dance."

"Nonsence even if you cant dance well I'm sure its decent, you could dance with whoever at the party tomorrow, it's just that I I'm a man, and I'm offering to dance with you for practice."

Thomas held a point. It was froned on by everyone in society to even hold hands or get to close to another man, even more so during these hard times. "Come on I'll lead." Szpilman felt his face heat up as he slowly reached out to grab Thomas' hand. 


Thomas did in fact lead the first half of the dance, he let Szpilman for the first few moments until he got his courage back again. As a few moments past Thomas found a hand on his waist as Szpilman soon made it obvious that it was his turn to lead. And Thomas let him, but still tried to have control over the the dance, which made him him a little aggrieved. He didnt mind, he just wanted to leand, so he made sure to constantly move awaourns in off, yet elegant ways that showed thomas that yes...Szpilman knows his stuff.

Szpilman toon pulled Thomas just a little closer to him as they began to waltz in a patter of moving forward, left, back, and then right. Making a odd square, that soon turned into a full circle as Szpilman swayed with him and spun then both on the floor.

Thomas couldnt help but feel at peace and content during this time. He keep a steady eye contact with Szpilman as he noticed just how soft the mans face looked. Even after all the horrors of war looked and like a very pretty young man who hasnt seen a day of hard work. He also noticed just how soft his hazle eyes were as they gazed down at Thomas' icy blues ones.

He was then suddenly pulled from his thoughts as Szpilman pulled him so close to gether that the mans long arm wrapped completky around Thomas waist, and the crotches were uncomfortably close to one another. Szpilman didnt seem bathered by this seeing as he was to focused on spinning Thomas two times, and then dipping him.

As Szpilman  dipped the older man, thomas couldn't help the bubbing panic in his chest seeing as thier noses were practically touching and Szpilman held an very loving look in his eyes. The look of love that was in Szpilman's eyes filled Thomas with both anticipation and worrie. Seeing as Szpilman didnt seem to be pulling away anytime soon.

"Your absolutely stunning from this angle Mr. Shelby." Szpilman's voice came soft and filled with love as he spoke to Thomas, and much to his delight Szpilman swiftly pulled him up still mer-inches away from his face. However Szpilman leaned just a little closer to where thier noses touches as did thier foreheads in a short moment that had Thomas' face turn red. But soon Szpilman pulled away, the look of love still lingering in his hazle eyes, his couple's dilated from his dream like haze from the dance with Thomas.

While still looking to Thomas, Szpilman swiftly lifted him back into a standing position. The sudden movement had Thomas gasp in shock as his hands rushed up to hold on tightly to Szpilman's front part of his suit. Their eyes met in an odd gaze before Szpilman suddenly shuffled and pulled away from Thomas. His face was red with embarrassment and his eyes averted Thomas'.

"I'm sorry, I just got exited was all Mr. Shelby." Szpilman's voice came high pitched as he began to play with his gest buttons in attempt to keep himself occupied. Thomas merely keep a now calm steady gaze on the tallest man, giving a waving guestur to Szpilman to dismiss him. "Quite allright I didnt mind, just...was just surprised is all."

Szpilman glanced over, a smile spreading in his face before he gave a small bow, and left. But as he left he told thomas some very important polish of cource. "Panie Shelby, zawsze wygląda pan oszałamiająco, ale zwłaszcza, gdy jest zszokowany i zanurzony w cygańskim człowieku*." Thomas gave a confied look but Szpilman happily walked off tords his room.


Szpilman laid in bed, fully clothed as he contemplated sleep. God what possessed him that evning to not only say Thomas was stunning, but say the whole sentence in polish...

"Oh god hes going to kill me...." Thomas would never do that, but damn Szpilman felt confused and worried. He loved women, they were stunning and gorgeous. But men were also stunning and handsome, he wanted to be with them both,although he did at times prefer men. But to be with a man ment death, or being thrown in jail. He hated himself for even considering these things about Thomas(And even Wilm at times) he wished he could have been born normal, have a normal life without all the mayhem and confusion about men or women.

He knew which one was more acceptable, but he also knew what his heart wanted more, so he would make it through this day and the next know what to do. He would dance with women, and talk with men, then play his music...yeah he could make it through tomorrow, hopefully. 

10. A simple waltz can turn into something so much more.

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  • Parliament 
  • The shelby company limited business and how it plays a role in all this...


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  • Worrie due to crowding 
  • Small anxiety 
  • Thomas being compelled to spend time with Szpilman, but also being scared to.
  • How the shelby family would react to this new man whom thomas is providing shelter for.
  • Ada...just what will she do??
  • Charlie! What will he be up to??

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6:07 A.M. on a Friday morning is what time Szpilman was rudely awoken. He was told that he would be able to sleep in, not have to worrie that day and try and keep his nerves down. However this wasn't what he was greeted by, no, he was greeted by Thomas bareibg into his room dressed for the day with a very sleepy and angry Charlie in his arms that seemed to want sleep as well.

"Szpilman, hey wake up, we need to get the day going." Thomas tried to sound as calm as he could, but he was still rushed and pushing for Szpilman to do things as he gently shook the man awake.

"What, what? You said I could sleep in today, and I wanted that..." Szpilman gave a tired yawn as he stretched out his legs and poped his joints before slowly sitting himself up, noticing a very angry Charlie. "Thomas, why on earth did you wake Charlie? He seems miserable and wants rest, lay him back down."

"He needs to be up early so he falls asleep sooner in the evening Szpilman, now then come on get a shower and get dressed your in charge of watching him and helping with a few things as well as learning things today." Thomas gave Szpilman a pat on his head a gentle reminder of how affection worked and things.

But no matter the protest that Szpilman wanted to do, or say, he soon found himself dragging his sore body out of bed wondering why he sleep strangely the night before. He didn't normally sleep strangely, or even sleep at all on most nights, his thoughts constantly bubbling and rushing around his head like a little squirrel unable to find food and rushing off. 

He thoughts always consisted of Wilm, and how worried he was about him, and how he was doing at that moment. Was he well? Did his wife really cheat on him? Or was that just somthing to say and he was really torn about his jew? Had he been getting enough sleep? Did he still value their extra short phone calls due to Szpilman's new life and how he had less time to talk. But oh...oh his smile, and his eyes, why couldn't he stop thinking about Wilm this morning! 

"Calm down it's just...just nerves is all, it will be gone soon Wladyslaw, dont worrie."

Even with all the thoughts, even with all the efforts in the world he felt like this day wasn't going to be a very good one even as he began to walk out of his room preparing for his daily shower across the hall, the thoughts still going strong and growing with strange ideas by the passing minute.

'What if he loved you? Wanted to take you? What if he wanted to do thing with you? Pull you close in bed, cuddle, keep the demons of your mind at bay?

'What if Thomas wants to do things like that? There's a party tonight what if he drags you off someplace and do things? What if-oooooh...oh no this isn't good.'

His body felt uncomfortably hot and it wasn't from the shower water, and he felt his own length jump slightly as reched ideas began to fill his mind. He felt embarrassed and ashamed for having such thoughts for the men, they didn't feel that way about him! Will, Wilm might have, but Thomas didn't he had come on too strong to him and so he wouldn't feel the same.

"Why must you be like this mind..." Szpilman gave a sigh of sorts as he rushed to clean his hair and body before rushing out of the shower to start what seemed to be a very long, draining day.


Szpilman was in need of a nap, and it was barely even 9 am yet. He had helped with moving the piano to the correct area, helped organize guest books and placements of decorations and a few small things and was currently sitting infront of Thomas who was explaining the diffrent types of wine that they would be serving and how all to act and behave around his ritch friends. So was a patient man, but right now he was tired, and angry.

"MR. SHELBY! Please! For the love of god shut up, I know about wine, you make it sound like I don't, and I dont care about your ritch friends I'll keep to myself distant and most likely be drinking wine..."

Szpilman seemed aggravated today, not the angry kind, though he did seem it was the war kind, the kind thomas would dall victim to when he didnt deal or cope with things, and he relized that he was pushing to much on Szpilman.

"I'm sorry Szpilman," Thomas spoke softly, calmly as if to tell him everything was fine. "It's just that, well...I'm stressed tonight, last time we had a gathering this big my, my wife was shot so I worrie...but I would like you to try and dance with one or two people, and enjoy the wine." As Thomas spoke he slowly reached across the table to hold and gently rub the knuckles on Szpilman's hand, the man before him looked stressed and worried out of his mind.

"I, I understand Mr. Shelb-"

"Thomans, call me Thomas please Szpilman."

Szpilman felt his face go red, he was allowed to call him Thomas now? What brought this on? What was he alowed to call him that? He wasn't sure but the thought of saying the mans name made him blush.

"Yes, well, Thomas...I understand but I, I just....its not a good day today...I'm remembering things my mind has blocked out, and I'm worried sick about a dear friend of mine....I'm sorry for yelling ot was uncalled for." Szpilman sounded tried as he rubbed the bridge of his nose and then his face as he explained to Thomas the reason for his yelling and sudden outbursts.

"That's quite alright, tell me if work or things get to stressful and I'll have you relax or play the piano for a day alright?" As Thomas uttered those words he had fished out his cigarettes and had light one, presumably to deal with somthing once again.

"I thank you, and please cut down on the smoking, it's bad for you..."


It was 12:34 pm now, and Szpilman was happily eating somthing while trying to convince charlie to also eat. It was just some simple bread bowls that Szpilman made the previous night but never the less they tasted amazing and seemed to lure little Charlie in with the strange, almost exotic flaveres that the English didn't hardly use in normal cooking. 

Wich Szpilman found very strange considering the country spent hundreds of years getting spices and things...but he wasnt one to jude flavors, he had after all eaten unseasoned beans, and nearly starved to death...god when he broke that cabinet he thought the woman was going to murder him truly.

But here he was, coxeing a young child to stop throughing a tantrum after he missed his old profession at times.


8:45 pm Szpilman was moving some final decorations out and arranging the guest book for them to sign, while doing so he noticed sevral people bareing the Shelby name, as well as miss Ada amongst sevral others he never knew.

He had, by this time thankfully put Charlie to bed, he would be out for the rest of the night and part of tomorrow. He had also managed a new tuxedo to wear while reviewing his English and proper manners.

But currently he was outside with his face buried in his hands as he sat at the back door loudly crying and sobbing.


He hadn't finished his main pice of music, he had one whole page to go and couldn't figure out how to end it. Could he crescendo? Perhaps a soft end, maybe leave it on a cliffhanger and return later...but no that wouldn't make sence at all now would it.

'You could always go practice it Wladyslaw.'

'But I'm scared, the guest arrive at 9, it's already nearing that time.'

'Yes, but you've seen big bands right? They practice for sound checks and things, you'll be fine I'm sure!'

'I agree Wladyslaw...people will only hear a few random notes, it wont be horrible, gather yourself up and go on!'

'Okey, yes...yes thank you I think I'll tell Thomas.'

So he did. Szpilman slowly rose after making himself more presentable and ask Thomas if he could finish the last page.

"Please Thomas, it's all I ask, I need to finish it I'll have it done in time I swear to you." Szpilman sounded panicked, almost scard as he showed Thomas the relitivly long and still apparently unfinished work.

"Why didnt you finish it earlier Szpilman?" Thomas sounded confused, as well as aggravated.

"Because I have to watch you son and was practicing my english and reminded myself I've played in concert halls and orchestras..." Szpilman alowed his face to suddenly drop, the expression that was now on him freighted Thomas some, he had seen the man angry and yell before...but this was new.

"Hurry, hurry and you should be fine."

"Thank you."

So he hurried, rushing off toward the piano, special in hand and sheet music in the other as he began to play stings of notes, some in an order other random before finally finding the perfect way to end his pice and even came up with a title for it.

"Kochać innego*....quite fitting from the two people I drew inspiration from...yes quite fitting indeed." Szpilman was so pleased, he dinsiehe the voice, guets hadn't arrived, and wilm was on his mind as was thomas who had been watching him...he always watched him play, and they would sometimes try and cuddle afterwords, thomas would claim it was for his nightmares and things. But Szpilman never knew the true reason, but he did love the man...but he also loved Wilm.

"You did a wonderful job, I swear the more you play, the longer it keeps my demons at bay...and the more it cures me of my broken mind." Thomas walked over to Szpilman, he seemed in a daze, almost mesmerized by how Szpilman was dressed and help himself while playing. "You never cease to amaze me and you look even better than I could have imagined."

'COMLLIMENTING!!! He's completing you! Ooooohhhh oh! I live for it! I love it! Say something nice back, say somting nice back I say!!'

"I thank you Thomas...and, and you look fair in your tux as well...and...and please me Wladyslaw, or Wlady for short Thomas...I will allow you to do that." Wladyslaw, that was his real name, as was Szpilman...but no matter the name he was referred to as he felt his face flourish red and his heart start beating in his chest at the mear thoughts of Thomas's words.

'You look even better than I could have imagined...'

Imagined, what all did this man imagine him in? He did but didnt want to think about that right now. He was currently to stuck on how hot the air seemed and how red and...and kissable Thomas's lips, no his whole face seemed kissable, he wanted to hold it between his hands and kiss every inch of him, show him love....he wondered if Wilm would get jealous if he tried that with Thomas.

No, no he shouldn't be thinking of those things he had guest to attend to and people to met as well as get his mind off of things....but...but maybe, just maybe god will look down on him this night and grant him a blessing, a blessing of bliss and joy, perhaps thomas will hold his hand...yes he would very much like that, even if it was small he would love it...maybe god will bless him that night, or a diffrent night, he wasnt certain. 

"I think...think we should attend to our guest, but for now, go back to your room and when the clock hits 9:30 come down please...that way you wont feel so stiff and strange...there'll be wine for you later so dont drink to much before your big show Wlady."

Wlady, Wlady...Thomas said Wlady and it drove Wladyslaw mad with a rush of love as he felt a smile spread onto his face and a giggle escape him, god he felt like a blushing school girl with a silly crush...maybe even a bride on her wedding night.

'I wouldn't mind marring him, or Wilm for that matter... I'd love it personally'

"Tak, tak, tak...I'll get, get right to that Thomas." Another giggle left him as he left a dreamlike haze in his eyes as he hummed a polish tune to himself, singing slightly as he swayed around the room before stumbling to the exit, looking very was, he was compleatly intoxicated by love.


9:32, he was two minutes late but didnt quite care as he exited the bedroom in search for Thomas, he didnt quite want to see miss Ada so soon, he was worried he would get yelled at again and didnt want that at all. 

So he walked down the stairs, and was horrified by just how meny people were there, granted some were walking about and things, but so meny women dressed in fancy dresses that didnt quite suit them. Men in suits of all sorts, and strange fans and hats adorned the women...they had nothing like that in Poland.

But he hadn't the time for those thoughts right then, instead he was on a search for Thomas and pleasantly found him chatting with a large group of men, but soon left and began to parch over tords him, he seemed worried and slightly anxious as he lead Wladyslaw over tords a diffrent group of people.

"I was beginning to worrie, I was about to come up and see if you had fallen asleep or somthing from stress...I do hope this isn't overwhelming you Wlady."

Wladyslaw felt a dry lump form in his throat when Thomas said his name like that, dear lord it was like the voice of an angel to his ears when he spoke his name....he wanted Thomas to say it more in much more...scandalous situations perhaps.

'Where on earth have thease thoughts come from!! If god has ever judged me now is the time he will be doing so, even if it is from my thoughts alone.'

"No, no just nervous is all, theres lots of people here...and meny of the women have strange clothes, tell me is it normal for those dresses to be worn? They seem so diffrent from the ones in Poland."

"Yes, those are normal, but here, I'd like you to meet've stayed with Ada, but that's aunt Polly, Arthur, John, Finn, and then theres me who you work for...Oh and may speak with them while I go get you some wine yeah?" Thomas seemed happy that Wlady could get a change to met his family, Wladyslaw on the other hand seemed nervous and scared of how intimidating  they looked.

"Yes, yes I'd like some wine, get..get the red kind please." And with that Thomas left without another word, leaving Wladyslaw very scared for his life as he shifted high weight around on his feet.

"Hello Miss, how have you been?"

"Fine, I see your doing much better...although I want to know how you managed to get Thomas to stop his drinking and eat more." She seemed happy, not so angry but that didnt stop Wladysla from being cautious around not just her but the whole family, wich upone hearing this news seemed very curious and wanted to know more as they leaned in some.

"I play the piano to help him calm down, the music helps both me and him...but I shared perhaps to meny stories and memories of how food was acare and things while in Poland...ever sence then hes never been late to a meal and only skips lunch really." Wladyslaw seemed very proud of himself for succeeding in what seemed to be the impossible task, getting Thomas Shelby to not only eat and drink, but cut back on his alcohol.

"Well maybe there is a hod and your his own tourchured angle sent here to help him." Polly, that was the womans name, and she seemed sweet but had a cold look to her.

"Yes miss, I do supose I am."

"If your from poland than tell me, are you Jewish?" Finn, the smaller on in the group asked.

"Yes, I am! I follow that practicing and grew up in a jewish household in a jewish town, it was very wonderful and we had the most beautiful place of worship I had ever seen...the preacher was quite funny as well, always making jokes and things." Wladyslaw smiled at the found memories of his younger days, sneaking up to the podium to sit there after each school day at times finding comfort there when he couldn't reach his grandparents.

"Well how come you look like that bastured who shot my leg yeah?" Micheal, he seemed very rude and Wladyslaw didnt at all like his tone, neither did Polly it seems as she sudden snapped at him to close his mouth.

"I'm afraid I dont knkw what you are referring to sir...if I look that similar to someone it is possible that I am what the germans called a döpplegàngér, I'm unsure of how to pronacuse it in english I'm sorry...but they exist although on very rare occasion, and its said that if one died it gives the other one more I supose I was granted more chances to live!" Wlady seemed happy when talking about it, the family however didn't and the two brothers he remembered didnt speak to him, didnt seem intrested, so he shyly excused himself and quickly found Thomas midway walking with a glass of wine.

Wladyslaw was quick to grab the man and escort him someplace much more privet as he spoke in a worried tone.

"I dont like Micheal....and, and I think your family hates me, Polly, she seems nice enough, but they...they seem like they want me dead or somthing, I, I look like someone who shot one of them apparently." Wladyslaw seemed worried and scared as he spoke to Thomas as he quickly downed the wine glass, the crimson red liquid disappearing from the glass in remarkable timing. "I'm gonna need more of this to make it through tonight, give me the bottle."

", jesus fucking crist did you live with a wine cellar? And no, if anything no more wine...and, you do look like a man we shot and killed after he tried to kill us Wlady...but your a sweet and kind jew...he was a cunt italian American...but also, they just, are weary and you are free to wonder I just though you might like to see th-give me the fucking wine glass Wladyslaw Szpilman." Thomas was calm the whole time he spoke, that is until Wladyslaw got back into the wine and downed another full glass.

"But wine....and, and why do they look so, so harsh? Is it a british quality??" Wladyslaw handed thomas the empty glass as the genuine question left him, and for once he heard Thomas laugh and smile.

"No, no...I'm not sure if it is but that's just my family, we tend to look like that...why was your family all happy and shy like yourself?" 

"No we were all mixed sister was loud some and tried to demand things, my brother got into trouble and hated thegovernment, my father was quiet and tried to teach us old tricks, my mother was emotional at times but very kind....I, I miss them all dearly...I wish I could see them again..." Wladyslaw felt saddened by the memories of his family, they were all a mix of crazy and no one really ever knew what to do except him, but he was always so quiet they he was just labed the good child...they were all good children even as adults.

"Do they know your here?" Thomas asked and sounded soloms as he spoke.

" I was pulled from the line, they were put on a cramped train and shipped off to a concentration camp....I hope they didnt suffer long is all." Wladyslaw felt tears prick st tbr corners of his eyes as he began to look around wanting to be sad in a peaceful quiet and not listen to the sudden loud blaring music coming from the band as they sang, he felt stressed, worried, like his world was collapsing around him again. "Thomas I, I, can't breath, I cant breath Tommy."

Thomas wasnt certian on why he was panicking right then and there, why Wladyslaw had sent himself into a panic from the memories of his family but he guided the taller manboff into a side room, unknowingly passing his family's view as he guided Wladyslaw to his office and let him sit there. 

"Better? Come, come here hear this? It's my heart beat and breathing, i want you to mimic it Wlady."

So he did, Wladyslaw mimicked the breathing until he was calm and in a daze staring up at Thomas from his seat on the couch...the situation seemed very intsment and he want to pull Thomas down and kiss his lips. But instead he kissed his hands whispering things in polish that the other man knew nothing of but seemed to love as he soon leaned down himself and began to plant kisses all over Wladyslaw's forehead and cheeks. The display of affection sending the other man into a strange state of sudden overstimulation as he pushed thomas away.

"I, I, I....I love you Thomas but nie, not now...not, I'm not ready for this much affections yet...please nie..."

Thomas understood it seems as he slowly lifted himself back up and ofted a hand to Wladyslaw the sound of music fading in and out before the two left with staring eyes from the family they passed.


The night carried on normal, or as normal as one could get after such an incident. Wladyslaw had felt eyes on him all night, even after dancing with women he never met and chatting with men he wouldn't see again he felt eyes on him....they were the eyes of Thomas, and they were pricing through his skin and into his heart.

But his mind seemed to be wanting to show how much he could get in trouble that night, filling it with thoughts of Wlim and Thomas, with him between them. He could cuddle them both, please them both, he wanted to show them both love but he could only choose between one or the other...He met Wlim prior to Thomas and had a deeper connection with him, but Wlim seemed straight...but he did call Wladyslaw his little jew.

While Thomas also seemed stright, he had a child and seemed to be looking for a new female partner but was to smitten for Wladyslaw that one would call it sad.

However in hindsight he could have nither... he knew hod would alow it, god only forbid one to lie in bed with a child that isn't yours in a sexual manner, and Wladyslaw knew for a fact those people would never be forgiven...but it never said two men could lie by one another and make that was allowed he remembered learning about the bible front to back, but it was society that would hate it...

And how it angered him when they twisted the word of god to make it seem like they were wrong and the bible damned anyone who loved someone diffrent to hell...well that didnt exist and besides, he would be fine. 

"Wladyslaw for the third time, your on, get up there!"

"Oh! Oh, right I'm sorry, did you already announce me?"

"No, get up there so I can..."

Thomas seemed slightly worried by how Wlady was so far out, so zoned out that he barely noticed Thomas there when he asked him to go play the piano...wait...had it already hit 11:35? That was when he went on, had he been enjoying himself and caught up with himself that much that the time just flew?

It seems so and he didnt mind at all walking up to the grand piano before him as he walked elegantly tords it turning to bow at the author before sitting and relaxing in the chair music out before him and heart pounding as he played his first pice, {saving his newest for last} Chopin nocturne C sharp in was one of his favorits and it seemed to mesmerize the audience as everyone stopped Whag they were doing to watch him.

Watch as his hands seamlessly flowed from one key to the next, he the sound of the grand piano echoed in the air around the room, drawing more and more people in to the point it was dead silent aside from the marvelous sounds coming from the piano as he played like he was playing for Thomas, or Wlim again, how he played like his life depened on it and it did...oh how he was scared in those times but he just wanted to play and let the people hear his emotional outbursts in form of music.

He wanted to have them hear his woes his grief in his notes, make them know that certian things cant always be nice and clean and it was only midway through his pice that he relized one of two things.

1. He hadn't let Thomas properly introduce him.

2. He could tell how he had affected the audience due to how silent it had gone, silence was a good since for Wladyslaw Szpilman, it ment he was become better and showing his emotions in forms of dramatic soft piano notes, letting himself move and sing with the notes as they left the piano{figuratively not really singing...}

He soon ended his pice then went on to the next, wich was Chopin Ballade no. 1 in G minor, a familiar one yes, but poplar in his home country when he played on the radio.

This one had the same effect as the last, although no one moved closer or near, no they stayed the same except for some getting more wine, or something...he didnt knkw he couldn't be bothered by them as he played and found himself sad and drained of life.

Or maybe tipsy, he just knew that the keys seemd strange and slightly off now as he went on to his newest piece, Kochać innego, wich drew thomas in immediately after he was barely a few stanza in.

It made the whole room mummers amounts themselves as Thomas leaned closer somez now on the ground and restraint himself from trying to go closer to Wladyslaw as he wanted to badly to let him know how this made him feel, god he felt like he was falling in love again, felt like he was in the perfect life and had the most wonderful lover of his life.

He felt like he had just had the best climax of his life even though he was listening to Wladyslaw play the liank and he was only halfway though it seemed...god this was only supose to last til 12, not 12:45, nearly 1AM....

But soon the pice ended and Thomas felt his heart pounding as he rushed on the stage and finally introduced him.

"Ladies, and Gentlemen I didnt get a chance to properly introduce him, but this is Wladyslaw Szpilman, hes come all the way form poland to play with us, and has played his wonderful music...I thank you, you may now help to more things everyone...but start levjng soon it's already 1 and by 2 Iwant everyone out." Thoams sounded tords or maybe like he was trying to hold somthing in, Wladyslaw wasnt sure he was just vaguely embarrassed that he never let him properly introduce him, that wasnt good when he cut someone off...

Would you like to know what is good however? God working a few blissful blessing for the little jew as Thomas lead him off and began to crash their lips together in a heated surreal moment. Wladyslaw wasnt sure if it was the wine the two of them bad that night, or if it was the fact that they both honestly wanted this, but they kissed and wouldn't stop kissing one another.

Nither could bring themselves to do much more however. Thomas was scared he would move to fast for Wladyslaw, unsure of if anything had happened to him or if the man before him was a virgin. And Wladyslaw was scared because he was severely inexperienced and well...a blushing virgin currently. 

But that didnt hold them back from what Wladyslaw believed to be his longest and most heated make out session everz his mind slipping in and out of English and Polish as he tried to be romantic and whisper sweet thing to Thomas as he was currently on the carpeted flooring of some room.

"What the FECK is going on in here!?" Wladyslaw froze, horrified as his blood ran cold with fears who was this what did they want? Would they use this agiest him now? Oh god what about Thomas...

"Arthur, and..and Polly, look, look, I can explain alright? Just, just leave this one out of it for the time being, dont think he can handle it right now." Thomas seemed calm as he climed off Wladyslaw quickly and began to explain to his family what all was going on, hwo nothing was wrong and he would be fine as long as it was only them that knew.

"He's a fucking jew! And who knows how much he had to whore himself out to get here Thomas! But you just want him so you can stick your dick in him!" Polly...polly yelled, and Wladyslaw panicked and rushed past them exsuing himself as hot tears flowed down his face. He didnt want this again, he finally found a place to be safe in and then gets attacked and called a whore.

He did however pass Ada, oh Miss Ada how sweet she was today and asked what the matter was.

"Your aunt called me a whore let's leave it at that miss Ada...if your excuse me I've had a long day today and wish to rest..." Wladyslaw's bouce came out choked and struggled as he rushed up the stairs the womans voice echoing in his ears.

'He's a fucking jew Thomas! Who knows how much he had to whore himself out to get here!'

'He's a whore!'


'Whore jew!'

'Leve me in peace please!"

Mkre struggled cries left Wladyslaw as he held onto his pillow on his bed, he didnt want to be called a whore, let alone a jewish whore...he had been called that enough times while traveling and while in Warsaw...the nazis had done that enough and by the end of every beating and burning he slightly wished he had been shot instead...

But if that happens he would have never met Thomas...but then again he should have just waited...waited for Wilm one day and ofted himself to him instead of letting temptations take over him and let Thomas kiss him.

It, it felt so wonderful wonderful and right he felt his and Thomas's lips match together almost perfectly, like two jigsaw coming to gather to make one....he wondered if it would feel that good and right with Wlim...but his mind didn't stay foced on that long, seeing as he found himself crying himself to sleep from the sudden panic attack flowing through his mind and things as he tried to calm himself down. The faintest sound of a door opening an closing, at around 3 am, is when Wladyslaw felt a slight dip in his large king sized bed...he stayed sleeping even as the others arms wrapped around him, the two men cuddled closely as foreheads met and they stayed sleeping for a long time well into the morning air. 《《《《《¤》》》》》

It was only when morning came that Wladyslaw relized Thomas at somepoint had came to bed with him, and being the good man Wladyslaw Szpilman knew he was, he let him sleep, gently messing in playing with the others hair as he waited for him to wake, which didn't take long.

"Good morning did the arguement of your aunt calling me a whore go?"

"I told her to fuck off and that she was drunk and she could take her slut if a son with her to go....shes probaly downstairs making food....she doesn't know you live here."

"I'm pardon, me...wait...wait...pardon but what the hell?" Wladyslaw was at a loss for words, he couldn't think of what to say or even do...he wanted to have a peaceful meal with just him, Thomas and Charlie today.

"Relax, relax, the family is here nuring hangovers, if you come down you just have to eat in solace and try, try not to be mean to them please..."

"Ada was still nice...di-"

"Yes she came in yelling at my aunt Polly on how she had no right to call you or me a whore, except I do get to be called a whore I've sleep around to meny times to count." Wladyslaw suddenly and playfully slapped Thomas's side as he gave a surprised look at the man.

"You! Thomas Shelby sleeping around! Well I never! You better not do that with me..." Wladyslaw gave a smile as he planted a small kiss to Thomas's lips, the taste of wine still fresh.

"And if I decide to do just that? What will the big scary jew do hmm?" Thomas rolled so that he was suddenly onto of Wladyslaw and kissing him deeply.

"I think I'll make you sleep on the couch and refuse to play piano...and well, deprive you of everything you love me doing Thomas." He seemed to have gotten the hint. Granted Wladyslaw was a peaceful, and passive aggressive at times jewish persons but Thomas has seen him freak out and start randomly yelling and screaming to himself in Polish and sometimes break things in a fit of rage only to fix it or replace it later....

Those were very rare however. None the less the two of them stayed and cuddled like that before gathering themselves to walking into the kitchen, realizing they both needed a separate shower as they took turns waiting and getting dressed. Thomas in a navy suit and Wladyslaw in a nice gray one. They made their journey downstairs and were met by confused, tird gazed and some angry.

"Goodmorning eveyone."